Jim Gaffigan opens up about 'Cinco,' wife's health scare


  1. Piero Sciutto

    Piero Sciutto7 months ago


  2. Tracy4aminute

    Tracy4aminute7 months ago

    blonde chick on the far right is a bit irritating and trying too hard.

  3. ashvienis

    ashvienisYear ago

    4 hosts?

  4. szqsk8

    szqsk8Year ago

    I love Jim Gaffigan, GMA...not so much.

  5. One Love

    One LoveYear ago

    This guy is Homer Simpson

  6. God-like Figure

    God-like FigureYear ago

    Who is that blonde?

  7. X Marks

    X MarksYear ago

    Out of your league.

  8. John Laodicean

    John LaodiceanYear ago

    Jim Gaffigan