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Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper


  1. JonasBlueVEVO

    JonasBlueVEVOYear ago

    Watch this Best of Jonas Blue Watch this Jonas Blue - Live Watch this Jonas Blue - Remix

  2. cedric jacaton

    cedric jacatonDay ago

    JonasBlueVEVO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you

  3. Julian GUEHO

    Julian GUEHO7 days ago

    JonasBlueVEVO 8

  4. Prqshant Thapa

    Prqshant Thapa10 days ago


  5. seyo1987

    seyo198715 days ago

    paarden laan sdtdj

  6. Reef Cyan Iorek Ayling

    Reef Cyan Iorek Ayling16 days ago

    JonasBlueVEVO I Like This Song Because The Synthesisers Sounds Egyptian Or Arabic Or Middle Eastern Or North African LOL

  7. Mama TS

    Mama TSHour ago


  8. Huynh An

    Huynh An2 hours ago

    Maybe we'll stay together

  9. Jatrina Nicole Quiambao

    Jatrina Nicole Quiambao6 hours ago

    11-19-18 💜

  10. T O E Y

    T O E Y6 hours ago

    *Like this*

  11. Hamza 612

    Hamza 61213 hours ago

    Born in Cape Town and live in America & this song just makes me miss home💞😭

  12. Maria M

    Maria M14 hours ago

    What A "Dutty Tune" 🎙️👌❤️ This 🔊🎤

  13. Rubin Robin

    Rubin Robin17 hours ago

    I found itt!😍

  14. chloe witbooi

    chloe witbooi20 hours ago

    Cape town 😍😍2018

  15. ファン ヒュヒさん

    ファン ヒュヒさん20 hours ago


  16. Madelen Sanchez Sivizaca

    Madelen Sanchez Sivizaca21 hour ago

    Noviembre 😍

  17. Xander Buelen

    Xander Buelen23 hours ago

    November 2018 ?

  18. Xander Buelen

    Xander Buelen23 hours ago

    Best song

  19. michael myers

    michael myersDay ago


  20. Kang Komen

    Kang KomenDay ago

    -No Sex -No Ass -No Drugs -No Twerk - JUST PURE LOVE -But 479 Million Views, beautiful!

  21. Kathryn Short

    Kathryn ShortDay ago

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  22. Nayan Lemos

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  23. Abdullah Usman Hashmi

    Abdullah Usman HashmiDay ago


  24. Zytje

    ZytjeDay ago

    Never gets old

  25. Juju G

    Juju GDay ago

    2018 and this song still rocks my world!!!!

  26. Snow

    SnowDay ago

    Alguien me entiende? :"v

  27. KGFromYT

    KGFromYTDay ago




    Best nice



    Bhai plz unblock the hi fly creation videos

  30. Wiko Putra

    Wiko PutraDay ago

    Januari 2018 ??

  31. !!!だいご!!

    !!!だいご!!Day ago


  32. denis cameo

    denis cameoDay ago

    [ ✖️ ✖️ ] 〰 Marsmello

  33. Emeline Bouley

    Emeline BouleyDay ago

    What is the man in the clip?

  34. BINCO siema

    BINCO siemaDay ago

    Kocham to ❤

  35. Kathryn C. Hurst

    Kathryn C. Hurst2 days ago

    You will be good. Maybe not today, but you will be.

  36. Mir Abid

    Mir Abid2 days ago

    Anyone November 18 here 😍

  37. TucGames APK

    TucGames APK2 days ago

    Alguém do Brazil em novembro 2018😍😍?

  38. Ellie Colby

    Ellie Colby2 days ago

    This is a good song 👍👍🦷

  39. Franz Lindley Erfe

    Franz Lindley Erfe2 days ago

    Happy Birthday Franz! (Me) 9/21/2016 theme songs

  40. Jhon Ramirez M.

    Jhon Ramirez M.2 days ago

    i love this song :), I taught my students to sing this song , too.

  41. Ghetto Spider

    Ghetto Spider2 days ago

    Saang school/university, sir? HAHA

  42. 1000 Subs with no video

    1000 Subs with no video2 days ago

    are you a music teacher? when yes man ,i want you as teacher we're singing songs from the 15's

  43. NihiluS

    NihiluS3 days ago

    where was it filmed?

  44. fiskars

    fiskars3 days ago

    Song name please?

  45. aniss a El Hassri

    aniss a El Hassri3 days ago

    Lile like like more more more

  46. riza yoga

    riza yoga3 days ago

    desember 2018?

  47. Amalie Lyhne

    Amalie Lyhne3 days ago


  48. ina rome

    ina rome3 days ago

    Good song for travelling. Who knows you'll find your perfect stranger?

  49. Anjana Govind

    Anjana Govind3 days ago

    Love Jonas Blue😘

  50. Amooti Alex

    Amooti Alex3 days ago

    Good and massive ,perfect.

  51. yousuf mohamed

    yousuf mohamed4 days ago

    Cape Town😍

  52. Muh Akib

    Muh Akib4 days ago


  53. Dhivul 10

    Dhivul 104 days ago

    Aya urang Sunda didieu lur ?

