Jim Gaffigan Explains Why Southerners Are Slow


  1. Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips7 hours ago

    He's right about one thing. Southerners are usually friendly people as I am from Texas. But the rest of what he said was kind of racist. We all don't eat food that makes us fat, and we are not slow from lack of energy and we're not always eating unhealthy foods and it's a burning offensive stereotype I am damn sick of and sick of people making offensive jokes about and he's one to talk, he's big like an elephant.

  2. HPRshredder

    HPRshredder11 hours ago

    This is all old material. And you know they rehearsed it before. Bunch of fakers.

  3. Adam Gamblin

    Adam Gamblin20 hours ago

    As a southerner, he’s really not that far off. Love me some scratch made biscuits with some sausage gravy.

  4. X Marks

    X MarksDay ago

    These guys are delusional: they are PINK; not white.

  5. Nkryptchon 01

    Nkryptchon 01Day ago

    STUPID is more like it. Ignant is more like it. Rude big mouth fools are more like it.

  6. stopdontholdmeback

    stopdontholdmeback2 days ago

    ive been down south. There is a reason why they are slow...retards

  7. Fatty Ninja

    Fatty Ninja3 days ago

    Southerners move slow because they're obese. Clinically obese. I've never seen so many handicap parking spaces until I went down south.

  8. Rheanna Cave

    Rheanna Cave3 days ago

    He felt he needed to explain... haha

  9. Craig Killebrew

    Craig Killebrew4 days ago

    So funny it would have been funnier without Conan

  10. jtomasik

    jtomasik8 days ago

    His Jesus bits are so funny.

  11. tcwaterdrill

    tcwaterdrill9 days ago

    I have known some really good Yankees in my life growing up in the South. They all moved back up North.

  12. Elijah McCormick

    Elijah McCormick9 days ago

    Very true. Biscuits and gravy is my favorite breakfast food

  13. Carms C.P.

    Carms C.P.10 days ago

    "I'm preparing for a big role. A cinnamon roll. " YEAH! Hahahaha

  14. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith10 days ago


  15. HD Trend TV - Gaming & More

    HD Trend TV - Gaming & More11 days ago

    He's a pretty funny man but the funnier thing about this video is Will Arnett's laughing after he makes jokes everytime.

  16. Miller Forester

    Miller Forester11 days ago

    Hey, eat this ! It's OK for fat people to make fat jokes, I are wun.

  17. phillip watson

    phillip watson11 days ago

    These guys are about as funny as a screen door on a submarine.

  18. Jasper O'Reilly

    Jasper O'Reilly12 days ago

    Sausage gravy and biscuits is the best thing you can put in your mouth.

  19. Kayla Pinkney

    Kayla Pinkney12 days ago

    Sadly none of that was funny 😔

  20. ffone1

    ffone113 days ago

    A guy from Indiana talking about The South? Go figure..

  21. Don Carbon

    Don Carbon13 days ago

    and now how great do you think it is in the US ?

  22. James Youngblood

    James Youngblood14 days ago

    Chicken and waffles? wtf is he talking about

  23. James Youngblood

    James Youngblood14 days ago

    He looks like he has a had few to many biscuits himself

  24. brawl2063

    brawl206314 days ago

    2:45 is the best

  25. Syrena Milani

    Syrena Milani15 days ago

    " Boom " 😁💕💓💯✔🍞🍞🍞🍞

  26. patrick forston

    patrick forston15 days ago

    suck it gaffagain

  27. Dirty Pixels

    Dirty Pixels15 days ago

    I was going to say his jokes seem really old then noticed the date.

  28. Oberyn Martell

    Oberyn Martell15 days ago

    The last semi pg13 comedian standing!😌

  29. Rafael Ramirez

    Rafael Ramirez16 days ago

    My favourite skit from him is the one about Catholics...

  30. John Menyhard

    John Menyhard17 days ago

    Jesus will there be food. Lol

  31. Dean Rockwell

    Dean Rockwell18 days ago

    Making fun of the only demographic, that leads to no consequences. So brave...so brave.

  32. IntheeyesofMorbo

    IntheeyesofMorbo19 days ago

    robe casual lol

  33. Koala Nectar

    Koala Nectar20 days ago

    He is just not funny.

  34. KD Hovis

    KD Hovis20 days ago

    Its the HUMIDITY that slows us Jee-mim Gaff- uh-Gin!

  35. Артём Лобов

    Артём Лобов20 days ago

    A great comedian is funny when they can do it without septic or sexual humour.

  36. RAFF

    RAFF21 day ago

    Wrong Jim! Okay, maybe.... but the main reason we're so slow is because it's Just. Too. Hot.

