Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton Teach Kentucky and Aussie Slang | Vanity Fair


  1. camaro Carl

    camaro Carl18 hours ago

    Over them both.

  2. Lauren Clark

    Lauren Clark18 hours ago

    As a Kentuckian I use all of the words every day

  3. Johannes Stach

    Johannes Stach2 days ago

    Die Jennifer Lawrence Brust ist keine Schauspilerin sie ist eine Pladijatine und eine Lügnerin. Die richtige Schauspielerin bin ich Shugli Regen Anja Sterklov die Ganzen Filmen geschpilt hat und keine Jennefer Lawrence Brust.

  4. Just Me Percy

    Just Me Percy2 days ago

    People wear Cozzies north of the Murray River. South of the Murray, we wear bathers or togs. I was completely mystified when visiting Sydney and told to bring my cozzie. I still think it's hilarious.

  5. jules .c

    jules .c3 days ago

    I’m Aussie and I didn’t know half of these 😂

  6. Min Criss

    Min Criss4 days ago

    Joel ❤️

  7. Ahmad Ilhamudin

    Ahmad Ilhamudin5 days ago

    Crack A Fat

  8. BijinXOXO

    BijinXOXO6 days ago

    How did she not know ankle biter? I’m the same age as her and I always thought that was a common old school American phrase! Like ‘old lady’ or ‘ball and chain’ and ‘rug rat’. No??

  9. Jess P

    Jess P6 days ago

    I'm Canadian and I know ankle biter :p. Toboggan is a sled lol come on.

  10. Ria Rayappan

    Ria Rayappan6 days ago

    Okay but in Toronto, a toboggan is a sled lol

  11. hans diese

    hans diese7 days ago

    in german a "ankle biter" referse to a little dog and a chiwawa is a "ratte mit haaren" which means "a rat with hair"

  12. acid flashback

    acid flashback7 days ago

    Joel Edgarton and Sam Worthington are the same person.

  13. walker Jwalker

    walker Jwalker8 days ago

    Gordo the weirdo

  14. Kevin Mullen

    Kevin Mullen10 days ago

    2:36 "Not to your face" FUCKIN DEAD😂

  15. Liberty Ice

    Liberty Ice13 days ago

    I’m Kentuckian and I literally have only heard like 10% of these slangs

  16. Alfred Gala Jr.

    Alfred Gala Jr.15 days ago

    1:22 :D

  17. Kudo Shinichi

    Kudo Shinichi16 days ago

    You forgot the most important part in Kentucky we live in a holler don’t forget that Jennifer 😁

  18. Jordan Weir

    Jordan Weir21 day ago

    jeses her voice is so nice

  19. Alex Mc

    Alex Mc24 days ago

    Bloody oath

  20. unwnme

    unwnme24 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence has eyes like a lioness.

  21. DedGzusRodeo Gaming

    DedGzusRodeo Gaming24 days ago

    Hmmmm....isnt a toboggan both of these things that they say?

  22. James Miller

    James Miller25 days ago

    Kentuckian here, have heard some of that slang forever, some I’ve literally never heard

  23. Jeremy Stubbs

    Jeremy Stubbs27 days ago

    Not to your face.

  24. Rory Shields

    Rory Shields28 days ago

    “Yonder” isn’t Kentucky slang at all. “Yonder” is present in all forms of English dialect. “Yon” “Mine, yours, his, hers, yon.” It’s a nongendered singular possessive pronoun for the possession of neither you nor me, it belongs to somebody else or nobody. “Yon house.” “Yon amusement park.” (I didn’t build it, I don’t own it but it’s there, way off yonder.) Yon is a part of English speech that was mysteriously abandoned making the language less clear and more complicated. There is no form of speech in English to describe the possession of something outside of your’s, mine and our’s. We reassign and modify “They” to take the place of “Yon” with “Theirs” but this word is a bastardization that’s confusing and makes no sense.

  25. Ella Willmot

    Ella WillmotMonth ago

    1:05 she skipped betty

  26. Woahbro19

    Woahbro19Month ago

    I live in Kentucky and none of these made sense except like one

  27. Aliciá Greaves

    Aliciá GreavesMonth ago

    A lot of aussie slang but not all is also British slang.

  28. R J

    R JMonth ago

    Arkansas here. I grew up with toboggan as a cold weather hat.

  29. RodrigoCL

    RodrigoCLMonth ago

    toboggan in brazil is way more generic than that, like a tube with water that ends in a pool, or a big slider, or whatever

  30. Zhomart Yerkin

    Zhomart YerkinMonth ago

    He touched his beard 39 times.

