Jurassic World Meets Parkour in Real Life


  1. CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY

    CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY8 months ago

    There is so much special Devin'ness in this video - your favorite movie; dream come true to shoot on location (again) and with the studio/movie backing...all of the movie scenes nods....all of it. So, so, happy for you Devin (Megan and Team). This had to be fun to work on in post. I can only imagine how many times you watched the final edit JUST TO BE SURE !!!!! Congratulations my friend for pursuing and sacrificing, to achieve your dream(s) while maintaining high standards in your character and content. Bravo. Jerry and Kim

  2. Nikita-CDGC

    Nikita-CDGC2 days ago

    OMG that was so funny... I thought I was gonna die! 不不不不不

  3. MarineMike1345

    MarineMike13455 days ago

    CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY nnnnnnnnnnbn

  4. Jesica Carrizo

    Jesica Carrizo25 days ago


  5. Mallik Denham

    Mallik Denham29 days ago

    00 Lll

  6. Elder Lopez

    Elder LopezDay ago

    The remake is really funny like if u agree

  7. Danielle Joy Delizo

    Danielle Joy DelizoDay ago

    1:33 the way the dinosaur got up

  8. Verendus Studios

    Verendus Studios2 days ago

    I love how Stacy from Studio C was in this!

  9. RG5 Faucon

    RG5 Faucon2 days ago

    I died laughing how the dinosaur throw the stairs

  10. sharp art

    sharp art3 days ago

    Wait the trex backflips and front rolls lol at the end u will know in the end of the vid I guess

  11. Johnathon Davis

    Johnathon Davis3 days ago

    Did I just see a T-Rex jump off a damn cliff? LMAO! Most persistent T-Rex I have ever seen.. Still kudos I had a lot of fun watching this.

  12. Paul Galloway

    Paul Galloway4 days ago

    In this video you can clearly see the Jurassic Park jeep but there was no JP 07

  13. Kevweeny

    Kevweeny4 days ago

    2:11 I think the dinosaur just snapped it neck lol

  14. Irma Mamani Mamani

    Irma Mamani Mamani5 days ago

  15. TheDinoGamer16

    TheDinoGamer165 days ago

    Welcome to Jurassic Parkour

  16. Rattana Sabaiying

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  17. Blazing Fern

    Blazing Fern6 days ago

    Stacy! Lol.

  18. xx mercedes swiftie xx

    xx mercedes swiftie xx7 days ago

    I gave this a thumbs up for the guy at the end in the dino suit

  19. roberto antonio riquelme alvear

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  20. Lesbian Answers

    Lesbian Answers8 days ago

    I laughed so fucking hard watching this shit. My god this was good.

  21. Harish Guleria

    Harish Guleria10 days ago

    Actors are amazing

  22. Harish Guleria

    Harish Guleria10 days ago

    Very funny as dinosaur fails to land every flip, nice work

  23. Pokemon master pm

    Pokemon master pm11 days ago

  24. Ronin's Sword

    Ronin's Sword11 days ago

    i love jurassic wold because i have the jurassic wold 1 and 2 and my 2ed name is Eoin 1 is Evan

  25. yt prixir:/

    yt prixir:/12 days ago

    do diansuares have shoes

  26. Danielle Carter

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  27. Anuj Subba

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  28. Anuj Subba

    Anuj Subba12 days ago

    I di

  29. Ethan the Robloxian

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  30. Pink fong

    Pink fong13 days ago

    2:55 Gyosphere

  31. TheWinner07

    TheWinner0713 days ago

    2:09 the dinosaur broke its neck

  32. Alexia Marquez

    Alexia Marquez13 days ago

    Que caca

  33. Renisha Bass

    Renisha Bass14 days ago

    So cool

  34. Walking Nice

    Walking Nice14 days ago

    dinosaurs on the streets of a big city, very funny!

  35. Adriana Garcia

    Adriana Garcia16 days ago

    Esse v穩deo foi uma m 拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎♀♀♀♀♀♀拎拎拎拎拎拎拎拎

  36. _CriticalCSGO

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  37. Laval_202 potato

    Laval_202 potato18 days ago

    Woah, the indominus rex paddock is still alive LOL

  38. dawn smith

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    VALDINEI FERREIRA19 days ago



    VALDINEI FERREIRA19 days ago


  41. Jessica Lynn

    Jessica Lynn20 days ago

    This is soo freaking good

  42. Skar Nbat

    Skar Nbat20 days ago

    War cvvvvv堸堹

  43. Skar Nbat

    Skar Nbat20 days ago

    I said mama papa oh thats cute girl that is the million beautiful can you translate


