Kevin Durant, Patrick Beverley ejected after Game 1 drama | NBA Highlights


  1. Yee Miin

    Yee Miin4 hours ago

    Disgrace for ref

  2. Carol Jane Elias

    Carol Jane Elias6 hours ago

    Haha I always smiling while KD play Beverley😁😂 Looks like he bully Bev....

  3. Ekalabya Mohanty

    Ekalabya Mohanty13 hours ago

    the refs need to be taken the barn.

  4. mike johnson

    mike johnsonDay ago

    Durant's an idiot for this. Hes far more valuable to his team the Beverly is to his. And he let Beverly win. Got himself ejected as he got pulled into what he knew was bait. Pros stay the course. Again....another example of why todays greats will never be compared to JORDAN

  5. A Rodriguez

    A Rodriguez2 days ago

    Rockets should have never gotten rid of beverley they now would be unstoppable with cp3

  6. Josart Garcia

    Josart Garcia2 days ago

    2:06 boy abunda 🤔

  7. SFO14

    SFO143 days ago

    KD definitely got the best of Beverley

  8. Worth Street Inc

    Worth Street Inc3 days ago

    that was a weak ejection....these refs suckas

  9. Ric Telan

    Ric Telan4 days ago

    gustong sumikat lang ampota..papansin masyado..

  10. Anand Subbarayan

    Anand Subbarayan4 days ago


  11. Jophz Jeline

    Jophz Jeline4 days ago

    i remember Rodman😂😆

  12. 5280Gang

    5280Gang4 days ago


  13. Cheryll Scott

    Cheryll Scott4 days ago

    PB only did what the coaches told him to. "We won't win with SC and KD trashing us like this. So we need one of them out."

  14. alexa piers

    alexa piers4 days ago

    patrick beverly dont act tough you have nothing to conpare to kd.. 😂

  15. r1psterMX

    r1psterMX4 days ago

    This is what makes nba fun to watch. But no, refs have to ruin it.

  16. Chris Batson

    Chris Batson4 days ago

    Giant vs. Midget

  17. Landon Townley

    Landon Townley4 days ago

    Wow!! basketball is so soft now

  18. Carl A

    Carl A4 days ago

    2nd millennium NBA will forever be know as the league of *SENSITIVE REFS*

  19. Winter W

    Winter W4 days ago

    Softest ref I have ever seen

  20. Chedda Ree

    Chedda Ree4 days ago

  21. Atlas

    Atlas4 days ago


  22. 1Solace

    1Solace4 days ago

    Snake ass foo

  23. Blake still in the game

    Blake still in the game4 days ago

    The NBA need to stop being so weak. Let those grown Men play basketball. That's why the NBA ain't shittttttttttttttt now!

  24. Erik MetalyRock

    Erik MetalyRock4 days ago

    Everybody complaining about the game being soft for ejections like this, but I like watching good basketball and not stupid fights an thrash talk between players.

  25. Skeet Hurt

    Skeet Hurt4 days ago


  26. The Rhythm

    The Rhythm4 days ago

    Kevin Durant looks like a 6’10 lanky 15 year old. Super soft and super slithery

  27. Jeffry Almonte

    Jeffry Almonte4 days ago

    a durant likes mangoes that disgusting

  28. shitkicker4000 LOLz

    shitkicker4000 LOLz4 days ago

    1:04 "It's that shit"

  29. BlackFyr

    BlackFyr4 days ago

    Beverly is the sludge of basketball

  30. wondu xx

    wondu xx4 days ago

    If I were KD, I would've chocked in the neck and slapped Beverley before ejection.

  31. Better In Blue

    Better In Blue4 days ago

    They just having Fun man. No need to Kick em off for the night

  32. jdollencolumbia

    jdollencolumbia4 days ago

    He stood over him and told that little loud mouth dude "get up bish" ....worth the ejection IMO

  33. Roseann Estrada

    Roseann Estrada4 days ago

    Durant never acted like this when he was in OKC.

