Kevin Durant on J.R. Smith Blunder, LeBron James & Partying After Finals Win


  1. Mr j

    Mr jHour ago

    Look at this full grown 🐍


    KING KOLLINS3 hours ago

    Warriors dont need you. They just dont wanna play against you.


    KING KOLLINS3 hours ago

    This chump lost his virginity to whore and thinks he has game. Bron had you crying on yo momma's shoulder.

  4. Quentin Philp

    Quentin Philp9 hours ago


  5. Isaac Ruatpuia

    Isaac Ruatpuia10 hours ago

    He doesn't look comfortable at all.. 😅

  6. Brendan Robbins

    Brendan Robbins10 hours ago

    Had to join a team he choked to and had 3 all stars just so he can beat 1 player stop sucking there cocks Durant snake

  7. Johnny BranMuffin

    Johnny BranMuffin11 hours ago

    KD looks like he's given up😔

  8. BlueRhino23

    BlueRhino2311 hours ago

    Why did you interview this snake!?

  9. Gio

    Gio16 hours ago

    Rip x

  10. username

    username17 hours ago

    lets trade durant for lebron james

  11. NukSuKow

    NukSuKow19 hours ago

    This guy seems so uncomfortable as if he knows he’s made such a big mistake going to golden state. Nobody respects him. What a nice guy but man I went from liking him to hating him. 0 integrity, biggest pussy of all time. I can’t take it

  12. 415City

    415City21 hour ago

    Dub Dynasty

  13. extinct man

    extinct man22 hours ago

    what a snake

  14. Desi Gamer

    Desi GamerDay ago

    Another Dagger coming next year Finals......

  15. SCLA Mr90001

    SCLA Mr90001Day ago

    He will never be the goat or anything closer too that..... He is just as LeBron two players who left kus couldn't do it on their own ..eazy to back out when it got ruff ... Long live kobe24/8 mj23/45

  16. nathan layman

    nathan laymanDay ago

    Durant just does not come across very likable...

  17. Defy9ordinary

    Defy9ordinaryDay ago

    KD best player in the WORLD y'all!!!

  18. Michael Makaveli

    Michael MakaveliDay ago

    Kd nothing but class!!!

  19. TeW33zy

    TeW33zyDay ago

    Shade questions

  20. Sam Cook

    Sam CookDay ago

    They where down 3 -1 twice in the same year one player had kyrie & love the other one had Westbrook think about it guys G.S couldn't been that great lets keep it real..KD the best rt now!!!

  21. AreLL

    AreLLDay ago

    TF is he wearing 😂🤣 #KD #KingDurant

  22. The BADDJ Podcast

    The BADDJ PodcastDay ago

    LeBron isn't like Kevin Durant yet they keep talking about lebron as he's some team jumper... SMH.

  23. Truly Blessed

    Truly BlessedDay ago


  24. Mark Soria

    Mark SoriaDay ago

    I think its durant's era now. Sorry bron :3

  25. Jason A

    Jason ADay ago

    Pussy in a pink sweater...he should be wearing a refs shirt

  26. Jordan Long

    Jordan LongDay ago

    Breaking News: Kevin Durant is moving to LA after hearing they'll be the favorites next season with LeBron James 😂😂😂

  27. Jay West

    Jay WestDay ago

    This man high asf

  28. The Predator

    The PredatorDay ago

    If lebron joins golden state its over for the rest of the teams

  29. taron merrell

    taron merrellDay ago

    I use to be a Kevin Durant fan until he wore that pink hoodie#Newslaves

  30. Alexander J. Texeira

    Alexander J. Texeira2 days ago

    He's not humble nor do the warriors they're just disrespectful to LeBron and the others

  31. Ralphitness

    Ralphitness2 days ago

    “Hennything is possible, we could still win this series.” -JR Smith

  32. Remy Lion

    Remy Lion2 days ago

    His mouth is bent on his face

  33. Matthew Gadiel Delica

    Matthew Gadiel Delica2 days ago

    Kevin the Sssssssssssssssnake!!!

