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Jonas Blue - We Could Go Back (Todd Edwards Remix) ft. Moelogo


  1. سليمان ال شعلان

    سليمان ال شعلان5 months ago


  2. That Dam Annabeth

    That Dam Annabeth6 months ago

    The beat tho 😍😍😍😍

  3. 90's Dougie

    90's Dougie8 months ago



    PERETAS TERKUTUK9 months ago

    *I love jonas blue* *Indonesia*

  5. Anne-Gaelle Burns

    Anne-Gaelle Burns10 months ago

    Wow what a wonderful video! By the way, my husband has a channel on MReporter, (Andrew Burns Music) and has been struggling to find new subscribers. I know that he has been working very hard on his page, and I feel that there are a few of his compositions that are really similar to the music that you have in this channel, so I thought I could be extra nice and help him a little. If you appreciate all the terrific songs on this channel, I am positive that you will appreciate his music also! 💝

  6. Yusef Endure

    Yusef EndureYear ago

    TODD THE GOD!!!!

  7. LacklusterOfficial

    LacklusterOfficialYear ago

    this longer version doesn't seem to be on the We Could Go Back [Remixes] on Apple Music?

  8. menő gyerek

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  9. Naeem FL Gurba

    Naeem FL GurbaYear ago

  10. kosmetik murah

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  11. veer reddy sathi

    veer reddy sathiYear ago

    Original is much better!! I feel like this ruined the song!! -_-

  12. John Lew

    John LewYear ago

    Who in their right mind would dislike this? Less of those thumbs down please!

  13. Vilebrequin_V12

    Vilebrequin_V12Year ago

    Amazing Remix 😍

  14. Franaton 86

    Franaton 86Year ago

    Sonido con elegancia y calidad 🎧


    NURIZAL ARYAYear ago

    we could go back

  16. Marta Hilde

    Marta HildeYear ago


  17. Hibernial

    HibernialYear ago

    Todd sounding classic.

  18. tripleseis81

    tripleseis81Year ago

    This is perfect!

  19. Lais Maynar Bella Lais Maynar

    Lais Maynar Bella Lais MaynarYear ago


  20. Portgas Ace

    Portgas AceYear ago

    Mama and Perfect Stranger is better than this song

  21. Emelia Wood

    Emelia WoodYear ago

    Early! Awesome song 😄😄😄

  22. Colorniss

    ColornissYear ago

    Jonas Blue always Gold 🔥

  23. Anton bat

    Anton bat10 months ago

    Colorniss ..

  24. Samuel Carr

    Samuel CarrYear ago

    gotta love some todd

  25. adith prakash

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  27. igor Żabiński

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  33. UnderratedReviews

    UnderratedReviewsYear ago

    For those who don't know, Todd edwards is very well respected. He sung 'face to face' by Daft Punk back in 2001

  34. Benjamin Jungbluth

    Benjamin Jungbluth4 months ago

    UnderratedReviews and he produced a lot of Choppy masterpieces

  35. Yasminc r.o

    Yasminc r.oYear ago

    Hola 👋 primeros comentarios

  36. Wizard's Favorite

    Wizard's FavoriteYear ago

    Loved it blue😘😘😘😘😘 Really???

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    here before 900 views

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  41. N0 Rewind

    N0 RewindYear ago

    This song is shit

  42. F .H

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  43. Emelia Wood

    Emelia WoodYear ago

    Farida First coolz

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    here i am

  49. wiki [wikdess]

    wiki [wikdess]Year ago

    New song ;D first

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    New song 🔥

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    OGGG ILY💛💛

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    First comment

  58. zaid ahmd

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    Yeh B-)

  59. Emelia Wood

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    ρяαтнαρ prathap coolz

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