  31. im oprahnoodlemantra but thats ok

    im oprahnoodlemantra but thats okMonth ago

    I can't believe they had crack a fat

  32. Cristian Mares

    Cristian MaresMonth ago

    I love both of them, i would tottaly do Jennifer Laurence and maybe would allow Joel to look or participate after i finish =))))

  33. spinks219

    spinks219Month ago

    I’m Australian and to be honest I haven’t even heard all of them

  34. Estrella Casias

    Estrella CasiasMonth ago

    I wanna be her best friend or be her loving wife because she is just such a great person

  35. christian allen

    christian allenMonth ago

    All the ky ppl that say they haven’t heard these live in lex or the ville ☠️☠️☠️

  36. Peter Brune

    Peter BruneMonth ago

    Mike Judge invented the mentioned usage of "dill" as a fake TV swear to get early Beavis and Butthead past the censors in the 90's.

  37. Emma Breakwood

    Emma BreakwoodMonth ago

    We use buggy up in Ontario Canada too. Or at least my family does.

  38. Veyn_ Lance

    Veyn_ LanceMonth ago

    They should get drake in here to do toronto slang😂😂

  39. sans24

    sans24Month ago

    We don’t use exy we use spenno

  40. 99miyah

    99miyahMonth ago

    isn't the hot brown sandwich named after the Brown Hotel or something?

  41. Hugheszie

    HugheszieMonth ago

    A lot of the Aussie ones apply in England, and the yanks too. I guess we passed a lot over to our colonies.

  42. JABYRD7773

    JABYRD7773Month ago

    Only one thing about this the bugged me I was raised to know that hollow leg means you can eat a lot not drink a lot

  43. Amara  Jordan

    Amara JordanMonth ago

    That may be my favorite totally random non sequitur quote of 2018. “That’s no way to talk about penguins.” I’m going to use that, like, at LEAST weekly.

  44. Christina Auer

    Christina AuerMonth ago

    “It’s a non-motorized snow vehicle.” “First of all, that’s no way to talk about penguins.”

  45. In0centz 1911

    In0centz 1911Month ago

    That was the worst Aussie slang

  46. Ajia Jade

    Ajia JadeMonth ago

    Most the Australian ones I didn’t know and I’m Australian

  47. Kelly V

    Kelly VMonth ago

    She is such a cow.

  48. Andrew Reed Miller

    Andrew Reed MillerMonth ago

    She could’ve attempted a Kentucky accent

  49. PokéMonty

    PokéMontyMonth ago


  50. Zinglebog

    ZinglebogMonth ago

    Anyone here cause of Isaac butterfield

  51. m. mache

    m. macheMonth ago

    Thank you very much every one on MReporter tonight and all the Comment. Mo

  52. m. mache

    m. macheMonth ago

    Jennifer Lorance you did Confused me tonight's sorry x I'm not Stranger's to the Royal family x mo judges Artists singer Actors on MReporter

  53. Elise Parsons

    Elise ParsonsMonth ago

    Your Kentucky slang isn’t really “slang”

  54. femaletrouble

    femaletroubleMonth ago

    1:23 I love her clutching mah pearls moment

  55. BenC

    BenCMonth ago

    as a fellow australian, i had no idea what most of those american things meant

  56. Bec C

    Bec CMonth ago

    we don't say half that stuff in australia

  57. Jason Bell

    Jason BellMonth ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is an idiot. Not representative of the US.

  58. Brandi Sadler

    Brandi SadlerMonth ago

    Hollow leg means someone who can eat and never get full

  59. Reverend Al

    Reverend AlMonth ago

    I wanted to get a better look at Jennifer's legs.

  60. Francesco Pirrone

    Francesco PirroneMonth ago

    Lord! What have you done to the English language.....😑

  61. Elias Taborda

    Elias TabordaMonth ago

    Dill The Ville

  62. Cory

    CoryMonth ago

    0:30 I love the realization in Jen haha hah

  63. Paige Betts

    Paige BettsMonth ago

    How am I, an Aussie, not knowing what he’s talkin about

  64. Merlin Hawk

    Merlin HawkMonth ago

    Yeah you can be a true Aussie haha, l knew all bar the liquid laugh and shark biscuit

  65. stargazer0480

    stargazer0480Month ago

    She he said crack a fat, I liquid laughed.... my coffee went everywhere!!

  66. Megi Papiashvili

    Megi Papiashvili2 months ago

    KY is the BEST!

  67. Sky NightZ

    Sky NightZ2 months ago

    Jennifer doesn't know cozie. Someone never played habbo


    ARA13 BLACK WATER2 months ago

    oh man the day went great I got a super Gucci at the massage parlor today i was lit all Day I got Bord so i went to the Field and Got my Blaze ON⚡🌟⚡ Afterwards I retired for A Mac attack by the Club sceen ankle Biters at the end of the Night thay all were Masterbaybers into bean Flickery🌟

  69. Gewgulkan Suhckitt

    Gewgulkan Suhckitt2 months ago

    The word "toboggan" as a hat originated as "toboggan hat", meaning a hat appropriate to wear while using a toboggan sled to slide on snow. It was later shortened to just "toboggan".

