Jim Gaffigan Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Erol Bafto

    Erol Bafto20 hours ago

    Had he taken my tinder it would've been just 10 minutes of him swiping.

  2. Lynn Gyselinck

    Lynn Gyselinck23 hours ago

    0:51 thats my name on the wall😂

  3. Jake Stewart Music

    Jake Stewart MusicDay ago

    Easily the funniest episode of this series!

  4. Danielle Burton

    Danielle Burton2 days ago

    Hurt bae?

  5. amanda brezina

    amanda brezina3 days ago

    This one has been the funniest 😂

  6. Anahi Gomez

    Anahi Gomez4 days ago


  7. Mallory Calloway

    Mallory Calloway4 days ago


  8. Christopher Mcclelland

    Christopher Mcclelland5 days ago

    Eggplant emoji

  9. wen wen

    wen wen6 days ago

    Brought to you by Starbucks

  10. rapmonsta luv

    rapmonsta luv6 days ago


  11. international_gypsy

    international_gypsy7 days ago


  12. ℇммα ℍαgeи

    ℇммα ℍαgeи8 days ago

    *camera pans to a large group of men at a starbucks frantically searching for Blair*

  13. Focus for HOME Life

    Focus for HOME Life9 days ago

    everytime im sad i just come back to this video

  14. Kush Gohil

    Kush Gohil9 days ago

    Open relationships are pathetic

  15. Amanda Schroeder

    Amanda Schroeder10 days ago

    I'm dying! This is awesome!!!!!!

  16. Katrina Hall-White

    Katrina Hall-White10 days ago

    I love that he had so much fun with this!

  17. Real Favorites

    Real Favorites11 days ago

    What about Murr?

  18. Leorick T.

    Leorick T.12 days ago

    This is by far the best one. His paternalistic vibe works well with this series

  19. karina campoverde

    karina campoverde13 days ago

    I chocked on my water like for real omg this is the funniest one I’ve seen so far

  20. aliesa stewart

    aliesa stewart13 days ago

    i think this is the best one i seen yet ! 😂😂😂

  21. Wendy Sgobbo

    Wendy Sgobbo17 days ago

    This is the funniest one I’ve seen 😂😂😂

  22. Allothersweretaken

    Allothersweretaken19 days ago

    Lol I absolutely love him gaffigan

  23. Neets

    Neets21 day ago

    This is the funniest one I've seen so far :))

  24. Candace L.

    Candace L.21 day ago

    So funny and a little sad. Were ppl really willing to carry on these bizarro convos for the chance at a date? Can't believe no one dismissed her strange comments.

  25. Benty Baroon

    Benty Baroon22 days ago

    She hot.

  26. Anthony Knox

    Anthony Knox22 days ago

    Isn't Blair on impractical jokers? She pranks murr and acts like shes interested in him

  27. Javier Hernández Jara

    Javier Hernández Jara22 days ago

    now... this was hilarious!!!!

  28. Sarah Flinders

    Sarah Flinders24 days ago

    Soooo glad I got married before Tinder really took off...

  29. Lance VanGlahn

    Lance VanGlahn25 days ago

    Yo she was on Impractical Jokers.

  30. Khalif Dobson

    Khalif Dobson25 days ago

    How do we get a date with Blair?

  31. Liliana

    Liliana26 days ago


  32. alexis isabella

    alexis isabella26 days ago


  33. alexis isabella

    alexis isabella26 days ago


  34. Aslı Omur

    Aslı Omur26 days ago

    Nusret isn't Russian. And the name is Turkish.

  35. Clement Anthony

    Clement Anthony27 days ago

    this is the best one yet

  36. Alex Vasquez

    Alex Vasquez27 days ago

    This is beautiful

  37. Ajinkya Kuchekar

    Ajinkya Kuchekar27 days ago

    why is he swipping right on everyone!

  38. matrixphijr

    matrixphijr28 days ago

    “Huh?” *Hung hung all right* “Alright, fine!”

  39. Music Man

    Music Man28 days ago

    Best one

  40. Rain Shoshana

    Rain Shoshana29 days ago

    this is bY FAR the funniest one of these. gaffigan is a genius.

  41. Jill Springer Forrest

    Jill Springer ForrestMonth ago

    Jim, you really made this worth my time. Very funny!

  42. Victoria S

    Victoria SMonth ago

    Funniest takeover by far.

  43. TheAngieRash

    TheAngieRashMonth ago

    This is the best 🤣

  44. LibertyEm 7

    LibertyEm 7Month ago

    I need another one w him

  45. teeveli

    teeveliMonth ago

    I want to go out with Blair :(

  46. Kayla ay

    Kayla ayMonth ago


  47. Kayla ay

    Kayla ayMonth ago

    *Heartfelt Paragraph* ... “it’s over.”

  48. Lashawn Johnson

    Lashawn JohnsonMonth ago

    Her tinder is poppin

  49. alex g

    alex gMonth ago

    these videos are so hilarious omg

  50. ifeanyi okonkwo

    ifeanyi okonkwoMonth ago


  51. Nyra.

    Nyra.Month ago

    Dude.. no one is mentioning the necrophiliac guy. Jeez.

