Kendall Jenner Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


  1. Meera Verma

    Meera Verma2 hours ago

    2:01 Me when i have to study but i just pass my time doin nothing

  2. Daaim Rehman

    Daaim Rehman3 hours ago

    Song name?

  3. Fempje13

    Fempje133 hours ago

    They gave her literally a different outfit with every task because she’s a queen and pull everything off.

  4. Alma Rodriguez

    Alma RodriguezDay ago

    Kendall Jenner has applied makeup without a mirror before. She said on an episode of KUWTK

  5. Taylor Swift 13

    Taylor Swift 13Day ago

    She and the sloth seem so genuine. Like they have been old friends and are chatting about their life problems and enjoying themselves.

  6. Lanvy Nguyen

    Lanvy NguyenDay ago

    Her-try dragon fruit Me- uh- I think I tried dragon fruit a couple of times right? 1-2-3..uhhh no it’s typically my life..

  7. Kyal Moe

    Kyal Moe2 days ago

    She is the prettiest and most considerate Kardashian

  8. Tina Soran

    Tina Soran3 days ago

    Who's better Kendall like Kaylie comment

  9. Kaylena Vo

    Kaylena Vo3 days ago

    Kendall is the only decent Kardashian/Jenner she is not too full in makeup and dramatic

  10. Aneta Atanasowa

    Aneta Atanasowa4 days ago

    Watch it

  11. Irina Iana

    Irina Iana4 days ago

    I d kill to make a sloth friend

  12. Elizabeth grainger

    Elizabeth grainger4 days ago

    I actually no how to put on makeup without a mirror

  13. hello Hello

    hello Hello4 days ago

    To me Kendall’s the odd one in the jenners family!! She’s more of the brave one

  14. Jolien Vhl

    Jolien Vhl7 days ago

    I think she is the only one from her whole family that is 100% natural

  15. Bilal shoaib

    Bilal shoaib7 days ago

    1. Make a new bestfriend Me: has she never done that. Wow

  16. sweet sugars

    sweet sugars8 days ago

    I want a slot as a friend

  17. Thamsanqa Twana

    Thamsanqa Twana8 days ago

    I love Kendall Jenner

  18. Adrian Hw

    Adrian Hw9 days ago

    Hii again

  19. HoangDuyKhanh Xam

    HoangDuyKhanh Xam9 days ago


  20. gage start

    gage start10 days ago

    One of them should have been having a talent

  21. Rutuja Sakpal

    Rutuja Sakpal10 days ago

    I see a great deal of Katherine Heigl in her. The same behaviour and mannerisms.

  22. Maria Navarro

    Maria Navarro12 days ago

    I love the aesthetic of this video

  23. Hannah Bug

    Hannah Bug12 days ago

    Kendall is the best kardashian hands down

  24. Pinky princess Diamond

    Pinky princess Diamond12 days ago

    She is the only kardashian i like

  25. Black Wolf

    Black Wolf13 days ago

    My name is Kendall and my bday is 3 days after hers 😄

  26. Layla Ojibwa

    Layla Ojibwa14 days ago

    Everyone saying that she is the “best and most normal” Kardashian but people always forget that she can be very rude

  27. βικτωρια κ7

    βικτωρια κ711 days ago

    So what? We all can be very rude at times even if we don't mean to...

  28. babychild42

    babychild4214 days ago

    I honestly think she is the more fun and honest than her her whole family 😎

  29. Rashid OMAR

    Rashid OMAR15 days ago

    2019 anyone???????????

  30. BapeGenuis YT

    BapeGenuis YT15 days ago

    Imagine if Kylie was to hold the animal.

  31. Rashid OMAR

    Rashid OMAR16 days ago

    Did anyone notice that when she put the lipstick it looked like she was gonna eat it

  32. Annoying person

    Annoying person17 days ago

    I am a simple person: if I see a sloth in the thumbnail....I’m gonna watch it

  33. Leonardo Dicaprrio fans

    Leonardo Dicaprrio fans17 days ago



    IAS IN 10 SECONDS18 days ago

    She draws better than me.

  35. Nicki Bella

    Nicki Bella19 days ago

    D Kendall Jenner is so beautiful and she still look good in any outfits

  36. Lidia Serrano

    Lidia Serrano21 day ago

    I love the this

  37. Maria. Begum

    Maria. Begum21 day ago

    She'd never eaten a dragon fruit? Well, I guess that just gives me the chance to boast about the 3 whole ones I ate last night. They were the purple ones though.

  38. Ez mell

    Ez mell21 day ago

    I love her outfits 😍😍

  39. Isabel Fornos

    Isabel Fornos21 day ago

    If I tried putting makeup on with no mirror I would look terrible 😂

  40. Bruno The Expert

    Bruno The Expert22 days ago

    Am I the only one who notice how much times she changed clothes?

  41. Annie Balkan

    Annie Balkan22 days ago

    What's the song

  42. •Møøň•

    •Møøň•22 days ago

    Kendall is *LITTERALLY* only the normal family member of the Kardashians

  43. Ines Fernandes

    Ines Fernandes23 days ago

    Love the way she always changes her outfit lol

  44. kalpesh gandhi

    kalpesh gandhi23 days ago

    0.47 "Maestro"... Epic 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Rectify Own

    Rectify Own24 days ago

    Kendall Jenner's Personal Photos

  46. Camila Fierro

    Camila Fierro25 days ago

    Kendall is one of the good people

  47. Bushra Ahmad

    Bushra Ahmad26 days ago

    I just smile throughout the video She's love😘

  48. Gacha Phoebe

    Gacha Phoebe26 days ago

    What’s a face flex thingy

  49. Nofil Atiq

    Nofil Atiq27 days ago

    Do this with Priyanka Chopra

  50. kokie bb

    kokie bb27 days ago

    who else fav. is kendall

  51. Yall know wath is good

    Yall know wath is good28 days ago

    0:05 I forgot wath the name of this animal and it looks so cute wath is the name