Kendall Jenner Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


  1. Ria Sunny

    Ria Sunny44 minutes ago

    This is so amazing 😂

  2. Aimee Oswald

    Aimee OswaldHour ago

    I am sosososososo jealous of her- I wanna be best friends with that sloth!!!!!! 😭😭😭

  3. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach2 hours ago

    The sloth is so cute

  4. Ava Hauptmann

    Ava Hauptmann2 hours ago

    0:42 she looks like Alissa violet

  5. Erin Tierney

    Erin Tierney4 hours ago

    She’s never drawn a self portrait?

  6. Nya Brown

    Nya Brown5 hours ago

    My name is serynity

  7. Irene Theratil

    Irene Theratil6 hours ago

    Anyone know the song?

  8. Eilidh Dudgeon 1

    Eilidh Dudgeon 111 hours ago

    Mendel Jenner did put make up on before

  9. A-Shift Drawings

    A-Shift DrawingsDay ago

    She’s the only fun one After Chris!!!

  10. Julian Nancy Chan

    Julian Nancy ChanDay ago

    A SLOTH!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  11. NesaFashion Channel

    NesaFashion ChannelDay ago

  12. Frost

    FrostDay ago


  13. Frost

    FrostDay ago

    i love that kendall is actually genuine, i love it so much.

  14. clendy climb123 456

    clendy climb123 4562 days ago

    I'm Kendall Jenner I got a vagina I'm gonna explore that right now I'm gonna learn.holt shis I got a vagina

  15. Reagan McGehee

    Reagan McGehee2 days ago

    My favorite Jenner is Kendall 💜😂 My favorite kardashian is kourtney

  16. Fortnite Super God

    Fortnite Super God2 days ago


  17. Jen O'Flaherty

    Jen O'Flaherty2 days ago

    Awe she was cool. A great sport, meaning she was up for anything given. Really like her now, hope she is really like that. Xxxx

  18. Laura Špůrková

    Laura Špůrková2 days ago

    Kendall looks like Kylie

  19. pink-unicorn sparkle

    pink-unicorn sparkle2 days ago

    Favourite from KUWTK

  20. RIP Luna

    RIP Luna2 days ago

    The sloth is sooo cute!!

  21. Zeynep Gamze Çetin

    Zeynep Gamze Çetin3 days ago

    Kız kendall önce yiğenine bak biraz Kylie peşinden koşup duruyo

  22. Gacha Editz

    Gacha Editz3 days ago

    _She's the only real jenner here_

  23. puppy plays

    puppy plays3 days ago

    I can play violin

  24. Mya Hovland

    Mya Hovland4 days ago

    Kendall is the best one

  25. Goran Jekic

    Goran Jekic4 days ago

    0:44 _Why Did She _*_Gasp_*

  26. NickiLondon VEVO

    NickiLondon VEVO4 days ago

    She is definitely the nicest and my fave

  27. Lucia Miranda

    Lucia Miranda5 days ago

    Name song???

  28. Bleached As Bro

    Bleached As Bro5 days ago

    The sloth is actually *me*

  29. Reef

    Reef5 days ago

    The only Kardashian with no controversy Love her and gigi

  30. Brayden Mulqueen

    Brayden Mulqueen6 days ago


  31. Tofufan121 - My videos might be boring

    Tofufan121 - My videos might be boring6 days ago

    OMG I WANT THE SLOTH FRIEND!!!!!!!! And WHY DOESN’TSHE LIKE DRAGON FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!???????????????

  32. Nora Johnson

    Nora Johnson6 days ago

    She’s seems so much nicer than I thought

  33. Aafiya Ansari

    Aafiya Ansari7 days ago

    The only one whom i love among jenner/kardashian

  34. Syd Ye

    Syd Ye8 days ago

    NOOOOOOO!!!! ME WANT THE SLOTH!!!!!! She’s me favorite out of the Kardashian’s tho lol

  35. LukeIsChilling

    LukeIsChilling8 days ago

    1:23 she didn't even make it. 😂🏀🏀

  36. Jorgina Ang

    Jorgina Ang8 days ago

    Anyone else offended she didn't like dragon fruit

  37. Bylyn Lewis

    Bylyn Lewis9 days ago

    Kendall is weird

  38. laini bounou

    laini bounou9 days ago

    dites à kani west de se calamer un avec tailleur swi

  39. feel low

    feel low9 days ago

    So... she's never made a bestfriend is what I'm getting here..?

  40. Mia 345

    Mia 3459 days ago


  41. N Glass

    N Glass9 days ago


  42. Lynn Inspirational

    Lynn Inspirational10 days ago

    This was cute!!

  43. Bridie Mccarron

    Bridie Mccarron10 days ago

    I love sloths

  44. Emily Herrera

    Emily Herrera11 days ago

    She makes anything look amazing

  45. Blue Aqua

    Blue Aqua11 days ago


  46. Tori Palios

    Tori Palios11 days ago

    Kendall’s my favourite 💞

  47. charlie Nolan

    charlie Nolan12 days ago



    MARMELLOW LOVER 8.912 days ago


  49. Cerita Farjannah

    Cerita Farjannah12 days ago

    The only members of kardashian that I like 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  50. ascended dude

    ascended dude12 days ago

    Literally not changing the make up and costume for 1 video

  51. Conrad Zak

    Conrad Zak12 days ago

    Sometimesi tuink Kendall is the nicest

  52. Lois Loves Cheese

    Lois Loves Cheese12 days ago

    Her walk is amazing

  53. Cali Piglet

    Cali Piglet13 days ago

    I love the music, outfits, and feel of the video! So aesthetic!

