Just Like You Left It


  1. trevorade

    trevorade2 hours ago

    Such a good shot: imgur.com/a/wTYy7hu

  2. celestabrate

    celestabrateDay ago

    this is the weirdest video studio c has made. I miss the liv sketches.

  3. Kylie Zoom

    Kylie ZoomDay ago

    That house is so big.

  4. Rachel Hammer

    Rachel HammerDay ago

    Im ....confused. I love studio c but what was that ending?

  5. Halle King

    Halle KingDay ago

    This took a dark turn

  6. PrincessThe Bunny

    PrincessThe Bunny2 days ago

    1:11 my friend has that same cat jacket..

  7. Yasss Queen

    Yasss Queen4 days ago

    0:40 do you see the Five direction poster like if you remember that skit😂😂

  8. Ginny Weasley

    Ginny Weasley5 days ago

    On her wall was a poster of 5 DIRECTIONS NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST UUUUUPPPP

  9. cupcakes 0012

    cupcakes 00125 days ago

    Tori is annoying I hate her She is not even funny

  10. Libby Williamson

    Libby Williamson5 days ago


  11. Books & Kitty's

    Books & Kitty's5 days ago

    That end card… SO BEAUTIFUL *SNIFF*

  12. MoronaNamchawt

    MoronaNamchawt6 days ago

    And here I thought this was going to show us the moldy pizza boxes and years old trash in the can. Apparently not.

  13. Ryan W Ziebka

    Ryan W Ziebka6 days ago

    This is so weird

  14. Niki Allen

    Niki Allen6 days ago

    Can I just say this video nearly made me cry? It just made me think of the people in this world who are poor and have little to nothing. They probably do what they can to block out and pretend to be living the life they want, even though they have empty stomachs and sleepless nights😭

  15. Madeline Ballerni

    Madeline Ballerni7 days ago

    Lol i love studio c

  16. Pretty Peacock

    Pretty Peacock7 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the 5 directions poster in the background, North,South,East,west, UUUUPPPPP!!!!!

  17. Jennifer Gates

    Jennifer Gates8 days ago

    😄 Oh my gosh! This just gets more ridiculous! That's awesome! 😂

  18. Xexus

    Xexus8 days ago


  19. Makenzie Korten

    Makenzie Korten8 days ago

    Dude spring break is only 2 weeks

  20. Crystal's Confectionery

    Crystal's Confectionery8 days ago

    I don't get this

  21. Skage The Mage

    Skage The Mage8 days ago

    "...and i like things that are you!" ~best song

  22. lona Hogan

    lona Hogan8 days ago

    Lol i loved it


    SARAH SLACHTER8 days ago

    SAVE THE TREE OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. america salazar

    america salazar8 days ago

    She didn't have an imaginary friend but, a SQUATTER? Mallory probably wanted to forget that whole section, I knew I would. Mallory's memory drive: DELETE. DELETE.(Are you sure you want to eliminate this???) Mallory: YES!!!

  25. america salazar

    america salazar8 days ago

    A golden childhood until at 0:30, a squatter comes along. ("Who left her here?")

  26. Payne Addie

    Payne Addie9 days ago

    at 1:36 you can see a 5 directions poster!

  27. Sadie Stock

    Sadie Stock9 days ago

    I don’t like tori

  28. Katy I like birdz

    Katy I like birdz10 days ago

    5 directions poster!!!!!

  29. Rae Johnson

    Rae Johnson10 days ago

    IF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD DO A THIRD AWWW YEAH PLEASE LIKE! :) I have a few ideas for a third “awww yeah” ha! So she’s on the beach and she’s looking a varios couples through binoculars, then she’s on a hang glider, then in the mall on the upper level, any one or all of those. And then have cops chase her after a complaint filed against her 😂. Oh! Then, when the cops finally have her in the back of the car she says awwww yea and the cops look at each other like she’s crazy!

  30. Sarah McAlister

    Sarah McAlister10 days ago

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You claim to be Christians and yet you make fun of the homeless.

  31. Fredrick's Kitchen

    Fredrick's Kitchen10 days ago

    Literally, I think the only reason this video got so many dislikes, is becouse of tory's annoying ending dance... Thats why I disliked it...

  32. The Only Answer

    The Only Answer10 days ago

    The outro was cringey

  33. Elizabeth G

    Elizabeth G10 days ago

    Is it just me or was this show a lot funnier with just the original cast?