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  45. Elizete Costa

    Elizete Costa22 days ago

    Hahahaha muito engra癟ado

  46. itsdiamond justine

    itsdiamond justine23 days ago

    Salty plebz

  47. carlos xd reviws y unboxings xd

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  48. violet man and SpRiNgTrap

    violet man and SpRiNgTrap23 days ago

    Dinosaurs costume

  49. SubSion

    SubSion24 days ago

    Clasic trexs

  50. Jesica Carrizo

    Jesica Carrizo25 days ago

    fthnugihh por hfxr que no me gusta

  51. game beer777

    game beer77726 days ago

    are you serious

  52. Legend King37

    Legend King3726 days ago

    This is EPIC

  53. 8carolco

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  54. 8carolco

    8carolco27 days ago

    Manu sorry

  55. 8carolco

    8carolco27 days ago

    Loved because the end and he do so mano parkour live a like if you too

  56. Claudio Le瓊o

    Claudio Le瓊o27 days ago

    Vc n瓊o feis

  57. Ivyjunne Coresis

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  58. Fernando Fermandez

    Fernando Fermandez28 days ago

    Awesome end

  59. FLOP

    FLOP29 days ago

    1:30 someone make this a meme

  60. Juan Diego Sinay Iquique

    Juan Diego Sinay Iquique29 days ago

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  62. FenrirLupo

    FenrirLupoMonth ago

    So many unnecessary flips... still fun tho

  63. 343NotGuiltySpark

    343NotGuiltySparkMonth ago

    "Why are you running?!" Dead. This was hilarious.

  64. AaliyahPlayz Roblox

    AaliyahPlayz RobloxMonth ago

    But the thing is he kinda looks like him.

  65. Nathaniel Pack

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  66. Hyuna K.

    Hyuna K.Month ago

    1:36 Pubg

  67. Aahil Shahzad

    Aahil ShahzadMonth ago

    The girl looks like LAURDIY

  68. Jeff Sanagustin

    Jeff SanagustinMonth ago

    不不不 the T.rex costume tape on its neck

  69. Rafael carvalho

    Rafael carvalhoMonth ago

    O mais legal 矇 o dino correndo

  70. Krishna Kumar

    Krishna KumarMonth ago

  71. Julio Cesar Valdez

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  72. Iwan Bae

    Iwan BaeMonth ago

    No dino

  73. Frenzio Alberto

    Frenzio AlbertoMonth ago

    Chris Pratt and Blue would be so proud of you all

  74. Fortnite Omega

    Fortnite OmegaMonth ago

    4:31 sounds like mreporter.net/v/video-W6oQUDFV2C0.html

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    isso n瓊o e Real

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  80. Yolanda Cornejo

    Yolanda CornejoMonth ago

    so funy

  81. ap籀stolo marcos Aur矇lio Sousa

    ap籀stolo marcos Aur矇lio SousaMonth ago

    Kkkkkkkkkkkk e fim

  82. Anthem

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  83. la ranita fiu

    la ranita fiuMonth ago

    That dino is athletic like if u agree xD

  84. Halyne Santiago

    Halyne SantiagoMonth ago

    Essa tir矇s

  85. Milleli Cota

    Milleli CotaMonth ago

    Halguien que hable espa簽ol

  86. Tyrant60

    Tyrant60Month ago

    My favorite part is at 2:00

  87. Max xd

    Max xdMonth ago

    This is a fucking ninja dinosaur

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  89. james714164

    james714164Month ago

    That video was awesome

  90. V Vingan癟a

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    V穩deo sem gra癟a

  91. Smile more fan Atwood

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  92. Mqo 12321

    Mqo 12321Month ago

    Wait is that the guys from studio c???

  93. Brandy C

    Brandy CMonth ago

    When the dinosuar jumped off the cliff i relized it wasnt real damn

  94. 郅 迮郕

    郅 迮郕Month ago

    訇訄迠訄訄 邾郋迠郇郋

  95. Uros Vasovic

    Uros VasovicMonth ago

    2:10 when you with your girl and break your neck but you act like you are fine

  96. kim gyu ri

    kim gyu riMonth ago

    I'm not love you

  97. Ariel wright

    Ariel wrightMonth ago

    You can yyyyyw

  98. ㏎amiiLeNuget :v

    ㏎amiiLeNuget :vMonth ago

    Him rolling down the hill is epic XD

  99. Ivette Nava

    Ivette NavaMonth ago

    Pue dinosaurio mas tonto

  100. WretchedWacko

    WretchedWackoMonth ago

    I can only imagine how many times the guy in the t-rex costume messed up because you cant see good in those especially while your running

  101. Nina Batista

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  102. Kami Kawaii killer

    Kami Kawaii killerMonth ago

    I love that blue costume lol I was just that for Halloween

  103. Brenda Sifuentes

    Brenda SifuentesMonth ago

    Qqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrooooooooo 唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐h唐

  104. YT AC 33

    YT AC 33Month ago

    The dinosaurs made me die by laughing

  105. YT AC 33

    YT AC 33Month ago

    Funniest part 3:20