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Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers (Jerome Price Remix) ft. JP Cooper


  1. Mele Lisa

    Mele Lisa3 months ago

    Lord . Mad luv shot dojo hood

  2. Tangled Tunes

    Tangled Tunes3 months ago

    What fantastic content you have on your page. You must spend a lot of time working on it! I need some of that “magic sauce” for mine as well. 💜😌😃💘

  3. Glen Downs

    Glen Downs8 months ago

    dis baddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd imma sue youuuu

  4. Galoreo Gaming

    Galoreo GamingYear ago

    wow love this song

  5. Maria Camila Mo

    Maria Camila MoYear ago

    sin ofender pero dañaron mi cancion favorita yo me quedo con la original aunque tomo en cuenta la dedicación

  6. bydesignconcepts

    bydesignconceptsYear ago

    Best remix of this song

  7. Zakiyyah Sema

    Zakiyyah SemaYear ago

    Maybe we perfect strangers maybe it's not forever maybe the night will change us maybe we'll stay together 🎼🎼🎼

  8. Nathan929

    Nathan929Year ago

    nice remix by the way

  9. Abigail Greenwood

    Abigail GreenwoodYear ago

    lol x

  10. Abigail Greenwood

    Abigail GreenwoodYear ago

    lol XXX

  11. Abigail Greenwood

    Abigail GreenwoodYear ago


  12. Abigail Greenwood

    Abigail GreenwoodYear ago


  13. Hannia Rivera

    Hannia RiveraYear ago

    woow ❤Genial 👌💦

  14. william Scott Nigel

    william Scott NigelYear ago

    Yeah respect

  15. Jenny Carranza

    Jenny CarranzaYear ago

    Cool remix😎✌🏼️

  16. Roberto Balza

    Roberto Balza2 years ago

    woo vocal job ,sexy remix ,pretty and excellent job ,5/5 godly

  17. Marta Concha

    Marta Concha2 years ago

    better the other

  18. Liwia Kubek

    Liwia Kubek2 years ago

    I love this ❤

  19. arturo valer

    arturo valer2 years ago


  20. Jenna Matthies

    Jenna Matthies2 years ago

    😻💏💑👫😘😍💄🐈🐕🐇🐴🏩🅰:-P 6 Jqsper

  21. Tess Ende

    Tess Ende2 years ago


  22. Милена Языкова

    Милена Языкова2 years ago

    обломщик, сними ограничение

  23. 12Memes

    12Memes2 years ago

    im just doing this cause i. i just dont know

  24. go gle

    go gle2 years ago

    maybe you don't need no reason

  25. mrjoban8888

    mrjoban88882 years ago

    This is my favourite remix forever on repeat and my gym track.....

  26. kerry shipley

    kerry shipley2 years ago

    TOP HIT 😅😅😅😅😅

  27. Angel Bautista

    Angel Bautista2 years ago


  28. Kong Pengjie

    Kong Pengjie2 years ago

    cant's stop

  29. Nella Crosiglia

    Nella Crosiglia2 years ago


  30. Mohamed Ali Mabrouki

    Mohamed Ali Mabrouki2 years ago


  31. Marshall Navarro

    Marshall Navarro2 years ago

    I Like a Remix Of Seeb, He does very good remix!

  32. Alzoryne

    AlzoryneYear ago

    Seeb is a duo

  33. Xochitl Martínez

    Xochitl Martínez2 years ago

    so pretty

  34. Abigail Greenwood

    Abigail GreenwoodYear ago

    lol xx love it ok

  35. Caroline

    Caroline2 years ago


  36. MKM2ND

    MKM2ND2 years ago

    people are trying to be better than you jonas, don't let them!!!

  37. Kriiishna Castillo

    Kriiishna Castillo2 years ago

    Hermoso remix😍🎵me encanta,pero me quedo con la original👍

  38. Astral Fire

    Astral Fire2 years ago


  39. Facchi Ale

    Facchi Ale2 years ago

    Kriiishna Castillo

  40. Isolina Guajala

    Isolina Guajala2 years ago

    hermosa. 😍

  41. Kathrtn West

    Kathrtn West2 years ago


  42. Mel Viih

    Mel Viih2 years ago

    wooow 😍😍

  43. DiMerndo Stunts

    DiMerndo Stunts2 years ago

    Like Me If You Are Watching In 2016😄😎

  44. DiMerndo Stunts

    DiMerndo Stunts2 years ago

    I Need 5 To Release My 1st video

  45. daniel dixon

    daniel dixon2 years ago


  46. Maria Zuñiga Martinez

    Maria Zuñiga Martinez2 years ago

    I like!! ;)

  47. Chill Party

    Chill Party2 years ago

    Nice, real deep house ☻♥!

