Kevin Hart: Betrayed By Close Friend | TMZ Live


  1. Lysa Marie

    Lysa Marie9 days ago

    Typical! Whats a “Friend”? 💁🏻‍♀️😆 Karmas a bitch!!

  2. Jason Gardner

    Jason Gardner23 days ago

    When will Harvey and Charles come outta the closet


    BUBBA GUMP23 days ago

    I thought what's his face was his best friend. 😜

  4. Anthony Tirrado

    Anthony Tirrado24 days ago

    It's crazy because now he lost Kevin Hart as a hell of a friend. Kevin who let him eat and never turned his back on him. That dude is a piece of shit!!!!

  5. Pablo Resendiz

    Pablo Resendiz28 days ago

    Kevin let me be yo friend

  6. ramon ramirez

    ramon ramirez28 days ago

    No friends......only family

  7. Gabriel Page

    Gabriel Page29 days ago

    Damn Harvey rude as fuck wont even let the brother finish a sentence!

  8. Kim Soprano

    Kim SopranoMonth ago

    Kevin and Eniko Betrayed Torrei the first wife, Kevin betrayed eniko his new wife, Kevin Betrayed By his friend... What u call that?

  9. The Kid

    The KidMonth ago

    Who cares

  10. Sarahh SaddGirl

    Sarahh SaddGirlMonth ago


  11. Mr. Lowe

    Mr. LoweMonth ago

    That's what friends and family do, that's why you start cutting people off that ain't good for you!

  12. King Dino Flex

    King Dino FlexMonth ago

    These 2 mfs keep talkin over each other lmao...heat rising

  13. Jane Doe

    Jane DoeMonth ago

    Harvey shut the fuck up

  14. ivan black

    ivan blackMonth ago

    Fuck FRIENDS!!!

  15. Chez Nashi

    Chez NashiMonth ago

    Shouldn’t have been cheating... 🙄

  16. Esteban Coulter

    Esteban CoulterMonth ago

    Thats why I don't even trust my shadow!!!

  17. Greg Williams

    Greg WilliamsMonth ago

    She right don't take it her words down 👎



    They need to take them 2 token black ppl off . They only use them when their talking about the black celebrities. Lol

  19. Elzay X

    Elzay XMonth ago

    It sad..I seen this coming...Kat William try to warn him...long time Holly wood works..

  20. Samuel Flores

    Samuel FloresMonth ago

    I don't have friends that film me fucking lol

  21. h2o

    h2oMonth ago

    If you're not doing dirt to begin with you won't have to worry about being exposed by anyone.

  22. Theodore Coleman

    Theodore ColemanMonth ago


  23. Adrian Cintron

    Adrian CintronMonth ago

    Thats wrong

  24. Dr Von

    Dr VonMonth ago

    is the white guy drunk all the time or has he had a stroke....

  25. Anthony Nafegar

    Anthony NafegarMonth ago

    White black brow it don’t matter jealousy is a mother fucker

  26. Engineer Eleven

    Engineer ElevenMonth ago


  27. lindsay Last

    lindsay LastMonth ago

    It’s more to the story we only know a half of a half of the truth

  28. Fortunato's

    Fortunato'sMonth ago

    Raquel for real wake up!!

  29. Fortunato's

    Fortunato'sMonth ago

    Raquel omg thought u were smarter than that real friends don't do this scumbags n jealous assholes!

  30. Gracie Elizabeth

    Gracie ElizabethMonth ago

    The extortionist sells this shit to the press and yet TMZ is one of the main media platforms that pays TOP DOLLAR to exploit the same person they "feel bad for" lmaooo. Typical west coast LA fake shit.

  31. Gracie Elizabeth

    Gracie ElizabethMonth ago

    Regardless of whether he extorted him or not. Kevin Hart cheated. He was caught. There's consequences he has to deal w and he should honestly put all that behind him. There is no reason he should have pitty upon him. Whether it "hurts" Kevin or not. He's married. Has kids. And yes... He's successful, and the west coast has the shadiest fakest people. Not anything new so why is everyone in shambles?

  32. Linny w

    Linny w2 months ago he knows how his wife felt...I give no fucks... Karma is a bitch...

  33. Thomasine Miller

    Thomasine Miller2 months ago

    You can't take EVERYONE to the top with you! That's so F'ed up 😡 Where's the loyalty today man ??

  34. Adrianne Hubbert

    Adrianne Hubbert2 months ago

    I wouldn’t have snitched on my Friend, but doesn’t Kevin owe his wife more loyalty than the friend owes Kevin????

  35. Wilmet Adams

    Wilmet Adams2 months ago

    U mean JUDAS not BRUTUS

  36. Eric Smith

    Eric Smith2 months ago

    You reap what you dirt, get dirty period!


