Just Like You Left It


  1. That Flower

    That Flower4 hours ago

    I don’t know how to feel.....

  2. T.C.S. Grand.Rapids

    T.C.S. Grand.Rapids6 hours ago


  3. Cooper Duke

    Cooper Duke2 days ago

    the end at 2:41 was pure cringe

  4. zact lee

    zact lee3 days ago

    This is actually one of my darkest fear haunting me since my childhood. The fear that all of this is just my imagination and im actually a homeless looney sitting in a ditch starring at a small empty box thinking its a smartphone. Everytime i poop id ask myself if all of this is real or am i pooping in public with everyones watching and laughing.

  5. Best Boss

    Best Boss3 days ago

    I don't sleep in I just replace breakfast with a long nap

  6. Makenna Kelia

    Makenna Kelia4 days ago

    At the end....: “Somebody smells good.” 😂😂😂😂

  7. pandamonium72

    pandamonium728 days ago

    How is this a comedy sketch?

  8. Hannah Sieber

    Hannah Sieber9 days ago

    When you realize you have a mental illness as an adult and you re-analyze your entire life.

  9. Cherry Unicorn

    Cherry Unicorn10 days ago

    I just like the outro

  10. Marco Vargas

    Marco Vargas11 days ago

    Mal, you look so pretty!!!!!!

  11. The SINISTER Truth series

    The SINISTER Truth series12 days ago

    Very innovative and creative!! Very nice work!!

  12. MightyXT / QuakeStorm

    MightyXT / QuakeStorm12 days ago

    The unexpected ending.

  13. Tori Wakelin

    Tori Wakelin15 days ago

    Heeeey, i didn't realize that her name was tori!!! my nickname is tori!!!!!

  14. Charles  Ibe

    Charles Ibe16 days ago

    Tori is cute..

  15. fairy tale forever Lily

    fairy tale forever Lily17 days ago

    Where do I get her shirt I love the sleeves

  16. AnnaGillis

    AnnaGillis20 days ago

    I love tori


    PARTY LLAMA23 days ago

    Does anyone else have that same cat jacket calorie was wearing in the video?

  18. Phuong Linh An

    Phuong Linh An24 days ago

    It’s remind me of this film “ incident in a ghostland”. Is creepy af

  19. LlamaLover 16

    LlamaLover 1625 days ago


  20. This Random Dude

    This Random Dude25 days ago

    Wait... *_Wot in tarnation???_*

  21. Ruiben 360

    Ruiben 36026 days ago

    The lady at the end was cute I wonder if she's single?

  22. The Amethyst Stone

    The Amethyst Stone26 days ago

    i miss the old cast

  23. Ethan Sean

    Ethan SeanMonth ago

    Lol, Twist Ending

  24. Rhianna Colton

    Rhianna ColtonMonth ago

    2:40 what is happening?!


    TURTLE_GAMER72Month ago

    2:38 (All) 'SNIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFF' hmmmmm………………….. (Matt) Sombahdy smells guuuud

  26. TrickShotKoopa2007

    TrickShotKoopa2007Month ago

    Not that funny man

  27. Christine Le

    Christine LeMonth ago

    Clean your room sis

  28. Campbell Quattlebaum

    Campbell QuattlebaumMonth ago

    Tory is a little extra but I like her

  29. Maddie S.

    Maddie S.Month ago

    that ending tho... (・.◤)

  30. Haley Schreiner

    Haley SchreinerMonth ago

    Thumbs up for Tori's ending oh my gosh 😂😂

  31. Adaah

    AdaahMonth ago

    How long had Tory bee there? Is she a new regular?

  32. Kit Kat

    Kit KatMonth ago

    I'm so confused

  33. Aimee Pollock

    Aimee PollockMonth ago

    I thought the video would be about those creepy porceline dolls. I was wrong.

  34. Claire Childress

    Claire ChildressMonth ago

    Those teeth.....

