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Jax Jones - You Don't Know Me ft. RAYE


  1. Gia Fernandes

    Gia Fernandes30 minutes ago

    Rick and Morty

  2. Jose Heredia

    Jose Heredia4 hours ago

    I need to send this song to my cheating ex

  3. savio lima

    savio lima17 hours ago

    Vai toma no cu quem deu dislike porque eu demorei 3 dias para achar essa música boa

  4. RocketGamesWorld

    RocketGamesWorld19 hours ago

    That dab tho lmao

  5. Dolanticus

    Dolanticus21 hour ago

    Good source of vitamin GOOGLE

  6. Shazia Shiraz

    Shazia ShirazDay ago


  7. Lucky Shimmy

    Lucky ShimmyDay ago

    Cereal looks lit🔥

  8. Neni Reyes A

    Neni Reyes ADay ago

    I didn't know the name of the song, but saw the music video at a bowling alley, so I typed in guy dancing on cereal box song and here I am!

  9. Anano Korkelia

    Anano KorkeliaDay ago

    From now on I’m buying that brand

  10. Milan Mitrovic

    Milan MitrovicDay ago


  11. Sophia Cameron

    Sophia CameronDay ago

    Me: I’m so looking forward for some Jax Jones cereal this morning *sees guy dancing* Me: I think I’ll have toast instead...

  12. Victor Aguiar

    Victor Aguiar2 days ago

    So much views for a doll dancing on a cereal box! :V

  13. Chelsea Johnson

    Chelsea Johnson2 days ago


  14. チェブ ギョン

    チェブ ギョン2 days ago

    i love it

  15. David

    David2 days ago

    2018 someone?

  16. Saleh Ali

    Saleh Ali3 days ago

    Why doesn't he eat the cereal?

  17. Татьяна Чиликанова

    Татьяна Чиликанова3 days ago


  18. It's John

    It's John3 days ago

    γαμάει μπράβω!😍

  19. izjusme izonlyme

    izjusme izonlyme3 days ago

    I don't like this song. It's a good song but I got punched in the teeth because I put on I'm a garbage truck instead of his song

  20. Pedro Ojeda

    Pedro Ojeda3 days ago

    Uh al carrer

  21. xAlexa

    xAlexa3 days ago

    ngl this music video puts me off

  22. Genma Shiranui

    Genma Shiranui3 days ago

    same lmao

  23. Super caty190

    Super caty1903 days ago

    1M 👏👏

  24. Sevgi Melis Taşdemir

    Sevgi Melis Taşdemir4 days ago

    Yok ufuruduueuswa

  25. Gangster KING

    Gangster KING4 days ago

    Y is keemstar on a cereal box?

  26. Burkay can uludağ

    Burkay can uludağ4 days ago

    Oh ! Na na ay Im coming 2018

  27. Niiivy 1

    Niiivy 14 days ago


  28. vijaya laxmi

    vijaya laxmi4 days ago

    Anyone in November 2018???

  29. RocketGamesWorld

    RocketGamesWorld19 hours ago


  30. yugyeom is innocent

    yugyeom is innocent4 days ago

    wow that little cartoon dude has some great moves

  31. Asmar Asmar

    Asmar Asmar4 days ago


  32. Asmar Asmar

    Asmar Asmar4 days ago


  33. Asmar Asmar

    Asmar Asmar4 days ago

    Omg I loves this song it’s my first favorite

  34. Sebastians Kanal

    Sebastians Kanal4 days ago


  35. Bleasko CoD

    Bleasko CoD4 days ago

    Team henni

  36. Achref Legend

    Achref Legend5 days ago

    i would like to buy such a cereal box

  37. Taehyung's Smile

    Taehyung's Smile5 days ago

    i hear the beat and im reminded of idol?

  38. 8D AUDIO

    8D AUDIO5 days ago

    8D version of this track on our channel.

  39. WeeabooWatchers

    WeeabooWatchers5 days ago

    How much does the cereal cost?

