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Josh Groban - Granted (Official Lyric Video)


  1. 谢群英

    谢群英Day ago


  2. Antipodes

    Antipodes5 days ago

    Life is an experience. We never die so feel life on earth fully.

  3. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana6 days ago

    Linda melodía! Gracias josh Groban! Por los niños!🙏❤️

  4. tipe writer

    tipe writer7 days ago

    i found this song when i was watching mickey mouse's 90th birthday

  5. Amy SixKing

    Amy SixKing8 days ago

    Just saw Josh in concert and heard the explanation for the song - heard it live- as a teacher I know how needed this message is. I will share this as my gift to students on the last day of school ! Thanks Josh!

  6. Celine S42

    Celine S429 days ago

    I'm just here because a dude on wattpad wrote randomly in the comments that we should listen to this song...

  7. Daniel Tanaja M. Simatupang

    Daniel Tanaja M. Simatupang12 days ago

    Autolike - Josh Groban, one of my favorite singer

  8. James MacAleese

    James MacAleese14 days ago

    Guys I just remembered the time I almost drowned and an angel saved me I had a scared look and what happened was that I thought maybe why I was saved was because of this song I started doing good and worship god and I was always playing this music to remind me that god is at your side thanks josh you are the best you are a great singer this is a sad song and can give you a lesson god and jesus watches you everyday

  9. Elżbieta E

    Elżbieta E14 days ago

    Just joy! Congratulations!

  10. colin conlon conlon

    colin conlon conlon23 days ago

    Beautiful simply amazing thank you god Josh groban

  11. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana24 days ago

    Lindo gracias! 🙏❤️❤️

  12. Rodica Gabriela

    Rodica Gabriela24 days ago


  13. Claudia Forrest

    Claudia Forrest25 days ago

    So beautiful!

  14. Syed skywalker

    Syed skywalkerMonth ago

    Came here because of knightfall advertisement

  15. kim ediss

    kim edissMonth ago

    How beautiful! Love your voice so much😊and the lyrics are so true

  16. Elsie

    ElsieMonth ago

    Is this written by Josh Groban? Nice....With a positive message.

  17. Marcia baratta

    Marcia barattaMonth ago

    Linda música..

  18. Napoleon Bactong

    Napoleon BactongMonth ago

    Soon, i write ......what my dreams...🙏🙏🙏

  19. Red Dino

    Red DinoMonth ago

    This song make me believe in hope and gods thank gods have granted us our life so I say don’t ever waste your life

  20. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther QuintanaMonth ago

    Bella melodía! Gracias 🙏

  21. Serenity Stables

    Serenity StablesMonth ago

    Josh I love you ❤️

  22. Kings Dominion

    Kings DominionMonth ago

    I just heard this on the History TV channel.

  23. Rachael Justice

    Rachael JusticeMonth ago

    I love this song

  24. Fahriza Gulham Yusup

    Fahriza Gulham YusupMonth ago

    menurut saya, untuk lagu ini, lebih baik versi Live from Madison Square Garden dibanding yang ini. versi live lebih mengena, ada improvisasinya. itu saja pendapat saya. selebihnya, saya suka karakter suara dari Josh Groban, berharap bisa berjumpa dan bercengkrama secara langsung suatu saat nanti. Aamiiinnn_ salam dari Indonesia. 🇲🇨

  25. Fariston

    FaristonMonth ago

    Kau ingat org lain fhm ke bahasa indog ni.? hahahahahahaha goblok amat x tau english. 😂

  26. Tim :P

    Tim :PMonth ago

    I found this song in the history channel :)

  27. Elmina Baptiste

    Elmina BaptisteMonth ago

    amen so true josh give your messge true we need to be so thank full god use u to sing this song keep sending your light

  28. matt alee

    matt aleeMonth ago

    Who else come here from history channel?

  29. Fariston

    FaristonMonth ago

    Come here from history channel commercial. they always choose good music

  30. Riri Siri

    Riri SiriMonth ago

    Just came from History..fell in love with it

  31. Riri Siri

    Riri Siri27 days ago

    Rye Dai I think Knight fight but yeh it’s a pretty good song

  32. Rye Dai

    Rye DaiMonth ago

    Same. I heard this song when Knightfall and (i forgot the other series) is shown in history

  33. Npa_ Cosmos

    Npa_ CosmosMonth ago

    Why am i crying ? Ok i know why this is just beautiful ......

  34. cliff rayner

    cliff raynerMonth ago

    Who here because of History channel??

