Jim Gaffigan: Stand-up dad


  1. joelouis321

    joelouis321Month ago

    Jimmy, love ya but the catholics banned birth control to raise their numbers, not for any religious reason.

  2. Annlaug Maria Tolo

    Annlaug Maria ToloMonth ago

    PS they need a visit from Kon Mari though. A small space is not a problem at all but they sure have a lot of stuff

  3. Annlaug Maria Tolo

    Annlaug Maria ToloMonth ago

    Mr G! I love you soo much your so fun!

  4. lili shyta

    lili shytaMonth ago

    It’s beautiful family! I wish all Americans to have the same number of children.

  5. john dicapua

    john dicapuaMonth ago


  6. Anthony Behrends

    Anthony BehrendsMonth ago

    He's wonderfully funny, yet wholly down-to-earth. That's a rare achievement for anyone in the spot light!

  7. Michael Michelsen

    Michael MichelsenMonth ago

    it's a lot harder to be a clean comic than a dirty one. Dirty comics get cheap laughs. Clean comics have to be more intelligent and shaper in their delivery.

  8. Concerned Citizen

    Concerned CitizenMonth ago

    My 8 yr old likes the "cake" bit. So funny. We laugh so hard together. Great moment for me. Dad.

  9. joseph Rapoza

    joseph RapozaMonth ago

    Good man, great jokes. PLEASE KEEP IT "CLEAN". Swearing doesn't make it funnier... Everyone else swears GLAD YOU DON'T. When people swear that shows they have no class, and the one's laughing the hardest have less.

  10. sislau

    sislauMonth ago

    How would 100 people not like this video? He's adorable. And the fact he's a clean family man living under his means? He's also an example many people in the world today could admire. Plus and plus. Win and win!

  11. White Wave

    White WaveMonth ago

    Does he have more adorable blonde babies now?

  12. Pamela Johnson

    Pamela JohnsonMonth ago

    I enjoy the fact that Jim is a clean comedian. I enjoy his acts.

  13. callie ford

    callie ford2 months ago

    Who else thinks he looked like Dennis the Menace as a kid??😉

  14. Mary Richards

    Mary Richards2 months ago

    One of the funniest men in the history of the world! Love the Jim Man!

  15. Richard Peck

    Richard Peck3 months ago

    Stay clean Jim!

  16. Susan Peterson

    Susan Peterson3 months ago

    That is why I watch you is because you are “clean”. Cursing are just filler words for people who have nothing better to say. I have recommended you to many people because you are the alternative to all the filth out there.

  17. Lisa Levang

    Lisa Levang3 months ago

    oh Jim, your lil kid pic look evil, im sorry but it s the eyebrows

  18. peekaboots01

    peekaboots013 months ago

    I love Jim.

  19. peekaboots01

    peekaboots013 months ago

    Mari looks like a young Amy Schumer.

  20. tmhwriter

    tmhwriter3 months ago

    Father of five...open to more. Wow! He's never going to have a disappointing Father's Day. Someone will always come through with something, if only more material for the act.

  21. Klara Stern

    Klara Stern3 months ago

    we humans are too many as it is... :/

  22. anofi berry

    anofi berry4 months ago

    If Tom Cruise was a Nerd.... Jim is Incredible.

  23. Debbie Jonas

    Debbie Jonas4 months ago

    I hope someone is passing all these comments on to JG. He didn't get to be one of the most popular comedians by accident. Keep it clean, JG!

  24. Noel Engström

    Noel Engström4 months ago

    Mom: "Can you give the baby some pasta" 0:33 Which one, there is so many?!

  25. Sunsaver FromNHH

    Sunsaver FromNHH5 months ago

    What an awesome person. A real, American hero.

  26. Diane Wittman

    Diane Wittman5 months ago

    I love him. He shouldn’t”t feel bad about being clean.

  27. T Harmon

    T Harmon5 months ago

    Ironic Bill Cosby comparison in 2018!

