John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair


  1. Tiem Mercy

    Tiem Mercy7 hours ago

    If you also made the lantern out of yarn none of that would have happened, just sayin

  2. Camila Suarez

    Camila Suarez18 hours ago

    that beard tho

  3. Aud Mo

    Aud Mo19 hours ago


  4. Halle Tosis

    Halle TosisDay ago

    I call clickbait!!! You know dang well this isn't the lantern scene we wanted answers for!!

  5. mee mee

    mee mee3 days ago

    I need a sequel

  6. JM Driftz

    JM Driftz3 days ago

    I cried when John screamed to save the kids lives 😭

  7. AM Edits

    AM Edits3 days ago

    Ngl I thought this movie was about a family who were all deaf and was confused how they could be quiet if they couldn’t hear but it makes sense now lol


    PSYCHE DELIC3 days ago

    Proud of him! He is a director, an actor, producer, he deserves his success.

  9. Lucy GatesBoi

    Lucy GatesBoi4 days ago

    John Krasinski? ThAt iSn thE nAmE I Remember

  10. lexiconlover

    lexiconlover4 days ago

    John gives elaborate explanation of lantern... John, its called FORESHADOWING

  11. Yma10

    Yma104 days ago

    During the movie I kept screaming “WHERES PAM?!”

  12. Ashbrica

    Ashbrica4 days ago

    I think Jim took this prank to far

  13. averi elizabeth

    averi elizabeth4 days ago

    i loved this movie so much , it had a lot of meaning & i watched it w my bestfriend , once again , it was the best !!

  14. Fatma Mohammad

    Fatma Mohammad4 days ago

    Omg I didn’t know she was actually deaf...

  15. Lil Slightly Bigger Nugget

    Lil Slightly Bigger Nugget6 days ago

    That's Jim Halpert

  16. Just A Girl Sitting In A Sink

    Just A Girl Sitting In A Sink6 days ago

    The longest office silence streak

  17. brandon wood

    brandon wood6 days ago

    GET WITH PAM!!!!!!

  18. Suess Partridge

    Suess Partridge6 days ago

    My Social Studies teacher went to this movie and this movie is almost completely silent and he was eating peanut m and m’s and he said this lady was giving him the death stare half the time.

  19. Zag Manzanare

    Zag Manzanare7 days ago

    Wait that’s hella cool how he’s a director and the actor

  20. Joshua Jackson 2

    Joshua Jackson 28 days ago

    Awww this makes me sad I miss the office

  21. Miss Armadillo

    Miss Armadillo8 days ago

    why tf did he say "erbs"? that's so weird

  22. Jordy Holland

    Jordy Holland11 days ago

    A quiet place script: Dad: ......... Mum: ......... Daughter: ........... Monster: sirduwjdbruzjsbsidh!!!!!!!

  23. Young Legend

    Young Legend11 days ago

    The dad's death was low key the saddest thing

  24. Sophie

    Sophie11 days ago

    “it was non-negotiable for me to cast a deaf actress because the character is deaf” THANK YOU JOHN. genuine representation is so important.

  25. Abdullay Diallo

    Abdullay Diallo12 days ago

    I need the full movie please I been looking for the full movie and I haven't seeing it yet Please help me

  26. Rainbow puppy 101

    Rainbow puppy 10113 days ago

    I friggin love him 😘

  27. Olivia Perez

    Olivia Perez13 days ago

    this movie was absolutely amazing, i was on edge the entire time! i loved it! my favorite “horror” movie

  28. Destiny Wasson

    Destiny Wasson13 days ago

    This movie was so good and well thought out. Definitely one of my favorites!!

  29. Laylla's Locker

    Laylla's Locker13 days ago

    Why were they using oil lantern when they have electricity? XD

  30. Gabby Ortanezz

    Gabby Ortanezz14 days ago

    *I can still see jim*

  31. GamerB Taylor

    GamerB Taylor15 days ago

    Kevin woulf be definitely dead in this. *SO GOOD*

  32. Redd Tinted

    Redd Tinted15 days ago

    haha it’s jim

  33. Supman1

    Supman116 days ago

    I usually avoid watching horror movies. It's because I'm not scarred by them, but find them lame and dumb. I avoided watching this one for that very reason. But I just watched it and actually felt tension and intensity while watching this film. This was quite an amazing film.

