Kevin Hart SAVAGE Moments


  1. Comedy University

    Comedy University7 months ago

    Check Out the Newly Released Kevin's Funniest Interview Moments:- Be sure to check out Kevin's Special on Netflix 'What Now'

  2. Richard Parris

    Richard Parris6 months ago

    Damn only 4 weeks ago

  3. tu amigo tito

    tu amigo tito6 months ago

    Comedy University hjx

  4. Silent Bronco

    Silent Bronco7 months ago

    Let's help each other: 1) subscribe to me 2) comment done 3) I subscribe back to everyone

  5. The Bridge

    The Bridge6 hours ago

    he is so small in that first clip

  6. Caleb Calderon

    Caleb Calderon7 hours ago

    Kevin hart lookin like a black chucky

  7. 2slash Shadow

    2slash Shadow10 hours ago

    I think kevin hart is fake ( too much lies ) like damn that's a lot

  8. Legendary Hunter Orion

    Legendary Hunter Orion20 hours ago

    Tall legs and small body cries like a donkey laughingπŸ˜‚

  9. Thanos

    Thanos2 days ago

    If he said that last joke right now sjw's would try to end his life lmfao

  10. benjamin S

    benjamin S3 days ago

    6:02 really dude

  11. Kev Dawg6

    Kev Dawg63 days ago

    Where my little nugget atπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. khae74

    khae743 days ago

    I just don't like Kervin Hart. He is short, loud and annoying

  13. Gen ST

    Gen ST4 days ago

    Beautiful Black Woman at the end! - Asian Dude

  14. christian ojala

    christian ojala4 days ago

    #prayforhezhamanmi please check him out he needs support of people because his own kid has been taken from him

  15. Tsitsie Lorraine Gwasira

    Tsitsie Lorraine Gwasira4 days ago

    I see kervin n i know its my queue to laugh

  16. News Of the World

    News Of the World5 days ago

    if only kevin hart was funny

  17. Susanna Julia

    Susanna Julia6 days ago

    That's not #Savage that was just him being #Funny...

  18. Mario DelToro

    Mario DelToro6 days ago

    Help porfavor if u want to that would be great

  19. Vals Gal

    Vals Gal7 days ago

    Levin and Dwayne are a fantastic pair

  20. Jai Hind

    Jai Hind7 days ago

    How can you do 1000 sit ups a day? My back starts hurting in 20-25

  21. Siphesihle Marwede

    Siphesihle Marwede7 days ago

    That last one LMAO

  22. Angel barajas

    Angel barajas8 days ago


  23. Prasham Bhagwat

    Prasham Bhagwat9 days ago

    Burnt nugget

  24. Willy Prince

    Willy Prince9 days ago

    How people hang out with this dude, he must funny as shit.

  25. fidel carter

    fidel carter13 days ago

    10:09 @kevhart did you get your eyebrows done?? Jajajajaaa(that's Spanish for hahaha) Thanks for the pushups regimen.

  26. fidel carter

    fidel carter13 days ago

    7:38 Shaq Bacca

  27. chinos world

    chinos world13 days ago

    Like a t rex

  28. Cito Rivera

    Cito Rivera14 days ago

    Shaq came out and didnt get to say anything lol

  29. saad irfan

    saad irfan16 days ago

    Ayeeenyeee,ayeeee ..

  30. Fornite Highlights

    Fornite Highlights17 days ago

    the one on the right was fake laughing the whole video. F

  31. Ken Harrison

    Ken Harrison18 days ago

    Kevin is funnier than shit

  32. Francisco Ramirez

    Francisco Ramirez18 days ago

    I love kevin but Nobody does 1000 sit ups a day

  33. Nathan Gambriel

    Nathan Gambriel18 days ago

    Kill yourself

  34. Sharaeah Brent Hood

    Sharaeah Brent Hood19 days ago

    That kill yourself hit me hard

  35. MrDavidelliottjr

    MrDavidelliottjr19 days ago

    That dude strait nuts. Lol

  36. Figueroa Edwin

    Figueroa Edwin19 days ago

    Bro!! Did he say culo ranch?? I love culo ( women culo's) LMFAO!!!!!

