Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton Teach Kentucky and Aussie Slang | Vanity Fair


  1. FlowerGirl 19

    FlowerGirl 195 hours ago

    My brothers name is Dillon... he’s actually really smart and clever and caring... but... 😬🤯😔

  2. Seth Mellen

    Seth Mellen8 hours ago

    never heard of toboggan in my life. However, I do live in the deep south. #nosnow

  3. WhoDarestheMAN gamer

    WhoDarestheMAN gamer14 hours ago

    Ace???? Never heard anyone say that in my life!!! Everyone says BONZA!

  4. WhoDarestheMAN gamer

    WhoDarestheMAN gamer14 hours ago

    JL is pretty but Margot Robbie is just hotter.

  5. Rayumi

    RayumiDay ago

    Yeah, a toboggan is a sled.

  6. Megan Allen

    Megan Allen2 days ago

    It’s storming really loud and I’m scared

  7. EmoWookie

    EmoWookie2 days ago


  8. Freddy Telfer

    Freddy Telfer3 days ago

    Same, most of these I’ve never heard of- I thought there was going to be stuff like ‘Servo’ or ‘arvo’

  9. cryptidkyra

    cryptidkyra3 days ago

    ‘exy’ am i the only one who immediately thought about the all for the game series by nora sakavic???

  10. John&Ana Peacox-Queija

    John&Ana Peacox-Queija3 days ago Like my video of you like, thank you.

  11. Mythical Mimi

    Mythical Mimi4 days ago

    First of all, that's to way to talk about penguins

  12. Khoko Styles

    Khoko Styles4 days ago


  13. Tristin C

    Tristin C4 days ago

    I love Jennifer’s laugh 😂

  14. HaleyQuinn

    HaleyQuinn4 days ago

    Im australian and that liquid laugh got me.

  15. Samantha F

    Samantha F5 days ago

    Woah...I'm an australian who was born in kentucky! This video is going to be fun

  16. Nicola Kilah

    Nicola Kilah5 days ago

    I’m an Australian and I don’t even know most of these slang words.

  17. Ruby-Anne Whitfield

    Ruby-Anne Whitfield6 days ago

    Australian slang: Chockas Cozzie Arvo Sticky beak Brekky Daks Snags Servo Past Stoked

  18. kenna edge

    kenna edge6 days ago

    i only know what “maccas” means

  19. mystuff

    mystuff6 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence has the best laugh

  20. Tom Walter

    Tom Walter7 days ago

    Something about her I really don't like... People are willing to look past it because they think she's hot, but she comes across pretty bitchy a lot of the time. I can't seem to put my finger on it. Bitchy isn't the right word, its more trying too hard or being fake . I dunno..

  21. Katniss Everdeen

    Katniss Everdeen8 days ago

    Well beside tobagan

  22. turbofan67

    turbofan678 days ago

    Old Queenslander here, I've heard all of them bar the liquid laugh. We call it the technicolor yawn.

  23. i was bored

    i was bored8 days ago

    Jen's reaction to crack a fat she's so adorable

  24. Sam Mitchell

    Sam Mitchell9 days ago

    I live in Australia and no one says those things

  25. annonymous smith

    annonymous smith9 days ago

    knock back is drinking.... knocked back is rejected

  26. lozziexo

    lozziexo11 days ago

    I’m Australian and for some reason don’t know most of these words...

  27. GetOutoFHere Mate!

    GetOutoFHere Mate!11 days ago


  28. FREN - OGY

    FREN - OGY11 days ago

    Once she found he was an aussie 😂😂💦💦

  29. Rebecca D

    Rebecca D11 days ago

    Wow I had no idea he was Australian lol

  30. miles

    miles11 days ago

    I knew all of the Kentucky ones

  31. G Hall

    G Hall11 days ago

    We don't claim Louisville. We give it to Indiana. So she doesn't truly know Kentucky speak!

  32. Paul Hawken

    Paul Hawken12 days ago

    The excessive use of truncated words in Australian English is both lazy and corny.

  33. Eᗰᗰᗩ ᖴᖇETTEᑎ

    Eᗰᗰᗩ ᖴᖇETTEᑎ12 days ago

    I thought "liquid laugh" was when your drunk and your making up jokes and laughing at them even if they're not funny☹️

  34. Lorenzo Frazier

    Lorenzo Frazier14 days ago

    Jlaw and ... Who?

  35. John Doe

    John Doe14 days ago

    Shame Jennifer doesn't have/lost her southern accent.

