Jason Sudeikis Has No Sense Of Smell - CONAN on TBS


  1. Lottes Leben

    Lottes Leben3 days ago

    Omg how cool! I can‘t smell either this is so cool!

  2. xara

    xaraMonth ago

    Im a 14 year old girl that also cant smell and it kinda sucks but Im used to it. Its annoying when people say "your so lucky" and "sometimes I wish I couldnt smell" but im missing out on one of the five important senses and its annoying and changes life. Makes me better to know there are celebrities who also deal with this.

  3. ThomasJuice

    ThomasJuice2 months ago

    I cant smell either

  4. Can't Smell Crew

    Can't Smell Crew2 months ago

    Jason Is Our Hero! #anosmia #cantsmellcrew

  5. Barbara Vyse

    Barbara Vyse3 months ago

    My sense of smell is really impaired due to several sinus surgeries and I’m really near sighted. But I do have bionic hearing !

  6. God-like Figure

    God-like Figure4 months ago

    Interesting look. Did he join the IRA?

  7. juggernaut4799

    juggernaut47994 months ago

    Who's getting this in recommendations after Olivia Wilde interview with Jimmy Kimmel?!

  8. Gaj

    Gaj4 months ago

    Does he do voices on Family Guy?

  9. 303z

    303z7 months ago

    Conan instead of just asking him about his senses you should have devised a serious of cheap but vigorous and hilarious tests to determine if any of his senses have been heightened. Like for vision have him go through a maze in pitch black (and the bit is that regardless of one's sense of vision nobody would have been able to see). So there's just this dude mic'd up blindly running into stuff for like 2 minutes, and then you can devise a bunch of other fun tests. I have fun ideas for your show; its all I ever watch!!

  10. Pat Fitzgerald

    Pat Fitzgerald7 months ago

    I’ll give him a sense of smell when I fart in his face.

  11. Channel Steven

    Channel Steven8 months ago

    He sounds like Brian Griffin

  12. jeffsjuststoked

    jeffsjuststoked8 months ago

    I can only smell strong odors and even then, they don’t bother me. I always liked super strong tastes and spices in my food. My coffee is motor oil. Wine? Better be port. Blue cheese, garlic, hot sauce, etc. I like everything super strong.

  13. jag28co

    jag28co4 months ago

    Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  14. 64again

    64again8 months ago

    he's gone smell blind

  15. TiagoWazzup

    TiagoWazzup8 months ago

    This is really weird but I have the same thing. If the smell is too strong I can smell it but anything else nothing. It needs to be really strong or close to my nose... Did not know anyone else

  16. jag28co

    jag28co4 months ago

    Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  17. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden8 months ago

    You should make it more aware every time I tell someone I can't smell they shove something in my face and say can you smell this now

  18. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden8 months ago

    Yeah I know anosmia is as a real as it gets ad there is really no one to talk to

  19. jag28co

    jag28co4 months ago

    Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  20. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden8 months ago

    Well you're lucky you lost it before you could remember I lost mine when I was 21 and I would have rather been born without it than to ever known it

  21. Scott Greene

    Scott Greene9 months ago

    Yea, I am not the only one!

  22. Ilya_Y

    Ilya_Y9 months ago

    He can`t smell Olivia((

  23. April Rhoden

    April Rhoden9 months ago

    It's ok, he learned to play guitar by ear.

  24. K. Centius

    K. Centius9 months ago

    He walks So hard!

  25. Accidently on Purpose

    Accidently on Purpose9 months ago

    This guy is a no talent ass-clown!!! Nepotism at its finest

  26. Ethel Ping

    Ethel Ping9 months ago

    Push the red button. You get to marry olivia wilde BUT u will lose yr sense of smell

  27. Las Nicho

    Las Nicho9 months ago

    He's smell blind!

  28. Candace Middleton

    Candace Middleton9 months ago

    Them shoes tho, Jason.

  29. isunktheship

    isunktheship9 months ago

    Jason Sudeikis is like the human version of Brian from Family Guy

  30. Free Bray

    Free Bray9 months ago


  31. La Frips

    La Frips10 months ago

    You’re right Andy, it was my first thought!

  32. Dank Bud

    Dank Bud10 months ago

    Is Sudeikis playing the fat guy from impractical jokers in a upcoming movie? If so👌

  33. Jdog 93

    Jdog 9310 months ago

    Is Jason going thru a Brian Johnson (AC/DC singer) Phase?

  34. Amalia Torres

    Amalia Torres10 months ago

    That hat is horrendous . What a douchebag.

  35. adam lang

    adam lang10 months ago

    I like his hat.

  36. Success Attractor

    Success Attractor10 months ago

    She's lucky . Cos, she can fart as much as she wants now. 😉🙄🙊🕵️‍♂️💨

  37. Lostbirdx

    Lostbirdx9 days ago

    R00sj3 not if it’s a sbd (silent but deadly)

  38. R00sj3

    R00sj34 months ago

    He can still hear though ;)

  39. diego peralta ruiz

    diego peralta ruiz10 months ago

    Is that Lars ulrich?

