John Krasinski Couldn't Believe Stephen King's Reaction to A Quiet Place


  1. donshawnthomas

    donshawnthomasDay ago

    John Krasinski is one of the few golden eggs of Hollywood imo

  2. Nichole

    Nichole3 days ago

    Marry me please.

  3. OolTube02

    OolTube025 days ago

    I bet it was tremendously wet.

  4. Bella Bells TV

    Bella Bells TV6 days ago

    I actually heard that the critics did not like him playing jack Ryan and me and my dad thought “what the heck is wrong with these people”

  5. Bella Bells TV

    Bella Bells TV6 days ago


  6. Ella Blun

    Ella Blun8 days ago

    I enjoyed the movie, right up till the end. ending was lame, typical americanazi crap. what can you do

  7. martin gonzalez

    martin gonzalez11 days ago

    Can't really stand him in anything other than the office and even there i don't like him. Not that great if an actor just my opinion. Some people are meant for tv and some are meant for movies.. He is meant for tv shows

  8. White Wolf Studios

    White Wolf Studios12 days ago

    the office,13 hours, Jack Ryan, all great!

  9. Sean Cauffiel

    Sean Cauffiel16 days ago

    Why does Ryan Reynolds congratulate himself in his tweet?

  10. Aaeon Karma

    Aaeon Karma17 days ago

    The Stephen King compliment is at 5:57. You're welcome

  11. Shaylana Cub

    Shaylana Cub23 days ago

    OMG That is a dream of mine to get a positive review on my work from Stephen King! My role model and inspiration:)

  12. Welcome Children

    Welcome Children25 days ago

    I love him so much 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟

  13. Sara Sepulvida

    Sara Sepulvida25 days ago

    He is just so awesome

  14. Abdul

    Abdul26 days ago

    I honestly did not enjoy the movie at all. I might not know much but the idea was killing me and I almost felt bad watching it. I had the urge to talk to someone because the movie makes you think after the first hour want to talk and see the world hasn't changed. so paranoid

  15. Sven Sedric

    Sven SedricMonth ago

    Gotta love the guy :D

  16. freedom1234573

    freedom1234573Month ago

    him & his wife come off as the nicest regular folk...

  17. Steven Garcia

    Steven GarciaMonth ago

    King of horror my ass. Anybody else a fan of Rob zombie ?? If not. Watch A house of 1000 corpses, then the devils rejects

  18. KV Studios

    KV StudiosMonth ago

    Please be mr fantastic John

  19. Neo 77

    Neo 77Month ago

    For a writer it is a great honor 🙂🙂

  20. Jay W

    Jay WMonth ago

    Hollyweird at it Again....

  21. Jack Stoutamore

    Jack StoutamoreMonth ago

    Stephen King: Damnit Jim!

  22. Mason Akers

    Mason AkersMonth ago

    Scarecrow poisoned the waters not the joker 😂

  23. Danny

    DannyMonth ago

    John is a special boi...he has a special place in my *heart*

  24. Steve Kenton

    Steve KentonMonth ago

    Isn't this Josh Tillman?

  25. The Modern Day American John Lennon

    The Modern Day American John LennonMonth ago

    That movie is legit amazing.

  26. GrandsonOfVader

    GrandsonOfVaderMonth ago

    Y'all mind if I *praises A Quiet Place*

  27. lewis craw

    lewis crawMonth ago

    Its odd reading the comments i couldn't help but see the terrible flaws in this movie. So many fake reviews on IMDb. The true critiques explain deeply why its not a good film. All jump scare and cheap suspense without being actually scary. What about some kind of explanation to the monsters. Anything at all. No preparation by characters, doors left wide open. not living underground or sound proofing the house like the should. sensitivity of hearing by monsters was wildly inconsistent. Living on a farm with more grain than they could eat, which they couldn't have planted without making noise (grain silo too). no taking advantage of weaknesses of monster (living around loud noises like the waterfall they screamed into). No rigged contraptions to set off to distract monsters. They got there little kid killed and resented their deaf daughter for it who doesn't know what sound IS, but got over it rather quick anyway. What else i know there's a lot more, i saw this thing a while ago. I was raised by my mother who was born completely deaf. I talk to her without sound but only sign language and i move lips a lot. trust me i'm not against this movie for anything else but the fact that it was not thought out and bloody terrible. Conditioned and brainwash are the people that blindly love this film

  28. Pamela Cass

    Pamela Cass16 days ago

    If you only have so much time, and so much money, and money men who are looking for payment for their support, directors have to put up with BS, unfortunately. John may not have had that much say in his 1st big project, but since it's successful, he may have more control for his next one. Think Woody Allen started as an Academy award winning director? Look at his early dreck. Then do your own and hush until then. 🤐

  29. El Matador

    El MatadorMonth ago

    this amuses anyone?

  30. Andres Perez

    Andres PerezMonth ago


  31. Phoenix Knight

    Phoenix KnightMonth ago

    Stephen King's stories aren't about the monsters, they're all about the characters. That's what I love about his stories and Krasinski's opus. The characters become real people we know in real life, making the monsters all the more frightening.

