John Krasinski Breaks Down A Quiet Place's Lantern Scene | Notes on a Scene | Vanity Fair


  1. Dean Workman

    Dean Workman6 hours ago

    My issue is how were the monsters able to move through the woods so fast w/o being able to see?

  2. robert haibi

    robert haibi23 hours ago

    Absolutely incredible film.

  3. Darcy Neagle

    Darcy NeagleDay ago

    Just watched this last night 👌👌💜💜

  4. Chris Alexan

    Chris AlexanDay ago

    John was a great actor in the film 🎥

  5. Josiah Haas

    Josiah HaasDay ago

    Blind people would hate this movie

  6. autismo

    autismoDay ago

    ik shes deaf but she cant feel the monsters stompin around? theyre pretty heavy and fast about it

  7. dynamix_ 956

    dynamix_ 956Day ago

    Where are pam and Dwight

  8. Fredcjgames58

    Fredcjgames58Day ago

    Bad day at the office

  9. PC N0ob

    PC N0obDay ago

    Was it Shrute farm

  10. AlexzanderVL

    AlexzanderVLDay ago

    the first noise was the toy space shuttle though and we got the consequences of it right there alright

  11. tara thelen

    tara thelenDay ago

    Jonh did such an amzing job at this movie. I hope i can be a filmaker like him

  12. Death Lps

    Death Lps2 days ago

    Omg plz he needs to make more movies

  13. Strydex

    Strydex2 days ago

    I bet the set was made in Dwight’s barn

  14. Big N I B B A

    Big N I B B A2 days ago

    Where’s Dwight

  15. Alex Misiunas

    Alex Misiunas2 days ago

    Ugh the movie was SO good. It's now one of my favorites. Was amazingly well done.

  16. GamerGirl DIY

    GamerGirl DIY2 days ago

    Noah Jupe is so Cute❤️

  17. Natalie N.

    Natalie N.2 days ago

    And all Dwight thought you'd do was sell paper...

  18. I Am Groot

    I Am Groot3 days ago

    I can’t wait to see the next film he directs

  19. The Weasel named Nick

    The Weasel named Nick3 days ago

    Why those kids need a lantern in a pretty bright room with all light bulbs and candles?

  20. A'Bre House

    A'Bre House3 days ago

    It’s so interesting that they shot on film

  21. Sienna Cullimore

    Sienna Cullimore3 days ago

    Let's be real. We were all completely silent in the theatre because we were scared of making noise.

  22. Trevor Negron

    Trevor Negron3 days ago

    They did a whole movie without talking

  23. Dajanell Johnson

    Dajanell Johnson4 days ago

    Good movie.

  24. Steve Gao

    Steve Gao4 days ago

    Shout out to these two kids you picked, they are super stars in the rising

  25. Eskali

    Eskali4 days ago

    I really loved this except for the weaknes of the monsters... doesnt seem to make any sense why humanity seems near extinction when all it needed was to find a certain frequency to stop them. Still enjoyed the movie up until the end. Gj jon!

  26. Brock Lesnar 2020

    Brock Lesnar 20205 days ago

    Sup Jim

  27. Marpeah

    Marpeah6 days ago

    This movie was so well written and directed. I absolutely loved it and I loved how emotional the ending was. I rarely cry during movies but I definitely cried during this one.

  28. Thalia Arias

    Thalia Arias6 days ago

    This movie game me nightmares for like 3 days straight.

  29. Kate Bauer Art

    Kate Bauer Art6 days ago

    It was an interesting movie, but a few things frustrated me throughout. Why didn't they live nearer the river/running water? No one really tried high frequency to kill or debilitate these things before they took over? What group just leaves the youngest to trail behind when there are killing monsters around....He'd surely be in the middle or holding a parents hand? I feel like I'd sat through that really silent, suspenseful movie, and then was robbed of the ending. Instead it just cut to black...That aside, I thought the actors were great and really believable.

  30. Dzhkv

    Dzhkv7 days ago

    No, you are Jim

  31. Stank Tony

    Stank Tony8 days ago

    I want him to play Reed Richards in the next mcu fantastic 4 movies.


    LION KING8 days ago

    John I love Ur movie called 13 hours it's one of my favorite ones so far☠️☠️🔫😉

  33. Atreyu Andrews

    Atreyu Andrews8 days ago

    ‘The Silence’ by Tim Lebbon.

  34. Anubrat Kumar

    Anubrat Kumar9 days ago

    u had electricity without a power cut so how was kerosene lamp even required /has any 2000 kid anyone even seen a real one ?

  35. Rhalia

    Rhalia9 days ago

    John? Pfft more like Jim.

