Kevin Hart - Black People & Money


  1. Knight Oyin

    Knight Oyin8 hours ago

    Did this guy just say he will vote for the Rock because of his heart? Jesus! No wonder these Hollywood folks lost the last election and always say the dumbest things. He knows his heart? wow! Please run rock, we would love to see you lose cos i'm sure your leftist policies will suck!

  2. Anuska El ouariachi

    Anuska El ouariachiDay ago

    I love Kevin hart just the sound Of his voice makes me laugh!

  3. reabetsoe adoro

    reabetsoe adoroDay ago

    I know this sounds bad.... But id totally marry Kevin and not mind that he cheat long as he come back to me always... Oh wait he's also short,,,


    JCTRAPP2 days ago

    I have watch a tone of Kevins material and I have to admit Mike Epps and Snoop Dogg are right he is not funny.

  5. Brody Parsons

    Brody Parsons2 days ago


  6. Jeff Moore

    Jeff Moore2 days ago

    I'd like to see the rock in a movie about being president and Kevin as the VP... Lol

  7. claude velazquez

    claude velazquez2 days ago

    Slave enter substantial differ reveal like motivate branch property arrest struggle parade.

  8. Viral Videos

    Viral Videos2 days ago

    Parents tell you no sex before marriage and you see a picture of you standing in their wedding 😂😂

  9. Mini Phantom01-General

    Mini Phantom01-General2 days ago

    The rock would so get president

  10. jay

    jay3 days ago


  11. fire 9182001

    fire 91820013 days ago

    It's not just black people. It's every one who would do that. No matter what we want to believe we are all fueled by greed. I'm white and I'd take that hundred dollar bill as well. Thats $100 closer to a new mountain bike frame

  12. Prodo Dameuin

    Prodo Dameuin3 days ago

    Instagram would be filled with so many the rock memes if dawayne became president

  13. Dark_Angel_of_Death

    Dark_Angel_of_Death4 days ago

    The Rock for President. Will be my first time voting

  14. Ho Lee Fok

    Ho Lee Fok4 days ago

    jew maphia new order puppets tools

  15. Six Nine Baby Blue

    Six Nine Baby Blue4 days ago

    They make people laugh hella

  16. Anti.FakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6

    Anti.FakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:65 days ago

    736th Black is a a color not a Nationality & we gotta stop using that Caucasoid psychological supremacist warfare tactic term. Black = Negative ugly Evil dirty bad scary ect.

  17. mad God

    mad God5 days ago

    The Rock for president? I mean, I know I shouldnt... but I would vote for him

  18. head master

    head master5 days ago

    3:45 21 21 21

  19. Isreal Lyrics

    Isreal Lyrics5 days ago

    It's called cooning for a check.

  20. Jose

    Jose6 days ago

    Kevin is like a dancing clown for the pedos and racist in Hollywood. Trouted out to represent black people as clowns who only want materials.

  21. Emmanuel Armonie

    Emmanuel Armonie6 days ago

    My boy heart shaped like a crispy leather skin Autothot

  22. Calico Chappelle

    Calico Chappelle6 days ago

    Was Michelle really That funny smh ppl are hypes lmfao 🤔🤔🤣🤣

  23. cooldude does vids

    cooldude does vids6 days ago


  24. Royal Reaper

    Royal Reaper7 days ago


  25. NesQuik2258

    NesQuik22587 days ago

    Ellen beats her wife.

  26. andard bench

    andard bench7 days ago

    run for president

  27. SuperGodDamnBlueVegeta

    SuperGodDamnBlueVegeta7 days ago

    And i Thought Krillin was little

  28. Bob RWASA

    Bob RWASA7 days ago

    first comedian ever... in this world

  29. RC Talent

    RC Talent7 days ago

    Nah your suppose to do it with just index and thumb

  30. red rum 1027

    red rum 10278 days ago

    anybody with money not just black . tha fuck skin pigment got to do with wanting money fuckin idiot

  31. PRredneck

    PRredneck8 days ago

    If Ellen was a dinosaur, she would be a LickaLotaPuss

  32. Larry Mwanamwale

    Larry Mwanamwale8 days ago

    Kikikiki the rock can't make boys😂😂😂😂

  33. Jack ThePirate

    Jack ThePirate8 days ago

    The Rock is a true BFG

  34. Front Runner

    Front Runner8 days ago

    This SPLIB is a "WHITE HATER!" He said all WHITES should have their children gunned down to see how it feels!....FACT CHECK!...ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! #MancottKevinHardofHart STOP HIS WHITE HATER PAYCHECK LIKE THE REST OF THE HOLLYWEIRD FREAKS!!!!!!! WE MADE THEM FAMOUS...NOW WE'RE TAKING THEM....OUT!!!!!!!!

