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Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers ft. JP Cooper


  1. JonasBlueVEVO

    JonasBlueVEVO10 months ago

    Watch this Best of Jonas Blue Watch this Jonas Blue - Live Watch this Jonas Blue - Remix

  2. Maxi Immortality

    Maxi ImmortalityDay ago

    Oh yeah ♥

  3. Henei Bonsu

    Henei Bonsu3 days ago

    Jonas blue is the best

  4. Monika Kałuża

    Monika Kałuża8 days ago


  5. Tú Lê

    Tú Lê9 days ago

    JonasBlueVEVO Ưqqzaqaazqza

  6. Savannah Schofield

    Savannah Schofield10 days ago


  7. Anderson RD

    Anderson RD6 hours ago

    2018 e ainda amo essa música 😭💙


    ABHISHEK T A6 hours ago


  9. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol6 hours ago

    I'd bang her

  10. oceannrodrigue

    oceannrodrigue9 hours ago

    love the song, but don't even care about the two of them, just wanna buy all the clothes and jewelry

  11. Clinton Chetty

    Clinton Chetty13 hours ago

    Anyone from South Africa watching this in 2018?

  12. Buhle M.Lee

    Buhle M.Lee9 hours ago


  13. Ja Poprostu

    Ja Poprostu17 hours ago

    2018 PL 💕

  14. Erwin Aldino Oktora

    Erwin Aldino Oktora17 hours ago

    Reminds me of how I met my wife for the first time as perfect strangers. I feel like I didn't need reasons to make it clear that she's the one for me.

  15. Nadine OVERBERG

    Nadine OVERBERG18 hours ago


  16. Sandrine TORTET

    Sandrine TORTET23 hours ago

    y like song me like the song

  17. Sandrine TORTET

    Sandrine TORTET23 hours ago

    love love

  18. Future Football789

    Future Football78923 hours ago

    May ,we don't need a reason ,why ? Still 2018 sep 18

  19. Saphire Curreen

    Saphire CurreenDay ago

    i want the whole world to know that i love this song and if they don't like then fk off

  20. Exer Xavo

    Exer XavoDay ago


  21. Chris Fall

    Chris FallDay ago

    As someone from the US who happened to come across Jonas Blue, its strange to think hes released like 3 or 4 genuine hits over in the UK but they havent at all come over here. Kinda sad actually. Glad I found him tho, this shit dope af

  22. Alaín Juárez

    Alaín JuárezDay ago


  23. Arjun Ghosh

    Arjun GhoshDay ago

    Loris Karius ??

  24. мinh сường

    мinh сườngDay ago

    great :))

  25. MuSiCc MyliFe

    MuSiCc MyliFeDay ago

    Who is here? 18/09/2018 😄

  26. Emma Wenting

    Emma Wenting2 days ago

    Best song 😍😍😍

  27. Trevor The Golden Retriever

    Trevor The Golden Retriever2 days ago

    How Does This Is Only Ft. JP Cooper And The Main Artist Is Jonas Blue While All The Lyrics Are Sung By JP Cooper.

  28. Connor Diaz

    Connor Diaz2 days ago

    I’m sorry but BMM - beach for me the beat is better

  29. Nikhil Nand

    Nikhil Nand2 days ago


  30. O3O O3O

    O3O O3O2 days ago

    Wow, It took me 2 years to find this song 😑

  31. いけぴょん いけぴょん

    いけぴょん いけぴょん2 days ago

    What a nice song!😜😜

  32. Ana Maria Prison Soares

    Ana Maria Prison Soares2 days ago

    Quem mais conheceu pelo musically?

  33. Samantha Perez

    Samantha Perez2 days ago

    September 2018?

  34. Maria Martins

    Maria Martins2 days ago

    amooo essa música demais top em

  35. Juan Riquelme Fonseca De Souza

    Juan Riquelme Fonseca De Souza2 days ago


  36. Cristão Real a nobreza de ser Cristão

    Cristão Real a nobreza de ser Cristão2 days ago

    Juan Riquelme Fonseca De Souza oi

  37. Sam Old

    Sam Old2 days ago

    This song is the still my number one song in 2018 like if it’s still your number one song 😁😁😄😄😄😄

  38. Aliyeah Van Wyk

    Aliyeah Van Wyk2 days ago

    Love this song 😘

  39. Music _Gaming

    Music _Gaming2 days ago

    I'm Vietnamese, I like Jonas Blue And I see in this song that Jonas Blue is my native speaker too

  40. Sunna ly

    Sunna ly3 days ago

    ฟังเพลงนี้มื่อไหร่อยากได้ผัวฝรั่งเลยคะ555555ถ้าไม่ติดว่ามีผัวเป้นคนมาเลเซียแล้ว 😂😂

  41. astha bokde

    astha bokde3 days ago

    wowwwwwwwwwwwww im love wid this songggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  42. Cristina Delarosa

    Cristina Delarosa3 days ago


  43. Minecraft Games

    Minecraft Games3 days ago


  44. Alejandra Santos

    Alejandra Santos3 days ago

    Alguien sabe que tipo de genero es este tipo de melodias ?

  45. Cristão Real a nobreza de ser Cristão

    Cristão Real a nobreza de ser Cristão2 days ago

    Alejandra Santos eletrônica

  46. Joel Lackminarain

    Joel Lackminarain3 days ago

    Run away



  48. Storm Muller

    Storm Muller3 days ago

    1:40 he didn't make it...

