Justin Roberts - Way Too Much (Official Music Video)


  1. Justin Roberts

    Justin Roberts3 months ago

    Way Too Much is now available on Spotify and iTunes!! I hope you enjoyed the video!!!

  2. Umair iqbal

    Umair iqbal5 days ago

    Hi Justin omg ok two months ago

  3. Dan Parker

    Dan Parker6 days ago

    Yo you the Best bro

  4. Dan Parker

    Dan Parker6 days ago

    Hi Justin

  5. Kim Mitchell

    Kim Mitchell7 days ago

    Justin I love you so much

  6. Rafael Montejano Gil

    Rafael Montejano Gil14 days ago

    Hi justin

  7. annealmarazxo

    annealmarazxo20 hours ago

    you’ve ghosted us

  8. Mario Valentin

    Mario ValentinDay ago

    Bro this kid thinks hes good😂😂👎👎

  9. jowell dasilva

    jowell dasilvaDay ago

    That looks cool Justin Roberts

  10. ctdm 2

    ctdm 2Day ago

    Auto tune: how much producer do you want Yes: Justin Roberts

  11. Padraic Mooney

    Padraic MooneyDay ago

    This is so gay hahaha

  12. TrusT InK

    TrusT InK3 days ago


  13. Noel Gutierrez

    Noel Gutierrez3 days ago

    That autotune is to much for me

  14. Straw Productions

    Straw Productions4 days ago

    Bro, this kid is legit the delusional version of ricegum. He flexes in every music video. Give back your grandma's social security money kid.

  15. solo one

    solo one4 days ago


  16. Acua Willams

    Acua Willams6 days ago

    Came to see jordy

  17. parker Henderson

    parker Henderson6 days ago

    your fat ass fuck his jawline tho

  18. Rinjos

    Rinjos7 days ago

    I’ll tell you what’s way too much your lame song dude get a life

  19. Franklin Flores

    Franklin Flores7 days ago

    You dont have clout sorry to say but most people forgot about you six figures was good but know this is bad

  20. Ray Rogers

    Ray Rogers8 days ago

    How much autotune dang

  21. Nick Lev

    Nick Lev8 days ago

    You have homosexual

  22. Blake Thomas

    Blake Thomas9 days ago

    This song is to 🔥 don't listen to the haters

  23. Claire James

    Claire James9 days ago

    Ok this is actually waaaay better than jp and honestly I would genuinely listen to this

  24. Chris Stephens

    Chris Stephens9 days ago

    I want the instrumental of this just so I can destroy it to show this clown how to properly use a dope beat like this

  25. N V

    N V10 days ago

    That song was good

  26. Pulse _KoK

    Pulse _KoK11 days ago

    Hello everyone in the chat ready to shit talk

  27. Xcloutz

    Xcloutz11 days ago

    One word AUTOTUNE

  28. hoes madd

    hoes madd12 days ago

    Sounds like puberty autotune

  29. DaViS12095 -

    DaViS12095 -12 days ago

    Fucking banger!!!!!

  30. Camden

    Camden13 days ago

    This cranks. He ain’t write it

  31. Amanda O'Fallon

    Amanda O'Fallon13 days ago

    This is awful...

  32. Chajolex Maldonado

    Chajolex Maldonado14 days ago

    Justin you should get married to Erika

  33. Jeantro

    Jeantro14 days ago

    With money everything is possible guyss!!! 🤣🤣🤣 and if u don't have any talent too

  34. Gloria hernandez

    Gloria hernandez14 days ago

    We checked your new song is pretty Let You’re a rockstar And a champion and my Name is Nevaeh I am your fan 😎🤘🏿🤙🏿🤟✌🏽

  35. 8147Godsgood 1

    8147Godsgood 117 days ago

    This boy sound like russ

  36. Lance Petroski

    Lance Petroski17 days ago

    Remember when making music required talent?

  37. christinee646

    christinee64618 days ago


  38. Hey Omar

    Hey Omar20 days ago

    What the hell I did not know he’s a robot✋🏾

  39. Tea露井好

    Tea露井好21 day ago

    Way too much autotume but kinda lit

  40. killercam gxd

    killercam gxd22 days ago

    Way to much mummble rap

  41. judy Radin

    judy Radin23 days ago

    such a fail not even 1 mill

  42. Matthew Rocha

    Matthew Rocha23 days ago

    This song needed a feature on it like cardi B, but it's trash otherwise

  43. Bambi

    Bambi24 days ago

    I’ll like you when your musics actually good

  44. Social Justice Warrior

    Social Justice Warrior24 days ago

    Where is JR? Why did he stop posting?

  45. M r L o l i

    M r L o l i24 days ago

    *he thinks he can rap, that’s way to much*

  46. Christopher Cammack

    Christopher Cammack24 days ago

    I think you should quit team 10

  47. brandon López

    brandon López25 days ago

    Man justin your cool

  48. Henk Boter vis

    Henk Boter vis25 days ago

    Money money money money shut op

  49. H I

    H I23 days ago

    Up* Jealous human


    GRAYWOLF OWLS24 days ago

    Up *

  51. Jake dragon

    Jake dragon26 days ago

    Has to way to much autotune

  52. Julianna Matthews

    Julianna Matthews26 days ago

    I like this song better than six figures jk I liked both of them

  53. Calebunga

    Calebunga26 days ago

    Who the fuck is this man

  54. Rick Rude

    Rick Rude26 days ago

    Not gonna lie wasn't expecting it to be this decent..good beat and the words rhyme pretty well

  55. Rick Rude

    Rick Rude26 days ago

    Even tho it's 100% autotune and requires almost no skill

  56. iamhiphoptk

    iamhiphoptk27 days ago

    I hate that all the comments is about auto tune. Everyone is using a stupid amount of auto tune these days. This song is good. Y’all just wanna complain lol

  57. Ojiitos Salgado

    Ojiitos Salgado28 days ago

    How much autotune do you want in yo damn music

  58. King Jesus Will Save You

    King Jesus Will Save You28 days ago

    I dont like it but, damn it the kids a success. Sigh, good job...