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Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life [Official Video]


  1. Vittoria Holzworth

    Vittoria Holzworth21 hour ago

    Love her and her amazing voice ❤️

  2. Isaac Counterman

    Isaac CountermanDay ago

    I am soo amazed that you've not let popularity get to you... you are still the same humble girl I mat when you were 20 auditioning for AGT... you have my total respect!!! keep it up~

  3. Isaac Counterman

    Isaac CountermanDay ago

    P.S. I think you are absolutely GORGEOUS, THIN, PREGNANT, or just cause of life! in every form of you, you are AMAZING!!!

  4. Isaac Counterman

    Isaac CountermanDay ago

    I think this is one of your greatest songs... I have not that person, yet... but you give me hope... I love your voice! you are amazing!!!

  5. Russell Acree

    Russell Acree2 days ago

    At least Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood know how God wants them to use their talents and they both were truly blessed to have an awesome career in making music.

  6. Vivians World19

    Vivians World193 days ago

    Love it.😘who else came from the voice

  7. thank god for lesbian shippers

    thank god for lesbian shippers4 days ago

    I love this song so much!! Kelly is the QUEEN! So underrated. That walk beginning at 3:19 then at the end was sexy af. ;)

  8. hanane hanane

    hanane hanane9 days ago

    Amazing song but why underrated?? I don't know what's happening to this world???It's becoming more and more weird Kelly Clarkson is the best

  9. Petros Georgiadis

    Petros Georgiadis9 days ago


  10. Samira Garzon

    Samira Garzon10 days ago

    Me fascinó perdidamente este video, ese jazz blues, ese saxo, esos bajos, esa increíble voz, sus movimientos tan elegantes al cantar, la letra, ufff, todooooo,, nadavulgaridad. Excelencia pura!!!. Me encanta

  11. Gingersnap Productions

    Gingersnap Productions11 days ago

    Now I know what the meaning of life is.

  12. Ott Gavras

    Ott Gavras12 days ago


  13. Felicia Castle

    Felicia Castle12 days ago

    This song is so good I love it

  14. Andrea Hayes

    Andrea Hayes13 days ago

    Love her music her soulful songs are what you need in your life

  15. Alisha Abraham

    Alisha Abraham13 days ago

    Her voice as well as style have definitely matured

  16. lisa ronan

    lisa ronan13 days ago

    I saw her last night in Boston. Was a great concert .ppl always say that they sound different live. Nope not her she's awesome.i wish I had once ounce of her talent. Not to mention her sense of humor is just like mine.

  17. Lilith Encoded

    Lilith Encoded13 days ago

    Kelly's so banggin in this; love how confidant she is

  18. Joseph Smyth

    Joseph Smyth16 days ago

    Such a profound music video filled with esoteric knowledge and this is so beautiful to watch. There are several music videos from Kelly with occult ( hidden) knowledge in them if you can truly see it, not everyone will

  19. Ott Gavras

    Ott Gavras18 days ago

    Love this song

  20. Kiersten Kelly

    Kiersten Kelly21 day ago

    I love her video it's so good

  21. Natasha September

    Natasha September27 days ago

    Love !!!!!

  22. The Striplins

    The Striplins29 days ago

    See you tomorrow in STL big sis!


    BARRY BROWNMonth ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG.......................

  24. asen simeonov

    asen simeonovMonth ago

    Asen. Ripkata.simeonov@gmil asen. Ripkata.simeonov@gmil

  25. Giuseppe Moscarelli

    Giuseppe MoscarelliMonth ago

  26. lunablu

    lunabluMonth ago

    That saunter up the stairs tho😍

  27. Dessa vez irei opinar

    Dessa vez irei opinarMonth ago


  28. LavenderPixie

    LavenderPixieMonth ago

    Too underrated. It’s so sad that she is :(

  29. Adele Outsold

    Adele OutsoldMonth ago

    I love he head voice part at the end. She’s just too iconic. What did we do to deserve her?

  30. Benley

    BenleyMonth ago


  31. andn25

    andn25Month ago

    Agreed. The vocals on this album was fire!

  32. Marie eme

    Marie emeMonth ago

    I love it

  33. Marie eme

    Marie emeMonth ago


  34. אסתר וינברגר

    אסתר וינברגרMonth ago

    Pure art! This is the true kelly , you did it! And you so deserved it! You amazing ! I admire the way you been through, and the women you become ❤️

  35. Caleb Leamond

    Caleb LeamondMonth ago

    She’s such a strong and independent woman. She is my role model! Her voice is as beautiful as her, so I hope she never doubts herself. She was right when she said “I ain’t no girl/I’m a boss with orders”. Stay strong and please continue making these songs. You’re so inspirational to me!

