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Jonas Blue - By Your Side (Madison Mars Remix) ft. RAYE


  1. Guddi Naik

    Guddi NaikDay ago


  2. Guddi Naik

    Guddi NaikDay ago


  3. Velizar Videv

    Velizar Videv5 days ago

    I prefer the original one


    규선KYU-SUN IZ*ONEMonth ago

    I luv it

  5. Lia  wati

    Lia watiMonth ago

    Asiiiikkk good

  6. Valentino Die

    Valentino Die3 months ago

    Beste Stimme auf MReporter!

  7. Heruzsanchez Silva

    Heruzsanchez Silva3 months ago

    BR ? AI 2018

  8. Raif

    Raif5 months ago

    Where can i find the accapella?

  9. Marcos Clinton

    Marcos Clinton5 months ago

    💙Jonas blue💙

  10. Farhan 1738

    Farhan 17388 months ago



    DAWN GAMER8 months ago

    essa é boa mais eu prefiro a original

  12. Kaka Gamerz1124

    Kaka Gamerz11248 months ago

    thang you man

  13. Thriest

    Thriest8 months ago

    so guys wheres the 2018 Squad???

  14. popular deep house mix

    popular deep house mix9 months ago


  15. Kesya Armelita

    Kesya Armelita10 months ago

    I LOVE the music

  16. Taariq Khan

    Taariq Khan11 months ago

    She: "up all night, I waited for you all my life" Me: been through that phase already, was down the hallway from you, greeted you everyday how come you only notice now?

  17. KSHMR Music

    KSHMR Music11 months ago

    Funny to see how many people say ‘good job jonas’ Let’s get things clear. This is the remix BY MADISON MARS and not the original.

  18. Ana Laura Oliveira Garcia

    Ana Laura Oliveira Garcia11 months ago


  19. Mr.Hardy Hard

    Mr.Hardy Hard11 months ago

    Sounds like Rihanna

  20. D1Technoligy91

    D1Technoligy91Year ago

    Tomorrowland vibes 💙

  21. Farikhin 7406

    Farikhin 7406Year ago

    I listen is a fery goodis a perfec

  22. Farikhin 7406

    Farikhin 7406Year ago

    is a perfec

  23. Ken Cuevas

    Ken CuevasYear ago

    Nice pick

  24. PGM TV

    PGM TVYear ago


  25. Fiorella Jimenez

    Fiorella JimenezYear ago

    Love this remix

  26. Arete

    AreteYear ago

    This remix is remixing my day. So much energy! Great remix!

  27. Megan GlimmerCookieSwirl

    Megan GlimmerCookieSwirlYear ago


  28. hAk

    hAkYear ago

    should be the perfect music for a mobile phone commercial :D

  29. Mungki Yulia

    Mungki YuliaYear ago

    Really love this version 😍.. Let's go out n be wild

  30. GreenArrow793

    GreenArrow793Year ago


  31. Leo Swld

    Leo SwldYear ago

    best version of this song 😍

  32. Dika Bagas

    Dika BagasYear ago

    Don Diablo?

  33. Fer BF

    Fer BFYear ago

    Dika Bagas. Madison Mars

  34. hAk

    hAkYear ago

    I kept thinking this was the original mix, since it was the first version I heard, not the Jonas Blue version :D

  35. Safiya Omar

    Safiya OmarYear ago

    This is lit! Best remix by far!

  36. Ícaro

    ÍcaroYear ago


  37. Keith Franciolus

    Keith FranciolusYear ago


  38. Mateusz

    MateuszYear ago

    sounds like don diablo, masterpiece

  39. KSHMR Music

    KSHMR Music11 months ago

    If you mean its future house than your right but there’s still a difference with don diablo


    DYNA MELOYear ago

    it's future house ffs. not like don diablo.

  41. Alan Style

    Alan StyleYear ago

    The best remix of this song!

  42. fluorescent light

    fluorescent lightYear ago

    Yoo maybe she's bruno mars' sister

  43. 3than

    3thanYear ago

    better than original for sure

  44. YouPooped

    YouPoopedYear ago

    dank memz

  45. Eren Ahenki

    Eren AhenkiYear ago


  46. Andi Irawan

    Andi IrawanYear ago

    I see Madison Mars, I press like.

  47. emanuele putrino

    emanuele putrinoYear ago

    I cant find this song wtf, is it named something else? Or is it just not out yet??

  48. black Tv

    black TvYear ago

    weres, my 2017 squad at

  49. Nava Pahima

    Nava PahimaYear ago

    Whatttt This is so good

  50. Tiju Thomas

    Tiju ThomasYear ago

    mad mars did it again 😁

  51. Yara Van Krieken

    Yara Van KriekenYear ago


  52. Kenzie Edgar

    Kenzie EdgarYear ago

    Good remix

  53. Jean Carlo Uscamayta

    Jean Carlo UscamaytaYear ago


  54. Vince DC

    Vince DCYear ago

    where is madison mars channel?

  55. Rezex

    RezexYear ago

    Vince Corciega he doesn't have one

  56. RionChaos

    RionChaosYear ago

    Another great remix by Madison Mars!

