Kardashian Vs West! Let's meet the teams! | Celebrity Family Feud


  1. Antonio Garcia

    Antonio Garcia4 hours ago

    Your mom die already Man Kanye That don’t count

  2. Antonio Garcia

    Antonio Garcia4 hours ago

    That have to sacrifice one Witch one One have to die

  3. Orange

    Orange7 hours ago

    85%: of the comments are about Kanye’s smile 15%: other

  4. Summer Time

    Summer Time8 hours ago

    shortest Family Feud I've ever seen, lol

  5. Jasmine Ford

    Jasmine Ford9 hours ago

    Why do I feel like those arent Kanye's real family members 😂😂😂

  6. apassion4fashion

    apassion4fashion10 hours ago

    So why did he ask all the black people what they do? But not the Kardashian aunt and johnathan? How awkward was his comment about moving out the hood I'm offended for them


    PHXNTXM13 hours ago


  8. Alien FromSpace

    Alien FromSpace14 hours ago

    Why did he assume Kanye grew up in the hood?

  9. Kai Mason

    Kai Mason17 hours ago

    So i wonder what cousin stole the laptop hmmm...

  10. thatdudeischuck

    thatdudeischuck17 hours ago

    which cousin stole the laptop?

  11. Olive Epee

    Olive Epee18 hours ago

    My cheeks hurt. I was smiling just cause Kanye was smiling. Everyone just looks so happy

  12. Ruth Nagarya

    Ruth Nagarya18 hours ago

    I really don't like Kim's hair blonde....she isn't that beautiful ...

  13. Judy Berends

    Judy Berends19 hours ago


  14. mr What it iss

    mr What it iss22 hours ago

    So many plastic surgeries

  15. J Warnsley

    J Warnsley23 hours ago

    Why them hoes n black

  16. Wilma Walker

    Wilma WalkerDay ago

    steve Harvey is absolutely pathetic, with that broken English, he sounds so ghetto. Pathetic.

  17. Wilma Walker

    Wilma WalkerDay ago

    these people will do anything for attention, and that simpleton Kanye is the worst of them all; she is getting to old to strut around nude, and he is getting to old for heavy duty concerts. anything to be relevant.

  18. Virtua Skimmer

    Virtua SkimmerDay ago

    I'm not sure what timeline we fell into but Kim and Kayne are awesome role models! Kayne 2024

  19. Jake Simmons

    Jake SimmonsDay ago

    Where’s Tristan

  20. Kevin Li

    Kevin LiDay ago

    Kanye's smile makes me think he's a robot

  21. Donna P

    Donna PDay ago

    I don't watch the KUWTK show so who is this Jonathon guy?

  22. Autumn Myers

    Autumn MyersDay ago

    They all are plastic looking... wow..... from their first season to now, so much has changed.

  23. Lisiate Samani

    Lisiate SamaniDay ago

    4:25 khloe really had to think on that one🤣

  24. Honey Dawson

    Honey DawsonDay ago

    Why isn’t Kylie there

  25. Diajay Welcome

    Diajay WelcomeDay ago

    Kanye seems off

  26. Caitlin Wolf

    Caitlin WolfDay ago

    Not 1 person on Kardashian side is actually a blood Kardashian. Kris is whatever her maiden name is by blood, Jenner by marriage. Kris mom is clearly not a Kardashian. Khloe real dad is Kris ex hairdresser. Kendall is a Jenner. And the rest clearly aren't...



    You are the best

  28. Astrologer Dawn

    Astrologer DawnDay ago

    Is Kayne high????? I've never even seen him smile, ever!!!! What did he take?

  29. Ach Raf

    Ach RafDay ago

    what episode/season is this ?

  30. Robin Frank-Brooks

    Robin Frank-BrooksDay ago

    Does anyone think the West "family" was hired?

  31. Elias Lundgren

    Elias LundgrenDay ago

    gotta have the feud!! haha

  32. Lee Montgomery

    Lee MontgomeryDay ago

    the fact Kendall is the highest paid supermodel of 2017 prove she have talent. The fact kayne west disrespect Taylor Swift prove Kayne west have no talent and he jealous of Taylor Swift great talent.

