Jim Gaffigan Explains Why Southerners Are Slow


  1. CrimsonTiger

    CrimsonTiger3 days ago

    2:17 Ok....... he has a point......... when i was little i would eat sticks of butter and blamed it on my brother....... and then my grandma caught me eating a whole tub of butter behind her couch with a spoon.

  2. Philippines - Darrell Cheeks

    Philippines - Darrell Cheeks4 days ago

    From the south, love the south and btw why all the snow birds want to come here - STAY HOME SUCKERS

  3. Hope McCleantown

    Hope McCleantown4 days ago

    he aint wrong

  4. Juan Betancourt

    Juan Betancourt5 days ago

    Atlanta Women Are Whores

  5. Ricahrd P'Brien

    Ricahrd P'Brien8 days ago

    Many Southerners can actually "cipher in their heads.' I live in Texas and have witnesses it myself.

  6. nature man Eli 2

    nature man Eli 211 days ago

    Shut up your dumb

  7. nashville slim

    nashville slim16 days ago

    It's the heat, suupidd.

  8. ty mccormick vlogs and more

    ty mccormick vlogs and more16 days ago

    I'm a proud Southerner...and this is great

  9. monikag1323

    monikag132317 days ago

    You're gathering 12 Jews together, of COURSE there's going to be FOOD!!!! (Chill out people, I'm a tribe member)

  10. Young Frankenstein

    Young Frankenstein18 days ago

    *Jesus is looking at the bill after the Last Supper. He sighs, closes his eyes and rubs the bridge of his nose, and asks, "Alright, why... why would any of you order the wine?".*

  11. Rod C.

    Rod C.20 days ago

    Loved Jim in Super Troopers.

  12. SportDiver 2

    SportDiver 220 days ago

    It's all JEWS. They aren't white European. They hate the European Aryan. Jews are Neanderthal gene pool

  13. sa65cn1

    sa65cn123 days ago

    As a Southerner,New Orleans, is my hometown and WE ARE SLOW because it is literally in the high 90's most of the year, who wants to move at all!!! Also, fried food is delicious, bad for you , but here only the flavor of the food counts. LOL

  14. underclas

    underclas23 days ago

    This is why I hate Hollywood. They make the majority of the media and they hate anyone that's southern or rural or outside their urban comfort zone and I really don't get why we eat this garbage up. It's literally insulting us right in the face and calling us stupid sure maybe we aren't the brightest bunch but you don't have to insult us left and right on almost anything.

  15. Maggie Houser

    Maggie Houser23 days ago

    ...are you telling me that some people don’t eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast??

  16. Michelle Albers

    Michelle Albers24 days ago

    The south is lives up to the stereotype....people are very slow...

  17. Jay Marsh

    Jay Marsh25 days ago

    It was barely loaves that he multiplied...

  18. Sharon Chunn

    Sharon Chunn26 days ago

    Lmao too funny

  19. Bongo Frenzy

    Bongo Frenzy27 days ago

    I'm a fat earther.

  20. Flip Wilson

    Flip Wilson28 days ago

    Explain why your not funny oxygen thief

  21. jeremy stewert

    jeremy stewertMonth ago

    I worked for Tyson foods for a while and had to move to Iowa, the coldest place on earth. Anyway one of the guys I made friends with was talking with me one day and we got to discussing drinking culture in the south. I said, you have your dry counties, you can't purchase alcohol, and your wet counties, your counties to purchase. He looked at me and said, "Dry county? It rains more in one county than another in the south?" And y'all call us stupid in the south. I always noticed that yankees are extremely rude. If you say hello or yes ma'am or sir they're taken back. A lot different from Arkansas.

  22. Ted Heavy

    Ted HeavyMonth ago

    Says the guy thats so fat his shirt gaps open at the bottom because his gut is so big.

  23. Žan Ujčič

    Žan UjčičMonth ago

    Implying Pumpernickel isn't the best bread...

  24. root loggins

    root logginsMonth ago

    He needs to be slapped in the face with a shitty diaper

  25. Danny Rivas

    Danny RivasMonth ago

    Funny mofo

  26. bryzzo 2016

    bryzzo 2016Month ago

    Jim's from my hometown love this guy

  27. cynji74cj

    cynji74cjMonth ago

    Omg!! Love this guy!! Soo frkn witty!!

  28. Brent Evans

    Brent EvansMonth ago

    People Fat as Gaffigan is pressing their luck telling Jesus jokes 🙏

  29. omicron leonis

    omicron leonisMonth ago

    This from a man who sounds like he was kicked in the head by a horse.

  30. Joe M.

    Joe M.Month ago

    In Florida, the further NORTH you go it gets more southern.

