Jeff Jarrett arrives in New Orleans: WrestleMania Diary


  1. Viktor Hill

    Viktor Hill2 months ago


  2. Robbie Desiato

    Robbie Desiato3 months ago

    Hilly Billy Jim lol

  3. SpaceGhost

    SpaceGhost3 months ago

    Double G Double O Double N Double E. Ggoonnee.

  4. Richard Parker

    Richard Parker5 months ago

    He reminds me of Debra

  5. Archangel the Stylish

    Archangel the Stylish5 months ago

    That J-E double F J-A Double R E Double T That's Double J Jeff Jarrett.

  6. Miles 10050

    Miles 100506 months ago

    He should have left the glory hound Karen and kids out,as a wrestling fan I think it was distasteful

  7. John Low

    John Low6 months ago

    He was one of the heels in the 90

  8. Alexander Fox

    Alexander Fox7 months ago

    Great to see the friendship of Jeff and Mark Henry 😊

  9. mcog 2006

    mcog 20069 months ago

    Jarrett and Henry were the best at the HOF, I only hope this is enough to convince Martha to let Owen in the HOF.

  10. George Washington

    George Washington10 months ago

    Jeff Jarrett never aged

  11. raj banerjee

    raj banerjee11 months ago

    Jeff : Whoz ready to see kurt angle

  12. jose Lopez

    jose LopezYear ago


  13. Owen B

    Owen BYear ago

    I'm hungover

  14. Owen B

    Owen BYear ago

    Woooops I meant hungry

  15. John Slade

    John SladeYear ago

    Jeff has charisma. That's something you can't teach. Even though he was a heel we loved to hear him talk and be bad.

  16. dave latumbo

    dave latumboYear ago

    God i used to really hate double j and road dog as the roadie. They always cheat to retain his ic title haha mistly against razor ramon

  17. Ylt Sen

    Ylt SenYear ago

    It's good to see these "attitude era" superstars :)

  18. mrmaxrvd

    mrmaxrvdYear ago

    He An Awesome Guy

  19. DarKKnightt07

    DarKKnightt07Year ago

    Mark henry is a gentle giant, complete opposite of who he is as wrestler.

  20. Hernán Neira Salinas

    Hernán Neira SalinasYear ago

    Jeff Jarrett = Bono (U2)

  21. Briah Johnson

    Briah JohnsonYear ago

    I just cant stop thinking about Kurt

  22. King Singh

    King SinghYear ago

    So well deserved I’m so happy for JJ

  23. Pale Horse

    Pale HorseYear ago

    Jeff's pastor looks like he's about to lace up the boots!

  24. Robert Stokes

    Robert StokesYear ago

    I am happy for Jeff Jarret.

  25. Christopher Britton

    Christopher BrittonYear ago

    The best part was at the end asking Jeff if he would spell it.

  26. Jim Hendricks

    Jim HendricksYear ago

    Jeff good to see you back enjoyed seeing you over the years

  27. chris napolion

    chris napolionYear ago

    Jeff old buddy congrats

  28. Brad King

    Brad KingYear ago

    Haha love that he asked him to spell it!

  29. Dark Coven

    Dark CovenYear ago

    J E Double F J A double R E double T Double J Jeff Jarrett

  30. shinvergil777

    shinvergil777Year ago

    I hope Kurt gets to wrestle Jarrett and the winner gets Karen! Book it Vince!

  31. Authentic Max

    Authentic MaxYear ago

    Somebody find that guy and kick him in the nutsack... I'm from a third world country and I know who Jeff Jarrett is. WTF... was that guy serious ?! Jeff is a legend as big as Macho Man or Hulk Hogan.

  32. vinnie ng

    vinnie ngYear ago

    Mustve been awkward for kurt

  33. ִ

    ִYear ago

    *_Can You Spell That For Me?_* *Looks Into the Camera Like In The Office*

  34. TSN99

    TSN99Year ago

    I really hope that WWE uses Jarrett in a regular role

  35. Terrell Miller

    Terrell MillerYear ago

    This Awesome.

  36. BigTiny Manowarrior73

    BigTiny Manowarrior73Year ago

    The man that started TNA. say what you want but TNA is 15 years already and still alive. It was pretty great back in the day.

  37. Scott Wallace

    Scott WallaceYear ago

    All I rember is him getting hit with a gartae☠️☠️☠️😰😱

  38. Problem Child

    Problem ChildYear ago

    Cool receptionist girl, I mean guy.

  39. roca16 borracho laguñero

    roca16 borracho laguñeroYear ago

    Ex wife kurt angle...and sons angle

  40. Coachg

    CoachgYear ago

    Jeff’s wife is ROLLLLLLLLL TIDE! Jesus.

  41. Jerr Bear

    Jerr BearYear ago

    For people who don’t know why Jeff looked at the camera at the end should not watch wrestling 😂

  42. Dynanium

    DynaniumYear ago

    Andrade Almas is double-J's pastor?

  43. Ad Max

    Ad MaxYear ago

    He sems a nice enough lad, But what is it with americans sunglasses and shop bought coffee before they get into a motor? It's becoming a stereotype. Give me a half pissed mancunian with a cigar any day of the week.

  44. Tom Williams Productions

    Tom Williams ProductionsYear ago

    Why karen didn't add "aint he great"

  45. Tom Williams Productions

    Tom Williams ProductionsYear ago

    Thst guy asking for the spelling has to be a set up

  46. Alex The Ronan

    Alex The RonanYear ago

    Who’s ready to see Kurt Angle :)

  47. Tom Williams Productions

    Tom Williams ProductionsYear ago

    Double J and Dolph Ziggler its like time travel

  48. Alexandre Pepin Lemieux

    Alexandre Pepin LemieuxYear ago

    one of the greatest heel in wresling history

  49. Kenneth Jose

    Kenneth JoseYear ago

    Wait. Was Kyra the one who walked Kurt Angle last year?

  50. G

    GYear ago

    Real nice guy happy to see JJ looking so well and getting the recognition he deserves

  51. Prince Porkchop

    Prince PorkchopYear ago

    ain’t i great ✌️