John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair


  1. nathan cabano

    nathan cabano4 hours ago

    2020 #theystillhearyou

  2. Richard Henderson

    Richard Henderson9 hours ago

    I thought the rocket ship was the first main loud sound

  3. Mike Ike

    Mike Ike3 days ago

    Where are the goats. I thought this was a gaurden party

  4. Mats James

    Mats James3 days ago

    script writer must have had an easy job

  5. RegularByte

    RegularByte3 days ago

    A Quiet Place huh [Eats a Snickers Bar] *OHHHHHH YEAH*

  6. lucy

    lucy4 days ago

    will you PLEASE do donald glover breaks down this is america

  7. hello world

    hello world4 days ago

    shut up kids

  8. Cam Pimpy

    Cam Pimpy5 days ago

    I really like this guy lol Idek why I watched the office 7 times lol

  9. vawa-ID

    vawa-ID5 days ago

    best family film

  10. MrFargSouce

    MrFargSouce6 days ago

    this family pissed me off because of the ending they were too good at acting . 100/10.

  11. Bella Bells TV

    Bella Bells TV6 days ago

    If it was my family and we died the reason would be my brother whining Edit: also as soon as the sound kicked in the film I was so scared! 👍🏻 gj dude

  12. Bella Bells TV

    Bella Bells TV6 days ago

    Quick question ever since I saw the trailer for the movie before I saw Star Wars I wondered how does she cook without making a sound or how do they not snore while they sleep

  13. Mark McCune

    Mark McCune7 days ago

    I hate horror movies but I want to see a quite place.

  14. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez7 days ago

    this movie was flippin amazing

  15. dimplesunshine

    dimplesunshine7 days ago

    I love this movie so much

  16. Ashley Dyne Supatan

    Ashley Dyne Supatan7 days ago

    Honestly thought he was Shia LaBeouf

  17. Kevin De Smet

    Kevin De Smet8 days ago

    This movie tries to act all artsy and fancy...that the cheesy jump scares felt totally out of place

  18. alytav

    alytav8 days ago

    *lantern falls* *looks into the camera like on the office*

  19. Nameless

    Nameless8 days ago

    *Big Tuna*

  20. Arnaud Vittet

    Arnaud Vittet8 days ago

    Really loved that movie and that was by far his best performance as an actor. Looking forward to see if he'll direct another one!

  21. Sloth Queens

    Sloth Queens9 days ago

    I just saw Jim so I clicked

  22. RedNoir

    RedNoir10 days ago

    I hated that heffa. She brought ruin to the family

  23. Tourette syndrome Fishing

    Tourette syndrome Fishing10 days ago

    Chris Pratt and and this guy need to be in s movie together!!

  24. Thecoltplays Games

    Thecoltplays Games11 days ago

    #the office

  25. Meesh Elle

    Meesh Elle12 days ago

    Why is Jim talking about scary movies?

  26. Sara Crawley

    Sara Crawley12 days ago

    A Quiet Place is just an alternate universe where Jim never bought Pam a Coke and his jinx was never lifted

  27. michaela s

    michaela s4 days ago

    This comment is under rated

  28. Something Clever

    Something Clever12 days ago

    Brilliant this movie is. Really really loved it. It's so rare to find something like this these days :/ PS: I don't care what your name is, you will always be Jim

  29. J0J0

    J0J013 days ago

    Jim :D

  30. H u g o H e p w o r t h

    H u g o H e p w o r t h14 days ago

    How can you not go three seconds without knocking something over

  31. VDevile-VenxigomyZarosV HexoGodhuyi

    VDevile-VenxigomyZarosV HexoGodhuyi14 days ago

    warning spoilers...

  32. DUCKS

    DUCKS14 days ago

    I didn't even knew she was actually deaf. Amazing

  33. Cole Erickson

    Cole Erickson14 days ago

    If they make a second movie I hope he is still alive

  34. Karma Productions

    Karma Productions14 days ago

    We all know this movie was inspired by the bit where the office played the silent game lmao

  35. It's Mythi

    It's Mythi14 days ago

    The office

  36. Laverne Blaszczyk

    Laverne Blaszczyk14 days ago

    I was seriously impressed by this guy, his first movie that he directed AND starred in?! And it was awesome!!

