Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton Teach Kentucky and Aussie Slang | Vanity Fair


  1. LuKeS

    LuKeS8 hours ago

    Out of all of the Australian slang words, he uses the least used slang words in Australia.

  2. trevor shay

    trevor shay17 hours ago

    Kentuckian here and lmao, half of the stuff I never use

  3. Machado 1147

    Machado 1147Day ago

    My God she's gorgeous

  4. egshane

    egshane2 days ago

    she is not ugly

  5. SeanThePro

    SeanThePro2 days ago

    i dont get why they laughed at “hot brown”


    MICHAEL DUKES3 days ago

    Lawrence seems the type who has definitely lost touch with what it means to be a Kentuckian.

  7. macy rose

    macy rose4 days ago

    I’m Australian and I didn’t even know half of these slang words lmao

  8. liizzset

    liizzset4 days ago

    What does "Betty" mean in Kentucky? It wasn't mentioned.

  9. Meg S.

    Meg S.4 days ago

    What do you have a snow hat in Kentucky for? I thought you were all drinking whiskey and frying chicken LOL

  10. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams5 days ago

    Crack a fat one is brilliant.

  11. Alice Redwood

    Alice Redwood6 days ago

    In Western Kentucky we dont say even half of that.

  12. blaqkhavok35

    blaqkhavok357 days ago

    I'm Australian and i have only heard of a few of these slang terms .

  13. levity90

    levity907 days ago

    I'm kind of baffled that she has never been to Australia. Sheesh. If I had that kind of money, I would have travelled the world over.

  14. Regina Osten

    Regina Osten7 days ago

    Some of these Aussie slang words I don’t I have never heard of and I have been in Australia for all my life

  15. LmCT

    LmCT8 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is a Hick? I had no Idea.

  16. lexiconlover

    lexiconlover9 days ago

    I would not have been able to talk to a guy that close without flirting

  17. lexiconlover

    lexiconlover9 days ago

    She is trashy and proud

  18. d leigh

    d leigh9 days ago

    The funny thing is... A lot of Kentucky doesn't claim Louisville lol. I don't know why, but that's the way it is.

  19. Kerrie Mills

    Kerrie Mills10 days ago

    That was fun to watch thanks.

  20. imli akum

    imli akum10 days ago

    0:31 she gets it..😎

  21. Moe I

    Moe I11 days ago

    Tbt to her interviews with Josh for the Hunger Games 😭❤️

  22. Papi Sorrels

    Papi Sorrels12 days ago

    These two are so awesome together. JLaw rocks! Loved Edgerton in Warrior

  23. Blake Crowder

    Blake Crowder13 days ago

    Did an American pick these slang words for Australia because there trash never used one of them in my life

  24. Treeloft

    Treeloft13 days ago

    most of those aussie slang words are barely ever used so most of them shouldnt be in here

  25. jacesaces15

    jacesaces1513 days ago

    "soooo.... cocky?"

  26. Katie Livermore

    Katie Livermore14 days ago

    I'm Australian and have never heard of more than half the slang in this video. I can think of so many more iconic ones!

  27. Cam LeCouter

    Cam LeCouter14 days ago

    I crack a fat 326 xs a day MINIMUM DAILY

  28. Jenna Hopkins

    Jenna Hopkins14 days ago

    Well, as a Canadian, I can verify that Joel was correct about a toboggan. It's a sled.

  29. Hl A

    Hl A14 days ago

    Cool runnings. lol

  30. big Ojibwe Games

    big Ojibwe Games14 days ago

    Toboggan is Canadian thing eh

  31. Timothy Alarcon

    Timothy Alarcon15 days ago

    Got bored of this video 2 min in

  32. Eduardo Cezar

    Eduardo Cezar16 days ago

    Love her so freaking much... What LANGUEAGE is this guy talking anyways? I can't understand a single word.

  33. Hl A

    Hl A14 days ago

    Bloody yank.

  34. Ruby Arboleda

    Ruby Arboleda17 days ago

    I love the laugh of Edgerton, seems a little boy, hahahaha!!!

  35. shanetilyard86

    shanetilyard8617 days ago

    The cocky part was gold

  36. eh dub

    eh dub17 days ago

    Maybe Jennifer Lawrence could teach me about intimate picture privacy.

  37. Ginger .Rootable

    Ginger .Rootable17 days ago

    Woman is RUDE.

  38. putri eliza

    putri eliza18 days ago

    I really like Joel's giggle.. he looks like a child doing that.. can't believe he's 44..