  54. Sidra Khokhar

    Sidra Khokhar13 days ago

    0:18 Hahaha favourite part😂😂

  55. ilayda koz

    ilayda koz13 days ago

    Onedio yapmıştı bunu noluyo amk

  56. Tmares01

    Tmares0113 days ago

    she forgot about her shoulder pad ahhh lollll ilyyyy Kendallllll!!!

  57. Aisy. Nblh

    Aisy. Nblh13 days ago

    Kendall looks like a normal people.. She isn't too bad, she's cute and pretty. and a bit mature

  58. Phoebe Dolom

    Phoebe Dolom13 days ago

    I just notice that she looks like Alissa Violet 😂

  59. Prince Michael aaron'sanimals

    Prince Michael aaron'sanimals13 days ago

    the song is really relaxing


    MR. CLOWN GAMER14 days ago

    0:58 well thts me when im drawing .

  61. kim Sein

    kim Sein15 days ago

    She's the only kardashian/jenner that i love the most

  62. Marivic Aivie Pangilinan

    Marivic Aivie Pangilinan15 days ago

    The background song made the video better💕

  63. Brooke Hall

    Brooke Hall16 days ago

    Ok but what was she wearing when doing the slam dunk???

  64. Prince Michael aaron'sanimals

    Prince Michael aaron'sanimals16 days ago


  65. Carla Starchild

    Carla Starchild17 days ago

    she seems normal ish

  66. Nobody

    Nobody17 days ago

    0:49 every 6th grader in music class

  67. I stan the seven idiots who changed my life

    I stan the seven idiots who changed my life17 days ago

    Love her🔥🖤

  68. Melanie Martinez

    Melanie Martinez18 days ago

    Dragon fruit is good

  69. Analise Lawrence

    Analise Lawrence18 days ago

    Kendall is literally my idol she’s my favorite

  70. Emily Adames

    Emily Adames19 days ago

    so at 0:47 she says " My stro" I dont know how to spell it . But any Phantom of the opera fans picturing Carlotta saying this lmao

  71. Queen

    Queen19 days ago

    I can't watch anything including her anymore because of the freaky friday music video

  72. Tanissha Rameswaran

    Tanissha Rameswaran19 days ago

    Kendal is very different compared to the other Kardashians..she doesn’t focus on having big butt or boobs..she’s so neutral like if you agree

  73. totoy savage

    totoy savage20 days ago

    Nice nice nice

  74. Shane Goyala

    Shane Goyala20 days ago

    Wow! Slamdunk in heels, so that means she plays basketball!

  75. Elvin Rivera

    Elvin Rivera20 days ago

    Did they just try and say Kendall had never applied make-up or tried on 3 outfits before?????????????????????

  76. RareMaddyTheChicken

    RareMaddyTheChicken20 days ago

    I started to cringe, at 0:48 because I play viola ;-;

  77. Destiny Benigno

    Destiny Benigno21 day ago

    I love Kendall kardashian jenner

  78. Ally CakeYT

    Ally CakeYT21 day ago

    Sloths so cute and friendly

  79. Serene Dreams

    Serene Dreams21 day ago

    *_My name is Serenity-_*

  80. Twilight Bella Edward

    Twilight Bella Edward21 day ago


  81. yaya gre

    yaya gre21 day ago

    She so cute ❤

  82. LukeIsChilling

    LukeIsChilling22 days ago

    Why is she always so happy.

  83. Citrofortunella

    Citrofortunella23 days ago

    the sloth was the best part of this video

  84. Dogon Backwards

    Dogon Backwards23 days ago

    I love her so much

  85. Definisteve!

    Definisteve!23 days ago

    You are cute jeans

  86. Eren Jaeger

    Eren Jaeger23 days ago

    2:00 uoppa gangam style is back

  87. Olivia

    Olivia24 days ago

    The only girl in that family I like because she actually has a good job.

  88. Episode story time

    Episode story time25 days ago

    I think she must try to don’t make drama...

  89. Shawn Johnson

    Shawn Johnson25 days ago

    What’s the song in the background ?!?

  90. Queen.Marlina 121

    Queen.Marlina 12125 days ago


  91. No thanks B

    No thanks B25 days ago

    I love the whole vibe of this video

  92. Feride Hesenli

    Feride Hesenli25 days ago


  93. Natasha Hockins

    Natasha Hockins26 days ago

    may i ask what kind of animal is that?

  94. automaticchic

    automaticchic26 days ago

    Make a new best friend??

  95. Jábi Martinez

    Jábi Martinez26 days ago

    Fvdge. Now i'm 100% gayyy 🌈 She's so beautiful and for me she's the only kardashians I likeee. 💖

  96. Raven

    Raven27 days ago

    Kendall is the only one I like....

  97. Annho 2

    Annho 228 days ago

    Kendall I can help you with the vilon

  98. Ashley S

    Ashley S28 days ago

    She looks so nice

  99. Hetty Feather

    Hetty Feather28 days ago

    The only normal one

  100. Pouty Jungkook

    Pouty Jungkook28 days ago

    0:58 she is taller than the canvas so she is trying to adjust her height lmao