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John Mayer - New Light


  1. DSp05GG

    DSp05GG3 hours ago

    can't stop listening this song!! 80's the best beats

  2. fusionaut23

    fusionaut238 hours ago

    Good song!

  3. Trent A

    Trent A12 hours ago

    Is it wrong that I'm a straight male who loves listening to John Mayer? Lol

  4. GizanG15

    GizanG1513 hours ago

    This is actually really good daymm

  5. Antoine Leonidas

    Antoine Leonidas21 hour ago

    this song made me subbed

  6. Bac Tran Thi Thanh

    Bac Tran Thi ThanhDay ago

    Kylian Mbappé đã đưa mình đến đây! Hay tuyệt! Cảm ơn ca sĩ John Mayer

  7. Galaxy

    GalaxyDay ago

    Mayer has a good aesthetic B)

  8. Seth Schiller

    Seth SchillerDay ago

    Excellent song I believe that this song is about starting over turning over a new leaf

  9. Reilly Lagemann

    Reilly LagemannDay ago

    The song His voice The Lyrics The 80's Vibe I'M LIVING FOR IT!!

  10. Barnan Chakraborty

    Barnan Chakraborty2 days ago

    Love the track! I'm telling you John, you sound exceptionally good with the 80's bluesy vibe going.

  11. Annechien44

    Annechien442 days ago

    I LOVE this song...

  12. Tati P.

    Tati P.2 days ago

    This song is so amazing, I love the timbre of his voice and it’s so funky 💛

  13. Ryan Knight

    Ryan Knight2 days ago

    It's got that Raspberry Beret vibe to it

  14. Mauricio Ximenez

    Mauricio Ximenez2 days ago

    I know what was the 80 style cause I growed on that decade and when it finished I was 15 years old, John Mayer is born in 77 and me in 75, that style is definitely noted for whom lived there... good times. I really cant remember other than DAFT PUNK, but shure I´ve heard more of this style from more composers last years.

  15. Lorenzo Floresca

    Lorenzo Floresca2 days ago

    Does anyone know if the guitar part at 2:18 is from another song?

  16. Paul The man

    Paul The man2 days ago

    Great modern guitar solo

  17. Yaduraj Shakti

    Yaduraj Shakti3 days ago

    Love that's runnin through my veins for you.................

  18. potato cat

    potato cat3 days ago

    suggest me songs with this kind of vibe please 😩😩😩

  19. ruby

    ruby3 days ago

    anyone here from emma?

  20. Angel Colon

    Angel Colon3 days ago

    Cool lay back tune love it 😍

  21. Night Night

    Night Night3 days ago

    Somebody make a playlist with similar beats songs!!!!

  22. Ben Donahue

    Ben Donahue3 days ago

    Hot Dad Hot Dad Hot Dad Hot Dad

  23. Samina Sultana

    Samina Sultana3 days ago

    Kept listening 🤓 can't stop

  24. Cristina Marcenaro

    Cristina Marcenaro3 days ago


  25. Samia Lamoihi

    Samia Lamoihi3 days ago


  26. Scottyboy9999

    Scottyboy99994 days ago

    Fantastic. The brief guitar instrumental is outstanding

  27. Sanju Tamang

    Sanju Tamang4 days ago

    Already loving it

  28. Decoii

    Decoii4 days ago

    Pushing 40 in the 'Friend zone'. Sounds like my lovelife.

  29. Robert Hall

    Robert Hall4 days ago

    Great song

  30. Hilther Frazão

    Hilther Frazão4 days ago

    Simply awesome!

  31. Lalalupcie Sprinkles

    Lalalupcie Sprinkles4 days ago

    I love this tune.i also love the make me fall in love with this beautiful it so much!!!!🎉🎉🎉

  32. Extra Extra

    Extra Extra4 days ago


  33. craig 8teen

    craig 8teen5 days ago

    This is absolutely an art.

