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Josh Groban - Granted (Official Lyric Video)


  1. Sally

    SallyDay ago

    Josh Groban you are the best singer I know. I love you 💖

  2. Jessica D.

    Jessica D.Day ago

    Beautifull song! Just like the song River from Josh Groban, he is truly amazing!

  3. DeebeepProductions

    DeebeepProductions2 days ago

    His style was young popera International singer I was obsessed with his first album and then closer, but I can't figure out how his style has changed feels like... "old man"

  4. Wenche Moberg

    Wenche Moberg3 days ago

    Thank you josh for your music i love it.such a heavenly voice. 🤗

  5. 169045psn

    169045psn3 days ago

    Y'know, when I first heard the song, I thought that he said "then go to hell" but it was just "then go ahead". Lol

  6. Sally

    SallyDay ago


  7. POI

    POI3 days ago


  8. POI

    POI3 days ago


  9. Mirjana Spoljaric

    Mirjana Spoljaric3 days ago

    I love this man for years! His voice made me so happy so many times!

  10. Alice Fricke

    Alice Fricke5 days ago

    You are Perfecto, Joshua!

  11. Delphine Agnès Poncet

    Delphine Agnès Poncet5 days ago

    Cette chanson me fait chanter l’âme ☺️ un pur instant de bonheur 🕊🕊🕊

  12. joleen wilson

    joleen wilson6 days ago

    Never heard this before.really like it.yea josh.

  13. CarmenLL59

    CarmenLL597 days ago


  14. fahad Al-mutairi

    fahad Al-mutairi7 days ago

    The songs are very different. Thank you very much Josh Groban

  15. zak Sarwari

    zak Sarwari9 days ago

    🎬🎶🎤💕🎥👏🙌🙏 💘☝🌸🌹🌸~>>- forever and always.

  16. Weathergirl Flashfan

    Weathergirl Flashfan9 days ago

    Sometimes at school I feel like I have nothing to look forward to. But now I know I can chase my dreams

  17. Monique Star

    Monique Star9 days ago

    I can think of a guy with another heavenly voice that should do a cover of this

  18. ruth payot

    ruth payot10 days ago

    identity crisis happens most of the time in high school

  19. ruth payot

    ruth payot10 days ago

    if you're in school when identity crisis strike best to be involve in club membership and extracurricular activities

  20. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana10 days ago

    Gracias! Josh !

  21. Ootani Michuyo

    Ootani Michuyo10 days ago

    This reminds me of a Dear Evan Hansen song except so much better cause Josh is singing it and its his song. Thats just how inspirational it sounds.

  22. Nicolas Rocchiccioli

    Nicolas Rocchiccioli10 days ago

    I fell in love with this song. It is so inspiring and beautifully composed and written. And Josh's voice !

  23. Jelena Vojvodic

    Jelena Vojvodic10 days ago

    I am yours"*♥️

  24. CJ San Pedro

    CJ San Pedro10 days ago

    Great song!! Im a big fan of this talented man, im from the Philippines! 👍👍👍👍

  25. ruth payot

    ruth payot11 days ago

    how long is your mustache:)

  26. JesusSavedJoshua

    JesusSavedJoshua12 days ago

    Dont take Gods love for you in Jesus Christ for granted...

  27. Mark Dix

    Mark Dix12 days ago

    319 dickheads with thumbs down

  28. May Putra Daya

    May Putra Daya12 days ago

    have you ever

  29. Gofran Mustafa

    Gofran Mustafa13 days ago

    THAT VOICE !!! 💕

  30. alexa hoahue Philippe

    alexa hoahue Philippe13 days ago

    LOVE IT VERY MUCH ty for having writied it down ans sang it:)

  31. Karen Soucy

    Karen Soucy14 days ago

    In complete awe!!! THIS!!!! THIS SONG!! There are no words......❤❤❤❤❤

  32. Mark Dix

    Mark Dix14 days ago

    This guy deserves a medal for these many people has he saved x

  33. Ronne Torsten

    Ronne Torsten15 days ago

    Es gibt einfach nichts schöneres!

  34. Metaphysical Mike

    Metaphysical Mike15 days ago

    What a beautiful song for the soul Bless you Josh

  35. Lilian Ee

    Lilian Ee15 days ago

    This song should win a Grammy

  36. Hayley Rainsforth

    Hayley Rainsforth17 days ago

    best song ever

  37. Viet Pham

    Viet Pham17 days ago

    If u can't catch your best time. That 's means you letting everything go. Tks for unknown person.

