Jim Gaffigan Ate Reindeer in Scandinavia


  1. JanCarol11

    JanCarol1120 hours ago

    You haven't had an insane flight until you've done Trans-Pacific...

  2. Kelly Gervais

    Kelly GervaisDay ago

    Those look like the most uncomfortable chairs, if we go by how many times Jim adjusted in it...

  3. Nene J. Phillips

    Nene J. Phillips21 day ago

    “Are you mad at me?” 😂😂😂

  4. belinda hawkins

    belinda hawkins25 days ago

    Seth that laughter sounds severely sincere True honor of a comedian from another comedian True laughter 🤣

  5. Hop

    Hop26 days ago

    Whatever floats your boat . . . or sinks it.

  6. LeonBlackbird

    LeonBlackbirdMonth ago

    First: cheese slices Second: fondue Dessert: cheesecake

  7. curve your toes Christians

    curve your toes ChristiansMonth ago

    Jesus Christ in our minds and hearts to be in His grace.

  8. john clhugyugihjbvgbkj

    john clhugyugihjbvgbkj2 months ago

    You're so near to Russia So far from Japan Quite a long way from Cairo Lots of miles from Vietnam Finland, Finland, Finland

  9. raretrick

    raretrick2 months ago

    I imagine Seth Meyers must get very nervous when he has to talk to a funny person

  10. MindHunger

    MindHunger2 months ago

    "This is a boat that didn't float. This is why we make furniture."

  11. bacaca23

    bacaca233 months ago

    "Give me a day then I'll get back to raping and murdering" LMAO

  12. Melanie Cravens

    Melanie Cravens4 months ago

    The man has the natural. Ability to be hilarious.

  13. Wired Weird

    Wired Weird4 months ago

    Jim Gaffigan is Santa Claus in plain clothes😄

  14. Jan Linette

    Jan Linette4 months ago

    You can actually get a season ticket for the boat museum #nojoke

  15. Daniel DeRey

    Daniel DeRey4 months ago

    Came here for a Santa joke and was not disappointed 😂

  16. Amal Abdulle

    Amal Abdulle4 months ago

    I spat at the Columbus joke. Lol.

  17. Matthieu Vonlanthen

    Matthieu Vonlanthen4 months ago

    The host laughs way too loudly.

  18. Bryan Speer

    Bryan Speer4 months ago

    Seth’s forced fake laugh over and over is SO BAD! It really distracts from Jim’s jokes.

  19. Stefan Feist

    Stefan Feist4 months ago

    Scandinavia, Finland,...

  20. watutman

    watutman4 months ago

    In Sweden you can't be better at building boats than anyone else because that would hurt people's feelings and that's not equality.

  21. Vrfvfd Cdvgtre

    Vrfvfd Cdvgtre5 months ago

    Hey, Jim, Why don`t you visit the culturally enriched suburbs of Paris and Stockholm? Oh, I see, not a big tourist attraction for a liberal tolerant.

  22. motoquasi

    motoquasi6 months ago

    Jim is on his A-game in this clip.

  23. Tsimpy

    Tsimpy6 months ago

    Jim G is the funniest man ever!!!

  24. Zarkow

    Zarkow6 months ago

    I have long-distance flights (10+ hours one way) once a month at least, but it is interesting to see how messed up some become doing it once. :)

  25. Cassandra Tried

    Cassandra Tried6 months ago

    He kind of stole material from Louis CK here

  26. johchadow

    johchadow6 months ago

    I swear I heard him say sh!t museum the first time he said it. lol

  27. David Jodice

    David Jodice7 months ago


  28. Cris Pereira

    Cris Pereira8 months ago

    This is why we make furniture 😆

  29. X Marks

    X Marks8 months ago

    Reindeer filled HotPockets are the best.

  30. Bella Biesel

    Bella Biesel10 months ago

    Nice laugh track Seth.

  31. ShawnVlog101

    ShawnVlog101Year ago

    Have you had Parmesan chips? Don’t.

  32. Gjert Myrestrand

    Gjert MyrestrandYear ago

    Few things are more delicious than reindeer. It´s just a cultural reference in the US to Santa Claus that makes it strange for Americans. For us in Norway, it´s just as normal as eating beef.

  33. rafdcs

    rafdcsYear ago

    Finland isn't part of scandinavia Seth.

