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Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Entrance - SmackDown: Nov 14. 2017 (HD)


  1. William McCormick

    William McCormick2 months ago

    Owens no selling the entrance during Sami's dancing shenanigans is fucking hilarious.

  2. Nur Andri

    Nur Andri6 months ago

    When you want to go out but your mom said you have to take your little brother with you

  3. kobby kessler

    kobby kessler10 months ago

    Imagine the Bella twins mocking them

  4. Colonel Sarge

    Colonel Sarge11 months ago

    How is Sami Zayn dancing not a meme?

  5. aferra41

    aferra4111 months ago

    god sami is everything good about wrestling...such a great heel! I love how he still has to dance but twisted it from his silly OHHHH oh walk, to this metal wanna be mosh its so awesome

  6. Burn it Down Graphics

    Burn it Down Graphics11 months ago

    I love when people steal videos then put ads in so they get money.

  7. Noah/Nolan Perfex

    Noah/Nolan PerfexYear ago

    Your name should be the BigKofiVier guy

  8. Việt Nam Nông Nghiệp

    Việt Nam Nông NghiệpYear ago

    matches too attractive

  9. paras nath

    paras nathYear ago

    Hllo my brother TheAmbRollEigns this is your and my channel brother

  10. Nobody_Sip

    Nobody_SipYear ago

    I really think that Kevin and Sami should be the Bad Influence (Daniels and Kazarian) of Smackdown. Just imagine how amazing they'd be cuz right now they aren't doing much

  11. Eric Whitley

    Eric WhitleyYear ago

    What happened to the Full Segment of Raw invading SmackDown Live

  12. Khairunnas

    KhairunnasYear ago

    The title should be Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

  13. Karan Singh

    Karan SinghYear ago

    2K18 Game play mode is so realistic.😂

  14. TechNina

    TechNinaYear ago

    Sami dancing like.mickie back in 2008

  15. JordanBegins

    JordanBeginsYear ago

    I wonder if they would mix their themes 🤔

  16. King Brute19

    King Brute19Year ago

    I love Sami Zayn energy

  17. patriarch wolf

    patriarch wolfYear ago

    When you try to look happy...

  18. Muhamoud Ismail

    Muhamoud IsmailYear ago

    Heel Sami Zayn>Face Sami Zayn

  19. zzili hip

    zzili hipYear ago

    at 0:23, I was drinking coke and my mouth became a water gun

  20. ro lil skies

    ro lil skiesYear ago

    Don't you mean, a *Coke Gun* ?

  21. بدر الرشيدي

    بدر الرشيديYear ago

    Sami dancing is the best 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Amateur Gamer

    Amateur GamerYear ago

    sami has become a parody of himself

  23. Harout Ashekian

    Harout AshekianYear ago

    Another STUPID dance by Zayn

  24. John Whittington

    John WhittingtonYear ago

    Harout Ashekian YES give into the hate

  25. Fanáticos de WWE

    Fanáticos de WWEYear ago

    0:08 When you try to look serious but your friend does not want that

  26. On The Road To 1.k Comment Likes

    On The Road To 1.k Comment LikesYear ago

    Fanáticos de WWE when you gotta take your little brother with you

  27. Corry Hill

    Corry HillYear ago

    I like Kevin Owens but it's time for a new shirt

  28. K skillz2

    K skillz2Year ago

    Sami and Kevin are the 2 types of being high

  29. ali hammoud

    ali hammoudYear ago

    Sami zayn crazy

  30. The Crossface

    The CrossfaceYear ago

    Kevin Owens is basically me when I walk past everyone.

  31. Safran Ali

    Safran AliYear ago

    i wont even be mad if KO beats the shit out of sami now....

  32. BadFish _420

    BadFish _420Year ago

    Sami is a happy heel The dancing was great it just shows Sami really doesn't care what anyone thinks about him although Kevin seems to be getting annoyed of it so there feud might be coming up soon already.

  33. Mannie Browne

    Mannie BrowneYear ago

    BadFish _420 I honestly think they shouldn't be feuding rn cause why I think this is because they already had one in NXT which was great btw and on the MR plus Ik for sure its not gonna happen till possibly at the Royal Rumble time just my guess where we could eventually see a break up but at the same time if WWE wants to have a little fun with this they could make them into a dominant team and transfer them over to RAW knowing they have Raw Royalty in them and possibly they can win some gold.

  34. Anonymous Maaan

    Anonymous MaaanYear ago

    BadFish _420 Kevin’s always like that.

  35. Kram Silva

    Kram SilvaYear ago

    I love the new sami

  36. cross eye

    cross eyeYear ago

    Sami zayn is like when I go on a WWE game and mix up all the entrances so someone is dancing to a serious theme song or when big serious guys have the women entrances 😂

  37. The Champ

    The ChampYear ago

    Sami got wobbly legs

  38. Mr.Dixon Of the Crossbows

    Mr.Dixon Of the CrossbowsYear ago

    Why is Sami so gay

  39. Sheldo

    SheldoYear ago

    Jack FBI twelvie comeback🤒

  40. Mr.Dixon Of the Crossbows

    Mr.Dixon Of the CrossbowsYear ago

    Woah there so many people crying let me get a tissue

  41. Sami Zayn

    Sami ZaynYear ago

    Jack FBI Amaru you both stupid idiot

  42. Vanishing phantom YT

    Vanishing phantom YTYear ago

    Jack FBI shut the fuck up sami zays is > than you!

  43. Christian Gugliotta

    Christian GugliottaYear ago

    Amaru gay can also mean happy you stupid idiot

  44. Vathana

    VathanaYear ago

    The fact that sami still wanna dance in his entrance even if it's KO's music is hilarious

  45. (insert meme username here)

    (insert meme username here)Year ago

    when I grow up I want to be sami zayn

  46. Himeya Jun

    Himeya Jun6 months ago

    Hunter Hadzicki he suck or his storyline suck ?

  47. Himeya Jun

    Himeya Jun6 months ago

    be el generico first xD

  48. Special Beam Vegeta

    Special Beam VegetaYear ago

    Hunter Hadzicki lol he is practically better than half of both rosters

  49. Sami Zayn

    Sami ZaynYear ago

    He not sucks

  50. Hunter Hadzicki

    Hunter HadzickiYear ago

    Nxt4life Why? He sucks

  51. Saiful Aimran

    Saiful AimranYear ago

    How much does sami drink before their entrance 😂

  52. Steven Jaramillo

    Steven JaramilloYear ago

    More like how much he snorts.

  53. Luke Allsop

    Luke AllsopYear ago

    Takes a huge line of coke before each entrance

  54. John Whittington

    John WhittingtonYear ago

    He's had too much Cola. He's Hyperactive

  55. ThatKidLovesGames // TKLG

    ThatKidLovesGames // TKLGYear ago

    He’s muslim

  56. tanu ftw.

    tanu ftw.Year ago

    Feels bad for sami man..

  57. Ace Raid Havin

    Ace Raid HavinYear ago

    +Destruction. as much as stone cold offered cm punk

  58. Grizz187

    Grizz187Year ago

    tanu ftw. Why? He's doing great as a heel.