Jonny Brenns Sings "Georgia" by Vance Joy - Top 24 Solos - American Idol 2018 on ABC


  1. karma 1244

    karma 12443 days ago


  2. Kandyn Delaney

    Kandyn Delaney28 days ago

    I’m in love with his voice omg

  3. Viktorija Žitinevičiūtė

    Viktorija ŽitinevičiūtėMonth ago

    0:59 holy crap I'm in love

  4. Mitchell Cristman

    Mitchell CristmanMonth ago

    Great song choice 😤

  5. Jessé Middleton

    Jessé MiddletonMonth ago

    This is still one of the best moment/performance this season! Because of this I learned about Vance Joy and his amazing artistry. I hope Jonny all the best. He should have been in the Top 5.

  6. Hailey Jones

    Hailey JonesMonth ago

    I still wish he won :,(

  7. Kleur Travel

    Kleur TravelMonth ago

    I like his version than the original,so catchy! #nooffense

  8. Fuzzy Blankets

    Fuzzy BlanketsMonth ago


  9. dorthy shaffer

    dorthy shafferMonth ago

    i could listen to him all day..hahha

  10. Goh Tan

    Goh Tan2 months ago


  11. zusette butalon

    zusette butalon2 months ago


  12. Fuzzy Blankets

    Fuzzy Blankets2 months ago


  13. Flexnet User

    Flexnet User2 months ago

    Miss him. I think if all his song choices had been as great as this one, he would have lasted a lot longer, because he’s got the whole package.

  14. Petar Petrovic

    Petar Petrovic2 months ago

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  15. Kenyan M

    Kenyan M2 months ago

    Was anyone else thinking how did Caty Turner get into the audience at 1:19 😂

  16. wilson theo

    wilson theo2 months ago

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  17. Maria Vila Verde

    Maria Vila Verde2 months ago

    Better than the original. Velvety voice!

  18. Corina11ish

    Corina11ish2 months ago


  19. Victoria Arbieto

    Victoria Arbieto2 months ago

    He is so talented!!!

  20. Fuzzy Blankets

    Fuzzy Blankets2 months ago


  21. Kaeonna Deshane

    Kaeonna Deshane2 months ago

    Favorite performance, so sad he didn’t make top 10 😪

  22. Katie Summers

    Katie Summers2 months ago

    I’m in love with this performance by Jonny

  23. Michelle Zhao

    Michelle Zhao2 months ago

    he’s one of my favorites this season

  24. hollyken3

    hollyken32 months ago

    I have goosebumps omg

  25. Antionicia

    Antionicia2 months ago

    I seriously need a full studio version. He does the last bit of the song with so much emotion it kills me. I’m in love with this boy. What the heck

  26. Ramya Diaries

    Ramya Diaries2 months ago

    Please sing sing sing.i love your singing so much

  27. Sentani Putri

    Sentani Putri2 months ago


  28. Angel Cobain

    Angel Cobain3 months ago

    Need a full cover of this song 😫 He’s so good 😍

  29. stefhanie tolentino

    stefhanie tolentino3 months ago

    this is one good performance again from you jhonny😘😘

  30. Marissa Sanchez

    Marissa Sanchez3 months ago

    Love him!

  31. Kaylin Forsythe

    Kaylin Forsythe3 months ago

    absolutely in LOVE fuck me uppp

  32. molly summrs

    molly summrs3 months ago

    his voice was so smooth, it gave me goosebumps

  33. leswoof472

    leswoof4723 months ago

    God I wish I was that good

  34. purewonka

    purewonka3 months ago

    He's much better sitting at the piano while performing.

  35. Leslie Grillo

    Leslie Grillo3 months ago

    Wonderful job

  36. Girl Meets Brini

    Girl Meets Brini3 months ago

    He’s so tall like Shawn!❤️😍gosh he’s so adorable!

  37. cuore solare

    cuore solare3 months ago

    He’s so charming 😊

  38. xXnXx xXx

    xXnXx xXx3 months ago

    I just love you ☺😗😭😎

  39. Chanderpaul Jaimangal

    Chanderpaul Jaimangal3 months ago


  40. Fuzzy Blankets

    Fuzzy Blankets3 months ago


  41. Melissa Lykins

    Melissa Lykins3 months ago


  42. paige santos

    paige santos3 months ago

    I feel like this guys got a large fan base from this, a little heart throb. He’s gonna make it far.

  43. Nicole Acorda

    Nicole Acorda3 months ago

    I need the complete song on Spotify

  44. KellerG

    KellerG3 months ago

    Goosebumps 😱

  45. Tabris Fru Lar

    Tabris Fru Lar3 months ago

    Perfect song choice. He has a unique style too. And the way he grins while smiling... kinda flirty... great. He owns the crowd.

  46. Sarah Thorne

    Sarah Thorne3 months ago

    I like when Lionel says "Beccccccccccause" lol

  47. Muhammad Yazid Abdullah

    Muhammad Yazid Abdullah3 months ago

    One of the best male contestant this season!

  48. Raythevalet _1

    Raythevalet _13 months ago

    Not judging be Happy but he's Gay.His body expression u can tell.Be happy and good singing.

  49. Hayley A

    Hayley A2 months ago

    Ramiro Alvarado I hope not because he is so cute !!!

  50. Raythevalet _1

    Raythevalet _13 months ago

    Hope he Wins.

