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Kalen Reacts to Breakfast Cereal Waffle Cake


  1. Brart Art

    Brart Art14 hours ago

    Black specticals XD

  2. Bratdoll_ce ce

    Bratdoll_ce ce17 hours ago

    Wait you never heard of captain crunch.....i eat them all the time.

  3. Kyle Fltcher-Gray

    Kyle Fltcher-Gray21 hour ago

    "That's gonna give me cavities galore Jesus" 😂😂😭😭😭

  4. Loki te

    Loki teDay ago

    CeReAl WaFfLe CaKe

  5. Sarah Serrano

    Sarah SerranoDay ago

    Butter cream?,what y’all trying to do give somebody diabetes!!!!

  6. Quadasha Harley

    Quadasha HarleyDay ago

    He got excited when Buttercream came

  7. AA Gaming

    AA GamingDay ago

    i’m crying

  8. Akira Marshalls

    Akira MarshallsDay ago

    0:25 i mean if he didn’t say anything i wouldn’t even notice

  9. _Elite_Master_345_

    _Elite_Master_345_2 days ago

    Looks pretty tasty

  10. Delores cooper

    Delores cooper2 days ago


  11. Chasity Johnson

    Chasity Johnson3 days ago

    i love this guy😂😂 boo boo the foul

  12. Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows XD

    Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows XD3 days ago

    Eeeew? I mean I didn’t do it... * I did to it*...

  13. Fat Boii

    Fat Boii4 days ago

    I like how he screams “OOOHHHH” after every joke he makes

  14. Sabertooth Gaming

    Sabertooth Gaming4 days ago


  15. Wendy Nyambura

    Wendy Nyambura5 days ago

    kalen allen pls react to missy laning peanut butter balls i want to see what u think

  16. Shanika Barnes

    Shanika Barnes5 days ago

    Made my day 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. Imani Henderson

    Imani Henderson6 days ago

    “...cuz that’s what ya mouth gon be looking like”

  18. Suga Is Lifeu

    Suga Is Lifeu6 days ago

    omg this guy cracks me up XD

  19. Shana Fife

    Shana Fife6 days ago


  20. ew abl

    ew abl6 days ago

    He should taste all the foods he reacted to

  21. Carlos Castaneda

    Carlos Castaneda7 days ago

    Am i the only one who likes their cereal soggy???

  22. Thelithia Wise

    Thelithia Wise8 days ago

    He said that must be the dollar tree version hahahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👳🏾‍♂️

  23. SLIECE

    SLIECE9 days ago

    I liked it... Comparing to the other types of food the kalen watch this is better...

  24. Micah Garcia

    Micah Garcia9 days ago

    Please do a Korean food review! :'D

  25. Contrary barrel

    Contrary barrel9 days ago

    I love white chocolate(like if you agree)

  26. Jayla Davis

    Jayla Davis11 days ago

    It's just a waffle cake

  27. 梁龍喆

    梁龍喆12 days ago

    😋 I love waffles 🍰

  28. Codename: Xelda

    Codename: Xelda12 days ago

    You take the fun out of everything

  29. DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!

    DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!12 days ago

    That dude is funny

  30. Bedoor Alarshi

    Bedoor Alarshi13 days ago

    Look at it drippin down WITH THE BLACK SPECTICALS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  31. Midnight Fairy

    Midnight Fairy13 days ago

    Omg lol

  32. Jocelyn Hernandez

    Jocelyn Hernandez14 days ago

    Is reacting for on point

  33. Sista Gallegos

    Sista Gallegos15 days ago

    You to funny

  34. TheCoasterCraze

    TheCoasterCraze15 days ago


  35. TheTexasOOF Gamer

    TheTexasOOF Gamer16 days ago

    This is offensive

  36. brandon c

    brandon c21 day ago

    Some of this stuff ild try too but this guy kills me every time lol 😂

  37. Cloud Headed

    Cloud Headed26 days ago

    Watvh my fatness eat this

  38. LIGHT Gamer

    LIGHT Gamer27 days ago

    “That must be the dollar tree version”

  39. Kathy Tr

    Kathy Tr28 days ago

    “Dis going to give me cavities galore”

  40. Natalie

    Natalie29 days ago


  41. Caitlyn Clyne

    Caitlyn Clyne29 days ago

    Captain Crunchy, that must be the Dollar Tree version 😂💀

  42. Mawrt

    MawrtMonth ago

    My wisdom tooth has been pulled out today and i lie in bed, my mouth hurts so much and i gotta find this guy 😂😂😂

  43. Just Another Beebo

    Just Another BeeboMonth ago

    1:27 boo boo doo foo

  44. Bedoor Alarshi

    Bedoor AlarshiMonth ago

    Look at it drippin down WITH THE BLACK SPECTICALES😂😂😂😂😂

  45. pj's love

    pj's loveMonth ago

    Just love him omg...too funny

  46. Nomoredrama2000

    Nomoredrama2000Month ago

    I absolutely do love waffles, but not as a fattening cake like that! lol

  47. Justin Leak

    Justin LeakMonth ago

    You eat something like this best believe you gonna be with the dentist for a minute

  48. XcomBeto

    XcomBetoMonth ago

    "With the black spectacles" HAHAHAHAHA

  49. jazzi jazz

    jazzi jazzMonth ago

    He got me crying from laughing so hard😂😂😂

  50. CarGoLito

    CarGoLitoMonth ago

    Mm-mm girl, LIES YOU TELL! 😂

  51. Alika Animations

    Alika AnimationsMonth ago

    I love my cereal soggy

  52. Head Hunter

    Head HunterMonth ago


  53. Squizree

    SquizreeMonth ago

    "You out here bamboozlin' people girl" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

  54. Dechrista Powell

    Dechrista PowellMonth ago

    Well at least the middle looked good😶

  55. amwilson0501

    amwilson0501Month ago

    Cooning for laughs

  56. Aishwarya Tankkar

    Aishwarya TankkarMonth ago

    Doesn't Christina Tossi do this for a living?? Except I know it is not waffles but cakes, cookies and panacottas with actual cereal milk. She even sells flavoured cereal milk. Doesn't she?

