Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton Teach Kentucky and Aussie Slang | Vanity Fair


  1. Carissa Miller

    Carissa Miller2 days ago

    Lived in Kentucky most of my life and only heard a few of the Kentucky slang words. And since when is Ankle bitter only Aussie slang for a kid.

  2. Darcy L

    Darcy L2 days ago

    Why does she look so pissed off and cold in every interview.

  3. Eve Kadence Doland

    Eve Kadence Doland2 days ago

    im aussie and i only knew like 2 of those

  4. John Ballard

    John Ballard3 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence player on my friends basketball team when they were little😂😂

  5. John Ballard

    John Ballard3 days ago


  6. Roy PHILIP

    Roy PHILIP3 days ago

    Jennifer is awesome, she should have a TV show of her own 👍

  7. dj diSi

    dj diSi4 days ago

    A toboggan is not a hat! Looks like some non-Kentuckian had a sense of humour and punked a Kentuckian for a laugh once upon a time when they met and hung out during one of their migrating/exploration travels. And the rest, dear folks, is history...

  8. Jonas Clausen

    Jonas Clausen4 days ago

    Ive lived in ky half of my life and have Never Heard of that slang.

  9. LampsPlusWhat ?

    LampsPlusWhat ?5 days ago

    Toboggan is a sled in some of the northern states, like up here, in Minnesota. Everywhere else it's a hat

  10. Jay Rainey

    Jay Rainey8 days ago

    She is not Kentucky anymore. She is pure California. So she doe's not speak for Kentucky anymore.

  11. Jean-Luc DeCoster

    Jean-Luc DeCoster9 days ago

    2:48 😂

  12. Larry your Waiter

    Larry your Waiter9 days ago

    Do Cornish slang it will be impossible!!!

  13. Nickolas Canning-Battye

    Nickolas Canning-Battye9 days ago

    A lot of those Aussie words have the same meaning in England too. 1 of those Kentucky words too. Haha

  14. Billie Dahling

    Billie Dahling12 days ago

    Every time Joel has to think really hard he grabs his beard.

  15. markspc1

    markspc112 days ago

    Jennifer Lawrence seems to be a fine person; too bad that in the past she got involved in politics.

  16. GD GamerTag

    GD GamerTag12 days ago

    When she tried to do the Australian accent she sounded like some surfer dude.

  17. Dustin Ducote

    Dustin Ducote13 days ago

    'im gonna learn you....' and that's why Kentucky has such a poor educatinal system!!

  18. Tab Utu

    Tab Utu14 days ago

    Loved her in The Fappening. No doubt her finest performance.

  19. Abby Perry

    Abby Perry14 days ago

    I am a Kentuckian and I did not know some of these things

  20. Jake Smith

    Jake Smith15 days ago

    Joel is a Freemason, good for him.

  21. Christine Lala

    Christine Lala16 days ago

    "I'm gonna learn you" is actually used also in south Italy lol

  22. Brydie Boyle21

    Brydie Boyle2120 days ago

    1:19 ARS WTF!

  23. Jesse Frost

    Jesse Frost22 days ago

    I miss Louisville :(

  24. Nah Yeah

    Nah Yeah22 days ago

    Nah, yeah.

  25. David Hill

    David Hill23 days ago

    how about technicolour yawn ?

  26. Cusreen

    Cusreen24 days ago

    Bootleg Hugh Jackman

  27. TheMoosenugget

    TheMoosenugget24 days ago

    downvoted because no woop woop

  28. Joe Slater

    Joe Slater26 days ago

    I feel like they used google to find the Australian slang. Haven't heard many of those here in Australia.

  29. Some dude

    Some dude27 days ago

    Joel has big hands...

  30. Dsn13 jcsn

    Dsn13 jcsn27 days ago

    Harvey Weinstein went "down under" on Jennifer Lawrence!

  31. GlowstickRaves

    GlowstickRaves27 days ago

    ankle biter is not only in Australia

  32. Stephen Douglass

    Stephen Douglass28 days ago

    Day collar? Hmm.

  33. Erica Stolte

    Erica StolteMonth ago

    "the ville" haha that's the same nickname my town has, just not in Kentucky though lol I feel like it's quite common

  34. Cameron W

    Cameron WMonth ago

    That is not Australian slang

  35. AniTheSmolBean

    AniTheSmolBeanMonth ago

    J law coming through for her fellow Kentuckians!!

