Jurassic World Meets Parkour in Real Life


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    There is so much special Devin'ness in this video - your favorite movie; dream come true to shoot on location (again) and with the studio/movie backing...all of the movie scenes nods....all of it. So, so, happy for you Devin (Megan and Team). This had to be fun to work on in post. I can only imagine how many times you watched the final edit JUST TO BE SURE !!!!! Congratulations my friend for pursuing and sacrificing, to achieve your dream(s) while maintaining high standards in your character and content. Bravo. Jerry and Kim

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    Dry jj I 8i

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    devinsupertramp 2qb

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    I didint know dinosaurs can also do parkour😂

  9. HH 2.0yt doctor strange

    HH 2.0yt doctor strangeDay ago

    Fake dino are costumes

  10. Stellar Belt

    Stellar BeltDay ago

    It would of been better if it was criss Pratt

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    Dino parcur

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    Hahahaha 1:42

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    This is not JW FK

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    3:18 was that real that might had hurt

  15. Joshua Vargas

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    1:42 finish him

  16. Joshua Vargas

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    Has me dead how the dino runs 💀💀💀💀

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    Русские вы где? Мне страшна

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    always the same thing..... bored video

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    Cómo lo hacen

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    The Best Parody !!!! Give A Thumbs Up Guys!!! and Subcribe And Hit That Bell :D !!!!! And The Best Part Is 3:35 And 3:45

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    Omg the entry of that Dino was actually halarious

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    2:08 vuela pega y esquiva :v

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    What the nuts that just bubble nuggets

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    hahaha epic

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    Why Owen a Acrobat because he is doing flips and shit

  33. God_dog123 Felix

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    And the T. rex is an Acrobat

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    Clever Guy!

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    I like your flips and your video

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    Lol good vid

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    the sound effects made that dino way more scarier than it should be xD

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    Its not real

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    0:47 kkkkkk

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    Sabían que kratos es una vieja pedora

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    Is that stacy from studio c???

  45. Jayeshwaran S

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    Boy when the trex falls it got me laughing man

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    Why are you running memes

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    Nice moovs

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    2.46 dinosaurs are confirmed as stupidly idiotic creators who roamed the earth

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    The Trex only wanted to do parkour): xdxdxd

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    that dinosour is so funny

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    1:31 JAJAJA se mató x"D

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    Only acting dude

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    Очень классно вышло

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    No ma la mia è solo 😲😘

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    After watching this well lets make a long story short you just earned another sub keep it up

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    2:08 having some problems there, buddy?

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    This is the worst video ever

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    Ad worth watching

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    Trex got them skills

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    Those people in the background are just like (these peoples have mental issues why are they running)

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    2:02 lol poor dino/person

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    Its cool

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    Nice very fanny

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    Tweeby lil Dino XD

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    This video was hilarious😂😂😂

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    2:09 2:08 pause it's sooo funny

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    T-rex Ninja 😂😂😂😂😂

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    There Are Some Fast Dinosaurs Considering There Big And Fat …

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    Ionela Alexandru19 days ago

    what?i laught so much! 3:20

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    Ryder Sato19 days ago

    You guys went from Kualoa Ala Moana Waikiki I know cause I'm from Oahu hawaii

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    WOW HA HA HA.... So funny... I love this video Go Amazon yo get the Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable Costume amzn.to/2Rr11jK

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    Coitado do dino pulando e rolando no chao kkkkkkkkkashuashua

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    2:06 don't worry I'm ok

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    Just watched the fallen kingdom IT WAS COOL! and i have the inflatable t rex costume kid size since im a kid

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    Why are you jump of clif !?! XD

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    Soooooo cool!!!!

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    Dino does parkour

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    I can tell Their fake

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    1:30 Me trying to do parkour be like

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    So funny

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    Wow estoy fascinado

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    What the

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    I’m going to Kualoa Ranch in 2 weeks. Can’t air. My video won’t be as good as yours haha

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    You guys made this video we’re I live

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    subscribe for more backflipin' dinos

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    me encanto

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    the dino parkour

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    1:30 if you thought the tyrannosaurus fell.. he did the freaking SAFETY ROLL IF YOU KNOW ABOUT PARKOUR. !

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    When the dinosaur tried to fit through the gate, and it’s neck twisted😂

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    i love the rex suit xD

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    AAA Ezra 1234567890 0qwerttuiopasdghhgkjklZxcvbnkand🤗

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    These guys r dope

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    Vat what’s dat clickin

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    El teancaso q se dio con la escalera😂😂😂😃😃☺☺sabia desde q lo puse q me iba a dar risa

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    Jajajja me dio mucha risa

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    Jajajjajaja great work

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    Ha ha

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    Since when dinosaurs knew parkour no offence