  48. Eliseu da Silva

    Eliseu da SilvaYear ago

    Chill Party deep house, with a techy bass or UK. You know, that underground stuff, like Selected vibe.

  49. ClearBlueM00n

    ClearBlueM00n2 years ago

    asking the right questions here. More oriented to deep house rather than future house, it's just my opinion, doesnt mean I'm right.

  50. Csanád Horváth

    Csanád Horváth2 years ago

    +JohhnP same fucking shit. Fuck genres enjoy the music

  51. PJohhnn

    PJohhnn2 years ago

    Deep or Future????

  52. Hailey Balchan

    Hailey Balchan2 years ago


  53. Vinny

    Vinny2 years ago

    Original a lot more better :\

  54. Maxinitro Gaming

    Maxinitro Gaming2 years ago


  55. Hendrickhoo S.W

    Hendrickhoo S.W2 years ago


  56. Clebson Costa

    Clebson Costa2 years ago

    primeiro BR aqui 😆

  57. Khe Comédia -

    Khe Comédia -2 years ago

    Aqui é borebild phorra! É 13.

  58. PJohhnn

    PJohhnn2 years ago

    quarto br aqui ✌ essa remix é de fudeeer

  59. Edu Play3

    Edu Play32 years ago

    Fala ae

  60. Thauana Karla

    Thauana Karla2 years ago

    terceira BR aqui 🙋

  61. Rene Lopez

    Rene Lopez2 years ago

    this is a nice version ive listened :D

  62. lakhdar khene

    lakhdar khene2 years ago


  63. Matthew Carrick

    Matthew Carrick2 years ago

    Yoooo people

  64. Nadawca Nieznany

    Nadawca Nieznany2 years ago

    Perfect 👌🏻

  65. Miker Brs

    Miker Brs2 years ago


  66. Oleu _xD

    Oleu _xD2 years ago

    i love this :3

  67. Filip Vajcik

    Filip Vajcik2 years ago


  68. Lehlohonolo Erasmus

    Lehlohonolo Erasmus2 years ago

    wooow am loving this track

  69. X NEXRAN X

    X NEXRAN X2 years ago

    Wow okay music

  70. Darryl Naarden

    Darryl Naarden2 years ago

    no please come with a new song

  71. ItsKirstyyy

    ItsKirstyyy2 years ago

    omg yessss this is literally so good!!

  72. Sorryiwin

    Sorryiwin2 years ago

    you cant stop me 0_0

  73. lethalgamerFTW

    lethalgamerFTW2 years ago

    21 min squad

  74. lethalgamerFTW

    lethalgamerFTW2 years ago

    1 min squad

  75. سـمُـ شخصياً ــوي

    سـمُـ شخصياً ــوي2 years ago


  76. Elisa Pompili

    Elisa Pompili2 years ago

    Bellaaaa😍😍 Spaccaaaa😊

  77. Bryan Mitz

    Bryan Mitz2 years ago



    FUGGEN OFLINE2 years ago

    love it

  79. izaidv

    izaidv2 years ago


  80. سلطان الشهراني

    سلطان الشهراني2 years ago

    نايسو ي ناسو

  81. Talha Hussain

    Talha Hussain2 years ago

    1 minute ago squad


    OSO GAMER2 years ago

    too much versions

  83. Andrea Moscoso

    Andrea Moscoso2 years ago

    +Victor Martinez yeah i think that happens to every one at some point but it is cool to hear how different a piece can sound. I'm new to his channel and music. I like his original and Acoustic versions better so far.


    OSO GAMER2 years ago

    just that im getting bored listening different versions

  85. Andrea Moscoso

    Andrea Moscoso2 years ago

    +Victor Martinez yeah lol


    OSO GAMER2 years ago

    ik it is

  87. Andrea Moscoso

    Andrea Moscoso2 years ago

    I think It's awesome

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  90. Wiktor z kanału Ponki

    Wiktor z kanału Ponki2 years ago


  91. Anaïs shn

    Anaïs shn2 years ago

    good 👌

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  93. Holly O’D

    Holly O’D2 years ago

    2cnd comment!!!

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  95. Holly O’D

    Holly O’D2 years ago

    never been so early

  96. niek veenstra

    niek veenstra2 years ago


  97. Ben Evans

    Ben Evans2 years ago

    First comment sub to me ❤️🙌

  98. Kaylah R

    Kaylah R2 years ago


  99. kicking videos

    kicking videos2 years ago

    2nd lol