Jonas Blue - ‘Mama’ FT. William Singe - (Live At Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2017)


  1. Zoe

    Zoe2 days ago

    So proud of will, I’ve been here since he was on X factor and i met him 💓

  2. Iffah Lestari

    Iffah Lestari5 days ago

    I luv his voice 😍😘

  3. Kriplani Ankit

    Kriplani Ankit5 days ago

    Most of the part he is not singing

  4. きのこまるたけのこまる

    きのこまるたけのこまる12 days ago

    so cool

  5. md yousuf anik

    md yousuf anik12 days ago


  6. bagas bintang

    bagas bintang14 days ago


  7. Houssam Badi

    Houssam Badi21 day ago

    i love jonas bleu mama William singe

  8. Juninho  santos

    Juninho santos28 days ago

    Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  9. Alva 5

    Alva 528 days ago


  10. Angel' ls

    Angel' lsMonth ago

    I love Jonas Blue, simple the Best! Come to Brazil fast!!!! 😍

  11. Ice Skitz

    Ice SkitzMonth ago

    Damn will change so much after the collective broke up

  12. Arjun Vieran

    Arjun VieranMonth ago

    I love this song 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  13. Jozef Balaz

    Jozef BalazMonth ago


  14. Oliver Brunngräber

    Oliver BrunngräberMonth ago

    Ich liebe dieses Lied Bye Eure Chiara ✌️

  15. Jarin Rosy

    Jarin RosyMonth ago

    why Jonas isn't singing?

  16. Deb Bee

    Deb BeeMonth ago

    are those grillz or nah?

  17. chung yen

    chung yenMonth ago

    He is still that cute

  18. Etch Jonas

    Etch JonasMonth ago

    That one last cheeky grin though 😍

  19. Carol Menezes

    Carol MenezesMonth ago


  20. milena algarin

    milena algarinMonth ago

    me encanta esta cacion

  21. upul perera

    upul perera2 months ago

    Kiss my ass

  22. Savo Stevanovic

    Savo Stevanovic2 months ago


  23. L Christ

    L Christ2 months ago

    William >> HRVy

  24. Nice Nya

    Nice Nya2 months ago

    Is it me or do something sound off with Will voice

  25. Elia Ningsih

    Elia Ningsih2 months ago


  26. Chen Zhung Choo

    Chen Zhung Choo2 months ago


  27. grey buldog99

    grey buldog992 months ago


  28. hεΥ ῖϻ jαkεTM

    hεΥ ῖϻ jαkεTM2 months ago

    Will is so badass

  29. Fire Heart

    Fire Heart2 months ago

    BOP AF🔥

  30. Sumaiya Suleman

    Sumaiya Suleman2 months ago

    ey mama is so much better den fast car

  31. Pare G

    Pare G2 months ago

    fall in love in his vacal

  32. Desiree Martinez

    Desiree Martinez2 months ago

    so proud of William ❤

  33. Viki Pribojszki

    Viki Pribojszki2 months ago

    I💖this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Nichelle LUCKAN

    Nichelle LUCKAN2 months ago

    he sounds horrible here

  35. Jeofrey Baoy

    Jeofrey Baoy3 months ago

    I really really like this song!!!! William Singe is so amazing!!! Jonas Blue is so amazing as well!!!

  36. Averie Lindelli

    Averie Lindelli3 months ago

    Hey MaMa. Can i have pizza?

  37. Jhas min

    Jhas min3 months ago


  38. Kian jansen of lorkeers

    Kian jansen of lorkeers3 months ago

    Hey mama

  39. Sanaa #lol

    Sanaa #lol3 months ago

    I love this song very much. Your voice is so amazing I love your voice

  40. isidora moraga gajardo

    isidora moraga gajardo3 months ago

    Is more harvey

  41. Devtanu Majumder

    Devtanu Majumder3 months ago

    Where are the girls???😋😋😋

  42. heaven seagen

    heaven seagen3 months ago

    this is so much better than that harvey guy lmao

  43. Linh Khánh

    Linh KhánhMonth ago

    Segen Pacheco ikr

  44. Mariceli Arellano Vargas

    Mariceli Arellano Vargas3 months ago

    William ♡

  45. Clara Lubo

    Clara Lubo3 months ago

    I love you william do your best

  46. Brett Duran

    Brett Duran3 months ago

    Oversee proposal get guy plane involve become.