  37. i_have_dissapointed_my_parents

    i_have_dissapointed_my_parents21 day ago

    I can confirm, as a southerner, that we eat paper-mache for every meal

  38. Youdontneedto Seemyidentification

    Youdontneedto Seemyidentification22 days ago

    Probably the ONLY people in the south that have any brains are those that moved there from other states and oppose the Repugnant party. I usually think of the southern & midwestern flyover states as 'Dumfuckistan' mostly based on how this collection of Faux news brainwashed states vote.

  39. sharon gonzalez

    sharon gonzalez23 days ago

    It’s not the biscuits n gravy,,,it’s the freakin HEAT! It is 100 degrees in the south practically from May to October! Now add to that the fried food and you wanna go take a nap after lunch!

  40. Nick MaGrick

    Nick MaGrick23 days ago

    that was pretty good

  41. Jacob Pastega

    Jacob Pastega25 days ago

    rip man

  42. Hugh Goldspiel

    Hugh Goldspiel25 days ago


  43. N James

    N James26 days ago

    "I'm preparing for a big roll" is a genius, old-school joke, and I laughed at it. I laughed pretty loud.

  44. Stephanie Juste

    Stephanie Juste27 days ago

    There is a great market in Nashville for good, family friendly comedy.Come,come!!

  45. Stephanie Juste

    Stephanie Juste27 days ago

    we are sooo wrong

  46. Stephanie Juste

    Stephanie Juste27 days ago

    he's got us down pat! lol

  47. Colby Neblett

    Colby Neblett27 days ago

    Time for cement.

  48. Steff

    Steff27 days ago

    It's the heat.


    CROSSAWGA28 days ago

    Does Any One Explain How Jim Gaffigan and Conan Are Ignorant AND Rude ?

  50. fpchopingmail

    fpchopingmail28 days ago

    I love sourdough too

  51. Perdido Atlantic

    Perdido Atlantic28 days ago

    Gaffigan is a cnut & he can F himself.

  52. gail jones

    gail jonesMonth ago

    You are so funny. I am a southern comic and I am slow.

  53. Bi- Han

    Bi- HanMonth ago


  54. Michael Anthony

    Michael AnthonyMonth ago

    The south will never rise again because they just don't have the energy 😂😂😂😂😂 I love Gaffigan

  55. Aren't I'adorable

    Aren't I'adorableMonth ago

    At least they’re friendly and kind and not as Narcissists as the West and East Coast. Go to Washington DC and Listen to them. Jackie Kennedy spoke like a southerner.

  56. Ann Chovey

    Ann ChoveyMonth ago

    To be clean and funny is a rare talent. Do you hear that Eddie Murphy?

  57. princessliuz Saechao

    princessliuz SaechaoMonth ago

    Wow they are reallly pale

  58. den o

    den oMonth ago

    As a British person I love the Southern accent.

  59. barnoldwhv

    barnoldwhvMonth ago

    But southern food is good. I'll deal with the heart attack later.

  60. gwyn Stephen

    gwyn StephenMonth ago

    Add to that the heat and humidity

  61. Thomas Lance

    Thomas LanceMonth ago

    BoJangles chick and biscuits and sweet tea! NC! Lol.

  62. alexandra stulz

    alexandra stulzMonth ago

    But biscuits and gravy is for breakfast...

  63. tritondriver1

    tritondriver1Month ago

    Blue Bell Ice Cream with every meal

  64. Marissa Holt

    Marissa HoltMonth ago

    and for dinner we have porkchops and beans

  65. Nik Il-Sung

    Nik Il-SungMonth ago

    Why is this not considered racism?

  66. Joe Schmo

    Joe SchmoMonth ago

    because they are among blacks

  67. Andrea Miller

    Andrea MillerMonth ago

    LOL. Well, right now it's the heat. That's why we move so slow.

  68. Valerie Brown

    Valerie BrownMonth ago

    I love his humor so much! My southern family does make the best biscuits and gravy! (for breakfast)

  69. Adam Scarpetta

    Adam ScarpettaMonth ago

    Might well be Philip Seymour Hoffman's comedic brother.

  70. Drew Wood

    Drew WoodMonth ago

    It's also because we live in Satan's ball sack

  71. David Bradley

    David BradleyMonth ago

    It's awesome to tell people that I'm related to him.

  72. SuburbanDon

    SuburbanDonMonth ago

    The only time ive seen Conan shut up.

  73. addilynn Bri

    addilynn BriMonth ago

    Hey hey B&G is a staple in America we love it here's the deal burn those calories so you can eat more B&G



    Jim is a pedophile rapist.