  40. ilker sönmez

    ilker sönmez10 months ago

    Take your god damn hat off, you douche.

  41. Ol’ Caruso

    Ol’ Caruso10 months ago

    forced me to google Anosmia

  42. Bönzeaux Bleügreen

    Bönzeaux Bleügreen10 months ago

    I bet Olivia farts around him all the time

  43. Too Loud

    Too Loud10 months ago

    I like ya hat

  44. Oh Yeah

    Oh Yeah10 months ago

    It's ol' Schmitty!!

  45. Xi.Anais

    Xi.Anais10 months ago


  46. JaQuicker

    JaQuicker10 months ago

    I wonder if he saw "Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story"

  47. emilyharwood89

    emilyharwood8910 months ago

    I wish they had asked him what he THINKS a fart smells like

  48. MMLEP95

    MMLEP9510 months ago

    My sister is the same way!

  49. jag28co

    jag28co4 months ago

    Tell her to look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  50. James Agradi

    James Agradi10 months ago

    Not to sound creepy, but if I married Olivia Wilde and I couldn't smell her, I'd probably go into a crippling depression that would find its outlet through comedy. I'd get famous off my lack of-... Oh, that's what happened...

  51. yo gabba gabba

    yo gabba gabba10 months ago

    he looks like a singer songwriter from the 70's

  52. Bönzeaux Bleügreen

    Bönzeaux Bleügreen4 months ago

    Lol. So true.

  53. Christian Gastelum

    Christian Gastelum10 months ago

    That’s a cool hat.

  54. Jenn Hoff

    Jenn Hoff10 months ago

    I can't smell because of a really bad allergy condition called Mast Cell Activation Disorder. And my other senses are crappy, too; definitely not heightened. I think that's just wishful thinking.

  55. Martin Wind

    Martin Wind10 months ago

    ahh, conan is goin crazy. wont let andie chime in no more

  56. Brian Shray

    Brian Shray10 months ago

    Anosmia, i got it too. Haha. Can't smell a damn thing

  57. selcouth86

    selcouth8610 months ago

    "You smelt it, you dealt it." Jason Sudeikis 2018

  58. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams10 months ago

    Misuse of "begs the question" and misnomer within minutes. Not complaining. Just stating the facts.

  59. Martin Jönsson

    Martin Jönsson9 months ago

    Just "stating the farts..."

  60. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams10 months ago

    Oops. Sorry.

  61. GC

    GC10 months ago

    I *knew* someone would've pointed that out. And I don't like your use of double spacing either, Mike!

  62. fla la

    fla la10 months ago

    Nice guy

  63. Thomas Thas

    Thomas Thas10 months ago

    So Jason Sudeikis doesn't have sense of smell or style.

  64. Lucy Keller

    Lucy Keller10 months ago

    Maybe that's why he he is married to Olivia Wilde. Hey he needs something.

  65. Ray Khan

    Ray Khan10 months ago

    He's Dewey cox

  66. D. Black

    D. Black10 months ago

    I can smell and taste and STILL go to Taco Bell. I clearly have no excuse.

  67. Alias Rehbar

    Alias Rehbar10 months ago


  68. jxpii 89

    jxpii 8910 months ago

    That is actually so sad can’t imagine living without the sense of taste and smell.

  69. Jacob Sample

    Jacob Sample10 months ago

    I was born with a birth defect where bone blocks my nostrils and sinuses so I could never smell or taste either.

  70. yang gao

    yang gao10 months ago

    With out the sense of smell, you may not detect some dangerous things, like you cant sense a gasoline leak by nose

  71. Brave Boy

    Brave Boy10 months ago

    Jason is the coolest guy. I’m a big fan. He ROCKS!!!

  72. Ankit Rao

    Ankit Rao10 months ago

    those nikes tho

  73. Chloe Rayel

    Chloe Rayel10 months ago

    My two favorite people ohhh ma gosh My dreAm Ima die now Lol

  74. teipkep

    teipkep10 months ago

    What if he lies about not being able to smell farts. Then he tells his wife after 15 years of marriage.

  75. Akash Deep

    Akash Deep10 months ago

    Jason(taking the mic): "This is where the real show's at." 😂😂😂

  76. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart10 months ago

    What is he promoting? He's popping up in different talk shows and that tells me he is releasing something.

  77. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart10 months ago

    Much obliged.

  78. Alex R.

    Alex R.10 months ago

    Shadow Heart new movie on Netflix called Kodachrome

  79. Yashwanth Reddy

    Yashwanth Reddy10 months ago

    *tragic life with olivia wilde...sooo tragic*

  80. Caffeinated Nation

    Caffeinated Nation10 months ago

    So, he's never smelled the heavenly aromas of fresh brewed coffee or fresh baked bread and pastries or petrichor? 😱😨

  81. Atheist Mind

    Atheist Mind10 months ago

    Andy asks the important questions

  82. Kenny Meyer

    Kenny Meyer10 months ago

    I like to smell my farts

  83. brendan colliander

    brendan colliander10 months ago

    Andy Richter one word amazing

  84. colly beans

    colly beans4 months ago


  85. inthapocket〉

    inthapocket〉8 months ago

    wow, this group of commenters has a really low bar

  86. brendan colliander

    brendan colliander10 months ago

    What's this new look he has now it's terrible

  87. bonbons

    bonbons10 months ago

    I can smell but it's very faint due to really bad allergies usually wow I've never seen someone else with a similar problem. I can only eat strongly flavored foods and need lots of sauces and spices otherwise food is super bland.

