Jax Jones - You Don't Know Me ft. RAYE (Official Audio)


  1. DeMEuoNs URaNEs

    DeMEuoNs URaNEs23 minutes ago

    Who are you Please help me im stuck in a cereal box I’ve been walking for 8 days:(

  2. Hailey Baroldi

    Hailey Baroldi3 hours ago

    This song is lit💕

  3. Canela-chan Juky

    Canela-chan Juky6 hours ago

    I lovit 😘😘

  4. Matteo Di Remigio

    Matteo Di Remigio7 hours ago

    He does the moonwalk for four minutes and a half straight

  5. Дани Стефанов

    Дани Стефанов19 hours ago

    Ай да играем карти

  6. _ CankiLeo _

    _ CankiLeo _19 hours ago

    Mağazaların vazgeçilmez şarkısı

  7. Stefania Caty

    Stefania Caty22 hours ago

    Yeah I know you don't know me but you don't know me really but you like people every listen your music dance Jax Jones I know that 🎶🎧🇷🇴😎

  8. NithiN V.S

    NithiN V.SDay ago

    MReporter should start paying for likes on comments!!

  9. Sanctus

    SanctusDay ago

    Came for the music, stayed for the dancing Minijax

  10. Ahmed Vlogs

    Ahmed VlogsDay ago

    Who watched love island and when on This

  11. たけこう

    たけこうDay ago

    who push bad button😑

  12. random sd5111

    random sd5111Day ago

    I came from the 1 second it played on love island cos I forgot about this😂

  13. Nadeem Albdour

    Nadeem AlbdourDay ago

    Nice music

  14. M.E.W E. W

    M.E.W E. WDay ago

    After 3 years it's still good... No wait VERY GOOD!

  15. Kaitlin Doody

    Kaitlin Doody2 days ago

    Sugar- 80 Nice song -88 i dont know you -100000

  16. Görkem Kibar

    Görkem Kibar2 days ago

    Body Language 😏

  17. Angie Pichardo

    Angie Pichardo2 days ago

    I really enjoyed

  18. Gacha_UwU_ 875

    Gacha_UwU_ 8752 days ago

    *0:53* You just made me question life.

  19. diogo almeida

    diogo almeida2 days ago

    If i buy this cereal, does raye come with the box?

  20. XxgameoverxX gameplayxX

    XxgameoverxX gameplayxX2 days ago

    Sólo vine por djmariio

  21. lola brini

    lola brini2 days ago

    when a cartoon has better dance moves than u😳🙄😒

  22. Fabian Pravisan

    Fabian Pravisan3 days ago


  23. Kezzya Nascimento

    Kezzya Nascimento3 days ago


  24. Gaming With Oliver

    Gaming With Oliver3 days ago

    yeah dab

  25. Phoenix Warrior24

    Phoenix Warrior243 days ago

    99% comments: Talking about the guy on the box 1% comments: good song 0%: comments: bad song


    ITZ BIANKA3 days ago

    ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩2019?

  27. S04 forever

    S04 foreverDay ago


  28. Non-fiction guy

    Non-fiction guy2 days ago


  29. Ezekiel Blufur

    Ezekiel Blufur3 days ago

    Pixar could make a short out of this

  30. 가차 Girl

    가차 Girl3 days ago

    almost in every mv of Jax Jones I hear "Whatcha whatcha gon' do?"

  31. Nafisa Heart

    Nafisa Heart3 days ago


  32. kerri whyte

    kerri whyte3 days ago

    I do not know why I am reading and not thyebing

  33. Eu Amo Música

    Eu Amo Música3 days ago


  34. legend daya

    legend daya3 days ago

    A bop ⭐

  35. YøløMan

    YøløMan3 days ago

    Legendary cereal🥣🥣🥣

  36. BL4Z3R5 Gaming

    BL4Z3R5 Gaming3 days ago


  37. 2Grahfix2 2Cloud2

    2Grahfix2 2Cloud23 days ago

    He isn't walking, shuffle dance.

  38. Space

    Space3 days ago

    How much auto tune u want Them: yEs

  39. GachaCrystalBell SnowPop

    GachaCrystalBell SnowPop3 days ago

    How did he do That

  40. as tr

    as tr4 days ago


  41. Rainbow Gacha

    Rainbow Gacha4 days ago

    229M PEOPLE! Watching a little fella trying to escape a cereal box😂

  42. wild-life -_- and dog-life and friends

    wild-life -_- and dog-life and friendsDay ago


  43. Rainbow Gacha

    Rainbow GachaDay ago

    Johannes Kure Nielsen soz lolz😂

  44. Johannes Kure Nielsen

    Johannes Kure NielsenDay ago

    Rainbow Gacha i dont watch it i just listen to the music. Stop trying to say we all do it to make up for you being a weirdo 😂🤗

  45. Argon Moose

    Argon Moose2 days ago

    WTF is wrong with us?

  46. Toxic Gamer

    Toxic Gamer4 days ago

    good song

  47. Kenneth Kiely

    Kenneth Kiely4 days ago

    The guy on the box I would walk five houndred miles to be that man

  48. عمرو ناصر

    عمرو ناصر4 days ago

    الي عربي لايك ههه

  49. ][물ᅡ니

    ][물ᅡ니4 days ago

    Good source of vitamin G AYYYYY

  50. Jules Archois

    Jules Archois5 days ago

    1:49 😂 that dance move

  51. Chloe Howe

    Chloe Howe5 days ago


  52. CRISTIAN Ramírez

    CRISTIAN Ramírez5 days ago

    Alguien de México

  53. justin abraham

    justin abraham5 days ago

    Moonwalking on a cereal for life

  54. Josip Brcković

    Josip Brcković6 days ago


  55. Sarah Navajas Marin

    Sarah Navajas Marin6 days ago

    now I know what I want for breakfast XD

  56. Mirpuri Journal

    Mirpuri Journal6 days ago

    Cheapest video ever to be made Using a Cereal Box Not bad