  33. Lee Montgomery

    Lee MontgomeryDay ago

    the fact Kendall is the highest paid supermodel of 2017 prove she have talent. The fact kayne west disrespect Taylor Swift prove Kayne west have no talent and he jealous of Taylor Swift great talent.

  34. ian is sad.

    ian is sad.Day ago

    oh wow kanye's family looks so lovely

  35. ツDaniella

    ツDaniellaDay ago

    Someone tell my why Jonathan is there when he’s not apart of any of their family 😂😂

  36. Real AMR

    Real AMRDay ago

    All people with no talent except Kanye

  37. clarice dulo

    clarice duloDay ago

    Kanye's got a beautiful smile.

  38. Narendra Balasekaran

    Narendra Balasekaran2 days ago

    Melt them all and you will get a tonne of plastic! Lol😊

  39. Digg IT network!

    Digg IT network!2 days ago


  40. DCCharged

    DCCharged2 days ago

    Kanye look so happy!!!

  41. Deyanira Soto

    Deyanira Soto2 days ago

    Kris discriminates her daughters as calling kylie jenner her beutiful daughter

  42. Princess Cookies

    Princess Cookies2 days ago


  43. Dyamond Nelson

    Dyamond Nelson2 days ago

    Where is Kylie?

  44. Zakwan Pathan

    Zakwan Pathan2 days ago

    So which one was the cousin who stole Kanye's laptop

  45. Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson2 days ago

    What is kim doing with a loser like kanye. After he cried like a little kid when ashton kutcher punk'd him I cant believe anyone takes him seriously.

  46. Ariana Grande And Katy Perry Fan Club

    Ariana Grande And Katy Perry Fan Club2 days ago

    R.I.P. Kylie and kourtney

  47. Emily Katherine

    Emily Katherine2 days ago

    I thought the rules were the contestants had to be related and there needs to be 5 people..... there’s 6 on one side (one who isn’t even related) and 4 on the other Are celeb family feud rules different?????

  48. Morgan Sapp

    Morgan Sapp2 days ago

    And what charity were the wests playing for? Hmm? Kim's fat relocation charity?

  49. Niki R

    Niki R2 days ago

    🙄 only here for Kanye and Steve 🤷

  50. Patrick DeMers

    Patrick DeMers2 days ago

    What an “odd” smile. A creepy vibe...

  51. Zi Zou

    Zi Zou2 days ago

    I don't know why Kanye's smile makes me feel uncomfortable...

  52. Darielle Woods

    Darielle Woods2 days ago

    Kayne is smiling so much just look at him!

  53. Gunforce55

    Gunforce552 days ago

    Team Flash vs Team Arrow, Team DC Legends of Tomorrow vs Agents of Shield


    KING SHAKE2 days ago

    Nice hams Kimmy Kakes!!!

  55. QueenMarie queen

    QueenMarie queen2 days ago

    Where is my girl Kylie ?? 😤😐

  56. Josh Ellison

    Josh Ellison2 days ago

    Remember now, Steve, slavery was a choice. Just like mental slavery today is a choice, which is chosen by white liberals for black Americans who don't know the difference between liberal and conservative. Glad you support the cause!

  57. Rissa Ceehart

    Rissa Ceehart2 days ago

    STEVE DON'T VEX/HEX yr Son with that Black Widow!#HeDontNEEDTHOSEProblemsinhisLIFE!

  58. Lucia-Maria Sandalovschi

    Lucia-Maria Sandalovschi2 days ago

    I still don't understand Jonathan's place

  59. FewRee

    FewRee2 days ago

    Fake people for fake audiences. Just fake off, you stupid faking people!

  60. Elizabeth Crain

    Elizabeth Crain2 days ago

    Holy crap! Kanye smiled!!

  61. smalla weyhey11

    smalla weyhey112 days ago

    lol kanye loving it, looks proud lmao.

  62. Evelyn Pearson

    Evelyn Pearson2 days ago

    assemble confess mom stable light coal planet network monthly

  63. Johanna Thomas

    Johanna Thomas2 days ago

    So watermelon

  64. V blaze

    V blaze3 days ago

    😂😂 I do whatever Kanye asks me to do I thought that was Kim's job

  65. Randee Mayo

    Randee Mayo3 days ago

    Steve has the worst laugh in show biz

  66. Anthony Ford

    Anthony Ford3 days ago

    American function compete hostage observe immigrant mask Muslim PC.

