Jason Sudeikis Has No Sense Of Smell - CONAN on TBS


  1. Paul Borst

    Paul Borst25 days ago

    That explains how he's able to go down on Olivia.

  2. Wilfried Zaha

    Wilfried ZahaMonth ago

    How does he know what a sense of smell is if he’s never smelt anything?...

  3. Tony Merrett

    Tony MerrettMonth ago

    Let's see him open a can of Surströmming before his very eyes as proof!

  4. David Stephens

    David Stephens2 months ago

    I’m trying to figure out how that works. Doesn’t smell play big factor in taste. And how would know if you stink or something

  5. JC Denton

    JC Denton4 months ago

    a cat shat on my roommates bed, he called me a cry baby, saying "because he couldn't smell it i shouldn't complain"

  6. Lottes Leben

    Lottes Leben5 months ago

    Omg how cool! I can‘t smell either this is so cool!

  7. xara

    xara6 months ago

    Im a 14 year old girl that also cant smell and it kinda sucks but Im used to it. Its annoying when people say "your so lucky" and "sometimes I wish I couldnt smell" but im missing out on one of the five important senses and its annoying and changes life. Makes me better to know there are celebrities who also deal with this.

  8. ThomasJuice

    ThomasJuice7 months ago

    I cant smell either

  9. Can't Smell Crew

    Can't Smell Crew7 months ago

    Jason Is Our Hero! #anosmia #cantsmellcrew

  10. Barbara Vyse

    Barbara Vyse8 months ago

    My sense of smell is really impaired due to several sinus surgeries and I’m really near sighted. But I do have bionic hearing !

  11. God-like Figure

    God-like Figure9 months ago

    Interesting look. Did he join the IRA?

  12. 303z

    303zYear ago

    Conan instead of just asking him about his senses you should have devised a serious of cheap but vigorous and hilarious tests to determine if any of his senses have been heightened. Like for vision have him go through a maze in pitch black (and the bit is that regardless of one's sense of vision nobody would have been able to see). So there's just this dude mic'd up blindly running into stuff for like 2 minutes, and then you can devise a bunch of other fun tests. I have fun ideas for your show; its all I ever watch!!

  13. J Fitz

    J FitzYear ago

    I’ll give him a sense of smell when I fart in his face.

  14. Channel Steve

    Channel SteveYear ago

    He sounds like Brian Griffin

  15. jeffsjuststoked

    jeffsjuststokedYear ago

    I can only smell strong odors and even then, they don’t bother me. I always liked super strong tastes and spices in my food. My coffee is motor oil. Wine? Better be port. Blue cheese, garlic, hot sauce, etc. I like everything super strong.

  16. jag28co

    jag28co9 months ago

    Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  17. 64again

    64againYear ago

    he's gone smell blind

  18. TiagoWazzup

    TiagoWazzupYear ago

    This is really weird but I have the same thing. If the smell is too strong I can smell it but anything else nothing. It needs to be really strong or close to my nose... Did not know anyone else

  19. no Name

    no NameMonth ago

    I have something similar

  20. jag28co

    jag28co9 months ago

    Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  21. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenYear ago

    You should make it more aware every time I tell someone I can't smell they shove something in my face and say can you smell this now

  22. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenYear ago

    Yeah I know anosmia is as a real as it gets ad there is really no one to talk to

  23. jag28co

    jag28co9 months ago

    Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  24. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenYear ago

    Well you're lucky you lost it before you could remember I lost mine when I was 21 and I would have rather been born without it than to ever known it

  25. Scott Greene

    Scott GreeneYear ago

    Yea, I am not the only one!

  26. Ilya_Y

    Ilya_YYear ago

    He can`t smell Olivia((

  27. April Rhoden

    April RhodenYear ago

    It's ok, he learned to play guitar by ear.

  28. K. Centius

    K. CentiusYear ago

    He walks So hard!

  29. Accidently on Purpose

    Accidently on PurposeYear ago

    This guy is a no talent ass-clown!!! Nepotism at its finest

  30. Ethel Ping

    Ethel PingYear ago

    Push the red button. You get to marry olivia wilde BUT u will lose yr sense of smell

  31. Nicholas Torres

    Nicholas TorresYear ago

    He's smell blind!

  32. Candace Middleton

    Candace MiddletonYear ago

    Them shoes tho, Jason.

  33. isunktheship

    isunktheshipYear ago

    Jason Sudeikis is like the human version of Brian from Family Guy

  34. Free Bray

    Free BrayYear ago


  35. La Frips

    La FripsYear ago

    You’re right Andy, it was my first thought!

  36. Molotov Johnson

    Molotov JohnsonYear ago

    Is Sudeikis playing the fat guy from impractical jokers in a upcoming movie? If so👌

  37. Jdog 93

    Jdog 93Year ago

    Is Jason going thru a Brian Johnson (AC/DC singer) Phase?

  38. Amalia Torres

    Amalia TorresYear ago

    That hat is horrendous . What a douchebag.

  39. adam lang

    adam langYear ago

    I like his hat.

  40. Success Attractor

    Success AttractorYear ago

    She's lucky . Cos, she can fart as much as she wants now. 😉🙄🙊🕵️‍♂️💨

  41. Lostbirdx

    Lostbirdx5 months ago

    R00sj3 not if it’s a sbd (silent but deadly)

  42. R00sj3

    R00sj39 months ago

    He can still hear though ;)

  43. diego peralta ruiz

    diego peralta ruizYear ago

    Is that Lars ulrich?

  44. ilker sönmez

    ilker sönmezYear ago

    Take your god damn hat off, you douche.

  45. Ol’ Caruso

    Ol’ CarusoYear ago

    forced me to google Anosmia

  46. Bönzeaux Bleügreen

    Bönzeaux BleügreenYear ago

    I bet Olivia farts around him all the time

  47. Too Loud

    Too LoudYear ago

    I like ya hat

  48. Bacon Pancakes

    Bacon PancakesYear ago

    It's ol' Schmitty!!

  49. Xi.Anais

    Xi.AnaisYear ago


  50. JaQuicker

    JaQuickerYear ago

    I wonder if he saw "Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story"

  51. emilyharwood89

    emilyharwood89Year ago

    I wish they had asked him what he THINKS a fart smells like

  52. MMLEP95

    MMLEP95Year ago

    My sister is the same way!

  53. jag28co

    jag28co9 months ago

    Tell her to look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  54. James Agradi

    James AgradiYear ago

    Not to sound creepy, but if I married Olivia Wilde and I couldn't smell her, I'd probably go into a crippling depression that would find its outlet through comedy. I'd get famous off my lack of-... Oh, that's what happened...

  55. yo gabba gabba

    yo gabba gabbaYear ago

    he looks like a singer songwriter from the 70's

  56. Bönzeaux Bleügreen

    Bönzeaux Bleügreen9 months ago

    Lol. So true.

  57. Christian Gastelum

    Christian GastelumYear ago

    That’s a cool hat.

  58. Jenn Hoff

    Jenn HoffYear ago

    I can't smell because of a really bad allergy condition called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. And my other senses are crappy, too; definitely not heightened. I think that's just wishful thinking.