1. Konstantin Shepard

    Konstantin Shepard2 days ago

    I find Ice Cube being on his phone all the time disrespectful. Some people can't live without their phones.

  2. Even Jorud Skåland

    Even Jorud Skåland2 days ago

    8:04 the camera man laughting at Ice Cube

  3. Mohamed Omar

    Mohamed Omar5 days ago

    from Somalia

  4. Damar Clarke

    Damar Clarke8 days ago

    I see those 3 Arsenal traitors

  5. Man 2 Man

    Man 2 Man8 days ago

    is kevin hart a bigger celebrity than Kevin De bruyne, or he just talks more

  6. Kerol86 Omar

    Kerol86 Omar8 days ago

    KH deserve the most funny man in the worldssss

  7. david phillips

    david phillips9 days ago

    A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it. and some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

  8. karl broad

    karl broad11 days ago

    We love u lol

  9. Anirudh Sonu

    Anirudh Sonu11 days ago

    Who's watching this after the match with Chelsea??

  10. Isaac Kamando

    Isaac Kamando12 days ago

    Bend it like beckham hahahahaaaaaa

  11. Tim Wright

    Tim Wright19 days ago

    KDB with the hands 🔥🔥

  12. Dennoy Campbell

    Dennoy Campbell28 days ago

    Seems no one know ice cube

  13. chris weird

    chris weird29 days ago

    kevin and ice putting in work i love it

  14. Paulo Silva

    Paulo SilvaMonth ago

    Why nobody takes pics with cube???

  15. Lamond Jay

    Lamond JayMonth ago

    Joe put his arm around Kevin to take the pic but he knew not to touch Cube

  16. Jose Soria

    Jose SoriaMonth ago

    “Why are you so angry” 😂

  17. Jay Bong

    Jay BongMonth ago

    at 6:10 Kevin Hart takes penalties like Mahrez !!!!

  18. Harry Dean

    Harry DeanMonth ago

    7:00 the height difference tho

  19. Bubacar Fadja

    Bubacar FadjaMonth ago

    Definitely I am better than Ice cube. ⚽️🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  20. Phil Coulson

    Phil CoulsonMonth ago

    North Americans are so bad on soccer lol they don't know how to shoot a ball

  21. darkmanx _429

    darkmanx _429Month ago

    Kevin Hart seems like a mad chill cool dude.

  22. Lex Luthor

    Lex LuthorMonth ago

    I guess They went to Wrong Manchester.

  23. Keteu 808

    Keteu 808Month ago

    Because soccer is not big in the USA.

  24. picabell

    picabellMonth ago

    imagine having the power to make groups of people laugh just like that

  25. Bernard Akoto

    Bernard AkotoMonth ago

    Kdb looks shy.

  26. OG Fortnite player

    OG Fortnite playerMonth ago

    Where was ice cube for most of the vid

  27. Steve Masaki

    Steve Masaki2 months ago

    Agg Drassing 1:12 lol


    KING JAVAN2 months ago

    Mahn Kevin is short😅😅

  29. James axl marcos Marlow roses colom

    James axl marcos Marlow roses colom2 months ago

    Eazy e is happy

  30. Jarl Glados

    Jarl Glados2 months ago

    cringe , the.

  31. Paul Fisher

    Paul Fisher3 months ago

    publicity stunt, trying to act like they care!!

  32. Weah Betty Twum

    Weah Betty Twum3 months ago

    Hilarious. Bend it like Beckham, spoilt it like Agogo.

  33. Zaahir Azhar

    Zaahir Azhar3 months ago

    Kevin should shoot a fireball at Kevin.

  34. *** BB ***

    *** BB ***3 months ago

    Ice papi! Put that phone down ! Acting like groupie lol

  35. Mr Watto

    Mr Watto4 months ago

    Glad ice said footie & didn't hear soccer ⚽️

  36. Universal unique

    Universal unique4 months ago

    You know kevin hart is very short when sterling is taller than him !! Lol

  37. Alfred Antwi

    Alfred Antwi4 months ago

    Can somebody tell Kevin to the hair low👌cut like this

  38. Just Another Hustle

    Just Another Hustle4 months ago

    Kevin's glasses are almost touching in the back.

  39. bird man man

    bird man man4 months ago


  40. Novice Hammer

    Novice Hammer5 months ago

    Remember when ice cube did kids movies?

  41. Adam Jebbari

    Adam Jebbari5 months ago

    Liverpool we going to win the title

  42. Andreas Olsnes

    Andreas Olsnes5 months ago

    think kevin broke his foot on the last one

  43. Jojo Peterson

    Jojo Peterson5 months ago

    so kev doesn't know this guys are famous than he is

  44. Rushaun Dalberry

    Rushaun Dalberry5 months ago


  45. VoxChambo

    VoxChambo5 months ago

    Sterling used to be so shy lmao

  46. Expert09

    Expert096 months ago

    Where is Agüero?

  47. Nancy Richards

    Nancy Richards6 months ago

    Hey kev is me again u look good in the cab lmao,ppl really dont recognize u or ur voice i no ur voice anywhere

  48. Joe Govanni

    Joe Govanni6 months ago

    I cube is a G.....

  49. Yuh Yuh

    Yuh Yuh6 months ago

    Looks like Ice Cube discovered snapchat

  50. Savit Varchasvi Aluri

    Savit Varchasvi Aluri6 months ago

    @1:35 Ed Sheeran does a cameo!

