Kevin Hart Guy Code


  1. Overlord Andrew

    Overlord Andrew2 months ago


  2. carlensky kirk

    carlensky kirk2 months ago

    And they still think he's not the best

  3. Amit Pandey

    Amit Pandey2 months ago

    Niggerrrrrrrrr damnnnn

  4. Dollar Diva

    Dollar Diva2 months ago

    Help me ‘ Help me!

  5. Bjarke Táunâjik

    Bjarke Táunâjik2 months ago

    The guy who wrote these subtitles is fucking retarded

  6. Daniel Chavez

    Daniel Chavez2 months ago

    Boi 😡👋

  7. Di Anna

    Di Anna2 months ago

    That "code" logic is dumb. Breeding ground for cheating. If you're that worried about your wife finding out about cheating then don't commit to one person. Do their wives not catch onto this? Ladies, if you're with your husband or boyfriend and he suddenly says "Man, I'm hungry as shit" to one of his friends whenever you're around, wouldn't you question that? I would. Code my ass....Another thing; if your friends are basically encouraging you to cheat and covering for you, you need better friends.

  8. Phoenix is Awesome

    Phoenix is Awesome2 months ago


  9. The Truth

    The Truth2 months ago

    Best friend code is real talk 💯 ‘my bullshit is your bullshit’ so true when I ring my best mate and tell him explain later but if my missus asks...then you done this and I said this 😂 🤦‍♂️

  10. Douglas Mcfadden

    Douglas Mcfadden2 months ago

    1:35 when you have the rainmaker and your team doesn't care.

  11. Nick

    Nick2 months ago

    I’m dead 😂😂😂

  12. Lydia Brattin

    Lydia Brattin2 months ago

    What is that noise at 0:38? It's HILARIOUS!

  13. M17

    M172 months ago


  14. Thandazile Marazula

    Thandazile Marazula2 months ago

    He would be a good preacher.

  15. Crystle Presson

    Crystle Presson2 months ago

    The noise he made after he said to not cheat. XD

  16. Shanice Phillips

    Shanice Phillips2 months ago

    Lmfaoooooooooooooo """" Harry don't lie """" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Gavin Bertram

    Gavin Bertram3 months ago

    No no no no no no no no no

  18. James Jenia

    James Jenia3 months ago

    Fuck Kevin Hart! He JOINED the List of Idiots in Hollywood that just couldn't HIDE His Hatred for America. Fuck this NOTHING! While I MAY have seen virtually every Movie this ignorant shit-stain has made ... I'll not put another Dime in the low-life Anti-American COCKSUCKERS pocket EVER! What a STUPID MOTHERFUCKER!

  19. bebeto valentin

    bebeto valentin3 months ago


  20. Abdulqadir Husein

    Abdulqadir Husein3 months ago

    Bruh i tried hard, Kevin hart aint funny.

  21. TechNOGeek Reviews

    TechNOGeek Reviews3 months ago

    This dude is epic

  22. Alex R.

    Alex R.3 months ago

    who da fuck wrote those scripts ?))))))))) is that french ?

  23. Rican Marrero

    Rican Marrero3 months ago

    Awesome u r


    PETER LUDWINSKI3 months ago

    help ME, NInJA PLEASE!!!

  25. مشاري الغامدي

    مشاري الغامدي3 months ago

    1:39 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. MrJstar691

    MrJstar6913 months ago

    Turned it off when he said Nigga....🤬

  27. Neena Rose

    Neena Rose3 months ago

    This is also girl code...lmao

  28. Brooklyn Allen

    Brooklyn Allen3 months ago

    Nigga help me help me nigga

  29. Mr Revolver

    Mr Revolver3 months ago

    eddie murphy is way better i think eddie murphy didnt need to make fun of himself to gain any fans.

  30. c colby

    c colby3 months ago

    Mr Revolver Eddie just made fun of gays...;)

  31. Mr Revolver

    Mr Revolver3 months ago

    Amazing how people still idolize someone who cheated on there wife or partner i mean wtf that aint normal its disgusting even if she was doing the same too its disgusting in both parties that people still idolize this as normal behaviour cheating on someone and hurting there feelings in reality aint comedy its being sick all to win over a crowd which is followers and fans,now people are literally laughing at his life not with him when they dont even know they are.

  32. King Spoopytune

    King Spoopytune2 months ago

    R Jackson yeah but you don't idolize a person's for their faults you idolize the best parts of a person.

