Jordan Schlansky Lectures Conan About Coffee In Naples - CONAN on TBS


  1. Manifesto

    Manifesto9 hours ago

    if conan starts a religion, i will follow :)

  2. Mae Raich

    Mae Raich3 days ago

    I still can't tell whether Jordan is a real person or not

  3. Random Comment

    Random Comment3 days ago

    That song was the most epic thing in the whole world.

  4. Chris Lombardi

    Chris Lombardi4 days ago

    Mustachioed Jordan in the background of the Italian Soap Opera at 7:16 might just be my new favorite Schlansky moment 🤣


    RUSHIL JOHAR5 days ago

    That rhyming was actually Dope


    RUSHIL JOHAR5 days ago

    CONAN ONLY= Alfa male

  7. abhi47

    abhi477 days ago

    Me!?!?! Stuff in ma pant! NO!!!! God!! Conan's impressions are spot on...😂😂😂

  8. 98Kaian

    98Kaian7 days ago

    This is so american. I think the italians in this video are fulfilling typical german stereotypes. Very buttoned up people.

  9. Theresa Tedesco

    Theresa Tedesco8 days ago

    At 7:16 Jordan looks like an a assain for the Mario brothers lol he looks so creepy lmfao

  10. Tami Hayes

    Tami Hayes8 days ago

    I did nothing but laugh... I don’t even know where to start!

  11. Elie Nehme

    Elie Nehme10 days ago

    Conan just went full beavis and butthead

  12. Chris Hagen

    Chris Hagen10 days ago

    2:24 what is that finger-snapping move conan does? I have seen it before on other shows

  13. Lee Dent

    Lee Dent9 days ago

    Curly used to do it on the Three Stooges

  14. Vedran Matkov

    Vedran Matkov10 days ago

    2:25 HAHAHA


    ERIC EDMUND12 days ago


  16. polanskyf

    polanskyf12 days ago

    He want latte with *Z U C C* A

  17. Vasav Krishna

    Vasav Krishna13 days ago

    they are dancing to "I want it fcking hot" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Matt Bartlett

    Matt Bartlett13 days ago

    Jordan reminds me of a third nipple


    NOAH 7 ANIMAL13 days ago


  20. Chad Man

    Chad Man14 days ago

    Conan’s a fool

  21. whitewolfen68

    whitewolfen6814 days ago

    How Jordan don't laugh is Crazy, His facial expression is always Blank and shows no emotion at all. Are we sure he isn't a robot?? LoL

  22. Eric

    Eric15 days ago

    I had my first ever expresso in Napoli in 1982.

  23. Alex B

    Alex B15 days ago

    Naples Florida is better

  24. James Pruitt

    James Pruitt16 days ago

    6:40 thompson with a "p"

  25. shafi amati

    shafi amati16 days ago

    Jordan is the picture of a douchebag.

  26. T. L.

    T. L.17 days ago

    Actually "Espresso" means - in contrast to how coffee was prepared prior to espresso - that the coffee is prepared for you because you expressly ordered that coffee (esprimere = express)

  27. lovepeople Hu

    lovepeople Hu17 days ago

    6:37 Jordan "Italian Pornstar" Schlansky

  28. lovepeople Hu

    lovepeople Hu18 days ago

    Americans will be banned in Italy.

  29. Mark Pointer

    Mark Pointer18 days ago

    Oh boy, as a fluent bilingual English / Italian speaker, this is the funniest episode, by far. I’m cryin’, seriously 😂

  30. Zach Outly

    Zach Outly18 days ago

    Can we take a sec to acknowledge how hot that actress is in the Spanish soap opera. Dont know who she is but...damn.

  31. None of Your Business

    None of Your Business17 days ago

    Zach Outly i am trying to find her too, with no luck. I cant even find any comments here who has the name of that actress at 6:06

  32. Pankaj Chaudhari

    Pankaj Chaudhari19 days ago

    In some cafe in Paris, I had 3 espressos with dinner. 2 before eating and 1 while eating. But the waiter clearly did not like that I didn't order one more after I finished by dinner.

  33. King Lenny

    King Lenny20 days ago

    *Satisfaction is your career*

  34. Veronica Cicconetti

    Veronica Cicconetti21 day ago


  35. Why Me

    Why Me21 day ago

    I Almost daid at 2:30 😂😂

  36. Biraj Lama

    Biraj Lama21 day ago

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  37. Allison Croft

    Allison Croft22 days ago

    Conan in Japan ...