  37. Vagish Mohanakumar

    Vagish Mohanakumar20 days ago

    OH my god Kevin.These are all white people in the boat.ha..ha...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  38. glo_in_ life

    glo_in_ life21 day ago


  39. sandeep kumar

    sandeep kumarMonth ago

    Little nugget 🀣🀣 lol this guy is hilarious

  40. Primzz

    PrimzzMonth ago

    Lmao! And Jennia Fredrique looks beautiful.. Btw

  41. Lesa Fernandes

    Lesa FernandesMonth ago

    Lol Kevin Hart always makes me laugh

  42. Alias Jaymes

    Alias JaymesMonth ago


  43. andrei v

    andrei vMonth ago

    1000 sit-ups a day? 800 push ups a day? Ok i dont say it cant be done but you cant do that every day Kevin,muscle needs time to recuperate thats why guys at the gym workout a different group of muscle every day or else you will strain the muscle and it will not evolve like it should.

  44. Matty Rushbrooke

    Matty RushbrookeMonth ago

    He reminds me of a mini Kanye West

  45. Lauren Carney

    Lauren CarneyMonth ago

    If anyone is trying to do comedy...kill yoself

  46. Okwuose Alexander

    Okwuose AlexanderMonth ago

    This dude is funny asf

  47. Cheese Burger

    Cheese BurgerMonth ago

    Should of been called kevin hart on jayleno

  48. Okwuose Alexander

    Okwuose AlexanderMonth ago

    Is just cheek

  49. Meenakshi Yadav

    Meenakshi YadavMonth ago

    10:57 i didn't get that. ..nugget what

  50. ZaAaa Braaa

    ZaAaa BraaaMonth ago

    That ending. It fukin killed me

  51. Wan King

    Wan KingMonth ago

    Its almost like he's doing a stand up piece all the time, this guy is too funny lmao

  52. Themayseffect

    ThemayseffectMonth ago

    Kevin's standup may not be the best anymore, but his personality and character is still hilarious.

  53. curt hayes

    curt hayesMonth ago

    "i have a smaller butt and i have two buttcheeks" "no you don't" lmfao.

  54. Le Lee

    Le LeeMonth ago

    I'm having a hard time finding it funny.

  55. Jordan100%

    Jordan100%Month ago

    Culo ranch so ass ranch? Must be a pretty beautiful ass πŸ’€

  56. KingEnvy SquadUp

    KingEnvy SquadUpMonth ago

    Kevin Hart looks like they digitally shrunk him more but damn he looks soooooo tiny next to everyone lmfao

  57. Paulo Alves

    Paulo AlvesMonth ago

    Watching hart's interviews has been my abs workout lately! It's just more enjoyable..

  58. thee abnormal minecrafter

    thee abnormal minecrafterMonth ago

    god damn I love kevin hart

  59. Linda Queen

    Linda QueenMonth ago

    5 :00 lol

  60. Tina Greer

    Tina GreerMonth ago

    I'm dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  61. Walter Bazurto

    Walter BazurtoMonth ago

    The ending was a little dark...but I like it!

  62. 5stardrvm

    5stardrvmMonth ago

    This nigga sucks

  63. Styll Ghostly

    Styll GhostlyMonth ago

    9:16-9:30 How does shaq cry? Lmaoo

  64. Fancy Pants

    Fancy PantsMonth ago

    😠 where tf is the clip with Regina jack ass

  65. Fancy Pants

    Fancy PantsMonth ago

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he has so funny off script moments

  66. spaintom89

    spaintom892 months ago

    Kill yourself 🀣

  67. tipology

    tipology2 months ago

    I love how the rock genuinely laughs with kev. You get a lot of people that fake smile and fake laugh with comedians just cause theyre comedians. But you can tell the rock and kevin are boys lol

  68. Iban Nash

    Iban Nash2 months ago

    Haven't laughed this hard in a while, but that ending though!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  69. miguelizom

    miguelizom2 months ago

    Kevin Hart and Shaq should do a remake of the Twins movie

  70. R L

    R L2 months ago

    The Rock sounds like, and reminds me of Obama.

