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John Mayer - New Light


  1. Donny Mello

    Donny Mello3 hours ago

    Never listened to John Mayer before but damn this song has me bopping

  2. Malee windows

    Malee windows13 hours ago

    บางที ไม่สามารถเอาได้ อย่างที่คิด ดวงวาสนาทำบุญร่วมกัน ไว้ จริง

  3. Malee windows

    Malee windows13 hours ago

    ฝรั่งคนที่อยู่ได้ทั้งวัน ที่เรารักกัน

  4. Sheilla Matondang

    Sheilla Matondang13 hours ago


  5. c jordan

    c jordan14 hours ago

    Beautiful song...John Mayer is pure genius.

  6. Anner Quioco

    Anner Quioco17 hours ago

    I love song and melody! 😍😍😍

  7. Motuloa Toevai

    Motuloa Toevai21 hour ago

    New fav song lol

  8. Dani Silva

    Dani SilvaDay ago

    Vim pela Roberta Vicente🤩💕😍

  9. idk

    idkDay ago

    i cant listen this song without his moves 😂🇸🇦

  10. Luis Kutzle

    Luis KutzleDay ago

    New light sub español

  11. Mochammad Zamzam

    Mochammad ZamzamDay ago

    Beautifull song

  12. Risckalyusuf

    RisckalyusufDay ago

    Mana ni yg tau dari skinnyfabs

  13. Iguh Rahman

    Iguh RahmanDay ago

    listen to that beat

  14. Vanessa Casillas

    Vanessa Casillas2 days ago


  15. Cristina Angeles

    Cristina Angeles2 days ago

    still waiting for a new album

  16. Lancaster Dodds

    Lancaster Dodds2 days ago

    Paul McCartneyesque

  17. Leanna Rodriguez

    Leanna Rodriguez2 days ago

    What do I do with all this, what do I do with all this . Love that's runnin through my veins for you !!!! Love this song

  18. Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe

    Chabashira Tenko 4 Lyfe2 days ago

    Pertama kali tau nama John Mayer sebenernya dari novelnya kak Ika Natassa judulnya Analogi Rasa kalo ga salah. Pas ane cari eh enak" lagunya

  19. Mister Pchzz

    Mister Pchzz2 days ago


  20. dingdong bell

    dingdong bell2 days ago

    😊🤗❤❤❤ nice what a chill song love u John mayer😚😚

  21. Widarma Namina

    Widarma Namina2 days ago

    This song..oohh god..better than orgasm

  22. Desi Desi

    Desi Desi3 days ago

    im here cuz skinnyfabs

  23. Lisa Porzio

    Lisa Porzio3 days ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG ..Iplay it over and over again. Make's me feel so GOOD.

  24. Kary lol

    Kary lol3 days ago


  25. Kenzor 88

    Kenzor 883 days ago

    johnny depp’s son?

  26. BPH Sanz

    BPH Sanz3 days ago

    Love it

  27. vanidya okstefiany

    vanidya okstefiany4 days ago


  28. Lia Novilia

    Lia Novilia4 days ago

    gara2 skinnyfabs gue kesini wkwkwk

  29. dee barr

    dee barr5 days ago

    this wasnt the song i was looking for but now its my favorite........

  30. Lord VENUS

    Lord VENUS5 days ago


  31. Daffodil red

    Daffodil red5 days ago

    Oh so this is the guy with 72 fans on Spotify? That windbreaker looked very similar

  32. Maureen Eddie Asan

    Maureen Eddie Asan5 days ago

    i just listen to lite fm this evening and immediately goggling just base on the song lyric that i remember

  33. Nerzty

    Nerzty5 days ago


  34. Zacky Zamie

    Zacky Zamie5 days ago

    Gua kesini gara" skinnyfabs oksip

  35. Ardan

    Ardan5 days ago


  36. rachel zoe

    rachel zoe6 days ago

    Omg im in love ♡♡♡

  37. Mr Boombastic

    Mr Boombastic6 days ago

    This song deserved more views tho

  38. Smøl Bean

    Smøl Bean6 days ago

    I was waiting the last night in the car and this song came in the radio, it was a rainy night and I've never felt that good