  32. osciar Gomez

    osciar GomezMonth ago


  33. Zharif Othman

    Zharif OthmanMonth ago

    really glad for his success.

  34. The Spider

    The SpiderMonth ago

    hits blunt *gets arrested for assault*

  35. Corrupted

    CorruptedMonth ago

    I love you big tuna!

  36. Armani Rodriguez

    Armani RodriguezMonth ago

    The deeper theme was that a alternate dimension where Jim didn't get Pam that coke so he never broke his Jinx.

  37. Bill Cipher

    Bill CipherMonth ago

    I wonder how short the script was

  38. josh silva

    josh silvaMonth ago

    The movie remainded me of the last us but with aliens

  39. anglermatt

    anglermatt2 months ago

    One of my favorites, but his over enthusiasm for tv interviews gets old

  40. Gamer-ish [TMT]

    Gamer-ish [TMT]2 months ago

    How did this man go from the guy behind a desk to looking like Captain America? The beard huh

  41. Ben Miles

    Ben Miles2 months ago

    Great film. Not enough noise makers perhaps but all in all a tense and fantastic experience.

  42. A M

    A M2 months ago

    Stephen King was a neighbor of mine when I lived in Bangor,Me... I gave him the Gospel of Jesus Christ once while he was signing one of his novels! We both got hit by a vehicle in 1999.... he was hit before me!

  43. Andrew Lucas

    Andrew Lucas2 months ago

    He should get a Dundie for best director/actor

  44. terraincognita69

    terraincognita692 months ago

    John seems like a legit good dude

  45. sweiland75

    sweiland752 months ago

    Seth being more concerned about the doorman seeing his wife's vagina than about his own wife's welfare. What a jerk.

  46. Phillip Rogers

    Phillip Rogers2 months ago

    A Quiet Place is a damn good movie and the entire cast should be commended.

  47. Ashtarte

    Ashtarte2 months ago

    A Quiet Place was a lot better than I ever thought it would be. Though I did think at one point "this feels like someone saw Hush and thought 'what if instead of a serial killer we had crazy alien monsters?'"

  48. aaron donahue

    aaron donahue2 months ago

    Actually this movie is rather full of plot holes and maybe overrated. Not really scary but interesting. Cool monsters but overall just another film that would be better in a different medium.

  49. ずきゃ

    ずきゃ2 months ago

    Just watched the movie. It was intense and scary but mostly very moving.

  50. Scotty O'Shea

    Scotty O'Shea2 months ago

    Why is Jim Halpert disguised as this John Krasinski Guy?

  51. Bad Buddha666

    Bad Buddha6662 months ago

    AQP is a really great movie one of my faves

  52. Byamba

    Byamba2 months ago

    Krasinski keep the beard dude u look so badass!!

  53. Nan M

    Nan M2 months ago

    Awesome movie!!❤

  54. Shrk22

    Shrk222 months ago

    Seth is the best interviewer of all the late night hosts. He’s smart while questioning and listens during the answer.

  55. Fadzai Simango

    Fadzai Simango2 months ago

    That movie was chilling 😵

  56. Trent DeVlaminck

    Trent DeVlaminck2 months ago

    It matched with Infinity War

  57. Tim Twing

    Tim Twing2 months ago

    I’m sorry to say that I very much disliked the film. Having said that, I still like John very much. He’s a funny guy.

  58. Moose Man

    Moose Man2 months ago

    This movie reminded me of a short story I read a long time ago. Was a story called, "Milk Teeth". It is also an audio dialogue on youtube. It comes to me as no surprise that Stephen King found this movie in high regard. Great concept and good acting. Can't say it was my favorite movie or the best movie, but John did a bang up job in a genre that was out of his element. Anything can be made with heart, bravo.

  59. acash93

    acash932 months ago

    Though a Quiet Place was filled with suspense, I kept thinking of The Office whenever there is a close up shot of John Krasinki.

  60. Travis Cummings

    Travis Cummings2 months ago

    The acting in the movie was great, but probably even better was the fact that they took a different approach to the horror genre. I mean, think about it. With the classic horror films, they were always gory and filled with blood. But this movie, you don't even see blood until quite a while into the movie. If you haven't seen it, I would highly recommend it

  61. Trav Ass

    Trav Ass2 months ago


  62. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi3 months ago

    he says the same thing in every interview lol

  63. joe fyke

    joe fyke3 months ago

    So talented, both of them.

  64. Arjun Grover

    Arjun Grover3 months ago

    John is genuinely one of the funniest people of all time

  65. Arasian

    Arasian3 months ago

    Jim got inspiration to write a horror movie from Creed, Dwight, and Toby

  66. Rufus Quan

    Rufus Quan3 months ago

    Amazing. A big ol' movie director now and yet still good ol' Jim Halpert.

