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John Mayer - New Light


  1. tom rabbani

    tom rabbani43 minutes ago

    New Light vs Four Out of Five??

  2. Sam Mc

    Sam McHour ago

    I'm loving the song but that jacket! 🔥

  3. Hadeel M asaid

    Hadeel M asaidHour ago

    So good 😍😍

  4. Tania D'Ettorre

    Tania D'Ettorre2 hours ago

    My boy is back 😍❤️❤️

  5. Boofany M

    Boofany M3 hours ago

    I can dig it! Reminds me of his older stuff ❤️

  6. Mal Lakatani

    Mal Lakatani3 hours ago

    Loving this new vibe

  7. Vishal Phadtare

    Vishal Phadtare4 hours ago

    Hear it at 2x speed and it becomes a rap song!

  8. Trishna Dangol

    Trishna Dangol4 hours ago

    meet you underneath the moonlight ♥

  9. Nix Fan

    Nix Fan4 hours ago

    John Mayer does it again! His music never gets old! #Maestro

  10. William Luna

    William Luna5 hours ago


  11. dhiyanka magrisya

    dhiyanka magrisya5 hours ago


  12. Joe Keyzer

    Joe Keyzer5 hours ago

    Damn good

  13. Fitz Shioda

    Fitz Shioda5 hours ago

    New favorite song bruhhh

  14. Chandramohan Sudar

    Chandramohan Sudar6 hours ago

    Who's listening to this every frigging day?

  15. Greg Toolson

    Greg Toolson6 hours ago

    Reminds me of Phil Collins.

  16. Putri Indra Permatahati

    Putri Indra Permatahati6 hours ago

    this song makes me smile everytime i hear it!

  17. Raihan Rizqullah

    Raihan Rizqullah6 hours ago

    Enak kang lagunya. Bikin joget haha

  18. Rj Hill

    Rj Hill7 hours ago

    john mayer's music sucks he got a lot talent but he dont put it in his music

  19. renata kurnia

    renata kurnia6 hours ago

    Rj Hill I bet you havent heard his Continuum album

  20. Cloud 999

    Cloud 9997 hours ago

    This is the first time i am listening to something like this. Wow.

  21. Prof3zyForetold

    Prof3zyForetold7 hours ago

    I cannot get enough of this song. It has everything I absolutely need right now. And it means so much. Thank you "Hawk" lol

  22. Monde Scott

    Monde Scott7 hours ago

    who tf dislike this masterpiece? gtfoh if you don't like this

  23. Omar Dahmani

    Omar Dahmani8 hours ago

    Who pushes the dislike button... 😕😕😕😕

  24. John Lee

    John Lee9 hours ago

    How come this video isn't getting more views right now??

  25. dhyc777

    dhyc77710 hours ago

    nice tune~

  26. nishkarsh dubb

    nishkarsh dubb10 hours ago


  27. Benedict Francis

    Benedict Francis10 hours ago

    Love this ! JM is back and he is GOOD :D

  28. Tyrell Worthington

    Tyrell Worthington11 hours ago

    Man i hope u come back to Raleigh NC so me and my lady can come see u again. We loved the last time u was here

  29. başak maviöz

    başak maviöz12 hours ago

    I am in love with you John 😍 so in love ❤

  30. jenesis billie jean

    jenesis billie jean12 hours ago

    friend zone kkkk

  31. Tamires Canoa

    Tamires Canoa12 hours ago


  32. Davi Morais

    Davi Morais12 hours ago

    Best pop artist

  33. Larry Hendrickson

    Larry Hendrickson12 hours ago


  34. Judith Díaz Porto Robles PhDc

    Judith Díaz Porto Robles PhDc12 hours ago

    I love this. Ayayayay

  35. Jesus Zamora

    Jesus Zamora13 hours ago

    One of many strokes of genius

  36. Krystal Mazzola

    Krystal Mazzola14 hours ago

    I will never understand how his music consistently surprises me with its quality and the way it resonates with me but I will forever be grateful!