  33. R Jackson

    R Jackson2 months ago

    His act is funny but that still doesn't change the fact he admitted to not regretting cheating and lying

  34. the inkling

    the inkling2 months ago

    At least he was honest that he cheated

  35. Cta369 Anderson

    Cta369 Anderson3 months ago

    Mr Revolver dude chill if your going to criticize keep it do your damn self

  36. Super epic Gamer dude

    Super epic Gamer dude3 months ago


  37. kewltony

    kewltony4 months ago

    the friend he is talking about is Harry Connick Jr.

  38. Wade Sharp

    Wade Sharp4 months ago

    This is farking great!!!!!! hahahaha

  39. Diverse Gemini

    Diverse Gemini4 months ago

    Harry Invented the code 😂😂

  40. M. I. Dirksz

    M. I. Dirksz4 months ago


  41. Danielle Moody

    Danielle Moody4 months ago

    Was that Tarji P. Henson in the VERY beginning??

  42. Danielle Moody

    Danielle Moody3 months ago


  43. Ben Tarr

    Ben Tarr4 months ago

    Leather's disgusting. Animals, especially cows, suffer tremendously for leather production. It's not just a by-product of the meat industry. Humans are animals, and no more special than any other creature.


    GHOSTKILLAH 254 months ago


  45. Smol Bean

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  46. Artsy Animation gamer

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  47. RoyTheBoy

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  48. Monika R

    Monika R4 months ago

    1:35 you're welcome

  49. dario Chavez

    dario Chavez4 months ago

    Your bullshit is my bullshit and my bullshit is your bullshit 😂😂😂

  50. PLM Dance Studios

    PLM Dance Studios4 months ago

    3:27 noe noe no nono no no no noenoe

  51. Back

    Back4 months ago


  52. Sagge Yitits

    Sagge Yitits4 months ago

    People actually think Kevin doesnt do coke? Rogan said as much on his podcast. Only cokehead that isnt a musician that can sell out stadiums.

  53. King_Apple_Gaming

    King_Apple_Gaming4 months ago

    Franken Peter what the hell are you taking about you sound like a coke head😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  54. Skyla Genao

    Skyla Genao4 months ago

    HELP ME. HELP. ME. NI**GA ME:.........😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. Aaron Wolf

    Aaron Wolf4 months ago

    1:36 is what you want, you’re welcome

  56. Wilson Nyingi

    Wilson Nyingi4 months ago


  57. ThE JoKeR

    ThE JoKeR4 months ago


  58. Take Me Higher is a bop

    Take Me Higher is a bop4 months ago

    And thus, the legendary meme was born

  59. Theodosia Bartow Prevost

    Theodosia Bartow Prevost4 months ago

    White comedians = Depressed Potheads (hilarious tho) Black comedians = OH BITCH I CANT PUT HOW GOOD THEY ARE INTO WORDS

  60. Andres Torres

    Andres Torres4 months ago


  61. Nuno Silva Silva

    Nuno Silva Silva4 months ago

    Oh no! no no no no no...

  62. Maria E.

    Maria E.4 months ago

    Help me! HELP. ME.

  63. S H O O K

    S H O O K4 months ago

    0:38 I can’t 😂😂

  64. Chase Enyeart

    Chase Enyeart4 months ago

    537K views and 130 comments... Smh

  65. Amelia T

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  66. ItsYaBoiDre

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  67. Jacob Davis

    Jacob Davis4 months ago

    he always speaking facts

  68. BlazeTiger

    BlazeTiger4 months ago


  69. Unicornlover 123

    Unicornlover 1234 months ago

    0:38 Dah LOL

  70. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight4 months ago


  71. Son Richard

    Son RichardMonth ago

    stfu u little bitch

  72. Dre

    Dre2 months ago

    +Son Richard tf up keyboard warrior

  73. Son Richard

    Son Richard2 months ago

    Son uva digger Fan u fuck nigga

  74. Son uva digger Fan

    Son uva digger Fan2 months ago


  75. Minsang1st

    Minsang1st3 months ago

    Nuno Silva Silva he's a dark knight. Duh man

  76. Valentino Arnoletto

    Valentino Arnoletto4 months ago

    Half a milion views and 120 coments wtf

  77. Titan25

    Titan254 months ago

    I lost it when he said “Man your we’re with the bitch with the fat ass”.

  78. sos ses

    sos ses4 months ago

    Da meme was discoverd

  79. Mr Revolver

    Mr Revolver3 months ago

    kevin harts life is a meme also the meme is racist AF cause its mainly white boys who use it cause they cant say it.

