Jim Gaffigan Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Jack Ellis

    Jack Ellis8 hours ago

    I started choking I was laughing so hard

  2. koko jiko

    koko jiko2 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds needs to do this

  3. Fern Fernis Fernie

    Fern Fernis Fernie4 days ago

    I love how Bijan has 5 paragraphs about his sci fi fantasies and then at the very end a mention of his wife.

  4. Nevel Papperman

    Nevel Papperman5 days ago

    I pissed

  5. Mh. A

    Mh. A6 days ago

    Man he reminds me of Philip Seymore Hoffman... R.I.P

  6. Zac Hoechstetter

    Zac Hoechstetter7 days ago

    This was by far the greatest video of this series he’s hilarious!

  7. Teri -

    Teri -13 days ago

    I don't know who he is but he is HILARIOUS! OMG! I was so entertained! 😂😂😂

  8. Vince Evans

    Vince Evans14 days ago

    Omg Jim was the best.

  9. Claire Eliza

    Claire Eliza14 days ago

    This might be the most cringey thing I've ever seen

  10. E V7

    E V715 days ago

    She was on impractical jokers!!!

  11. Xen Miller

    Xen Miller18 days ago

    this is the best video on the internet.

  12. Alexandra Mederos

    Alexandra Mederos18 days ago

    Favorite by far.

  13. heavymetallust

    heavymetallust20 days ago

    *E G G P L A N T E M O J I*


    MIKEY YEDA23 days ago

    this is the weirdest Starbucks commercial

  15. Magnus McCloud

    Magnus McCloud23 days ago

    this was hilarious

  16. S. Greene

    S. Greene25 days ago

    Whoa! She matched a lot!

  17. Lana Owens

    Lana Owens26 days ago


  18. Fern Fernis Fernie

    Fern Fernis Fernie4 days ago

    That would actually be a great episode. Do it Vanity Fair!

  19. Milo García

    Milo García27 days ago

    So far this one is the funniest

  20. Photo Studio

    Photo Studio29 days ago

    It official, every guy on Tinder swipes right on every female profile and is sitting with his phone waiting for a response.

  21. Crisss

    CrisssMonth ago

    best one 😂

  22. gianhet

    gianhetMonth ago

    that was glorious

  23. David W

    David WMonth ago

    shes babe

  24. R J

    R JMonth ago

    She has a great laugh

  25. P.L.

    P.L.Month ago

    This one is the funniest one of them all lol loved it

  26. Cloverblossomed

    CloverblossomedMonth ago

    This is the best one I’ve seen yet.

  27. christopher genovese

    christopher genoveseMonth ago

    This is the best one

  28. -92-

    -92-Month ago

    Lol Why is this guy so hilarious!? and she's beautiful

  29. Caroline Kero

    Caroline KeroMonth ago

    This one was really funny

  30. Crarazy

    CrarazyMonth ago

    Down voted for going to U of M

  31. Meredith Roberts

    Meredith RobertsMonth ago

    LOL!!! I just spit my drink all over myself and my bed!

  32. Endorsi Jahad

    Endorsi JahadMonth ago


  33. Keila Arroyo

    Keila ArroyoMonth ago

    Lmao. This is too funny

  34. zomb13 mincraft

    zomb13 mincraftMonth ago

    lmbo i laughed too much,i could watch so much of this! XD

  35. Nada Atef

    Nada AtefMonth ago

    I think he doesn't know that swiping left is an option.😁

  36. Victor Zoque

    Victor ZoqueMonth ago

    This is one of my favorites. Now all we need is "Key and Peele hijack."

  37. Mr. Scoot Scooter

    Mr. Scoot ScooterMonth ago

    Why doesn't she just give Murr a chance...

  38. MrReal717

    MrReal717Month ago

    best one!

  39. Susana Mosquera

    Susana MosqueraMonth ago

    Shes cute though

  40. afrikannus77

    afrikannus77Month ago

    Break that back. Lmao !

  41. Zachary Garcia

    Zachary GarciaMonth ago

    I want Jordan Peterson on this 😂😂😂

  42. Millsy Kooksy

    Millsy KooksyMonth ago


  43. Darla Sweet

    Darla SweetMonth ago

    Omg lmao I love this series I love Jim!!!

  44. inmydarkesthour 22

    inmydarkesthour 22Month ago

    I actually lol and cried

  45. diztiinct

    diztiinctMonth ago

    Women have it so easy. Just a ton of matches lmfao

  46. Harangue Meringue

    Harangue MeringueMonth ago

    Jim Gaffigan should do this more often! 🤣

  47. Macaroni Daddy

    Macaroni DaddyMonth ago

    i am dead

  48. Aelyn Fae

    Aelyn FaeMonth ago

    Just him and doing these: 13 eps per season, 6 season. LesGo.

  49. XxIzta ArtxX

    XxIzta ArtxXMonth ago

    Jennifer Lawrence should hijack a strangers tinder... Plsss

  50. Adnezal

    AdnezalMonth ago

    I knew his would be great. Oh lawd.

