Jousting with Jason Sudeikis and Kevin Hart


  1. Alice RB

    Alice RB7 hours ago

    At 12:54 Kevin looks like a roach that got sprayed with roach sprayed😂😂😂😭

  2. Trenton Davis

    Trenton Davis8 hours ago

    They are a awesome duo👏🏽‼️😂

  3. Native Goku

    Native Goku8 hours ago

    Dude these two should make a part 2 of the black knight

  4. dandygirl6

    dandygirl615 hours ago

    Kevin loving his little OJ joke hahahahahhahaha

  5. Matthew Padmore

    Matthew Padmore16 hours ago

    It's time for a fucking crusade

  6. david vang

    david vang21 hour ago

    I would not follow Kevin into battle lmao if I did I would follow him into my death 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Richard Jacobs

    Richard JacobsDay ago

    I like the pulp fiction reference!

  8. tigersunruss

    tigersunrussDay ago

    This was the most funny one I have seen, I couldn't stop laughing. I agree with everyone, Jason needs to do a movie where he is a knight even if it's a comedy.

  9. Juan Alvarado

    Juan Alvarado2 days ago


  10. sam chernicoff

    sam chernicoff2 days ago

    kevin should do one with the rock

  11. Marcus I.

    Marcus I.2 days ago

    no one: Neymar: 6:02

  12. John Truman

    John Truman3 days ago

    *game grumps* with the same instructor

  13. John Truman

    John Truman3 days ago

    Game grips were there

  14. Jackson Chad

    Jackson Chad3 days ago

    12:41 to 13:13 had me so dying 😂😂

  15. KD PLAYS

    KD PLAYS4 days ago


  16. Ronal Partogi Bakkara

    Ronal Partogi Bakkara4 days ago

    OMG..... Kevin Hart, You'r so Funny

  17. Gelai Planas

    Gelai Planas5 days ago

    the music when Kevin rolled on the first demonstration...😂

  18. Maxwell Ruiz

    Maxwell Ruiz5 days ago

    Kevin Hart is so not funny anymore, he fell off bad after pretending to be an actor. He should’ve stuck to his craft instead.👎🏽

  19. varškėsapkepas

    varškėsapkepas6 days ago

    All I can think of when I see this is: Dadadadah dadah dadah da DADADADAH!! PPRRRRRRAAAAH!!! PRRRRRRRAAAAH!!!

  20. Mateo Martinez Vilanova

    Mateo Martinez Vilanova7 days ago

    The fake XD🤣😂

  21. Vincent Cao

    Vincent Cao8 days ago

    😂 he watch porn in summer time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌

  22. brittany acevedo

    brittany acevedo8 days ago

    I would watch a Kevin heart & Jason seidekis movie they have good chemistry

  23. YezirTTG

    YezirTTG8 days ago

    Like if Kevin should do a cold as balls with giannis

  24. Mahin Acharya

    Mahin Acharya8 days ago

    Game of thrones in real life be like 😂

  25. James Morrissey

    James Morrissey9 days ago

    Laughed my nuts out 😂😂😂.. When he was dying 😂

  26. James Morrissey

    James Morrissey9 days ago

    And then Jason came up 😂🤣🤣

  27. Melanie Banuelos

    Melanie Banuelos9 days ago

    2:10 Kevin sounded like junkrat right there tho

  28. rasheed robinson

    rasheed robinson10 days ago

    This looks like fun is there a place in Philly where we can do that?

  29. Shey

    Shey10 days ago

    this is just them acting like they are in either dark souls or skyrim or any other medieval like type game lmao

  30. Maia Tinsley

    Maia Tinsley10 days ago

    Jason was rolling on the ground for to long 💀💀

  31. Christopher Newton

    Christopher Newton10 days ago

    Honestly I think Kevin is an average comedian but I love he gets comedy and being physical and sports all linked up to get people active worthy initiative

  32. Rafa E

    Rafa E11 days ago

    This stuff is so damm funny 😄

  33. IschurosAlexandra

    IschurosAlexandra11 days ago


  34. Faiz Hisham

    Faiz Hisham11 days ago

    man ur an amazing comedian

  35. P-Dashes Johnson

    P-Dashes Johnson11 days ago

    Y’all really gotta do a movie spinoff together lol great chemistry

  36. Bettyb129

    Bettyb12912 days ago

    Lord Kevin Hart during the final battle, lmao 🤣

  37. Pierre S.

    Pierre S.12 days ago


  38. Sorc Gt

    Sorc Gt12 days ago

    1like = 1pray for Kevin hart

  39. Jadis Lluberes

    Jadis Lluberes12 days ago

    Kevin now looks bigger

  40. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy12 days ago

    what a load of bollocks

  41. Patrick Wingard

    Patrick Wingard12 days ago

    Weird that it's not funny, but it's on the "LOL" network.

  42. King SMG4

    King SMG413 days ago

    I watch a lot of porn in the summertime, Kevin Hart. 😂

  43. Get Active Squad

    Get Active Squad13 days ago

    Da queen fine as hell

  44. Starslayer885 Gaming

    Starslayer885 Gaming13 days ago

    I just wanna see a mid evil comedy staring Jason and Kevin as knights

  45. Hamza Khan

    Hamza Khan14 days ago

    This is the best thing on MReporter by far it’s flippin hilarious 🤣 😂😂 I loved every second of it 😂😂😂😂

  46. Kugelblitz

    Kugelblitz14 days ago

    Jason is clearly a game of thrones character

  47. dead line

    dead line15 days ago

    What the hell

  48. sparkleshit

    sparkleshit15 days ago

    If Jesus was a knight he would look like jason sudeikis

  49. CoachSam 203

    CoachSam 20316 days ago

    They need to do a movie. “Oh it’s also hot too Kevin “ 😂😂

  50. Kifah Benabderrahman

    Kifah Benabderrahman16 days ago

    Wakanda forever m'lady 😂

  51. Luquinhas :D

    Luquinhas :D17 days ago

    Where’s the next episode dude?