  38. LaRae Helstrom

    LaRae Helstrom18 days ago

    Such a beautiful voice and talent.

  39. T.D. Abbott

    T.D. Abbott19 days ago

    I LOVED hearing that!!!

  40. roxy d'agostino

    roxy d'agostino19 days ago

    You're the greatest voice in the world! Please a concert in Italy!!! I love You

  41. Karen Khoo

    Karen Khoo20 days ago

    Is it only me or why does this sound so much like Diana Wang - Home...?

  42. Emma T Cook

    Emma T Cook20 days ago

    Once again you have nailed it with the Lyrics.....classy song all the way. Very inspiring even to someone as old as me!

  43. Justmeb Justmeb

    Justmeb Justmeb21 day ago

    Not one single breath

  44. Dóris Garcia De Almeida Santos

    Dóris Garcia De Almeida Santos21 day ago

    linda esse musica

  45. Alexander Gerald

    Alexander Gerald21 day ago

    listen this first time and i like it!!

  46. cyril bernard

    cyril bernard22 days ago

    Nice one

  47. Jolene Carley

    Jolene Carley22 days ago


  48. Cheryl Sibson

    Cheryl Sibson22 days ago

    I did write, I did draw, I did dance, I did sing, I did, poems, I did sail, I did walk on this planet, I did have children, I granted myself this legacy, I did dare to dream. Just because someone didn't see the dream, to dare to dream, come and be the dream!

  49. Dr Virion

    Dr Virion22 days ago

    you have many many songs which i love, but this one is proving to be the best. i am a motivational speaker in a country uncertainty and hopelessness is the new normal a country where people go to universities to attain degrees and only to become street vendors, and this is a song hits the right notes. i am so going to use it as my signature sound........

  50. Delrieu Martine

    Delrieu Martine23 days ago

    What a lovely song !

  51. rowell Domingo

    rowell Domingo24 days ago

    Good and inspiring song🙂

  52. Jolene Carley

    Jolene Carley24 days ago

    Thank you Lord Jesus for your Sacrifice❤️🙏

  53. Heidi Petrus

    Heidi Petrus24 days ago

    Beautiful new age song😇 I prefer your Christian songs though! Exhault Jesus Christ alone!

  54. charity peters

    charity peters24 days ago

    Mix who's ng rob and granted(offcialyr📲

  55. mdd4567

    mdd456724 days ago

    Quelle voix ! Et les paroles ainsi que la musique sont magnifiques ! Superbe !

  56. Nádia Cantelli

    Nádia Cantelli24 days ago

    Beautiful ...

  57. Sheila Barron

    Sheila Barron25 days ago

    God help me for I am tried give me a answer

  58. spongebobspongebob24

    spongebobspongebob2425 days ago

    I'd love this song on a movie!

  59. Seodkkeie Hdfhcuzdd

    Seodkkeie Hdfhcuzdd26 days ago


  60. Madeleine spinks

    Madeleine spinks26 days ago

    Finally a song that means something. Nearly made my cry!

  61. Tracy Cordero

    Tracy Cordero26 days ago

    Thank you Love Love this song

  62. Ada Esther Quintana

    Ada Esther Quintana28 days ago

    Hermosa! 😍😍🌹josh Groban!

  63. Danielle Rastetter

    Danielle Rastetter28 days ago

    Thank you so much for making an official lyric video. As someone with a hearing loss, I need this.

  64. Janice Wells

    Janice Wells28 days ago

    I love Josh, he has a voice like an angel! I have tickets to see him in concert next month in Phoenix, can't wait!

  65. Donna Saverino

    Donna Saverino29 days ago

    I would really hear from the 289 thumbs down people. What should be changed to make you happy? What I hear from you is that you could do this video much better. NOT!

  66. Josephine Letizia

    Josephine Letizia29 days ago


  67. Ro Bruna

    Ro Bruna29 days ago

    J.G. You are sending our youth, a great message!

  68. Kam Chan

    Kam ChanMonth ago

    i love love this song, the lyrics are so powerful that i can't stop listening to this…this is officially my new favourite song. Thank you Josh Groban

  69. Emmie

    EmmieMonth ago

    I am not asking for hate comments, but I am genuinely curious as to why people disliked this song. Frankly, I'd love to know why (if you disliked the video), why you did (or are you just a troll....)? Because my opinion is that it is incredibly beautiful in the lyrics especially.

  70. ruth payot

    ruth payotMonth ago


  71. Sue AD

    Sue ADMonth ago

    Love too much this song ! Wonderful words with an amazing voice !💖💝💘

  72. Linda M

    Linda MMonth ago

    Absolutely love this song! The lyrics are so meaningful...