  39. Boozer

    Boozer7 days ago


  40. ana x

    ana x7 days ago

    The beat is stumbling in from suzi quatro and smokie.... definitely 70s 80s vibe

  41. Kayla's_Fun_Channel K

    Kayla's_Fun_Channel K7 days ago

    T Th Thi This This I This is This is s This is su This is suc This is such This is such a This is such a g This is such a go This is such a goo This is such a good This is such a good s This is such a great 🎶

  42. Zara Mage

    Zara Mage7 days ago

    I’m surprised how good this is!! The Babe is back 💕

  43. sarahkardan

    sarahkardan7 days ago

    Desperate ask for F.... How you can fall in love with this. HaHa

  44. Yeni Endahwati

    Yeni Endahwati7 days ago

    I love this song 💞💛💚💙💜❤️

  45. Duo Gaming

    Duo Gaming8 days ago

    This guy looks like jameskii

  46. Eriza Hendra

    Eriza Hendra8 days ago

    i like this lovit 👟🎆

  47. Ilhan Zafry

    Ilhan Zafry8 days ago

    I met a beautiful chinese girl. We looked each other..and this song reminds me of her....

  48. Rahmat Hidayat

    Rahmat Hidayat8 days ago

    Dengar sekali langsung tertarik sampai saya nyari lagunya itu dengan tulisan hoooo awanabe onli hooo DAN AKHIRNYA KETEMU 😊😊😊

  49. Alfredo Rivas

    Alfredo Rivas8 days ago

    This song sounds like ass and weed👌🙈🍑🚬

  50. Phuoc Hoang

    Phuoc Hoang9 days ago

    I don't know who John Mayer was but this song amazes me xD

  51. malhunt7

    malhunt79 days ago

    Why does this ratchet thumbnail look like his high school yearbook photo!? I used to love JM....until his Nazi c*ck commemts now he's just meh.

  52. Brennica H.

    Brennica H.9 days ago

    This song will never get old 😍

  53. Kaykeylan Kayke

    Kaykeylan Kayke9 days ago


  54. Jamie Starr

    Jamie Starr9 days ago

    This song is architectural perfection

  55. Mr.Nice Guy

    Mr.Nice Guy9 days ago

    coldplay vibes..

  56. Amat Mulisha

    Amat Mulisha9 days ago

    Damn. Missed you so much john. Love this new single

  57. Poo Music

    Poo Music9 days ago this cover so cute

  58. Chris Elrod

    Chris Elrod10 days ago

    john has done it again...thanks John....nicely done.

  59. Blaire Ronzel

    Blaire Ronzel10 days ago

    This song belongs in a doctors office...

  60. Luc Bac

    Luc Bac10 days ago


  61. liza mohd ali

    liza mohd ali10 days ago

    So relaxing...

  62. noemi vargas

    noemi vargas11 days ago


  63. Ryan

    Ryan11 days ago

    I love you John Mayer!!But I' m a guy..

  64. Karin Erkelens

    Karin Erkelens11 days ago

    A Nice song!

  65. yaivadre youtube

    yaivadre youtube12 days ago

    i love it mean I LOVE IT

  66. Maria Peniche

    Maria Peniche12 days ago

    Nice song, he's still an asshole though

  67. Heena Naz

    Heena Naz12 days ago

    This is real music. Kill all the songs talking about money, drugs, sex, cars, big asses etc etc.

  68. Dr. H

    Dr. H12 days ago

    I first hearing this song on the way home, after I told my friend I had a crush on her and she turn me down. This make me feel deep so much and am I the only person who cry hearing this ? Precious song

  69. Vlad Kravich

    Vlad Kravich11 days ago

    I cry to this song too sometimes.