  34. Atar Kurd

    Atar Kurd2 days ago

    KD is one of the best player in the NBA


    RUGGED BREED2 days ago

    Here comes the coward KD

  36. Dennis Williams

    Dennis Williams2 days ago

    Michael Jordan is the goat

  37. * Big Stud Muffin *

    * Big Stud Muffin *2 days ago

    Yeah he a Great player, but when he go brush his hair tho ? 🤔

  38. Anthony Ramirez

    Anthony Ramirez2 days ago


  39. Bobbie Martin

    Bobbie Martin2 days ago

    Jr u stupid

  40. Theo Schommer

    Theo Schommer2 days ago

    Challenge 😂

  41. Peyton Chandler

    Peyton Chandler2 days ago

    man I hate KD... even more than LeBron now..

  42. naddy gam

    naddy gam2 days ago

    No one cares about the warriors. They have no heart, soul, or personality

  43. Tyler SunôviSuyl czjc.

    Tyler SunôviSuyl czjc.2 days ago

    Gsw fans are like north Koreans, they're brainwashed

  44. Rebecca Jones

    Rebecca Jones2 days ago

    no Lebron

  45. Nowicyunvme23

    Nowicyunvme232 days ago

    Is it just me , or does KD look/sound like the most unconfident superstar ?

  46. Evan DiPangrazio

    Evan DiPangrazio2 days ago


  47. Bmillersince92

    Bmillersince923 days ago

    Snake making his rounds I see

  48. Devin Petit-Blanc

    Devin Petit-Blanc3 days ago

    Someone call animal control I see a snakeee!!!!!

  49. Yann G.

    Yann G.3 days ago

    Watch out for them snake ones

  50. Mitra Sinergi Sukses

    Mitra Sinergi Sukses3 days ago

    KD is a SNAKE

  51. Sir Toastman

    Sir Toastman3 days ago

    KD winning a championship is like winning 50v50

  52. luxan kandiah

    luxan kandiah3 days ago

    Pink snake

  53. Billy Ritter

    Billy Ritter3 days ago

    I'm not surprised to see the guy who has the two most unearned rings in sports history, wearing a pinks hoodie.

  54. luxan kandiah

    luxan kandiah3 days ago

    Durante Nd his team are cunts


    LEBRON JAMES3 days ago

    rise from the ashes..

  56. Aredas

    Aredas3 days ago

    Hiss Hiss

  57. Roy Sears

    Roy Sears3 days ago

    I wonder is Kimmel going to ask his White guess about Trump and Roseanne

  58. FullThrotle speedking

    FullThrotle speedking3 days ago

    Kd high as hell

  59. Trick shot Dudes

    Trick shot Dudes3 days ago

    That little snake 🐍

  60. Hosh

    Hosh3 days ago

    Where’s Dave Salmoni at, there’s a huge snake on stage

  61. Jose Prieto

    Jose Prieto3 days ago

    If you can't beat them, join them.

  62. YoungAli

    YoungAli3 days ago

    “ I had to give everyone on the team head to join “

  63. Becca Jones

    Becca Jones3 days ago

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  64. Johnny Derry

    Johnny Derry3 days ago

    KD appreciate the sweep keep up the good work

  65. Israel Morales

    Israel Morales3 days ago

    KD, great player, no doubt. But you’ll go down in the annals of B-ball as the one who jumped ship to get his ‘chip... Just like LBJ did with the Heat in ‘11... man, just imagine Barkley and other superstars of the 90s joining the Bulls after losing... Drexler after 92... Malone in 98... or Shaq joining the Rockets after the 95 sweep... Today’s NBA is a joke. And some fool dares to say that this is the most balance era since the 50s jajajaja what you smoking dude? Yea, maybe in your little fantasy league. If LBJ leaves CLE, mark it down, NO EASTERN CONF team would have a chance against any of the top 6 Western Conf squads right now.

  66. Steven Vuong

    Steven VuongDay ago

    charles barkley actually blew a 3-1 lead to the rockets and joined them the next year, but kd is a snake

  67. Edward J Garza

    Edward J Garza3 days ago

    Kevin Ducan't u tell ur self what u need too, but u aint 💩

  68. W Smith

    W Smith3 days ago

    GS vs Houston was the real NBA Finals.