  28. Jennifer Rice

    Jennifer Rice5 months ago

    Patrick looks exactly like dad

  29. Denise Gale

    Denise Gale5 months ago


  30. Lori Denham

    Lori Denham6 months ago

    Much success for this guy and God Bless him with a bigger house.

  31. LadyLadyChickChick

    LadyLadyChickChick6 months ago

    I'd say he's a smart comic. Clean is icing on the cake.

  32. Karen Chin

    Karen Chin6 months ago

    I love Gaffigan!

  33. Handsome Man

    Handsome Man6 months ago

    Is jim been cheap or what?

  34. SAM Taylor

    SAM Taylor7 months ago

    I love him!

  35. Vyt Autas

    Vyt Autas7 months ago

    Parenting is unsexy when you are very young and not a parent. But when you are 35 or older, childless women of that age are actually somehow not so sexy, at least for a married man.

  36. C K

    C K7 months ago

    I like him more😊

  37. buzztrucker

    buzztrucker7 months ago

    Boy, @6:41 must mean Gaffigan has to retract his statement or change the definition of clean.

  38. John lamar

    John lamar7 months ago

    He is by far one of the best EVER!!! And I’ve always been one of his biggest fans!!!!

  39. Timothy Anderson

    Timothy Anderson8 months ago

    Oh, crap. I was taking a sip of my Scotch nearing the very end when they showed the sketch of fat dad, and I snorted in my Scotch. Never happened before in my life. RIP Jim Gaffigan, may heaven's ice cream festival be to your liking.

  40. den o

    den o8 months ago

    It's such a welcome change to have a comedian that can be funny without swearing constantly.

  41. Yolanda Young

    Yolanda Young8 months ago

    I ADORE YOU!!! May God keep you safe and endless blessings to your family!! thank you for always putting a huge smile on my heart before Meditation!!!

  42. geinikan1kan

    geinikan1kan8 months ago

    There is something incredibly positively American about Jim Gaffigan. He is a comic who subverts, not only everyday life, but the world of stand-up comedy itself. Gaffigan is clean. Like a clearly played arpeggio on an acoustic guitar.

  43. The Daves I Know

    The Daves I Know8 months ago

    FIVE kids?!?!! His wife is a saint.

  44. Tina Fisher

    Tina Fisher8 months ago

    I love clean comedians, won't bother watching nasty, sexual, cussing comedians, turn them off.

  45. Justin Watts

    Justin Watts9 months ago


  46. JW

    JW9 months ago

    They call him stand up dad at home too because there is no space to lie down in that apartment.

  47. Spencer Colgan

    Spencer Colgan9 months ago

    Jim: Do you go to the Tridentine Latin Mass?

  48. Steve Walther

    Steve Walther9 months ago

    That's what American family should be.

  49. Melanie Cravens

    Melanie Cravens9 months ago

    The pasta bread bowl diet. We wish so funny you are hilarious. No matter. What mood I'm in you make me laugh. Making people laugh is a great talent.

  50. Felipe Forero

    Felipe Forero10 months ago

    I love Jim. To me he's the funniest comedian.

  51. freedom1234573

    freedom1234573Year ago

    bill cosby aint clean

  52. Happy

    HappyYear ago

    Ha imagine 5 kids in 1 bedroom. Not apartment just bedroom.

  53. gym shoe

    gym shoeYear ago

    Yeah, he's a clean comic, but recently he has made liberalism one of his main features, he offends me and about half of the audience at once--bad strategy.

  54. kuma138

    kuma138Year ago

    "There is no goalie" i love that

  55. BriansRadioReviews

    BriansRadioReviewsYear ago

    Jim seems rather underprivileged for such a successful comedian.😳

  56. philbio66

    philbio66Year ago

    It's sad that can't Jim afford a bigger apartment or a condo.

  57. Jennifer Wyatt

    Jennifer WyattYear ago

    The pay needs to be looked at for future use..... kinda like a 401k plan.... the future reaps the benefits!!😀

  58. matt smith

    matt smithYear ago

    "clean" comedy is pure genius Jim is my favorite stand up right along with Brian Regan.