  37. Ryan Bailey

    Ryan Bailey14 hours ago

    Crap! He needs to put out a blues album. He is so much better than this lame pop

  38. Lady Ann

    Lady Ann15 hours ago

    Good to have a new song from you, John!You rock it:X:X:X

  39. Limi Dusx.

    Limi Dusx.15 hours ago

    This song is like when you get bored from everyone and you dont know what to do , and then check this song and then enjoy it , John you are a legend 🌟

  40. Eddy rodriguez

    Eddy rodriguez16 hours ago

    Love the vibes man

  41. Risky Prasetia

    Risky Prasetia16 hours ago

    I ❤ this

  42. Adhitya Wisadha

    Adhitya Wisadha16 hours ago

    I kinda like this vibe though

  43. Irvin Kelly

    Irvin Kelly16 hours ago

    I've always loved the skills of JM.

  44. Conker Juega

    Conker Juega17 hours ago

    cant wait to hear this shit live

  45. cool breeze

    cool breeze17 hours ago

    . i dig it. it has a vaporware sound which I happen to like and find interesting use of that. I want to go see Dead and Company. like that visual art too. cool retro vibes. way to go Johnny

  46. Yudi Aryandi

    Yudi Aryandi17 hours ago

    80's music,, i LOVE IT!!! This song is TOO GOOD. I play this song everyday every night. I lay Under the tree, And then I play this song, that's the most beautiful moment. John is the god of music.

  47. Radhika Rajaram

    Radhika Rajaram17 hours ago

    WTH! All of his recent songs make it sound like women are rejecting him left and right. Not buying this shit John!

  48. Fábio Valverde

    Fábio Valverde17 hours ago

    Maneirinha, mas é pop demais pro meu gosto. Too pop

  49. M Say

    M Say17 hours ago

    Don't grab my heart anymore

  50. Cindi Vandeven

    Cindi Vandeven18 hours ago

    love it, but I love John the guitar God

  51. EliseDoesThings

    EliseDoesThings18 hours ago

    I found out about this song yesterday, and have listened to it an unreasonable amount of times since.

  52. Mehreen Kamal

    Mehreen Kamal19 hours ago

    The starting sounds similar to She’s On The Loose by Niall Horan...

  53. The Game Show

    The Game Show20 hours ago

    Just made my day! Thank you

  54. Bob LeBlanc

    Bob LeBlanc20 hours ago

    Very clean and pure

  55. monique perez

    monique perez21 hour ago

    mmm John Mayer

  56. Felix Henrique

    Felix Henrique21 hour ago

    80's vibes? I like it. so much!

  57. Maria Cletus

    Maria Cletus22 hours ago

    Look at him......... Really just look at him.

  58. Tor Rotchanakitumnuai

    Tor Rotchanakitumnuai22 hours ago

    A coming back!

  59. David Weru

    David Weru23 hours ago

    2:18 There it is. There's the John I was waiting for.

  60. Jodi Krisdayana

    Jodi KrisdayanaDay ago

    sweet as wine

  61. Neo Noir

    Neo NoirDay ago

    Vaporwave inspired

  62. Jaqueline Lisboa

    Jaqueline LisboaDay ago

    John is the best!!! But we already knew that

  63. thatguywhocomments

    thatguywhocommentsDay ago


  64. Frances Lynne

    Frances LynneDay ago


  65. Josh Josh Official

    Josh Josh OfficialDay ago

    He is one of many musicians that inspire me to make my own musics 😊

  66. Omane J

    Omane JDay ago

    The 90s are back with vengance!🎸🥁📼

  67. Arthuro Sinno

    Arthuro SinnoDay ago

    isso é música de Antena 1

  68. El Goose

    El GooseDay ago

    You know your a 90s kid when your parents bought you that multicolor windbreaker jacket you never wanted.

  69. Addy bhatiza

    Addy bhatizaDay ago

    You rock man\m/

  70. Catalina Sepulveda

    Catalina SepulvedaDay ago

    La escuché recién y ya me enamoré jajajaja me encantó