Jim Gaffigan Turned His Wife's Brain Tumor Scare into Comedy


  1. Michael Versant

    Michael Versant3 months ago

    LOL, 2 hour mri...."write down these jokes!" lol....stong and funny woman :)

  2. J D

    J D3 months ago

    Gaffigan has a show tonight in San Antonio but my girl couldnt get off work in time to make it so im missing out. Hes on right this second. Saw him last year sitting in the 4th row and he was damn funny.

  3. Daniel Johnston

    Daniel Johnston5 months ago

    Anesthesiologist, the second most important guy in the OR!

  4. Daniel Johnston

    Daniel Johnston5 months ago

    Great for your wife Jim! So glad she's ok.

  5. john mccarthy

    john mccarthy10 months ago

    Jim and Seth who's the male here ??

  6. caremell

    caremellYear ago

    now it reminded he had a joke about hey it is not brain surgery what the brain surgeons say hey it is not talking to women

  7. Vincent

    VincentYear ago

    I came for an interview and what I got was a comedy routine. Score!

  8. IW Nunn

    IW NunnYear ago

    The guy def has a gift

  9. Mike Wilson

    Mike WilsonYear ago

    They TOTALLY sit there with their phones. Not kidding

  10. Saul Feldman

    Saul FeldmanYear ago

    Is it just me or is seth's laugh obviously fake?

  11. madwilliamflint

    madwilliamflintYear ago

    Jesus he's gotten fatter.

  12. Alli E

    Alli E8 months ago

    well hes like 53 so that makes sense

  13. Pavel Adamek

    Pavel AdamekYear ago

    I know it is a joke... but anesthesiology is actually more complex than just putting the mask on the face. The process and "amount" has to be determined based on the diagnosis, weight, medical condition of the patient, duration of the operation or blood flow based on what is being operated on. Heart surgery is waaay different than deviated septum etc. Some people may think that this branch of medicine is about "is he sleeping? okay, now make sure he does not wake up".

  14. BunnyGalore

    BunnyGaloreYear ago

    What a blessing. So, happy for Jeannie.

  15. Steven Watson

    Steven WatsonYear ago

    His wife is a saint!

  16. timothyfloogle

    timothyfloogleYear ago

    they can actually say hey its not rocket science!

  17. CalLadyQED

    CalLadyQEDYear ago

    timothyfloogle Mitchell and Webb did a sketch on that years ago. It was hilarious

  18. Marty Matney

    Marty MatneyYear ago

    Who would trust the surgeon that says "So I'm going to be doing your brain surgery today, but I'll be honest I'm bad at my job?"

  19. Courtney Sorrento

    Courtney SorrentoYear ago

    So glad Jeanne is okay!!!!

  20. Adrian Buenrostro

    Adrian BuenrostroYear ago

    And this is why Jim is my favorite comedian

  21. Dung Bucket

    Dung BucketYear ago

    At first I was like I thought he was dead. But then I realized I was thinking of Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

  22. BYToady

    BYToadyYear ago

    If you look at his wife's MRI you can actually see the tumor jokes forming.

  23. Fabian

    FabianYear ago

    Bill Cosby would kill the anesthesiologist contest.

  24. Goahead

    GoaheadYear ago

    He's so good!

  25. KTGetc

    KTGetcYear ago

    Really curious who the surgeon was - my sister had a brain tumor removed by the best brain surgeon in the world eight years ago and I'm wondering if the rankings have changed. Is Dr Waziri still on top? Has some young upstart claimed his crown? The world needs to know!

  26. Glideslopes

    GlideslopesYear ago

    Wow, haven't heard Seth laugh so much in a long time. Great interview.

  27. chapinero017

    chapinero017Year ago

    I guess not only did that skilled brain surgeon removed your wife's tumor, but your wedding ring as well.... COME ON JIM!