  34. Persian Kat

    Persian KatYear ago

    Meyers cant even fake his laugh ! terrible

  35. Andy Yorath

    Andy YorathYear ago

    Oh!! You flew FROM Europe into the Western Hemisphere? MORON!!!

  36. Tom Langely

    Tom Langely4 months ago

    Well if you go from Europe to America you generally go west! Unless you go east and then you have to fly over Russian which will add about 3 or 4 days to you're flight! MORON!🙄

  37. Alex Jbf

    Alex JbfYear ago

    6 hours?! That's nothing! Come to Australia mate.

  38. space river news

    space river newsYear ago

    Love Jim gaffigan 😂

  39. Mark Reviews

    Mark ReviewsYear ago

    So Louis C.K. falls from grace, and you can just steal his material? I'm disappointed.

  40. Butch Coolidge

    Butch CoolidgeYear ago

    how annoying is Seth's fake laugh? why? why, do you feel the need to laugh constantly like an idiot?

  41. James bernardino

    James bernardinoYear ago

    God I love this man. Also Seth is really the most genuine tv host. I love his hearing is laugh in the background while a guest tells a story.

  42. Pardis Fariborz

    Pardis FariborzYear ago

    No idea who this guy is, but I really enjoyed him talk. Might have to check him out :)

  43. Alf-Einar Sivertsen

    Alf-Einar SivertsenYear ago


  44. Dianne Steitz

    Dianne SteitzYear ago

    Americans hunt and eat deer all the time, why does putting "rein" in front of it, make it exotic? There are drunk guys, sitting in deer blinds, that'll shoot and "sausage up" anything not wearing orange!

  45. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    Ingeborg Anne RakvågYear ago

    Lol I love how it's like "you're not joking, they really sold reindeer" Like, yeah. I have reindeer sausages in my freezer. They raise reindeer in the north like others would raise cattle or deer.

  46. normantrombon

    normantrombonYear ago

    Poronpaisti, of course. Reindeer stew. Delicious. And Lakka, the Finnish cloudberry liqueur. I’d love to taste those things again- but not in the dead of winter, when the sun gets about an inch over the horizon, at three p.m., and plummets.

  47. Edward Edwards

    Edward EdwardsYear ago

    Making fun of #French people - where is the outrage? Oh wait, they're #white...

  48. dreembarge

    dreembargeYear ago

    Wait--Jim Gaffigan...eight tiny reindeer? Was it on Christmas Eve?

  49. TheMaloney

    TheMaloneyYear ago

    He is a comedic genius. He had me rolling laughing in about 15 seconds. Incredible.

  50. lesco51790

    lesco517904 months ago

    TheMaloney he really is. He’s a skinnier John Pinette. He’s hilarious and the first bit about people needing days to rest after an 8hr flight is spot on.

  51. Blu

    BluYear ago

    Where you at my fellow froggies ? 🐸 "This is Jean Jean Jean" ... J'ai bien ri (': !

  52. LJ

    LJYear ago

    I'm liking this new Jim Gaffigan special

  53. lunhil12

    lunhil12Year ago

    My Norwegian aunt made reindeer meatballs with a can of coke added to the mix. Those meatballs in gravy are amazing!

  54. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos NinjaYear ago

    It's not like I don't eat that way, just not in public. Haha!

  55. Karsten Von Fjellheim

    Karsten Von FjellheimYear ago

    Every joke in this clip, Jim did in Norway.

  56. ghostshipone

    ghostshipone3 months ago

    He’s a stand up comedian

  57. TheJoose01

    TheJoose014 months ago

    And in Finland as well, but hey, nice to hear them again.

  58. Wilhelm Henderson

    Wilhelm HendersonYear ago

    Very offensive to the Sami people! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Kidding!

  59. Alin Nemet

    Alin NemetYear ago

    so funny

  60. Lohhukkainen

    LohhukkainenYear ago

    "This is why we make furniture" Ohhh that's a burn for you Swedes xD With love from Finland

  61. David Marks

    David Marks2 months ago

    +gurra63able In the official inquest everyone involved blamed each other for the sinking. In the end, only the Dutch supervising shipwright Henrik Hybertsson was held responsible but fortunately for him, he had died shortly before the ship was launched.

