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Jonas Blue - Mama - ft. William Singe (Live) - Stripped (Vevo UK LIFT)


  1. JonasBlueVEVO

    JonasBlueVEVO11 months ago

    Watch this Best of Jonas Blue Watch this Jonas Blue - Live Watch this Jonas Blue - Remix

  2. Fernando Fernández

    Fernando Fernández21 day ago

    JonasBlueVEVO se ediieeieieieeeeeieeeeeoe

  3. adhi kwok

    adhi kwokMonth ago

    you are the next DJ jonas blue for slow song remix

  4. Erwin Rondal

    Erwin RondalMonth ago


  5. Eliud Njogu

    Eliud NjoguMonth ago

    I love your songs you do great

  6. rap gamers

    rap gamers2 months ago

    Marcelle Corsini fuck

  7. Roberto Ribeiro

    Roberto Ribeiro17 hours ago

    Way much better than the studio version

  8. qthush4u2

    qthush4u2Day ago

    Until Friday I never heard of you or this song but since I played your official video you both have a fan for life I cannot stop playing it over and over again and I shared the link on Facebook so everyone could play it

  9. Mai Ka

    Mai Ka2 days ago

    anh ơi em nghiện rùi

  10. Fla Vi US

    Fla Vi US2 days ago


  11. Sudarshan Timsina

    Sudarshan Timsina3 days ago

    love this song

  12. Petko Budai

    Petko Budai3 days ago

    omg best best best :)

  13. jou cker

    jou cker3 days ago


  14. Dibos Ghose

    Dibos Ghose5 days ago

    I love this song

  15. Fabiha noor

    Fabiha noor5 days ago

    awsome Song♥♥

  16. Jonas Adi

    Jonas Adi5 days ago

    You’re the best DJ in the world🤜

  17. Alfa Rizzy

    Alfa Rizzy6 days ago


  18. Dirhans Tan

    Dirhans Tan7 days ago


  19. F Siangshai

    F Siangshai7 days ago

    force siangshai

  20. Laura Malvárez

    Laura Malvárez9 days ago

    Love it. Unbelievable

  21. katarina pavlikova

    katarina pavlikova9 days ago

    Okey 2018

  22. Lis

    Lis11 days ago

    Este hombre canta hermoso

  23. Farkas Nikita

    Farkas Nikita15 days ago

    0:48 is the best moment

  24. Enggar Siswahyuni

    Enggar Siswahyuni16 days ago

    💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Love U Jonas Blue

  25. Sty3d8m100y

    Sty3d8m100y17 days ago

    well i wanna ask what is that instrument with the keyboard ? thanks for answering.

  26. Love Dust

    Love Dust18 days ago

    This is dope

  27. Cemile Ertem

    Cemile Ertem21 day ago


  28. Evan Evans

    Evan Evans21 day ago

    2018 best colab .

  29. Sonam Lepcha

    Sonam Lepcha22 days ago

    HEY MUMMA... ❤

  30. Lorena Letícia

    Lorena Letícia24 days ago

    My fav song. It makes me shiver 💙

  31. しおり Shiori

    しおり Shiori25 days ago


  32. ayu priyambodo

    ayu priyambodo25 days ago

    Anyone here for William Singe?

  33. 999 666

    999 66625 days ago

    I never se jonas talk on he video

  34. Ritul Joshi

    Ritul Joshi25 days ago

    1:10 makes me happy!!

  35. Olga Gajardo

    Olga Gajardo27 days ago

    This version is the best in the world!!!

  36. Good Item

    Good Item29 days ago

    September 2018? anyone?

  37. Rajdeep Lumay

    Rajdeep LumayMonth ago

    i like this version better

  38. Akill Harry

    Akill HarryMonth ago

    I Love this song !!! 💛

  39. geli xxx

    geli xxxMonth ago

    I love you too😍

  40. 香元聡

    香元聡Month ago

    Thank You!最高😃⤴⤴

  41. Astherielle Escalona

    Astherielle EscalonaMonth ago

    I love you 😍

  42. EMOIJ Lyrics

    EMOIJ Lyrics2 days ago

    hello 😉😆 I make my first mashup🎵 for "Mama" and "Rise" by Jonas Blue in my channel 😁😀 Can you give some comment on it😙 thanks 😊😊😉😉

  43. Krishna Devi Maharjan

    Krishna Devi MaharjanMonth ago

    Love you and your song💕💕💕💘

  44. Alice Nguyen

    Alice NguyenMonth ago


  45. Kyra Brown

    Kyra BrownMonth ago

    I never knew that was himmmmm

  46. sis tr

    sis trMonth ago

    i like it

  47. Zuzia Kozłowska

    Zuzia KozłowskaMonth ago

    l love ls susan

  48. Zuzia Kozłowska

    Zuzia KozłowskaMonth ago


  49. Samantha Soonalafo Inu

    Samantha Soonalafo InuMonth ago

    This is my favorite song...need the sound track please.God bless

  50. Luan santos Santos

    Luan santos SantosMonth ago

    Eu amo muito essa música ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  51. francis mama

    francis mamaMonth ago

    william you nail it

  52. cool air

    cool airMonth ago

    Love lyrik this song 😍

  53. Анастасия Щербакова

    Анастасия ЩербаковаMonth ago

    Кто русский ставьте лайк

  54. Fera Rafana

    Fera RafanaMonth ago


  55. BongDa CityPlayer

    BongDa CityPlayerMonth ago

    I love it😍😍😍😍

  56. NaNa NaNa

    NaNa NaNaMonth ago


  57. Aulia Ninda

    Aulia NindaMonth ago

    jonas blue is very handsome💖💓🔥😘😘😍😍🌈🙆

  58. Daniella Hadar

    Daniella HadarMonth ago

    wow amazing !!!!