  36. Ethan Albrecht

    Ethan Albrecht10 days ago

    I came here for Jim

  37. Lisa Adler

    Lisa Adler10 days ago

    I 💓 this movie and I truly hope to see more directed by Jhon Burke Krasinski. This movie was amazing artistically.

  38. Jake  Cook

    Jake Cook11 days ago

    This film was fantastic. Really enjoyed it and thought its idea was outstanding, and it was executed well

  39. EBlu3 NeCr0

    EBlu3 NeCr012 days ago

    Lol the monsters in this movie look like Kha'Zix xD

  40. Enrique Garza

    Enrique Garza12 days ago

    I remember waiting for the loudest and moments to try and open my candy and drink my drink in the theater 😂😂

  41. Yuju Ti

    Yuju Ti12 days ago

    I just finished the whole series of The Office. This looks like Jim Halper making a sales presentation to me. I bet John Krasinski would probably hate to see this comment because The Office is ancient history to him and he is talking about this latest project that he is doubling as actor and director, but I can't help!

  42. Mr Logical

    Mr Logical12 days ago


  43. Sigh Phi Guy

    Sigh Phi Guy13 days ago

    this movie is far superior to Get Out. cant believe that crap got an oscar.

  44. Jacob DeMond

    Jacob DeMond14 days ago

    Shut up jim

  45. Athena GM

    Athena GM14 days ago

    I enjoyed this movie. But what I enjoyed more was the film score.

  46. Kaylin Simmons

    Kaylin Simmons14 days ago

    I think it’s really cool how he’s a director of a great horror movie, and that himself and his wife were involved in the acting to. It’s also cool how he explained the details in the background and how everything has a story behind it. (the next sentence Has spoilers) Also, having the youngest son die and not being able to morn about it causes great sadness to me. If I could give this movie a rating, I’d give it, with no hesitation, a 5 out of 5. 👏

  47. Mclovin1ladizman

    Mclovin1ladizman15 days ago

    BIG TUNA!!

  48. zee matt

    zee matt15 days ago

    I felt like cryin when he died

  49. Angel García

    Angel García15 days ago

    The only good movie of the deacde.

  50. na ni

    na ni15 days ago

    Question which bear is best

  51. Meme Central

    Meme Central16 days ago

    Wait where’s Dwight lul

  52. TH Central

    TH Central16 days ago

    What about having a baby and it crying when it’s born

  53. ExScyther

    ExScyther16 days ago

    ... ... ... **YAHTZEE!!** *dies*

  54. Serprizebuttsecks

    Serprizebuttsecks17 days ago

    My mum falls asleep during every movie, it doesn't matter what it is, it could be sci-fi, drama, Rom-com anything even the biggest loudest Michael bay-est film in existence she'll fall asleep in the first 10 minutes. The fact she stayed awake during the whole film and was literally glued to the screen and story despite it almost being a silent movie is testament to how good a story this is!

  55. Daniel

    Daniel17 days ago

    I hate the girl. She messed up the family.

  56. No Name

    No Name17 days ago

    Never got why they have absolutely anything in the various shelves in the house. There are kids around, it's inevitable something will get knocked off and make a noise

  57. Flyawaymouse HD

    Flyawaymouse HD17 days ago

    And all shot on Schrute Farms

  58. RoboSaurus

    RoboSaurus18 days ago

    I love John and his process of thinking but I think this movie was more average than I thought it would be

  59. Apple Juice

    Apple Juice18 days ago

    All I hear is Jim

  60. Mark Richardson

    Mark Richardson18 days ago

    The reason this film is so good is the same reason the first Jurassic Park movie is so good. It's a drama that just happens to take place in the horror genre.

  61. Chris Al E

    Chris Al E19 days ago

    i didn't know Jim had interest in cinematography.

  62. Theo Claassens

    Theo Claassens20 days ago

    But why didn't they just move to live close to the waterfall?

  63. Arai Luke

    Arai Luke20 days ago

    I cant wait

  64. YourLocalDominic

    YourLocalDominic20 days ago

    My mom and sister talked more during the movie than the actors in the movie spoke

  65. Hippoboy-_- gaming

    Hippoboy-_- gaming21 day ago

    The office

  66. iamdmc

    iamdmc23 days ago

    Tuna tuna tuna...

  67. Luigi

    Luigi23 days ago

    this movie made me feel like i was in a library

  68. Nuclear Pomegranate

    Nuclear Pomegranate24 days ago

    John Krasinski is so handsome :)

  69. TheBigBad Fuzzzy

    TheBigBad Fuzzzy24 days ago

    John is gorgeous

  70. Anya Reshetnikova

    Anya Reshetnikova27 days ago

    the lantern scene is kinda dumb though... they have access to the electricity and still give their kids a lantern instead of a lamp. why would you? the main thing in the movie is that ultrasound can almost kill monsters. why then scientists didn't think of it in a first place?? it would be the first assumption of any doctor or scientist. the whole concept was ruined when I started thinking about it more...