  34. Epul Samsuddin

    Epul Samsuddin5 days ago

    the best and the coolest song i ever heard

  35. Muhammad Nawaz

    Muhammad Nawaz5 days ago

    Love ya John Mayer

  36. Ice Man

    Ice Man5 days ago

    Our love is alive So we begin Foolishly laying our hearts on the table, stumbling in 💕

  37. Karl Walsh

    Karl Walsh5 days ago

    Old vibe with the new love it...

  38. Muhammad Nawaz

    Muhammad Nawaz5 days ago

    my cousins love this song

  39. Muhammad Nawaz

    Muhammad Nawaz5 days ago

    keep it up

  40. Muhammad Nawaz

    Muhammad Nawaz5 days ago


  41. Simon Dentona

    Simon Dentona5 days ago

    Mayer song writing genius...bit of a fleetwood mac vibe im feeling in this song

  42. anaphalis sekar

    anaphalis sekar5 days ago

    my new fave song!!!❤️❤️❤️

  43. Sylvia Atisa Opanga

    Sylvia Atisa Opanga5 days ago


  44. Charles Albert

    Charles Albert6 days ago

    This is the kind of song that I will regret on pausing!

  45. Talk Sick

    Talk Sick6 days ago

    WTF did I just listen to? This dorky new side of JM cutting into my Soundgarden so don't even think this lame track compares to Chris Cornell. Just thought I'd lend my opinion since YT thought it necessary to interupt my Soundgarden playlist. Keep searching Johnny I'm sure you'll find your style

  46. Pamela Bitar

    Pamela Bitar6 days ago

    Why is this underrated???

  47. Ashfaque Musa

    Ashfaque Musa6 days ago

    Mayer cant go wrong ...

  48. saadi chouaib

    saadi chouaib6 days ago

    wtf awesome

  49. Klaudia Worek

    Klaudia Worek6 days ago


  50. Anime King

    Anime King7 days ago

    I love this song!

  51. Elly Honaker

    Elly Honaker7 days ago

    anyone else hear similarities to stumblin' in by suzi quatro? nonetheless, a very pleasant song.

  52. Zoe Eliz

    Zoe Eliz7 days ago

    my mom and sister showed me john mayers amazing music

  53. Borch

    Borch7 days ago

    So much better without the clip

  54. Makenna Flips1280

    Makenna Flips12807 days ago

    I know every lyric I have listened to your song so much

  55. Zero Wolf

    Zero Wolf7 days ago

    Did you realized that this is a gay song? Pay attention to the lyrics. And it's a cool song too. John Mayer is cool.

  56. Robert Fontes

    Robert Fontes7 days ago

    I love this song

  57. marcela mejia

    marcela mejia8 days ago

    I heard this song in lilis video on Instagram of her doing the floss and I loved this song so I had to search it up

  58. Miguel Hafkenscheid

    Miguel Hafkenscheid8 days ago

    i love this song.

  59. Elgin Sim Jia Quan sim

    Elgin Sim Jia Quan sim8 days ago

    I also like the tune

  60. Elgin Sim Jia Quan sim

    Elgin Sim Jia Quan sim8 days ago

    Ya it is so nice

  61. Bri Emmons

    Bri Emmons8 days ago

    Ohhh we can go far from hereeee☀️ I love this song so much omg

  62. Bárbara Fonseca

    Bárbara Fonseca8 days ago

    very nice

  63. Joy Full

    Joy Full8 days ago

    Growing older is a bit easier with the music of JM!

  64. solosoloku

    solosoloku9 days ago

    Firda, I find you for new light 24/7

  65. Ryan Fritz

    Ryan Fritz10 days ago

    Keep those clean.

  66. Gabriela Zevallos

    Gabriela Zevallos10 days ago

    Well, I love it❤️

  67. Fee Marbs

    Fee Marbs10 days ago


  68. Susan Rivera

    Susan Rivera10 days ago

    *New Light* 😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Jade Zihan

    Jade Zihan11 days ago

    The best!