  31. All Abored

    All AboredMonth ago

    His hands look like whitehot's

  32. mike leo

    mike leoMonth ago

    We do eat biscuits and gravy, also we eat a lot of grits and eggs with sausage or ham or bacon, with buttered toast and jelly. I myself have Honeynut Cherrios most mornings now from years of the aforementioned diet. Cholesterol was up a smidgin.

  33. Storm Warning

    Storm WarningMonth ago

    If southerners are slow, they've never lived and worked in Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans or Charlotte. This show is the worst stereotype.

  34. Nico Luciens

    Nico LuciensMonth ago

    Too true.

  35. Cathy T

    Cathy TMonth ago

    This fool is disrespectful and NOT FUNNY at all. I wouldnt go see him as a stand up comedian if someone gave me a free ticket . What a waste of air 😝

  36. Truth Hurts

    Truth HurtsMonth ago


  37. sam kupper

    sam kupperMonth ago

    food and inbreeding?

  38. linda maddox

    linda maddoxMonth ago

    It used to be a bottle of Coke with peanuts in it for breakfast in the car on the way to work. They closed Glady's Knights chicken and waffles down here so that's harder to get anymore (dammit) .

  39. Toni Shmony

    Toni ShmonyMonth ago

    Time for cement

  40. Ronnie Prevatt

    Ronnie PrevattMonth ago

    We live good in the south. Stay your ass up north we don’t need you

  41. Denzel Wilksch

    Denzel WilkschMonth ago

    "Oh, its good stuff"

  42. William Smith

    William SmithMonth ago

    I bet jim fagagain wont go to the south and say that. Lol

  43. Heart XO

    Heart XOMonth ago

    I was today years old when I learned people outside the south don't eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast

  44. Rosie Content

    Rosie ContentMonth ago

    Lol! He's RIGHT! I am from the south.. The food is atrocious More butter. Can we fry it? Sprinkle some sugar on it. Vegetables? Naw... Or if yes then cook it for 12 hours with some fatback

  45. Steven Iavarone

    Steven IavaroneMonth ago

    I went to Tennessee for 3 weeks & loved the food, culture, Wilderness, Smokey Mts-went backpacking, visited a State Park, traveled off the beaten path & the People were kind etc.

  46. Stranger- Muff

    Stranger- MuffMonth ago

    A fat guy telling southerners that there eating unhealthy and there slow and fat.

  47. Bullitt 1776

    Bullitt 1776Month ago

    We're slower because it's hot.

  48. cards0486

    cards0486Month ago

    minutes to pee, wash your hands, and eat lunch you move and eat quickly. Going out with friends you’re always the first one finished eating. So it all depends on the situation. And if he doesn’t like biscuits and gravy for ANY meal he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

  49. Q the omnipotent

    Q the omnipotentMonth ago

    What is yellow, obnoxious, rude, arrogant and screams? A bus full of Yankees going over a cliff.

  50. Q the omnipotent

    Q the omnipotentMonth ago

    Laugh at yourself people.

  51. sa65cn1

    sa65cn1Month ago

    I know this guy is a comedian, but he is right about the south. Things are easier here because it is damn hot. Try doing a bit on New Orleans, you could find much more than biscuits and gross white gravy here.

  52. DmY808

    DmY808Month ago

    Hawaiians make southerners seem quick witted.

  53. Michael Phillips

    Michael PhillipsMonth ago

    He's right about one thing. Southerners are usually friendly people as I am from Texas. But the rest of what he said was kind of racist. We all don't eat food that makes us fat, and we are not slow from lack of energy and we're not always eating unhealthy foods and it's a burning offensive stereotype I am damn sick of and sick of people making offensive jokes about and he's one to talk, he's big like an elephant.

  54. HPRshredder

    HPRshredderMonth ago

    This is all old material. And you know they rehearsed it before. Bunch of fakers.

  55. Hefty StarLord

    Hefty StarLordMonth ago

    As a southerner, he’s really not that far off. Love me some scratch made biscuits with some sausage gravy.

  56. X Marks

    X MarksMonth ago

    These guys are delusional: they are PINK; not white.

  57. Nkryptchon 01

    Nkryptchon 01Month ago

    STUPID is more like it. Ignant is more like it. Rude big mouth fools are more like it.

  58. stopdontholdmeback

    stopdontholdmebackMonth ago

    ive been down south. There is a reason why they are slow...retards

  59. Fatty Ninja

    Fatty Ninja2 months ago

    Southerners move slow because they're obese. Clinically obese. I've never seen so many handicap parking spaces until I went down south.

  60. Rheanna Cave

    Rheanna Cave2 months ago

    He felt he needed to explain... haha

  61. Craig Killebrew

    Craig Killebrew2 months ago

    So funny it would have been funnier without Conan

  62. jtomasik

    jtomasik2 months ago

    His Jesus bits are so funny.