  71. Underwatch

    Underwatch28 days ago

    Isn’t the first sound made is by the rocket ship with the kid..


    POLY ROYAL29 days ago

    John should direct his own movie if hes a superhero

  73. Andrew Shea

    Andrew Shea29 days ago

    That lantern in a theatre was a nuclear bomb

  74. Kate Brown

    Kate BrownMonth ago

    I liked it but it was really akward... espetily if you have to cough

  75. Scorcher XX

    Scorcher XXMonth ago

    What if someone snored?

  76. Gabe Sawyer

    Gabe SawyerMonth ago

    John krasinski is such a funny person in the office that it's hard to image him in a horror movie

  77. Martin

    MartinMonth ago

    My teacher wishes that the monsters were real so we can keep quiet

  78. Waffle Chipotle

    Waffle ChipotleMonth ago

    Jim is that you...... where is Pam? DID THEY GET HER!!!

  79. MrMetallidude

    MrMetallidudeMonth ago

    Love this movie. It takes a true genius to make a film genuinely frightening, by practically removing sounds. If one manages to raise a very high tension by doing so, one has succeeded. The fact that the characters needed to be silent, made this film terrifying most of the time. Besides, the design of the creatures is phenomenal and the general idea of this film.

  80. Many Worlds

    Many WorldsMonth ago

    This movie was devastatingly good. I finished watching it like 20 minutes ago and still have goosebumps.

  81. THE NERD

    THE NERDMonth ago

    The first horror film ive ever watched. *I don't regret it*

  82. The Wandering Soul

    The Wandering Soul16 days ago

    See the others next,you'll love it,it was one of my firsts as well.

  83. Harley Quinn

    Harley QuinnMonth ago

    Great film! Him and his wife are great actors and such an attractive couple❤️

  84. capowable

    capowableMonth ago

    Omg. I haven't seen this movie. Neither have I heard of it. Definetely watching now.

  85. Lucas Laconic

    Lucas LaconicMonth ago


  86. Lindsay Carvalho

    Lindsay CarvalhoMonth ago

    He hasn’t aged. At all. I honestly think he’ll still look 30 when he dies.

  87. Will Biggs-Lovell

    Will Biggs-LovellMonth ago

    when that lantern fell I held my breath as if I was there. I think this movie will be a is so clever and unique...loved it.

  88. Sona Aher

    Sona AherMonth ago

    Movies is superb

  89. Chris Rose

    Chris RoseMonth ago

    Hate vanity but i do enjoy john

  90. t r a s h

    t r a s hMonth ago

    Dwight likes it quiet

  91. Jacob Barringer

    Jacob BarringerMonth ago

    I loved you in the office

  92. Anja

    AnjaMonth ago

    Don't go to this movie if you have even a slight cold, I desperately waited for the aliens to come so I could cough again

  93. king of clubs

    king of clubsMonth ago

    Umm...had the first 10 minutes not been established in production yet? They make ir VERY clear what happens if you make too much noise, a good bit before this scene.

  94. arryharry

    arryharryMonth ago

    FALSE - there was so much noise in this film the title is stupid and illogical. FACT.

  95. Musikality

    MusikalityMonth ago

    Having a deeper more personal theme as the main idea behind a film usually makes it more emotional and interesting.

  96. Nerdy Scoop

    Nerdy ScoopMonth ago

    Awesome Analysis! Fellow movie fans we just posted our review up on ! Let us know how you think

  97. jayvee aborido

    jayvee aboridoMonth ago

    One of the all time best movies👌

  98. YourAverageGuy

    YourAverageGuyMonth ago

    Watched this in the cinema and i heard everyone breathing

  99. Soul Munk

    Soul MunkMonth ago

    I am just focusing on his pecs coming through the sheer shirt fabric

  100. Ken walker

    Ken walkerMonth ago

    Why a lantern if they have electricity?

  101. Nikola Radev

    Nikola RadevMonth ago

    The movie isn't meant to be realistic, but as realistic as possible - keep that in mind~ Thinking of all the random sounds you could involuntarily make it would be impossible to survive for a long period of time; impossible to pro-create, etc. I wonder why they never tried distracting sounds - such as throwing a heavy rock in the opposite of their direction; or establishing themselves near a place with constant loud noise such as the waterfall - where they could have a higher chance of survival = etc.