Kevin Hart: Betrayed By Close Friend | TMZ Live


  1. Ricky Garcia

    Ricky Garcia3 days ago

    Its actually his bf

  2. Matty K

    Matty K4 days ago

    Aw are people laughing at you Kevin boo fucking hoo

  3. scottybroker

    scottybroker8 days ago

    opportunists! all of them

  4. Haha MissMiss

    Haha MissMiss10 days ago

    He's exploiting black dirty laundry with uncle and aunt Toms payroll

  5. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha14 days ago

    if i was stupid rich i wouldnt cheat, in fact i wouldnt even be thinking about nothing but more ways to make money.

  6. Maison Felder

    Maison Felder14 days ago

    fuck being famous. Lesson learned kids

  7. Mr Moneysign

    Mr Moneysign19 days ago

    Raquel to real for this fools

  8. Mookaron

    Mookaron20 days ago

    *That's why I don't cheat!* 💯 👈

  9. Tommie Johnson

    Tommie JohnsonMonth ago

    Nobody that's rich or famous has real friends. Money is the root of all evil. Sooner or later they will want your life. Kanye West with Jay-z and Beyonce. Beyonce and destiny's child. Micheal Jackson and his whole family. Puff daddy and biggie. Um should I go on. Tupac and suge knight. Doctor dre and easy e. JFK and the United States government. Kane and able, an they were brothers. The Christ Jesus said your enemies will be people of your own home. Meaning someone close to you. Hence the saying "home is where the heart is " all through history much betrayal has been done. We have to choose our friends and family wisely. Take care Kevin, hopefully you'll heed this advice. If you ever read this. God bless 💪😇

  10. Jose Picaz

    Jose PicazMonth ago

    That guy dumb ASF , Why not just borrow Money from Kevin?

  11. doll maleficent

    doll maleficentMonth ago

    awww I would have been happy. to ride his fame coat tails any day no betrayal

  12. nipple558

    nipple558Month ago

    That lady would definitely backstab her friends if they got famous

  13. Robin Taylor

    Robin TaylorMonth ago

    Harvey you where fantastic on the people’s court.

  14. Steven Taylor

    Steven TaylorMonth ago

    Thought was his bestfriend, wasnt his friend at all.

  15. michael Sykes

    michael SykesMonth ago


  16. j .sabien

    j .sabienMonth ago

    Omg I'm not a troll... but the voice of the female commentator is causing my eardrums discomforr

  17. Emmanuel Lagace

    Emmanuel LagaceMonth ago

    Shania Twain was screwed over by her best friend. He best friend ran off with her Husband.🤦🏻‍♂️ HA! HA! HA!

  18. Jeremiah Shields

    Jeremiah ShieldsMonth ago

    Duuude main host be coked out, cutting dude off like crazy.

  19. Freddy Chico

    Freddy ChicoMonth ago

    its interesting that people are more upset that the friend betrayed him more than they are about Kevin Hart betraying his wife

  20. lea rodriguez

    lea rodriguezMonth ago

    the bestfriend looked like he looked like he could play two sides...that's why if your successful..dont have someone too close to you,be close to them but keep our distance still..dont let them know a whole lot about you...

  21. Tachi Blazin

    Tachi BlazinMonth ago

    this fool really said tell me about another time someone rich or big in acting was hurt and betrayed by a friend ..... have you forgotten that salina was robbed from and killed by her best friend that she had as a manager 😂🤣 this is why more money=more problems

  22. Pak Chop

    Pak ChopMonth ago


  23. Marcus Knight

    Marcus Knight2 months ago

    This is how money changes your life. An honest person is very rare. Sometimes the envy will come but you need to dig deep and be that person of honor. What a world this could be if we all used good morals

  24. O.I

    O.I2 months ago

    Why do the TMZ employers look like trash?

  25. Rebel Thoughts

    Rebel Thoughts2 months ago

    The cheater got cheated. Karma is a bitch!! He treated his first wife like shit, went Hollywood, got a big head and left her in the dust. Next time remember what goes around comes around. No sympathy for Kevin the sellout.

  26. Mr. Washington

    Mr. Washington2 months ago

    Kevin Heart gotta sacrifice his ass for forturne and fame

  27. #kane poe

    #kane poe2 months ago

    Money a make anyone do the most, can't trust anybody when your pockets are swollen.

  28. Peachy Pound

    Peachy Pound2 months ago

    U DUMB FUCK FACE ASS BAGS can’t let any of y’all jus talk for 1MIN without interrupting one another! Shut the Fuck Up

  29. ghostnig11

    ghostnig112 months ago

    Don’t trust no body but your momma and she could be jive’n too !!!!!