  49. Наталия Илюхина

    Наталия Илюхина3 days ago

    jonas-blue-jp-cooper-perfect-strangers-(Biffco mix)4.mp3

  50. Banek

    Banek3 days ago

    2019? :D

  51. Navneet bhanveer

    Navneet bhanveer3 days ago


  52. Dhimitri Natasha Bajraktari

    Dhimitri Natasha Bajraktari3 days ago

  53. milagros del valle benelli souquett

    milagros del valle benelli souquett3 days ago

    hola tu cancion es muy fina me gusta

  54. Nicole Cash

    Nicole Cash3 days ago

    Love u Jones blue loved ur concert at power plan live in Baltimore ur amazing

  55. Ana Julia

    Ana Julia3 days ago

    Someone knows their name? This girl is so pretty

  56. Natalia Gomez

    Natalia Gomez3 days ago

    Esto Is más what cool! 🤗

  57. Lenia Miranda

    Lenia Miranda3 days ago

    My lovely song

  58. Cận Vệ Bóng Đêm

    Cận Vệ Bóng Đêm3 days ago


  59. Ketut Sujana

    Ketut Sujana4 days ago

    Bali ❤❤❤

  60. rajesh pawde

    rajesh pawde4 days ago

    Love ❤

  61. AD 30

    AD 304 days ago

    The name of the girl was Victoria Scholtz

  62. Kuro Neckoo`

    Kuro Neckoo`4 days ago


  63. Prastiyo dox

    Prastiyo dox4 days ago

    I am from Indonesia and I love this song 🙋🙋🙋

  64. Kristy Tran

    Kristy Tran4 days ago

    You saw me yesterday? Are you stocking me?!?!

  65. GE0M3TRY

    GE0M3TRY2 days ago

    Yes I am sticking you. I have save 1000000 on my stock investment.



    freaking love this song

  67. errington Simmonds

    errington Simmonds4 days ago

    This my jam

  68. Diana Lopez venegas

    Diana Lopez venegas4 days ago

    Amo esta canción

  69. Людмила Чапля

    Людмила Чапля4 days ago


  70. missclarestube

    missclarestube4 days ago

    I am in love with this song.

  71. moeyusuf 603

    moeyusuf 6034 days ago

    2018 anyone?????

  72. Hye Sook

    Hye Sook4 days ago

    I love this song

  73. Cristina Figueira

    Cristina Figueira4 days ago

    I love Song.... Brasil ✌🎧

  74. Wanita W N

    Wanita W N4 days ago

    thank you for the 2 years cecjr...i miss us

  75. Iraha Yado

    Iraha Yado4 days ago

    2018 anyone

  76. Kiel Jadie

    Kiel Jadie4 days ago

    We're perfect strangers here in the comment section

  77. Sin Đức

    Sin Đức5 days ago


  78. Ritachowhan Chowhanrita

    Ritachowhan Chowhanrita5 days ago

    Why why why

  79. Ritachowhan Chowhanrita

    Ritachowhan Chowhanrita5 days ago


  80. Rijas Valamakil

    Rijas Valamakil5 days ago

    Jp cooper

  81. Rijas Valamakil

    Rijas Valamakil5 days ago

    Nice song

  82. Soujiro Seta

    Soujiro Seta5 days ago

    About 2 years ago this was only 20k views. damn.

  83. kinsy arnoux

    kinsy arnoux5 days ago

    J'aime toujours autant ❤

  84. ArKa DaTa

    ArKa DaTa5 days ago

    Sept 2018?

  85. Lwazi Vilakati

    Lwazi Vilakati5 days ago

    The whole video was shot in Cape Town.....and I'm in CT Too......guess that is one more reason I'm obsessed with this's a pity I'm not in the video....

  86. croque fleur

    croque fleur5 days ago

    vive les tics-tacs goût feuille

  87. John Paul Javier

    John Paul Javier5 days ago

    September 14 2018?

  88. gold face

    gold face5 days ago

    JP Cooper should be more successful.

  89. Haidi Silva Gonzales

    Haidi Silva Gonzales5 days ago

    si, se parece a una historia q conosco

  90. AK S24

    AK S245 days ago

    Mother City my home town ❤

  91. Assia F

    Assia F5 days ago

    13/09/2018 ..? 😌

  92. Anis Hamdi

    Anis Hamdi6 days ago


  93. Veronika Скрынникова

    Veronika Скрынникова6 days ago

    😘 Love Boy I Girl❤

  94. Bobby Randle Jr

    Bobby Randle Jr6 days ago

    🗣️We're only human 💃🕺

  95. robin Sawyer

    robin Sawyer6 days ago

    Actually beautiful couple the song should be called !anyone agree?

  96. Jansen Berja

    Jansen Berja6 days ago

    This music concept is so amazing

  97. Amir Ferjaoui

    Amir Ferjaoui6 days ago

    With the power of this music i can do everything like suicide or kill.... :')

  98. Vincent Guillemin

    Vincent Guillemin6 days ago

    is it perfect stranger the electro minimal goa producer?cause i cant understand?!

  99. martina nggorong

    martina nggorong6 days ago


  100. Lezalit

    Lezalit6 days ago


  101. It’s Śtårłįght

    It’s Śtårłįght6 days ago

    2 0 1 8 ?

  102. Ashwin bhagat

    Ashwin bhagat6 days ago

    september 2018???

  103. David Argañaraz

    David Argañaraz6 days ago

    Horse steps song 🎵

  104. Luz Mondilla

    Luz Mondilla7 days ago

    Omg my favorite song..jonas😍😘❤...2018?!

  105. dick_twong

    dick_twong7 days ago

    2016... my best year

  106. Raquel Calel

    Raquel Calel7 days ago


  107. Manolis Gratsias

    Manolis Gratsias7 days ago

    September 2018??😂😘

  108. Farhaan Ahmed

    Farhaan Ahmed7 days ago

    Cape Town 👌🏻

  109. Kelci Dixon

    Kelci Dixon7 days ago

    Detroit !