John Krasinski Couldn't Believe Stephen King's Reaction to A Quiet Place


  1. Czolgosz, Workin' Man

    Czolgosz, Workin' Man8 hours ago

    * 1 0 / 1 0 *

  2. The Dark Lord Cthulhu

    The Dark Lord Cthulhu13 hours ago

    Jim is Love Jim is life

  3. #Jdizzle

    #Jdizzle20 hours ago

    He's amazing! A quiet place was awesome. We miss you Jim!

  4. Michael Myers's Sis

    Michael Myers's SisDay ago

    I already want to watch the movie. With STEPHEN KING's "seal of approval". Not gonna miss it for anything!

  5. Yung_ Soto

    Yung_ SotoDay ago

    Where's Pam????

  6. deadlyhandycap

    deadlyhandycapDay ago

    Jim is such a great guy, I bet Pam is proud of him

  7. Alec Burriss

    Alec BurrissDay ago

    Krasinski is a SPAZinski

  8. Letswatchnow

    LetswatchnowDay ago

    OK if Stephen King is impressed, I will see this

  9. Jen Hughes

    Jen HughesDay ago

    I'm so glad the kids from A Quiet Place were mentioned in this interview. They were BRILLIANT in the film. :)

  10. whutman

    whutmanDay ago

    wtf talking about the birth.. kinda a spoiler

  11. Harry Gordon

    Harry GordonDay ago

    Film really isn’t that good. I have no idea why there’s so much hype about it.

  12. Flat Films

    Flat FilmsDay ago

    John Krasinski is amazing! Hoping I can become as talented as he is, great range as actor and director!

  13. Max Phythian

    Max PhythianDay ago

    To bad Millie will never here this 😂

  14. Mrs. T is Going Debt Free

    Mrs. T is Going Debt FreeDay ago

    It is incredible!

  15. Ej-_-

    Ej-_-2 days ago

    Hope they cast krasinski as Mr. Fantastic in marvel :D (y)

  16. M J

    M J2 days ago

    6 minutes in just to hear 5 seconds of what the title of the video states... Gotta love MReporter

  17. Mr. Mayhem

    Mr. Mayhem2 days ago

    Beautiful, lol, he must be talking about her personality.

  18. Zachary Folse

    Zachary Folse2 days ago

    I am so happy for John. I wish nothing but more movies to come from him. If he is the director or co director *BRAVO* I watched it the other night and was astounded and loved the ending makes out to be one of my if not my favorite horror film all time. John you are doing great things and hope there are millions more to come.

  19. Lena Redhead

    Lena Redhead2 days ago

    One of the best movies I've ever seen

  20. Nikki Pop

    Nikki Pop2 days ago

    Can we just give John Krasinski the best man in the world award now? I just wanna give him a big hug. Oml 😂👌🏻😊

  21. Discreet Sensai

    Discreet Sensai2 days ago

    Question: Which Bear is best?

  22. wiinterflowers

    wiinterflowers2 days ago

    Imagine if John Krasinski, Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd walked into a bar...

  23. Elif Dursun

    Elif Dursun2 days ago

    Thank YOU for the movie. It is amazing.

  24. Malco Esso

    Malco Esso2 days ago

    Marvel, DC, someone, please give this man a superhero costume!!! one for his wife too!!!! Thank you

  25. Tongu Esama

    Tongu Esama2 days ago

    He is so well spoken.

  26. Blue Beta

    Blue Beta2 days ago

    SPOILERS dont watch this DONT WATCH THIS

  27. Hunter Hoehn

    Hunter Hoehn2 days ago

    Watched it last night, loved it

  28. alpha omega

    alpha omega3 days ago

    The movie was odd but it was an ok movie.the first time I saw a woman give birth without yelling

  29. Rod Smith

    Rod Smith3 days ago

    John is hilariously quick

  30. Ronkle Bonk

    Ronkle Bonk3 days ago

    It's not a very good movie.

  31. Kwan N

    Kwan N3 days ago

    Outstanding movie. You think "Get out" 2017, definitely "A quite place" in 2018. Engrossing and clever. You ask the questions later

  32. Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful

    Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful3 days ago

    He's (John!) like Seth Rogen WITHOUT the pot!!!

  33. zbudda

    zbudda3 days ago

    I liked how the film, represents pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro-patriarch, and pro-Christian values...purely by accident?

  34. A Muskrat

    A Muskrat3 days ago

    The script was probably pretty small

  35. Gio Simmer

    Gio Simmer3 days ago

    He gives me Ryan Reynolds vibes... !