    ARNEL JAMIN DE LEON2 months ago


  38. Carmelo Robledo

    Carmelo Robledo2 months ago

    Snakes in the grass. Snake bites are dangerous.. Kevin

  39. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman2 months ago

    Kevin Hart’s wife- betrayed by Kevin Hart.

  40. Dalton Thomas

    Dalton Thomas2 months ago


  41. eprahs

    eprahs2 months ago

    Interrupt much....


    RICH TV LIVE2 months ago

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  43. Jettanyia Gumbs

    Jettanyia Gumbs2 months ago

    He look like that guy from the Jamie Foxx Show...Real Talk🤨

  44. DeAndre Simmons

    DeAndre Simmons2 months ago

    It's funny how the man can't fathom being betrayed by their best friend but the woman's just like oh this s*** happen everyday LMFAO

  45. Kim R

    Kim R2 months ago

    Friend me nuh need suh fuck u mi nuh trust u


    KEITH FAUNTLEROY2 months ago

    Rockell is dumb as fuck

  47. V BABII

    V BABII2 months ago

    Smh dude looks like he ain't shit!

  48. Annette Johnson

    Annette Johnson2 months ago

    Who cares. He betrayed his wife. Karma sucks, huh?

  49. Mario Flores

    Mario Flores2 months ago

    I don’t have this problem. My boy been solid for over 25yrs and vise versa...Y’all need to pick better friends 😂

  50. Jonatha. Ramirez

    Jonatha. Ramirez2 months ago

    Everyone fucks everyone now these days and it used to happened before too it’s just that now we have technology so ppl get caught all the time lol

  51. Leon Phelps

    Leon Phelps2 months ago

    With friends like these who needs enemies

  52. CarsandGuns66

    CarsandGuns662 months ago

    Kinda like how Kevin was with his wife. Karma goes ALL THE WAY around

  53. C. Pickett

    C. Pickett2 months ago

    Wow! Kev! I am so sorry that happened to's terrible to find out that your so-called friend is your actual enemy. But they say to keep your friends close and your enemies closer...but I would love to be a friend of yours...I swear you'll turn my gut into a six are soooo hilarious and is gravely talented. I love how you "Lift as you Climb" (our NABA motto)...I wish there were more people like that i this world. But keep doing great things! Love ya forever and always Kev!

  54. Edward Hernandez

    Edward Hernandez2 months ago

    She’s right 💯 these dudes are bs

  55. georgialions

    georgialions2 months ago

    Why is Racquel or whatever her name is.. is still on TMZ she is a fucking idiot

  56. Elwood Riley

    Elwood Riley2 months ago



    NORTH MEMPHIS2 months ago

    *U anit got no friends but JESUS*

  58. Prissy Lips

    Prissy Lips2 months ago


  59. Mike Pena

    Mike Pena2 months ago

    Dont get married. Thee end

  60. Rootless AK

    Rootless AK2 months ago

    Y'all gotta GET RID OF Raquel. No one likes her, and it wouldnt hurt your show/brand to x her. She always has dumb ass opinions and NO ONE LIKES HER.

  61. OP OI

    OP OI2 months ago

    he probably got tired of hearing kevins annoying ass 24/7

  62. Ray N

    Ray N2 months ago

    Kevin needs white friends. 😁

  63. 1Americanatlarge

    1Americanatlarge2 months ago


  64. Bryant Battle Jr

    Bryant Battle Jr3 months ago


  65. Ron Jean-Pierre

    Ron Jean-Pierre3 months ago

    Why do these guys like to talk over each other??? That shit is annoying. Take turns talking.

  66. silentone503

    silentone5033 months ago

    Trust no one. I've been done dirty by my own family.

  67. Ricky Garcia

    Ricky Garcia3 months ago

    Its actually his bf

  68. Matty K

    Matty K3 months ago

    Aw are people laughing at you Kevin boo fucking hoo

  69. scottybroker

    scottybroker3 months ago

    opportunists! all of them

  70. Haha MissMiss

    Haha MissMiss3 months ago

    He's exploiting black dirty laundry with uncle and aunt Toms payroll

  71. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha3 months ago

    if i was stupid rich i wouldnt cheat, in fact i wouldnt even be thinking about nothing but more ways to make money.

