Kendall Jenner Tries 9 Things She's Never Tried Before | Allure


  1. Allison McCullough

    Allison McCullough2 days ago

    Is there any reason she has different outfit for every challenge.

  2. abster_ _maskill

    abster_ _maskill2 days ago

    I'd love to be/make friends with a sloth 😍😍

  3. Burning Axe

    Burning Axe3 days ago

    the only kardashian that is A GOOD PERSON

  4. Gui neapig

    Gui neapig3 days ago

    She actually seems alright compared to the others

  5. reerahmanoodles

    reerahmanoodles4 days ago

    omigod ik how to play minuet :) lol

  6. E Stormer

    E Stormer4 days ago

    She's beautiful but some American people hate her!! Cause they're thinking that she's in industry for her Royal family but look👆 her beauty carefully and slowly then you'll be understood what's she.i love her better than myself.❤❤❤❤

  7. Lara

    Lara4 days ago

    She not very beautiful. 😒

  8. imprenoor

    imprenoor5 days ago

    i wish allure would make more of these kind of videos !! its so entertaining

  9. Madison overton

    Madison overton6 days ago

    Out of all the Kardashians\ Jenner's. I think Kendall is the prettiest and nicest. I don't think she's very rude. Love you Kendall! ❤️❤️

  10. giu lia

    giu lia6 days ago

    I love when she says 'MAESTRO'

  11. blue person

    blue person6 days ago

    I thought she said she hates the trend if WHITE SHOES?

  12. Milo Burrage

    Milo Burrage7 days ago


  13. Sav SSO

    Sav SSO9 days ago

    0:49. I am triggered

  14. Allison Slone

    Allison Slone10 days ago

    I'm not a fan of her, but there's no denying the fact that she is beautiful.

  15. Allf Hsnn

    Allf Hsnn11 days ago

    Love ya kendall

  16. Huy Dang

    Huy Dang11 days ago

    Jenner had a happy face 😁

  17. Katie Lajune

    Katie Lajune12 days ago

    I want a sloth!!!!

  18. MC King-Minecraft

    MC King-Minecraft12 days ago

    And then you realize Kylie Jenner is her sister.

  19. Isabel La catolica

    Isabel La catolica13 days ago

    Jajaja ! Me encanta kendall...Es muy graciosa y original

  20. Insha Ismail

    Insha Ismail14 days ago

    I really love Kendall. I think she is a great person but one problem, She dated my Harry Styles ❤️ (Oh who am I kidding I haven’t even met him yet..😭)

  21. Aesthetic Roblox Gamer

    Aesthetic Roblox Gamer16 days ago

    That thumbnail tho 😂

  22. Johanna Shin

    Johanna Shin16 days ago

    Kendall's wearing a new outfit every time

  23. jocie Luna

    jocie Luna16 days ago

    My favorite ❤️

  24. Nicolas Medina

    Nicolas Medina17 days ago

    Take that little violin/ take that little egg

  25. Athena Amethyst

    Athena Amethyst17 days ago

    I like Kendall more that Kylie

  26. Daniel Cadaval Sanchez

    Daniel Cadaval Sanchez17 days ago

    I now haw to play minuet 3 of bach

  27. Olivia Sainz-Maza Fernández

    Olivia Sainz-Maza Fernández20 days ago

    So cute

  28. Kayra N

    Kayra N21 day ago

    Out of all the Kardashians and Jenner's I like Kendall Jenner the most.

  29. Itz. Heather

    Itz. Heather21 day ago

    This is the only Kardashian I fell in love with😍😍😍♥️♥️

  30. Amazing Ag

    Amazing Ag11 days ago

    Itz. Heather she’s a jenner

  31. Papi Like

    Papi Like22 days ago

    I clicked for the sloth

  32. Mariah Kelly

    Mariah Kelly24 days ago

    I just loveeeeeee her personality sooooooooo dang muchhhhh😍😍😍😍💜💜💜

  33. 20little mixer18

    20little mixer1824 days ago

    I want a sloth bff... :(

  34. Joeys Brother

    Joeys Brother25 days ago

    Song - Crazy Now Aerial East

  35. Giuly ;p

    Giuly ;p26 days ago

    0:47 italiani dove sieteeee🤣💙💛

  36. I'm not a tortilla

    I'm not a tortilla27 days ago

    I hope your not keeping that sloth captive. They may keep a cute smile but it doesn't mean they like being in captivity. You should research whether it's a good pet because the sloths like being pets, not because you want that pet.

  37. Rastko Pajic

    Rastko Pajic27 days ago


  38. lara stone

    lara stone27 days ago

    She is awesome

  39. Dolly Aleman

    Dolly Aleman28 days ago

    She will be such a good mom 🤩👍🏻👌

  40. Ashie Dee

    Ashie Dee28 days ago

    um i can't walk in heels. how did she do stiletto's?

  41. Haruka Woozworld

    Haruka Woozworld28 days ago

    At the basketball part tho.. Me: Kendall, shouldn’t you be wearing something more appropriate? Sneakers are a better choice than heels. *She slam dunks* Me: Or not..

  42. IAmAClouisShipper FromTwdg

    IAmAClouisShipper FromTwdg28 days ago

    Her self portrait was kinda good

  43. T.B.N.C Stúdió

    T.B.N.C Stúdió28 days ago

    Kendall ❤️❤️❤️

  44. M. R. M A Y

    M. R. M A Y29 days ago

    That sloth is creepy

  45. Sara Aurora Camacho

    Sara Aurora Camacho29 days ago


  46. Kelly Kelly

    Kelly KellyMonth ago

    She is the most tolerable Kardashian/Jenner

  47. Queen Peridot Alysha

    Queen Peridot AlyshaMonth ago

    That's a big sloth but really cute

  48. Aubrey Hardwick

    Aubrey HardwickMonth ago

    I like kourtny and Kendall

  49. m& m

    m& mMonth ago

    Luckiest sloth in the world

  50. jbrunsj

    jbrunsjMonth ago

    So? I wonder what is her talent

  51. Aayushee Khanna

    Aayushee KhannaMonth ago

    What is the background music?