  54. Zul Aja

    Zul Aja4 days ago

    November Novembe Novemb Novem Nove Nov No N 😂😂

  55. sylvia mayorga

    sylvia mayorga4 days ago

    I love it

  56. Younes s

    Younes s4 days ago

    if only i had what it takes :(

  57. Muhammad Guntur

    Muhammad Guntur4 days ago

    Keren lagu nya

  58. Rosy A

    Rosy A4 days ago

    Sigue siendo la mejor canción ☺ 2018

  59. Salleh Suhardi

    Salleh Suhardi4 days ago


  60. Mia Green

    Mia Green4 days ago

    Zzz zz you vzZxcxXwwwerwwq

  61. Yolanda Adams

    Yolanda Adams4 days ago


  62. Yolanda Adams

    Yolanda Adams4 days ago

    Yes. But. I not. Sure. But. I know. Its. You.

  63. Polish Queen

    Polish Queen4 days ago


  64. Song is Your life?

    Song is Your life?4 days ago


  65. Fiona Freeman

    Fiona Freeman4 days ago

    November 2018

  66. Maggie Hsieh

    Maggie Hsieh4 days ago

    2:22 PERFECT

  67. Coby Marco

    Coby Marco4 days ago

    November 2018😄

  68. Gatra William

    Gatra William5 days ago

    I Love JONAS BLUE,the song is great i like it, hopefully the career progression is jonas blue

  69. Jonas Katz

    Jonas Katz5 days ago

    This song helped my life get better thank you by the way my name is Jonas to

  70. Neelesh Kumar

    Neelesh Kumar5 days ago

    Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 3:27 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  71. Neelesh Kumar

    Neelesh Kumar13 hours ago

    +Rose Sealey I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.

  72. Rose Sealey

    Rose Sealey2 days ago

    Omg how you did that it look awesome

  73. the FLIP

    the FLIP5 days ago

    this is one of the best summer jam

  74. 100,000 Subscribers With No Video’s Challange

    100,000 Subscribers With No Video’s Challange5 days ago

    My favourite song easily

  75. Leslie Alexa Vazquez Navarro

    Leslie Alexa Vazquez Navarro5 days ago

    November 2018?

  76. Ramdan Ahmad

    Ramdan Ahmad5 days ago

    Harris J x Syaza Nazurah

  77. Michaela Higham

    Michaela Higham5 days ago

    When ever I miss my hometown I watch this video :) #southafrica#Capetown

  78. Mylen June Loreno

    Mylen June Loreno5 days ago

    Drop that beat baby! 2018 anyone is here before it ends?😂

  79. Gading Gading

    Gading Gading5 days ago


  80. Nabilah Maker

    Nabilah Maker5 days ago

    Beautiful city,Love Cape Town ❤🌍

  81. Nabilah Maker

    Nabilah Maker2 days ago

    WhatEver J South Africa Cape Town:)

  82. WhatEver J

    WhatEver J2 days ago

    Can u tell where is this place?

  83. Nabilah Maker

    Nabilah Maker5 days ago

    Michaela Higham And mine lol😂🙃

  84. Michaela Higham

    Michaela Higham5 days ago

    My home:=)

  85. SS Style

    SS Style5 days ago

    Anyone watching this today?

  86. mitha buana

    mitha buana6 days ago

    Jonas Blue ❤❤

  87. cup cake unicorn

    cup cake unicorn6 days ago

    how could no body like this I love this song?

  88. Rhyxon

    Rhyxon6 days ago


  89. Cian Boyle

    Cian Boyle6 days ago

    Wow 2016 had some good music

  90. CALLY - JØ

    CALLY - JØ6 days ago

    2019 ?....❤❤❤

  91. yfhfhf jzzuudud

    yfhfhf jzzuudud6 days ago


  92. My Art with u

    My Art with u6 days ago

    I did this with my guitar class, it was very hard to learn😂🌈

  93. Soukaina Payne

    Soukaina Payne6 days ago

    why have I just discovered this greaat song? I thought it's a new release turns out it was released 2 years ago ! Unbelievable 😂😂

  94. Travis Beard

    Travis Beard6 days ago

    November 2018

  95. Marlenice Pereira

    Marlenice Pereira6 days ago

    Love you 😍🙌

  96. Marlenice Pereira

    Marlenice Pereira6 days ago

    😍😍😍o love you 😀😊

  97. abdou nouali

    abdou nouali6 days ago

    wht im doing here any way 12-11-2018

  98. Сергей Аладин

    Сергей Аладин6 days ago


  99. squidward tenpoles

    squidward tenpoles6 days ago

    Nostalgia 2018 😂😆

  100. Sm Vlogs

    Sm Vlogs6 days ago

    Nice music song

  101. Kharisma jati Furniture

    Kharisma jati Furniture6 days ago

    november 2018? 😘😘

  102. Alli Matarrita

    Alli Matarrita7 days ago

    they both got some great hair

  103. Fatima Rosales

    Fatima Rosales7 days ago

    I LIKE IT:)

  104. Claudia Martinez

    Claudia Martinez7 days ago

    I still think strangers from sigrid is better no hate😬

  105. owen

    owen7 days ago

    This song reminds me of summer💗 When i go on holiday every year to Turkey, its so fun


    ADWAR FRANKLIN7 days ago

    December 2018 !!!

  107. Yolanda Adams

    Yolanda Adams7 days ago

    Im listeng

  108. Amelia Krueger

    Amelia Krueger7 days ago

    Piękny teledysk! Poland

  109. Amila Ihsana

    Amila Ihsana7 days ago


  110. Alina Paulin

    Alina Paulin7 days ago


  111. Dramane Camara

    Dramane Camara7 days ago

    One love🇲🇱🇲🇱

  112. Wulan Mayza Wulan

    Wulan Mayza Wulan7 days ago

    I like song you 😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚

  113. Ngọc Ánh Đỗ

    Ngọc Ánh Đỗ8 days ago