  30. Ill Nyx

    Ill Nyx2 months ago


  31. iTz Newblood

    iTz Newblood2 months ago

    Nigha see Nigha doo

  32. Don’t no How I do it

    Don’t no How I do it2 months ago

    Pussy ass shit I hate ppl that do fAke shit Kevin Kool shit he didn’t drug or rape the girl

  33. Rico Brown

    Rico Brown2 months ago

    I’m watching this thinking 💭... hurry up and get to the fuckin story

  34. This Is Indie

    This Is Indie2 months ago

    Some celebrities be true friends and most friends betray their celebrity friends so be very careful with the word friend especially in the entertainment and sports industry this has nothing to do with the illuminati this is all in the individual fuck friends I need real family

  35. Dexter White

    Dexter White2 months ago

    they're all scum

  36. heygurl2712

    heygurl27122 months ago

    harvey looks high

  37. Carlos Hernandez

    Carlos Hernandez2 months ago

    I wonder would kevin ever be as big if it wasnt for Patrice O'Neal

  38. support your local antifa

    support your local antifa2 months ago

    so Kevin cheated, and he drove drunk, hmmmm I really don't have any sympathy for him...⚓

  39. Latoya Brown

    Latoya Brown2 months ago

    it was the way it was done lmao that was some real slime shit because I'm sure it wasn't his first time seeing Kevin with another women lmao

  40. Desmond Cristuardo

    Desmond Cristuardo2 months ago

    How I wish one person could report at a time. You're not kids for fucks sake!!!

  41. BlockBoy Mond

    BlockBoy Mond2 months ago

    So nobody seen kevin pull off 😂😂😂

  42. Oma Rumunna

    Oma Rumunna2 months ago

    Kevin is an _ss.

  43. alexander moreno

    alexander moreno2 months ago

    It’s a prank

  44. hungrynapps

    hungrynapps2 months ago

    the friend probably wants to touch his wife

  45. Jim Lahey

    Jim Lahey2 months ago

    That chick has an annoying voice

  46. sl0ptart

    sl0ptart2 months ago

    Kevin hart and the rock are probably the two most loved men in America... you can't screw over someone this influential without some serious repercussions.

  47. Auggie Mayne

    Auggie Mayne2 months ago


  48. batgirlrules2

    batgirlrules22 months ago

    His “ friend” was probably the one that setup the robbery to his house while he was away.

  49. Most Hated

    Most Hated2 months ago

    There ain’t real friends in the industry or when it comes to 💰 everyone wants what you have and they’ll do anything to have it.

  50. Eddie Racolo

    Eddie Racolo2 months ago

    That girl is annoying she should stfu

  51. The Dapper Don

    The Dapper Don2 months ago

    Whatever the white guy's name is that stands to the left of the black guy with the dreads throughout this conversation, he stays interrupting dude w the dreads constantly in ALL there videos. lol. He must be the boss, but either way..Let him finish his sentence and then talk. 😂

  52. The Dapper Don

    The Dapper Don2 months ago

    Now he's sitting in LA county on a cement floor chilly as a motherfucker wishing he had Kevin to come bail him out. Why would somebody do that to their friend. I can never understand disloyal bitch made dudes. How can you have a friend that's there for you like Kevin has been for him, and then try to extort them. Did he really think that Kevin wouldn't just admit to it and move on? He's got all the money in the world, he can have anybody he wants and this dude tries to extort him. What a buffoon. I'm guessing he was trying to extort him over the tape saying that he's going to show it to his wife if he don't pay up. The fucked up part about it is his scary ass didn't even tell him in person, he wrote it in a letter. So there goes the paper trail for extortion. They might make an example out of that dude. Extortion ain't no joke, that's a "life felony" (20 years).. Gotta feel bad for Kev.. 😬

  53. YouTube YouTube

    YouTube YouTube2 months ago

    Money is my friend And my servant too

  54. Compton Bubb

    Compton Bubb2 months ago

    Looks like the hits from the streets guy lol

  55. Join FlybyMovement

    Join FlybyMovement2 months ago

    Right it's black shit. Community black shit.

  56. Austin Scott

    Austin Scott2 months ago

    Stop interrupting

  57. Dirty Mick

    Dirty Mick2 months ago

    anybody else notice rockelles fuckin mustache at 3:43 made me lose my fuckin appetite dog deadass

  58. Shari Scott

    Shari Scott2 months ago

    This happens every day. Just another example


    JAH'S DAUGHTER2 months ago

    Fuck friends I was betrayed by a friend of thirty years.... I hate low life folks

  60. WestNapoli321

    WestNapoli3212 months ago

    All you dumbasses blaming Kevin need some fucking help. Yeah he’s wrong but you know damn well if your good friend is doin some shit you gotta have their back unless it’s some fucking vile shit. Y’all ain’t shit

  61. nulezie

    nulezie2 months ago

    maybe he felt bad for Kevins wife..

  62. Sam Ramos Jr

    Sam Ramos Jr2 months ago

    Friends and Family are always the ones that try to get you.. The closer they are to you the more they feel you owe them..

  63. dpl

    dpl2 months ago

    Never trust anyone who bowls for a living.