  69. Matt Steiner

    Matt Steiner3 days ago

    K, Da SNAKE, D!!!!!

  70. Jeyan Jhaye Cagadas

    Jeyan Jhaye Cagadas3 days ago


  71. Jeyan Jhaye Cagadas

    Jeyan Jhaye Cagadas3 days ago

    GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!!

  72. Roberto D.

    Roberto D.3 days ago


  73. King Josiah

    King Josiah3 days ago


  74. Bettis

    Bettis3 days ago

    Kevin Durants Top 10 NBA Records !

  75. Aren Arslanyan

    Aren Arslanyan4 days ago

    Like if KD ruined jimmy kimmel live

  76. jamilbenton20

    jamilbenton204 days ago

    SP Finest 💯💪🏾

  77. TahitianTreatFlavored BabyBatter

    TahitianTreatFlavored BabyBatter4 days ago

    Kevin Durant interviews = watching paint dry

  78. PettyChronicles

    PettyChronicles4 days ago

    Yayyyyyy KD got a haircut

  79. Justin Dixon

    Justin Dixon4 days ago

    Finally brushed his hair

  80. It's Personal

    It's Personal4 days ago

    Why kd always wearing pink?

  81. Z A N E Y

    Z A N E Y4 days ago

    Did I see a snake

  82. Jose Mejia Jr

    Jose Mejia Jr4 days ago

    Didn't anyone notice that Jimmy was touching the trophy the whole time?

  83. MrZrazies

    MrZrazies4 days ago

    hurry back? 😂😂 dude. it was recorded in the morning or noon whatever. 2 hrs back to bay area. u still have lot of time to party. 😂😂

  84. Michael Angelos

    Michael Angelos4 days ago

    Yeah who cares.

  85. Matt Byler

    Matt Byler4 days ago

    I didn't know he was doing a wildlife session and was showing the worlds biggest, largest snake

  86. Alex S.

    Alex S.4 days ago

    Not very impressive at all. All he did was win the easiest championship in sports at the moment.

  87. Gridiron Hard Knocks

    Gridiron Hard Knocks4 days ago

    hey guys don't let this make y'all forget that Ray Allen left the Celtics to join the Miami Heat.

  88. Philip Suah

    Philip Suah4 days ago

    Call him whatever you want, but KD will go down as a Top 10 player of all time

  89. E Tek

    E Tek5 days ago

    This might be his first interview!! Like ever

  90. Isaac Franks

    Isaac Franks5 days ago

    "we are challenged every night"....until the third quarter

  91. Isaac Franks

    Isaac Franks5 days ago

    "Are you going to actually going to play somewhere you'll be challenged?"

  92. nickassadcomedy

    nickassadcomedy5 days ago


  93. Krishaun

    Krishaun5 days ago

    the snake has spoken

  94. tucko11

    tucko115 days ago

    Writers aren’t watching. Other players are KD their coming for ya!

  95. Beto Maelo

    Beto Maelo5 days ago

    KD a great boring player. His momma had to convince him he "did it" on national TV.

  96. Lava Frost

    Lava Frost5 days ago

    Iverson like, all I had to do was leave Philly to join Shaq and kobe I'm LA and I would of had sum free bling like Kd... duh AI lol

  97. James M

    James M5 days ago


  98. Caleb Primbs

    Caleb Primbs5 days ago

    2:25 bouncy laugh

  99. ssmatsusaka

    ssmatsusaka5 days ago

    On JR Smith (MVP, MVP, MVP) OKC front office showed no love for KD. The OKC owner, it was all about saving money and making the most profit. They were happy to keep Westbrook. That's their man, NOW LIVE WITH THAT, OKC. You'll never win, period. Remember, they let James Harden slip through their hands.

  100. Vchenzo 305

    Vchenzo 3055 days ago

    Such a fitting hoodie for a cupcake

  101. hawkeye 2124

    hawkeye 21245 days ago