  67. Conspiracy TV

    Conspiracy TV3 months ago

    Movie sucked balls In all honesty. It was a genuinely horrible horror film

  68. Ultraviolence

    Ultraviolence3 months ago

    I saw it. It was one of the very best thriller films I saw and will ever see in my entire life. Stellar film! 100/100

  69. Jack Bnimble1230

    Jack Bnimble12303 months ago

    Nice job jim

  70. Sherrie Anthony

    Sherrie Anthony3 months ago

    It look like Shia labuf

  71. Yokie Miller

    Yokie Miller3 months ago

    Those are some tight pants he's got on. I guess he doesn't want a third... We have three, once you are out numbered, forget about it. It's over, might else well have four at that point. At least the older one will be helpful, until teen years anyway.

  72. AnneLien1987

    AnneLien19873 months ago

    The movie is incredible. I loved every minute of it. Highly recommend

  73. Deviantel

    Deviantel3 months ago

    Sadly, the movie sucks.

  74. yi shu

    yi shu3 months ago

    I dun think the movie wasn't that good

  75. Mclovin1ladizman

    Mclovin1ladizman3 months ago

    Jim Hopper

  76. Flybound

    Flybound3 months ago

    "how bout this, NO DIALOGUE!"

  77. random dude

    random dude3 months ago

    for people who dont have kids and dont care about kids, hearing parents talk about their babies and kids is one of the most annoying things of all time.

  78. Harrison Thawne

    Harrison Thawne3 months ago

    Identify theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of families suffer every year!

  79. John Reilly

    John Reilly3 months ago

    And who wouldn't let their toddler straggle behind walking through a dangerous environment? SK must really like Swiss cheese.

  80. Who Knew 22

    Who Knew 223 months ago

    One of the best films in recent years

  81. Starscream91

    Starscream913 months ago

    There is something cozy about watching the B-list talk shows. They feel more relaxed and grounded.

  82. nowano kbi

    nowano kbi3 months ago

    "Spirit animal" that's so perfect

  83. Toby Taylor

    Toby Taylor3 months ago

    How is every movie the #1 movie?

  84. David Buswa

    David Buswa3 months ago

    Nice guy, a believable actor, but terrible director. When you make a movie try to have a beginning and an ending to a movie. "A Quiet Place" was void of them

  85. bananapen265

    bananapen2653 months ago

    5:43 save your time Your welcome

  86. thomas Day

    thomas Day3 months ago

    what a fucking queer

  87. Tregeta

    Tregeta3 months ago

    This movie is more than just horror. I'm tired of people not seeing it because they are afraid of a horror movie.

  88. Xino Fiero

    Xino Fiero3 months ago

    I had a nightmare about this creature concept a long long time ago, very similar to the one in the movie too ! and I always thought it would had made a great movie. Damn.

  89. Nicole

    Nicole3 months ago

    Krasinski is one of those people who deserves his success -- Totally rooting for him.

  90. the Pink Kitty

    the Pink Kitty3 months ago


  91. sonickeith

    sonickeith4 months ago

    Why does no one ever give credit to the writers lol

  92. vernii mirnii

    vernii mirnii4 months ago

    “There’s wet here”

  93. apsitively

    apsitively4 months ago

    not a horror fan, but this makes me want to watch it. and It.

  94. Hannah Bran

    Hannah Bran4 months ago

    i love this interview. such a pure interaction

  95. bill kaulitz

    bill kaulitz4 months ago

    considering Stephen King hated Kubrick’s The Shining - he’s the worst judge of horror films in history .

  96. Pamela Cass

    Pamela Cass16 days ago

    There's never enough time to do a movie like the book it's based on: The Stand comes to mind, both the theater and the TV version. SK is entitled to his opinion while he's on his way to the bank. 😆

  97. bill kaulitz

    bill kaulitz3 months ago

    somanytakennames 1. No 2. Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the inclination to read your replies, but I will do you the favor of responding, I promise! (At my leisure, of course.) Your preoccupation with impressing me is good fun!

  98. somanytakennames

    somanytakennames3 months ago

    bill kaulitz 1) Stop liking your own comments. 2) How would you know? By your admission you didn't even read it. If you struggle to understand a couple of sentences I find it hard to believe you could understand a kids film, let alone The Shining. You probably haven't even seen it, it is for adults after all.

  99. bill kaulitz

    bill kaulitz3 months ago

    somanytakennames 1) No. 2) You don’t write anything worth reading

  100. somanytakennames

    somanytakennames3 months ago

    1) Stop liking your own comments 2) Let me translate your latest comment; "I lack the intellect required to read more than one sentence at a time".

  101. Watson Everly

    Watson Everly4 months ago

    i remember baseball when it was for everyone, not just Trump's friends.

  102. xlr8r2010 Smith

    xlr8r2010 Smith4 months ago

    How do liberals have babies....liberal men have NO BALLS! lol

  103. Charlie Bourgeois

    Charlie Bourgeois4 months ago

    "That's a baby in your sweatpants."

  104. katie gran

    katie gran4 months ago

    that's jim halpert

  105. KimOlson1993

    KimOlson19934 months ago

    John Krasinski is SO naturally funny!!! 😂😂😂

  106. Sesh

    Sesh4 months ago

    He should play the adult Stanley in It part 2