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Jonas Blue - The Blueprint EP 7


  1. Sonia

    Sonia3 months ago

    Love you xx

  2. Sene Bäst

    Sene Bäst3 months ago

    Lol you are great artist 🔥🌪🌪🌪

  3. Riddled Rhythms

    Riddled Rhythms4 months ago

    I’ve got to say, you are very talented. Keep up all the amazing work. I need to get my butt in gear and get out some more music! 🎧✨

  4. nickemetthadharma 11

    nickemetthadharma 115 months ago


  5. Christiani Mustika Putri, S.T.

    Christiani Mustika Putri, S.T.5 months ago

    Min 3:58 - 4:12 Who's that girl, James?😮 Is she your girlfriend? Or perhaps, only me who don't know her? Hmmm... I'm one of your fans, by the way.. 😁

  6. moumen boumaraf

    moumen boumaraf5 months ago

    Jonas blue :mama,this is my favorite song,Jonas you are the best

  7. dimq jgg

    dimq jgg5 months ago


  8. Shanali Fernando

    Shanali Fernando5 months ago


  9. Te Ata Lamont

    Te Ata Lamont5 months ago

    0.01 lol

  10. Bairon Nuñez

    Bairon Nuñez5 months ago

    me gusta 218

  11. Ariana Story Update

    Ariana Story Update5 months ago

    Jones blue i♡u

  12. aymen mekni

    aymen mekni5 months ago

    I love your music, you are the best man

  13. RaphaCool Johnson

    RaphaCool Johnson5 months ago


  14. Jair Huarcaya

    Jair Huarcaya5 months ago

    Mama dijo el ionas blu :v

  15. Hannah James

    Hannah James5 months ago

    jonas is lit XD



    wooo :O

  17. Denis Melo

    Denis Melo5 months ago

    Eu nao sou o único brasileiro que curte as músicas dele tenho certeza

  18. Nanda Oliveira

    Nanda Oliveira3 months ago

    Denis Melo é não...

  19. Rab Droid

    Rab Droid5 months ago

    Nice I like it so much you are my favorite

  20. Sinesh Kumar

    Sinesh Kumar5 months ago

    May be we need no reason

  21. Mineforcan les gameurs

    Mineforcan les gameurs5 months ago

    Qui est français

  22. zuzia msp

    zuzia msp5 months ago

    lol hehe

  23. Colorniss

    Colorniss5 months ago

    Jonas Blue always Gold!

  24. nida sajjad

    nida sajjad5 months ago

    Coloppppc c c

  25. Ines Hanin

    Ines Hanin5 months ago

    haha grappig

  26. Cristi Cardei

    Cristi Cardei5 months ago


  27. Aurelie Ls

    Aurelie Ls5 months ago

    Woooaahhh bravo👏👏💚your did it😊💓

  28. Genesis Mabel Padilla Quishpe

    Genesis Mabel Padilla Quishpe5 months ago

    Muy n Buen video me encantó ❤❤👈😙😄

  29. #gippy singh rajput

    #gippy singh rajput5 months ago


  30. Yasmin Batista Martins

    Yasmin Batista Martins5 months ago


  31. Renata Lenarduzzi

    Renata Lenarduzzi5 months ago

    Jonas blue crack!


    SΣLIM PIПΣDΔ5 months ago


  33. Bairon Sánchez

    Bairon Sánchez5 months ago


  34. luis guerrero Antonio vareng

    luis guerrero Antonio vareng5 months ago

    Ummm nada mal 🐜🐜😄

  35. luis guerrero Antonio vareng

    luis guerrero Antonio vareng5 months ago


  36. Santiago Jimenez

    Santiago Jimenez5 months ago


  37. ronny cabello

    ronny cabello5 months ago

    i am from VENEZUELA!

  38. ana cleide

    ana cleide5 months ago

    Jp coop perfect strange

  39. * EmIeLxD *

    * EmIeLxD *5 months ago

    Who like him song give me like xD

  40. Clara Leturque

    Clara Leturque5 months ago


  41. Neti Soares

    Neti Soares5 months ago

    Love Love♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  42. * EmIeLxD *

    * EmIeLxD *5 months ago

    Hi xD

  43. Gabo Acosta

    Gabo Acosta5 months ago

    Blueprint? La version masculina de pinkprint o algo v: Nahh, sera algo super lo se xd

  44. Ciara Hufflepuff

    Ciara Hufflepuff5 months ago


  45. Guccidabb Clasher

    Guccidabb Clasher5 months ago

    Jonas Blue

  46. Royal cremax

    Royal cremax5 months ago


  47. Caro.minoli Hola

    Caro.minoli Hola5 months ago


  48. KaRoLa 123

    KaRoLa 1235 months ago

    Nice ! #poland

  49. Dj Goh

    Dj Goh5 months ago


  50. Vishal Thakur

    Vishal Thakur5 months ago

    Awesome love from india

  51. Dyanell C

    Dyanell C5 months ago


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    Einhorn live5 months ago


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    mango cat5 months ago


  54. IB channel

    IB channel5 months ago


  55. Luz Resendiz

    Luz Resendiz5 months ago


  56. NaKuL RoDe

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  57. Puppet Girl

    Puppet Girl5 months ago

    #2Like! #Poland PS: ILoveYou!

  58. * EmIeLxD *

    * EmIeLxD *5 months ago

    Kaczusia Lovee polska xD

  59. Marc mi amigo

    Marc mi amigo5 months ago

    Primero papu dame un cora plis ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  60. Marc mi amigo

    Marc mi amigo5 months ago

    Q sad 😢😢

  61. kte importa

    kte importa5 months ago

    Marc full 48 nope

  62. kte importa

    kte importa5 months ago

    Te amito