  67. Schelmidah Mongatane

    Schelmidah Mongatane3 days ago

    I love how he calls the women beautiful

  68. Gemini_ Bowers

    Gemini_ Bowers3 days ago

    And why is a woman named 'Chris' ???

  69. Gemini_ Bowers

    Gemini_ Bowers3 days ago

    My grandma gave birth to 11 kids

  70. lifestyles

    lifestyles3 days ago

    ok but where tf is Kylie

  71. J D

    J D3 days ago

    Nice to see them as somewhat normal people.

  72. JohnSpot

    JohnSpot3 days ago

    theres more silicone than flesh on this stage...

  73. Winston McGregor

    Winston McGregor3 days ago

    you people aer still making them relevant? so a kardashian just needs to open her legs to be an executive producer, while the average has to go through the stress of college studies and testing just to have the skills to apply for the job while paying off student loans. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHA and we wonder why the world is so fucked up?

  74. StupidBurntPotatoe ThatLikesHamilton

    StupidBurntPotatoe ThatLikesHamilton3 days ago

    Kanye’s smile tho

  75. Ivan Jiang

    Ivan Jiang3 days ago

    who else thinks steve harvey tries too hard to be funny/entertaining, but fails, making him cringy AF?

  76. Shyho

    Shyho3 days ago

    2010 president XD

  77. Liana Liang

    Liana Liang3 days ago

    "No introduction" sureeeeee

  78. Joe Morgan

    Joe Morgan3 days ago

    Can't these people donate money without being on a game show,they probably got paid 10 time more than what they donated just for being there not like thier donation is anything to them, it like an average working person giving a penny away actually its like a average person giving a penny for thier entire life's earnings × 50 lifetimes

  79. Lili Gigi

    Lili Gigi3 days ago

    Ummmmm kendall is a jenner and not a kardashian

  80. Robert Theiss

    Robert Theiss3 days ago

    kanye on lithium or something

  81. Oscar Portillo

    Oscar Portillo3 days ago

    Losers! No talent all fame.No talent!!

  82. Relentless Football

    Relentless Football3 days ago

    They look like robots

  83. tida whiston

    tida whiston3 days ago

    jonathan look like my toe

  84. Kdrama Lang

    Kdrama Lang3 days ago

    Is Kim pinching Kanye ass?

  85. Venick nuñez

    Venick nuñez3 days ago

    I have never seen Kanye smiling that muuuuch!! Is this the real life?!

  86. Lisa C. Perry

    Lisa C. Perry3 days ago

    Kanye look like he is on anti depressants..I'm glad he is treating and taking care of his mental health..he's a good dude.

  87. Dri Dri

    Dri Dri3 days ago

    Khloe lips tho 🙄🙄

  88. savvy

    savvy3 days ago

    Poopity Scoop

  89. nena La

    nena La3 days ago

    proof they will do anyTHING and everyTHING for fame..the Carters would nevee

  90. Athra Albattat

    Athra Albattat3 days ago

    Funny cause the only real kardashian is on the other side lol

  91. Noor Y

    Noor Y3 days ago

    Kanye's smile makes me so happy. Love you Kanye

  92. Kelly Taylor

    Kelly Taylor3 days ago

    Omg Kanye is smiling!!! 😮

  93. Jerrie Zungia

    Jerrie Zungia3 days ago

    Where’s kK member at 🤔

  94. Bill Furler

    Bill Furler3 days ago

    Kanye's teeth made me blind

  95. Jerrie Zungia

    Jerrie Zungia3 days ago

    Khole is the only Kardashian lol and pregnant with true

  96. Cabryna Ferkel

    Cabryna Ferkel3 days ago

    Hello people😑

  97. ubermensch826

    ubermensch8263 days ago

    who was the cousin that stole the laptop he was fucking bitches on?

  98. Vintage_au_ Couer

    Vintage_au_ Couer3 days ago

    I have the same jacket Mary Jo (grandma) has. White house black market. Not everyone spends foolishly in that family, LOL


    ARTIE BARNES3 days ago

    Touch Kim's butt. Smell your fingers.

  100. Minority Nomad

    Minority Nomad4 days ago

    Come on ya'll. No one can keep a frown on their face with Steve in the room. Not even Kanye. lol