  34. Grace MacPherson

    Grace MacPherson10 days ago

    Haha that ending though

  35. haha no.

    haha no.10 days ago

    The *five direction* poster

  36. Jennifer Murdock

    Jennifer Murdock10 days ago

    Ok, I've been gone for, like, a long time. Who's Tori and when did she get here?

  37. Jared Jackson

    Jared Jackson11 days ago

    Thought for a second that the girl would think she was her imaginary friend but her parents just actually allowed her to play with a homeless person her whole childhood.

  38. ezcattlefeeding

    ezcattlefeeding11 days ago

    I wish I was apart of studio c

  39. Vivek Pattanayak

    Vivek Pattanayak11 days ago

    Lmao the dead rat!😂😂

  40. Jesse Reuss

    Jesse Reuss11 days ago

    Somebody smells good

  41. Alyssa Middelstadt

    Alyssa Middelstadt11 days ago

    It is in a grocery store

  42. Alyssa Middelstadt

    Alyssa Middelstadt11 days ago

    HEY STUDIO C!!!!!!! A good idea for a sketch is there are two people, and one thing left of something and then they do this epic game of rock paper scissors and then someone else will come in and try to take the item and then there is another game of rock paper scissors and then this continues.

  43. The Gamer

    The Gamer11 days ago


  44. The Gamer

    The Gamer11 days ago

    This is a live show

  45. Zik Zak

    Zik Zak11 days ago

    It’s kinda sad when you really think about it she thought she had a amazing life with a great house but in reality she was living in a house with cardboard on the walls

  46. Ghastblaster

    Ghastblaster11 days ago

    2:09 If I was that man, I'd jump out of the nearest window.

  47. s144409

    s14440911 days ago

    Love the Five Directions poster in the back ground.

  48. Regina Swope

    Regina Swope11 days ago

    I found Studio C only a couple of weeks ago and now I'm watching it all the time. Thanks. I usually need something to laugh about at the end of the day.

  49. Molly Thomas

    Molly Thomas11 days ago

    the five directions poster!!! omg my heart

  50. Adwaveth

    Adwaveth12 days ago

    That was.... Interesting?

  51. Happy Meal

    Happy Meal12 days ago

    Why does the girl legit look uglier than the squatter

  52. Jace X

    Jace X12 days ago

    Hasn't really been a great sketch since the live audiences..

  53. Jessie Bullock

    Jessie Bullock12 days ago

    Oh god, why did I waste my life watching this? Why did they waste time, money, and productivity making this? This was terrible.

  54. Motahar Ahmed

    Motahar Ahmed12 days ago

    قناه ممتعه

  55. Dalton McMillan

    Dalton McMillan12 days ago

    Hello???! Is anyone there? Okay bye

  56. Christopher Connolly

    Christopher Connolly12 days ago

    Congrats on #43 on trending!!! Not as high as I hoped, but hey! You're up there! :)

  57. Kirsten Jones

    Kirsten Jones12 days ago

    I'm sorry, their new video's I just don't like.

  58. Simply Sarah

    Simply Sarah12 days ago

    Studio C...are you...um...are you okay?

  59. Sophia Glomski

    Sophia Glomski12 days ago

    Studio C always makes me laugh... Then fall off my chair. And I get a concussion. And then I watch more Studio C in the hospital bed. I love u!

  60. Lucas Freeman

    Lucas Freeman12 days ago

    This is that Goldilocks lady from the mattress ads isn't it

  61. Kamsic Man

    Kamsic Man12 days ago

    This channel is poop

  62. powerful flower

    powerful flower12 days ago

    Tori is adorable!

  63. Tara

    Tara12 days ago


  64. Kuribaa

    Kuribaa12 days ago

    Number 40 in trending!

  65. Kindiah

    Kindiah12 days ago

    Didn't like the skit at all and the part at the end about subscribing. . . I won't say what I'm really thinking, but say Studio C, you've really let yourself go!

  66. Madison H.

    Madison H.12 days ago


  67. Alay Skye

    Alay Skye12 days ago


  68. Roselle G.

    Roselle G.12 days ago

    Of course, this was written by Tori. Of course. *#ToriisWeirdButThatsWhyiLoveHer*

  69. Listentoyourheart

    Listentoyourheart12 days ago

    "I am a girl and I like frieeends." "Squeak Squeak yum mouse"

  70. Carlos Flores

    Carlos Flores12 days ago

    Whose tori?

