John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair


  1. thecrazedKfangirl

    thecrazedKfangirl3 hours ago


  2. Riley Hempstead

    Riley Hempstead3 hours ago

    What is this rated?

  3. Rylee Reynolds

    Rylee Reynolds4 hours ago

    Off topic.. but god he looks good with that beard!

  4. The Raptor Pack

    The Raptor Pack7 hours ago

    I almost cried when John Krasinski died they did such a fantastic job showing the care and love of the family

  5. Heros Krew

    Heros Krew9 hours ago

    🔴 *A QUIET PLACE* fuII movie avaiIabIe here: [ ]

  6. VERU

    VERU13 hours ago

    Why couldn't the people form the movie just build a house near the waterfall? They could do whatever they want lol

  7. Jared S

    Jared S16 hours ago

    Why is Jim out here cheating on Pam

  8. Joseph Hoffman

    Joseph Hoffman17 hours ago

    Fantastic film! Easily one of my favorites to come out in recent years! Can't wait to see more films by him!!!

  9. Angeline L

    Angeline L17 hours ago

    The cinema was really quiet when I watched it, and I literally had to let the popcorn soften in my mouth before actually biting into it so that it wouldn't make a sound. Whenever an intense scene finishes, I could hear the audiences' sighs of relief. That's how much the audience was 'in the movie', and I feel like that's what makes this movie special.

  10. leia claudette

    leia claudette17 hours ago

    cried a lot lmao

  11. Danny Eden

    Danny Eden17 hours ago

    What if it took place on shrute farms

  12. Reylene K

    Reylene K19 hours ago

    It was such an amazing movie! Everyone did so fantastic in it!

  13. Linda Williams

    Linda Williams20 hours ago

    John looks like wreck it ralph

  14. Kevin Xu

    Kevin Xu20 hours ago

    They shoot on film! Film really can bring excellent colors and atmosphere to the pictures.

  15. Harambe Jr

    Harambe Jr21 hour ago

    A quiet place is the best horror movie that has been made in the last 15 years

  16. Oliver Watts

    Oliver Watts23 hours ago

    God, this film had so much dumb in it.

  17. Blaze Reaper of Death

    Blaze Reaper of DeathDay ago

    your movie had more holes in it than swiss cheese

  18. MsTwisted

    MsTwistedDay ago

    I didn’t want to move during this movie😭😭

  19. Yung Gunshot

    Yung GunshotDay ago

    Take a shot every time he says tension

  20. Monique Shorten

    Monique ShortenDay ago

    I saw this last night and I was absolutely blown away! Great movie!

  21. FireLord 696

    FireLord 696Day ago

    I was about to jump out of my seat when Bo died that’s how good this film is

  22. Lilac Smile

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  23. Sarah Lovell

    Sarah LovellDay ago

    Excellent job Krasinski. This deserves an oscar.

  24. Max Collins

    Max CollinsDay ago

    Anyone else get the *A Quiet Place* ad before the movie played in the cinema to make all cinemas a quite place?

  25. Max Collins

    Max CollinsDay ago

    I usually dislike horror movies but I enjoyed this. I tend to prefer seeing the scare coming yet still get the horror effect and *A quite Place* did so perfectly. Also the only movie and cinema I’ve been too that is actually quite. No noise what so ever but the ad before hand probly did that effect.

  26. Dav Silva

    Dav SilvaDay ago

    My favorite scene of the movie

  27. Just Call Me Annie

    Just Call Me AnnieDay ago

    LOVE him!

  28. Crimson Arbiter

    Crimson ArbiterDay ago

    For me this movie was even better than the IT remake

  29. Alexitty _

    Alexitty _Day ago

    This brought me tears and scares

  30. Connie Rosas

    Connie RosasDay ago

    As soon as he said “she’s actually deaf and it was non negotiable to cast someone who wasn’t deaf” I said “that’s it John wins all movie awards” we get so many movies that cast people to play people they can’t relate to. People with special needs need their opportunity to be in movies that have a special needs character! All applause for John and his amazing movie 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️❤️

  31. Kay Olive

    Kay OliveDay ago

    wow he explains this so well oh my gosh

  32. Carolina Alonso

    Carolina AlonsoDay ago

    This movie made me cry so much

  33. EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGuns

    EdwardNygsandDantePlasticGunsDay ago

    Tra Tra Tra Tra Tra Trannywood

  34. Bob McBryde

    Bob McBrydeDay ago

    Love everything about this movie! One of my all time faves. Can't wait for Bluray. Wonderfully done!

  35. Sarah Grace

    Sarah GraceDay ago

    Soo No one talks in the movie at all?

  36. Mack M

    Mack MDay ago

    Our Polish Brother!!! Great Film!!!