  36. Noobalator

    Noobalator14 days ago

    2:13 I swear out of staters need to realize that's how we say Louisville. Take your LOOEYVILLE and leave..

  37. Cujo

    Cujo14 days ago

    He shoulda had the word Thongs there. Hehe.

  38. La Porta D

    La Porta D15 days ago

    They would have a very good looking kid. My goodness.

  39. table

    table16 days ago

    I never heard any of this aussie slang

  40. Lukene Ceita

    Lukene Ceita17 days ago

    Ahahahahahahaahahha 1:23 “oh oh Scandalous”

  41. The Spencer’s Family

    The Spencer’s Family18 days ago

    I’m an Aussie and seriously some of these Aussie slang words I’ve never heard in my Life

  42. Blurrz_flex

    Blurrz_flex18 days ago

    Wtf who says exy! Never heard anyone say that

  43. macaak

    macaak20 days ago

    Why didn't the put the cam just a bit lower

  44. Eddie King

    Eddie King21 day ago

    Hollow leg here in Tennessee means you can eat a lot.

  45. Albreezy

    Albreezy22 days ago

    I can’t not see Joel as Gordo lol

  46. Roxanne Bowers

    Roxanne Bowers22 days ago

    Unless they’re over 60 or live in the country, no Australian is saying most of these 🙄

  47. June Swinford

    June Swinford22 days ago

    This cow is an embarrassment to Kentucky. Go get your GED!!!

  48. James

    James23 days ago

    these are some shite aussie "slang" words

  49. theicedevil

    theicedevil24 days ago

    An Ankle Bitter is a slang I use to describe any little dog that act way bigger and tougher than they really are.

  50. Mauricio Rivera-Vera

    Mauricio Rivera-Vera24 days ago

    Tobbogan in Peru is slide 🤔

  51. Poogan123

    Poogan12324 days ago

    I doubt Jennifer Lawrence feel scandalized by discussing erections....based on the dirty photos that were leaked, she has been scandalized many times before..

  52. Shinobi Way

    Shinobi Way25 days ago

    Louisville is full of crack heads and beggars. I hate this freakin city.

  53. Dragon maid

    Dragon maid26 days ago

    Love the way 'crack a fat' hung around there for a while in Joel's arm.

  54. cupofdisappointment

    cupofdisappointment27 days ago

    I thought ace was an American thing

  55. bonny dwyer

    bonny dwyer27 days ago

    Alright I live in a hella bogan area in Australia and I knew none of them

  56. Magic Mike

    Magic Mike28 days ago

    crack a fat is what all the guys are doing right now.

  57. Ibraheem Talha

    Ibraheem Talha29 days ago

    Maaaaaan, I didn’t know that he is Australian! Maybe british? Ok! But I’d never think he is Aussie 😅😅

  58. Deba Dev

    Deba DevMonth ago

    God willing and the creek don’t rise🤣❤️love it

  59. Kaylee Desroches

    Kaylee DesrochesMonth ago

    *In Canada we a sled a "toboggan"*

  60. MORGAN WILLIAM comedy

    MORGAN WILLIAM comedyMonth ago

    Crack a fat.. shoulda just showed her

  61. Dixon Cyder

    Dixon CyderMonth ago

    Someone teach Kentucky the word toque

  62. maria ana ursal

    maria ana ursalMonth ago

    They always answer anything related to alcohol or drinking or being drunk! 😂😂😂

  63. Artificial Insolence

    Artificial InsolenceMonth ago

    American: "No." Australian: "Noouueew."

  64. Feathers, Fur, and Fins

    Feathers, Fur, and FinsMonth ago

    Kentucky slang...AKA southern slang.

  65. haildeath

    haildeathMonth ago

    I thought Kentucky waterfall was a local slang for golden shower.

  66. Sweetgirl Sweetgirl

    Sweetgirl SweetgirlMonth ago

    I love JiJi but we have to talk about This goddess sit next to her Joel ...God so handsome 💓💓

  67. rafpac6

    rafpac6Month ago

    Joel cmon mate. U made up half those words

  68. Jesse and Robert

    Jesse and RobertMonth ago

    Yeah that vanity fair watermark in the thumbnail is in the shittest spot.

  69. Josh Flanagan

    Josh FlanaganMonth ago

    What about "skull it".... anyone? anyone...?

  70. BlueGrunge 93

    BlueGrunge 93Month ago

    I'm Australian so I did know most of the Aussie Slang but all but one of the Kentucky Slang got me

  71. caveman Versace

    caveman VersaceMonth ago

    She corrects people and is always wrong.