  70. Young Coconut

    Young Coconut12 days ago

    John Mayer has definitely been listening to Phum Viphurit - Lover Boy

  71. BigSlangVideo

    BigSlangVideo12 days ago

    What a song


    AJBK LION12 days ago

    I played this song when I was my girl and from there on we became physical very physical I call it "wrestling"😎😄😅😘😉

  73. McLovin500

    McLovin50012 days ago

    Song is Lokey 🔥 fire but I hate it because it plays constantly at my job😂

  74. Annie Cartwright

    Annie Cartwright13 days ago

    I can’t stop abusing the replay button

  75. holly spurlock

    holly spurlock13 days ago

    Love love love! ❤️

  76. Ninja

    Ninja13 days ago

    I need an one hour version of this.

  77. Manny Rastegar

    Manny Rastegar14 days ago

    this stayed my nr 1 song when i heard it for the third time lel

  78. Valeria castaneda

    Valeria castaneda14 days ago

    Love this guy since gravity :v

  79. Anastasia Josephine

    Anastasia Josephine14 days ago


  80. Jesse Cazares

    Jesse Cazares14 days ago

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  81. Samsul Rijal

    Samsul Rijal14 days ago

    So soft... So clasic 👍

  82. Angel Eah

    Angel Eah15 days ago

    My new favorite song!!!

  83. Run The Nights

    Run The Nights15 days ago

    wtf is he washed up? Only 10 million views since May.

  84. Cheetah

    Cheetah16 days ago

    'v come from TBS eFM

  85. alfonso herrera

    alfonso herrera17 days ago

    Chingona mi john

  86. ElizaDoes it

    ElizaDoes it17 days ago

    My mum calls this the five yearlod song for its weird melody

  87. Haley Swensen

    Haley Swensen17 days ago

    Love love love, forever fan

  88. Neo Gonzalez

    Neo Gonzalez17 days ago

    I love this song

  89. Dominika Ciepielewska

    Dominika Ciepielewska17 days ago

    I llove thhaattt song! OMG

  90. Waimin Gee

    Waimin Gee17 days ago

    10M, im prob 3% of em

  91. David Sandusky

    David Sandusky18 days ago


  92. Terryn Mendes

    Terryn Mendes18 days ago


  93. MrGona

    MrGona18 days ago

    like si estas aqui por el ded v:

  94. Mahar Jati

    Mahar Jati19 days ago


  95. Silhouette

    Silhouette19 days ago

    This song is one of the highlights of 2018, maybe even of the 2010s. No matter what music you normally listen to, it is fantastic

  96. Djlullaby22

    Djlullaby2219 days ago

    Never thought one day I'd like John Mayer...

  97. Kat Furu

    Kat Furu19 days ago

    His Best! Ƹ̵̡ Ӝ̵̨̄ Ʒ Ah ah ah Ah I'm the boy in your other phone Lighting up inside your drawer at home all alone Pushing 40 in the friend zone We talk and then you walk away every day Oh, you don't think twice 'bout me And maybe you're right to doubt me, but But if you give me just one night You're gonna see me in a new light Yeah, if you give me just one night To meet you underneath the moonlight Oh, I want a take two, I want to breakthrough I wanna know the real thing about you So I can see you in a new light Take a ride up to Malibu I just wanna stay to look at you, look at you What would it matter if your friends knew? Who cares what other people say anyway Oh, we can go far from the end And make a new world together baby 'Cause if you give me just one night You're gonna see me in a new light Yeah, if you give me just one night To meet you underneath the moonlight Oh, I want a take two, I want to breakthrough I wanna know the real thing about you So I can see you in a new light Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ay, ay Ah ah ah ah ah Yeah, if you give me just one night You gonna see me in a new light Yeah, if you give me just one night To meet you underneath the moonlight What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins for you What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins for you What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins for you What do I do with all this? What do I do with all this, oh yeahƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  98. phan trash is the best trash

    phan trash is the best trash19 days ago

    i found this song on an edit, IM SO GLAD I DID

  99. leb91han

    leb91han19 days ago

    Awesome song 😍

  100. Marie Pereira

    Marie Pereira19 days ago

    Une tuerie

  101. brewer brewer

    brewer brewer19 days ago

    Mayer is back to make the girls go crazy