Kevin Garnett's Top 10 Career NBA Dunks!


  1. Tom Ly

    Tom Ly3 months ago

    the OG Greek Freak

  2. mikey12255

    mikey122555 months ago

    Meanest Dunk ever 1:44

  3. Todd Wiggins

    Todd Wiggins6 months ago

    News flash: The longer your legs and arms are, the easier it is to shove a ball down in a basket...

  4. Kyle Wilhelmsen

    Kyle Wilhelmsen11 months ago

    Oh baby what a play

  5. SuperRip7

    SuperRip711 months ago

    Why are the highlights here ? 08-03-18.

  6. Yang Song

    Yang SongYear ago

    It will be funny to see


    BIG POPPAYear ago

    5, 3, 2, and 1 were the BEST

  8. Alec Aleszczyk

    Alec AleszczykYear ago

    Show the Picture of him dunking on griffin but don’t put it in, some clickbait go fuck your self you piece of shit

  9. 3:16

    3:16Year ago

    Dirk and Duncan are much better.

  10. Ryu Hayabusa

    Ryu HayabusaYear ago

    good choice for number 1

  11. Renato Havliček

    Renato HavličekYear ago

    Dunk over griffin and 2 hand putback in the finals 2008 vs la should be here

  12. The GOAT

    The GOATYear ago

    Why is Tim Duncan always getting dunked on😥



    The big ticket put Chris Webber on skates and Tim Duncan on a poster he did not want to be a part of. Ooooh baby

  14. Fan Zhang

    Fan ZhangYear ago

    king of wolf forever !!

  15. Ness Rosenbrad

    Ness RosenbradYear ago

    The new Timberwolves jersey's suck compared to these.

  16. Ness Rosenbrad

    Ness RosenbradYear ago

    Long before he started dressing like a high schooler and his hoodie never had a relationship with his head.

  17. Gianfranco Tejada

    Gianfranco TejadaYear ago

    That was random

  18. Dina Lundner

    Dina LundnerYear ago

    Why are like half of them over Duncan

  19. Jether john Castillo

    Jether john CastilloYear ago

    Kevin garnett dunks away from the ring

  20. IZOUKA

    IZOUKAYear ago

    Ty kg for great carreer

  21. J Valle

    J ValleYear ago

    I made sure I watched his dunk over Griffin since they missed that here.

  22. Itachi Senpai-chan

    Itachi Senpai-chanYear ago


  23. Broski Man

    Broski ManYear ago

    And one

  24. Redtrooper

    RedtrooperYear ago


  25. Delbert Grady

    Delbert GradyYear ago

    I miss kg

  26. KavindaH! M.

    KavindaH! M.Year ago

    Just two words:Big Ticket🏆

  27. Aditya Singh

    Aditya SinghYear ago

    Back when ESPN highlights meant something.

  28. D-NBA

    D-NBAYear ago

    His footwork in the post was amazing, sweetest turnaround jumper ever.

  29. Ignacio Sanchez

    Ignacio SanchezYear ago

    why did KG ALWAYS murder the Kings... Born and raised in Sacramento, he literally always showed up in those match ups

  30. AntonioElTigre

    AntonioElTigreYear ago

    My favorite dunks from when I was young watching Garnett. He had an amazing alley op against the kings in 04 I can never find. And I wish there was a more clear video of him dunking in stromile swift when he drove in from the three point line. So good.

  31. AntonioElTigre

    AntonioElTigreYear ago

    Michael Eyob sweet! Thanks

  32. Michael Eyob

    Michael EyobYear ago

    krapppa that was in the NBA 2K3 intro

  33. Daniel Girvan

    Daniel GirvanYear ago

    Forgot just how incredible this guy was. His name does not come up enough when talking about the best players of all time.

  34. Chance Jolivette

    Chance JolivetteYear ago

    #3 was the nastiest to me

  35. Ethan Vuchinich

    Ethan VuchinichYear ago

    Who is a big kg fan

  36. TheBlackGhettoPrince

    TheBlackGhettoPrinceYear ago

    I don’t see why they don’t add a little music to videos like these it would make the atmosphere so much more hype

  37. Wilson Jerez

    Wilson JerezYear ago

    Ooooo baby, if you don't like that, you don't like nba basketball

  38. Kobe Ryan

    Kobe RyanYear ago

    Wilson Jerez Classic:)

  39. Brandon White

    Brandon WhiteYear ago

    KG > Kobe

  40. Achmad Firdaus Gassing

    Achmad Firdaus GassingYear ago

    best PF in NBA !

  41. Peter W

    Peter WYear ago

    3rd was sick

  42. Basketball God

    Basketball GodYear ago

    The NBA Channel just realize they're three days behind on KG's bday so they wanna make up for it with these top dunks.......

  43. theMarkwithamouth

    theMarkwithamouthYear ago

    I remember 7 like it was yesterday.

  44. павел новиков

    павел новиковYear ago


  45. Hector A

    Hector AYear ago

    Dunk #1 was during the first game played after Malik Sealy died. That's why you see Garnett point to the sky.

  46. Kobe Ryan

    Kobe RyanYear ago

    Hector A Good to know

  47. Carson Redford

    Carson RedfordYear ago

    Karl Malone > KG > Tim Duncan

  48. Nets 4life

    Nets 4lifeYear ago

    bcmoore1995 I'm putting Ad at no.1 if he gets at least 2 rings

  49. Yandhi

    YandhiYear ago

    bcmoore1995 yeah, i know, that was totally bias, chuck is one of my all time favorite player

  50. Yandhi

    YandhiYear ago

    Charles Barkley >>> KM+KG+TD

  51. The Chosen Moose

    The Chosen MooseYear ago


  52. Rorschach 0007

    Rorschach 0007Year ago

    Most fake tough guy of all time and the 2nd best PF ever

  53. MTheManB

    MTheManBYear ago

    he also had a great putback in the 08 finals over gasol

  54. 239 24

    239 24Year ago

    a lil pretentious thug..

  55. Rorschach 0007

    Rorschach 0007Year ago


  56. chewie

    chewieYear ago

    why does it look like he can touch the rim without jumping

  57. Todd Wiggins

    Todd Wiggins6 months ago

    because his legs and arms are long...

  58. Ignas Grabauskas

    Ignas GrabauskasYear ago


  59. Pigexplosion

    PigexplosionYear ago

    So you have the dunk over Blake Griffin in the thumbnail but not in the actual video...

  60. Harnoor Toor

    Harnoor ToorYear ago

    too be honest these dunks are weak compared to other greats