Jurassic World Meets Parkour in Real Life


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    There is so much special Devin'ness in this video - your favorite movie; dream come true to shoot on location (again) and with the studio/movie backing...all of the movie scenes nods....all of it. So, so, happy for you Devin (Megan and Team). This had to be fun to work on in post. I can only imagine how many times you watched the final edit JUST TO BE SURE !!!!! Congratulations my friend for pursuing and sacrificing, to achieve your dream(s) while maintaining high standards in your character and content. Bravo. Jerry and Kim

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    great very good

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  10. Robotic Nerd

    Robotic Nerd2 days ago

    The CGI was worse than the last one! JK, I loved it.

  11. Tato Soft

    Tato Soft2 days ago

    emmm si tiro a mi abuelita del 3ro hace mas acrobacias que los dinos-cosas. hay tomas que ni estan pulidas directamente se tiran y ya. si la repiten seria bueno y si aprenden seria lo mejor , se llama COREOGRAFIA no tirarte con un traje de dino sino ser un dinosaurio que se tiraaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. Madison Waters

    Madison Waters3 days ago

    XD the person on in the T rex suit is exactly like me if I was in that scenario. ( i keep falling over in that thing...)

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    Nurettin Boy3 days ago

    Böyle bir gerizekalının olamaz inanmayın video yalan

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    Malditos lo que dieron dislike

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    Guardian155 days ago

    as good as it is i cant take this seriously with the dino costumes XD

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    Robotic Nerd6 days ago

    This was awesome! Thank you so much, it made me really happy :D

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    Jurassic Park More like Jurassic parkour

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    Si yo pudiera regresar el tiempo desearia hacer pakour

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    If a person runes from a dinosaur HE DOWN’T DO SO MUCH SALTO AND FLIPS!!!

  24. Heidi Moore

    Heidi Moore7 days ago

    A fling t-rex down a clif or a dragon.

  25. Wilson Yulo

    Wilson Yulo7 days ago

    Funny video dibosours


    GASTER WD8 days ago

    1.32 😂😂😂😂😂 what the jump😂😂😂😂

  27. Ana Cespedes

    Ana Cespedes9 days ago

    How the T-rex still alive

  28. Keyfe keder

    Keyfe keder9 days ago

    T rex. Blue

  29. Bridge Fighter

    Bridge Fighter9 days ago

    Dang this guy got skillz

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    It's fake this is shit

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    You guys are cool!!!!

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  36. Dawt Bik Hlawn Ceu

    Dawt Bik Hlawn Ceu10 days ago

    You said They was real But its not looking real and big LOL How can Dinosaurs parkour?! That costume is dont looks like a T-rex

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    que porqueriaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    NEMESIS GAME11 days ago

    Hhaha 100% no fake :v

  40. Glen Whelan

    Glen Whelan11 days ago

    Is this real beacuse if it is he would of broken everything

  41. Eric Yang

    Eric Yang12 days ago

    The way the dinosaur got through the gate at 2:07 was creepy.

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    OMG 😍😘

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    Parkour is the gayest shit on earth

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    2:10 fail hahahah😂😂😂😂😂

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  48. MR- Q

    MR- Q15 days ago

    How is Blue the Raptor is the same age as the T-rex. And why the T-rex is so small. And the dinosaurs are costumes.

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    ZombieHunter110 Man16 days ago

    Lol at the end XD

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    Albert Martinez16 days ago

    OMG XD 3:18

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    This was hilarious! 😂

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    OMG 555 $0$

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    Sick skiils there bro

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    1:23 skills tho

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    Haha😂😂😂😂😂😂 the t.rex was funny!!😂

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  61. Detroit/android Formula

    Detroit/android Formula18 days ago

    This is kinda wired I don't think dinosaurs can actually jump

  62. Stevan Jiménez

    Stevan Jiménez18 days ago

    How funny

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    Monica Inturias18 days ago

    Like si viste al es eslerdenman 6:78like si atrasaste el video para verlo xddd

  64. Mary Quinto

    Mary Quinto18 days ago

    Fate cagare il film none cosi owen non comanda i t-rex comanda i velociraptors tontoloni 👿👿👿👿👿👿

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    OMG why T. rex rolling on the floor and jump on the house cool

  66. MyNameISCruz - Roblox and More!

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    It is little bit real this Jurassic park 3 cool

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    hanc6 aj19 days ago

    lol this is funny XD its head when it does fleps and his head was stuck on its side Haha lol

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    Eu adoro jurasque wonde 😃😃

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    If you look closely THE DINO IS WEARING SHOES :OOO

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  72. Bendy the Ink demon

    Bendy the Ink demon20 days ago

    This looks like the place in Jurassic world fallen kingdom except for the city

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  74. Czolgista KOSA

    Czolgista KOSA20 days ago

    3:43 RIP Rexy's neck... [*]

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    So you didn’t recognise Stacey from Studio C was there?

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  77. Kale Lilli Eli Tangen

    Kale Lilli Eli Tangen22 days ago

    I think that T. rex just broke his neck 1:30

  78. Kale Lilli Eli Tangen

    Kale Lilli Eli Tangen22 days ago

    And Rip his tail

  79. Eli García Pons

    Eli García Pons22 days ago

    Que tontería

  80. Hallowbreath

    Hallowbreath22 days ago

    But who were the guys in the other dino suits!? Did you just leave them on Hawaii?! ..or... don't tell me... maybe those were real dinosaurs!? D:

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  82. Lynne Milburn

    Lynne Milburn25 days ago

    Respect to the guy doing parkour in a dinosaur costume

  83. Tamar Odaya Bodner

    Tamar Odaya Bodner26 days ago

    first of all, this is AWESOME!! second, thumbs waaaaay up for the guy in the T-Rex suit!!

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    The dinosaur can flip 😂😂

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    the dinosaur's flips doe

  87. Ms. Matrix

    Ms. MatrixMonth ago

    Loved how the t-rex jumped off the cliff

  88. shaker alsharif

    shaker alsharifMonth ago

    That was a well made video to support the movie :) Keep up the good work

  89. Jack Carver

    Jack CarverMonth ago

    That is not parkour, this is freerunning.

  90. tchaby elr

    tchaby elrMonth ago

    le ridicule ne tue pas comme on dit hommage au mec en costume de t rex

  91. Stefan Hersich

    Stefan HersichMonth ago

    So funny!😂

  92. Mibanou Gockel

    Mibanou GockelMonth ago

    The Gyrosphere 😂

  93. Lil Magixx

    Lil MagixxMonth ago

    1:30 😂😂

  94. MasomoJ

    MasomoJMonth ago

    2:21 I was in that room about a month ago!

  95. Regular Sargent

    Regular SargentMonth ago

    I swear why is there a dislike button for this this is epic

  96. Noor Khairy Haris

    Noor Khairy HarisMonth ago

    Its funny

  97. RelaxingDaZe -

    RelaxingDaZe -Month ago

    I'm reading the comments is it me or is anyone else notice or felt the pain when the dinosaur jumped off the cliff on the rocks like c'mon? No just me okay

  98. Harshal K

    Harshal KMonth ago

    This Video is Damn Cool.And I loved their Dressing and Makeup. Almost looked like Chris Pratt. Really Awesome

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    No commentMonth ago

    Ne prend pas un Français pour un Franc Maçon !

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    had to log in to downvote this trash

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  103. Ayrielle Mermaid

    Ayrielle MermaidMonth ago

    t Rex "I just broock my neck!that never slowed me down"

  104. Ayrielle Mermaid

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    Dinosaurs are extinct.

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    Ase otro

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    Vector: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom version