Kevin Durant, Patrick Beverley ejected after Game 1 drama | NBA Highlights


  1. MYG MK

    MYG MKDay ago

    I would sacrifice my lamb token to destroy the blue eyes white dragon

  2. SSTG4

    SSTG46 days ago

    0:05 lol!😂

  3. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez2 days ago

    SSTG4 Manuel Gonzalez

  4. Rez

    Rez6 days ago

    This is hilarious 😂

  5. stanley fluke

    stanley fluke8 days ago

    Tech on both the nigga ks and beverly Get your bitch ass out of here

  6. Rumen Tsanov

    Rumen Tsanov8 days ago

    Patrick Beverly.... what a clown LOL

  7. Happygamer Jett

    Happygamer Jett8 days ago

    Imagine with kawhi and pg13 it would be a nightmare to any opponent.

  8. K D

    K D8 days ago

    He said why you flopping lls

  9. Aidantha King

    Aidantha King10 days ago

    Refs be soft

  10. Marlon Legaspi

    Marlon Legaspi11 days ago

    beverly you look like a somalian Pirate hahaha

  11. Gail Aldea

    Gail Aldea17 days ago

    Hehe, their last technical is just too funny. Kd intentionally did that, he was smiling the whole time, finally got even with Patrick,. Miss kd already...

  12. Elite Division

    Elite Division17 days ago

    There will never be another pat Beverly

  13. jesusman 1982

    jesusman 198219 days ago

    I'm glad golden state warriors didn't win the nba finals 😫😫😂😂😂😂😜😛 for all u warriors fans 😂😝😝😝

  14. Kensmule Klips

    Kensmule Klips18 days ago

    jesusman 1982 lol

  15. Rambo

    Rambo22 days ago

    For those saying “Beverly is annoying “ “no place in this sport for that” ....... most like 70%+ of these nba players started playing at their local basketball court, this is how it’s played. Streetball. Beverly a beast

  16. Sambo401 S

    Sambo401 S24 days ago

    Sambo401 S Beverly is a bitch. Look at how when KD reached for the ball he tried to stick his ass out like a bitch that's why he fell. KD should've gotten ejected

  17. Sambo401 S

    Sambo401 S24 days ago

    Beverly is a bitch. Look at how when KELLY reached for the ball he tried to stick his ass out like a bitch that's why he fell. KD should've gotten ejected

  18. alikusuma 7

    alikusuma 724 days ago

    Beverly is like a time bomb..he exploded KD out..😂

  19. SacredLust97

    SacredLust9724 days ago

    That Patrick character looks like a crackhead. I've seen tweakers swing their arms wildly like he does. Too bad the clippers have gone from good to shit💩💩👺

  20. Lance Lovi Tingle

    Lance Lovi Tingle24 days ago

    You are crazy patrick

  21. Arlene Rivero

    Arlene Rivero26 days ago

    Get well KD! Keep smiling 😄

  22. Villacorte Bea

    Villacorte Bea26 days ago

    Beverley is the crazy guy hahahahaa lol

  23. La More

    La More27 days ago

    What gossip is PB😂😂😂

  24. Mikai Anderson

    Mikai Anderson27 days ago

    Kd just laughed😭

  25. Intisam Al-Hussein

    Intisam Al-Hussein27 days ago

    That is my man😍get better KD❤️‼️ppl are like he lives in OAKALND hills I was looking and asking classmates today someone told me KD lives around here where is it at😂😂😂😂

  26. Miguel Nieves

    Miguel Nieves28 days ago

    KD would stomp tht retard

  27. Nick Rooney

    Nick Rooney29 days ago

    Durant got in Patrick’s head

  28. Winston Waven

    Winston WavenMonth ago

    did y'all peep Demarcos cousins shot at the beginning? oh my lord 😂😂😂

  29. MGVolts

    MGVoltsMonth ago

    I don't think anybody noticed, but the ball was still in the play the ball never went out of bounds. Instead of both players being cocky idiots KD or beverly could've had a bucket there.