  51. Book Owl

    Book OwlMonth ago

    This is hilarious

  52. Mika

    MikaMonth ago

    Eggplant emoji

  53. Mes longs cheveux

    Mes longs cheveuxMonth ago

    He's having so much fun I love it

  54. ilpllvd ilpllvd

    ilpllvd ilpllvdMonth ago

    omg its the best one yet I need him back

  55. Lynn Gyselinck

    Lynn Gyselinck2 months ago

    0:51 thats my name on the wall😂

  56. Jake Stewart Music

    Jake Stewart Music2 months ago

    Easily the funniest episode of this series!

  57. Danielle Burton

    Danielle Burton2 months ago

    Hurt bae?

  58. amanda brezina

    amanda brezina2 months ago

    This one has been the funniest 😂

  59. Anahi Gomez

    Anahi Gomez2 months ago


  60. Mallory Calloway

    Mallory Calloway2 months ago


  61. Christopher Mcclelland

    Christopher Mcclelland2 months ago

    Eggplant emoji

  62. wen wen

    wen wen2 months ago

    Brought to you by Starbucks

  63. rapmonsta luv

    rapmonsta luv2 months ago


  64. international_gypsy

    international_gypsy2 months ago


  65. ℇммα ℍαgeи

    ℇммα ℍαgeи2 months ago

    *camera pans to a large group of men at a starbucks frantically searching for Blair*

  66. Focus for HOME Life

    Focus for HOME Life2 months ago

    everytime im sad i just come back to this video

  67. Kush Gohil

    Kush Gohil2 months ago

    Open relationships are pathetic

  68. Amanda Schroeder

    Amanda Schroeder2 months ago

    I'm dying! This is awesome!!!!!!

  69. Katrina Hall-White

    Katrina Hall-White2 months ago

    I love that he had so much fun with this!

  70. Real Favorites

    Real Favorites2 months ago

    What about Murr?

  71. Leorick T.

    Leorick T.2 months ago

    This is by far the best one. His paternalistic vibe works well with this series

  72. Karina Liz

    Karina Liz2 months ago

    I chocked on my water like for real omg this is the funniest one I’ve seen so far

  73. aliesa stewart

    aliesa stewart2 months ago

    i think this is the best one i seen yet ! 😂😂😂

  74. Wendy Sgobbo

    Wendy Sgobbo2 months ago

    This is the funniest one I’ve seen 😂😂😂

  75. Allothersweretaken

    Allothersweretaken2 months ago

    Lol I absolutely love him gaffigan

  76. Neets

    Neets2 months ago

    This is the funniest one I've seen so far :))

  77. Candace L.

    Candace L.2 months ago

    So funny and a little sad. Were ppl really willing to carry on these bizarro convos for the chance at a date? Can't believe no one dismissed her strange comments.

  78. Benty Baroon

    Benty Baroon2 months ago

    She hot.

  79. Anthony Knox

    Anthony Knox2 months ago

    Isn't Blair on impractical jokers? She pranks murr and acts like shes interested in him

  80. Javier Hernández Jara

    Javier Hernández Jara2 months ago

    now... this was hilarious!!!!

  81. Sarah Flinders

    Sarah Flinders2 months ago

    Soooo glad I got married before Tinder really took off...

  82. Lance VanGlahn

    Lance VanGlahn2 months ago

    Yo she was on Impractical Jokers.

  83. Khalif Dobson

    Khalif Dobson2 months ago

    How do we get a date with Blair?

  84. Liliana

    Liliana2 months ago


  85. alexis isabella

    alexis isabella2 months ago


  86. alexis isabella

    alexis isabella2 months ago


  87. Aslı Omur

    Aslı Omur2 months ago

    Nusret isn't Russian. And the name is Turkish.

  88. Clement Anthony

    Clement Anthony2 months ago

    this is the best one yet

  89. Alex Vasquez

    Alex Vasquez2 months ago

    This is beautiful

  90. Ajinkya Kuchekar

    Ajinkya Kuchekar2 months ago

    why is he swipping right on everyone!

  91. matrixphijr

    matrixphijr2 months ago

    “Huh?” *Hung hung all right* “Alright, fine!”

  92. Music Man

    Music Man2 months ago

    Best one

  93. Rain Shoshana

    Rain Shoshana2 months ago

    this is bY FAR the funniest one of these. gaffigan is a genius.

  94. Jill Springer Forrest

    Jill Springer Forrest3 months ago

    Jim, you really made this worth my time. Very funny!

  95. Victoria S

    Victoria S3 months ago

    Funniest takeover by far.

  96. TheAngieRash

    TheAngieRash3 months ago

    This is the best 🤣

  97. LibertyEm 7

    LibertyEm 73 months ago

    I need another one w him

  98. teeveli

    teeveli3 months ago

    I want to go out with Blair :(

  99. Kayla ay

    Kayla ay3 months ago


  100. Kayla ay

    Kayla ay3 months ago

    *Heartfelt Paragraph* ... “it’s over.”

  101. Lashawn Johnson

    Lashawn Johnson3 months ago

    Her tinder is poppin