Kevin Hart Unseen videos on youtube - Must watch


  1. justin petree

    justin petree2 days ago

    Funny cause 0 of these are unseen

  2. tim

    tim2 days ago

    This is so chopped up that it sucks

  3. Aron Biniam

    Aron Biniam9 days ago


  4. James Desomma

    James Desomma21 day ago

    Worst editing ever!

  5. nevy channel

    nevy channel26 days ago


  6. Haymeloni Sk

    Haymeloni SkMonth ago

    I can't stand Fallon's fake laugh

  7. Jerome Bledsoe

    Jerome BledsoeMonth ago


  8. Nauris Tebernieks

    Nauris TebernieksMonth ago

    Were was the unseen videos??

  9. Aaron Spade

    Aaron Spade2 months ago

    The person who edited this is trying to piss me off

  10. Xalio Nightmare

    Xalio Nightmare2 months ago

    Worst editing

  11. Kitty Gata

    Kitty Gata2 months ago

    He called me Kev that means were buddies now lol

  12. Santropica V

    Santropica V2 months ago

    The person who edit this can go to hell

  13. Janie Vazquez

    Janie Vazquez2 months ago


  14. okolekahuna

    okolekahuna2 months ago

    He’s such a great story teller...

  15. Touch Dawn

    Touch Dawn3 months ago

    Click the link below

  16. Aron Germany

    Aron Germany3 months ago

    I put a chocolate in the fridge 😆

  17. nikki23000

    nikki230003 months ago

    That Jay-Z story, sounded like Jay really wanted to fuck Kevin up 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmao his clumsy ass lol

  18. dec2963-female

    dec2963-female3 months ago

    Too much editing in the individual clips. It's hard to follow the story sometimes.

  19. ميري السنيب ي

    ميري السنيب ي3 months ago

    I love him

  20. Achilles Bogaryan

    Achilles Bogaryan3 months ago

    I love the fact that he thinks h is a big deal 🍌

  21. Guitarist Jd

    Guitarist Jd3 months ago

    That’s right ladies I’m putting the chocolate in the fridge lol

  22. Dquan Porzel

    Dquan Porzel4 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon is so fake lol

  23. Steven Pantelakis

    Steven Pantelakis4 months ago

    Good clickbait though

  24. Steven Pantelakis

    Steven Pantelakis4 months ago

    Literally all these videos were on tv so they are not unseen

  25. Mr. NotSoCreative

    Mr. NotSoCreative4 months ago

    The videos are all clipped like that for licensing reasons. Can’t just show the full segment without permission

  26. Ali The Artist

    Ali The Artist4 months ago

    Jimmy and his fake laugh 🤢

  27. Analogue Geometry

    Analogue Geometry4 months ago

    Worse edited video I have seen this year... cutting and jumping in conversation... reconsider your editing approach when posting vids... please, it would have been much funnier with out the jumps/cuts

  28. Darleo Etuale

    Darleo Etuale4 months ago


  29. Darleo Etuale

    Darleo Etuale4 months ago

    But Kevin hart is funny

  30. J.R. Glover

    J.R. Glover4 months ago

    I hate all the cuts in should fade out...just a suggestion👀

  31. drev1

    drev15 months ago

    The cutting is retarded

  32. Bappaditya Subhro

    Bappaditya Subhro5 months ago

  33. Steves YouTube

    Steves YouTube5 months ago

    Kevin needs to chill, he's becoming a joke himself lately. especially after this Superbowl shut down trying to get next to players and getting kick off to after cursing when millions of little kids were watching his drink self make a fool.

  34. Kublai Khan

    Kublai Khan5 months ago

    You owe me 10 thousand dollars 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Jay-R Weber

    Jay-R Weber5 months ago

    Any story will be funny as long as he is telling it

  36. Shaolin Master

    Shaolin Master5 months ago

    Nothing “unseen” here... dumbest sht ever

  37. Kubca25

    Kubca255 months ago

    nice editing it almost gave me cancer, slap your hands hard you are doing it for yourself.

  38. thurmeez

    thurmeez5 months ago

    The editing sucks

  39. KBM 515

    KBM 5155 months ago

    Bad editing....

  40. bre huff

    bre huff5 months ago

    my husband said am the negative person in the world I don't know why I was happy before I marry him.. don't nobody gett married just date

  41. Xena Shaulis

    Xena Shaulis5 months ago

    “Jimmy..jimmy.. he called me Kev which means we’re best friends!!!”

  42. Xena Shaulis

    Xena Shaulis5 months ago

    “That’s right ladies, I’m putting the chocolate in the fridge” 😂😂😂

  43. Pansy Vang

    Pansy Vang5 months ago

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  44. Kung-Fu Kenny Family

    Kung-Fu Kenny Family5 months ago

    *That's me laughing at me* thumbnail lol only few will understand 😂😂😂

  45. MrJohnnyLighting

    MrJohnnyLighting5 months ago

    The editing is horrible.

