Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers (Acoustic) ft. JP Cooper


  1. JonasBlueVEVO

    JonasBlueVEVOYear ago

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  2. Radyasa Irsan

    Radyasa Irsan5 months ago

    Love from indonesia

  3. Crisostomo Turla

    Crisostomo Turla7 months ago

    JonasBlueVEVO ahha katsura mo kapampangan ku why comon condom

  4. Carmen Ubiera

    Carmen Ubiera9 months ago

    JonasBlueVEVO 😍😍

  5. familia buscape

    familia buscape9 months ago


  6. Yhana Ong

    Yhana OngDay ago

    JP Cooper can sing to me all day! 😍

  7. Aung Phone

    Aung Phone4 days ago

    Good song yeath

  8. annelyn bautista

    annelyn bautista7 days ago

    God, this is so my anthem for the season

  9. mylove jones

    mylove jones9 days ago

    Such a beautiful voice 🥰

  10. jandi G.

    jandi G.14 days ago

    your smile JP😊

  11. Stephvi ubiera

    Stephvi ubiera15 days ago

    Me encanta esta canción y la hermosa voz de este señor wow 😊, desde República Dominicana aun la escucho en junio 2019.🖒

  12. Jasumin Gimena

    Jasumin Gimena17 days ago

    JP Cooper Marathon 😅😍

  13. Nobody's Account

    Nobody's Account17 days ago


  14. Leonardo Manuel

    Leonardo Manuel18 days ago

    Melhor musica de todas

  15. Leggs

    Leggs20 days ago

    @jpcoopermusic I can't even put your live stuff on when I'm cleaning the house because I get sucked into watching JP Cooper perform and next thing you know an hour(or more) has passed and I haven't gotten anything done🤣🤣 You are amazing!

  16. Leandra Gabriela

    Leandra Gabriela22 days ago

    Esse cara é um gato MDS, 😍❤

  17. 라사

    라사26 days ago

    The drums makes it sound like an Arab wedding

  18. jdfor life12

    jdfor life1226 days ago


  19. L bRnt

    L bRnt26 days ago


  20. Graciela Cerpa Villarreal

    Graciela Cerpa Villarreal26 days ago

    His voice is so great 😍

  21. 28 days ago

    N. B

  22. Dzikrima Fadhila

    Dzikrima Fadhila29 days ago

    Where have I been all my life? It's so pretty. Thank you for creating this perfect music. God bless

  23. j l

    j lMonth ago

    yup, the singer is exactly the way I pictured him in my head

  24. Wimarndin Heaven

    Wimarndin HeavenMonth ago

    one more time....JC Cooper is so handsome

  25. Alda Rbh

    Alda RbhMonth ago

    nothin but his eyes

  26. Piyush Mahar

    Piyush MaharMonth ago

    Is that Liam Payne?

  27. Toughlove R

    Toughlove RMonth ago

    come check me out everyone! thanks! much love!

  28. Toughlove R

    Toughlove RMonth ago

    love this energy!

  29. Toughlove R

    Toughlove RMonth ago

    love the vibes!

  30. J PT

    J PTMonth ago

    Jp Cooper beautiful voice ❤️

  31. Angel Mae

    Angel MaeMonth ago


  32. Ardi Ansyah

    Ardi AnsyahMonth ago

    1:05 kayak dangdutan (look like dangdut, genre music from Indonesia)

  33. John Muraya

    John MurayaMonth ago

    this guy is highly talented. Good job JP Cooper

  34. Lenka Ježová

    Lenka JežováMonth ago

    loveeeee song

  35. melodia nur

    melodia nurMonth ago

    maybe its not forever

  36. la blaugrana

    la blaugranaMonth ago

    His face like jesus from jamaica...

  37. Rosy A

    Rosy AMonth ago

    Amo 😍

  38. Karabo Msiza

    Karabo MsizaMonth ago

    what did I just listen to??? WOW! MY EARS! THIS VERSION IS AMAZING!!

  39. Karabo Msiza

    Karabo MsizaMonth ago

    I'm in love with JP Cooper

  40. Salzz isawesome

    Salzz isawesome2 months ago

    James Franco has joined the chat

  41. 2 months ago

    the eyes tho!!

  42. Alina Wieczorek

    Alina Wieczorek2 months ago

    Super !!! Pozdrawiam.

  43. irenne gracia

    irenne gracia2 months ago

    I like this song⚡️👍🏻

  44. Sari Agus Priyanti

    Sari Agus Priyanti2 months ago

    his voice is heaven to me.. i will definetly listening to this song nonstop when i am on the plane in my solo journey somewhere.. i always dreaming find someone stranger in my journey and end up together. 😍

  45. Grafton Haynes

    Grafton Haynes2 months ago

    Listening at 0.75 speed..ugh, it hits different this way

  46. Gåß V

    Gåß V2 months ago

    I suddenly felt asleep while listening

  47. Bel Gultia Guarte

    Bel Gultia Guarte2 months ago


  48. Berita & Pengetahuan

    Berita & Pengetahuan2 months ago

    Hello, jack separrow!!

  49. Komang Sunantara

    Komang Sunantara2 months ago

    I am watching in may 2019. Awesome 👏👏👏

  50. Ms G82009

    Ms G820092 months ago

    Please always make music! your voice is so different, beautiful

  51. boy girl

    boy girl2 months ago

    Jp cooper seems like such a great fun friend to hang around his vibe is awesome

  52. theTruth

    theTruth2 months ago

    I know this song is not that old. But man, whenever I listen to this version, it’s as if it brings me to nostalgia and brings chills to my bones.

  53. Jezer Cornejo

    Jezer CornejoMonth ago

    That's the truth

  54. James Valdez

    James Valdez2 months ago

    I love you

  55. Tai Otu

    Tai Otu2 months ago