  64. dpl

    dpl2 months ago


  65. Call_me_papi

    Call_me_papi2 months ago

    I can’t stand that fat bitch she’s so fucking annoying

  66. Professor Dumbledik

    Professor Dumbledik2 months ago

    Just because you hang together 👏🏽 or they come to your bachelor party 👏🏽 or y’all drink together 👏🏽 do movies together 👏🏽 etc... doesn’t mean you’re friends😂 moral of story: your wife/significant other should be your best friend😂 now let us see the tape

  67. deidra warren

    deidra warren3 months ago

    I really dont like her!

  68. portal2passion

    portal2passion3 months ago

    Ooga booga boo watermelon banana

  69. Julie Casey

    Julie Casey3 months ago


  70. Julie Casey

    Julie Casey3 months ago

    Kevin Hart who Betrayed his pregnant wife ? Fxxk Hart what an ugly xucking xiggex

  71. Fredrick Smith

    Fredrick Smith3 months ago

    He was jealous amazing backstabbing bastard

  72. matthew hines

    matthew hines3 months ago

    He cheated on his wife? smh

  73. jademetbar

    jademetbar3 months ago

    why does the other guy always have to keep interrupting? let the guy speak!

  74. Duoch Irkz Crimson IV

    Duoch Irkz Crimson IV3 months ago

    These motherfuckers love to interrupt others while talking and proving their points. Poor that dreadlock dude.

  75. Nathan Dominguez

    Nathan Dominguez3 months ago

    I follow Kevin Hart on Snapchat . He posts videos with this dude all the time. I don’t think it was this guy.

  76. James Mezz

    James Mezz3 months ago

    Yeah... a lot of people like HER. Watch your backs....

  77. fAwAz AL

    fAwAz AL3 months ago

    That’s so sad to know friends would do something like this...

  78. John K.

    John K.3 months ago

    thats some fuck shitted azz shit.ain't his business shouldn't done that shit..

  79. Micheal Pereyra

    Micheal Pereyra3 months ago


  80. G !

    G !3 months ago

    Does tmz cover rock stars too?

  81. rdgroup0311207

    rdgroup03112073 months ago

    That fat loud and crazy...

  82. MrBigT

    MrBigT3 months ago

    This new season of Power is litttttt!!!!!

  83. Adam Ricaud

    Adam Ricaud3 months ago

    the channel of chat shit

  84. Sergio - If he dies, he dies - Ramos

    Sergio - If he dies, he dies - Ramos3 months ago


  85. Jeffrey Phillip

    Jeffrey Phillip3 months ago

    That bitch is annoying

  86. Ramon Colon

    Ramon Colon3 months ago

    I don't trust no one not even the light that shine over my head. There's no such thing as homeboy,friends,right hand man, just trust yourself and especially when you got money, lots of free loaders out there that never done hard work in there life.

  87. Christian D

    Christian D3 months ago

    Kevin hart cheated? And got caught? Is that what's happening

  88. Earl Woodley

    Earl Woodley3 months ago

    At least kevin found out who he is now before there is a later... It always still could've been worse

  89. johnathan Juarez

    johnathan Juarez3 months ago

    As long ass you have that money, all kinds are gonna come out friends or not. That's not coo tho

  90. Michael Harriott

    Michael Harriott3 months ago

    Everybody comments are stupid at the end of the day it's all about morals.. these guys know each other very well, so don't you think that Kevin wife is also bro friend to some degree 🤔 at the end of the day yall trying to make it women against men but that's like saying that somebody cheating on your mom but because of the guy code you don't step up or your sister or vice versa your dad or your bro...smh human race still got a long fucking way to go...and don't even get me started on that it's not your place bs that's some new shit if somebody doing something as a real fucking friend let me know what's happening or what you think I'm doing that might be morally wrong

  91. Reef specialty

    Reef specialty3 months ago

    Bro code

  92. Janette Taumaoe

    Janette Taumaoe3 months ago

    Your enemy could be your best friend and yo best friend yo worst enemy..

  93. Ars 1

    Ars 14 months ago


  94. Keith Larsuel

    Keith Larsuel4 months ago

    Wow what a little Mitch !!

  95. BeyondAmaziin

    BeyondAmaziin4 months ago

    Nah his boy didn’t know how to control himself in Hollywood

  96. GatermanTV

    GatermanTV4 months ago

    I don’t get her point 🤦🏽‍♂️

  97. Seek Only Truth

    Seek Only Truth4 months ago

    Not his boy haha. His lover haha

  98. Trina Brooks

    Trina Brooks4 months ago

    Do your dirt by your lonely...

  99. Jason Plylaharn

    Jason Plylaharn4 months ago

    Bro code..........

  100. ifuwantpeace prepare4war

    ifuwantpeace prepare4war4 months ago

    gonna get cosby'd any way

  101. Derrick Cardona

    Derrick Cardona4 months ago

    That's chicks voice is like nails on a chalkboard!