  63. tcwaterdrill

    tcwaterdrill2 months ago

    I have known some really good Yankees in my life growing up in the South. They all moved back up North.

  64. Elijah McCormick

    Elijah McCormick2 months ago

    Very true. Biscuits and gravy is my favorite breakfast food

  65. Carms C.P.

    Carms C.P.2 months ago

    "I'm preparing for a big role. A cinnamon roll. " YEAH! Hahahaha

  66. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith2 months ago


  67. HD Trend TV - Gaming & More

    HD Trend TV - Gaming & More2 months ago

    He's a pretty funny man but the funnier thing about this video is Will Arnett's laughing after he makes jokes everytime.

  68. Miller Forester

    Miller Forester2 months ago

    Hey, eat this ! It's OK for fat people to make fat jokes, I are wun.

  69. phillip watson

    phillip watson2 months ago

    These guys are about as funny as a screen door on a submarine.

  70. Jasper O'Reilly

    Jasper O'Reilly2 months ago

    Sausage gravy and biscuits is the best thing you can put in your mouth.

  71. Kayla Pinkney

    Kayla Pinkney2 months ago

    Sadly none of that was funny 😔

  72. ffone1

    ffone12 months ago

    A guy from Indiana talking about The South? Go figure..

  73. Don Carbon

    Don Carbon2 months ago

    and now how great do you think it is in the US ?

  74. James Youngblood

    James Youngblood2 months ago

    Chicken and waffles? wtf is he talking about

  75. James Youngblood

    James Youngblood2 months ago

    He looks like he has a had few to many biscuits himself

  76. brawl2063

    brawl20632 months ago

    2:45 is the best

  77. Syrena Milani

    Syrena Milani2 months ago

    " Boom " 😁💕💓💯✔🍞🍞🍞🍞

  78. patrick forston

    patrick forston2 months ago

    suck it gaffagain

  79. Oberyn Martell

    Oberyn Martell2 months ago

    The last semi pg13 comedian standing!😌

  80. Rafael Ramirez

    Rafael Ramirez2 months ago

    My favourite skit from him is the one about Catholics...

  81. John Menyhard

    John Menyhard2 months ago

    Jesus will there be food. Lol

  82. Dean Rockwell

    Dean Rockwell2 months ago

    Making fun of the only demographic, that leads to no consequences. So brave...so brave.

  83. IntheeyesofMorbo

    IntheeyesofMorbo2 months ago

    robe casual lol

  84. Koala Nectar

    Koala Nectar2 months ago

    He is just not funny.

  85. KD Hovis

    KD Hovis2 months ago

    Its the HUMIDITY that slows us Jee-mim Gaff- uh-Gin!

  86. Артём Лобов

    Артём Лобов2 months ago

    A great comedian is funny when they can do it without septic or sexual humour.

  87. RAFF

    RAFF2 months ago

    Wrong Jim! Okay, maybe.... but the main reason we're so slow is because it's Just. Too. Hot.

  88. i_have_dissapointed_my_parents

    i_have_dissapointed_my_parents2 months ago

    I can confirm, as a southerner, that we eat paper-mache for every meal

  89. Youdontneedto Seemyidentification

    Youdontneedto Seemyidentification2 months ago

    Probably the ONLY people in the south that have any brains are those that moved there from other states and oppose the Repugnant party. I usually think of the southern & midwestern flyover states as 'Dumfuckistan' mostly based on how this collection of Faux news brainwashed states vote.

  90. sharon gonzalez

    sharon gonzalez2 months ago

    It’s not the biscuits n gravy,,,it’s the freakin HEAT! It is 100 degrees in the south practically from May to October! Now add to that the fried food and you wanna go take a nap after lunch!

  91. Nick MaGrick

    Nick MaGrick2 months ago

    that was pretty good

  92. Jacob Pastega

    Jacob Pastega2 months ago

    rip man

  93. Hugh Goldspiel

    Hugh Goldspiel2 months ago


  94. N James

    N James2 months ago

    "I'm preparing for a big roll" is a genius, old-school joke, and I laughed at it. I laughed pretty loud.

  95. Steph J

    Steph J2 months ago

    There is a great market in Nashville for good, family friendly comedy.Come,come!!

  96. Steph J

    Steph J2 months ago

    we are sooo wrong

  97. Steph J

    Steph J2 months ago

    he's got us down pat! lol

  98. Colby Neblett

    Colby Neblett2 months ago

    Time for cement.

  99. Steff

    Steff2 months ago

    It's the heat.


    CROSSAWGA2 months ago

    Does Any One Explain How Jim Gaffigan and Conan Are Ignorant AND Rude ?

  101. Praben

    Praben2 months ago

    I love sourdough too