  51. Renato Paradiang

    Renato Paradiang3 months ago

    Top 24,amazingly talented

  52. Vinicius Valente

    Vinicius Valente3 months ago

    better than the original

  53. Chyene Smith

    Chyene Smith3 months ago

    He’s so amazing..... and cute I wish I could date him

  54. RM Aquatics

    RM Aquatics3 months ago

    Petition for the full version pleaseeee

  55. Arla Dusha

    Arla Dusha3 months ago

    beautiful voice

  56. Gonk

    Gonk3 months ago

    Wow the first time I saw this I kinda forgot about it, but having heard it again he did really damn good, he can actually win, so watch your backs Michelle and Catie :)

  57. Vivid HD

    Vivid HD3 months ago

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  58. Nam Ta

    Nam Ta3 months ago

    so hot

  59. Joe Laplnski

    Joe Laplnski3 months ago

    Get rid of perry and I’ll start watching these things again

  60. Im4everurz 4sho

    Im4everurz 4sho3 months ago

    4get about him putting a smile on y’all face. He put a FAT ASS SMILE n my HEART every time he SING. Luv U boo 😘😘😘😘

  61. Wishing someone

    Wishing someone3 months ago

    just amazing

  62. Wishing someone

    Wishing someone3 months ago

    wow i love this song

  63. Kathy Bates

    Kathy Bates3 months ago

    That was sweet, he’s a star already.

  64. Keith Babcock

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  65. Brad Passey

    Brad Passey3 months ago

    He better have gotten that girls number

  66. Chassidee Nalley

    Chassidee Nalley3 months ago

    He’s such a great guy, I hear this and I feel like I’m actually listening to a concert with an actual good singer, he doesn’t need auto tune, he is a cutie, he would be a great next idol!! It’s him or Catie Turner!!

  67. Jo es yeta

    Jo es yeta3 months ago

    OMG i love him so much since his first audition but he definitely got better a lot since his audition i hope he i hope he gets away in the competition he deserve it

  68. Kaitlyn Rousey

    Kaitlyn Rousey3 months ago

    He’s so good ❤️

  69. Tevin De'Caprio

    Tevin De'Caprio3 months ago Bruh click the link and turn my shut up 🔥🔥🔥🚀ESSKEETIT !!!

  70. ko0lGuy23

    ko0lGuy233 months ago

    He’s aight

  71. Optimus Maximus

    Optimus Maximus3 months ago

    Spot on. His song choice suits his voice. I can hear him singing on the radio! Well a star was born!

  72. Genet Sweat

    Genet Sweat3 months ago


  73. Mark Youneva

    Mark Youneva3 months ago

    it's so sad that because he's so tall, he can't find full length pants.

  74. 12097008

    120970083 months ago

    I keep coming back at listening 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  75. Tyrion Targaryen

    Tyrion Targaryen3 months ago

    Human circus American Idol

  76. micha

    micha3 months ago

    amazing performance, fuck katy perry tho :)

  77. Mark Ignacio Razo

    Mark Ignacio Razo3 months ago


  78. Scarlet Pearl

    Scarlet Pearl3 months ago

    Kid’s gotta future

  79. mart nor

    mart nor3 months ago

    Nope 👎

  80. Chyna Guinn

    Chyna Guinn3 months ago


  81. brennantg7

    brennantg73 months ago

    This guys voice is like butter

  82. Chadderall113

    Chadderall1133 months ago

    Is the ginger kid that sings unwritten in the car?

  83. Furiously Pink Girly Destroyers

    Furiously Pink Girly Destroyers3 months ago

    Anyone else saw this scrolling through the trending? And he is pretty good.

  84. Autumn Gunter

    Autumn Gunter3 months ago

    My family never supported me for shit either. He makes my nips hard when he sings. Def deserves a label, no matter what happens

  85. Chris Ciavatta

    Chris Ciavatta3 months ago

    Heres the thing....He is obviously talented, however American Idol doesn't need another handsome, average singing boy who basically teenage girls all love. You eliminated so many young talented people because you felt they didn't know who they were, yet you put him through?? You sent home soul singers, belters, pop stars and country's best yet put this boy through...who when it comes to releasing a album/single will most likely flop like the "idols" before him. This year has so many talented, original people who can be just as big as the idols before them PLEASE don't let this boy even get further than he already has.

  86. Andymallone

    Andymallone3 months ago

    Wow! His voice are amazing. Good luck for this guy to win the American idol 😉👍

  87. Trever Stears

    Trever Stears3 months ago

    I just don't see how he has got this far, seems like so many others sound better. Just my opinion

  88. Charmian Lee

    Charmian Lee3 months ago

    He learns SOOOOOOOooooOooo Fast!!

  89. Charmian Lee

    Charmian Lee3 months ago


  90. Nicholas Stevens

    Nicholas Stevens3 months ago

    Are we sure Katy perry is emotionally stable?

  91. mjoto

    mjoto3 months ago

    I usually prefer live covers or covers in general. Not dissing this singer but Vance Joy has it better.

  92. John Putih

    John Putih3 months ago

    his voice gave me goosebumps and btw, i'm straight.

  93. iris tizon

    iris tizon3 months ago


  94. cnealz

    cnealz3 months ago

    His gift is so smooth. Very current.

  95. Antonio Robles

    Antonio Robles3 months ago

    Amazing voice!!

  96. Alexis Liapis

    Alexis Liapis3 months ago

    I was so hurt when he had to go home 😥😣☹😭😭💔💔

  97. 12097008

    120970083 months ago

    He makes me smile everytime I watch this

  98. What am I doing

    What am I doing3 months ago

    Omg Vance joy ❤️❤️❤️

  99. gracia aleejandra contreras

    gracia aleejandra contreras3 months ago

    No pos wow

  100. Fun Life

    Fun Life3 months ago

    Man that boy can sing!!!!!

  101. Shanique Wright

    Shanique Wright3 months ago

    i got chills bro....therefore his abillities are legit! lmao

  102. Lila X

    Lila X3 months ago