  37. Shawn Kennedy

    Shawn KennedyDay ago

    That wasn’t the first nose, first was the rocket ship

  38. CHEE- RIOS

    CHEE- RIOSDay ago

    Just gonna say the silence and tension in the theatre was on point

  39. Paulina Tejada

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  40. EthalaRide

    EthalaRideDay ago

    Do NOT get milk duds if you go to see this movie. I did and couldn't freaking eat them because they are *so loud* in that box. I had to dump them all into a napkin and I felt like I was about to die it was so loud.

  41. Seung Choe

    Seung Choe2 days ago

    No one is gonna comment that his shirt is see-through?

  42. Darrell Mercado

    Darrell Mercado2 days ago

    ===================== A Quiet Place (2018) fULL mOVIE =====**=====** ===*** Haga Clic Aqui☛ I just want to share to you all movie lovers.

  43. Alexie Goble

    Alexie Goble2 days ago

    I loved this movie. It was amazing. But my friends and I had to step out of the theater when the boy ran into the tire. It was very sudden, so it made us laugh even though it was horrible that he ran into the tire.

  44. Quite Cameron

    Quite Cameron2 days ago

    Clicked on this video faster than I shut my mouth when the opening credits of this movie started.

  45. cliffaconda

    cliffaconda2 days ago

    he did such a good job

  46. Dudie with a hoodie

    Dudie with a hoodie2 days ago

    My new instant favorite movie! It came out like 2 weeks ago and I've watched it like 5 times!



    This is just Jim's extended vacation in Schrute farms. Mose is actually the monster.

  48. lana banana

    lana banana2 days ago

    how the monsters could not hear their heartbeats is what i’m wondering

  49. Reylo BitchForever

    Reylo BitchForever2 days ago

    The movie was so great and so awesome!! I watched it twice, i wish i was able to watch it everyday tho but it costs money XD cant wait till it will be available online!

  50. Lord chin chin Desu

    Lord chin chin Desu2 days ago

    I got scared by the sound of the river

  51. haidir wasli

    haidir wasli2 days ago

    i love him in Chuck

  52. Stephanie Martinez Lima

    Stephanie Martinez Lima2 days ago

    SPOILER ALERT: 2:01 But... Wasn't the first big noise the toy rocket? That was the reason the little girl was discovered by the monsters. The rocket made a huge noise in my opinion, and I think the lantern breaking is the second big sound we hear. :)

  53. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez2 days ago

    Proud of you big tuna

  54. Utopia Lord

    Utopia Lord2 days ago

    So is Emily really pregnant with their baby.

  55. Caleb Horton

    Caleb Horton2 days ago

    My biggest problem with this movie is its over-reliance on jump scares. That was unavoidable considering anything louder than complete silence would be startling, but it ultimately diminished the scares that were present. I shouldn’t have to be startled in order to be scared. I still liked the movie, I just thought it could have been stronger.

  56. War Zone

    War Zone2 days ago

    Nice movie!

  57. Lianna Tamez

    Lianna Tamez2 days ago

    Not to insult anyone, but I feel like if you dont consider this movie horror then you just arent intelligent enough to understand it. He said the movie was about family. Which it is. Its much more in depth then just loud noises and things startling you like in most horror films. In this film there is true horror, true fear. A mother and a father desperately trying to keep their family safe. Really you have to imagine yourself in this life or death situation to really sense the fear thats in this movie. Its not meant to STARTLE you. Its meant to make you feel.. As if you are really there. So it is a horror film. Probably the best one ever made because as I said its way more in depth then just loud noises. Its a true fear that every single one of us can relate to. Its art.. imagine a situation where your family is in danger and its up to you to protect them, any of us would be terrified.

  58. Rose Bailey

    Rose Bailey2 days ago

    Ok but the little girl actor is so adorable😂 like baby adorable😂

  59. Lily DeCataldo

    Lily DeCataldo2 days ago

    I love this movie so much but I have a question. I. The middle of the movie why did they old man start screaming I was so confused

  60. Makaylah Turner

    Makaylah Turner2 days ago

    I'm glad to see that he meant for this film to be about family because that's totally what I felt. Told my family I cried when I saw it and they didn't understand because they just thought it was another horror film.

  61. Audrisaline 2.0

    Audrisaline 2.02 days ago

    this movie changed my perspective on everything

  62. Mot Carrion

    Mot Carrion2 days ago

    The kids were really great in this. The whole movie was awesome, played out like a nice short story. Thanks!

  63. s h o o k e t h m c q u a k i n g t o n

    s h o o k e t h m c q u a k i n g t o n2 days ago

    Jim watcha doing here.... go back to the office.

