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Jayson Tatum Postgame Interview | Cavaliers vs Celtics Game 5


  1. SuperRip7

    SuperRip73 months ago

    This interview is over. 08-03-18.

  2. Terin Rokichy

    Terin Rokichy6 months ago

    Not so fast Jayson Tatum you think your going to win game 6 wait for letting LeBron James.

  3. fruizm

    fruizm6 months ago

    I like him...seems like quiet guy who just works.

  4. David Zeller

    David Zeller6 months ago

    He reminds me of chris brown, a tad bit tho


    ELON PUFF6 months ago

    This guy is a superstar in the making

  6. SAT Scott

    SAT Scott6 months ago

    Play your game young blood. Dont worry about Kobe detail. You can do that in off season. Play YOUR game. Go into Cleveland close it out. Geaux Celtics☘☘☘

  7. GreenBOi Bently

    GreenBOi Bently6 months ago

    I knew we could make it jayson tatum is a all star and jaylen brown is an all star al horford is an all star we have a big three

  8. Elij Gatdula

    Elij Gatdula6 months ago

    He looks like Drizzy in the thumbnail. Lol

  9. Iverson Allen

    Iverson Allen6 months ago


  10. skylar M

    skylar M6 months ago


  11. Will Lim

    Will Lim6 months ago


  12. Beast

    Beast6 months ago

    Tatum is going to be the face of the entire NBA very soon. He is having the best playoffs EVER by a rookie.

  13. John Brandes

    John Brandes6 months ago

    Even if the celtics lose, he wins for that outfit

  14. 38 Baby

    38 Baby6 months ago

    Rookie drip, Tatum is a baller has superstar potential it's going to be interesting to see what Brad Stevens does when Hayward makes his return next season, I genuinely think Celtics will make a massive off season trade.

  15. BullenBurger

    BullenBurger6 months ago

    Big drip

  16. Cloudblue0

    Cloudblue06 months ago


  17. fp

    fp6 months ago

    *I’m just here so I won’t get fined*

  18. Kennedy Linder

    Kennedy Linder6 months ago


  19. Eduardo Bernardo

    Eduardo Bernardo6 months ago

    Kennedy Linder no i 1°

  20. 2pac

    2pac6 months ago

    He should be a Sixer

  21. Allan FromMcallen

    Allan FromMcallen6 months ago

    This dude is a beast he will be a hall of famer.

  22. Ryan Dupont

    Ryan Dupont6 months ago

    Get his cool ass

  23. Mitt Mittens

    Mitt Mittens6 months ago

    No Worries. LeBron will DOMINATE in Games 6 and 7 and make it to another NBA Finals, his eighth straight appearance, and win the chip yet again. The greatest player in sports history.

  24. Mitt Mittens

    Mitt Mittens5 months ago

    No one in the West can shut down LeBron. Not now, not ever. The greatest player in sports history.

  25. Mauro Canchola

    Mauro Canchola6 months ago

    Wouldn't say he is the greatest even in basketball history, and yes I am biased grew up as a chi town kid. But I am looking foward to watching game 7 (if lebron manages to carry them) to see if Lebron can pull out a W for the cavs. Despite who wins in the east I doubt they will be able to match the loaded Warriors, or a hungry Rockets, with a MVP and Hall of Famer PG

  26. Mitt Mittens

    Mitt Mittens6 months ago

    +Daniel Gosselin Harsh words from an individual talking mad smack behind a screen.

  27. KoolaidGC3

    KoolaidGC36 months ago

    Daniel Gosselin you just mad your warriors losing the series gay boy

  28. Daniel Gosselin

    Daniel Gosselin6 months ago

    Just kill yourself already

  29. JusMykeTV

    JusMykeTV6 months ago

    Class personified

  30. Velocity

    Velocity6 months ago

    This man about to be a champion his rookie year if Houston beat Warriors.

  31. Max Maxwell

    Max Maxwell5 months ago

    Chris The Barber 😂😂😂 “God please let the cavs win so I can go back and comment on this MReporter comment”

  32. Chris The Barber

    Chris The Barber5 months ago

    Hold this L and sit TF down you still sleep wake TF up C's at the house where they belong

  33. Moaz

    Moaz6 months ago

    Velocity No

  34. Max Maxwell

    Max Maxwell6 months ago

    Christian Gehman not really...the Celtics play waaaay better defense than Cleveland. They’ve been like the top defensive team all season so don’t sleep on them lol

  35. Christian Gehman

    Christian Gehman6 months ago

    Mighty big IF .... ? On the other hand, it would be a very good day for the Warriors if the Celtics knock off the Cavaliers.

  36. Kyota Tsushima

    Kyota Tsushima6 months ago


  37. LeBron James

    LeBron James6 months ago

    Just imagine carrying a box full of bricks for months

  38. trueking77

    trueking776 months ago


  39. The Pussylicker

    The Pussylicker6 months ago

    Like you do for your team

  40. Doc kery

    Doc kery6 months ago

    Imma celtics fan but that geek 😂😂

  41. Joseph Coleman Aka Lil Jojo Bdk

    Joseph Coleman Aka Lil Jojo Bdk6 months ago

    I see you Jayson Titanium

  42. Eduardo Bernardo

    Eduardo Bernardo6 months ago

    Joseph Coleman Aka Lil Jojo Bdk I play basketball very well

  43. Eduardo Bernardo

    Eduardo Bernardo6 months ago

    Joseph Coleman Aka Lil Jojo Bdk YES

  44. Eduardo Bernardo

    Eduardo Bernardo6 months ago

    Joseph Coleman Aka Lil Jojo Bdk YES

  45. Eduardo Bernardo

    Eduardo Bernardo6 months ago

    Me respeita rapaz sou muito foda é queria ir algum dia assistir a algum jogo da NBA

  46. hit wonda

    hit wonda6 months ago

    Let's go boston

  47. Eduardo Bernardo

    Eduardo Bernardo6 months ago

    #1° a comentar