  35. John WhiteOak

    John WhiteOakMonth ago


  36. Npa_ Cosmos

    Npa_ CosmosMonth ago


  37. Emmanuel de Grouchy

    Emmanuel de GrouchyMonth ago


  38. Vitor Martins

    Vitor MartinsMonth ago

    Stunning singer . love you from Brazil . belongs

  39. Adwynna MacKenzie

    Adwynna MacKenzieMonth ago

    Wow...incredible song by an awe inspiring voice!

  40. Alice Saga

    Alice SagaMonth ago

    OH MY WORD!!!! give me more of you!give me more of your beauty for me to thrive upon. much love and thanks/ alice

  41. Susan Lewis

    Susan LewisMonth ago

    Fabulous John, love you!

  42. 4everlionking

    4everlionkingMonth ago


  43. Maradona Lawrence

    Maradona Lawrence2 months ago


  44. Brian Schon

    Brian Schon2 months ago

    how beautiful is this makes me cry love you joshy so does my 28 yr old autistics son

  45. What? Z

    What? Z2 months ago


  46. Maria Simões

    Maria Simões2 months ago


  47. Cry

    Cry2 months ago

    This is definitely going to my top list of favorite songs.

  48. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana2 months ago

    Hermosa e inspiradora! Todo se puede alcanzar! Gracias! Josh Groban!🌹

  49. Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

    Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling2 months ago

    Heard this for the first time today ..within the second note I was hooked.

  50. Barbara May

    Barbara May2 months ago

    I wish I could have heard a song like this when younger. I needed it then as well as now.

  51. Langindang Kim

    Langindang Kim2 months ago

    It's remind me

  52. Reven Raj

    Reven Raj2 months ago

    This song is very spritiual

  53. Marion Pointe

    Marion Pointe2 months ago

    my favourite male singer is JOSH GROBAN !!!😍😍

  54. nicholas wong

    nicholas wong2 months ago

    I first heard this on tv and holy crap I looked for it the second the song ended, so glad to have found it. It’s so good.

  55. Керыч brawl_stars

    Керыч brawl_stars2 months ago

    Ну шо сказать заебись

  56. hannybruining

    hannybruining2 months ago

    Well that made me tear up, Josh you are amazing!

  57. Jelena Vojvodic

    Jelena Vojvodic2 months ago


  58. JM Seybs

    JM Seybs2 months ago


  59. Brian Mark Wagner

    Brian Mark Wagner2 months ago

    Josh, would you ever consider doing the Celtic Hymn "Be Thou My Vision"? You would do it such justice with your beautiful voice.

  60. William Sillyman

    William Sillyman2 months ago

    My life has been filled with a lot of pain. Child abuse, bullying, learning disabilities, unwanted and feeling erased. I found a love that filled my heart for 40 years. My beautiful wife died in 2015. Before she died, she told me to live my life. I had always dreamed of being a writer. I am a writer today. I am a published author. I do battle mental health issues and I am working on those with counseling and medication. I may be nearing 65 years of age, yet I have a life I am going to live. I will find love again. I have a dream to go to Italy, which I am doing in 3 years. My writing is my story. I have never heard a song that touches the deepest parts of my soul as this one does. Thanks, Josh for writing it.

  61. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana2 months ago

    Linda lírica! Gracias! Josh Groban!

  62. Aivars Rubīns

    Aivars Rubīns2 months ago

    Kāda mūzika, kāda balss .kādas emocijas, kāda dinamika,mīlu šo dziesmu . Būšu taja iemīlējies.

  63. Susan Smith

    Susan Smith3 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful lyrics that can't help but touch your heart and soul. Thank you for this wonderful gift of music.

  64. Frank From Upstate NY

    Frank From Upstate NY3 months ago

    Wish I could sing this well....sure would beat "working like a fool...driving a dumb-ass truck for $20 an some intelligent ape/man.

  65. mingyu's fAngS

    mingyu's fAngS3 months ago

    this is our graduation song!

  66. Pamela Nichols

    Pamela Nichols3 months ago

    love this

  67. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana3 months ago

    I love josh Groban!❤️❤️

  68. Killer Bee

    Killer Bee3 months ago

    Yuck 🤢

  69. Mel Tapang

    Mel Tapang3 months ago

    Cool lazy mornin missin this voice

  70. Ivkck Mvmvi

    Ivkck Mvmvi3 months ago

    This is what we will sing on our graduation


    FATIME DIAKITE3 months ago

    Wow thank you for this song

  72. 中野りずき

    中野りずき3 months ago

    日本語約で見たらとっても素敵な歌詞で感動して探しにきてしまった😌 何回でも聞けるし少し勇気がもらえる曲

  73. Noam Cohen

    Noam Cohen3 months ago

    Best song EVER!!!!!