    Hello Cliff



    musta na Baby ko

  72. Mochab Hafidh

    Mochab Hafidh11 days ago

    Song ends with the volume slowly down, just like 80's songs. Perfect👏👌

  73. Cool DIYS

    Cool DIYS11 days ago


  74. Leidi M

    Leidi M11 days ago

    1:26 tho


    AZRINA SAPAWI11 days ago

    I love this songgg much much more

  76. Rira

    Rira12 days ago

    please check out my cover of this song thank you

  77. Lusiana Ulfah

    Lusiana Ulfah12 days ago

    oh john, What do I do with all this, what do I do with all this Love that's runnin through my veins for you ? luff this song!!

  78. Dat Nguyen

    Dat Nguyen12 days ago

    His voice is so iconic :3

  79. ag

    ag12 days ago

    Ohhh is this about Jennifer? Great song!

  80. Kane Williams

    Kane Williams12 days ago

    Sounds like he ripped off of Gus Dapperton - Prune, You Talk Funny on this track. Very disappointed.

  81. Aiman Nabil

    Aiman Nabil12 days ago

    this explains me how much I missed in 80's

  82. InzSat

    InzSat13 days ago

    What genre is this

  83. DIYDazzleNails

    DIYDazzleNails13 days ago

    a song you can just play and stare at the ceiling all day

  84. Meh Jones

    Meh Jones13 days ago

    dont forgit to watch the ads, for, what possibly can and may be!!!! Lovingly Yours, W Barry Milliken Jr.

  85. Meh Jones

    Meh Jones13 days ago

    this is what your after, for repetitions, to come at us, WE'RE A UNIFICATION CULT OF LEGAL

  86. Meh Jones

    Meh Jones13 days ago

    if weed is coming, w/o ruining special, have i smoked some crispys?, or drank some moon shine?

  87. Meh Jones

    Meh Jones13 days ago

    some ads will tell you everything, so you dont need to go to school!!!!!!!! HHs HHs

  88. Meek Will

    Meek Will13 days ago

    Love this tune

  89. MDJRed

    MDJRed13 days ago


  90. Joseph Rietdorf

    Joseph Rietdorf13 days ago

    Beautiful master piece

  91. Nia Warfield

    Nia Warfield13 days ago

    Classic John Mayer vibes - love it!

  92. Esme Ralda Beautyy

    Esme Ralda Beautyy14 days ago

    I love this song💜💜💜 I like the other video better though lol it makes my day💜

  93. The gallant dor

    The gallant dor14 days ago

    Cool music but I reli hope we dont go back to nylon jackets and huge glasses...

  94. Shatelle Perry

    Shatelle Perry14 days ago

    80s vibe

  95. Pablo May

    Pablo May14 days ago


  96. mcjames9

    mcjames914 days ago

    Sounds like Daft Punk ft. John Mayer

  97. Ling xoxo

    Ling xoxo14 days ago

    Real good vibes

  98. Rafael Garcia

    Rafael Garcia14 days ago

    This is the best pop song of all time!!!!

  99. Dany C.

    Dany C.15 days ago

    Beautiful song.🤗

  100. Syarief Ali

    Syarief Ali15 days ago

    This song is soooo Underrated, Nice Job there, John!

  101. Stephanie Tovmasyan

    Stephanie Tovmasyan15 days ago

    I love this

  102. Maria Barnard

    Maria Barnard15 days ago

    Pretty summer song

  103. Vanessa Arnell Cullen

    Vanessa Arnell Cullen15 days ago

    Does anyone else think it sounds like an eric clapton song .... 'and so it begins, stumbling in' (or something like that)

  104. Alex Bailey

    Alex Bailey15 days ago

    2:19 at .5x

  105. Tatiana Kalinina

    Tatiana Kalinina16 days ago

    love it :)