  72. Kyan Ball

    Kyan BallMonth ago

    I'm Aussie, and I've only heard a few of those Australian slang words

  73. AbsolutelyNotDuelaDent

    AbsolutelyNotDuelaDentMonth ago

    I knew most of the Aussie words cus UK shares some of the language

  74. StarRaiser12

    StarRaiser12Month ago

    toboggan in french means a slide like yu have in kindergarten

  75. gokurox21

    gokurox21Month ago

    I'm aussie and haven't heard half of those yet I use slang daily

  76. zillaje

    zillajeMonth ago

    bharf bobbie

  77. Robert Jenkins

    Robert JenkinsMonth ago

    1. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was hated by the internet now. 2. I've lived in this dumb state for a decade now and I'm fairly sure all those terms are outdated. 3. Nothing good comes out of this stupid state.

  78. lea Eastland

    lea EastlandMonth ago

    That sucked most of those words/sayings for Australia I have never used or heard of, and I'm old.

  79. Malika Sen

    Malika SenMonth ago

    Man. N fratman

  80. what the F?

    what the F?Month ago

    Canada calls em a toque and we ride a toboggan

  81. Ron Newlin II

    Ron Newlin IIMonth ago

    Correction - Yonder is up or to the right. Yander is down or to the left. Up/over Yonder - Down/ over Yander

  82. TheRagingOgre

    TheRagingOgreMonth ago

    She said Louisville correctly.

  83. Carl Meyer

    Carl MeyerMonth ago

    Seems like western Kentucky and eastern Kentucky is 2 different countries

  84. veravevi

    veraveviMonth ago

    all the Jlaw - Liam feels here omg

  85. Storie Smith

    Storie SmithMonth ago

    Tall poppies is too big for your britches, in southern lol

  86. David William

    David WilliamMonth ago

    too right 🙂

  87. Bruce Mckay

    Bruce MckayMonth ago

    A Boogie Board 💩 IS Not and I Repeat IS NOT, A SURF BOARD. No self respecting Surfer 🏄‍♂️ would Ever say a boogy board 💩 was a SURF BOARD. END OF DISCUSSION. Regards Bruce McKay 🇦🇺🙃🏄‍♂️. Shame on you Joel.

  88. tiaan eksteen

    tiaan eksteenMonth ago

    Didn't know he was Australian

  89. HardCoreGaming 100

    HardCoreGaming 100Month ago

    Jennifer Lawrence is so pretty

  90. Kurt the flirt

    Kurt the flirtMonth ago

    These aren't really that aussie

  91. Atomic Plays

    Atomic PlaysMonth ago

    As an australian this video contains slang that no australian in Victoria ever says

  92. Geno

    GenoMonth ago

    Lots of people all over the country use this slang.

  93. Jayson W

    Jayson WMonth ago

    Hahaha, Aw lawrence, y’all know who had ‘ beautiful kentucky waterfall ‘ shawn michaels - HBK

  94. David Lape

    David LapeMonth ago

    Crack a fat lmao wtf?!🤣

  95. chris fantozzi

    chris fantozziMonth ago

    fair dinkum !!

  96. globalman

    globalmanMonth ago

    Joel like most Aussies is the bees knees! He's hot and great fun.

  97. van avery

    van averyMonth ago

    lived in the 502 my whole life and never use any of those terms....toboggan??? no its a skully. buggy? who in louisville says buggy....its a cart

  98. Warren552011

    Warren55201120 days ago

    van avery I'm Aussie but I can tell you a cart is specifically for carrying produce. Also known in early Australia as a "dray" eg. Bullock drays. The term buggy was usually reserved for something a little more refined and sophisticated and used for carrying passengers only.

  99. 3rd Gunman

    3rd GunmanMonth ago

    Toboggan is a thing but heads haven't really been saying that since the 80's or early 90's.

  100. r0osboz1

    r0osboz1Month ago

    I lived in Louisville for 6 years and never heard anybody there refer to it as "the Ville"

  101. r0osboz1

    r0osboz1Month ago

    So, tall poppie would be like "too big for your britches [breeches]" in Kentucky. High falutin' is not just a Kentucky term

  102. Paige Gregory

    Paige GregoryMonth ago

    I've lived in kentucky my entire life and never used any of these phrases..

  103. Mohadeseh Shahoseini

    Mohadeseh ShahoseiniMonth ago

    As someone who’s lived in Australia and is pretty confident with Australian slang this is very funny😂😂😂