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Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers (Acoustic) ft. JP Cooper


  1. JonasBlueVEVO

    JonasBlueVEVOYear ago

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  2. Radyasa Irsan

    Radyasa Irsan27 days ago

    Love from indonesia

  3. Crisostomo Turla

    Crisostomo Turla3 months ago

    JonasBlueVEVO ahha katsura mo kapampangan ku why comon condom

  4. Carmen Ubiera

    Carmen Ubiera4 months ago

    JonasBlueVEVO 😍😍

  5. Ana Mãe de 4

    Ana Mãe de 44 months ago


  6. Adjuri Sambolawan

    Adjuri Sambolawan5 months ago

    JonasBlueVEVO, love your music! i love the bracelet you wear on the video more though... 😁 had a similar one before, lost it... can you point me in the direction of where ya got it? thanks a bunch! 😍

  7. I MUSIC

    I MUSIC6 hours ago

    alguém do Brasil??

  8. Branka maria

    Branka mariaDay ago

    Mais alguem do 🇧🇷

  9. Relcrest Aguilar

    Relcrest Aguilar2 days ago


  10. João Vitor

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  11. Pecola Jimenez

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  12. Robby Prayoga

    Robby Prayoga4 days ago

    14 Feb 2019

  13. Vanessa Santos Pinheoro Pinheiro

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  14. Nicky Sasha

    Nicky Sasha7 days ago

    😍🌷 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦

  15. Nirwan Syahputra

    Nirwan Syahputra8 days ago

    James Franco consumes too much crystal meth

  16. camila Indriago

    camila Indriago8 days ago

    1:22 this guy's smirk always gets me

  17. Aditya Saumya

    Aditya Saumya9 days ago

    His voice is mesmerising 💜

  18. takahiro mishima

    takahiro mishima9 days ago

    F*ckin timeline 😶

  19. GiaanaBanana

    GiaanaBanana11 days ago

    2019 anyone ?

  20. Shaniqua Saunders

    Shaniqua Saunders11 days ago

    OMG I love this song


    RIZZA DAGA11 days ago

    Damn it's good, and awesome that voice is amazin

  22. Jonathan Alessandro Lorenzo

    Jonathan Alessandro Lorenzo12 days ago


  23. Michelle Camacho mojica

    Michelle Camacho mojica13 days ago

    I loveeeeed

  24. Profesjonalnie Dobrze

    Profesjonalnie Dobrze14 days ago

    2019 someone?

  25. Jeian De Jesus

    Jeian De Jesus16 days ago

    Who's watching in 2019???

  26. Lane New

    Lane New17 days ago

    Отлично спел. Молодец! )))

  27. Ivan Onchev

    Ivan Onchev17 days ago

    This is it!

  28. Paul puso Robrigado

    Paul puso Robrigado22 days ago

    This is so awesome ❤

  29. Shushi Santos García

    Shushi Santos García24 days ago

    Me encanta ❤

  30. Jamila Ntifi

    Jamila Ntifi25 days ago

    U have a good voice masha Allah I feel so confort when I hear it

  31. lolh lilo

    lolh lilo26 days ago

    I likeeeeee;-);-);-)

  32. B Wallsie

    B Wallsie26 days ago

    2019 👌🏻

  33. Michelle Salino

    Michelle Salino26 days ago

    Que voz...😍

  34. Radyasa Irsan

    Radyasa Irsan27 days ago

    Love from indonesia

  35. Kenny Setiawan

    Kenny Setiawan28 days ago

    Zlatan ibrahimovich

  36. Frenchie Fries

    Frenchie Fries29 days ago

    Stephen curry is that you?

  37. iikermitx

    iikermitx29 days ago

    I see he likes blue

  38. Haroon Ijaz

    Haroon IjazMonth ago

    No autotune needed such a gifted voice...

  39. xvir0s

    xvir0sMonth ago

    who's listening in 2019?

  40. Muhammad Khairil

    Muhammad KhairilMonth ago

    jan 2019 ?

  41. Amrita Ujoodha

    Amrita UjoodhaMonth ago

    Wow I love this song

  42. Rebeka Pardauil

    Rebeka PardauilMonth ago

    Adorei Amo essa música ❤❤❤❤

  43. Daniela Muñoz

    Daniela MuñozMonth ago

    2019? 😍

  44. jedidiah kachenga

    jedidiah kachengaMonth ago

    dammmmmnnnnnnnn this is gold

  45. Ivana Slepcikova

    Ivana SlepcikovaMonth ago


  46. Ao Shiro

    Ao ShiroMonth ago

    16M 😍

  47. Pooja Prit Poulose

    Pooja Prit PouloseMonth ago

    Love it😚😚😚.Who else in 2019?

  48. Just Yumi

    Just YumiMonth ago

    2019 🤚🏻❤️

  49. el julio :v xd

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  50. Wakana

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    YVAN ANGELOMonth ago

    2019 y'all

  52. Abraham tusTapas

    Abraham tusTapasMonth ago

    Watching in 2019 🥰?