  39. WelfareChrist

    WelfareChrist18 days ago

    Do they hate each other?

  40. lbmclean

    lbmclean18 days ago

    they would be a super cool couple

  41. Rv4 Guy

    Rv4 Guy18 days ago

    She has such a gutter sense of humour. Love her!

  42. gaming with Ashton yt

    gaming with Ashton yt19 days ago

    Buggy isn't a Kentucky thing people who live here in New Orleans ues it probably all over the place

  43. Guillermo Ruelas

    Guillermo Ruelas19 days ago

    She sucks anymore

  44. Destiny Ca'Mel

    Destiny Ca'Mel19 days ago

    I’ve lived I Louisville my whole life and only knew what three of the slang statements meant.

  45. Liverworst

    Liverworst20 days ago

    Is there a more beautiful accent than an Aussie's?

  46. Hl A

    Hl A14 days ago


  47. MRK3LV

    MRK3LV20 days ago

    2:45 Chris Pratt reference

  48. the lady 64

    the lady 6420 days ago

    I'm Australian nd ive never heard of these words wtf lol

  49. Hl A

    Hl A14 days ago

    Yeah, you won't have heard most aussie slang at your age. I'm 35. People much older have heard even more slang than I have. Aussie slang is dying out. Have you heard of ya fair dinkum? Or dinky di aussie?

  50. the lady 64

    the lady 6414 days ago

    lol I guess, I'm 21

  51. Hl A

    Hl A14 days ago

    That depends how old are you? many of these are disappearing.

  52. FriggSaga

    FriggSaga21 day ago

    Bless her. She said Louisville correctly.

  53. Young & Passionate

    Young & Passionate21 day ago

    Toboggan in Canada means sled.

  54. Halfling

    Halfling22 days ago

    I live in Kentucky and have never heard any refer to Louisville as "The Ville".

  55. Shidelerdan The ogre

    Shidelerdan The ogre22 days ago

    When I was in Kentucky the only slang I learned was “it’s so humid I want to be dead”

  56. Carlo Janea

    Carlo Janea22 days ago

    5:00 killed me lmao. So cocky? *jen looks at cam

  57. Wawasjohn

    Wawasjohn22 days ago

    Ace is not a Aussie word and I’ve never heard it said

  58. Hl A

    Hl A14 days ago

    Me neither.

  59. Ciorchinele Suprem

    Ciorchinele Suprem22 days ago

    I d love to plant a few ankle biters in her

  60. Cj Anderson

    Cj Anderson22 days ago

    She doesn't know what a toboggan is!

  61. Tommaso Urbisci

    Tommaso Urbisci22 days ago

    crack a fat. using that as often as possible now

  62. jessica rabbit

    jessica rabbit22 days ago

    Almost all ofvthe Australian ones are the same in Scotland UK :)x

  63. Ian Comerford

    Ian Comerford22 days ago

    Wow, I live in Mass, and I hardly know any of Jennifer Lawrences' slang!

  64. Ryan Kennemore

    Ryan Kennemore22 days ago

    Ankle Biter is used in the South as well. How the crap did she never hear that?

  65. Extremeblackclonegaming

    Extremeblackclonegaming23 days ago

    Where’s maccas though

  66. P R I E S T

    P R I E S T23 days ago

    Cracking a fat in my cozzie whilst imagining the hot brown.

  67. KiLLSeT

    KiLLSeT23 days ago

    I gotta go make a hot brown

  68. Liam English

    Liam English23 days ago

    ive barely heard any of the aussie slang.

  69. Liam English

    Liam English23 days ago

    I delivered a sofabed to Joel Edgerton in Bondi.

  70. TorjiMan

    TorjiMan23 days ago

    How did she not know ankle biter lol

  71. savvy sav

    savvy sav23 days ago

    Well learn u

  72. NR Macklin

    NR Macklin23 days ago

    That "Ooohh" at 2:43 had me laughing so HARD 😂 😂😂

  73. One-Eye

    One-Eye23 days ago

    I'd love to eat J-Laws hot brown. And I bet she's a good cook, too.

  74. One-Eye

    One-Eye23 days ago

    As an Australian I applaud whoever put 'Crack a Fat' in there.

  75. Jonathan Sheridan

    Jonathan Sheridan23 days ago

    Well ya learn something new everyday. I always thought his surname was pronounced like Ed gurr ton. But it's actually Edge r ton..

  76. J Flack

    J Flack23 days ago

    as an Appalachian native-- I UNDERSTAND!