  74. Rodica Gabriela

    Rodica Gabriela3 months ago

    I like ghid song so muchie!

  75. Saori Kido

    Saori Kido3 months ago

    Curto você...💓 sua voz linda e suas musicas...🎵🎤👏👏👏

  76. Mariana Quintero

    Mariana Quintero3 months ago

    This new album is just beautiful

  77. Anagha Karnik

    Anagha Karnik3 months ago


  78. ג'אנט בוקובזה

    ג'אנט בוקובזה3 months ago

    Love this song

  79. uofmd

    uofmd4 months ago

    amazing voice. Great message

  80. alexandervaprov

    alexandervaprov4 months ago

    Best Album EVER!!!

  81. TheSommersonnenwende

    TheSommersonnenwende4 months ago

    What a song! Fear keeps us from becoming what we could really be! The elites of this world use fear to keep us down and to make us submit to their rule. The mainstream media is their evil tool to keep us in fear day and night so that they can rule over us forever. People have to break free and search for the truth then they will lose their power over us and this planet can truly become a mirror of heaven.

  82. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana4 months ago

    I love ❤️ josh Groban!❤️

  83. Katka Stermenska

    Katka Stermenska4 months ago

    love song

  84. Connor Lindsay

    Connor Lindsay4 months ago

    What’s the instrument at 3:21 ?

  85. uofmd

    uofmd4 months ago


  86. mckenzie barr

    mckenzie barr4 months ago

    So happy I got to hear this on the radio

  87. Maggie Maged

    Maggie Maged4 months ago

    Sometimes the greatest moment we'll ever know, Are when we're letting go, so let go. How true is this, sometimes just letting go is the best part of life ❤️

  88. Andrée Labranque

    Andrée Labranque4 months ago

    Thank you very much Josh !!! ♥️🤗😄🍀🕊

  89. Romy Judith Spoor

    Romy Judith Spoor4 months ago

    Beautiful song and so true,.. I will always listen to my heart ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  90. Eevon

    Eevon4 months ago

    This song helps me w/ my depression

  91. Maria Veloso

    Maria Veloso4 months ago

    you are a dream🙏🙏💗🙏💗💗🙌🙌🙏🙏✨✨✨🍀

  92. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana4 months ago

    Linda melodía! Gracias 🙏

  93. Jean Apolinar

    Jean Apolinar4 months ago

    Beautiful, just beautiful

  94. Silvia Helena Teixeira

    Silvia Helena Teixeira4 months ago

    I really love this song! Josh Grosban, thank you! you´re so special singer too!

  95. Cheezburger

    Cheezburger4 months ago

    I heard this from the Special Mickey Mouse Birthday late December and instantly I was touched when Josh Groban sang!

  96. RoackyRoad585 Crunch

    RoackyRoad585 Crunch4 months ago

    You can do ANYTHING.

  97. Marty Honey

    Marty Honey4 months ago

    Great lyrics thanks for it!!!!🙏

  98. Pauline Panganiban

    Pauline Panganiban5 months ago

    boang ang nag unlike

  99. Patricia Moore

    Patricia Moore5 months ago

    I'm awesome

  100. pbsikes1

    pbsikes15 months ago

    My Mom passed away March 2017.. I didn't think I would make it, my heart was so shattered. Four things that finally me through, one my daughter, my husband, of course God, this song. I started pulling it together June 2018.. life is precious, not promised tomorrow, not even a second, I value you my life, my family, and I know my Mom would want me to be the parent she was, I'm glad I put my heart back together. The line in this song, maybe it's time you bet on yourself, perfect statement. Thank you Josh, all of your inspirational songs...❤️

  101. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana5 months ago

    Bella melodía! Gracias 🙏 josh Groban!

  102. Matt Phillips

    Matt Phillips5 months ago

    Cannot overstate how much I absolutely love this song

  103. David Shambrook

    David Shambrook5 months ago

    If I could of written any song myself if would be granted, so we'll written and effortly sung but won't look back is my favourite of the album bridges, keep doing what you do Josh.

  104. Saskia Pförtner

    Saskia Pförtner5 months ago

    I wish I could thumb up a thousand times. This song goes right in your ear and straight to the heart!!!

  105. donna hookem

    donna hookem5 months ago

    Your special go find your dream

  106. donna hookem

    donna hookem5 months ago

    Words of wisdom!