  59. Vi W

    Vi WYear ago

    Well no one made them have 5 kids. They could have had the snip for him after 2 or 3 children. NY is expensive, 5 kids plus 2 adults in a 2 bedroom apartment makes it obvious you struggle to afford them. Having the snip isn't wrong and saves a lot of struggling with not enough money to afford 5 kids.

  60. Lucky Smith

    Lucky SmithYear ago

    I really like him. He's always funny yet doesn't have jokes about the typical things that comics talk about like trashing women or bitching about their wife or girlfriend or mocking any specific stereotype. The best kind of comics are the ones that make jokes about stuff that most people can relate to yet never have to put anyone else down to get a laugh.

  61. Andres Etchenique

    Andres EtcheniqueYear ago

    JG always brilliant

  62. Emma Jochum

    Emma JochumYear ago

    I love funny comedians, don't care if they swear or not, as long as they're funny. And Jim Gaffigan is one of them. And I hope he knows that he is one of those comedians who "happens to be clean" instead of a "clean comedian" I didn't even notice until I was putting together a comedy playlist to play in the car for the preteens I nanny/cart around during the summer...Oh yeah, Jim Gaffigan doesn't swear...huh....

  63. Robin Maynard

    Robin MaynardYear ago

    Jim Gaffigan - you are NOT icky! You make me laugh like no other! Thank you that you are not offensive!

  64. Death By Ostrich

    Death By Ostrich2 years ago

    After listening to all of his albums, when other comics curse and drop an F-bomb it just seems so lame as if they can't come up with a more funny line...

  65. Dannie Pushkin

    Dannie Pushkin2 years ago


  66. Maria Arreola

    Maria Arreola2 years ago

    I don't think being a "clean" comic has hurt him at all. It's the reason I think he's so funny. There have been comedians I used to listen to but completely stopped because they've become so vulgar and angry and racist! Hmm hmm (George Lopez)

  67. drakg002

    drakg0022 years ago

    I thought he was joking when in his act he said he lived in a two bedroom apartment.

  68. Kenny Willis

    Kenny Willis2 years ago

    Looks more like a Mormon family than a Catholic family now days.

  69. Katey Ladey

    Katey Ladey2 years ago

    Truly hilarious guy! Parents and fast foodies and chubbies can identify.

  70. spiralrose

    spiralrose2 years ago

    Dude, you were in a two-bedroom when kid #4 was born! Seriously, you had time to save up. Your kids have at least one year between them, so you MUST be using protection at least SOME of the time. Get it together!

  71. spiralrose

    spiralrose2 years ago

    Seven people in a two-bedroom apartment?! It's time to upgrade, dammit!

  72. Maria Arreola

    Maria Arreola2 years ago

    spiralrose .. he's just to lazy to move. jk..

  73. Catherine Albrecht

    Catherine Albrecht2 years ago

    "I want to raise my own nationality: Gaffghanistan." Hilarious.

  74. Corrie Bergeron

    Corrie Bergeron2 years ago

    My four kids turned me on to him. Pure comedy gold. Dads understand.

  75. Carolyn Gara

    Carolyn Gara2 years ago

    Love this guy!

  76. Ahsan Siddiqui

    Ahsan Siddiqui2 years ago

    1:52 holy fuck?!!! when you see girls like that you wouldnt think they'd settle down much less with HIM. LUlz

  77. Jessica Stohr

    Jessica Stohr2 years ago

    OK, that makes sense that they have 5 kids then if they never use protection!

  78. Brandon Collins

    Brandon Collins2 years ago

    I'm a deputy sheriff & spend a majority of my day patrolling in a car. I listen to Jim Gaffigan a lot while out. I love him! Even stuff I have heard numerous times still makes me laugh! Keep up the jokes Mr. Gaffigan!

  79. Arlynn Hobson

    Arlynn Hobson5 months ago

    Brandon Collins And thank you for your service, Brandon! From a family of Blue; ♥️

  80. Jason Watson

    Jason Watson2 years ago

    Jim, 6 kids....3,4,4,5,8,9. Yep, understand. Got a lot more material for you over here....