  75. Madison Orrell

    Madison OrrellMonth ago

    im from the south and i was up in new york this week and the mcdonald’s didn’t have gravy, my brothers friend ordered BISCUITS AND GRAVY^^ but they didn’t have gravy, they were like what are u talking about ??

  76. Thesoulessgrim9000

    Thesoulessgrim90002 months ago

    'Hold on a second'

  77. Nancy Hunt-McDonald

    Nancy Hunt-McDonald2 months ago

    Got a lot of nerve talking about biscuits and gravy in the South, when his buttons are ready to pop open down next to his navel. We are slower in the South so we don't b**** slap people that make us mad. You see we gave up tar and feathering don't you? Lucky you.

  78. Daniel Fitzpatrick

    Daniel Fitzpatrick2 months ago

    Omg the cinnimon roll joke killed me .

  79. fastdraw30

    fastdraw302 months ago

    We eat good in the south!!!.. if it ain't deep fried and smothered in something...well it's prob not good then...and yes biscuits and gravy are awesome!!!

  80. Mesalonika

    Mesalonika2 months ago

    ?politically incorrect, or simply incorrect, yes the "Southern Hospitality" is just for whites. Others get...the nozzle.

  81. Ty Cobb

    Ty Cobb2 months ago

    normally I'm not into his bland comedy, but he's funny here

  82. Katelin Owens

    Katelin Owens2 months ago

    I thought he was gonna just be rude about us southerners but he was actually funny and pretty truthful.

  83. Despot Airsoft

    Despot Airsoft2 months ago

    Biscuits and gravy is the nectar of the gods!

  84. Future Esquire

    Future Esquire2 months ago

    Born and raised in Alabama...Been here all my life and this is so true 😂it’s comedy people lighten up...I found it hilarious...And yes, we bleed sweet tea

  85. Laurence Kim

    Laurence Kim2 months ago

    i wish there was a little more context to the opening bit.

  86. vasily202

    vasily2022 months ago

    Prior to the show, they prepare notes and have a general idea of where the interview is going. I know that. But Conan's improvs and interractions with the guests are truly amazing. Jim, Bill Burr and Tim Olyphant (and many others) really make Conan laugh and be uncomfortable on certain jokes, but seeing Conan laugh, especially when the joke is a little "controversial" (race, fat, idiot republican aka republican...) makes the video even better. When I try painfully to watch Jimmy Fallon and he starts that excessive fake laughing, I just have to change the channel/video. That's a shame because some of his guests are funny and he can be funny and he is pretty talented, but the laugh kills it. Conan is just perfect! The best. Conan>Kimmel>Corden>Colbert>Fallon. They are all good tho.

  87. vasily202

    vasily2022 months ago

    "Finally someone my color"... Conan is the best!

  88. john hold

    john hold2 months ago

    And bologna

  89. lebrawnjames23

    lebrawnjames232 months ago

    watching comedians who genuinely make conan laugh is the greatest thing to do when you're high

  90. Adrian Jones

    Adrian Jones2 months ago

    He's right, everyone loves sourdough

  91. squanto

    squanto2 months ago


  92. Lou Zer

    Lou Zer2 months ago

    This is true comedy, not that Kevin Hart crap.

  93. Duane Fendley

    Duane Fendley3 months ago

    Loved it ..as a southerner I agree with this guy ..he was making jokes about me ...to bad northerners have nothing humurus to talk about in thier everyday lives .book clubs and trying to be the perfect person while posting signs and making up new laws for being human and higher taxes is all they know about life ..

  94. Not Anidiot

    Not Anidiot3 months ago

    "America is great because America is good" - Hillary Clinton. Need I say more?

  95. Trump Lady

    Trump Lady3 months ago

    Lol, I blame it on the heat, too hot too move quickly. Too cold up north to move slowly, they'll freeze to death.

  96. Life Goes On Productions

    Life Goes On Productions3 months ago

    LOves me some Jim. He is soo funny yet clean.

  97. Ophelia Darkling

    Ophelia Darkling3 months ago

    I'm reading all the comments in the Jim Gaffigan voice. It helps.

  98. Lorie Acosta

    Lorie Acosta3 months ago

    Oh come on ! I am from the South and not like that at all. No Bisquits n Gravy everyday , never done Chicken n Waffles together before and I drink unsweet Tea. I do have the accent though.

  99. M. Carrera

    M. Carrera3 months ago

    Im hispanic and he's not funny at all. Does the teleprompter say "Laugh".

  100. tgbluewolf

    tgbluewolf3 months ago

    huh, and here I always thought we were slow because it's so damn humid down here lol...learn something new every day