  36. EkkeEkkeEkkeEkke PtangZooBoing!

    EkkeEkkeEkkeEkke PtangZooBoing!3 days ago

    The script was single page in 100px font

  37. djhavok101

    djhavok1013 days ago

    I hope to see him direct more movies after the success of this film.

  38. Josseline Ct

    Josseline Ct3 days ago

    If my husband isn’t like John Krasinski, I don’t want him.

  39. Jennamarie16 W

    Jennamarie16 W3 days ago

    I’m obsessed with this movie!!!!!❤️

  40. BoredomFix Inc

    BoredomFix Inc3 days ago

    Bears Beats Battlestar Galactica

  41. Crazy 77

    Crazy 773 days ago

    Stephen King’s reaction 5:43 you welcome.

  42. azzurrav azzurrav

    azzurrav azzurrav3 days ago

    Fucking proud of him

  43. Andrei Dinu

    Andrei Dinu3 days ago

    Just a thought, all the kids that Clooney worked with on ER are in their 30s by now.

  44. Lars VanBarbecue

    Lars VanBarbecue3 days ago

    First Jordan Peele, now John Krasinski, who knew comedy guys could direct Horror so well.

  45. Steven Matthews

    Steven Matthews3 days ago

    Give this man his own show please ????

  46. D W

    D W3 days ago

    "spirit animal"?!?

  47. Owaan

    Owaan3 days ago

    Imagine...a stephen king collab...

  48. Spicybrownbean

    Spicybrownbean3 days ago

    Man, I love John Krasinski

  49. Infinity Google Productions

    Infinity Google Productions3 days ago

    The office

  50. Daniel Chung

    Daniel Chung3 days ago

    Big TUNAAA

  51. Matthew Switzer

    Matthew Switzer3 days ago

  52. Ben Ballard

    Ben Ballard4 days ago

    John acting out the doorman's reaction is 24 carat gold

  53. PeeJay

    PeeJay4 days ago

    an extremely likeable guy, good for him

  54. salem twice

    salem twice4 days ago

    I really love him.

  55. Afif Majid

    Afif Majid4 days ago

    plot twist, kevin the doorman was kevin malone

  56. dustin calhoun

    dustin calhoun4 days ago

    It’s weird how MEN cross their legs like that.... and have kids.. bravo!

  57. Kevin Ortega

    Kevin Ortega4 days ago

    Ive never heard anyone call Lebron James, King Jim 😂😂😂

  58. proserfina21096

    proserfina210964 days ago

    John Krasinski and Armie Hammer should have a movie together!

  59. Tracy Martell

    Tracy Martell4 days ago

    I loved A Quiet Place it was so so tense, it wasn't some crappy horror film with nothing but jump scares and flat characters. It was so so good I'm definitely getting it on DVD it was one of the best scary films for years I loved the concept and the acting was so good wow

  60. Erilis000

    Erilis0004 days ago

    "That's what I tapped into in the movie" - John Krasinski, that ace brought the conversation back to the movie effortlessly, just like he said he would.

  61. Knavar

    Knavar4 days ago

    Jesus Halpert you wrote a script? Could you get anymore queer? 😂 Wanna know what would've made the movie better? Agent Michael Scarn! Sorry couldn't help myself lol

  62. Dhena Barge

    Dhena Barge4 days ago

    A Quiet Place 🅷🅳 FuII Movie [ ]

  63. Max Laplante

    Max Laplante4 days ago

    Sox nation

  64. Shnookumm

    Shnookumm4 days ago

    This movie fucking made me cry.

  65. Los Time

    Los Time4 days ago

    A Quiet Place is a terrifying and masterful experience, where the silence does more to haunt you than any "jump scares" ever will. Do not miss it.

  66. vic8610

    vic86104 days ago

    its not horror its a thriller more cause its not even scary jesus

  67. linkster 123

    linkster 1234 days ago

    6:02 Stephen king

  68. Oliver Cann

    Oliver Cann4 days ago

    John krasinski should direct a stephen king movie

  69. FanaticalDrummer

    FanaticalDrummer4 days ago

    Chances are, going on Seth’s show doesnt exactly yell “#1” movie.

  70. Watch-It Ralph

    Watch-It Ralph4 days ago

    Hey guys! If you have a few minutes, check out my movie review for A Quiet Place...I tried my best not to make a sound. THEY’RE COMING!!!

