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John Mayer - New Light


  1. Moises Rivera

    Moises RiveraDay ago

    Sounds better .75

  2. Zara

    Zara2 days ago

    This is romantic

  3. козата Хеван

    козата Хеван4 days ago

    Fuck you

  4. Jason Pachuau

    Jason Pachuau4 days ago

    My all time favourite among mayer's songs. 🎶❤

  5. Salana Salamone Art

    Salana Salamone Art5 days ago

    this racist has some good songs

  6. Chuck E Cheese

    Chuck E Cheese7 days ago

    i'm looking for an anime waifu, pls help me.

  7. Optinq

    Optinq5 days ago


  8. no

    no8 days ago

    He looks like a more handsome version of Ethan from h3h3

  9. Isabella Vasquez

    Isabella Vasquez8 days ago

    I hear this fkn song every I go and I love it and I didn’t know the fkn title💀

  10. G01D3N S4W

    G01D3N S4W8 days ago

    All words... Are understatements

  11. pram aldo

    pram aldo9 days ago

    Im staying here after saw skinnyfabs video

  12. Noora Huq

    Noora Huq9 days ago

    Why can’t people make music like this

  13. 甯子達

    甯子達9 days ago

    What brand is that jacket it’s lit lol

  14. Erin Wozniak

    Erin Wozniak10 days ago

    So fast

  15. ade tunggara

    ade tunggara11 days ago

    fun song great lyrics

  16. SEIGE _

    SEIGE _11 days ago

    Me: gets friendzoned... Guess its time to listen to this song.

  17. Joseph Rietdorf

    Joseph Rietdorf12 days ago


  18. stephalicious

    stephalicious12 days ago

    I've heard of John Mayer (I think) and obviously I'm not a fan but this song is everything I need in my life right now

  19. Just Call Me Bookworm

    Just Call Me Bookworm13 days ago

    I swear, Mayer's music vid for this song was just absolutely god-awful! It's a real testament to his popularity that so many people liked it and so few disliked it...

  20. Joost

    Joost15 days ago

    I normaly dont like.standart songs.. its so.totaly style.. but is amazing. !!! His voice.. fits so perfect to the beat.. great job!!!.. i listend it. In the mornong..going to work.. and after it. It ..makes me so relaxed!!

  21. dead dentist

    dead dentist16 days ago

    Baby i LOVE u sooo much! I can't wait for our 👶 TOBY to come :) thank u for acting and dressing the fool for Me ❤ and thank u for my beautiful dream💏 U make me LOVE to TEARS. This is the sweetest love song EVER!!! PLEASE let's all get the FUCK outta here ASAP. Whatever u say My love. WTF I'm texting u and ur beside Me? Yeah i know. This is for ur omnipresence. He probably ignores Me too.

  22. jackass gabriel

    jackass gabriel16 days ago


  23. XxPhtevenxX

    XxPhtevenxX17 days ago

    Sounds great!

  24. Gabii Fuente

    Gabii Fuente17 days ago

    Pasé 20 días buscando esta canción y el cantante, por un pedacito que escuché, ahora escuchándola toda está muy bella.😍

  25. thomas rascol

    thomas rascol18 days ago

    Why isn't that tune at 3:22 there the whole song

  26. yoke andi

    yoke andi19 days ago

    Kau memintaku untuk digendong Latihan minta dicolok kalong Pusing boy hidup ini waktu berjalan Ooo Aku jualan bakmi Bakmi goreng di Paris

  27. VQ Mylo

    VQ Mylo19 days ago

    Make my shoulder up and down, first time hear this song, and auto love it

  28. mclovinsbabe

    mclovinsbabe19 days ago

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  29. reDHASM RED

    reDHASM RED19 days ago

    im here because of mr wobbles

  30. Mxel

    Mxel19 days ago

    Yey love it 🖤

  31. Andy atherton

    Andy atherton20 days ago

    It's Just the best let's be fair class act.!

  32. socksand crocks6493

    socksand crocks649320 days ago

    SteveT brought me here

  33. ragdollie

    ragdollie21 day ago

    I liked this song until I read a disturbing fanfiction while listening to this song. Now I’m put off it 😔

  34. StoriesWithFarhan!

    StoriesWithFarhan!21 day ago

    This guy just wanna stay in the 80's style! Thats why i like him. John Mayer mh man luv you bruh... This song makes everyone happy. More better than songs these days, ugh.