  36. Bekah

    BekahMonth ago

    'Kentucky waterfall' I love how Americans are romantically poetic about a hillbilly hairstyle ☺

  37. Robert Green

    Robert GreenMonth ago

    *can't believe half my fellow Aussies don't know these* 😂😂

  38. Robert Green

    Robert GreenMonth ago

    *crack a fat* *Joel you bloody legend* 😂😂😂😂

  39. Edd Valdez

    Edd ValdezMonth ago

    Could've sworn this is the first time these two met in person

  40. Stevie FordRanger

    Stevie FordRangerMonth ago

    I wish he would stop wiping his nose with his hand. Yuck.

  41. Grip_ Thumb

    Grip_ ThumbMonth ago

    Im aussie

  42. Bad Wolf

    Bad WolfMonth ago

    Joel was amazing in Bright! Loved that movie and can’t wait for the next one!

  43. Aamir Khan

    Aamir KhanMonth ago

    It's Gordo the Weirdo!

  44. David Rose

    David RoseMonth ago

    0:31 We are all Jennifer Lawrence and we are twelve-year-olds.

  45. Erica Louise

    Erica LouiseMonth ago

    Kentuckians: h- Everyone else: I don't understand (Edit) I live in kentucky and its literally like living on an entirely different planet lol

  46. zach gossman

    zach gossman2 days ago

    Erica Louise agreed. (I live in Louisville)

  47. em

    em15 days ago

    I... can't say the same? Honestly most of the slang she was saying isn't even used in most northern parts of Kentucky. Besides the overuse of "y'all", I think we're not that off?

  48. Gaming With Jack

    Gaming With Jack20 days ago

    Not really

  49. Tyrelle Hudson

    Tyrelle HudsonMonth ago

    2:45 What!?

  50. dragonize1952

    dragonize1952Month ago

    Millennials on both sides are scratching their heads. The cultural memory loss over the last 30 years has been staggering.

  51. King - In -The- - North

    King - In -The- - NorthMonth ago

    americans we're right . australian we're right . british . Hahaha

  52. LivingLifeNutty

    LivingLifeNuttyMonth ago

    "cossie" to me means a type of car the escort Cosworth people call them cossies for short

  53. Courtney Ann

    Courtney AnnMonth ago

    It sure does snow here in Kentucky but lolllll I love all of those saying

  54. Terri L

    Terri LMonth ago

    I am 100% with Joel on the Toboggan thing - until I went to WV for a year, a toboggan was always one of those wooden sleds with metal rails. Nope, in the Appalachian region (KY, TN, WV), it's a freakin' hat! I first heard it when someone said they liked my toboggan and I was like whut? I kept looking around for a sled while they kept pointing at my head - I was SO confused. Oh, you mean my HAT?!! It's a HAT! A toboggan is a sled!

  55. MOLE

    MOLEMonth ago

    Her laugh is like a sirens call to me 😍

  56. Sadia Ehsan

    Sadia EhsanMonth ago

    British people watching this like 🤔🙄

  57. JJ Mtz

    JJ MtzMonth ago

    I love Jennifer ❤️

  58. Olivia Perez

    Olivia PerezMonth ago

    all of the kentuckians knew what was going on 😩😩

  59. jess

    jessMonth ago

    British slang with Tom Holland!

  60. Rose Branan

    Rose BrananMonth ago


  61. Hollz lastname

    Hollz lastnameMonth ago

    my son in in tall poppies ?? maybe

  62. danieljamesmead

    danieljamesmeadMonth ago

    She's shiny

  63. Tara Wilcox-Wood

    Tara Wilcox-WoodMonth ago

    Keith Kogane has a Kentucky Waterfall

  64. THE A.U.S TEAM

    THE A.U.S TEAMMonth ago

    Listen to some real Australian tradesman tell some joke. Not fake Hollywood Aussie's. Here look at this.

  65. Larissa Sheehan

    Larissa SheehanMonth ago

    she looks like barbie

  66. Illusion

    IllusionMonth ago

    I live in Kentucky and i knew almost none of them

  67. distant_sounds

    distant_soundsMonth ago

    stickybeak is my favourite. It more so refers to a person who is always looking out their window at neighbours, as in their beaks (noses) are stuck to the window.

  68. Neil Mcintosh

    Neil McintoshMonth ago

    I'm British and we invented slang, but I must say I've never heard of any of these! 😂

  69. shedoesconcerts

    shedoesconcertsMonth ago

    was fun to see what Kentucky words I hadn't heard (if youre wondering, that was kentucky waterfall, buggy, hollow leg, and day lord?) The rest are definitely legit. Jennifer doesn't sound like a local anymore, though

  70. J A B

    J A BMonth ago

    They both hate people who voted for President Trump.

