John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair


  1. Watenator Carver

    Watenator Carver19 hours ago

    You mean Jim halpert

  2. Daniel Marquez

    Daniel Marquez2 days ago

    Hey! I'm Jim Halpert

  3. Jayda God

    Jayda God3 days ago

    Dwight gonna come back even harder

  4. Tommers TV

    Tommers TV3 days ago

    I had no clue it was Jim until now

  5. Karel Sitanggang

    Karel Sitanggang4 days ago

    Haha Comedy

  6. asdfghjkltyghbnuijkm

    asdfghjkltyghbnuijkm5 days ago

    I love seeing this side of John Krasinski. This amazing director who puts so much thought an effort into this stuff. He’ll never stop amazing me!

  7. Dr. Awkward

    Dr. Awkward6 days ago

    Are all millie's somewhat deaf?

  8. Marina Soliman

    Marina Soliman7 days ago

    I thought this dude was shyla laubouf lol (probably didn't spell his name right )

  9. Daniel Choi

    Daniel Choi8 days ago

    Jim Halpert, how far he has come

  10. Super Noodle

    Super Noodle8 days ago

    John Krasinski would make me want to learn 😂


    OBLIVION11 days ago

    isnt that jim halpert.

  12. AwesomeAna

    AwesomeAna11 days ago

    This is what happens if Pam married Roy.

  13. Ty Thirtyacre

    Ty Thirtyacre11 days ago

    RED Vanity Fair? 20 second non skippable ad! You money hungry scumbags!

  14. J Hong

    J Hong12 days ago

    Lantern breaking not first major sound John. You lyin


    BEAST KILLER RAI13 days ago

    Cool movie watched 3 times

  16. A.l. 176

    A.l. 17613 days ago

    okay. stop. Am I the only one who thinks that the Movie was reaaaaallyyy bad ?

  17. RGaming TV

    RGaming TV14 days ago

    Its so sad that john died in the movie

  18. Rutuja Sonavane

    Rutuja Sonavane15 days ago

    Brilliant movie! I was on my feet thoughout But Why, oh whhyy get pregnant during an apocalypse!!

  19. Leo Jobin

    Leo Jobin12 hours ago

    Rutuja Sonavane she was pregnant before

  20. Cody Risling

    Cody Risling16 days ago

    I love you john

  21. dannyobo

    dannyobo18 days ago

    Very good movie, exceeded any expectations I had beforehand, I'd love to see John in more serious Roles.

  22. Johnny Yates

    Johnny Yates19 days ago

    We are on the longest quiet streak in the office! We have been quiet for........ 457 days!

  23. Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ

    Dᴀɴɪᴇʟ25 days ago

    If my mom found out that I got a terrible grade on my test it doesn’t matter if we die if she makes a noise or not, She will pull out the chancla and smack me with it until the monsters hear it

  24. TheKingoncrack

    TheKingoncrack25 days ago

    I heard the actress has to sleep with him to get the part.😄😮

  25. Channel Channel

    Channel Channel26 days ago

    This is what would happen if Jim never met Pam

  26. 陳冠任

    陳冠任27 days ago

    I love how they take sounds out when we see through the little girl's perspective. I actually didn't see her hearing aid in the first scene, but realized she is deaf through the lack of sound during her shots. Great job!

  27. vzud8

    vzud827 days ago

    I Hate this girl..

  28. Markus Rochin

    Markus Rochin28 days ago

    But we already knew what happens when you make a sound. Did he forget about the scene where the deaf girl kills her brother?

  29. Michael L.

    Michael L.Month ago

    Excellent movie. John K. is amazing.

  30. jake o driscoll

    jake o driscollMonth ago

    Just do it

  31. Inderveer Singh

    Inderveer SinghMonth ago

    4:16 so those were play bales, not show bales.

  32. G D

    G DMonth ago

    The Passenger

  33. Ashley Zabrisky

    Ashley ZabriskyMonth ago

    He will always be jim

  34. Jeremias Abulafia

    Jeremias AbulafiaMonth ago

    “This is an actual old farm” S C H R U T E F A R M S

  35. M T

    M TMonth ago

    John Krasinski for Mr. Fantastic!!

