1. Adam Jebbari

    Adam Jebbari3 days ago

    Liverpool we going to win the title

  2. Andreas Olsnes

    Andreas Olsnes11 days ago

    think kevin broke his foot on the last one

  3. Jojo Peterson

    Jojo Peterson14 days ago

    so kev doesn't know this guys are famous than he is

  4. Rushaun Dalberry

    Rushaun Dalberry17 days ago


  5. VoxChambo

    VoxChambo20 days ago

    Sterling used to be so shy lmao

  6. Expert09

    Expert09Month ago

    Where is Agüero?

  7. Nancy Richards

    Nancy RichardsMonth ago

    Hey kev is me again u look good in the cab lmao,ppl really dont recognize u or ur voice i no ur voice anywhere

  8. Joe Govanni

    Joe GovanniMonth ago

    I cube is a G.....

  9. Yuh Yuh

    Yuh YuhMonth ago

    Looks like Ice Cube discovered snapchat

  10. Savit Varchasvi Aluri

    Savit Varchasvi AluriMonth ago

    @1:35 Ed Sheeran does a cameo!

  11. Alazouf Alharbi

    Alazouf AlharbiMonth ago

    I wanna go to Manchester City :(

  12. Aleisha Johnson

    Aleisha JohnsonMonth ago

  13. mmu ok

    mmu ok2 months ago

    The camera man could not help it

  14. Anonymous Gaming

    Anonymous Gaming2 months ago

    1:34 why does that player look like edsheeran XD

  15. best football legends

    best football legends2 months ago


  16. Lilian Rodrigues

    Lilian Rodrigues2 months ago

    Fernandinho.. yay BR.

  17. Isaiah Tupou

    Isaiah Tupou2 months ago

    1:12 "AGG DRASSING" 😂😂😂

  18. Officiall ISMAIL IBRAHIM

    Officiall ISMAIL IBRAHIM2 months ago


  19. Vem vêr

    Vem vêr2 months ago

    kEVIN Hart, vem no CORINTHIANS, time CAMPEÃO DO MUNDO...

  20. Dion Carter

    Dion Carter2 months ago

    Cube was like *aw Yee I'ma get this..I'ma get this* ✊😂 10:15

  21. Bubucio Rafik

    Bubucio Rafik2 months ago

    United united United glory city shit😭😃

  22. Gabbie Wilson

    Gabbie Wilson2 months ago

    Kevin's smile tho lol

  23. La pulga Atomica

    La pulga Atomica2 months ago

    1:36 Ed sheeran works as a janitor at Manchester city... wow didn't know that

  24. Barbod VahedianG

    Barbod VahedianG2 months ago


  25. Murtaza Waris

    Murtaza Waris3 months ago

    Beckham who?

  26. Alex Okoli

    Alex Okoli3 months ago

    Manchester United is the best

  27. PH Y1

    PH Y13 months ago

    Great vids just to short

  28. Edgar Hall

    Edgar Hall3 months ago

    Cube hood af

  29. globrotter shady

    globrotter shady3 months ago


  30. Best Manchester city fan in the world Şan

    Best Manchester city fan in the world Şan3 months ago

    I am better Manchester city gan then any wone I am the best Manchester city fan in the world

  31. T Hunter

    T Hunter3 months ago

    Whoever this is only films Kevin

  32. Iskandar - Gaming, Vlogs and More!

    Iskandar - Gaming, Vlogs and More!3 months ago

    Love this video, really entertaining when Kevin Hart is in a vid XD *dislikes:666* O_O

  33. Tommy Ballack

    Tommy Ballack3 months ago

    great video kevin is very funny keep on making videos like this

  34. Victr Peralta

    Victr Peralta4 months ago

    Leave the fk phone ice cube🤨🤣

  35. Ayoub Jiber

    Ayoub Jiber4 months ago

    1:35 Ed Sheeran changed his career.

  36. adam hammami

    adam hammami4 months ago

    Kevin hart and Kevin de bruyne

  37. Aman singh

    Aman singh4 months ago

    Ice ice cube☠☠💥💥💥💥🔥

  38. Alex Resnik

    Alex Resnik4 months ago

    0:26 I thought that was Jay-Z for a hot second

  39. Daniel 07

    Daniel 074 months ago

    And that day kevin hart took someone elses place in Man. City

  40. qusai al halabi

    qusai al halabi5 months ago

    Kevin debruyne + joe hart=Kevin Hart

  41. kalletheowner

    kalletheowner5 months ago

    Kevin gives a shoutout to Manchester 10:49 lol

  42. Evelyn GD

    Evelyn GD5 months ago

    Who are they ?

  43. Amirica Alexander

    Amirica Alexander5 months ago

    Kevin Hart fan big funny 😆 😆😆😆😆

  44. ataladin 87

    ataladin 875 months ago

    Haha they're from the movie ride along for some who didn't know,

  45. Playa Manny B.

    Playa Manny B.5 months ago

    Ed sheeran 1:32

  46. Joshua Carrillo

    Joshua Carrillo5 months ago

    "Everybody agg drassin!!" Lol

  47. Khadija Newell

    Khadija Newell5 months ago

    Get off your phn Ice Cube... Sheesh

  48. Opha

    Opha5 months ago

    😖 Facepalm

  49. Athul Rajeev

    Athul Rajeev6 months ago

    i saw edd shean there is it just me?