  38. Ben Arehart

    Ben Arehart23 days ago

    Conan is the funniest, Lightning quick wit.

  39. Pandas are cool

    Pandas are cool24 days ago

    I can't tell if this made Italians hate Americans more or less.

  40. Bryant Avant

    Bryant Avant24 days ago

    Conan is the funniest guy alive 😂

  41. Brian Phoenix

    Brian Phoenix24 days ago

    1:59 Drinking with a friend who doesn't know their limits

  42. Bruce Achterberg

    Bruce Achterberg24 days ago

    This is the second time Conan has licked Jordan's forehead on camera.

  43. Erika Croft

    Erika Croft24 days ago

    OMG Jordan's creep have at the very end!!

  44. Big Boss

    Big Boss25 days ago

    Ouch! .... 4:50

  45. Makin Pancakes

    Makin Pancakes26 days ago

    5:00 BOOM

  46. OK Montana

    OK Montana26 days ago

    Too funny !

  47. Klaus Merker

    Klaus Merker28 days ago

    I dont speak italian, but shouldnt it be "due espressI" instead of "espressO"?

  48. Screw The Net

    Screw The Net28 days ago

    6:22 dang...they dont make women like that no more O>o straight 9/10 ( perfection is an illusion lol)

  49. Ben7

    Ben729 days ago

    Just a few tips for americans when you come in Italy : DONT ORDER CAPPUCCINO AFTER 12PM !! DONT ASK FOR KETCHUP WHEN YOU ORDER PIZZA OR PASTA ! DONT ASK FOR PINEAPPLE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (very dangerous situation) and DONT TRY USING ITALIAN WORDS JUST 3 DAYS AFTER YOU ARRIVED HERE! thank you.

  50. Klonk

    Klonk29 days ago

    6:04 woman name?

  51. Bumposs

    Bumposs9 days ago

    +Klonk Suck your nan

  52. Klonk

    Klonk9 days ago

    All right, you're definitely a troll

  53. Bumposs

    Bumposs9 days ago

    +Klonk You can search for it yourself. R u dumb bro?

  54. Klonk

    Klonk9 days ago

    Link her Insta then

  55. Bumposs

    Bumposs9 days ago

    +Klonk You should search her better

  56. Ryan Surbrug

    Ryan SurbrugMonth ago

    @2:27 deff Jim Carey in ace Ventura/ Liar liar lmfao

  57. businessnik

    businessnikMonth ago

    You just had a real experience there, you should enjoy that


    DocFilm.comMonth ago

    Damn i m addicted to Conan and Jordan Adventures!

  59. Kevin Gamer

    Kevin GamerMonth ago


  60. Sim RSM

    Sim RSMMonth ago

    Ignorante 😂😂😂😂

  61. Jon Blake

    Jon BlakeMonth ago


  62. Meatloaf

    MeatloafMonth ago


  63. Elizabeth Kapustina

    Elizabeth KapustinaMonth ago

    The best couple ever)

  64. Slime Rimuru

    Slime RimuruMonth ago

    I need to know this actress name 6:04 for research purposes

  65. Bumposs

    Bumposs3 days ago

    +None of Your Business Her name is Desenche Duefon, welcome

  66. None of Your Business

    None of Your Business17 days ago

    Slime Rimuru dude i still cant find her, have you found her name by now? I really wanna know too

  67. Luce S

    Luce SMonth ago

    Of all the comments and jibes that Conan throws to Jordan, its amazing that he can wipe the floor with Conan by a single comment

  68. Gliese436

    Gliese436Month ago

    Just remember while you’re watching this that Conan has an iq of 160

  69. Steven Snyder

    Steven SnyderMonth ago

    Does he remind anyone else of Bug Bunny?

  70. Dab Hacks2

    Dab Hacks2Month ago

    2:25 Three stooges reference?

  71. pointschamp

    pointschampMonth ago

    My gosh Jordan is a douche

  72. Ricardo

    RicardoMonth ago

    Welll... not quite... cause Express comes from espresso... Which means "Pressed out", "Compressed", "Reduced"... which is a sinonim for quick. Actually Jordan is right

  73. zoperxplex

    zoperxplexMonth ago

    Conan has to summon up his entire reserve of self restraint to not choke the living daylights out of this pedantic son-of-a-bitch.