  52. Amanda Salisbury

    Amanda SalisburyMonth ago

    This is the funniest one of these yet

  53. Noura A

    Noura AMonth ago

    necrophiliac O.O EWW WTH

  54. Ashley Ariana

    Ashley ArianaMonth ago

    This is the funniest one so far

  55. Anna Roberson

    Anna RobersonMonth ago

    Watched twice and laughed equally hard both times. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "I wish you were straight." "How many times did you vote for trump?" "Eggplant emoji." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  56. Legen Daddy

    Legen DaddyMonth ago

    Jim gaffigan is the 💩

  57. Patrick Frame

    Patrick FrameMonth ago

    “Question mark”

  58. w2011

    w2011Month ago

    Shes barely a 5 yet she has a ton of matches, thats online dating for you. You’re just giving women all the validation they need when you chase them like this.

  59. cressentfresh

    cressentfreshMonth ago

    so funny.. wiping tears off my face lolol

  60. rajsinh

    rajsinhMonth ago

    She was on impractical jokers

  61. Elizabeth Flores

    Elizabeth FloresMonth ago


  62. Taren-Layne Warfield

    Taren-Layne WarfieldMonth ago

    he seems warm right

  63. Sebastian Mustermann

    Sebastian MustermannMonth ago

    This video is a national treasure.

  64. Michael Robins

    Michael RobinsMonth ago

    Wow black females are really desperate lol

  65. Patricia Brown

    Patricia BrownMonth ago

    This was a good definately get more comedians to do this!!!

  66. Nicole Lucarelli

    Nicole Lucarelli2 months ago


  67. Nicole Lucarelli

    Nicole Lucarelli2 months ago


  68. msminmichigan

    msminmichigan2 months ago

    That girl is gorgeous

  69. MorningStar Kematch

    MorningStar Kematch2 months ago

    I frickin love you. So funny.

  70. Craig McCann

    Craig McCann2 months ago

    Wow..... Thanks for showing me another way to entertain myself....

  71. Michael Roy

    Michael Roy2 months ago

    I promise I'm not lying when I say that I haven't laughed at something so hard for weeks

  72. Michael Roy

    Michael Roy2 months ago

    "I know this guy, he works at the college where- *It's a match!* AHHH DAMMIT!"

  73. FK P

    FK P2 months ago

    This was so freaking funny it would be awesome to see a part 2

  74. Pip

    Pip2 months ago

    Omg, she was the lady that was hired to flirt with Murr on Impractical Jokers!! Anyone remember?

  75. wen wen

    wen wen2 months ago

    *chants* Bring Jim Gaffigan back! Bring Jim Gaffigan back!

  76. wen wen

    wen wen2 months ago

    Jim Gaffigan is effortlessly hilarious.. love him so much

  77. Nikki Brighouse

    Nikki Brighouse2 months ago

    Best one ever!

  78. Luke S

    Luke S2 months ago

    *talked me up real good*

  79. Jesse Jimenez

    Jesse Jimenez2 months ago

    I'll date Blair tuh

  80. Peter Crockett

    Peter Crockett2 months ago

    Are those Pringles *unbroken* ?

  81. Corey Carnes

    Corey Carnes2 months ago

    I actually think Tk was a bit of a connection with her. She wouldn't have noticed and remembered him if she didn't enjoy looking. At least that's how I am with women. I might see the same girl everyday but if I am not checking her out I probably won't remember seeing her just in passing. If I'm interacting with them yea, I'll remember, but not just someone walking past me.

  82. Celso Funez

    Celso Funez2 months ago

    Philip Seymour Hoffman*

  83. Messi

    Messi2 months ago

    Hello can I borrow $20?

  84. Carebear G

    Carebear G2 months ago

    This is hilarious !!!!!!

  85. Amy Nicole

    Amy Nicole2 months ago

    The best one yet 😂😂😂

  86. Meng-Chi Chang

    Meng-Chi Chang2 months ago

    I ship Jim and Blair though

  87. Tiffo ism

    Tiffo ism2 months ago

    Omgggg I’m crying 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  88. Maria Jose Alvarado Yzaguirre

    Maria Jose Alvarado Yzaguirre2 months ago

    you should do this with ryan reynolds!

  89. Febi KM

    Febi KM2 months ago

    This was the BEST ONE

  90. YA S

    YA S2 months ago

    this is the best tinder take over by far.

  91. Jonathen Santa Cruz

    Jonathen Santa Cruz2 months ago

    I love this guy so much they are so funny “I seem u on campas eggplant emoji”

  92. caaroline

    caaroline3 months ago


  93. Guy Incognito

    Guy Incognito3 months ago

    Jim Gaffigan has become a straight-up catfisherman.

  94. swagzilla3000

    swagzilla30003 months ago

    This and the one with megan mulaney are the best ones

  95. hallf80

    hallf803 months ago

    I hope there are update videos to see what the outcome was.

  96. Jordan Person

    Jordan Person3 months ago

    She was on impractical jokers.

  97. Janinho897

    Janinho8973 months ago

    "Please help me understand." "Eggplant Emoji." :D :D

  98. Syn

    Syn3 months ago

    Jeez, they blew past that necrophiliac thing really quickly.

  99. Meg Lee

    Meg Lee3 months ago

    So you like the yankees? 😂😂😂

  100. revaholic

    revaholic3 months ago

    TK is a good man