  50. Vincent Junior Milot

    Vincent Junior Milot6 months ago

    Did Ice said "damn mothercuker" at 0:32 or am i tripping ? xD theses guys are so funny :D

  51. Seth Bradley

    Seth Bradley6 months ago


  52. Marie Sjöö

    Marie Sjöö6 months ago

    Kevin hart and ice cube new top lethal striker duo! Scoring 20+ goals every season!

  53. NoMansLand

    NoMansLand7 months ago

    Is Kevin Hart 5ft 9?

  54. TheGlenn0147

    TheGlenn01477 months ago

    bend it like bechkam! aHahahah omg, rival of city

  55. Tanmaya Gupta

    Tanmaya Gupta7 months ago

    Agg drassing🤣🤣🤣

  56. Rogero Silva

    Rogero Silva7 months ago

    Godheam cube Kicked that ball with aggression hahahah!! 8:00

  57. Prithvi raj

    Prithvi raj7 months ago

    Cameraman didnt move at all. Damn

  58. Cooldesac

    Cooldesac7 months ago

    at 3:42 that handshake; it's as if they know eachother since always - that was so smooth i'm impressed ! :O

  59. Robsprin

    Robsprin7 months ago

    Like those shades cube has,anyone know the name of them?

  60. Jagrit Bhutoria

    Jagrit Bhutoria7 months ago

    In the wrong part of town.. Only for cube though.. The other guy is fine out there.

  61. FIN

    FIN7 months ago


  62. nuno gomes

    nuno gomes8 months ago

    Kevin Hart is A City fan 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  63. Filip

    Filip8 months ago

    The only thing more awkward than a regular white dude playing basketball are regular black dudes playing soccer...

  64. Oscar Corleto

    Oscar Corleto8 months ago

    Still bigger than Man City history

  65. Alex Postell

    Alex Postell8 months ago

    this would be such an honor

  66. rick has

    rick has8 months ago

    1:34 ED SHEERAN!!!!!

  67. BLZ Dvilla

    BLZ Dvilla8 months ago

    Kevin Hart and Kevin De Bruyne greeting each other saying their name is Kevin lol

  68. Min Yoon-gi

    Min Yoon-gi8 months ago

    Now we need kevin vs kevin

  69. No Llll

    No Llll8 months ago

    His shot is more majestic then messi's

  70. Siddhesh Misale

    Siddhesh Misale8 months ago

    1:33 Ed Sheeran


    KEMSON MAUI8 months ago


  72. tru pekamuu .

    tru pekamuu .9 months ago

    cube is me, snapchating everything

  73. Midoriya Izuku

    Midoriya Izuku9 months ago

    Idk why but seeing kevin at 8:34 makes me roll on the ground in laughter. He can't possible be that short! He looks like a Freakin toddler compared to the size of the goal 😂😂

  74. AKINYI1

    AKINYI19 months ago


  75. noobatakShady

    noobatakShady9 months ago

    Cube looks like a did who brought his son to his favourite club

  76. abdul osman

    abdul osman9 months ago

    I love it how the camra man starts laughing

  77. Leo Messi

    Leo Messi9 months ago


  78. Takudzwa Chauruka

    Takudzwa Chauruka9 months ago

    Hahaha my problem has always been with cameras that's why i didn't go Pro lol this guy crazy Kevin Hart

  79. tomasisus k

    tomasisus k9 months ago

    6:10 he tried to kill one of the camera men

  80. Andrzej Gawłowski

    Andrzej Gawłowski10 months ago

    They seriously have no idea how to kick the ball. Look at Kevin standing perfectly straight in front of the ball before he shots. I knew already it gonna go wiiiide to the left. xD

  81. Erik Semambo

    Erik Semambo10 months ago

    Imagine dave chappelle instead .. Training would probably be cancelled because of stomach strain from too much laughing .. Kevin is a little bit eehh cringe funny.

  82. FranchiseSportsGaming

    FranchiseSportsGaming10 months ago

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  83. TheManBehindTheScene

    TheManBehindTheScene10 months ago

    what the hell Cube, hahaha. first you were struggling with the iphone and then tried your luck kicking the ball way earlier before Kevin even properly wear the gloves....damn. LOL

  84. Russell Thompson

    Russell Thompson10 months ago


  85. I am

    I am10 months ago

    This is boring as hell

  86. frank simba

    frank simba11 months ago

    Thats so cooool!

  87. boss777

    boss77711 months ago

    1:35 ed shareen is football player woaw 0.0

  88. LiveFree 00

    LiveFree 0011 months ago

    ‘Aka my white relative’ lmao 😅😅😂🤣🤣

  89. Roger

    Roger11 months ago

    Kevin Hart is do short lol

  90. tsleel escappa

    tsleel escappa11 months ago

    Where is sterling?

  91. kan xue

    kan xue11 months ago

    still don't get why pep sold Joe Hart.

  92. kan xue

    kan xue11 months ago

    don't like this ice cube guy at all ! thumb down to this particular video.

  93. SammyBoiC

    SammyBoiC11 months ago

    2:42 the size difference

  94. Sergio Contreras

    Sergio ContrerasYear ago

    If they call cleats boots what do they call actual boots

  95. Dante Intx

    Dante IntxYear ago

    Sterling looks like O-Dog from Menace II Society

  96. Toxic Unix

    Toxic UnixYear ago

    United is still better

  97. Local U2ber

    Local U2berYear ago

    Kevin is so funny damn 😂😂🔥

  98. Kyran Crawford-O'Gorman

    Kyran Crawford-O'GormanYear ago

    That was dreadful

  99. The jager bomber

    The jager bomberYear ago

    Baby foot 😂😂😂

  100. Kamil Sibo

    Kamil SiboYear ago

    The camera guy laughed too