  35. Sydney Slevin

    Sydney SlevinMonth ago

    I like the room just not the dolls

  36. Benzion Gisser

    Benzion GisserMonth ago

    This video succeeded in making me thuroughly uncumfortable

  37. Mahek Abdulla

    Mahek AbdullaMonth ago

    I liked when Tori sang at the end!!!! Wait till the end - end !! Lol

  38. Dark Flame3324

    Dark Flame3324Month ago

    This is season 8? I thought we were still on season 7.

  39. Purple Unicorn Horne

    Purple Unicorn HorneMonth ago

    Late squad


    AHHHHHHHHHHMonth ago

    I LOVE Mals shirt

  41. Gamer X

    Gamer X2 months ago

    If I walked into my room and saw like it is right now as it is then I would say "Aaaahhhhhhhh"

  42. ThatWeirdGirlTho YT

    ThatWeirdGirlTho YT2 months ago

    I have never seen Tori. Hello :)

  43. PinkDiamond Studios

    PinkDiamond Studios2 months ago


  44. K Mac

    K Mac2 months ago

    what the homeless....?!

  45. Just Fluff

    Just Fluff2 months ago

    It made me laugh but I was confused the whole time.

  46. Just Fluff

    Just Fluff2 months ago

    What the heck.

  47. starliit -

    starliit -2 months ago

    that was kind of dark actually

  48. Musical_DINO _

    Musical_DINO _2 months ago

    Nice sketch studio c!!! I love it! Did anyone notice the five direction poster at 0:39? I loved that sketch

  49. Sarah McAlister

    Sarah McAlister2 months ago

    Proverbs 17:4-5

  50. marcus page

    marcus page2 months ago

    I would do the same as Mal i would freak!!! the five directions poster tho.....

  51. Zachary Walker

    Zachary Walker2 months ago

    I didn’t get it.....

  52. Jes Kvell

    Jes Kvell2 months ago

    that new girl is both funny and creepy

  53. The Real OG

    The Real OG2 months ago

    Is it just me or did this really freak me out because I’m literally scared right now! 😰

  54. Simplicitas

    Simplicitas2 months ago


  55. Zelemah

    Zelemah2 months ago

    I got a byt ad and it showed studio c

  56. Scott Williams

    Scott Williams2 months ago

    oh ok coooooooooooooooolyo

  57. Valentina Saretta

    Valentina Saretta2 months ago

    I prefer the old studio c with the ogs

  58. Christine Skuce

    Christine Skuce2 months ago

    I miss the live shows, it’s weird without the laughter and “real acting” as opposed to a movie set up.

  59. Carolina Espinoza

    Carolina Espinoza2 months ago

    Okay I cannot stress this enough. TORI IS ADORABLE. LIKE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. EVEN IF I WAS STRAIGHT(well idk what straight would be for me since I’m nonbinary) EVEN IF I DIDNT LIKE GIRLS SHE WOULD STILL BE FRICKIN ADORABLE

  60. John Moreno

    John Moreno2 months ago

    The ending when tori was singing

  61. Kat Hugger

    Kat Hugger2 months ago

    I smell good

  62. Abhishek Pandey

    Abhishek Pandey2 months ago

    More than the sketch I loved the dance with whatever she said.. in d end 😂😂😂

  63. Joan Carr

    Joan Carr2 months ago

    this gave me nightmares!!!!!

  64. W Jordan

    W Jordan2 months ago

    "your face smells good." XD

  65. Madeline GomilaMattei

    Madeline GomilaMattei2 months ago

    she had a nice personality right???...

  66. trevorade

    trevorade2 months ago

    Such a good shot: imgur.com/a/wTYy7hu

  67. celestabrate

    celestabrate2 months ago

    this is the weirdest video studio c has made. I miss the liv sketches.

  68. BlushBlossom

    BlushBlossom2 months ago

    That house is so big.

  69. Rachel Hammer

    Rachel Hammer2 months ago

    Im ....confused. I love studio c but what was that ending?

  70. Halle King

    Halle King2 months ago

    This took a dark turn

  71. PrincessThe Bunny

    PrincessThe Bunny2 months ago

    1:11 my friend has that same cat jacket..