  62. Gambit87

    Gambit873 months ago

    didn't you forget something? You were swedes too back then. Finland was just a region in Sweden no different then Svealand, Götaland or Norrland. So if it was a burn for us Swedes it was a burn for you too.

  63. gurra63able

    gurra63able3 months ago

    No its a burn for the dutch shipbuilder specialist who was responsible for construction. Ohhh that's a burn for you Finlad with love from Sweden. We could not build such big ships by our selves back then in the 1600, in Finland, they could not build houses higher than two floors at that time.

  64. Ulf Berggren

    Ulf BerggrenYear ago

    Stockholm is the backside of Sweden, welcome to the front side next time. Visit the westcoast

  65. Lee Olsson

    Lee OlssonYear ago

    I wanna hug Jim Gaffigan.

  66. sparkss4

    sparkss4Year ago

    This was funnier than his last special

  67. MaryCeleste86

    MaryCeleste86Year ago

    Finland isn't in Scandinavia, Seth. But you're right about Stockholm.

  68. H Ek

    H EkMonth ago

    Cassandra Tried Finland is not part of Scandinavia but part of the Nordic :)

  69. Ryan Turner

    Ryan TurnerMonth ago

    +Cassandra Tried Finland is not part of scandanavia.

  70. ༺ Sunniva ༻

    ༺ Sunniva ༻3 months ago

    Cassandra Tried since forever

  71. Cassandra Tried

    Cassandra Tried6 months ago

    MaryCeleste86 since when is Finland not considered Scandinavian?

  72. Killers Comical Unboxings

    Killers Comical UnboxingsYear ago


  73. Hugo Gaytan

    Hugo GaytanYear ago

    i know it's a joke, but colombus didn't take port from spain, it was from Portugal in a port called palos.

  74. Tom Langely

    Tom Langely4 months ago

    That's probably because it was the portugese that funded him!!

  75. palmasan

    palmasanYear ago

    Hugo Gaytan Palos de la Frontera is located in Huelva, Spain. Close to Portugal, but still Spain,

  76. Piccoli Testicoli

    Piccoli TesticoliYear ago

    Ja taas TORILLE...

  77. Victor Chang

    Victor ChangYear ago


  78. Roedy Green

    Roedy GreenYear ago

    Reindeeer is the same as caribou. It is the best testing of all the meats.

  79. Kheyoo

    KheyooYear ago

    I don't really get why americans would think its weird to eat an animal such as reindeer even though they associate them with a holiday

  80. Amy Ashworth

    Amy AshworthMonth ago

    Kheyoo because Americans think reindeer are mythical animals that fly and they believe in Santa too.

  81. SallyG May

    SallyG MayYear ago

    I ate rain deer in Finland as well

  82. Hayden Schinderman

    Hayden SchindermanYear ago

    Love you Jim

  83. tinaloveseddie

    tinaloveseddieYear ago


  84. AKmanKA

    AKmanKAYear ago

    Eating reindeer is actually really common here in Alaska. They make the best sausages.

  85. Fathimir

    FathimirYear ago

    This exactly. I don't live in Alaska anymore, but I grew up there, and man, I've had a hankering for some reindeer sausage lately.

  86. Satan

    SatanYear ago

    do you have to add fat of some kind?

  87. GorillaGuerilla

    GorillaGuerillaYear ago

    Most cheese, (at least hard cheese), doesn't cause heart problems!

  88. Coos Oorlog

    Coos OorlogYear ago

    Hands up for poronkäristys!

  89. Coos Oorlog

    Coos OorlogYear ago

    Every time I go to Lapland I eat some reindeer. It's so good it's crazy.

  90. TheCrankydragon

    TheCrankydragonYear ago

    Name a random state - half of the americans around you: "WOOOOH" *clap clap clap clap*

  91. rmg03c

    rmg03cYear ago

    I'd hang my head and try not to be noticed. I'm embarrassed.

  92. Gabriel Traveler

    Gabriel TravelerYear ago

    I've been to that museum and it is indeed a beautiful boat, despite not floating.

  93. Jenkin Creative

    Jenkin Creative4 months ago

    ...I’ll say!

  94. Ravishankar Kommu

    Ravishankar Kommu6 months ago

    I have been on youtube day and night for over 10 years, and this is by far the weirdest exchange.