  37. Niek Klaver

    Niek Klaver14 days ago

    Drinking game: drink when he says beautiful

  38. Lwandiso

    Lwandiso14 days ago

    Next movie "Threat level midnight 2 The quiet Michael Scarn"

  39. 43eyes

    43eyes15 days ago

    That lantern was much louder in the movie.

  40. My random Harry Potter fandom : P

    My random Harry Potter fandom : P15 days ago

    How would you pee

  41. Ebit Lagger

    Ebit Lagger15 days ago

    But if they were so keen on hearing why didn't they hear the heart beats ??? Just saying

  42. Risa Lockwood

    Risa Lockwood7 days ago

    You can't hear that.

  43. Brendan Van Havere

    Brendan Van Havere17 days ago Looks like him

  44. Hell Raiser

    Hell Raiser17 days ago

    Whose John krasinski that’s Jim Halpert

  45. 로렌 Lauren

    로렌 Lauren17 days ago

    What if one of them sneezed?

  46. JustComedians

    JustComedians17 days ago

    who tf is this John I hear of, it's Jim halpert

  47. Marquise Spinneret Mindfang

    Marquise Spinneret Mindfang17 days ago

    Millie is such a cutie

  48. Some random dude with a channel 241

    Some random dude with a channel 24117 days ago

    But what happens when you stub your toe

  49. Kbitch Kal

    Kbitch Kal16 days ago

    Some random dude with a channel 241 well in the film the mom steps on a nail and she doesn't make a loud enough noise for one of the creatures to hear her They hear her cause she breaks something so you would have to have a very quiet response

  50. Ashely Marisse

    Ashely Marisse17 days ago

    I just thought of this but...some ppl don't know if they snore/sleeptalk/sleepwalk so i guess thatll be a pretty confusing way to die.

  51. Jael Lopez

    Jael Lopez18 days ago

    Wait but why do I want him to take his shirt off as he’s explaining this? Weird...

  52. DramaticYT

    DramaticYT18 days ago

    Didn't a little kid die in this movie?

  53. Karolin M.

    Karolin M.18 days ago

    I'm sorry, but I really hated this deaf girl, her character was so annoying...

  54. Jessica Metzler

    Jessica Metzler19 days ago

    Well he nailed it, this has to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while

  55. Hollie Rose

    Hollie Rose20 days ago

    This is SUCH an awesome movie, I watched it without sign language the first time, I know BSL but ASL is a bit different! I bought it as soon as it came out and apparently I go on about it all the time! It's just so clever, so intense, so well acted, amazing

  56. Savage Cat

    Savage Cat21 day ago

    He looks like shia labeouf

  57. Ellie Mae H

    Ellie Mae H22 days ago


  58. Peter Hatfield

    Peter Hatfield22 days ago

    hey its jim halpert

  59. YaBoySwifty

    YaBoySwifty22 days ago

    *looks at camera*

  60. David L

    David L23 days ago

    Can’t take him seriously after watching the office

  61. Manar Jaml Al-lail

    Manar Jaml Al-lail23 days ago

    The fact that I watched the movie and then started watching The Office and couldn’t notice until now that they’re the same person..

  62. Andrewroo12

    Andrewroo1223 days ago

    Why don’t they just live next to the waterfall, or a river? It sure would beat living in the country where you have to walk bearfoot and use felt pieces in monopoly to avoid being heard

  63. Tracey Muy

    Tracey Muy24 days ago

    This is beautiful! Its amazing how much emotion and process goes through a scene in a film :). Great Job

  64. The Half Albino

    The Half Albino24 days ago

    Jim and Company vs librarian monsters

  65. Derrick Ki

    Derrick Ki24 days ago


  66. W204 AMG

    W204 AMG25 days ago

    Jim is wearing a sheer shirt

  67. sophia allen

    sophia allen25 days ago

    i saw this movie with my friend, and the theater was completely empty besides me and him, and the occasional theater staff walking up and down the aisles of chairs. needless to say, the atmosphere was quite tense with us being the only two in the silent room.

  68. Jessica Vanhille

    Jessica Vanhille26 days ago

    My neighbors across the street won't last a minute!!😅😅

  69. rene rodriguez

    rene rodriguez26 days ago

    most stupidest movie ive ever seen. if i knew there was going to be no sound for 98% of the movie i wouldve never wasted my money. it was so uncomfortable in the theater. i couldnt even eat my pop corn without thinking i was making noise or bothering the audience. i was sick that day and kept scratching my throat and it felt so awkward doin so due to absolute no sound. i could have sworn someone told me to “shhhh” but made no sense because there was nothing to listen to ? lmao 0 stars to this crappy movie.