  36. Jorge Villalobos

    Jorge VillalobosMonth ago

    You’re winning that Grammy! 😉

  37. Luu Aragão

    Luu AragãoMonth ago

    The only one from AMERICAN IDOL who rise up!

  38. Paulo Rodrigo

    Paulo RodrigoMonth ago

    Damn, this girl is insane.

  39. jayna kim

    jayna kimMonth ago

    This is angelic

  40. Chris Alberto

    Chris AlbertoMonth ago

    Such a great song, and kelly looks amazing. She is truly the best and in my american idol, she is consistently putting out great album great album. And she puts on a great show and sounds amazing still singing live. Congrats and good job to you, Kelly Clarkson, for your continued success, you really are an inspiration.

  41. Ericka Crosby

    Ericka CrosbyMonth ago

    Can wait for her concert

  42. Saint Perth

    Saint PerthMonth ago

    wait no GRAMMY for KELLY for Vocal Performance??? Even PINK...the song is good and the video awesome..

  43. vikkihottie55

    vikkihottie55Month ago

    If I was lucky to have had a younger sister, I would choose Kelly~But I was born to have an evil older sister~~I would love to have someone like Kelly for a sis~~She has it all~~I mean all~~Personality, caring, loving, etc...She is such a beautiful person in every way possible~~~Let's not forget her awesome voice~~I seen her in concert a a while back and she is so great the way she interacts with her audience~~She is so sweet and funny~~I said she would win from the first time I saw her Idol~~I said, this girl is gonna win~~My gut never lies~~She's too awesome for words~~

  44. Zubin Gulati

    Zubin GulatiMonth ago

    You show me the meaning of Life! You Oh, My Beautiful Wife! You Showed Me Love! So Close to the Truth, So Far Above! You show me the meaning of Life! You Oh, My Beautiful Wife! You Showed Me Love! So Close to the Truth, So Far Above! May it be a Grammy Winner All the Way!

  45. TheLivingLemon!

    TheLivingLemon!Month ago

    The tour was so fun! She came back better than ever within 3 years. Beautiful voice, and just beautiful in general.

  46. raphie tras87

    raphie tras87Month ago

    I’m glad shes not in RCA anymore because they have been putting her in some shit

  47. Qobamo Q

    Qobamo QMonth ago

    Ordinary guy like me can only do is to press the LIKE button 😎

  48. Gabe Segura

    Gabe SeguraMonth ago

    It's a dream to see her in concert. I just wish I had the money 😭 I love this song and this woman to death !

  49. FitnessFreak

    FitnessFreak2 months ago

    This is HANDS DOWN one of her best songs!!! This should of been given a full single release!!! It makes me mad that Kelly is not selling albums like Adele!!! So underrated!!!

  50. Lilly Weber

    Lilly Weber2 months ago

    Hey Kelly!! I'm so excited to go see you on tour! It's my first concert! Me and my mom love you so much!!!

  51. Emily Mroz

    Emily Mroz2 months ago


  52. Michael Maciel

    Michael Maciel2 months ago

    A Kelly deveria fazer mais sucesso. Uma voz incrível e um álbum maravilhoso.

  53. Ott Gavras

    Ott Gavras2 months ago

    Can’t stop listening (Heat) ❤️👍🏻

  54. Marcin Modrzewski

    Marcin Modrzewski2 months ago

    Come pls

  55. Richard Meister

    Richard Meister2 months ago

    I don’t think Kelly is underrated. Everyone who knows her knows that she has an incredible voice and how talented she is. But the point is that especially the younger generations don’t even know her. I think that’s why she seems "underrated" without many views on her music videos. She just has to present herself more to the younger generations. And by young I mean kids and teens.

  56. Soha Mufti

    Soha Mufti2 months ago

    wigs found in the black hole

  57. Uaau Udue

    Uaau Udue2 months ago

    kelly i really love ur voice and i want u to be on the top as allways LOVE UH MA QUEEN

  58. Ott Gavras

    Ott Gavras2 months ago

    I love this song Kelly...✌🏻💐

  59. MzCrysEliz

    MzCrysEliz2 months ago

    Kelly got soul!

  60. Mirabell Rowland

    Mirabell Rowland2 months ago

    I love Kelly's music and some her songs are soo relatable 2:55 little river is too cute like if you agree :) 3:00 3:06 soo cute #mommymoments

  61. hoibsh

    hoibsh2 months ago

    Tell me the meaning of wife, wife, wife, wife. Loik wut she talkin bout?

  62. Ahmad Mardene

    Ahmad Mardene2 months ago

    First love you 😍 but the music is not good for the song 😐


    NANCY MWANGI2 months ago

    This views are soo heartbreaking, y'all this is an icon

  64. frinch boy

    frinch boy2 months ago

    هل من عرب هنا?