  34. Delia Mejia

    Delia Mejia19 days ago

    This movie came out a very ling time ago. Im just wondering does the original movie have subtittles?

  35. The Beast 627

    The Beast 62723 days ago

    We are all here because of the office

  36. Kyle Thornhill

    Kyle Thornhill27 days ago

    This movie was such an experience in the theater

  37. pizzaman2003

    pizzaman200329 days ago

    Is it just me or does Milli's face looks alot like a young Jennifer Lawrence?

  38. Scarlett Robson

    Scarlett Robson29 days ago

    *goes to the comments to find comments about The Office*

  39. Cooper Fitch

    Cooper FitchMonth ago

    No offense John, but the fire was during the monopoly game was in the script, and I know that you were one of the writer's, but saying it was a last minute idea seems slightly implauseable since that was a single effect in the script that has little to no effect on the fest of the story.

  40. Hope Urban

    Hope UrbanMonth ago

    2:22 when you find out Millicent Simmonds was on Signing Time when she was little

  41. Renae C

    Renae CMonth ago

    hmm i don't remember this episode of the office

  42. Italian Wig Snatch

    Italian Wig SnatchMonth ago

    I just saw the part where he sacrificed himself for his kids and signed I love you to his daughter , I havent stopped crying since anyone else.

  43. Whaudoin Whaudoin

    Whaudoin WhaudoinMonth ago

    I’ve seen the movie before but that ending still made me jump ☠️

  44. Karla Galvez

    Karla GalvezMonth ago

    When the baby brother turned on the toy spaceship... that broke my heart.😔

  45. Joy Sloan

    Joy SloanMonth ago


  46. Amenax

    AmenaxMonth ago

    I love the movie. Hate the last scene, for me it ruins a whole feel and atmosphere that this movie has.

  47. Marcus Cross

    Marcus CrossMonth ago

    This movie was good

  48. Christopher Hessler

    Christopher HesslerMonth ago

    when's a quiet place 2

  49. H S

    H SMonth ago

    Why not just play the game in the basement?...

  50. Amalia Panaccio

    Amalia PanaccioMonth ago

    I hate the part when the mom steps on the nail

  51. TheAngelicAngie Dolls

    TheAngelicAngie DollsMonth ago

    I just finished office today and it's like my whole family is dying. I don't know what to do with my self.

  52. Mickey Mouse

    Mickey MouseMonth ago

    An Indian family would not survive in this quiet place for over an hour... 😅

  53. aspdeepak4yt

    aspdeepak4ytMonth ago

    Amazing performance by all the actors. It was very lively family story with out narration!! Probably the best emotional horror movie ever!!

  54. MBiebs 01

    MBiebs 01Month ago

    He reminds me of Zachary Levi but with a beard

  55. Bryan Barrios-Santaella

    Bryan Barrios-SantaellaMonth ago

    Jim Jim jim

  56. Nina Bojović

    Nina BojovićMonth ago

    Really an original and well performed script, set design and photography. Unique among most of today's movies - grabs attention even without almost any voice spoken dialog (respect!) and has a good ending. I truly recommend it and feel grateful for their efforts to make it. :)

  57. lars walter käll

    lars walter källMonth ago

    Chekhovs Lantern

  58. That 1 Gamer

    That 1 GamerMonth ago

    Why does he look so much like John wick

  59. Marco Aurélio Lima do Nascimento Junior

    Marco Aurélio Lima do Nascimento JuniorMonth ago

    Amazing movie!! Loved it

  60. Sean

    SeanMonth ago

    I watched the film without knowing that the girl is deaf. I thought the father is building her a device to drive the monsters away.

  61. Jay B

    Jay BMonth ago

    Do a prank o Dwight😂 (the office Netflix)

  62. Elatisha Bourne

    Elatisha BourneMonth ago

    Honestly "A Quiet Place " sucked.

  63. Jennifer Martinez

    Jennifer MartinezMonth ago

    he's so pure I love him

  64. OC3AN BLU3

    OC3AN BLU3Month ago

    *H E S P E A K S*

  65. potatofan007

    potatofan007Month ago

    Such a great movie, and so proud of John!

  66. Elias Gutknecht

    Elias Gutknecht2 months ago

    Hey Jim!