  28. 51Saffron

    51SaffronYear ago

    What. Maybe he doesn't wear one My husband doesn't. No big deal, and nor do I

  29. Abbys Monologues

    Abbys MonologuesYear ago

    impressive - cause it's brain surgery

  30. Name of the Rose

    Name of the RoseYear ago

    I thought he was going to say, if you don't have a sense of humor about it, you'd just end up curled up in a ball weeping and vomiting.

  31. Myra Littlefield

    Myra LittlefieldYear ago

    Can confirm this :)

  32. TheAudiotinker

    TheAudiotinkerYear ago

    A lot of ppl chose anesthesiology for the money, but the malpractice insurance is through the roof expensive. I don't know why I'm telling random strangers this 😂

  33. zyxwut321

    zyxwut321Year ago

    Why not? :)

  34. Bavel Singh

    Bavel SinghYear ago

    Seth was enjoying himself

  35. colly beans

    colly beansYear ago

    Strange angle on that. Surgeons are exactly the ones should compete if anyone one should. I think he's taking it a bit far, almost to the point of being a little exploitative of his wifes' terminal illness hahaha... involuntarily funny... maybe they are approaching the edge of what you can joke about without it taste becoming too bitter. I find that whole "there's nothing you can't joke about" thing, very demonstrative. or maybe it's just backlashes at those fucking media outlets that seem way too sensitive. idk, maybe im the one being too sensitive. ricky g,, louis ck ect.. they all seems to get away with it gracefully though... I have only ever watch this bit with jim gaffigan so is he worth checking out? be honest, fanatics pls restrain from commenting. deadbrains

  36. Francis Condon

    Francis CondonYear ago

    colly beans he's hilarious but really family friendly, it's amazing how he can make a joke so funny without swearing or making it at the expense of someone. check out Netflix he's got tons of specials on there

  37. DK Kempion

    DK KempionYear ago

    No ring... she's dead.

  38. Altorin

    AltorinYear ago

    Do you know what they do with bad brain surgeons? They make him run for president and then put him in charge of the department of housing and urban development

  39. Steve27775

    Steve27775Year ago

    "Tumor comedy"? Come on, Seth. That was a perfect opportunity to say "tumor humor."

  40. Myra Littlefield

    Myra LittlefieldYear ago

    Tumor and Humor most definitely rhyme. The whole word doesn't have to be the same, just the sound at the end and preferably the number of syllables. Say it out loud. They rhyme.

  41. Bhatt Hole

    Bhatt HoleYear ago

    guitarman0365 is clearly one of those people with self-induced irritable-bowel-syndrome.

  42. Janinho897

    Janinho897Year ago


  43. Bradley J

    Bradley JYear ago

    you must be fun at parties

  44. guitarman0365

    guitarman0365Year ago

    well it does not rhyme so why would it be funny? Humor is pronounced HUGH mor not WHO mer. To me it would of been a lame forced joke that does not really actually work.

  45. tinaloveseddie

    tinaloveseddieYear ago

    When life throws you cancer, some other shocking disease or life tragedy.... you have to find that dark humor or light side....gives you hope.🌈

  46. DK Dempcey Knight DK

    DK Dempcey Knight DKYear ago

    Love me some Jim. So glad his wife has recovered!

  47. Andres Jimenez

    Andres JimenezYear ago

    brain pocket

  48. Harbird Boo

    Harbird BooYear ago

    Uh...why doesn't this have more likes?!

  49. Marco Rocha

    Marco RochaYear ago

    Andres Jimenez te mamaste

  50. Angela Sealana

    Angela SealanaYear ago

    Andres Jimenez award for best comment 🏆

  51. Dumb As A Moose

    Dumb As A MooseYear ago

    Is it me or is Jim Gaffigan starting to look like Tom Papa?

  52. SailorRalph

    SailorRalphYear ago

    Nurse anesthetists are usually administering the sedation.