  77. Bad Cat

    Bad Cat24 days ago

    Apparently everything means drunk

  78. Hl A

    Hl A14 days ago

    aussie aussie aussie drunk drunk drunk. haha

  79. Amber Ward

    Amber Ward24 days ago

    I've lived in Kentucky my whole life and have never heard any of these "slang" words.

  80. rio d

    rio d24 days ago

    She dropped out of middle school.

  81. Grimmie _nebu

    Grimmie _nebu24 days ago

    Love Australia

  82. angelicone181

    angelicone18124 days ago

    I love his laugh, he full blown giggles, it’s downright adorable!

  83. liz scott

    liz scott24 days ago

    His laugh at 4:48 😂❤️❤️

  84. Dennis Cat

    Dennis Cat24 days ago

    I wish to court Ms. Lawrence. After a short courting period seed her in the garden . . . in her vagine not her flowerbed

  85. Kathryn Paseler

    Kathryn Paseler24 days ago

    Had no idea he was an Aussie. I love him more now. Hes adorable

  86. Chad Guiry

    Chad Guiry24 days ago

    a toboggan is type of sled in the shape of a J also toboggan is made of bound, parallel wood slats, all bent up and backwards at the front to form a recumbent 'J' shape. A thin rope is run across the edge of end of the curved front to provide rudimentary steering. ... here in Canada anyway also its traditional form of transport used by the Innu and Cree of northern Canada.

  87. Rich Y

    Rich Y24 days ago

    "first of all, thats no way to talk about penguins." too funny.

  88. Bella Tinsley

    Bella Tinsley24 days ago

    Yeeeaaahhh The Ville lets get it🤙🏼

  89. Rebumai

    Rebumai24 days ago

    Shark Biscuit a.k.a Schapple's Suitcase.

  90. Elwood Scott

    Elwood Scott24 days ago

    I've lived in Kentucky my entire life and I've never had a hotbrown. Why does everybody think we're obsessed with hotbrowns? I've seen it on multiple lists of most popular foods by state. I don't get it! Also; buggy is more of a coastal southern thing, Kentucky is a little more inland than that.

  91. Dane Parsons

    Dane Parsons25 days ago

    Never heard half of the Aussie slang said in Sydney. Lived here most of my life.

  92. YaBoyBeasty (New Cooked Vids Soon)

    YaBoyBeasty (New Cooked Vids Soon)25 days ago

    Bro I swear Jennifer Lawrence makes me tickle my pickle 🖖🏻

  93. montblanc noland

    montblanc noland25 days ago

    She swallows

  94. Rhino546

    Rhino54625 days ago

    Legit nobody says any of that stuff in Kentucky, at least louisville, I never heard her say it either when I spent the summer st her family’s camp...

  95. Melia Fox

    Melia Fox25 days ago

    I've lived in KY my whole life (33 years) and have only heard like 2 of these.

  96. MrAnperm

    MrAnperm25 days ago

    “Drinking whisky and frying chicken and there’s no snow”

  97. LéVie Saint Nom

    LéVie Saint Nom25 days ago

    She looks like the princess in The Never Ending Story

  98. ErectoSaurus

    ErectoSaurus26 days ago

    I'm Australian and everything he said I have never heard before

  99. Elle Sebastian

    Elle Sebastian26 days ago

    im Australian and I've never heard any of the Aussie slang

  100. Abhishek Tarafdar

    Abhishek Tarafdar26 days ago

    Joel Edgerton could be a great Obi Wan if Ewan McGregor doesn't return for the role.

  101. Eloise Campbell

    Eloise Campbell26 days ago

    I’m born and raised in Kentucky and I don’t know half of these😂

  102. Leila Thompson

    Leila Thompson26 days ago

    im aussie and i didnt know half those expressions

  103. Bull shitter

    Bull shitter28 days ago

    what is a mullet?

  104. Julia N

    Julia N29 days ago

    I'm Australian and I didn't know half of that slang

  105. JudgeDrench

    JudgeDrenchMonth ago

    Somewhat awkward and I don’t rightly know why...

  106. David Gregory

    David GregoryMonth ago

    “Tall poppie” = “too big for your britches”

  107. Jordie Williams

    Jordie WilliamsMonth ago

    Some of these Aussie slang words are so dumb. I've never heard of half of these!

  108. Jemma Hobbs

    Jemma HobbsMonth ago

    This is funny cause I’m Aussie and both places have rlly funny slang😂😂😂