  70. Lil_Delgado

    Lil_Delgado26 days ago

    Millie and Noah.. hmmm🤔

  71. Manny Dorsey

    Manny Dorsey26 days ago

    New Jersey, Population: 0

  72. LivyBugXoXo

    LivyBugXoXo27 days ago

    This movie was so good. Omg

  73. LaShonda Broussard

    LaShonda Broussard27 days ago

    Lele pons would die instantly

  74. jacob green

    jacob green27 days ago

    at 2:49 he looks constipated

  75. Juniper Nobody

    Juniper Nobody27 days ago

    Honestly, this movie is one of my favorite movies of all time, it's a phenomenal concept and it's SO well made that I love the thought and detail through the film.

  76. hey its me

    hey its me28 days ago


  77. Deadblox 2758

    Deadblox 275828 days ago


  78. Brittni Brown

    Brittni Brown29 days ago

    I love this movie pure genius...

  79. Luke Waggoner

    Luke WaggonerMonth ago

    Ok jim good vid

  80. David Westfall

    David WestfallMonth ago

    I love these

  81. The girl who Can't were T shirts

    The girl who Can't were T shirtsMonth ago

    What about the little boy who played with a rocket ship?

  82. Ripley

    RipleyMonth ago

    The third floor was a better horror movie

  83. Juan Martinez

    Juan MartinezMonth ago

    Johns eyebrows are amazing

  84. Wolfgang Buck

    Wolfgang BuckMonth ago

    Y'all, don't waste your time on this video or movie. Stunk.

  85. thiccy piggy

    thiccy piggyMonth ago

    Omg I loved this film

  86. Jacob Talbot

    Jacob TalbotMonth ago

    The Schrute family beet farm

  87. Charles Iannini

    Charles IanniniMonth ago

    i bet kevin was the first to die he got hungry and started eating a candy bar and said oh yeah

  88. I Stole Your Waffles

    I Stole Your WafflesDay ago


  89. perpendurcular 720

    perpendurcular 72022 days ago

    Oh no

  90. BluenosedCash75

    BluenosedCash7524 days ago

    You are officially the best person here

  91. Layla Ruckman

    Layla Ruckman27 days ago


  92. Charles Iannini

    Charles IanniniMonth ago

    i feel like he was rembering that episode of the office were he and everyone was quiet and made horror movie off that

  93. Moolky The Milky

    Moolky The MilkyMonth ago

    john krasinski's beard

  94. Orrin Rockwell

    Orrin RockwellMonth ago

    Im not a scary movie fan. But I LOVED this movie.

  95. Abtahi Oni

    Abtahi OniMonth ago


  96. Playa 5596

    Playa 5596Month ago

    shia lebeouf twin brother confirmed

  97. Alee Correa

    Alee CorreaMonth ago

    His awesome love him great actor 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  98. NovaCorp

    NovaCorpMonth ago

    *Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.*

  99. Mae Mint

    Mae MintMonth ago

    They shot on a farm? Was it by any chance... Schrute Farms?

  100. Breanna Abboud

    Breanna AbboudMonth ago

    Jim Halpert, ladies and gentlemen.

  101. Wayne Gillard

    Wayne GillardMonth ago

    I really enjoyed this movie , not many out there this well made nowadays,. great characterisation , awesome direction & too the point of actually being kind of horrific, .watch with 5:1 analogue in the dark for added effect .😎👍👍👍💯 PS-love your channel.🤔😌.👍👍💯

  102. Burrito Shark

    Burrito SharkMonth ago

    But what if u sneezed 😂

  103. JugCityKid

    JugCityKidMonth ago

    This movie had me holding my breath a couple of times because the scenes were so intense. I also like how he actually got a deaf actor too.

  104. I like CHIPS!!!

    I like CHIPS!!!Month ago

    I am a person who hates horror movies but this is a movie I would want to see

  105. Go Sanity

    Go SanityMonth ago

    Okay, JIm

  106. Christopher Martinez Torres

    Christopher Martinez TorresMonth ago

    This cool but his daughter in the movie is ugly

  107. Halo Reacher

    Halo ReacherMonth ago

    He read a script? But they barely talk