Jim Gaffigan Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


  1. Kelly Gervais

    Kelly GervaisDay ago

    Omg this poor woman... lol...

  2. Mechonomist

    Mechonomist2 days ago

    Go blue!!

  3. Zachel s

    Zachel s3 days ago

    This was the one of the funniest ones that I've watched! This guy is hilarious

  4. Eve D.

    Eve D.4 days ago

    *I'm wearing my hoodie so I look youthful*

  5. Shivonne's Cats and Friends

    Shivonne's Cats and Friends5 days ago

    i wanna jim gaffigan hijacking my tinder anytime lol

  6. Gracie Ambrósio

    Gracie Ambrósio7 days ago

    Conan would be great doing it too

  7. Gracie Ambrósio

    Gracie Ambrósio7 days ago

    I can't 😆😆😆😆

  8. Padthai Beyoncée

    Padthai Beyoncée10 days ago

    OMG this should be an actual show! I'd binge it so bad

  9. Derek Mejia

    Derek Mejia10 days ago

    WAIT HOLD THE PHONE wasn’t this the women who sal and the guys made flirt with murr just to mess around with him lol

  10. Soraya Counts

    Soraya Counts11 days ago

    I’m watching this at two am and trying not to wake up my family while laughing so hard

  11. saraee1234567

    saraee123456713 days ago

    Omg that Bijan guy was creeeeeeepy AF

  12. Shaina Amber

    Shaina Amber14 days ago

    Out of all of these tinder takeover videos, this one is my favorite.

  13. Emerald Eyes

    Emerald Eyes25 days ago

    That woman is an actress who helped three of the Impractical Jokers prank Murr. 🤔 Hmm.

  14. Amy Campbell

    Amy Campbell28 days ago


  15. Margaret Lamont

    Margaret Lamont28 days ago

    " I'm right behind you "

  16. Bárbara Fonseca

    Bárbara Fonseca28 days ago

    this woman is gorgeous

  17. 65elcamino283

    65elcamino28328 days ago

    I haven't laughed this hard in a while

  18. Stephen Blakely

    Stephen BlakelyMonth ago

    How come they never do any of these for a guy’s tinder profile?

  19. Amber Emily

    Amber EmilyMonth ago

    Hey, wasn't this girl on Jokers? She was super funny on the show! Lol

  20. Anna Booher

    Anna BooherMonth ago

    That's not funny 😂

  21. wethehiddles

    wethehiddlesMonth ago

    This is hilarious he had so much fun

  22. Cristian Balderas

    Cristian BalderasMonth ago

    Jim Gaffigan laughing at his own responses is iconic

  23. TenTonNuke

    TenTonNukeMonth ago

    Holy Christ, I feel so bad for women. I had no idea guys were this cheesy.

  24. TheMessyMindOfEmily

    TheMessyMindOfEmilyMonth ago

    The most absolutely funniest one I’ve come across yet

  25. Anthony Felos

    Anthony FelosMonth ago

    Omazing :)

  26. Novaximus

    NovaximusMonth ago

    Gee what a surprise it's another match! women have it so easy.

  27. Will Riehl

    Will RiehlMonth ago

    Anyone remember when this girl was on impractical jokers pretending to not know they were filming and flirt with murr?

  28. Volvican

    VolvicanMonth ago

    This was hilarious. Usually I cringe too hard to enjoy.

  29. VultureClone

    VultureCloneMonth ago

    "Too bad you're not straight." Ouch, savage hahaha!

  30. Zoe LaRynn

    Zoe LaRynnMonth ago

    This is the best Tinder Takeover

  31. EpicLollipop

    EpicLollipopMonth ago

    this was my first tinder hijack video, now all the others are a huge let down

  32. Elaine Kim

    Elaine KimMonth ago


  33. jennifer noguez

    jennifer noguezMonth ago

    Blair was on an episode of impractical Jokers as well... hmmmmm

  34. Sebastian

    Sebastian2 months ago

    Lmao he’s the best

  35. r.a.h

    r.a.h2 months ago

    this was hands down my favorite one out of all of these so far 😂

  36. Hades Lord of the Underworld

    Hades Lord of the Underworld2 months ago

    You could tell Jim was having a blast doing this

  37. Lord Armyn

    Lord Armyn2 months ago

    These two should do something by Netflix

  38. Margarita M.

    Margarita M.2 months ago

    I think the married necrophiliac is a widower. Because...logic?

  39. Manuela Clarin

    Manuela Clarin2 months ago

    This is my favorite

  40. Sade._.

    Sade._.2 months ago

    1:16 Did I see what I think I saw?? |-/ ||-//

  41. Nathan Gasti

    Nathan Gasti2 months ago

    Wtf? Why do I never get any matches? Im attractive!

  42. Jojo

    Jojo2 months ago

    the best one

  43. Bonnie Buckner

    Bonnie Buckner2 months ago

    This was the funniest

  44. Valerie Foster

    Valerie Foster2 months ago

    Gurl u just made $20 🦌

  45. Ginny Weasley

    Ginny Weasley2 months ago

    This was the best one I have seen so far.

  46. Hot Dig

    Hot Dig2 months ago

    Blair is an actress that was on impractical jokers.

  47. akeelah williams

    akeelah williams2 months ago

    They had the most fun out of all of them

  48. lil BEAN

    lil BEAN2 months ago

    Best one ever

  49. Aphro

    Aphro2 months ago

    These two are the funniest duo I SWEAR

  50. Aphro

    Aphro2 months ago

    I had to pause half way in to catch my breathe. I haven’t laughed this long in AWHILE! Ahhhh this is too perfect I love Jim

  51. Moss May

    Moss May2 months ago

    This guys brilliant

  52. Angelo Santiago

    Angelo Santiago2 months ago

    If he only leave politics alone it would be way much better!!