  35. Tatyana Mitchell

    Tatyana Mitchell8 days ago

    He’s a mess and I love It ❤️😂😂😂😂

  36. clare winchester

    clare winchester8 days ago

    I love the rock but celebrities need to stop running for president

  37. Lizzardly Goon

    Lizzardly Goon8 days ago

    who is Ellen

  38. Safwan Yousuf

    Safwan Yousuf8 days ago check this out

  39. Nix Nitrox

    Nix Nitrox9 days ago

    The commands are pure racism in kinda way

  40. Larry

    Larry9 days ago

    edck Johding, wife, new s son beingbn. Kaby, hi his bevso poin alkes fun aest mat Dwe Roayne Thns

  41. Kingdom Soul

    Kingdom Soul9 days ago

    Once he find outs who the Dad is .... holy fuck that was harsh lol , kinda felt he was getting a little annoyed lol

  42. Camila draws draw

    Camila draws draw9 days ago

    I LOVE KEVIN!!!!

  43. Virtual End

    Virtual End10 days ago

    Does the rock know anything above politics? no one on this show would say if he didn't

  44. Spicy Doggo Animates

    Spicy Doggo Animates10 days ago

    I love Kevin Hart XD



    Sign me up

  46. sonia sandiford

    sonia sandiford10 days ago

    Hmm mm Rock look delicious.

  47. Divesh

    Divesh10 days ago

    Slave owner Ellen tosses a 100 dollars to her slave, Kevin Hart. Amazing.

  48. mary shaffer

    mary shaffer10 days ago

    Wealthy black people buy huge houses, cars, fancy clothes and other expensive things to show off. Just like the tycoons and railroad barons did in 1800's but they think they're original.

  49. Lil Spike

    Lil Spike10 days ago

    Can someone tell me why Kevin hart has been literally everywhere recently?

  50. Darryl Herrington

    Darryl Herrington10 days ago

    “I gotta go save my Ellen” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  51. BruhCrazy XII

    BruhCrazy XII10 days ago

    Even if Kevin Hart did cheat how is that any of your business? He even had the balls to acknowledge it on J Cole’s music video for Kevin’s Heart.

  52. Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson11 days ago

    Kevin isn't a real comic, he has writers who write his jokes, which makes him a joke.

  53. thamsanqaelephant

    thamsanqaelephant11 days ago

    Black people are real fast when it comes to catching money 😂😂 give me that hahahahhaha 0:21 0:27

  54. Erick Fiorentino

    Erick Fiorentino11 days ago

    Just realized that The Rock sounds exactly like barrack Obama! Lol

  55. nuheazy

    nuheazy11 days ago

    Hatarupsarus 😂😂

  56. Lemon King

    Lemon King11 days ago


  57. David Dacus

    David Dacus11 days ago

    Please with my full love in my heart Dwayne Johnson do not run for president

  58. alecs alex

    alecs alex12 days ago

    That's it !!!!!! FUCK MReporter !!!!!!!! I'm tired Reading racist stupid dumb comments ...bye all !!!!!!

  59. Marco

    Marco12 days ago

    Watch game on point

  60. YS Entertainment

    YS Entertainment12 days ago

    That father joke was deadly, The Rock is savage af! 😂😂😂

  61. HAMZA 6

    HAMZA 612 days ago

    Thug life 😎😂lol.

  62. jp magpayo

    jp magpayo12 days ago

    To stop racism is to black people to stop saying black people do things differently coz heir black

  63. daquan94

    daquan9412 days ago

    I wouldn’t want the rock to run president cos I wouldn’t want people to use him

  64. Adidas nation

    Adidas nation12 days ago

    The rock and the pebble

  65. Anthony  Stroman

    Anthony Stroman12 days ago

    There is some sugar about Kevin not funny at all and talks like he is a white man.

  66. Lambochaser

    Lambochaser12 days ago

    Kevin and Dewayne Johnson is the best combo. I loved central intelligence, and jumanji!

  67. KevinCube

    KevinCube12 days ago

    Like this

  68. Wil Robles

    Wil Robles13 days ago

    Kevin Hart is wholesome, electric, and as funny as the definition allows.