  95. Ascent

    AscentYear ago

    Lol. You don’t remember your own wife? 🤣 We married in Bali, that one night. I was that impossibly hot chick dressed in the Art Deco wedding gown. 🙃 I guess that was an odd comment. it’s just that you seem the sort I’d like to end it with some fine day. I subscribed. Happy travels!

  96. Gabriel Traveler

    Gabriel TravelerYear ago

    Really? That's news to me. When did we theoretically get married?

  97. Ascent

    AscentYear ago

    I think you might be my husband.

  98. Larry R

    Larry RYear ago

    Mr. Meyers is one of the world's most accomplished comedy writers. During this segment, you can hear him in a constant state of laughter, which is a real testament to just how funny Jim Gaffigan is. Mr. Gaffigan's timing is impeccable.

  99. edy kubiak

    edy kubiakYear ago

    He's good.

  100. Themistocles

    ThemistoclesYear ago

    Jim, as an American and permanent resident of Spain, both countries are in the Western Hemisphere.

  101. DK Dempcey Knight DK

    DK Dempcey Knight DKYear ago

    Love Gaffigan, one of the "clean" comedians. I hope he was lying when he said his fifth performance on NetFlix is his last.

  102. David Marks

    David Marks2 months ago

    He's still releasing concert videos but through Comedy Dynamics to broaden distribution.

  103. John Doe

    John DoeYear ago

    Reindeer filét is among the tastiest, best meat you can eat. We eat a lot of that and Wild Boar in Sweden, but we got to be careful because last week they shot a boar that had 39.800 bequerels (radiation) in it. Turns out it had been grubbing in ground with high fallout from Chernobyl.

  104. Tom Langely

    Tom Langely4 months ago

    What a load of crap!

  105. Tom Langely

    Tom Langely4 months ago

    They actually quit using rads as a measurement for radiation about 20 years ago! They now use sieverts!! As a measurement!! And also where and why did you have you're pig tested for radiation? Doesn't make much sense!! I hunt alot and have never had my venison checked for radiation!!

  106. Jay Paul

    Jay PaulYear ago

    Sounds like something you’d hear from someone in the deep backwoods south in the USA.

  107. Rattenkriegs

    RattenkriegsYear ago


  108. PLF

    PLFYear ago

    Which is like 8 bananas worth of radiation. Best be careful.


    DIP-HOUSE.COMYear ago


  110. andybaldman

    andybaldmanYear ago

    Louis CK did this same premise years ago. And it was funnier.

  111. Alf-Einar Sivertsen

    Alf-Einar SivertsenYear ago

    +sparkss4 I dunno, haven't heard the "hey so you wanna watch me masturbate real quick"-bit attested to anyone else :P

  112. Vamanos Ninja

    Vamanos NinjaYear ago

    Tony DiMeo So I'd rather listen to him. :)

  113. Chris McKay

    Chris McKayYear ago

    well this was a real story and he's on a talk show...comedians refine jokes for stand-up, not for talk shows. he's being funny while telling a story.

  114. sparkss4

    sparkss4Year ago

    yeah but Louis kind of stole the Cinnabon sketch from Gaffigan. Louis did it in 2008, Jim in 2006. Again Louis' version was funnier. I guess no one really make anything that's completely new anymore.

  115. Themistocles

    ThemistoclesYear ago

    Oh, it absolutely made me think of the CK "bit". That said, I think CK's was clearly a "bit", and clearly funnier, whereas Jim doesn't really seem to be trying out material. If you've heard him in other forums (e.g. the Sporkful podcast), he can riff off of pretty much anything. Here they clearly had notes to talk about his trip. It's not some tight bit that he's doing; he seems just to be talking based on the show notes. He's a ridiculously accomplished comic that doesn't lift from others. I like both Gaffigan and CK, and even probably prefer CK, but I think its quite a stretch in my opinion. I know comics take the allegations seriously, so just giving my two cents. Anyyway, thanks for the response.

  116. GoopyBoop

    GoopyBoopYear ago

    He does say right a lot lol.

  117. Arges Hagan

    Arges HaganYear ago

    Hit after hit after hit...great job Jimmy G

  118. MrStensnask

    MrStensnaskYear ago

    I love how Seth is just giggling along happily

  119. Thomas Falken

    Thomas Falken7 months ago

    really, i feel like that his pretend laughter just ruins the whole interview

  120. motoquasi

    motoquasiYear ago

    Usually going west is not that bad jetlag.