  71. Griffingirl

    Griffingirl12 days ago


  72. Abigail Cherry

    Abigail Cherry13 days ago

    And Whitney and Matt let their daughter play with a homeless girl with a dead mouse?

  73. Ally Talor

    Ally Talor13 days ago

    Make a series about a cat or cats! Maybe an attack cat or lazy cat or a cat who steals the show from an actor. People love to watch cat videos. Aaron's Animals is a great place to see that. You guys are at the top of my list of go-too watch videos and I love you. Please continue some of your old themes and make some new ones too (like a running cat theme!) I like your live videos too. Please make more of them. Keep up the great work guys! This is just one of the best on the MReporter.

  74. Era Star-Ter

    Era Star-Ter13 days ago

    Hi Tori!

  75. waleed altararwah

    waleed altararwah13 days ago


  76. kitty acedira

    kitty acedira13 days ago

    That twist turn out to be soo dark & sad 😱 So all of this is just an imagination

  77. Turtle Time

    Turtle Time13 days ago

    I subscribed!! (It would truly make my day if you commented back!)

  78. Derek Johnson

    Derek Johnson13 days ago

    A funny studio c video would be the whole cast as attackers on Splatalot. THAT would be funny.

  79. Derek Johnson

    Derek Johnson13 days ago

    oh look a new studio c video on youtube, cept i watched it like a month ago on byutv, lol.

  80. Yaman Kurt

    Yaman Kurt13 days ago

    Hello Tori(did i write that right?) i like you too.

  81. Lala Jay

    Lala Jay13 days ago

    Why did the father have a country accent when they became poor? That’s messed up. Are you trying to say all people with country accents are trailer trash?

  82. Red Blades

    Red Blades13 days ago

    That gave me goosebumps...Wow!

  83. Potato74

    Potato7413 days ago

    I just found out I don't get to go to your show... I am really sad I am your biggest fan ever I know so many random things about you guys, I am probs gonna name my hamster Mr. Tibbs after the 5 stages of netflix sketch lol, my biggest dream in my whole life is to meet you guys. I really hope I get to go to your rehearsal!! I love everything about you guys!!!!! Please keep it up!!!

  84. Bridgette Perteet

    Bridgette Perteet13 days ago

    Can you stop I was homeless for a little while and we don't act like this....this is very offensive.

  85. Zbleezy24

    Zbleezy2413 days ago

    trending nooo wayyy

  86. Cooking Lessons for Dad

    Cooking Lessons for Dad13 days ago

    That is just weird.

  87. grac2621 grac2621

    grac2621 grac262113 days ago

    I saw Mallory sing at the blue jays game tonight and was disappointed when I didn’t get to meet her

  88. Voracious Learner

    Voracious Learner13 days ago

    Way to go Studio C for trending in the US!!!!

  89. Caleb Park

    Caleb Park13 days ago

    trending? what? dang

  90. Emiley Pearl

    Emiley Pearl13 days ago

    I’m I the only one that doesn’t really like Tori? I don’t know, I just feel like she doesn’t fit in.

  91. Lory the Mormon

    Lory the Mormon13 days ago


  92. Balbina Aparella ?

    Balbina Aparella ?13 days ago

    this is low-key incredibly fucked up

  93. Marc Delyric Music

    Marc Delyric Music13 days ago


  94. Brooke Raben

    Brooke Raben13 days ago

    When will Studio C do more on set sketches?

  95. kelsea cox-bain

    kelsea cox-bain13 days ago


  96. Brianna Robles

    Brianna Robles13 days ago

    I just see the room in the corner I see a creepy old doll you should of not left that 😂

  97. Bryce Yaple

    Bryce Yaple13 days ago

    Mormons: “look how funny homelessness is!” They sure don’t care about the homeless on the streets of SLC

  98. Eye of the Day

    Eye of the Day13 days ago

    Bryce Yaple hey, just wanted to that I'm a Mormon who lives in SLC and I gave this a thumbs down because I think it's mean spirited. I have a lot of homeless friends I met volunteering at the 4th Street Clinic. I care about and love my homeless friends the exact same as my friends who have homes. It's something that can happen so fast to anybody and it breaks my heart to know all the suffering they go through because of it. 💔

  99. Rachel Duis

    Rachel Duis13 days ago

    I have that cat jacket!

  100. Amy Reynoso

    Amy Reynoso13 days ago

    It's #17 on Trending! So proud +Studio C !

  101. ItsLuckehh

    ItsLuckehh13 days ago

    Congrats on trending!