  35. StoriesWithFarhan!

    StoriesWithFarhan!21 day ago

    I like this song ALOT!!!! NEW SUB

  36. Bri

    Bri22 days ago

    The lyrics annoy me. But I fkn love this song anyway lol

  37. Ailema Gonzalez

    Ailema Gonzalez21 day ago


  38. Ailema Gonzalez

    Ailema Gonzalez21 day ago

    Friday March 1

  39. Ailema Gonzalez

    Ailema Gonzalez21 day ago


  40. Black Velvet

    Black Velvet22 days ago

    I actually thought this song was made by Adam Levine cause it sounded like him and he's actually pushing 40

  41. Just Me

    Just Me22 days ago

    This is my warm up repeat song. Love it!!

  42. Aaron Luevano

    Aaron Luevano23 days ago

    fck me

  43. Aaron Luevano

    Aaron Luevano23 days ago

    fck me

  44. Tasia Alice Kikuharu

    Tasia Alice Kikuharu23 days ago

    I play this out at school today

  45. Roger Young

    Roger Young23 days ago

    This comment section cured my depression

  46. Freakybananayo

    Freakybananayo24 days ago

    this is nothing like any other john mayer song, but i like it a lot.

  47. Max Diamond

    Max Diamond25 days ago

    Ya know I have never listened to a whole album of John Mayer's, but if the his new album sounds like this I don't think I'll turn it off....


    BABY ALEX25 days ago

    This songs bout a dude who even at 40 is still in the friend zone tryna get with a girl.....I’m going down that path:(

  49. Just Call Me Bookworm

    Just Call Me Bookworm26 days ago

    I don't like music from most guys much, but what a catchy tune! Mayer's a real smooth operator! It's nice that this song is catchy and upbeat, without being so over-sexualized and depraved like most of the pop music out now.

  50. Craig Janiszewski

    Craig Janiszewski27 days ago

    This song sounds like if Tonetta teamed up with someone who could actually sing

  51. Brijj rms

    Brijj rms28 days ago

    Through my depression this song is helping me out 😃

  52. Jakub

    Jakub28 days ago


  53. 【ηєкσ мιкι】

    【ηєкσ мιкι】28 days ago

    What do I do with all this, what do I do with all this love that’s running through my veins for you…

  54. Julisu #

    Julisu #28 days ago

    im right now im using a HyperX ALPHA and i fixed the sound frekvens just perfect and the sound OMG sorry God but the sound OMCAT its sooooo gooood

  55. My Name Thog

    My Name Thog11 days ago

    +Julisu # oh yeah yeah

  56. Julisu #

    Julisu #11 days ago

    My Name Thog its a clan search for oh yeah yeah thats the clan name. Our goal is to take over youtube And you will probably find people saying oh yeah yeah But the Leader of oh yeah yeah is maxmillianmus he started everything

  57. My Name Thog

    My Name Thog11 days ago

    What is your profile picture. I see it everywhere

  58. Cynthia Preciado

    Cynthia Preciado29 days ago This guy is amazing!! He did a tutorial on New Light by John Mayer! 👌

  59. olivia

    olivia29 days ago

    Ah ah ah Ah I'm the boy in your other phone Lighting up inside your drawer at home all alone Pushing 40 in the friend zone We talk and then you walk away every day Oh, you don't think twice 'bout me And maybe you're right to doubt me, but But if you give me just one night You're gonna see me in a new light Yeah, if you give me just one night To meet you underneath the moonlight Oh, I want a take two, I want to breakthrough I wanna know the real thing about you So I can see you in a new light Take a ride up to Malibu I just wanna stay to look at you, look at you What would it matter if your friends knew? Who cares what other people say anyway Oh, we can go far from the end And make a new world together baby 'Cause if you give me just one night You're gonna see me in a new light Yeah, if you give me just one night To meet you underneath the moonlight Oh, I want a take two, I want to breakthrough I wanna know the real thing about you So I can see you in a new light Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ah ah ah ah ah Yeah, if you give me just one night You gonna see me in a new light Yeah, if you give me just one night To meet you underneath the moonlight What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins for you What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins for you What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins for you What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this, oh yeah

  60. Alpha7strike

    Alpha7strikeMonth ago

    I don't like pop music, but this one is different, i love it.

  61. Andreas Yudhistira

    Andreas YudhistiraMonth ago

    Jualan yuk, jus aer

  62. sepheroth885

    sepheroth885Month ago

    mr wiggles sings this sone better

  63. Elon Musk

    Elon MuskMonth ago

    I'm feeling better now, thx:🙂

  64. Tasia Alice Kikuharu

    Tasia Alice KikuharuMonth ago

    I love this song

  65. Andre Byoune

    Andre ByouneMonth ago


  66. Ana Saavedra

    Ana SaavedraMonth ago

    I love this song is my inspiración 😍💙

  67. Kitty Hint

    Kitty HintMonth ago

    This fucking SLAPS.