  65. Gregory Alban

    Gregory Alban2 months ago

    Why doesn't this get more play time.

  66. Transport 4 Seniors

    Transport 4 Seniors2 months ago

    What a powerhouse!!!

  67. Dawn Bandy

    Dawn Bandy2 months ago

    I absolutely love this song. Applies to my life in every way right now. After being in a horrible relationship, i didn't think i would ever fall in love again..but i have been proven wrong and it feels amazing.

  68. True North Herbals

    True North Herbals2 months ago

    Love her walking up those stairs at the end. #swagger

  69. Charlotte Santermans

    Charlotte Santermans2 months ago


  70. María Cecilia Muñiz-Cubano

    María Cecilia Muñiz-Cubano2 months ago

    2:53 Love her dresses!! Anyway, ever since I bought the CD, I've listened to it like every day and I LOVE IT!! I've listened to her songs forever and I love the old one just as much as I love the new vibes. LOVE YOU KELLY! And great job on The Voice! 😎

  71. Dr Beetus

    Dr Beetus2 months ago

    1.4k people didn’t know the meaning of life

  72. Diego Avila

    Diego Avila2 months ago

    Damn it I feel like she's underrated her voice has so much texture and she can go from soft to full to belt to soul so well she really is one of the best!



    346 Kelly Clarkson - Meaning of Life

  74. Descendants 1 , 2 and 3 Channel

    Descendants 1 , 2 and 3 Channel3 months ago

    Love her voice, her vocals are amazing. Going to this consert in 2019, February 1st, with kelsea Ballereini.... Going to be awsome!!!!😊😀😊

  75. Danielle Loveall

    Danielle Loveall3 months ago

    I rock this in my car,my kid it tied of the song 😂😂

  76. Ott Gavras

    Ott Gavras3 months ago


  77. Gregory França

    Gregory França3 months ago

    Tá aí, uma cantora que devia ser mais reconhecida..!

  78. Gregory França

    Gregory França3 months ago

    Cade os Br?

  79. ꧁Talking Shit꧂

    ꧁Talking Shit꧂3 months ago

    *Legend never die*

  80. Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال3 months ago

    Underrated af !

  81. Angeline Bena

    Angeline Bena3 months ago

    I will constantly add comments even though I will be constantly ignored

  82. Cappizzi 808

    Cappizzi 8083 months ago

    Amazing Song

  83. Silvio Magno

    Silvio Magno3 months ago

    Love U!!

  84. Michael Gonzales

    Michael Gonzales3 months ago


  85. Houssein Hassan

    Houssein Hassan3 months ago

    I sleep this song at night.

  86. Jodi Geltmacher

    Jodi Geltmacher3 months ago

    Kellie please check out dear daughter by halestorm meaning full song for our young ones today. I think you will love it for you children son or daughter

  87. Leidi Anny

    Leidi Anny3 months ago

    I'm gay now,thanks bb

  88. sekhar chittis

    sekhar chittis3 months ago

    Superb choreography

  89. Yaya's Journey

    Yaya's Journey3 months ago

    I always liked her music but damn this chick killed this album, she came back hard and I love how she is not letting the entertainment world have a say on her figure, she looks great and sounds freaking amazing on this album...💖...Great job Kelly your vocals are phenomenal on this album...💥

  90. Mauro M.

    Mauro M.3 months ago

    sabia que iria ser indicado ao grammy😍😍😍😍😍

  91. Lynnda Larimer

    Lynnda Larimer3 months ago

    Kelly, because you are so inspiring, I’m going to show you the meaning of life. Google which website is in more languages than any other website (987). Enjoy my dear. 🌹

  92. Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift3 months ago

    Grammy ❤❤❤

  93. Mauro M.

    Mauro M.3 months ago


  94. Luci Batsilva

    Luci Batsilva3 months ago

    grammy 2018

  95. Ott Gavras

    Ott Gavras3 months ago

    Love this ❤️🌹🙋🏼

  96. patmiras

    patmiras3 months ago

    Sooo Gooooood!!! Told the difference right away. You've put the heart and soul in your voice when singing. Great interpretation! Congrats!!! Finally one song I could listen to complete! Good video too

  97. Heather Norton

    Heather Norton3 months ago


  98. Gaming with smiley Ervin

    Gaming with smiley Ervin3 months ago

    God bless you

  99. Gaming with smiley Ervin

    Gaming with smiley Ervin3 months ago

    Good job

  100. Selem Medhane

    Selem Medhane3 months ago

    Have been obsessed with her since 15, can't wait to see her next year in concert ☺️❤️ She's as stunning as ever and chops are still amazing !!

  101. Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh3 months ago

    Kelly's voice is amazing

  102. Alex Moreira

    Alex Moreira3 months ago

    ART 🔥