  64. Exclusive  Laurxn

    Exclusive Laurxn2 days ago

    I swear I’m obsessed with everything about this movie! Even though there was a few jump scares 😂 I still loved it and I could watch it again ❤️

  65. Thomas Vanneck

    Thomas Vanneck2 days ago

    This movie was amazing. I loved it. I encourage everyone to see it

  66. xPotato Lordx

    xPotato Lordx3 days ago

    It sucked that the room was so quite, couldn't even eat my Reece's pieces with out sounding like a Trex chomping down on some bones

  67. Cinematic Theatre

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  68. Lala Sparkle

    Lala Sparkle3 days ago

    My future kids about to be learning sign language before speaking im sorry but if this happen ooooooooh ( also haven't watched the movie yet but i really want too)

  69. David Nuh Omar

    David Nuh Omar3 days ago

    ok... now i want to watch it again..

  70. rainyroyale

    rainyroyale3 days ago

    How did they deal with the screaming babies?

  71. Lily Janetsky

    Lily Janetsky3 days ago

    it was almost as if the audience was in this "quiet place" dimension since making a single sound like a cough or if you even just barely crinkled a bag you'd get stared at and it just felt so tense in the theater. amazing heavy effects, john krasinski is a true genius.

  72. Lexie Wilson

    Lexie Wilson3 days ago

    I also LOVE that they used an actress who is deaf because it's soo important to have representation. Her acting was AMAZING as well so she totally deserved this role! But I just love that they did this, it's important that everyone has representation. Deaf people, Black people, Disabled people, Latino's, etc. and there's so much room for it so I just love that he did this for her and the community! We are ALL better for it.

  73. Lexie Wilson

    Lexie Wilson3 days ago

    I just LOVE movies and this entire video reminded me why.

  74. Bruise Knee

    Bruise Knee3 days ago

    what shirt is John wearing?

  75. CRNR00

    CRNR003 days ago

    its more of an action thriller than horror

  76. Hansolexo

    Hansolexo3 days ago

    Time for Marvel Studios to cast John Krasinksi as Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic and his real life wife co-star Emily blunt as Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman. Do it! and give us a good Fantastic Four!

  77. ThaKenMan

    ThaKenMan3 days ago

    This movie was amazing!!! I felt so guilty eating popcorn cuz it was so loud compared to the movie. Such an emersive experience.

  78. Beef plays

    Beef plays3 days ago

    Couldn't even eat my nachos while watching this movie because when I ate one everyone within 30 feet looked at me

  79. Rana Nuito

    Rana Nuito3 days ago

    You lie Krasinski...this was NOT the first loud noise in the movie ;)

  80. Alex

    Alex3 days ago

    Rest In Peace every Latino family 😂

  81. theblaze Within

    theblaze Within3 days ago

    Such a boring movie

  82. flamengishta

    flamengishta3 days ago

    PLEASE DON'T APOLOGIZE for making a movie that is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-family. All the SJWs (who easily pass as the monsters of this world) are going to shame you and Emily. PLEASE don't give into their insane PC culture.

  83. Chris Toro

    Chris Toro3 days ago

    Water Fall

  84. Javier Campos

    Javier Campos3 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if Michael Scott was sent to realm of “a quiet place”

  85. BoxOf64Crayons

    BoxOf64Crayons3 days ago

    wasn't the first sound we heard the spaceship?

  86. Ashley Carpenter

    Ashley Carpenter3 days ago

    Idk what's worse...the monsters or that freaking nail >.

  87. KathNichss 06

    KathNichss 063 days ago

    Thats the scene i thought the monster was gonna attack them.. I was wrong.

  88. Lucas Barran

    Lucas Barran3 days ago

    I mean, it was an original idea But the movie sucked

  89. Joyce Tan

    Joyce Tan3 days ago

    Oh my gosh what if you’re a loud snorer???

  90. TheBookReviewer

    TheBookReviewer3 days ago

    Personally, I felt a quiet place was more of a thriller than a horror. Still a good movie though.

  91. Caitlin

    Caitlin3 days ago

    This was the worst film to eat popcorn while watching in a packed cinema

  92. Mei Tan

    Mei Tan3 days ago

    Everyone made no sound, no phones were on, no coughs, no sneezes, no nothing.. the only thing loud was the sound of the movie nextdoor lol

  93. Sikki Nixx

    Sikki Nixx3 days ago

    Finally someone caring about family about a real family this is a good movie about good people overcoming this is the opposite of liberal lies and evil

  94. thot kush

    thot kush3 days ago

    I don’t remember this episode of the office

  95. Princess Consuela

    Princess Consuela3 days ago

    I could probably survive but my kid would get me killed asap.

  96. Ay Enigma

    Ay Enigma3 days ago

    Couldn’t even open chips or open my bottle of sprite without being the loudest in the theatre 💀

  97. youmeandi100

    youmeandi1003 days ago

    Jim talk fast !

  98. Eric Langfield

    Eric Langfield3 days ago

    Jim Halbert = GOAT

  99. Marlon Rojas

    Marlon Rojas3 days ago

    Love this movie

  100. Roland Herbert

    Roland Herbert3 days ago

    Loved this bts insight.