  71. gobriggsy

    gobriggsyMonth ago

    I'm sad "Do what?" wasn't on the Kentucky list, but maybe that one is more southern Indiana.

  72. Baron Thomas

    Baron ThomasMonth ago

    "I'm scandalized" so cute

  73. Baron Thomas

    Baron ThomasMonth ago

    I am not familiar with the gentleman

  74. First world problems

    First world problemsMonth ago

    She’s like whys he laughing then she looks down and bursts out laughing haha. He mentioned the word already but she didn’t laugh until she read it herself

  75. Kyle Mullins

    Kyle MullinsMonth ago

    at 1:34 in Chicago toboggan is a sled (snow vehicle) not a hat

  76. UkrainianCat

    UkrainianCatMonth ago

    toboggan is a sled in Canada

  77. Tearle Lumas

    Tearle LumasMonth ago

    I've lived in Kentucky my entire life and I've heard 4 of these.

  78. wowthungsten

    wowthungstenMonth ago

    I could watch Jennifer Lawrence videos for a long time before I got tired of it.

  79. Melly

    MellyMonth ago

    Some of Jennifers words are just southern/country.

  80. Joshua Gill

    Joshua GillMonth ago

    American here, tobaggon is a sled, atleast in the northeast haha

  81. Dino A

    Dino AMonth ago

    Great movie btw Red Sparrow.

  82. Andrew Park

    Andrew ParkMonth ago

    In what world is a toboggan a snow hat?

  83. AkTheArne

    AkTheArneMonth ago

    'Yonder' is just an English word, albeit an old and seldom used one.

  84. Shelby Clayton

    Shelby ClaytonMonth ago

    Toboggan is both a sled and a hat.

  85. red lion alpha

    red lion alpha2 months ago

    I feel like they where going to fight

  86. Pauly Poobrain

    Pauly Poobrain2 months ago

    I feel like High falutin and Tall poppy are cousins.

  87. fatdudewh33lchair

    fatdudewh33lchair2 months ago

    I’ve lived in eastern Kentucky my whole life and have never heard someone say “Kentucky waterfall”. That’s gotta be the funniest one.

  88. CaitlinAeRee

    CaitlinAeRee2 months ago

    Lord willing and the Creek don't rise is also a Mid Ohio Valley thing. But it has nothing to do with water. Rather about the Creek tribe

  89. Megamix Central

    Megamix Central2 months ago

    Tall Poppy Syndrome is such a major thing here. It's like if you're too proud of yourself or too happy with your achievements you'll get chopped back down to civilization. It's actually not something I personally agree with. If someone wants to gloat I just let them and I'll be happy for them.

  90. Kevin Quinn

    Kevin Quinn2 months ago

    They needed to have Budgie Smugglers.

  91. Seulgi the pineapple queen

    Seulgi the pineapple queen2 months ago

    I call my dog his a little Maltese btw we call him ankle biter or dr.ankle biter

  92. Jessica Zhai

    Jessica Zhai2 months ago

    I’m Aussie!

  93. packersfan117

    packersfan1172 months ago

    I lived in Kentucky for 25 years and never once heard Day Lord.

  94. Serena Potter

    Serena Potter2 months ago

    I never knew he is was an aussie either

  95. All American Man

    All American Man2 months ago

    She is brutally annoying.

  96. cnordegren

    cnordegren2 months ago

    These slangs are new. I got ZERO.

  97. K G

    K G2 months ago

    Uh, sorry but Lawrence has already begun to lose her attractiveness.

  98. Emma Lilly

    Emma Lilly2 months ago

    i wish this was jen and liam :(

  99. Jan2002

    Jan20022 months ago

    How has she never been to Australia??

  100. Emily Cronan

    Emily Cronan2 months ago

    I’m Australian and had never ever heard of the Aussie slangs before in my life

  101. Zoe's Zoo

    Zoe's Zoo2 months ago

    "First of all, that's no way to talk about penguins." "...a leg?" "Ok ... so, cocky." 😂 She's effortlessly funny

  102. Galaxy Cat

    Galaxy Cat2 months ago

    I’m Australian and I only knew cozzie and stickybeak.

  103. Gregory Birtles-Crute

    Gregory Birtles-Crute2 months ago

    As an Australian it saddens me to hear other Aussis say they didn't know our own slang. I knew them all except liquid laugh that's used be called chunder

  104. Abigail The Virgo

    Abigail The Virgo2 months ago

    Louisville born and raised