  72. Yasss Queen

    Yasss Queen3 months ago

    0:40 do you see the Five direction poster like if you remember that skit😂😂

  73. Ginny Weasley

    Ginny Weasley3 months ago

    On her wall was a poster of 5 DIRECTIONS NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST UUUUUPPPP

  74. cupcakes 0012

    cupcakes 00123 months ago

    Tori is annoying I hate her She is not even funny

  75. Libby Williamson

    Libby Williamson3 months ago


  76. Books & Kitty's

    Books & Kitty's3 months ago

    That end card… SO BEAUTIFUL *SNIFF*

  77. MoronaNamchawt

    MoronaNamchawt3 months ago

    And here I thought this was going to show us the moldy pizza boxes and years old trash in the can. Apparently not.

  78. Ryan W Ziebka

    Ryan W Ziebka3 months ago

    This is so weird

  79. Niki Allen

    Niki Allen3 months ago

    Can I just say this video nearly made me cry? It just made me think of the people in this world who are poor and have little to nothing. They probably do what they can to block out and pretend to be living the life they want, even though they have empty stomachs and sleepless nights😭

  80. A and M !

    A and M !3 months ago

    Lol i love studio c

  81. Tia Rickabaugh

    Tia Rickabaugh3 months ago

    Did anyone else notice the 5 directions poster in the background, North,South,East,west, UUUUPPPPP!!!!!

  82. Jennifer Gates

    Jennifer Gates3 months ago

    😄 Oh my gosh! This just gets more ridiculous! That's awesome! 😂

  83. Xexus

    Xexus3 months ago


  84. Makenzie Korten

    Makenzie Korten3 months ago

    Dude spring break is only 2 weeks

  85. Sara Richardson

    Sara Richardson3 months ago

    I don't get this

  86. Skage The Mage

    Skage The Mage3 months ago

    "...and i like things that are you!" ~best song

  87. lona Hogan

    lona Hogan3 months ago

    Lol i loved it


    SARAH SLACHTER3 months ago

    SAVE THE TREE OCTOPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Payne Addie

    Payne Addie3 months ago

    at 1:36 you can see a 5 directions poster!

  90. Sadie Stock

    Sadie Stock3 months ago

    I don’t like tori

  91. Katy I like birdz

    Katy I like birdz3 months ago

    5 directions poster!!!!!

  92. Rae Johnson

    Rae Johnson3 months ago

    IF YOU THINK THEY SHOULD DO A THIRD AWWW YEAH PLEASE LIKE! :) I have a few ideas for a third “awww yeah” ha! So she’s on the beach and she’s looking a varios couples through binoculars, then she’s on a hang glider, then in the mall on the upper level, any one or all of those. And then have cops chase her after a complaint filed against her 😂. Oh! Then, when the cops finally have her in the back of the car she says awwww yea and the cops look at each other like she’s crazy!

  93. Sarah McAlister

    Sarah McAlister3 months ago

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You claim to be Christians and yet you make fun of the homeless.

  94. Fredrick's Kitchen

    Fredrick's Kitchen3 months ago

    Literally, I think the only reason this video got so many dislikes, is becouse of tory's annoying ending dance... Thats why I disliked it...

  95. Lyrics Helper

    Lyrics Helper3 months ago

    The outro was cringey

  96. Elizabeth G

    Elizabeth G3 months ago

    Is it just me or was this show a lot funnier with just the original cast?

  97. Grace MacPherson

    Grace MacPherson3 months ago

    Haha that ending though

  98. Gabi Dow

    Gabi Dow3 months ago

    The *five direction* poster

  99. Jennifer Murdock

    Jennifer Murdock3 months ago

    Ok, I've been gone for, like, a long time. Who's Tori and when did she get here?

  100. Jared Jackson

    Jared Jackson3 months ago

    Thought for a second that the girl would think she was her imaginary friend but her parents just actually allowed her to play with a homeless person her whole childhood.