  47. pitchpeech

    pitchpeech3 months ago

    in love with him already

  48. Sweet cand

    Sweet cand3 months ago

    Wiliam is so cat 😏😍

  49. Sweet cand

    Sweet cand3 months ago

    Ele é tão gato

  50. Manoj Malpe

    Manoj Malpe3 months ago


  51. Renumai Suri

    Renumai Suri3 months ago

    Justin bieber voice mama song

  52. Have A Nice Day

    Have A Nice Day3 months ago

    Nice,But a little Bit Playback😒

  53. Princess Mercedes

    Princess Mercedes3 months ago

    *one of my favorite* 😍 this song represents me✌*_(i don't want to stress myself)_* *_-yeah that's me-_*

  54. Mona Marwah

    Mona Marwah3 months ago

    he is tooooooo good

  55. Cristiano Muchlis

    Cristiano Muchlis3 months ago

    Nice performance brooo

  56. Edvania Galdino

    Edvania Galdino3 months ago

    Adorooo fá de carteirinha

  57. Felix Dietrich

    Felix Dietrich4 months ago

    0:12 it sounds so bad

  58. jk정국

    jk정국4 months ago

    요즘 이 노래에 꽂혔어요 😘😘💕💕👍

  59. crina Manole

    crina Manole4 months ago

    i love this song

  60. Elen Hadjieva

    Elen Hadjieva4 months ago

    it is a good song of summer vibe

  61. Rabgang TenZing Wangdue

    Rabgang TenZing Wangdue4 months ago

    jingle bell ball people are like playing music for the zombie without any reaction!! hahahhahahhah

  62. Gülcan Polat

    Gülcan Polat4 months ago


  63. irwan moto v blue

    irwan moto v blue4 months ago


  64. zeeq zein

    zeeq zein4 months ago


  65. Carol Valente

    Carol Valente4 months ago

    Só eu acho ele lindo 😍

  66. Anwar Alkarmi

    Anwar Alkarmi4 months ago


  67. J JK

    J JK4 months ago

    Willian is so good, i love his music ❤

  68. Neen Y

    Neen Y4 months ago

    Love song 😳🙌💖

  69. Araina Khatri and Ramesh Khatri

    Araina Khatri and Ramesh Khatri4 months ago

    My mama was like what the to this song and I was like umm when my mama was crying I said dry those eyes

  70. Başarının Peşinde

    Başarının Peşinde4 months ago

    niye herkes İngilizce yaziyor


    JONAS DEL ROSARIO4 months ago

    that me

  72. Wyn Masangkay

    Wyn Masangkay4 months ago

    Not just cute, but also can sing! Nice one, Babe William. 😉

  73. Dwijen Sarkar

    Dwijen Sarkar4 months ago

    Hey mama don't stress your mind

  74. Nguyễn thịnh

    Nguyễn thịnh4 months ago

    Man bun so great !

  75. jrdn rdrgz

    jrdn rdrgz4 months ago

    Nice song but you can't sing dude. Still one of best

  76. Gea Debora

    Gea Debora5 months ago

    its lit :D

  77. Nicolas Chiesa

    Nicolas Chiesa5 months ago


  78. Sittie Pandiin

    Sittie Pandiin5 months ago

    William 😍

  79. MD Rafi

    MD Rafi5 months ago

    I love this song

  80. Fortnite Clips

    Fortnite Clips5 months ago


  81. Roi Jimenez

    Roi Jimenez5 months ago

    he had no fans

  82. sahil Shah

    sahil Shah5 months ago

    Fuck off Jonas

  83. Samantha West

    Samantha West5 months ago

    his smile at 2:52

  84. Jayson Anderson

    Jayson Anderson5 months ago

    This song Mama by Jonas Blue ft.William Singe deserve to be on Just Dance 2019.☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️

  85. Fadz 76

    Fadz 765 months ago

    he got gold teeth

  86. mason brown

    mason brown5 months ago

    brooklyns a retard

  87. fortnite battle royale

    fortnite battle royale5 months ago


  88. VIP bigbang & Seventeen CARATS

    VIP bigbang & Seventeen CARATS5 months ago

    I think this was his first time live performance. I can tell he startled a little bit. I’m glad he came so far to reach his goal. But I think he could sing it better. I think he ran out of breath.

  89. Asha Mamba

    Asha Mamba5 months ago

    Jonas blues rocks✌✌

  90. Kelly Demeirsman

    Kelly Demeirsman5 months ago

    Love you

  91. Temporary Yogan

    Temporary Yogan5 months ago

    You look like Faze Adapt

  92. King dons channel

    King dons channel5 months ago

    Great performance 😍

  93. Tiadidi Cinta

    Tiadidi Cinta5 months ago

    Ini lebih handsome dari bieber

  94. Yasmine Yasmine

    Yasmine Yasmine5 months ago

    Best song ever 💕

  95. Gea Debora

    Gea Debora5 months ago

    nice song !

  96. Muh. Iksan Novali Prasetya

    Muh. Iksan Novali Prasetya5 months ago


  97. MEME HERO 1

    MEME HERO 15 months ago

    This is so fucking lit

  98. Daffa Arjuna

    Daffa Arjuna5 months ago

    0:56 nice :D

  99. Black white

    Black white6 months ago

    Best song ever

  100. Black white

    Black white5 months ago


  101. its unknown

    its unknown6 months ago

    my favorite song as of now 🎤❤

  102. abs !

    abs !6 months ago