Kendall Jenner Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


  1. Isaiah Tukuvaka

    Isaiah Tukuvaka9 hours ago

    Kendall I need sleep OK..Kim angry not happy OK..makes up kolo citys told her pipi OK..kiss

  2. Avery Winston

    Avery Winston10 hours ago

    I feel like she’s the only civilized/ down to earth person out of all her sisters. 🤷‍♀️

  3. Abril Davila

    Abril Davila16 hours ago

    0:19 dragón fruit in mexico is pitaya

  4. Pineapple Person

    Pineapple Person16 hours ago

    She’s my favorite!!!

  5. Galaxy Queen101

    Galaxy Queen10122 hours ago

    Loving her different outfits 😛💖💖

  6. Shark

    SharkDay ago


  7. zan 3:16

    zan 3:16Day ago

    Kenndy 😍

  8. Doodle Bob INQUISITION

    Doodle Bob INQUISITIONDay ago

    This makes her seem more like a person and not at all how I thought she would be

  9. Sofia Franco

    Sofia FrancoDay ago

    Whats the background song

  10. Karilyn Andrade

    Karilyn AndradeDay ago

    Can we talk about the fact that she is wearing like 50 different outfits in this whole video😂😂

  11. Sarah Ledford

    Sarah LedfordDay ago

    0:49 trying to impress ur crush be like...

  12. Whitley Marie

    Whitley Marie2 days ago

    Every new clip she has a different outfit

  13. michelle2 oii

    michelle2 oii2 days ago

    She has nerer drawn what

  14. Riverdale Fan22

    Riverdale Fan222 days ago

    Is that a sloth??

  15. iiOmg_donutsii

    iiOmg_donutsii2 days ago


  16. Kawaii Potato Bean XD

    Kawaii Potato Bean XD2 days ago

    I play violin in an orchestra and that was ok but she didnt know what she was doing lol

  17. mohammad qahef

    mohammad qahef3 days ago

    I love dragon fruit

  18. Vincent Lin

    Vincent Lin3 days ago

    Dragon fruits are gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

  19. David Hu

    David Hu3 days ago

    She’s funny lol

  20. David Hu

    David Hu3 days ago

    Omg the sloth is so cute love them the kardashians

  21. Eesha Singh

    Eesha Singh3 days ago

    I love her outfits throughout the video 😍. And what creature was that in the starting of the video??😂

  22. Celtic Jay CJ

    Celtic Jay CJ3 days ago

    0:42 what a cutie 💕🐥

  23. Arianaxgirly MSP

    Arianaxgirly MSP3 days ago

    The only kardashian/jenner that ACTUALLY have a KINDA NORMAL life

  24. Estelita Gasmin

    Estelita Gasmin3 days ago

    The sloth is so Precious!!!❤❤❤❤

  25. rperk33

    rperk333 days ago

    Kendal’s my fave

  26. Hello Hello

    Hello Hello3 days ago

    *"You're getting greedy,buddy"*

  27. love creepypastas

    love creepypastas3 days ago

    She is hot very natural of body no how your sister I like kendall is my favorite

  28. Midnight Moon

    Midnight Moon3 days ago

    That sloth was adorable

  29. Genius Valeria

    Genius Valeria3 days ago

    She is the only one with talent and that everyone likes

  30. Gretchen Wulfmeyer

    Gretchen Wulfmeyer3 days ago


  31. Seren Ashburner

    Seren Ashburner3 days ago

    SLOTH! 😂😂💙💙

  32. Francisca Pereira

    Francisca Pereira4 days ago

    The sloth tho

  33. Bella O'Brien

    Bella O'Brien4 days ago

    I love how she is wearing a different outfit every time

  34. Camryn Kaas

    Camryn Kaas4 days ago

    0:31 look at her outfit

  35. Ye Boi

    Ye Boi4 days ago

    The only jenner/kardashian i like

  36. Sofia Rizzi

    Sofia Rizzi5 days ago

    0:47 I’m Italian, she said “maestro” heart melt...🥰

  37. Michelle Zhou

    Michelle Zhou5 days ago

    I love her personality she’s so cute omg 🙃

  38. Amanda Rivera

    Amanda Rivera5 days ago

    I actually really like her , she seems super sweet

  39. NesaFashion Channel

    NesaFashion Channel6 days ago

    Sale Sale Sale

  40. Simona Barragan

    Simona Barragan6 days ago

    0:15 Like if u think she is cute

  41. Detroit become human Fan

    Detroit become human Fan6 days ago

    play basketball!? You can’t tell me she didn’t play basketball in gym in elementary school come on as if!

  42. Juanita Quandt

    Juanita Quandt6 days ago


  43. 4 Furry Friends

    4 Furry Friends6 days ago

    0:53- That was bad!! Even I play better than that...

  44. Akiko

    Akiko6 days ago

    Somebody help the poor baby sloth!

  45. Arissa Nor Ezannee

    Arissa Nor Ezannee7 days ago

    What is the Facial Flex actually for?

  46. Tyreese Butay

    Tyreese Butay7 days ago

    The only Kardashian/jenner that i want

  47. Nanna Mary Bernabas

    Nanna Mary Bernabas8 days ago

    Ugh I hate dragon fruit 😲

  48. e h y n o c e n c e

    e h y n o c e n c e8 days ago

    what songs in the back i like itt

  49. Sabrina the smooth sloth

    Sabrina the smooth sloth9 days ago


  50. xTheDarkDiamondx darkdiamond15

    xTheDarkDiamondx darkdiamond159 days ago

    She's the only sister I like... She's a queen 👸

  51. anxa

    anxa10 days ago

    My fav ❤️

  52. Lucy Nguyen

    Lucy Nguyen10 days ago

    She's never tried to make a best friend?