  81. Christine Grice

    Christine Grice3 years ago

    always picks me up. Total enjoyment

  82. Hawking1969

    Hawking19693 years ago

    no goalie lol

  83. Lolita Morris

    Lolita Morris3 years ago

    Nice family, so cute

  84. Charles Engelbrecht

    Charles Engelbrecht3 years ago

    Keep it clean Jim. That's the sign of true genius! Love ya!

  85. wavygr

    wavygr3 years ago

    He seems to be a nice guy but he even admits he married way above his league.

  86. Caleb Reed

    Caleb Reed3 years ago

    god bless Gaffganistan

  87. Lori Reece

    Lori Reece3 years ago

    I love this guy even more now!

  88. Kelsi Hendrix

    Kelsi Hendrix3 years ago

    You and Sebastian are the best!

  89. Anthony Dean

    Anthony Dean4 years ago

    this guy is one of the funniest comedians aroound

  90. Lindsay Kelly

    Lindsay Kelly4 years ago

    I love this. How refreshing to see two great people in love raising a home full of children? Jim is hilarious and I love his comedy. Him and Jeanie seem so down to earth and their children look so happy...only makes me like him more!

  91. Chuck Brown

    Chuck Brown4 years ago

    I would pay to see Jim at any moment of the year. He is clever, funny as heck and he has his own voice and style. I'm so sick of all these unfunny so called comics with their edgy racial jokes, anti anything good jokes. They will never have Jim's success with their tired, stolen and restructure material. Jim is the most successful comic for a reason, he actually has talent.

  92. OhJaney

    OhJaney4 years ago

    Lol his family is "gaffganistan"

  93. Phillips Mom

    Phillips Mom4 years ago

    I love him........ My parents had six kids and we grew up in a tiny two bedroom house. That was many years ago, we had a blast. Now he's doing it and people think it's weird. Nope, not weird, it's inspiring and loving. Look how little his kids are and they are so well behaved. It's because he keeps them close and tight to him.............. Rock on.

  94. WiddoMouse

    WiddoMouse4 years ago

    I really like this guy....both his humor and his humanity. He says things that make me burst out in laughter. He does not find it necessary to lace his routines with F-words, C-words, etc. I could take children and my grandmother to one of his performances and everyone would laugh. Comparing him to Bill Cosby and Bob Newhart is spot on. I wish him and his family nothing but success and happiness.

  95. Anita H

    Anita H4 years ago

    I LOVE Jim Gaffigan!!!! And I love the fact that he's "clean" haha. I love Dayne Cook but he's waayyyy too dirty (class~less guy). You go Jim! Awesome family too :~). Love ya♡♡♡

  96. ladin425

    ladin4254 years ago

    I loved this guy's standup. It's a unique experience these days to be able to laugh your ass off with your whole family and not feel awkward because of inappropriate comedic material that seems to be a given and not an exception for any comic that is worth watching. Now that I know a little bit more about him and his family, I find him inspirational and I'm proud to be a fan. Jim, keep up the good work and god bless!

  97. Nono

    Nono4 years ago

    I really admire him and his lifestyle. The partying and hard-living typical comic's life is filled with depression and is a dead end lifestyle. He can enjoy the best of all of life.

  98. Jill Jackson

    Jill Jackson4 years ago

    I love Jim Gaffigan!

  99. melinda frost

    melinda frost4 years ago

    I think you are fantastic and hope to see you live one day....!! Keep doing just what you do.....!!! (c:

  100. Wendi K.

    Wendi K.4 years ago

    He's an awesome comic. He's hilarious and he's watchable for the whole family. I get SOO sick of all the sex jokes all the time.

  101. pjd jmj

    pjd jmjYear ago

    Yes, loud and vulgar is not funny.

  102. NKOTB4Ev

    NKOTB4Ev4 years ago

    Shia Catholic...LOL...had the pleasure to see his show and meet him...so dang funny, my ribs hurt.

  103. Brigitte Plattner

    Brigitte Plattner4 years ago

    lovely family and a great father.