  40. Maria Ayala

    Maria Ayala5 days ago


  41. Maria Ayala

    Maria Ayala5 days ago

    you dont know meh!

  42. Sona Cela

    Sona Cela6 days ago

    Cool song for a good dance....

  43. Qeto Geladze

    Qeto Geladze6 days ago

    OMG I would date that cereal all day lol 😘😘😘😍😍😍😂😂😂😂

  44. Qeto Geladze

    Qeto Geladze6 days ago

    I would bring that to school

  45. Kiran Bisht

    Kiran Bisht6 days ago

    why do I get obsessed with weird songs

  46. Leon Urbainczyk

    Leon Urbainczyk6 days ago

    Like wen es ein deutscher hört

  47. ItzEllie!!

    ItzEllie!!7 days ago


  48. Sa ra

    Sa ra7 days ago

    0% crazy 0% alcohol 0% drugs 0% cost of the video 100% vitamin C 😂😂

  49. Jaklin Abader

    Jaklin Abader7 days ago

    You don't know me when I eat this entire cereal box!

  50. bros broo

    bros broo7 days ago

    Jajaja esta de huevos esta cancion la amo

  51. Yasx

    Yasx7 days ago


  52. Alvin Algarin

    Alvin Algarin7 days ago

    I just want everyone to know that if all those 210 million people are separate and not like re coming people to this video that means that more than half of the country seen this video

  53. Mellarmario Designs

    Mellarmario Designs7 days ago


  54. Alexandra Leduc

    Alexandra Leduc7 days ago

    why is this cute


    GIRLPOWER ALWAYS *-*7 days ago

    I danced to this in my dance class😅 best song ever, im hooked😂

  56. Sarah mm

    Sarah mm8 days ago


  57. A J

    A J8 days ago

    Love to love it! Thanks

  58. Randy Gonzalez

    Randy Gonzalez8 days ago

    everyone ignores the fact that this beat was taken from Booka Shade's Body movements album, released in 2006. techouse, as much as it is catchy, a long melodic pop vocal track is not always a good way to remix a track, hence, this track sounding like a mash up, which it fucking is. lazy work, not much mastering done to the sound. i like the idea, but ...maybe more cowbels? .

  59. Poker Joker

    Poker Joker8 days ago

    This coreografia is... So cool!

  60. Skylar Arden

    Skylar Arden9 days ago

    Who's listening in 2018 ?

  61. souad elbakkali

    souad elbakkali9 days ago

    Wow fein :)

  62. five six

    five six9 days ago

    When I heard this I thought it was from like 2010

  63. five six

    five six9 days ago

    I haven't heard a female use heavy autotune since the early 2000s XD

  64. dylan gaming. vlogs

    dylan gaming. vlogs7 days ago


  65. Ashley Van De Grift

    Ashley Van De Grift9 days ago

    I forgot what the song was called really just searched “cornflakes clip” and it popped up right away

  66. jk

    jk9 days ago

    Homme cereal est present avec les gants de box 😂

  67. actu Télé réalité

    actu Télé réalité9 days ago

    Mohamed henni 👍👍

  68. jamel armando

    jamel armando9 days ago

    Ça vaut pas la chorégraphie de Mohamed 😂😂

  69. Makayla connelly

    Makayla connelly9 days ago

    I remember this song . Omg 😱

  70. Tahlia Mitsios

    Tahlia Mitsios9 days ago

    Jax Jones is a good source of Vitamin G!