  30. isai1680 isai1680

    isai1680 isai1680Month ago

    Kd talking back to a 2 foot 1 lmao

  31. MGVolts

    MGVoltsMonth ago

    @isai1680 isai1680 Wow, you must be a skyscraper. Why would anybody care how tall you are. And clearly nobody noticed that the ball didn't even go out of bounds. Instead of these players being cocky idiots. KD probably could've had a break away.

  32. isai1680 isai1680

    isai1680 isai1680Month ago

    MGVolts I’m not talking about me and u don’t know how tall I am

  33. MGVolts

    MGVoltsMonth ago

    you would look small compared to kd to.

  34. babatunde samuel

    babatunde samuelMonth ago

    Someone please explain technical fouls. I'm new to this.

  35. Roblox Bloxburg Fan

    Roblox Bloxburg FanMonth ago

    Is it just me that Beverly is actually nuts?

  36. MGVolts

    MGVoltsMonth ago

    What do you mean he's nuts? All NBA players are nuts.

  37. Jaydon Dickerson

    Jaydon Dickerson2 months ago

    Kd a str8 savage

  38. Z Fiasco

    Z Fiasco2 months ago

    Why has Mark Jackson become so soft if im the referees come game 2 I'm setting the tone right away smh

  39. Red devils

    Red devils2 months ago

    beverly FOOL

  40. Peter Deol

    Peter Deol2 months ago

    Snake durant. If there is any player that looks like a snake, it's durant.

  41. Andy Bailey

    Andy Bailey2 months ago

    Durant is the typical talented all star but is a pussy when it comes to fighting. He's soft af. Any time you see him acting hard he's always backing up or making sure a ref is near him

  42. wilfredo

    wilfredo2 months ago

    gave and gave until they gave him .. hold bitch !! kd the best

  43. Fadi ebrhem

    Fadi ebrhem2 months ago

    Lmfao this shit is fucking gold.

  44. Yee Miin

    Yee Miin2 months ago

    Disgrace for ref

  45. Ekalabya Mohanty

    Ekalabya Mohanty2 months ago

    the refs need to be taken the barn.

  46. mike johnson

    mike johnson2 months ago

    Durant's an idiot for this. Hes far more valuable to his team the Beverly is to his. And he let Beverly win. Got himself ejected as he got pulled into what he knew was bait. Pros stay the course. Again....another example of why todays greats will never be compared to JORDAN

  47. A Rodriguez

    A Rodriguez2 months ago

    Rockets should have never gotten rid of beverley they now would be unstoppable with cp3

  48. The Owen Mych

    The Owen Mych2 months ago

    A Rodriguez they traded Beverly for Chris Paul dumb ass 😂

  49. ChefosoTV

    ChefosoTV2 months ago

    2:06 boy abunda 🤔

  50. SFO14

    SFO142 months ago

    KD definitely got the best of Beverley

  51. Worth Street Inc

    Worth Street Inc2 months ago

    that was a weak ejection....these refs suckas

  52. Ric Telan

    Ric Telan2 months ago

    gustong sumikat lang ampota..papansin masyado..

  53. Anand Subbarayan

    Anand Subbarayan2 months ago


  54. Jophz Jeline

    Jophz Jeline2 months ago

    i remember Rodman😂😆

  55. 5280Gang

    5280Gang2 months ago


  56. Justa Sarcasshole

    Justa Sarcasshole2 months ago

    PB only did what the coaches told him to. "We won't win with SC and KD trashing us like this. So we need one of them out."

  57. alexa piers

    alexa piers2 months ago

    patrick beverly dont act tough you have nothing to conpare to kd.. 😂

  58. fridgeprotector

    fridgeprotector2 months ago

    Lmao Beverly was in the league for a long time and didn't back down from a single person. He even wrestled LeBron.