  34. Roseann Estrada

    Roseann Estrada5 days ago

    The nba should atleast let the trash talk happen it makes the playoffs way more interesting.

  35. Roseann Estrada

    Roseann Estrada5 days ago

    Now this is playoff 🏀, i love it!

  36. Davor Stjepic

    Davor Stjepic5 days ago

    I miss Beverly in Rockets! He’s all hearth

  37. Guy

    Guy5 days ago

    Have seen worse than this. Just 2 players flirting with too much emotion

  38. Christian Gibson

    Christian Gibson5 days ago

    beverly look like a whole ass homeless dude lmao

  39. Nathan Scipio

    Nathan Scipio5 days ago

    The refs make the NBA so soft! This was nothing! The NBA needs this if you ask me!

  40. Carol Esquibel

    Carol Esquibel5 days ago

    Kd is way better then patrick Beverly patrick Beverly is just a baby cry

  41. Faizan Anjum

    Faizan Anjum5 days ago

    2:34 the white guy's face LMAO

  42. 慕容代芹

    慕容代芹5 days ago


  43. ballu

    ballu5 days ago


  44. dezerthaces

    dezerthaces5 days ago

    Nba is lame 🤮

  45. J smooth

    J smooth5 days ago

    This just proves how soft the NBA has gotten

  46. Osinata Tellem

    Osinata Tellem5 days ago


  47. Redd Mann

    Redd Mann5 days ago

    Pat is from The Chi... we don't back down!!!!...

  48. V Ro

    V Ro5 days ago

    KD is a fruit cake.

  49. wonton henriquez

    wonton henriquez5 days ago

    Si #Durant hubiera sido Dominicano hace rato que lo esplota a golpe

  50. Jacob Sirak

    Jacob Sirak5 days ago

    Man these are grown ass Competitive Physically inclined Male specimen u can’t be so strict with the physicality that occurs

  51. el cheris tx. Sanchez

    el cheris tx. Sanchez5 days ago

    Rockets baby

  52. el cheris tx. Sanchez

    el cheris tx. Sanchez5 days ago


  53. Think Tank

    Think Tank5 days ago

    These current players wouldnt survive playing with the old school vernon maxwell or lattrell spreewell or john starks.

  54. Amboy 25

    Amboy 255 days ago

    Like nyo kung maliit titi ni durant

  55. HypoCam TV

    HypoCam TV5 days ago

    Tom and Jerry

  56. AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:6

    AntiFakeJews Revelation2:9-10/Zechariah9:65 days ago

    Why has da " Negroes Balls Association " been pussified for?

  57. Jon Lim

    Jon Lim5 days ago

    If there's one player I hate more than kd, it's this jerk Patrick Star Beverley.

  58. Car Gaming Enthusiast

    Car Gaming Enthusiast5 days ago

    These technicals, are way to technical SMH

  59. kijin seol

    kijin seol5 days ago

    듀란트도 사람아니냐‥알짱거리고 까불면 화나는건 당연하지ㅋㅋㅋ

  60. kijin seol

    kijin seol5 days ago


  61. Jamison Forman

    Jamison Forman5 days ago

    KD is soft

  62. Jerry Hernandez

    Jerry Hernandez5 days ago

    Just Drama. hahahahah

  63. d c

    d c5 days ago

    that ref looks like a WWE ref..maybe i only think of that

  64. Redjet2now

    Redjet2now5 days ago

    proof durant is soft letting a small defender irritate him lmao

  65. chevaL08 arsoLon

    chevaL08 arsoLon5 days ago

    fuck u ref😤😤 just fuck u😤😤

  66. Albert Deezy

    Albert Deezy5 days ago

    I stand with Beverley. Do your thing bro

  67. Rex Rex

    Rex Rex5 days ago


  68. hiphopmusicallday

    hiphopmusicallday5 days ago

    How to beat Patrick Beverley go play in the court with your headphones on 😅🔥🔥🔥

  69. Benjie Natividad

    Benjie Natividad5 days ago

    refs are manipulates gsw to lost but still gsw players still champs

  70. jangles25

    jangles255 days ago

    The fan in the green hat that tried to high 5 Durant as he’s walking off the court😂 Took a fat ass L

  71. Loloy Hayag

    Loloy Hayag5 days ago

    clippers please shock the word .. let me believe in miracle

  72. Palmerston Northern

    Palmerston Northern5 days ago

    Beverley did not faze KD one bit!!