  53. Im Right U’re Wrong

    Im Right U’re WrongYear ago

    This is too funny

  54. Jordan Jones

    Jordan JonesYear ago

    jimmy would've asked about the brain tumor than faked laughed right after and said "that's some good stuff"

  55. Cris Franco

    Cris FrancoYear ago

    This guy's the best. Love his smart but gentile take on life's many absurdities. Thanks for the laughs, Jim. I'm a fan!

  56. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos NinjaYear ago

    Why does anyone have to be the best?

  57. Huff Homes

    Huff HomesYear ago

    Hey, not all humor is Jew humor.

  58. Ann Chovey

    Ann ChoveyYear ago

    You know you are a talented comedian when you don't have to resort to blue humor and vulgarity to get a laugh.

  59. JP Fragoso

    JP FragosoYear ago

    What kind of person leaves a 2 hour MRI and says "Write these jokes down"..... Jim, don't you dare ever leave this woman...

  60. Wrath91

    Wrath9110 months ago

    14 years!

  61. Farzaan Ali

    Farzaan AliYear ago

    Jim would never leave her because he said she has a great sense of humour, something many women lack

  62. Gemma Pettersen

    Gemma PettersenYear ago

    I guess if you're a comedian and someone says "Here, lie here for 2 hours, but you can't move or fall asleep" you pretty much a mental writing session

  63. Angela Sealana

    Angela SealanaYear ago

    JP Fragoso 🤣

  64. zyxwut321

    zyxwut321Year ago

    I think he's pretty aware he married up. WAAAYYY up! And he's as decent a guy who's in show business these days.

  65. aAron169

    aAron169Year ago

    I'm pretty sure not ALL brain surgeons are good - have you seen Ben Carson speak??? #MyLuggage !

  66. Edward Tan

    Edward TanYear ago

    aAron169 he was good at being a brain surgeon though

  67. Gustin TV

    Gustin TVYear ago

    lol good point.

  68. BigMikeMcBastard

    BigMikeMcBastardYear ago

    Antesthesiologists make good money, and have an excellent lifestyle.

  69. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos NinjaYear ago

    Yeah they're the highest paid. I went to 2 anesthesiologists' house and it was the most beautiful I've been to.

  70. Farzaan Ali

    Farzaan AliYear ago

    BigMikeMcBastard nobody cares

  71. nathan clark

    nathan clarkYear ago

    They send the bad brain surgeons to the VA hospitals

  72. RanDM C

    RanDM CYear ago

    The best comedians are those who can see humor in the endless black abyss of life.

  73. zack allen

    zack allenYear ago


  74. Heath McCasland

    Heath McCaslandYear ago

    Tragedy + Time = Comedy

  75. Frasereder236

    Frasereder236Year ago

    We always say "It's not brain surgery.." for something thats easy.... What brain surgeons say when something is easy? "I mean its not like talking to women."

  76. Anne-droid

    Anne-droidYear ago

    No, he's saying a successful brain surgeon has a hard time getting laid a second time. =D

  77. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    TheGuyWhoIsAustralianYear ago

    You're saying a successful brain surgeon has a hard time getting laid?

  78. simon

    simonYear ago

    The bad brain surgeons just run for president

  79. JECG

    JECGYear ago

    Dhruv Bhatnagar are we sure he's qualified, fake doctor, let me see your doctor certificate. On a more serious note, he sounds mentally challenged with the way he speaks, 4 words per minute. Seriously that doctor has been huffing too much sleeping gas.

  80. simon

    simonYear ago

    Dhruv Bhatnagar I know he's a great brain surgeon just poking some fun

  81. Pyotr Raphael

    Pyotr RaphaelYear ago

    You mean the bad brain surgeon's patients.

  82. that dang gabbie

    that dang gabbieYear ago

    although he's an awesome surgeon.....

  83. that dang gabbie

    that dang gabbieYear ago


  84. ronic323

    ronic323Year ago