  36. Potatelyn

    PotatelynMonth ago

    Ugh I wanna watch it so badly :/

  37. Nerf Irelia

    Nerf IreliaMonth ago

    John: If we stay quiet we won't die Kevin: Hold my candy bar

  38. winkipinky

    winkipinkyMonth ago

    You people should be ashamed of releasing this garbage! WTF!!! USE your brains next time you plan on making a movie.. total garbage!

  39. Bagpipes from Baghdad

    Bagpipes from BaghdadMonth ago

    Can you all leave the office behind? He probably hates that it is all people remember him by

  40. Sherry

    SherryMonth ago

    I was in the movies and when the lantern fell over everyone screamed 🤣

  41. That Guy Wade

    That Guy WadeMonth ago

    Chekhov's Gun = Kransinski's Latern

  42. Chris Colabella

    Chris ColabellaMonth ago

    Watching this I couldn't help but wonder about sneezing...

  43. ya boi yobby

    ya boi yobbyMonth ago

    How they harvest the corn??????

  44. Rubilized

    RubilizedMonth ago

    I got a Netflix birdbox ad xD


    MEME REVIEWMonth ago

    He looks so much like Shia LaBeouf

  46. Mikey M

    Mikey MMonth ago

    Good job Jim


    AURELIUSMonth ago

    Loved this movie, so well made. Joined my list of favs

  48. Leah Irvine 1745

    Leah Irvine 1745Month ago

    wow the office's silence i going a lot longer than i expected

  49. Carter Steele

    Carter SteeleMonth ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  50. RandomBlake

    RandomBlakeMonth ago


  51. seokkrrttt

    seokkrrtttMonth ago

    bruh i sobbed when u died

  52. jade watson

    jade watson2 months ago

    hi i'm jim

  53. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez2 months ago

    First big noise? So the boy dying in the beginning with the toy, isn't...... Hmm.....

  54. ɪᴛᴢ ʏᴏ sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ

    ɪᴛᴢ ʏᴏ sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ2 months ago

    Director and actor

  55. AHellReign

    AHellReign2 months ago

    Why do they have to stay quiet ?

  56. alisaahhz

    alisaahhz2 months ago

    If they make a noise a monster will eat them

  57. Elizabeth Nepia

    Elizabeth Nepia2 months ago

    One of my absolute favourite movies! ❤❤❤

  58. SkyFireSavers768 Roblox gamingz

    SkyFireSavers768 Roblox gamingz2 months ago

    just play monopoly, dont go outside, just play monopoly, SINS: how about the father scaveges for food and the mother babysits the children at the house

  59. memes_ 69

    memes_ 692 months ago

    Wait wasn’t this move called “A Dwight Place”

  60. Arjun_Singh

    Arjun_Singh2 months ago

    I heard “Hi I’m Jim Halbert”

  61. Sam R

    Sam R2 months ago

    Gotta love John

  62. Brenden

    Brenden2 months ago

    he is DADDY

  63. Europa Garcia

    Europa Garcia2 months ago

    I thought the monopoly game pieces were exchanged for softer pieces to reduce noise.

  64. naher samsun naher

    naher samsun naher2 months ago

    don't shave

  65. JigJig gt

    JigJig gt2 months ago

    Script for a quiet place: ...

  66. Sophi Sanchez

    Sophi Sanchez2 months ago

    Was he sad or mad when his person died?

  67. le brown

    le brown2 months ago

    "it's about a family that has to be silent in order to survive." ....My kids would be eaten within the first 20 seconds

  68. Daniel Byham

    Daniel Byham2 months ago

    He said this is the first time you see the effects of sound in the fiction but it was actually at the 10 minute mark with the rocket and this scene is 20 minutes into the movie.

  69. Iflip Over

    Iflip Over2 months ago

    So all the big snorers are dead?