  53. BradyPostma

    BradyPostma2 months ago

    Everyone who Jim likes already likes her. Just everyone likes her. Probably because she's pretty and nice.

  54. Sloths with Hats

    Sloths with Hats2 months ago

    That girl was on impractical jokers. The guys told her to flirt with Murr.

  55. Julie Eichelberger

    Julie Eichelberger2 months ago

    I cried the whole time

  56. Marie Carroll

    Marie Carroll2 months ago


  57. Victory to the People

    Victory to the People3 months ago

    Best one ever.

  58. cierrablue

    cierrablue3 months ago

    Usually I think these are only mildly amusing but this is down-right hilarious.

  59. Jessica M

    Jessica M3 months ago

    This is the funniest one out of all of them

  60. Room 101

    Room 1013 months ago

    This one was the BEST!

  61. Elita Lewis

    Elita Lewis3 months ago

    I think we've seen some of these profiles before in other videos. My question is are they fake profiles for the videos or just really weird guys who have been on Tinder forever?

  62. Pep

    Pep3 months ago

    Please do more of these.... WE NEED MORE COWBELL!!!!

  63. kitteekittee

    kitteekittee3 months ago

    LMAO hilarious

  64. Chakayla Hudson

    Chakayla Hudson3 months ago

    Someone needs to tell Murr that she's single. If you get what i'm saying... You're a real one

  65. stephanie waring

    stephanie waring3 months ago

    I'm crying 😭😭

  66. bean g.

    bean g.3 months ago

    Thats chaotic good right there

  67. enk989

    enk9893 months ago

    She was on an episode of Impractical Jokers! Murr thought he had a chance with her!

  68. Indi591

    Indi5913 months ago

    Hahaha, this is the best tinder takeover I have seen, after Megan Mulaney!!! The rest were all boring!!!!

  69. Katy C

    Katy C3 months ago

    I come back to this video again and again and wish there were more with the two of them 😂

  70. Dachdog

    Dachdog3 months ago

    Is no one else disturbed by how fast these guys respond the the messages they send? DESPERATE!!

  71. Dachdog

    Dachdog3 months ago

    That had me rolling!!!

  72. Gale Bedaker

    Gale Bedaker3 months ago

    I don't think Jim understands what an eggplant emoji is!

  73. awwwkitteh

    awwwkitteh3 months ago

    this is hilariousss never heard of Jim but I wanna be his friend!

  74. legofan370

    legofan3703 months ago

    He's a great stand up comedian. A lot of his stuff is on Netflix. Mr. Universe is my personal favorite.

  75. ghettospinners25

    ghettospinners253 months ago

    Yea but Steven can get 👏 it 👏

  76. ghettospinners25

    ghettospinners253 months ago

    Yea but James can get 👏 it 👏

  77. Natanael Serra

    Natanael Serra3 months ago

    What if Murr showed up...

  78. Sicka

    Sicka3 months ago

    Henry Zebrowski is hilarious in this video!

  79. Jackson Akins

    Jackson Akins3 months ago

    if he didnt have any teeth, he would be twice as funny

  80. Samantha

    Samantha4 months ago

    *”Lil’ blurry”*

  81. Giorgia Larocca

    Giorgia Larocca4 months ago

    This was the best one yet 😂😂😂

  82. Michiru Sato

    Michiru Sato4 months ago

    is really realllyyyyyyy funny or am i veryyyyyy drunk

  83. Ori Shoval

    Ori Shoval4 months ago

    This is just a bunch of amazing opening lines tinder people take notes

  84. Natnael Misikir

    Natnael Misikir4 months ago

    was she the girl Murr was flirting with?

  85. Ian

    Ian4 months ago

    The dude literally down to earth girls

  86. Jack Siedel

    Jack Siedel4 months ago

    Is she in Master or None cause if not she looks like someone in it

  87. Ole Moy

    Ole Moy4 months ago

    Wow tinder is too easy for women haha

  88. David Regan

    David Regan4 months ago

    Most things are ..and somehow they're the 2nd class citizens

  89. Kawaii Potato

    Kawaii Potato4 months ago

    I love him! He is the best comedian EVER

  90. Bryanna Weigel

    Bryanna Weigel4 months ago

    She was on Impractical Jokers flirting with Murr as a joke played on Murr by the other guys. She’s an actress! ☺️ You broke Murr’s heart. I see you, Blair! 😂😂

  91. Muddly

    Muddly4 months ago

    ive watched so many of these and i love jim’s chaotic approach to everything

  92. Nahome Adu

    Nahome Adu4 months ago

    I'm deead 💀💀😂😂🤣🤣

  93. Jess The Fox

    Jess The Fox4 months ago

    BEST ONE YET! 🤣😂🤣

  94. Claudia Leopold

    Claudia Leopold4 months ago

    Jim is enjoying this way too much!!! He is the best!

  95. Usui Takumi

    Usui Takumi4 months ago

    Its CRIMINAL how this has one of least amounts of views ! Jim's HILARIOUS

  96. Jacob Padgett

    Jacob Padgett4 months ago

    This girl was on an episode of Impractical Jokers

  97. Jake Seidman

    Jake Seidman4 months ago

    Guys, if. You watch impractical jokers, that's the girl that the guys pranked Murry with!

  98. Angel Ramirez

    Angel Ramirez4 months ago

    this was sooooo funny. she’s so pretty

  99. Shadow_Vetrin

    Shadow_Vetrin4 months ago

    The funniest ever!

  100. Mr. HackZ

    Mr. HackZ4 months ago

    Every time he swipes right "it's a match!" girl's got optionsss

  101. Anna H

    Anna H4 months ago

    He’s having way too much fun....

  102. Scott Detty

    Scott Detty4 months ago

    Michigan smh