  70. M Mac

    M Mac2 months ago

    toboggan is a sled, toque is a hat

  71. Helen Paul

    Helen Paul2 months ago

    Never knew Joel is nice hearing him speak his mother tongue.suddenly he is just like the guy next door whom u say ..hey joel have you seen matty lately??

  72. Elleohe Xx

    Elleohe Xx2 months ago

    A lot of those Aussie ones are used in Britain i here some of those on the daily 😂

  73. Julia Akanoa

    Julia Akanoa2 months ago

    I’m an Aussie and I have only heard “Crack a fat”, “stickybeak” and “knock back” The rest is definitely not actual Aussie slang...

  74. Inhuman Weirdo

    Inhuman Weirdo2 months ago

    Or you could just not use that slang🤷🏻‍♀️

  75. Liam Matley

    Liam Matley2 months ago

    She should do comedy because all her interview are funny af

  76. JezzaN1

    JezzaN12 months ago

    Vast majority of these 'Australian slang' words aren't really typical or overly common slang words / phrases. Source: Australia

  77. Merlin Hawk

    Merlin HawkMonth ago

    Maybe not in the millennials generation, but baby boomers and many genXer's use use them or at least know them very well. Mostly country folk and small towners still use them a lot.

  78. Brett Bloody Hell

    Brett Bloody Hell2 months ago

    i'm an aussie and i've never heard some of those aussie slang

  79. Emma Moon

    Emma Moon2 months ago

    In Canada we call it a toque

  80. Elros Aman Anna

    Elros Aman Anna2 months ago

    "ooh I'm scandalized" 😂😂😂😂

  81. A McG

    A McG2 months ago

    It's actually "Creeks" don't rise referring to the Creek War period in the early 1800s

  82. A McG

    A McG13 days ago

    Yeah that’s what it became but it started off as “creeks “(I’m a Creek lol)

  83. rachel whitaker

    rachel whitaker13 days ago

    That's what I know it as "Lord's will and the creek don't rise"

  84. Snodge Kat

    Snodge Kat2 months ago

    In Canada, a toboggan is a snow sled!

  85. max simonidis

    max simonidis2 months ago

    I haven’t heard of half of these an I live in Australia

  86. Cassie Worley

    Cassie Worley2 months ago

    We don't wear beanies, we wear 'boggins in KY!

  87. Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown2 months ago

    Joel seems like a fun person to drink with.

  88. Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande

    Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande2 months ago

    Wth I’ve never heard anyone call it a cozzie Half of these Australian slang I’ve never heard of

  89. xxGRAHFxx

    xxGRAHFxx2 months ago

    Definitely going to say "crack a fat" moving forward.

  90. jinko

    jinko2 months ago

    Roz? Roz Doyle? Is that you?

  91. Wade Brown

    Wade Brown2 months ago

    I could watch her chat away all day sooooo hot its ridiculous

  92. William McCollom

    William McCollom2 months ago

    Toboggan means sled in Canada too.

  93. Nell Ham

    Nell Ham2 months ago

    Im northern irish and I won't be teaching anyone any slang

  94. phaze ho

    phaze ho2 months ago

    That lady so fine

  95. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Ricardo Rodriguez2 months ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is openly racist and many other things. She refers to black people as beneath her. Thought yall should know

  96. D. Chase Huneke

    D. Chase Huneke2 months ago

    I was born and raised in KY - why isn’t “molasses ‘tween her knees!” on the list? Love the reference to “Da Ville” - I still call it “the 502”. And Ever since the White Castle on Chenoweth Lane & Shelbyville Rd closed and the Taco Bell on 42 in Holiday Manor closed, the city ain’t the same.

  97. King Hippo

    King Hippo2 months ago

    No one in Kentucky uses this slang

  98. Lauren Clark

    Lauren Clark18 hours ago

    I do lol literally every day

  99. Tad Strange

    Tad Strange2 months ago

    A ton of people say toboggan.

  100. FluffyCherry Unicorn

    FluffyCherry Unicorn2 months ago

    I’m British and I love this

  101. Bree-Monique Barry

    Bree-Monique Barry2 months ago

    I had to think about a couple of these even as an Aussie

  102. Sun Spot Animations

    Sun Spot Animations2 months ago

    They should have a famous red neck teach people hill billy slang for those who don't know about it.

  103. CenLAStormSpotters

    CenLAStormSpotters2 months ago

    I like her more now lol Us Louisiana folk have pretty much Same slang

  104. Alison Allen

    Alison Allen2 months ago

    hollow legs in UK is someone who can eat all the pies but not show it(remain skinny)!


    JULIAN SMITH2 months ago

    Sadness forever in Jennifer's eyes 🤔.

  106. Mind Milk D20

    Mind Milk D202 months ago

    I love how half the supposed Kentucky ones are just common phrases pretty much everywhere

  107. Sam Brown

    Sam Brown2 months ago

    As an Aussie, I have only heard of about three of the "aussie slang" ones

  108. Saxon Hughes

    Saxon Hughes2 months ago

    Sam Brown Wtf you cannot be australian