Jonas Blue - Rise (Acoustic) ft. Jack & Jack


  1. MJXpert64

    MJXpert6420 hours ago

    I love this song thank u ✌❤


    NUHBANANA23 hours ago

    i will let jack g’s jawline cut me

  3. Sumi Ace

    Sumi Ace2 days ago

    Jack & Jack blessed with such amazing voice.

  4. Sakasu Akasaka

    Sakasu Akasaka3 days ago

    The big blacks chorus is so good! I want to know his name! 大きい黒人コーラスの方の声も深くて良いですね!お名前が知りたいです!

  5. 4k Danil

    4k Danil3 days ago


  6. Chloe' Kobus

    Chloe' Kobus7 days ago

    Where was jack js part

  7. Chloe' Kobus

    Chloe' Kobus7 days ago

    Rice rice rice til we fall

  8. Amber Donnelly

    Amber Donnelly7 days ago

    Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of this

  9. 엠창

    엠창9 days ago

    영국 스카이스크래퍼들 봐라 예술이다..



    One question: where?

  11. Amber Donnelly

    Amber Donnelly11 days ago

    Where is this filmed xxx

  12. Nur Fatihah Anuar

    Nur Fatihah Anuar16 days ago

    I don’t know why when people say jack g is good looking without even giving a compliment to other jack as well, i feel like they don’t think he just looks as good and it makes me feel bad 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. 이오

    이오16 days ago

    0:01 who know the left guy shoes???

  14. Sakasu Akasaka

    Sakasu Akasaka17 days ago

    大きいコーラスの方、とても深い良い声ですね!名前が知りたい! Big chorus's voice is so good ! I want to know his name !

  15. Sakasu Akasaka

    Sakasu Akasaka3 days ago

    @张日卿 ありがとうございます! Thank you very much!!

  16. 张日卿

    张日卿3 days ago

    Jack Glinsky もう一人jack Jhonson


    DAVID TEIXE MOLINS17 days ago

    So amazing roof in London

  18. Aspen Paws

    Aspen Paws18 days ago

    I hate how Johnson is seen as the underdog of the duo it’s sad 😔

  19. M Arko

    M Arko20 days ago

    Better with "PLAYBACK SPEED 1.25"

  20. ajar kassimi

    ajar kassimi20 days ago


  21. Alex Ruoff

    Alex Ruoff21 day ago

    I like it so much

  22. Aaron Claro

    Aaron Claro22 days ago

    TABs please

  23. Martin Christensen

    Martin Christensen22 days ago

    Don’t give up❤️ You’re almost there💗 You’ll overcome it in the end💖 And if it’s not perfect it’s not the end💝

  24. Alice Alice

    Alice Alice22 days ago

    Jack u are the cutest😛😛😛

  25. humed ali

    humed ali22 days ago

    Say hi for damn people who unlike this music

  26. Sri Handayani

    Sri Handayani23 days ago

    yg indonesia like dong , ga maksa

  27. The Dragon Boss

    The Dragon Boss23 days ago


  28. The Dragon Boss

    The Dragon Boss23 days ago


  29. PaNda/ぱんだ

    PaNda/ぱんだ24 days ago


  30. Tom Duffy

    Tom Duffy24 days ago

    Keep going whit the hard work

  31. afootineachworld

    afootineachworld24 days ago

    Jack g looks like a video game avatar in the thumbnail, cause of his pose.

  32. Anna Marya

    Anna Marya24 days ago


  33. afootineachworld

    afootineachworld26 days ago

    Blond jack is so cute when he’s dancing

  34. Bryan Headman

    Bryan Headman29 days ago

    Talented guys and brilliant song

  35. Name

    Name29 days ago


  36. BLINK Crystal

    BLINK CrystalMonth ago

    Jonas is sooooooooo cool and laid-back 🥰

  37. BLINK Crystal

    BLINK CrystalMonth ago

    These two Jacks never fail to amaze us

  38. Ratih Ayu Damayani Ratih

    Ratih Ayu Damayani RatihMonth ago

    Love this music ❤️

  39. secxy Moon

    secxy MoonMonth ago

    i love you

  40. AHIMI F

    AHIMI FMonth ago

    Video is london nice

  41. Foxy Greenwood

    Foxy GreenwoodMonth ago

    Jack G's jawline is sharp enough to cut diamonds 😍

  42. J.N

    J.NMonth ago

    i love you

  43. RedRose Robin

    RedRose RobinMonth ago


  44. Megan-Paige Geere

    Megan-Paige GeereMonth ago

    Out of all the versions of ride this acoustic version with this video is by far the BEST

  45. vj zaan

    vj zaanMonth ago

    Soulful ♥️

  46. mihir kumar

    mihir kumarMonth ago

    who r listening this song in 2019

  47. Foxy Greenwood

    Foxy GreenwoodMonth ago

    jack gilinksy is so sexy

  48. Свой Стиль

    Свой СтильMonth ago


  49. Alv Tibi

    Alv TibiMonth ago

    Jack & Jack and Jonas Blue in 1 video. :)

  50. Tomi Gaming real

    Tomi Gaming realMonth ago

    Ist wer Deutsch?

  51. Jan Nešťák

    Jan NešťákMonth ago


  52. Omomi Omomi

    Omomi OmomiMonth ago

    nice song👍👍👍👍👍👍