  59. Pedro Encarnación

    Pedro EncarnaciónMonth ago

    What a great song and beat. Reggaeton vibes whit some electro and pop. Just great jonas.

  60. Luisa Saenz

    Luisa SaenzMonth ago

    Amo Infinitamente Está Canción 😍

  61. Imee Luchavez

    Imee LuchavezMonth ago

    I love William 😊❤️❤️

  62. Flamine Siqueira Neto

    Flamine Siqueira NetoMonth ago

    Where are you William? No more posts?

  63. Crystal Rock

    Crystal RockMonth ago

  64. Kylie Yay

    Kylie YayMonth ago

    This is gonna be a good song if someone gets divorced

  65. Jessica Martinez

    Jessica Martinez2 months ago

    Dos dis matter how cute he is

  66. Mol Saja

    Mol Saja2 months ago

    hi... my favorite song... Love youuu...

  67. Alesio Idrizaj

    Alesio Idrizaj2 months ago

    bravo bravoo bravo boys its my favourite song

  68. #for the love of game !!

    #for the love of game !!2 months ago


  69. Amanda Madhavan

    Amanda Madhavan2 months ago

    August 2018 ..... hey mama don’t stress your mind...

  70. Kealeboga Mokgwathi

    Kealeboga Mokgwathi2 months ago

    Will's voice!!♥♥♥

  71. Adella Thenu

    Adella Thenu2 months ago

    August 2018 anyone?

  72. cream heroes

    cream heroes2 months ago

    Love you💓💓💓

  73. Thiago Reis

    Thiago Reis2 months ago


  74. fiza khan

    fiza khan2 months ago


  75. youbintoa concert

    youbintoa concert2 months ago

    AMAZING But there's nothing live about this lolol but no hate just fact check

  76. Quack by the way

    Quack by the way2 months ago


  77. beuwin

    beuwin2 months ago

    I like this better than the orig song. 😻

  78. Jarar Bin Altaf

    Jarar Bin Altaf2 months ago


  79. Kaiden Peck

    Kaiden Peck2 months ago

    Look at other William sing songs he has the perfect voice literally

  80. Yuyu Niangti

    Yuyu Niangti2 months ago

    My william

  81. Tyneth Mariur

    Tyneth Mariur2 months ago


  82. Jades Shelf

    Jades Shelf2 months ago

    I can't even. I love him

  83. RCN

    RCN2 months ago


  84. Fikri Ramadhan

    Fikri Ramadhan2 months ago

    i just found the most dope chillin song on earth 😁

  85. Fxck Y’all

    Fxck Y’all2 months ago

    My stupid ass thought jonas blue was a singer

  86. Mia Greene

    Mia Greene2 months ago

    Omg William is making me drool 🤤🤤

  87. Payel Sutar

    Payel Sutar2 months ago


  88. Zizo Nasilele

    Zizo Nasilele2 months ago

    nothing to say

  89. Saptilucky girl

    Saptilucky girl2 months ago

    Like so much

  90. riris alfiani

    riris alfiani3 months ago

    mama mama mama mama

  91. riris alfiani

    riris alfiani3 months ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 i can't explain 😅

  92. riris alfiani

    riris alfiani3 months ago

    idola baru 😍

  93. Maira Alejandra Medrano

    Maira Alejandra Medrano3 months ago

    Perfect ♥

  94. ingrid yamilet serrano perez

    ingrid yamilet serrano perez3 months ago


  95. ingrid yamilet serrano perez

    ingrid yamilet serrano perez3 months ago


  96. Lovely Jackson

    Lovely Jackson3 months ago

    I can't explain how much i love Jonas like actually... 2018 anyone???

  97. osora rikko

    osora rikko3 months ago

    This is too lit'

  98. Guilherme Ferreira

    Guilherme Ferreira3 months ago

    i like you

  99. Guilherme Ferreira

    Guilherme Ferreira3 months ago

    you got a dog?

  100. Sheriffa Breezy

    Sheriffa Breezy3 months ago

    Still a bop!!🔥

  101. Be ELS

    Be ELS3 months ago

    put it to 1.25 speed and thank me later

  102. Sanju Singh

    Sanju Singh3 months ago


  103. Yasmin Ifanger

    Yasmin Ifanger3 months ago

    Essa música sempre vai ser a minha favorita de 2017!!!! ♥️

  104. Valeria Rodriguez

    Valeria Rodriguez3 months ago

    Prefiero la versión con hrvy

  105. Jamily Ribeiro

    Jamily Ribeiro3 months ago

    put it on spotify pleease