  73. Christine Peace

    Christine PeaceMonth ago

    Josh Groban can't do anything wrong by me. What a gem!

  74. Carol LeFou

    Carol LeFouMonth ago

    The man is amazing!

  75. Tsarevna Hilda

    Tsarevna HildaMonth ago

    Movie trailer perfect!

  76. Anita OB

    Anita OBMonth ago

    love this!

  77. Frame loss

    Frame lossMonth ago

    Under rated af

  78. Batol Suhail

    Batol SuhailMonth ago


  79. Susi Engel

    Susi EngelMonth ago


  80. TRK387

    TRK387Month ago

    756K views such a beautiful, uplifting, inspirational, and spiritual song, up against all the rest that have millions. Very sad. 281 dislikes, you would have to be the coldest person in the world to dislike this song and its message. Unfortunately SOCIETY just like with the NIKE ad, LOSE track of the TRUE meaning of something... Who cares who brings the message long as it is positive. Very gifted man... t

  81. Maureen Tolliday

    Maureen TollidayMonth ago

    Wow! Love it ! Thank you Josh , whatever else is going on in my life you are constant

  82. indang philippines

    indang philippinesMonth ago

    It is one of my faves. it is inspirational and the lyrics are amazing. tells us to always move on and not wasre a single moment of our lives. beautiful song Josh. lovelots.....

  83. Hannah Manry

    Hannah ManryMonth ago


  84. Erik Richardson

    Erik RichardsonMonth ago

    When my family passed away I always found comfort in lyrics such as these miss and love you mom,dad,Justin john and Michael I won't take the breathes I have left for granted as I have in the past


    PAMELA SMITHMonth ago

    I love JOSH GROBAN and God has truly blessed him. I feel blessed to have hearing to hear his beautiful voice.

  86. Karina Morgan Melvin

    Karina Morgan MelvinMonth ago

    Gosh Groban is one of the few singers who make emotional music these days. Gosh Groban is the best artist these days.

  87. the half ticket film

    the half ticket filmMonth ago


  88. Andreia eloge

    Andreia elogeMonth ago

    Comecei a admirar seus trabalhos desde da novela "Esmeralda, ouvia a trilha "Mi Mancherai " e fiquei fascinada pela voz...até que descobri esse cantor maravilhoso!❤

  89. 손민국

    손민국Month ago


  90. Tsega Berhane

    Tsega BerhaneMonth ago

    As a care giver I work with elderly patients mostly and I have a privilege sharing your songs on my iPhone. They Love it!! Praise God for your beautiful voice!!

  91. Tsega Berhane

    Tsega BerhaneMonth ago

    Amen, God bless you Josh

  92. Christine Chagaris

    Christine ChagarisMonth ago

    Heard this song for the first time the other day at the supermarket on their mixtape and was racking my brain trying to find who sung it and the title. I was thinking it sounds an awful lot like Josh Groban, and when I found out I was elated. Beautiful song, meaningful lyrics that I can totally relate to. Transformative.

  93. kim ediss

    kim edissMonth ago

    Omg, truly a gift from God! Beautiful, u josh!!💗

  94. Albert Węglarz

    Albert WęglarzMonth ago

    I love it ❤️ very nice song❤️ Very nice voice ❤️ Good Job Josh 👍

  95. Touichi 2208

    Touichi 2208Month ago

    Amazing lyrics!!!!!

  96. Gray Leonhardt

    Gray LeonhardtMonth ago

    what an underrated song... :(

  97. Rifqi R

    Rifqi RMonth ago

    *_Before 1M views_*

  98. Gosia Staromiejska

    Gosia StaromiejskaMonth ago

    He sings better and better with every album, if that's even possible! This song is amazing...

  99. Sophia Lejtman

    Sophia LejtmanMonth ago

    I can smile and cry in the same song. I just love emotional meaningful lyrics.

  100. An Le

    An LeMonth ago

    This has to be one of my favourite songs released this year thus far. It does a brilliant job to remind us to follow our dreams regardless of the barriers. I knew I had to cover something that meaningful on my channel. Obviously could never do Josh Groban justice - his voice is absolutely spectacular... but it'd mean a lot of you came over and checked it out. (:

  101. paloma mcfadden

    paloma mcfaddenMonth ago

    wow, i am a big fan of Josh Groban. i hope to see him here in the Philippines.

  102. Catherine Madeline

    Catherine MadelineMonth ago

    When I listen to you, all my problems become so small. You are a gift, Josh Groban.