  67. You. Still you.

    You. Still you.2 months ago

    Once I watched the Office before and then I watched this movie and I was like “is this the guy in the office 😂” *Once you see I you can’t unsee it*

  68. First world problems

    First world problems2 months ago

    Subbed At 999,000+. Here b4 1mil

  69. Starr Portman

    Starr Portman2 months ago

    Its a cochlear implant, not a hearing aid. Great movie though!

  70. Tynesia Stevens

    Tynesia Stevens2 months ago

    *gassspppp* SHIA LABEOUF???

  71. Raven Rodriguez

    Raven Rodriguez2 months ago

    This movie is amazing! That's all I have to say about it! :)

  72. Brianna

    Brianna2 months ago

    This movie goes on the list of my all time favorites. Watching a silent movie in a theater was a great experience. If one audience member coughed, that brought my anxiety up because you would think the monster would hear it. This movie took away my breath. So great.

  73. imnotgay_butineedthemoney

    imnotgay_butineedthemoney2 months ago

    I keep hoping he would stretch his arms so I could see his nipples.

  74. Arai Luke

    Arai Luke2 months ago

    This movie is more sad then scary

  75. Mayou

    Mayou2 months ago

    liar, the first "biggest" noise was the spaceship

  76. Johnny R

    Johnny R2 months ago

    Except that we hear sound right at the beginning with the little boy lol come on jim

  77. Vynce Garis

    Vynce Garis2 months ago

    i loved it.

  78. Emma Schuett

    Emma Schuett2 months ago

    When this scene happened in the movie I felt like I almost had a heart attack because it was so loud compared to everything else before it

  79. Mia Andreatta

    Mia Andreatta2 months ago

    I haven’t seen it. So if they had to be quiet or they would die why didn’t they just leave where they were?

  80. Adoraboy __

    Adoraboy __2 months ago

    Deaf girl talks to a big tuna?



    John Krasinski is the only reason I’ll watch this movies if I get scared I’ll just think of Jim and Pam and CeCe and Phillip.

  82. kyisblue

    kyisblue2 months ago

    I don't understand how people hate this movie. Perhaps because it was promoted as horror when I think it was a thriller/slice of life

  83. G g

    G g2 months ago

    If only he put a very loud speaker on top of a very high place and play songs like the ones played most on clubs, songs that are deafening. Probably they can talk normally.

  84. Piece Of Cake

    Piece Of Cake2 months ago


  85. Venom x16

    Venom x162 months ago

    Every time I see John I just say *Jim*

  86. Captain Merica

    Captain Merica2 months ago

    When is see John i see JIM

  87. TeigenIsAverage

    TeigenIsAverage2 months ago

    I love John Krasinski so much. He’s an amazing actor. 💛💛

  88. Tr8or

    Tr8or2 months ago

    I love how he's still sometimes give that casual Jim's face in the end of a sentence.

  89. Phoobie

    Phoobie2 months ago

    Me: John Krasinsky has really grown as an artist and people need to stop limiting him to comedy because of The Office. Also me: hehe funny jim with beard

  90. Moon Slut

    Moon Slut2 months ago

    2:02 and that jumped scare me and cursed in the middle of the theater

  91. Fisheye frank

    Fisheye frank2 months ago

    He spoke here more than in actual movie

  92. Charlotte Muller

    Charlotte Muller2 months ago

    My family would literally die within five minutes

  93. Sponge Bob

    Sponge Bob2 months ago

    This guy with a beard made me think he was Shia labeouf

  94. AethericGT//Aethplays

    AethericGT//Aethplays2 months ago

    They’ve been on the longest office silence streaks for.... 4 years

  95. Daniel Trinh

    Daniel Trinh2 months ago

    Imagine a blind person listening to this movie

  96. Comical Arts

    Comical Arts2 months ago

    I like the pieces there cute

  97. Mr. Yeetersons

    Mr. Yeetersons2 months ago

    How about you download a pitch on your phone

  98. ‘-‘

    ‘-‘2 months ago

    When he started yelling, Dwight should’ve been there. He could’ve pepper sprayed the alien

  99. ella forrest

    ella forrest2 months ago

    shave your beard you gorilla :) #gobacktopamalready

  100. alysha.w

    alysha.w2 months ago

    oi, what happened to pam mate?! huh