  51. Alazouf Alharbi

    Alazouf Alharbi6 months ago

    I wanna go to Manchester City :(

  52. Aleisha Johnson

    Aleisha Johnson7 months ago

  53. mmu ok

    mmu ok7 months ago

    The camera man could not help it

  54. Anonymous Gaming

    Anonymous Gaming7 months ago

    1:34 why does that player look like edsheeran XD

  55. best football legends

    best football legends7 months ago


  56. Lilian Rodrigues

    Lilian Rodrigues7 months ago

    Fernandinho.. yay BR.

  57. Isaiah Tupou

    Isaiah Tupou7 months ago

    1:12 "AGG DRASSING" 😂😂😂

  58. Officiall ISMAIL IBRAHIM

    Officiall ISMAIL IBRAHIM7 months ago


  59. Vem vêr

    Vem vêr7 months ago

    kEVIN Hart, vem no CORINTHIANS, time CAMPEÃO DO MUNDO...

  60. Dion Carter

    Dion Carter7 months ago

    Cube was like *aw Yee I'ma get this..I'ma get this* ✊😂 10:15

  61. Bubucio Rafik

    Bubucio Rafik7 months ago

    United united United glory city shit😭😃

  62. Gabbie Wilson

    Gabbie Wilson8 months ago

    Kevin's smile tho lol

  63. La pulga Atomica

    La pulga Atomica8 months ago

    1:36 Ed sheeran works as a janitor at Manchester city... wow didn't know that

  64. Barbod VahedianG

    Barbod VahedianG8 months ago


  65. Murtaza Waris

    Murtaza Waris8 months ago

    Beckham who?

  66. Alex Okoli

    Alex Okoli8 months ago

    Manchester United is the best

  67. PH Y1

    PH Y18 months ago

    Great vids just to short

  68. Edgar Hall

    Edgar Hall8 months ago

    Cube hood af

  69. globrotter shady

    globrotter shady8 months ago


  70. Best Manchester city fan in the world Şan

    Best Manchester city fan in the world Şan9 months ago

    I am better Manchester city gan then any wone I am the best Manchester city fan in the world

  71. T Hunter

    T Hunter9 months ago

    Whoever this is only films Kevin

  72. Iskandar - Gaming, Vlogs and More!

    Iskandar - Gaming, Vlogs and More!9 months ago

    Love this video, really entertaining when Kevin Hart is in a vid XD *dislikes:666* O_O

  73. Tommy Ballack

    Tommy Ballack9 months ago

    great video kevin is very funny keep on making videos like this

  74. Viktor Peralta

    Viktor Peralta9 months ago

    Leave the fk phone ice cube🤨🤣

  75. Ayoub Jiber

    Ayoub Jiber9 months ago

    1:35 Ed Sheeran changed his career.

  76. adam hammami

    adam hammami9 months ago

    Kevin hart and Kevin de bruyne

  77. Aman singh

    Aman singh9 months ago

    Ice ice cube☠☠💥💥💥💥🔥

  78. Alex Resnik

    Alex Resnik10 months ago

    0:26 I thought that was Jay-Z for a hot second

  79. Daniel 07

    Daniel 0710 months ago

    And that day kevin hart took someone elses place in Man. City

  80. qusai al halabi

    qusai al halabi10 months ago

    Kevin debruyne + joe hart=Kevin Hart

  81. kalletheowner

    kalletheowner10 months ago

    Kevin gives a shoutout to Manchester 10:49 lol

  82. Evelyn TØP

    Evelyn TØP10 months ago

    Who are they ?

  83. Amirica Alexander

    Amirica Alexander10 months ago

    Kevin Hart fan big funny 😆 😆😆😆😆

  84. ataladin 87

    ataladin 8710 months ago

    Haha they're from the movie ride along for some who didn't know,

  85. Playa Manny B.

    Playa Manny B.10 months ago

    Ed sheeran 1:32

  86. Joshua Carrillo

    Joshua Carrillo11 months ago

    "Everybody agg drassin!!" Lol

  87. Khadijah Newell

    Khadijah Newell11 months ago

    Get off your phn Ice Cube... Sheesh

  88. Opha

    Opha11 months ago

    😖 Facepalm

  89. Athul Rajeev

    Athul Rajeev11 months ago

    i saw edd shean there is it just me?

  90. Vincent Junior Milot

    Vincent Junior Milot11 months ago

    Did Ice said "damn mothercuker" at 0:32 or am i tripping ? xD theses guys are so funny :D

  91. Seth Bradley

    Seth Bradley11 months ago


  92. Marie Sjöö

    Marie SjööYear ago

    Kevin hart and ice cube new top lethal striker duo! Scoring 20+ goals every season!

  93. Opp

    OppYear ago

    Is Kevin Hart 5ft 9?

  94. TheGlenn0147

    TheGlenn0147Year ago

    bend it like bechkam! aHahahah omg, rival of city

  95. Tanmaya Gupta

    Tanmaya GuptaYear ago

    Agg drassing🤣🤣🤣

  96. Rogero Silva

    Rogero SilvaYear ago

    Godheam cube Kicked that ball with aggression hahahah!! 8:00

  97. Prithvi raj

    Prithvi rajYear ago

    Cameraman didnt move at all. Damn

  98. Cooldesac

    CooldesacYear ago

    at 3:42 that handshake; it's as if they know eachother since always - that was so smooth i'm impressed ! :O

  99. Robsprin

    RobsprinYear ago

    Like those shades cube has,anyone know the name of them?