  70. Ganda Gandara

    Ganda Gandara2 months ago

    This probably could've made a ton more money if they released it on Halloween or at any other time that the Avengers wasn't playing. duh?!

  71. Ross Watson

    Ross Watson2 months ago

    Did you kill Dwight and take your family to live on Shrute farms?

  72. Jay Prime

    Jay Prime2 months ago

    Hey I'm Mr Fantastic

  73. Aly Burr

    Aly Burr2 months ago

    It terrifies me that I kinda want to watch a horror movie now.

  74. Electric Goldfish

    Electric Goldfish2 months ago

    Where did the beets go? Why are they replaced with corn?

  75. Wendellmina Gaurino

    Wendellmina Gaurino2 months ago

    I'm calling it: A Quiet Place is gonna be nominated for sound design, original screenplay, editing, actress/actor in a leading role and possibly best director at this year's awards season.

  76. bork bork

    bork bork2 months ago

    i just realized the girl was deaf omg that's why she never talked

  77. Mental Patient

    Mental Patient2 months ago

    or she never talked so she doesn't die

  78. The Coleman Films

    The Coleman Films2 months ago

    I got an ad with Jenna Fischer before this video😂😂

  79. Sanguine Regis

    Sanguine Regis2 months ago

    This movie certainly had its flaws, but I absolutely love the concept behind it

  80. Crossout Tips and Tricks

    Crossout Tips and Tricks2 months ago

    Why do they need a lantern the barn is clearly lit up.

  81. Sarah Wang

    Sarah Wang2 months ago


  82. Jaxson Anderson

    Jaxson Anderson2 months ago

    Anyone here because of the office?

  83. Coozy Woozy

    Coozy Woozy2 months ago

    So proud of the comments The Office fam yeah 💜

  84. Lillie Miller

    Lillie Miller2 months ago

    Aka. Jim breaks down Dunder Mifflin’s sales tactics

  85. Fesh

    Fesh2 months ago

    😲😲Theory: this is a sequel to The Office!After Jim leaves the scranton Branch he leaves Pam and has kids BOOM end of the world he takes them all to Dwight's barn and lives out eventually sacrificing himself to save the kids!

  86. Robert McCutcheon

    Robert McCutcheon2 months ago

    I was trying to open my bag of candy during the movie and my girlfriend hit me because it was to loud

  87. Charls

    Charls2 months ago

    he legit looks like my geography teacher

  88. Lil Mitchell

    Lil Mitchell2 months ago

    I look at him and see Jim

  89. Anna Roig

    Anna Roig2 months ago

    Thank you for using a Deaf actor for a character that is Deaf!

  90. emelie m.

    emelie m.2 months ago

    i wanna watch a full breakdown of the film narrated by him

  91. AntiPossers

    AntiPossers2 months ago


  92. Yekyla Payne

    Yekyla Payne2 months ago

    I've been trying to figure out why he looks so familiar to me and then I realized he was on that show The Office

  93. Niightsky10

    Niightsky102 months ago

    What if you're sick and you need to sneeze or cough? Lol

  94. Roman

    Roman2 months ago

    i can only see him as jim

  95. RettØ

    RettØ2 months ago

    ... wtf Jim

  96. Polodingding

    Polodingding2 months ago


  97. Paty Salgado

    Paty Salgado2 months ago

    Jim ?

  98. jessica nicole

    jessica nicole2 months ago

    Out of all the scenes this is one that doesn’t needs much explaining

  99. Aurora Gortarez

    Aurora Gortarez2 months ago


  100. Aurora Gortarez

    Aurora Gortarez2 months ago

    i wonder how much dwight changed jim so that he had to move

  101. julianna moore

    julianna moore2 months ago

    i feel like it would be soo hard if you were deaf in a quiet place. because you have to know you have to hear if you are making sound.

  102. Sophieee Xxx

    Sophieee Xxx2 months ago

    What do u do if you need to go to the bathroom

  103. MjauDuuude

    MjauDuuude2 months ago

    Such a fantastic movie