  53. Saffanah Khan

    Saffanah Khan12 days ago

    She's my favourite Jenner/Kardashians 💕

  54. Valentina Ribaga

    Valentina Ribaga13 days ago

    Being ugly and poor

  55. Eleonora P

    Eleonora P13 days ago

    It is the only girl that i like in her family She normal

  56. Grandpa Miniongi

    Grandpa Miniongi13 days ago

    what's the song title??????

  57. lafawnduh

    lafawnduh14 days ago

    this was real cute and all, but that was not minuet no. 3

  58. Gabrielle Ollier

    Gabrielle Ollier14 days ago

    100% cute 😗💓😗💓😗💓😗💓😗💓

  59. Ginny M

    Ginny M14 days ago

    That sloth was adorable. Comment a name

  60. AC81

    AC8115 days ago

    Her and Kourtney

  61. Brent Bustillo

    Brent Bustillo15 days ago

    Kylie you should experience it because you always say you want to experience it but you don't experience it. I think it goes something like that :p

  62. iiOmqCactus_

    iiOmqCactus_15 days ago

    1:42 me changing for gym

  63. Bridie Mccarron

    Bridie Mccarron15 days ago

    I love the sloth

  64. Sammi ss

    Sammi ss15 days ago

    Before the extensive fillers and Botox

  65. Petra's Chanel

    Petra's Chanel15 days ago

    kendall i have the same same shirt 0:13

  66. Mubashira Tahir

    Mubashira Tahir16 days ago

    *the only sister who doesnt cause much drama over the internet*

  67. Melanielovesyou

    Melanielovesyou16 days ago

    me: i don’t like Kendall because she dated my hazza Kendall: **so cute and natural** me: ... dang it.

  68. Cate B

    Cate B16 days ago

    They didn’t even give her a chin rest for the violin ***the pain

  69. April K

    April K16 days ago

    OMGosh it’s a sloth!

  70. tiara pasi

    tiara pasi16 days ago

    She's so beautiful

  71. Jinan Assir

    Jinan Assir16 days ago

    Happy birthday 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  72. Gachaverse Videos

    Gachaverse Videos16 days ago

    I only love her the others Kardashian’s nope And she is funny 😂

  73. Cara JEONG

    Cara JEONG18 days ago

    The sloth is so adorable 😍

  74. David Hacking-Bonilla

    David Hacking-Bonilla18 days ago

    At least he made friends with a Sloth.The Sloth was like "No I do not want to talk I'm tired" then fells asleep.

  75. Eva Rose

    Eva Rose18 days ago

    This is why she is my favourite

  76. Princess Jelo

    Princess Jelo19 days ago

    How to fall inlove with kendall jenner in 2:12 minutes

  77. Christian ChimChim

    Christian ChimChim19 days ago

    Try being humble. Bet you havent done that ever

  78. Aaliyah Aliyah

    Aaliyah Aliyah21 day ago


  79. Somebody :3

    Somebody :321 day ago

    First: make a new friend *impossible for her because she a fcking diva🙄

  80. Genuine Gamer

    Genuine Gamer22 days ago


  81. Juli T.

    Juli T.22 days ago


  82. Unknown -_-

    Unknown -_-24 days ago

    Your telling me she's never drawn a self portrait before


    HILDA HILDA24 days ago

    The musik TOUGH😍

  84. Dark Vibe

    Dark Vibe25 days ago

    She’s so funny I swear xD

  85. Eva Haigh

    Eva Haigh28 days ago

    Did you notice her nails weren't Done

  86. Starry ASMR

    Starry ASMR28 days ago

    she's the only Kardashian/Jenner who didn't had any plastic surgery and is beautiful in her own way

  87. Candace Anderson

    Candace Anderson28 days ago

    Positive Comment.

  88. JaDaBo

    JaDaBo29 days ago


  89. rachi s

    rachi sMonth ago

    this is when i discorver how i love her

  90. SavagePandia

    SavagePandiaMonth ago

    Tbh she is like the most realistic sister out of all the Kardashians/Jenners

  91. victoria boihpuii

    victoria boihpuiiMonth ago

    So crazy

  92. Maddie Daniel

    Maddie DanielMonth ago

    I love how it’s 9 things she’s never tried before and one of them is making a new best friend 🤣

  93. BlueMidnight Aj

    BlueMidnight AjMonth ago

    This video is such an aesthetic Omg

  94. kato ryu

    kato ryuMonth ago


  95. Lina 1220

    Lina 1220Month ago

    0:54 can we just talk about how it was supposed to be bravo instead of brava😅

  96. mati .

    mati .Month ago

    What’s the songs name!?

  97. cara stella taylor s

    cara stella taylor sMonth ago


  98. High Af

    High AfMonth ago

    one of them shoulda been work a 9-5 for a day 😂😂

  99. Min Jimin

    Min JiminMonth ago

    At least her self portrait drawing is better than mine

  100. Jéssica Carvalho

    Jéssica CarvalhoMonth ago

    Cute * -*