  80. Selena gomes

    Selena gomes4 months ago


  81. Threelluminati

    Threelluminati4 months ago

    6:25 Didn't know Kevin Hart was Kane.


    PAULA BELLIARD4 months ago

    He needs new friends that aren’t like harry

  83. Batwoman

    Batwoman4 months ago

    Question: is he kidding about he cheating thing?

  84. HipsterAnimeLover2000

    HipsterAnimeLover20002 months ago

    hey dumbass thats what i mean, they dont want to say that he is a scumbag for cheating because of their white guilt

  85. beccaelaine152

    beccaelaine1522 months ago

    HipsterAnimeLover2000 no, it’s cause he cheated you fucking idiot

  86. Kibble bits

    Kibble bits2 months ago

    What if ya Don't believe in god

  87. HipsterAnimeLover2000

    HipsterAnimeLover20002 months ago

    +CrashB111 true also. These white guilt cucks dont want to say that he is a scumbag because he is black

  88. CrashB111

    CrashB1112 months ago

    He can still be a scum bag, and his comedy can still be funny at the same time.

  89. GG Dukes

    GG Dukes4 months ago


  90. Veronika Rose

    Veronika Rose5 months ago

    "Help me! HELP ME! NIGGUH!?"

  91. feltdog

    feltdog5 months ago

    This was the best video I ever saw

  92. Paul Mullen

    Paul Mullen5 months ago

    Maaaaaan im hungry as shit

  93. Kaleb Girard

    Kaleb Girard5 months ago

    Help me…help me!!!!

  94. Tyrese King

    Tyrese King5 months ago


  95. la chica voltron 333

    la chica voltron 3335 months ago

    0:38 baaaa 😂😂😂😂😂

  96. Dalila i like cats!!!

    Dalila i like cats!!!5 months ago


  97. Skyjumper 18

    Skyjumper 185 months ago


  98. Sentry The Noob

    Sentry The Noob5 months ago

    best meme ever 1:35

  99. Itz Spacey

    Itz Spacey5 months ago

    Kevin’s Heart

  100. kuko 16

    kuko 165 months ago

    Hahahahaha lol

  101. _merpitscassandra_

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  102. Jan Prud Marnel Comiling

    Jan Prud Marnel Comiling5 months ago

    This clip is full of memes 😂

  103. somebody

    somebody5 months ago

    Jan Prud Marnel Comiling It's the memes full of kevin hart

  104. Qwenton McKenzie

    Qwenton McKenzie5 months ago


  105. Mia Romswinckel

    Mia Romswinckel5 months ago

    5 :47

  106. Kevin Javier

    Kevin Javier5 months ago

    Why is cheating wrong? Answer that and end the conversation. Surprised more people don't ask THAT question.

  107. Sora Eclipse

    Sora Eclipse5 months ago

    Amazing comedian

  108. Drawingkins YT

    Drawingkins YT5 months ago


  109. Mark Creed

    Mark Creed5 months ago

    I’m 10... I probably shouldn’t whatch it

  110. Marwan Zakaria

    Marwan Zakaria3 months ago

    Mark Creed yup

  111. Logan Geisbert

    Logan Geisbert5 months ago

    Help me HELP ME. NIGGA

  112. Dahlia Swan

    Dahlia Swan5 months ago

    funny as 😂😂

  113. Yuz Uki

    Yuz Uki5 months ago

    Help me... HELP ME... NIGGA!!! XD

  114. Yuz Uki

    Yuz Uki5 months ago

    This is too funny... I'm gonna die... XD

  115. ball 4life

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  116. IlianaBlue

    IlianaBlue5 months ago

    hilarious 😂❤


    TOXIC GAMING5 months ago

    Help me! Help! Me! Niggah! And the legend was born hahaha

  118. Ashley Napper

    Ashley Napper5 months ago

    What is the stand up called for this?

  119. Ashley Napper

    Ashley Napper5 months ago

    Michelle Solomon thank you

  120. Michelle Solomon

    Michelle Solomon5 months ago

    Ashley Napper let me explain

  121. Juni Hernandez

    Juni Hernandez5 months ago

    4:28 killed me😂😂😂😂😂

  122. Frosted /

    Frosted /5 months ago

    This is why dave chapelle is funnier

  123. King_Apple_Gaming

    King_Apple_Gaming4 months ago

    Frosted / if your gonna say that at least explain you make no sense 🤦🏾‍♂️

  124. Axel Will

    Axel Will5 months ago

    lmf@o !! Bigg up !!