  46. Just Another ARMY

    Just Another ARMY5 months ago

    "Look jimmy, I'm a big deal"😂😂😂😭😭😭

  47. e e

    e e5 months ago

    I just wanted to see the video in the clickbait cover, can't find it anywhere

  48. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez5 months ago

    I seen all this before idiot

  49. Princess Desuwa

    Princess Desuwa5 months ago

    "We talking blood,broken bones" 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Kevinnnn

  50. Juice The Producer

    Juice The Producer5 months ago

    Cant even watch this is butchered so terribly

  51. Julia Robinson

    Julia Robinson5 months ago

    Why is this called “unseen” videos when these videos are taken from MReporter

  52. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin5 months ago

    The skipping is just awful. Omg you'll never guess what happened. I was about to witness Jay Z, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg play a game of *skip* then the police came and they all started to *skip* and we all ended up in a bed next to *skip* true story

  53. mvagusta750

    mvagusta7505 months ago

    thanks ellen degenerate for being one of Americas top p o s n w o sorros ass licking tv personalitiy traitor scum

  54. Sky Van Soelen

    Sky Van Soelen5 months ago

    Im Not a male prostitut!!!! Kevin : I’m not saying you are but in a movie u could be ! Hahaha lol 😂

  55. Joshua McKinstry

    Joshua McKinstry5 months ago

    This video is very very poorly put together it's almost like a white person lacking the cultural dialect try to make these scenes work while not understanding punchlines don't really work very well without jokes can't cut the joke off and play the punchline

  56. Quickie Mart

    Quickie Mart5 months ago

    Putting the chocolate in the fridge 😂😂😂😂love Kevin

  57. powered77

    powered775 months ago

    Why are they complete stories?! It cuts out parts of the conversations. This video sucks!

  58. nbg2002

    nbg20025 months ago

    Oh my god stop cutting the video I couldn’t finish it because it got so annoying

  59. jaydubb1281

    jaydubb12815 months ago

    grown man face or midget man lil body.2 stack small.but wanna be tall

  60. nick Bohner

    nick Bohner5 months ago

    your editing skills are terrible

  61. bboykiddblack

    bboykiddblack5 months ago

    Who the fuck edited this?

  62. khadar farah

    khadar farah5 months ago

    Repeat again and again 7:15 to 7:25 and if u don’t laugh 😂 u sick 😂

  63. criticworlds buddy

    criticworlds buddy5 months ago

    now it i seen

  64. claudiu222

    claudiu2225 months ago

    worst edit ever

  65. ben dover

    ben dover5 months ago


  66. Jada Boo

    Jada Boo5 months ago

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  67. Dexter Nelson

    Dexter Nelson5 months ago

    Yo, what's with the chop job? You cut out all the good stuff

  68. Stu B

    Stu B5 months ago

    Whoever edited this should be sterilized.

  69. Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn5 months ago

    Is it just me or does Kevin's head look abnormally big in that mint colored suit?

  70. ThatJiggyPrince

    ThatJiggyPrince5 months ago

    Jimmys Fake Laugh😤🙄

  71. Keys Marie

    Keys Marie5 months ago


  72. KehlBurke01 -

    KehlBurke01 -5 months ago

    There's so many cuts in this it doesn't make it funny horrible job editing

  73. corvettes 909

    corvettes 9095 months ago

    Horrible editing..but I love Kevin hart.

  74. john Baldock

    john Baldock5 months ago

    Say it With YOUR CHEST!!!!

  75. Burning Money

    Burning Money5 months ago

    Serious question. Is this guy actually considered funny?

  76. Burning Money

    Burning Money5 months ago

    Copiertube lol

  77. Copiertube

    Copiertube5 months ago

    Burning Money watch his stand up comedies fucking hilarious

  78. Sauce 88

    Sauce 885 months ago

    Such a beauty

  79. Young Carter

    Young Carter5 months ago

    This editing is garbage.

  80. Felix Aldén

    Felix Aldén5 months ago

    The worst montage I've seen, u can't skip two thirds of every god damn story...

  81. Jeikup

    Jeikup5 months ago

    was dis edited by a 3year old

  82. Nevaeh Vincent

    Nevaeh Vincent5 months ago

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 LOL he is so funny

  83. Phiwayinkosi Phenyane

    Phiwayinkosi Phenyane5 months ago

    King Negative

  84. jonathan schickel

    jonathan schickel5 months ago

    I've seen all of these prior to this "unseen footage video." all of it is just old footage.

  85. Finn Lambert

    Finn Lambert5 months ago

    fear expansion peak rqrse stable twin death far favor eating employer yet.

  86. Prettytiff33

    Prettytiff336 months ago

    I hate how they cut this up. It took the funny and made it just alright

  87. Matt P

    Matt P6 months ago

    The monkey part was hilarrriious lmao. Ill leave you here and let the monkey take your seat. 😂 lmao

  88. Domz JB

    Domz JB6 months ago

    Yup he's engaged and putting chocolate into all the fridge lol

  89. Anwar Tawfique

    Anwar Tawfique6 months ago

    Worse edit of a life time

  90. JaydenMcfaden

    JaydenMcfaden6 months ago

    I don't like the cutting It ruins the experiences and miss so much context

  91. Life's Good

    Life's Good6 months ago

    I’ve seen each n every clip from this video. I don’t know where have u been😕 Misleading title 👎

  92. Brett Stagner

    Brett Stagner6 months ago

    Too much fucking skipping

  93. Tripy Tripy

    Tripy Tripy6 months ago

    Kevin would be the funniest show host

  94. Opal Croxen

    Opal Croxen6 months ago


  95. Aidan Nguyen

    Aidan Nguyen6 months ago


  96. WhpGaming 7

    WhpGaming 76 months ago

    Unseen? I just saw it

  97. jssangel416

    jssangel4166 months ago

    Unseen videos?....uhmmmmm, no. Btw, if it's a KH videon & it's on MReporter, its been seen...A LOT

  98. emerge phone

    emerge phone6 months ago

    Your editing is horrible!! Doesn't even have the whole joke!!

  99. Rosie Cotts

    Rosie Cotts6 months ago

    😂this kid is too funny.

  100. FriendlyFire -007

    FriendlyFire -0076 months ago


  101. Shelli-Ann

    Shelli-Ann6 months ago

    Why did you skip stuff...

  102. KingDerpyGoat

    KingDerpyGoat6 months ago

    well the title is a lie... this is on youtube so its seen

  103. Sandy Heister

    Sandy Heister6 months ago

    6 b