  53. camila palacio

    camila palacioMonth ago

    Who is watching in 2019 ? 1 january

  54. Yo To

    Yo ToMonth ago

    When bob marley and steph curry’s semen combined

  55. Tan Vi Yang

    Tan Vi YangMonth ago


  56. Martin Sam Dollete

    Martin Sam DolleteMonth ago

    December 30, 2018

  57. tina depratto

    tina deprattoMonth ago

    JP Cooper LOVE YOU

  58. Jarbas Saint-Claire

    Jarbas Saint-ClaireMonth ago

    This is so good !

  59. El Flako

    El Flako2 months ago

    por q Tocan ellos los bongos ? es por q son Negros Verdad jaja

  60. Hellen Zampiad

    Hellen Zampiad2 months ago

    He is the best of the best !!!!!!!!!!!

  61. SäSüKë 7

    SäSüKë 72 months ago


  62. Leria Magaia

    Leria Magaia2 months ago




    THE Voice is so Amazing 😍

  64. Daniele Rossi

    Daniele Rossi2 months ago

    What a lovely version

  65. Livia Viera

    Livia Viera2 months ago


  66. Livia Viera

    Livia Viera2 months ago

    I loveeee😍😍😍

  67. yasuo gaming /killertmc in growtopoa

    yasuo gaming /killertmc in growtopoa2 months ago

    Dec 13 anyone ???

  68. Dibyajyoti Rabha

    Dibyajyoti Rabha2 months ago


  69. Abed Ben Chaabene

    Abed Ben Chaabene2 months ago

    A mon ami qui adore cette chanson qui nous a quitté y a un ans. Merci pour l amour que tu nous a donné

  70. Tim Boswerger

    Tim Boswerger2 months ago


  71. Eduardo Calderón

    Eduardo Calderón2 months ago

    Diciembre 2018, y estoy escuchando esta hermosa canción.

  72. Koala Girl

    Koala Girl2 months ago

    Amazing in one word

  73. GapplingCell

    GapplingCell2 months ago

    2018 December?

  74. Happy Tang

    Happy Tang2 months ago


  75. Sergio Ariza

    Sergio Ariza2 months ago

    Son como melodias caidas del cielo, se siente muy bien!! Thanks

  76. kriston aca

    kriston aca2 months ago

    Fery-fery you jonas blue

  77. Elöise like Sun

    Elöise like Sun2 months ago


  78. Paweł Nowak

    Paweł Nowak2 months ago


  79. vee

    vee2 months ago

    eu sou apaixonada

  80. Alex Tolentino

    Alex Tolentino2 months ago

    hurts so much🤙🏻 "MAYBE"🙃

  81. Lio san

    Lio san2 months ago

    What? 2.7K dislike? Plz tell me why you dislike this?

  82. Ivan Corts

    Ivan Corts2 months ago

    Very good voice

  83. piepiepug _ 77

    piepiepug _ 772 months ago

    The 2.7k people that disliked just had their phones upside down ;D

  84. Livia Viera

    Livia Viera2 months ago

    héllo Jonas

  85. Kathryn de Jesus

    Kathryn de Jesus2 months ago

    Love this version!

  86. brentbuenconsejo

    brentbuenconsejo2 months ago

    Woah i though your a teenager

  87. Nick Roberts

    Nick Roberts3 months ago

    Is it me or he is really handsome?

  88. jhustine paronda

    jhustine paronda3 months ago

    Karaoke like this pls. Link thanks🔥

  89. Abaja Gaja

    Abaja Gaja3 months ago

    Nice in vidio

  90. Rebecca Jones

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    COMICVIDEOS3 months ago

    i love this song :3

  92. Toys and me Tiana

    Toys and me Tiana3 months ago

    I love it so much

  93. Ben Stanford

    Ben Stanford3 months ago

    2018 anyone?

  94. Smile Moore

    Smile Moore3 months ago

    BEAUTIFUL! I listen to this and also think of Arlissa's 'Hearts aint gonna lie'

  95. xdverrillgamer

    xdverrillgamer3 months ago

    😍 ♥ 🔥 Loving the drums

  96. 中野凜生

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    SNYC NICESLA3 months ago

    My go to guy ☘💚

  98. Laurely Trujillo

    Laurely Trujillo3 months ago

    Awesome i love it ...... like if you subscribe

  99. Stevan Apriliandi

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  100. music time

    music time3 months ago

    I have meet my perfect stranger and that's reaction time 😄😄😄

  101. Liveem

    Liveem3 months ago

    Wow, this is amazing and JP Cooper is so gentle!

  102. Casey A. S.

    Casey A. S.3 months ago

    Jack sparrow can sing! 😍

  103. Rhythm Zuhaib

    Rhythm Zuhaib3 months ago

    Stunning voice!! My fav sir

  104. Tamara Košíková

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  105. tjisse veenstra

    tjisse veenstra3 months ago

    plz listen to this in 0.25