  69. Adnan

    Adnan13 days ago

    And I thought Ellen was short...

  70. Lola Break HEARTS

    Lola Break HEARTS13 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson for president

  71. Dripn Sauce

    Dripn Sauce13 days ago

    This dude funny

  72. Tanishq

    Tanishq13 days ago

    3:29 caption says honey I don't wanna cancer. LOL

  73. RoLuv

    RoLuv13 days ago

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  74. havishkar

    havishkar13 days ago

    i love you

  75. Terrel Blast

    Terrel Blast13 days ago

    The end was dope

  76. wafula masika Abbott-jesse love

    wafula masika Abbott-jesse love14 days ago


  77. PepeTheFrog

    PepeTheFrog14 days ago

    I love Kevin Hart

  78. David Furlan

    David Furlan14 days ago

    Oh man, I got to say, black people have a laugh that makes ma laughing. They are hilarious, and real. They know how to make jokes and how to create vibes. They are naturally gifted. Kevin Hart, you’re the man

  79. Lu-Anne N. Fitzwilliam

    Lu-Anne N. Fitzwilliam15 days ago

    I love you Ellen and I find Kevin so funny. 😇😍💕

  80. Cng215

    Cng21515 days ago

    Luv my beautiful sun kissed people :)

  81. Santino Ramirez

    Santino Ramirez15 days ago

    Bind brilliant profession discussion burn general blow connect reject.

  82. danique tentacion

    danique tentacion15 days ago

    Black people are very fast when it comes to catching money....😹😹

  83. Logan Boyle

    Logan Boyle15 days ago

    Putting the rock in office would be a huge mistake. Any actor in Hollywood be a huge mistake

  84. Anger Management

    Anger Management15 days ago

    The dad joke towards kevin was not funny. They both disrespected his ex wife and son.

  85. Hafiz Jul-Ahmad

    Hafiz Jul-Ahmad16 days ago

    What’s the tittle of the song when kevin enters in red suit with the rock?

  86. Robert Andrews

    Robert Andrews16 days ago

    Boy I tell ya. 3 gays on stage together. 1 out of the closet. An seeing the toe of the other 2 shoes sticking out lol...

  87. Weah Betty Twum

    Weah Betty Twum17 days ago

    Love Kevin Hart. He is hilarious.

  88. Mimi Whatever

    Mimi Whatever17 days ago

    Lol, this was funny. I’m not trying to be sour or anything, but I’ve noticed this a lot. I hate when black comedians make jokes regarding their entire race. As if they can speak for every black person there is. It just creates new stereotypes.

  89. Jayant Kumar

    Jayant Kumar17 days ago

    He caught it!

  90. Accolade HQ

    Accolade HQ17 days ago

    God I hate Ellen

  91. Joseph  Tell

    Joseph Tell17 days ago

    Becoming president has been influenced on everyone with Obama becoming the first black president made clear tht any race can become president and Trump do hav a part in this to he made it possible tht u don't need a background in politics, the law or anything relating to those to become president Trump was popular cause he was a successful business man sure bout half of his money came from his father but trump was experience in business making anyone can become president my opinion Oprah Winfrey should run for president

  92. Joseph  Tell

    Joseph Tell17 days ago

    If the rock became president he gone make the US stay working out everybody gone be solid asf

  93. Horror City

    Horror City17 days ago

    This guy is a hustler ching ching hard work.....

  94. James Bond

    James Bond17 days ago

    Wrong on every level

  95. Nyoki Wesley

    Nyoki Wesley18 days ago

    Hailey sellessie has more money than all of them facts main look it up Africa’s last emperor

  96. Dovera Conroy

    Dovera Conroy18 days ago

    The rock being president would be amazing

  97. Leonardo marangi

    Leonardo marangi19 days ago


  98. Anti suicide Hotline #2

    Anti suicide Hotline #219 days ago


  99. Q-10

    Q-1019 days ago

    Kevin would be the best president😂🙌🏽

  100. Angelique Aliah

    Angelique Aliah2 days ago

    Ron Hernandez you sound ignorant, lol.

  101. Ron Hernandez

    Ron Hernandez2 days ago

    we have enough of black presidents for now

  102. msergio0293

    msergio02935 days ago

    Mmm no, and stop saying that shit "____ should be president"

  103. MOH-Hansy

    MOH-Hansy13 days ago

    Yeah in your little imaginary land.

  104. Kadrew P

    Kadrew P19 days ago

    A KFC ad came on before this video.