  52. ghina alwaqfi

    ghina alwaqfiMonth ago

    Kendall jenner looks like alissa voilet lol

  53. Claudia Gouge

    Claudia GougeMonth ago

    That sloth is so cute!!!

  54. Vanessa Farrow

    Vanessa FarrowMonth ago

    The sloth is so CUTE

  55. lilly slime

    lilly slimeMonth ago

    omg sloth my favourite

  56. Elsa Bodyell

    Elsa BodyellMonth ago

    I want a sloth

  57. Irene Jackson

    Irene JacksonMonth ago

    I am only 11 and I am better at art and musical instruments than her

  58. Mini Titan

    Mini TitanMonth ago

    I really like the background music its so calm and soothing

  59. Jennifer Baldini

    Jennifer Baldini21 day ago

    becoase kendal is the best/ calmest kardashin/jenner

  60. Nerissa Iloilo

    Nerissa IloiloMonth ago

    What is a facial flur actually supposed to do? 😂

  61. Kerri Moraine

    Kerri MoraineMonth ago

    She changes her outfit for each one.

  62. unicornlover 555

    unicornlover 555Month ago

    What happened to the lipstick at 1:34

  63. NesaFashion Channel

    NesaFashion ChannelMonth ago Online Shopping

  64. Jiya Shah

    Jiya ShahMonth ago

    She's gorgeous

  65. Duskripper

    DuskripperMonth ago

    Just here for the sloth

  66. Mariana Evangelina

    Mariana EvangelinaMonth ago

    Ever since she was a child.....perfection😗😗😗😗😗

  67. Una mamma in UK

    Una mamma in UKMonth ago

    She looks gorgeous 😍

  68. Shamir Brown

    Shamir BrownMonth ago

    I’m straight with Kendall Jenner 😎😎💥💥💥💥💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  69. Star

    StarMonth ago

    I Like Kendall Only

  70. xxAJSGxx Ohno

    xxAJSGxx OhnoMonth ago

    Wow lucky.... She gets to take a pic with a sloth

  71. Braylin Fox

    Braylin FoxMonth ago

    I’m in loveee wit dat sloth tho 😍😍

  72. Jothi RAVIDURAI

    Jothi RAVIDURAIMonth ago

    Try the same with Ellen DeGeneres

  73. gigi

    gigiMonth ago

    What’s this song?

  74. kenny Iñiguez

    kenny IñiguezMonth ago

    Maestro 😂

  75. Jovanna

    JovannaMonth ago

    I just came for the sloth.

  76. DayDay Xox

    DayDay XoxMonth ago

    " Nobody needs anything *everybodys beautiful* "

  77. Ferri Agus

    Ferri AgusMonth ago

    Told ya', she have talents ;)

  78. Richard Arca

    Richard ArcaMonth ago

    How dare she hate on meh Asian fruit

  79. pOoPaLoOpA sneeze

    pOoPaLoOpA sneezeMonth ago

    She is cute ..

  80. Kumud Mainani

    Kumud MainaniMonth ago

    Did anyone notice that she wore a different outfit for every challenge

  81. Hayley Pearsall

    Hayley PearsallMonth ago

    Only good thing about this was the sloth ♥️

  82. its ricco tho fan edit

    its ricco tho fan editMonth ago

    She's so cute😂😍😍😍

  83. Jesu Sode

    Jesu SodeMonth ago

    I keep watching all the vids of "Try New Things" and I love the concept

  84. *-Slay-* :3

    *-Slay-* :3Month ago


  85. dani

    daniMonth ago

    i love how this is the most "fancy" out of all the other 9 things videos

  86. Lujain Here

    Lujain HereMonth ago

    From where did they get a sloth

  87. Icy Fury

    Icy FuryMonth ago

    Dragon friut is delicious! Especially the white kind. I also like the purple kind but not as much

  88. Emma

    Emma2 months ago

    Maestro? Ahahh ti adoro

  89. CoCo And Felicia

    CoCo And Felicia2 months ago

    I see sloth I click

  90. Imane I

    Imane I2 months ago

    The 3 outfits at the end : 💖

  91. Onlygodcanjudgeme 222

    Onlygodcanjudgeme 2222 months ago

    She is so cute

  92. Rina Miteva

    Rina Miteva2 months ago

    What's the song at the beginning

  93. Agus Morales

    Agus Morales2 months ago

    She is my favorite Jenner/kardashian

  94. Gacha Poofles

    Gacha Poofles2 months ago

    I wish I was a sloth

  95. Melody M-Gacha

    Melody M-Gacha2 months ago

    The only Kardashian/Jennee I like

  96. nat

    nat2 months ago

    well she likes dragon fruit, she shared it a lot on her insta story

  97. Razeuky

    Razeuky2 months ago

    the most genuine kardashians

  98. Juli colani

    Juli colani2 months ago

    "Maestro" jajajajajaja

  99. Hannah Veroy

    Hannah Veroy2 months ago

    Yep, she legit used lipstick to color the lips in the portrait.

  100. jgkk Utted

    jgkk Utted2 months ago


  101. jgkk Utted

    jgkk Utted2 months ago


  102. Ani Danailova Covasa

    Ani Danailova Covasa2 months ago

    when she said "maestro" hahahaha,she's so cute