  68. Owen Owens

    Owen OwensMonth ago

    Who came here from buzzfeed ?

  69. Dave Newsome

    Dave NewsomeMonth ago

    This song reminds me of someone I met 47 years ago , And I Miss Her Love You Sandy and W.I W T.W.Y.

  70. Nelly Moake

    Nelly MoakeMonth ago

    Cannot believe he is still making beautiful songs

  71. That Guy

    That GuyMonth ago

    Similar songs recommendation please.

  72. Ken Android

    Ken AndroidMonth ago

    Que Buena canción

  73. Thanakorn Natunreeb

    Thanakorn NatunreebMonth ago

    ม่วนตายแม่มึงแท้!!!!! หำjohn

  74. Marco Beltramini

    Marco BeltraminiMonth ago

    This Guy is a great Talent!!

  75. Malee windows

    Malee windowsMonth ago

    มีแฟนหลายคน เปลี่ยนบ้าง คิดมากไปแค่นั้น

  76. Neomi Szepesi

    Neomi SzepesiMonth ago


  77. Harold Zone

    Harold ZoneMonth ago


  78. Vibin' Out

    Vibin' OutMonth ago

    Same jacket 😱😍

  79. Jesse brit

    Jesse britMonth ago

    That's an ugly ass jacket tho

  80. Jesse brit

    Jesse brit29 days ago

    Y'all ain't got no style mufuckas!

  81. Donny Mello

    Donny Mello29 days ago

    Bruh that jacket is beautiful

  82. Online Commentator

    Online CommentatorMonth ago

    Not at all

  83. wan wan

    wan wanMonth ago

    This beautiful piece of melody's dancing inside my head. 24/7

  84. ElMaikolin :v

    ElMaikolin :vMonth ago


  85. Little Goku

    Little GokuMonth ago

    I’d let John Mayer smash no homo

  86. liena azman

    liena azmanMonth ago


  87. SuperVro

    SuperVroMonth ago

    How tf didnt this get nominated for a grammy

  88. steven jennings

    steven jenningsMonth ago

    Gotta love what the dead can help people breakthrough to

  89. Shar4X

    Shar4XMonth ago

    is john actually serious about this song really he went from insane riff god and bluesmaster who jammed with legends such as bb king and someone who eric clapton called an incredible artist to this he used to have 2 kinds of fans; guitar players and teenage girls now he only has 1 kind who he feeds and its quite obvious Oooof

  90. Benji Nika

    Benji NikaMonth ago

    i am a fan of him

  91. zulkarnain hamid

    zulkarnain hamidMonth ago

    Beautiful song ❤️

  92. Muhammad Rama

    Muhammad RamaMonth ago

    best song ever

  93. Dmitri White

    Dmitri WhiteMonth ago

    Song will never ever get old to me 😌

  94. Estephany De Luna

    Estephany De LunaMonth ago

    Oh god this is so good. Just want to dance!

  95. Sari Asih Prawiro Hardjo

    Sari Asih Prawiro HardjoMonth ago

    John... Your voice make me horny hahahahaha 😂

  96. Jena Ailport

    Jena AilportMonth ago


  97. Milkbag

    MilkbagMonth ago

    If it was some lil pump, or nicky minaj shit with no sense lyrics or distorted beats would already have 1 billion views

  98. Krystina Fortuchang

    Krystina FortuchangMonth ago

    Love this song! I heard it on a Spotify playlist and I've been hooked ever since

  99. Connor RK800

    Connor RK800Month ago

    I’m not girl, but I’m still in love

  100. Sydalia *

    Sydalia *Month ago

    He does it again! Feels so good to my ears.

  101. Russell Johnson

    Russell JohnsonMonth ago

    Why did i think of the movie "The House That Jack Built" when hearing this? I dont feel safe anymore. Good song though.

  102. dead dentist

    dead dentistMonth ago

    Ladies calm down.. He's God's bitch

  103. Johnnell Wolfork

    Johnnell WolforkMonth ago

    comes on in CVS now🙌🙌😂

  104. Bond Bon

    Bond BonMonth ago

    my experience....

  105. Germán Rejón

    Germán RejónMonth ago

    Good jojo's reference.

  106. mei puji

    mei pujiMonth ago

    Cubit cubit iguana

  107. Dariele Nakia

    Dariele NakiaMonth ago

    John cena like u

  108. Hannah Lee

    Hannah LeeMonth ago


  109. Foxy Youtuber

    Foxy YoutuberMonth ago

    not maroon 5 kkkkk

  110. Oceanwavesandcocaine

    OceanwavesandcocaineMonth ago

    Maiz solah