  57. Raben Dayao

    Raben DayaoYear ago


  58. Nell Adamus

    Nell AdamusYear ago

    Who's watching in bed 😂

  59. Muhammad Basir Carerra Basir Carerra

    Muhammad Basir Carerra Basir CarerraYear ago

    bobbo saeedo jnbh

  60. bobbo saeedo

    bobbo saeedoYear ago

    Nell Adamus نخمظ2ظ2ظ3ظظ2ظممث

  61. bobbo saeedo

    bobbo saeedoYear ago

    Nell Adamus 9ح خ

  62. Play Me

    Play MeYear ago

    Nell Adamus the couch.

  63. Vittorio Pandini

    Vittorio PandiniYear ago

    Nell Adamus sorry I'm in the bathroom :/

  64. Shu Sky

    Shu SkyYear ago


  65. Naman Sharma

    Naman SharmaYear ago

    love it

  66. Sana Khurram

    Sana KhurramYear ago

    I agree Bruno portala potatopt

  67. moruwu

    moruwuYear ago

    Early before 1Mill views squad where are you? :3

  68. Kevi Lamaj

    Kevi Lamaj6 months ago

    92kosta ñ nəm o çşç çşşş

  69. Kevi Lamaj

    Kevi Lamaj6 months ago

    Zeun -Kun k .şşhçççççxvşvmşçğııəşşşə

  70. Kevi Lamaj

    Kevi Lamaj6 months ago

    Zeun -Kun ıķj

  71. 92kosta

    92kostaYear ago

    You are waaay too early.

  72. Mel Kel

    Mel KelYear ago

    trop bien

  73. Bilqees Reynolds

    Bilqees ReynoldsYear ago

    another remix🔥🔥

  74. Syafri Andika

    Syafri AndikaYear ago

    very gooodd

  75. I want my tae with suga and kookies

    I want my tae with suga and kookiesYear ago

    Yeah :D I go to the Negev mountain today.. It's school trip :3

  76. Gerardo De Leon

    Gerardo De LeonYear ago


  77. Yeni Sopiyan

    Yeni SopiyanYear ago


  78. SShahin KKhan

    SShahin KKhanYear ago

    never let me down.... As always meet my dreams!

  79. Great and Good Friend Borno

    Great and Good Friend BornoYear ago

    My favorite song. This one is the message of love to love.

  80. ngoc hân

    ngoc hânYear ago


  81. 雨小滴

    雨小滴Year ago

    I love this song.

  82. Mariana

    MarianaYear ago

    🙌 good remix 💗

  83. Nicholas Marchitto

    Nicholas MarchittoYear ago

    I'm early before 5000 views😃😃

  84. Ahmad Tariq

    Ahmad TariqYear ago


  85. Desiree Garcia

    Desiree GarciaYear ago




    Good song

  87. Rose Tyler

    Rose TylerYear ago

    So good!!!

  88. Cameron Brownie

    Cameron BrownieYear ago

    jonas blue never fails

  89. KSHMR Music

    KSHMR Music11 months ago

    Jonas made original not this remix

  90. QC MP

    QC MP11 months ago

    RN Epic99 but she failed

  91. RionChaos

    RionChaosYear ago

    *Madison Mars never fails

  92. Melany Franco

    Melany FrancoYear ago


  93. Cami contreras

    Cami contrerasYear ago

    is super 👍👍👍

  94. Cameron Kennedy

    Cameron KennedyYear ago

    love it

  95. Emi-Lee chinzah

    Emi-Lee chinzahYear ago

    luv it

  96. Dani_ sampaio

    Dani_ sampaioYear ago


  97. majo Isidro

    majo IsidroYear ago


  98. Nessa Cheriee

    Nessa CherieeYear ago

    Seeing JP Cooper as the ad before this video made me so happy I love him💕

  99. abduliski godon

    abduliski godonYear ago

    excelente 👍

  100. Cookie Producer

    Cookie ProducerYear ago

    Another awesome music thanks a lot 😄

  101. Amanda Lemos

    Amanda LemosYear ago


  102. attaoui Zakaria

    attaoui ZakariaYear ago

    who dislike this ???

  103. KorujaG

    KorujaGYear ago

    Very fuck

  104. Nebulous Girl;-;

    Nebulous Girl;-;Year ago

    Renegado77 shut the fuck up thnxx

  105. Kim Hill

    Kim HillYear ago

    First dislike.

  106. Nebulous Girl;-;

    Nebulous Girl;-;Year ago

    Clown Bot nobody gives a fuck tho😂

  107. Theblackcat DJ

    Theblackcat DJYear ago

    uno de los éxitos

  108. Vitória Maciel

    Vitória MacielYear ago


  109. omar adel

    omar adelYear ago

    never been so earlier😂

  110. Nayelli Delgado

    Nayelli DelgadoYear ago


  111. mari luna

    mari lunaYear ago

    3 comentario

  112. Szajbus

    SzajbusYear ago

    love it

  113. LCustom

    LCustomYear ago


  114. Neon Clark

    Neon ClarkYear ago

    love it

  115. ahmed hassan

    ahmed hassanYear ago


  116. Riduan

    RiduanYear ago


  117. Nebulous Girl;-;

    Nebulous Girl;-;Year ago

    Sr Middle lol😂