  57. belle werewolf gachatuber

    belle werewolf gachatuberMonth ago

    "That's a waste of milk, AND cereal" 😂

  58. -ItzPoki_ Playz-

    -ItzPoki_ Playz-Month ago

    “What y’all trying do? Get diabetes?”

  59. Fumi Rose

    Fumi RoseMonth ago

    That look like plastic 😂 but tbh I would actually eat that, that looks good 😅

  60. john james

    john james2 months ago

    I want 0:37

  61. imbreezydavis TV

    imbreezydavis TV2 months ago

    Just got a new fan right here!!!🤣🤣🤣

  62. Angimations Animations

    Angimations Animations2 months ago

    Marshmallow of diabetes

  63. Iiii iiiI

    Iiii iiiI2 months ago

    people actually find this funny wtf

  64. TF Skeleton

    TF Skeleton2 months ago

    Who says Captain Crunchy!? First of all it's Cap'n Second, It's Crunch

  65. Christina Mcilwaine

    Christina Mcilwaine2 months ago

    he's brilliant 👏👏👏👏

  66. Catinka G

    Catinka G2 months ago


  67. SANDY S

    SANDY S2 months ago

    No not white chocolate...its white chocolate ganachè lol

  68. Pearly

    Pearly2 months ago

    Ok but it actually sounds and looks good

  69. zZzEllaWxXx XD

    zZzEllaWxXx XD2 months ago

    *"Black Spectacles"*

  70. No Profile Pic

    No Profile Pic2 months ago

    Is it just me or his voice irritates me...

  71. Natalie Ruiz

    Natalie Ruiz2 months ago

    I just... Wanna know why... This is on the Ellen show?

  72. Chim sweet pea

    Chim sweet pea2 months ago

    Coming after her life! 😂😂😂

  73. tom don

    tom don2 months ago

    I hate this guy so much

  74. Imani Chatelain

    Imani Chatelain2 months ago

    I feel sorry for ur dentist lmaooooooooooo

  75. Gabriella Tatianna

    Gabriella Tatianna2 months ago

    Am I the only one who likes soggy/soft cereal lol?

  76. Seven Stewart

    Seven Stewart2 months ago

    Why is your reaction to sweet stuff always a reference to guaranteed cavities? Like, so you not believe in brushing your teeth two-to-three times a day or what? Other than that, I love these reaction videos! Always funny!

  77. Dr. Anonymous

    Dr. Anonymous2 months ago

    how gay is this guy?

  78. Jayla Harris

    Jayla Harris2 months ago


  79. Lisa Love

    Lisa Love2 months ago

    Who’s doing the same pose while watching 😂😂😂

  80. GlitterBombGaming

    GlitterBombGaming2 months ago

    he's a queen I stan

  81. AwwwSadFace

    AwwwSadFace2 months ago


  82. Uyi Taiwo

    Uyi Taiwo2 months ago

    What!!! I put my milk first 🤨🤨

  83. V frmr

    V frmr2 months ago


  84. fork knife

    fork knife2 months ago

    how do people find him funny

  85. Tim mendoker

    Tim mendoker2 months ago


  86. KappaPride

    KappaPride2 months ago

    diabetus deletus

  87. Cynthia Martinez

    Cynthia Martinez2 months ago

    All I see whenever I see that cake is diabetes

  88. Napho Did

    Napho Did2 months ago

    For every like I will steal a potato from my friend

  89. lili rose

    lili rose2 months ago


  90. It’s Shiya fam

    It’s Shiya fam2 months ago

    A whole knock off iamzoie💀

  91. Dylan Chouinard

    Dylan Chouinard2 months ago

    Is it bad that I would try that?

  92. BeulaBellafonte

    BeulaBellafonte2 months ago

    “Oooo y’all out here bamboozling people! That looks like plastic!” 😂😭

  93. Mumtaas Mohamud

    Mumtaas Mohamud2 months ago

    “Lies you tell” best line I have heard today 😂😂

  94. ERROR ErRor

    ERROR ErRor2 months ago

    Now that looks good for breakfast

  95. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person2 months ago

    I don’t know how anyone found this even slightly appetizing. I was disgusted from the beginning.

  96. Adder314

    Adder3142 months ago

    This dude is perfect.

  97. mssunnylunarain7

    mssunnylunarain72 months ago

    I can feel the cavities forming just watching this video. 😰

  98. Legion Ivory

    Legion Ivory2 months ago

    That is a *mad* waste of cereal. That's some overprivileged shit right there.

  99. Kathy Brundidge

    Kathy Brundidge2 months ago

    My son would probably try this.

  100. Killstxrkitten

    Killstxrkitten2 months ago

    This made all 13 of my fillings hurt lol