  73. JuniorMorin72

    JuniorMorin725 days ago

    hood rat niggas acting like hood rat niggas! Throw them out everytime. Dont they know kids are watching. Decorum damnit decorum. Act like gentlemen.

  74. casey

    casey5 days ago

    Let em talk trash you know theyre not going to fight each other lol. Pussy bball players

  75. JR

    JR5 days ago

    Patrick Beverley look like an untethered

  76. Nola Kidd

    Nola Kidd5 days ago

    Patrick Beverly got heart and makes the game fun with his crazy and aggressive attitude 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  77. Onetimeforthebangbang

    Onetimeforthebangbang5 days ago


  78. ethan chen

    ethan chen5 days ago

    This reminds me of Michael Jordan and Gary Payton

  79. Febert Coytop Jose

    Febert Coytop Jose5 days ago

    Dreymon is happy seeing KD tossed

  80. Bee Legend

    Bee Legend5 days ago

    Shit was funny. Lol

  81. 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!

    1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!5 days ago

    Haha, that's gonna be a meme. Dudes funny.


    MD MILITIA5 days ago

    Durant Look Like He Was Picking On Beverly.

  83. Bruce Willian Ladines

    Bruce Willian Ladines5 days ago

    Seems like Beverly is the kryptonite of Kevin Durant.

  84. -ARTISI

    -ARTISI5 days ago

    0:07 the chick on d back

  85. mariotubegr

    mariotubegr5 days ago

    Πάτρικ αλάνι

  86. Mhaett Serquina

    Mhaett Serquina5 days ago

    snake durant

  87. Global Travel

    Global Travel5 days ago

    Let'em play!!!!! MLB, NFL, nd NBA all have officials that take over these games as if we pay to go watch them. They are ruining the leagues!

  88. Riam uriel Ambayan

    Riam uriel Ambayan5 days ago

    And its effective good job pat...

  89. nora molina

    nora molina5 days ago

    Beverly u are a dirty player at all

  90. Hebrew Seven

    Hebrew Seven5 days ago

    No matter what the refs do you people will tune and complain!

  91. brandon manchester

    brandon manchester5 days ago

    Beverley... Your like a dog 🐕😁😃😀👍🙌

  92. brandon manchester

    brandon manchester5 days ago

    Durant is a genius....

  93. brandon manchester

    brandon manchester5 days ago

    Hahahaha good job Durant i like that push.... Durant 👍 👌 ✋🙌😀😃😁😘😙😗

  94. Fish Sauce

    Fish Sauce5 days ago

    1:30, Andrew bogut’s smiles depressively

  95. ritchie23rd

    ritchie23rd5 days ago

    NBA is soft

  96. Zan Ford

    Zan Ford5 days ago


  97. Sam Le

    Sam Le5 days ago

    This is so funny,, 🤣,, making Me laugh all day long 🤣,,,🐕😆,,,

  98. Duterte Philippines

    Duterte Philippines5 days ago

    beverely is lance stephenson wannabe, and trying hard

  99. Boogaloo

    Boogaloo5 days ago

    I don't think Durant deserved a second technical, Beverly did for jumping up and jumping at Durant but Durant was just standing there. Bad call by ref!!!!

  100. Mr Yusufu

    Mr Yusufu5 days ago

    I just finally saw this. Everybody has been talking about Durant should control himself? WTF?! Look how much trash talking he ignored before reacting... I think the media is just being unfair.