  72. Maison Felder

    Maison Felder3 months ago

    fuck being famous. Lesson learned kids

  73. Mr Moneysign

    Mr Moneysign3 months ago

    Raquel to real for this fools

  74. Mookaron

    Mookaron3 months ago

    *That's why I don't cheat!* 💯 👈

  75. Tommie Johnson

    Tommie Johnson4 months ago

    Nobody that's rich or famous has real friends. Money is the root of all evil. Sooner or later they will want your life. Kanye West with Jay-z and Beyonce. Beyonce and destiny's child. Micheal Jackson and his whole family. Puff daddy and biggie. Um should I go on. Tupac and suge knight. Doctor dre and easy e. JFK and the United States government. Kane and able, an they were brothers. The Christ Jesus said your enemies will be people of your own home. Meaning someone close to you. Hence the saying "home is where the heart is " all through history much betrayal has been done. We have to choose our friends and family wisely. Take care Kevin, hopefully you'll heed this advice. If you ever read this. God bless 💪😇

  76. Jose Picaz

    Jose Picaz4 months ago

    That guy dumb ASF , Why not just borrow Money from Kevin?

  77. doll maleficent

    doll maleficent4 months ago

    awww I would have been happy. to ride his fame coat tails any day no betrayal

  78. nipple558

    nipple5584 months ago

    That lady would definitely backstab her friends if they got famous

  79. Robin Taylor

    Robin Taylor4 months ago

    Harvey you where fantastic on the people’s court.

  80. Steven Taylor

    Steven Taylor4 months ago

    Thought was his bestfriend, wasnt his friend at all.

  81. michael Sykes

    michael Sykes4 months ago


  82. j .sabien

    j .sabien4 months ago

    Omg I'm not a troll... but the voice of the female commentator is causing my eardrums discomforr

  83. Emmanuel Lagace

    Emmanuel Lagace4 months ago

    Shania Twain was screwed over by her best friend. He best friend ran off with her Husband.🤦🏻‍♂️ HA! HA! HA!

  84. Jeremiah Shields

    Jeremiah Shields5 months ago

    Duuude main host be coked out, cutting dude off like crazy.

  85. Freddy Chico

    Freddy Chico5 months ago

    its interesting that people are more upset that the friend betrayed him more than they are about Kevin Hart betraying his wife

  86. Freddy Chico

    Freddy Chico3 months ago

    +Skr Skr cheating is not natural imo

  87. Skr Skr

    Skr Skr3 months ago

    Freddy Chico because thats natural for man and woman. But ya friends aint supposed to do that

  88. lea rodriguez

    lea rodriguez5 months ago

    the bestfriend looked like he looked like he could play two sides...that's why if your successful..dont have someone too close to you,be close to them but keep our distance still..dont let them know a whole lot about you...

  89. Tachi Blazin

    Tachi Blazin5 months ago

    this fool really said tell me about another time someone rich or big in acting was hurt and betrayed by a friend ..... have you forgotten that salina was robbed from and killed by her best friend that she had as a manager 😂🤣 this is why more money=more problems

  90. Pak Chop

    Pak Chop5 months ago


  91. Marcus Knight

    Marcus Knight5 months ago

    This is how money changes your life. An honest person is very rare. Sometimes the envy will come but you need to dig deep and be that person of honor. What a world this could be if we all used good morals

  92. O.I

    O.I5 months ago

    Why do the TMZ employers look like trash?

  93. Rebel Thoughts

    Rebel Thoughts5 months ago

    The cheater got cheated. Karma is a bitch!! He treated his first wife like shit, went Hollywood, got a big head and left her in the dust. Next time remember what goes around comes around. No sympathy for Kevin the sellout.

  94. Mr. Washington

    Mr. Washington5 months ago

    Kevin Heart gotta sacrifice his ass for forturne and fame

  95. #kane poe

    #kane poe5 months ago

    Money a make anyone do the most, can't trust anybody when your pockets are swollen.

  96. Peachy Pound

    Peachy Pound5 months ago

    U DUMB FUCK FACE ASS BAGS can’t let any of y’all jus talk for 1MIN without interrupting one another! Shut the Fuck Up

  97. ghostnig11

    ghostnig115 months ago

    Don’t trust no body but your momma and she could be jive’n too !!!!!

  98. Ill Nyx

    Ill Nyx5 months ago



    JOOGSQUAD5 months ago

    Nigha see Nigha doo

  100. LukaRachi How I do it

    LukaRachi How I do it5 months ago

    Pussy ass shit I hate ppl that do fAke shit Kevin Kool shit he didn’t drug or rape the girl

  101. Rico Brown

    Rico Brown5 months ago

    I’m watching this thinking 💭... hurry up and get to the fuckin story

  102. This Is Indie

    This Is Indie5 months ago

    Some celebrities be true friends and most friends betray their celebrity friends so be very careful with the word friend especially in the entertainment and sports industry this has nothing to do with the illuminati this is all in the individual fuck friends I need real family

  103. NOT YOU

    NOT YOU5 months ago

    they're all scum