  71. El B

    El B4 days ago

    Seth Myers is the only male American talk show host I can actually watch without cringing. Jimmy has his good moments.. but Conan. I can’t stand him 😩 I’m not sure if it’s cos I’m English and the American style of humour is just too different or if he’s genuinely not funny?

  72. black phanther

    black phanther4 days ago

    The movie is so good

  73. jason jason

    jason jason4 days ago

    it's not that good of a movie. 90 minutes of jump scares and a fairly predictable plot. imagine elements from tremors and mars attacks set in a post "event" situation. the family aspects were genuine but the set up and pay off for the overall story is weak.

  74. Awesome Sauce

    Awesome Sauce4 days ago

    I love that George Clooney brought up being Doug Ross🤧

  75. BiggiePaul 16

    BiggiePaul 164 days ago

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  76. Sarah Shea

    Sarah Shea5 days ago

    The sign language was so beautiful to watch! And sign language line music is a universal language? Spanning cultures and nations? It makes me want to learn it.

  77. Aesthetic.slime Tutorials

    Aesthetic.slime Tutorials5 days ago

    Who else saw this movie but it was so quiet that you didn’t want to make noise😂

  78. Liz Xu

    Liz Xu5 days ago

    John Krasinksi is gonna be the next big director. You go, Jim Halpert!

  79. Yung Progressive

    Yung Progressive5 days ago

    OMG Seth NOBODY cares about your baby

  80. Adnan Jahic

    Adnan Jahic5 days ago

    Love the movie but it could have been better....the ending was bad and the monsters could have been more scary but overall the plot was very could

  81. Abraham Solano

    Abraham Solano5 days ago

    Would Be Awesome If They Did A Second Movie That Focuses On What Exactly Those Creatures Are , How They Got There / Who Made Them??? And Just Seeing These Creatures Tear Down Humanity Like It Is Emphasized They Did In This Movie , Would Make A Hell Of A Movie , But Still This Is Prob At The Top 3 Movies For The Year With Infinity War Up There

  82. Hung Do

    Hung Do5 days ago

    Glad to see Jim is doing well after leaving Dunder Mufflin

  83. Cody -

    Cody -5 days ago

    Welcome to Toppers

  84. Cigarra

    Cigarra5 days ago

    Krasinski tied it back into the movie like a pro.

  85. tripmehard

    tripmehard5 days ago


  86. Lasagnaboi

    Lasagnaboi5 days ago

    Jim Halpert with a beard?

  87. Elijah Odell

    Elijah Odell5 days ago

    I just am like oh its jim

  88. Wiley

    Wiley5 days ago

    Red Sox?! Ugh... Tuuuuna, no.

  89. Turbulance16

    Turbulance165 days ago

    5:12 your welcome

  90. Soomin Kim

    Soomin Kim5 days ago

    I'm going to go see this movie on the weekend with some friends from school. I usually hate horror, but I'm actually excited to see this one.

  91. T Mox

    T Mox5 days ago

    I’m curious what D/deaf, hoh, and deaf-blind people think of this. I’m an interpreter and know a lot of deaf people, but I’m not deaf. The first thing I thought of when I heard of this movie was - how can a deaf person be silent when s/he can’t hear the environment and may not even be aware of what makes noise?

  92. Yoyokitty Bro

    Yoyokitty Bro5 days ago

    omg that's so funny, my brother sister and I also have two year sorta gaps. my brother was 4 when I was born and my sister was 2.

  93. Kay J

    Kay J5 days ago

    This movie was amazing, I couldn't believe how the silence kept my attention it was like you could hear what was going on totally forgot about the silence after awhile , it was just an awesome, awesome movie great job John!

  94. tbh yea

    tbh yea5 days ago

    oof i love John Krasinski sm♡♡

  95. Alessandra Leigh

    Alessandra Leigh5 days ago

    Thats like the coolest thing fucking ever.

  96. Answer_is_B

    Answer_is_B5 days ago

    The movie was 4/10, no Jim face

  97. pbhero

    pbhero5 days ago

    Although i enjoyed this movie i cant get over the fact that the US government/military (and probably all over the world) have high frequency technologies but cant wipe out these creatures

  98. Sean mander

    Sean mander5 days ago

    he's gonna see the sox :o

  99. Chip Douglas

    Chip Douglas5 days ago

    Also how come the gunshot attracted all the surrounding monsters but the fireworks didnt?

  100. Chip Douglas

    Chip Douglas5 days ago

    Watching the office right before makes the movie a lot less scary