  71. Joey Fernandez

    Joey Fernandez2 months ago

    I think Dwayne has an amazing personality. Kevin is just crazy and real and that's what makes them both successful.

  72. Alex Setu

    Alex Setu2 months ago

    it took me 0.5 seconds to like this video hahaha

  73. Cecil Harris

    Cecil Harris2 months ago

    There's no left cheek right cheek it's just cheek. Starting at 3:50 DAMN!🀣


    AARON SUTHERLAND2 months ago


  75. pranay saboo

    pranay saboo2 months ago


  76. 0788043

    07880432 months ago

    Not funny at all

  77. Malik Jones

    Malik Jones2 months ago

    "If u smile faster yo lips gone bleed" 🀣

  78. Maria daRosa

    Maria daRosa2 months ago

    Gosh he is tiny man isn't he? He's funny though.

  79. Fifthelement203

    Fifthelement2032 months ago

    Shaq and his jammed toe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  80. Clinton Plaatjies

    Clinton Plaatjies2 months ago

    I laughed way too hard for that tube story πŸ˜‚


    SKINZ GAMING2 months ago

    Kevins little legs are hilarious

  82. Young Ekco

    Young Ekco2 months ago

    That last one was dark πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

  83. aj2090

    aj20902 months ago

    β€œWhere my little nugget at?β€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  84. Bbc 3.0

    Bbc 3.02 months ago

    12:14, for anyone who eats ass

  85. Tristan Clark

    Tristan Clark2 months ago

    "when you first start walking out" ? Why he slip like that 10:30

  86. Khalid Alshehri

    Khalid Alshehri2 months ago

    There are two types of comedians I believe, a funny by nature, and a funny by a bit, Kevin is just funny by nature he doesn’t need a bit, he just speaks and it’s funny.

  87. Logan D

    Logan D2 months ago

    What would a guy kevin’s size do if a guy shaqs size walks up and is like do you got a problem?! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  88. Mehmed Tiro

    Mehmed Tiro2 months ago

    How do we become a part of Comedy University?? :o

  89. Self Made

    Self Made2 months ago

    Lil nugget ... here I go...🀣🀣🀣

  90. Health Upz

    Health Upz2 months ago

    this some soul food

  91. Kevon Hicks

    Kevon Hicks2 months ago

    uhh anybody out there that wants to do comedy.......kill ya self

  92. Billy Silva

    Billy Silva2 months ago

    "I didn't cry but you probably would"ve thought that's what it was"I lost it there lol

  93. Xavier Stamp

    Xavier Stamp2 months ago

    Kevin skin got lighter over the years

  94. Swooshswish

    Swooshswish2 months ago

    Justin timberlake is the most black ass licker there is...his face shoud be black from all the kissing and ass licking he does

  95. Marius Herbst

    Marius Herbst2 months ago

    Nicest guy ever

  96. Rahul Gusain

    Rahul Gusain2 months ago

    He's overated af.

  97. THE Kerith Wooldridge

    THE Kerith Wooldridge2 months ago


  98. A Comic Soul

    A Comic Soul2 months ago

    Please check out our new web series Jonis goes sightseeing. He meets Russell Kane in London in the first episode

  99. basky

    basky2 months ago

    Trust me i totally understand the dislocation part as i have had my right shoulder dislocated and it just freaks u out when u see it..

  100. Harry Dean

    Harry Dean2 months ago

    authority him married arrest emission hint absorb surprisingly income.

  101. Profesorius Lithuania

    Profesorius Lithuania2 months ago

    10:46 :D

  102. Michael Rogers

    Michael Rogers2 months ago

    Why did dwayne say ? Lol

  103. sid shrestha

    sid shrestha2 months ago

    once you go shaq u never go back