  121. Victor Velie

    Victor VelieYear ago

    he was more making fun of the whining than actually whining

  122. Themistocles

    ThemistoclesYear ago

    As someone who frequently travels back and forth between Spain (permanent resident) and the U.S. (citizen, where I was born), it really depends on the person and the specific circumstances.

  123. geekishgirl

    geekishgirlYear ago

    Was thinking that while he was whining. You get up early without feeling you want to sleep more. Going East messes you up more

  124. Phil Steakerson

    Phil SteakersonYear ago

    Reindeer is delicious

  125. Latris on the Menjay

    Latris on the Menjay4 months ago

    Person McPerson long walk, short pier, as soon as possible

  126. Quidz

    Quidz4 months ago

    Person McPerson your stupidity is honestly astounding

  127. Person McPerson

    Person McPersonYear ago

    Is it syntax if when you make a sentence, as you did above, you forget to put "a better education"? Seems like you are riddled with errors that read on an 8th grade level. Enjoy your shortened lifespan :) The gene pool thanks you for choosing a diet that leads to heart disease. I am sure it will "work for you" just fine lol. *Be Vegan*

  128. LauraM

    LauraMYear ago

    It's called syntax, not sentence structure. And I won't go vegan again since it does not work for me. I feel much better now :) Like I said, I hope you get better, too. Vegans like you have so much to learn. But you'll get there eventually.

  129. Person McPerson

    Person McPersonYear ago

    No, I can't believe you have that education based on your sentence structure and grammar. I'm pretty secure, but I sincerely hope you get better in the future by going *Vegan* It's a lot more effective in bringing about ✌. :)

  130. New Message

    New MessageYear ago

    I hear Santa ate tiny reindeer too.

  131. RSylvane

    RSylvaneYear ago

    LOL you are not supposed to eat the entire blocks! You eat little pieces...

  132. dystopiadream

    dystopiadreamYear ago

    hooooooooooooooooooooot pOcKeTs

  133. RBAirsoft

    RBAirsoftYear ago

    He was literally doing bits he doing in Helsinki last Friday!

  134. Engineer

    Engineer3 months ago

    All comedians do that. If you go to two of their shows on the same tour, they will tell the same exact jokes for both shows. They change it up when they go on a new tour.

  135. Steelmage99

    Steelmage99Year ago

    A thought struck me when Gaffigan mentioned Donner the Reindeer, and I thought to myself; "Hey, what do we call Santa's reindeer in my language?" (which is Danish (one of the Scandinavian countries)). I realised that we don't give them names (beyond Rudolf).....since we eat them up here in Scandinavia (mostly in Norway, Sweden and Finland....but anyway). That's why they don't have names here. :)

  136. belinda hawkins

    belinda hawkins25 days ago

    Steelmage99 Wow What A Story U need to write to Gaffigan that story I’m sure he can develop a whole routine for it Bc yours is funny too

  137. Ogier the Dane

    Ogier the Dane9 months ago

    Lots of reindeers in Greenland, a part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Just saying.

  138. Alf-Einar Sivertsen

    Alf-Einar SivertsenYear ago

    They don't have any, dude :P Reindeer are only up north in the Nordic countries. Denmark is like basically Germany.

  139. revelwoodie

    revelwoodieYear ago

    Pfft....Americans eat venison all the time. Didn't stop us from naming Bambi. Get on it, Denmark!

  140. Steelmage99

    Steelmage99Year ago

    I know we don't.....I even said so. Anyway, do you have names for Santa's reindeer? I prefer Tuborg. :)

  141. MMLEP95

    MMLEP95Year ago

    Hes funny and also seems like a good guy :)

  142. Joseph Mathew

    Joseph MathewYear ago

    This guy is funny

  143. LJ

    LJYear ago

    Joseph Mathew you should watch all 5 of his stand-ups specials

  144. Benmore Peak

    Benmore PeakYear ago

    Is Gaffigan related to Schlapp?

  145. laalki80

    laalki80Year ago

    Reindeer is damn delicious.

  146. olavrell

    olavrellYear ago

    It is indeed.