  71. Jonas Mathiasen

    Jonas Mathiasen9 days ago

    A god song😁

  72. Tahlia Mitsios

    Tahlia Mitsios9 days ago

    Oh crap he's dabbing AAAAAAAA

  73. Dig220 Bang

    Dig220 Bang9 days ago

    Bah we logique

  74. QuezzyCupcake X

    QuezzyCupcake X9 days ago

    "See your iPhone camera flashing" Did they just assume our *PHONE*

  75. Kiki Lnn

    Kiki Lnn9 days ago

    C est la fete🎉🎈🎈

  76. Princess Lizza

    Princess Lizza10 days ago


  77. Metehan GT HD

    Metehan GT HD10 days ago

    1:26 dab confirmed

  78. SuperMaikkis

    SuperMaikkis10 days ago

    2018? :3

  79. Reda Cancerous

    Reda Cancerous10 days ago

    Team momo henni

  80. FiiZeR_ deltapsy

    FiiZeR_ deltapsy10 days ago

    Je vote que pour Fortnite il mettent la danse de Mohamed Henni

  81. King Hotdog

    King Hotdog10 days ago

    At my school we had to do a dance with this song zoomba

  82. Cooper HP

    Cooper HP10 days ago

    I thought it's Dua Lipa

  83. MasKo !

    MasKo !10 days ago

    Team #Henni

  84. Red October

    Red October10 days ago

    Brother, the loops

  85. Mlle jojo

    Mlle jojo10 days ago

    Qui est venue ici grâce au story snapchat drôle de Mohamed henni 😂

  86. Neon

    Neon10 days ago

    If you listen to this you will get *A good source of the vitamins* *R, A, Y and E*

  87. Le Jambon

    Le Jambon10 days ago

    C'est la fête 🎈

  88. Dig220 Bang

    Dig220 Bang10 days ago

    Si faut prendre 20 jprends 20 ans je m'en BAT LES COUILLES

  89. Dig220 Bang

    Dig220 Bang9 days ago

    +Mlle jojo grave 😂😂

  90. Mlle jojo

    Mlle jojo10 days ago

    Diego V # Mohamed henni 😂

  91. Lucas Lindberg Jensen

    Lucas Lindberg Jensen10 days ago

    i wish i coulddance like that man on the cereal box

  92. FerdSor

    FerdSor10 days ago

    2018 november?

  93. ljubisa sremcevic

    ljubisa sremcevic10 days ago

    dobra pesma

  94. davix-malinodavi

    davix-malinodavi11 days ago

    Cioppu bella sta canone

  95. GreenArrow YT

    GreenArrow YT11 days ago

    So that’s where my childhood cereal toy went...

  96. Nouchka de Vries

    Nouchka de Vries11 days ago

    Perfect song for making toast

  97. Yann R

    Yann R11 days ago

    Si t es la grâce à Mohamed henni 😂 C est la fête 🥊🥊🎈

  98. Yann R

    Yann R4 days ago

    En l'air , plus haut , droit J TE NIQUE 😂

  99. _A__ Girl_

    _A__ Girl_4 days ago


  100. Dylan Robin

    Dylan Robin5 days ago

    A 0:47 c'est le moment fatidique😂

  101. Yann R

    Yann R5 days ago

    +Netflix Ocs Les amiiiiiiiiis

  102. Netflix Ocs

    Netflix Ocs6 days ago

    Bien sûr teammomohenni

  103. cheddar cheese

    cheddar cheese11 days ago

    This is mohamed henni's song. He dance very good on This song. Lets check on his snapchat

  104. Oui

    Oui11 days ago

    C'est la fête ! #MomoHenni

  105. FiiZeR_ deltapsy

    FiiZeR_ deltapsy10 days ago

    La fête ❤

  106. Sofiann Boufous

    Sofiann Boufous10 days ago

    Oui C’est la folie 🥊🥊🎈

  107. 優 ShaeGun 優

    優 ShaeGun 優11 days ago


  108. Silvia Jimenez

    Silvia Jimenez11 days ago

    I looove the pro

  109. Mixail Кашдаев

    Mixail Кашдаев11 days ago

    November 2018????

  110. Heinche Bowers

    Heinche BowersDay ago

    Been here January 2017

  111. Angelina park

    Angelina park5 days ago


  112. Ebonator

    Ebonator11 days ago

    Офигеннно,this is охеренно

  113. זהבה שרשנבסקי

    זהבה שרשנבסקי12 days ago

    כול הכבוד😇

  114. La Girl

    La Girl12 days ago

    ooh na na ye! don't act like you know me! like you know me! na na ye. 😊😊