  74. You’re Mom

    You’re MomMonth ago

    I speak Spanish and French was easier to understand cause the Romance languages and stuff

  75. StreetWorkout Switzerland

    StreetWorkout SwitzerlandMonth ago

    I imagine to have Conan as my boss😂👌

  76. movement 148

    movement 148Month ago


  77. R GEN

    R GENMonth ago

    Caffè Quadri?

  78. wissem belguidoum

    wissem belguidoumMonth ago

    Jordan is INTP... Conan is ESFJ... The interviewer is an ASHL

  79. chago river

    chago riverMonth ago

    any id on the hottie at 6:21 ?

  80. Serhat Koroglu

    Serhat KorogluMonth ago

    hahaha :D

  81. KronosRocks

    KronosRocksMonth ago

    As an America, I'm cringing for the Italians

  82. 5stelle88

    5stelle88Month ago

    Well, I'll have to clarify something. " Comm cazz coce" doesn't mean "i want it f**king hot" but instead "it Is f**king hot". It's our "dialetto" or as you would call it, slang. Also, you guys are hilarious, i really like your show!!

  83. Jessica Barragán

    Jessica BarragánMonth ago

    Conan loco se volvió loco 😜

  84. Mikkel B.A

    Mikkel B.AMonth ago

    As of right now, Conan is the funniest guy on the planet!! 😂 ( sacha baron cohen is not in the compitition )

  85. Brain

    BrainMonth ago

    I wanna work for Conan.

  86. Dite A.

    Dite A.Month ago

    "i have a burro" i cant stop laughing

  87. Paul Davis

    Paul DavisMonth ago

    Conan on caffeine is like a normal person on cocaine. lol.

  88. Pearly Gates

    Pearly GatesMonth ago

    Che coglione ma fa ridere in America?

  89. Elizabeth P

    Elizabeth PMonth ago

    I love Italy!!! I wish i can go back

  90. 周润嘉

    周润嘉Month ago

    5:40 from what opera?

  91. Mark Pena

    Mark PenaMonth ago

    this cured my depression... i think im ready now

  92. Scarlet Morbidity

    Scarlet MorbidityMonth ago

    I love how Conan's behavior is infectious to the Italians and Jordan is just sitting there lamenting it hahah

  93. JackMeHoff Gud

    JackMeHoff GudMonth ago

    Conan is the GOAT!

  94. Maru Misu

    Maru MisuMonth ago

    This is now my favorite video ever.

  95. MapleMeHoney

    MapleMeHoneyMonth ago

    omg i love this jordan... the way he speaks about the dance between man and coffee machine ... he needs a show of his own

  96. Carlos Ledesma

    Carlos LedesmaMonth ago

    Conan is a mega goof i love it lol

  97. Melik1100

    Melik1100Month ago

    Buongiorno signore to a woman

  98. chaotic B81

    chaotic B81Month ago

    Jordan basically called the cashier Mister. Signore=Mr, Signora=Mrs

  99. 이창혁

    이창혁Month ago

    What's her name in 6:10

  100. Bumposs

    Bumposs10 days ago

    Her name is desanche leola

  101. james chase

    james chaseMonth ago


  102. Sun Babe

    Sun BabeMonth ago

    Is conan on coke😂

  103. Jinmonas

    JinmonasMonth ago much money did Jordan Schlansky make on "Conan"? all this clips cant be in the regular budget?!

  104. Riva Benzikri

    Riva BenzikriMonth ago

    Last footage of Us Alive oh my goodness,, my redhead brilliant friend you are hilarious

  105. Isabella Bakker

    Isabella BakkerMonth ago

    When you guys were doing bird sounds my dog thought it were real birds😂

  106. Fred is aus the venision

    Fred is aus the venisionMonth ago

    This is rubbish. espresso means fast four italians. Ps only at the bench thay take it!!!🇮🇹

  107. Micah Thorner

    Micah ThornerMonth ago

    😂😂😂 funniest man alive!

  108. Francesco Fasano

    Francesco FasanoMonth ago

    Ahem, nope, espresso doesn''t mean "pressed out", i don't know the etimology of "espresso" as a cup of coffee, but espresso does mean "fast" in italian. "Corriere espresso" or "Treno espresso" they mean "express courier" and "express train" respectively. Poor Jordan

  109. Varun Sharma

    Varun SharmaMonth ago

    This is how Americans behave in Europe

  110. Janae Clarice

    Janae ClariceMonth ago

    Literally thought that was Anderson Cooper that walked past the camera in the beginning 😂