  88. Lorenz Wolf

    Lorenz Wolf10 months ago

    Guy‘s got tom morello‘s voice

  89. V V

    V V10 months ago

    This man can eat ass 24/7. Someone had to say it.

  90. Gauss24

    Gauss2410 months ago

    never lose that humor jason, it prob landed you olivia. take care

  91. ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣10 months ago

    So if a building is on fire, he's just in there eating a yogurt?

  92. whogivesashit

    whogivesashit10 months ago

    No sense of smell AND no sense of hats?! Hang in there Jason!

  93. XGonGiveToYa

    XGonGiveToYa4 months ago

    why'd u say that? It's such a subjective thing. I thought he looked great

  94. kevin loyd

    kevin loyd10 months ago

    God gave him Olivia and took away his nose

  95. Goochbot

    Goochbot10 months ago

    Shmidty's not wearing his ring again

  96. Rami Yazje

    Rami Yazje10 months ago

    That's so funny that JS can't smell fart, especially that one of his best SNL sketches was all about smelling fart 🤣 (Rear Window sketch with January Jones)

  97. Renser Barajas

    Renser Barajas10 months ago

    Thank you Andy since I read the title farts never left my mind lol

  98. Emmanuel Woo

    Emmanuel Woo10 months ago

    but the molecules still enters through his nose though, his senses can't just register it right? so if somebody farts all of it the molecules the essence the soul of the fart enters uninterrupted because he doesn't know when to cover his nose or mouth, while people who can smell will instantly try to cover their nose as tight as possible to reduce the intake so yeah i think the term ignorance is a bliss works here, cause if you don't know that you are breathing in fart then you are fine but once you find out that most of the time you are breathing in fart but can't tell when that is the scary part, it's like jumping into a black hole.

  99. jennygrl 1224

    jennygrl 12249 months ago

    "The soul of the fart." 😂😂😂

  100. HaveCarapace

    HaveCarapace10 months ago

    That's deep, man. Always deny them your essence

  101. Greg Hayhurst

    Greg Hayhurst10 months ago

    Emmanuel Woo I’m anosmic and I can help! My best friend used to rip massive ass in the car when it was just the two of us. Like stank death farts. So bad he’d have to fight to keep from gagging because he wanted to catch me in a fart trap. When you can’t smell, everyone automatically assumes you are lying, so he wanted to catch me. But he never did because I literally had no idea he was silently holding back puke in the driver’s seat and watching me not respond one bit. Jason can’t tell there’s a fart if there’s no clue other than the smell.

  102. wickkidda

    wickkidda10 months ago

    How does this guy not have any gray hairs in his beard at 42?

  103. It'sAlexForShort

    It'sAlexForShort10 months ago

    I looked at that thumbnail and I thought it was Peter Dinklage for a split second

  104. coloreo666

    coloreo66610 months ago

    Andy, asking the *_real questions_*

  105. Topher TheTenth

    Topher TheTenth10 months ago

    Lacking sense of smell is rather a trial. I know a person who couldn't smell. For a part of their life, their liver was not working properly. (It later spontaneously healed or regenerated.) When either your kidneys or liver are impaired, your skin takes over some of their function, and excretes toxins. This person never smelled bad, but because if they DID smell bad they would never know it, that would mean they could never be completely SURE that they did NOT smell bad just a few hours after their last shower. It was really tough on this person.

  106. Greg Zapf

    Greg Zapf10 months ago

    He looks like a muffler.

  107. TheTuubster

    TheTuubster10 months ago

    I lost my sense of smell for a couple of days after a horrible flu. It was disturbing - coffee was just warm water.

  108. James

    James2 months ago

    Badidea Bearcub hey which operation did your friend get? I don’t have sense of smell and it’s terrible. I don’t know what to do. The doctors can’t help either

  109. Badidea Bearcub

    Badidea Bearcub10 months ago

    TheTuubster A friend of mine who had some problem in his nose, tended to drink lots of very concentrated coffee. After an operation that brought him the sense of smell, he couldn't stand for a while the smell of cofee.

  110. Rolling Ormond

    Rolling Ormond10 months ago

    I saw Jason was he was young at Improvolympic in Chicago in '99. Funny then too (referred to an actor maneuvering his electric wheelchair, "Just use your sucky thing.")

  111. Ultra Lxrd

    Ultra Lxrd10 months ago

    Jason Sudeikis sounds like a mix of Brian from Family Guy and Bert Kreischer

  112. Avery Joe

    Avery Joe10 months ago

    He can't have dealt it because he never smelt it

  113. plymouthlad38

    plymouthlad3810 months ago

    I have congenital anosmia as well. For me it is an additional symptom of having Kallmann syndrome, a hormonal condition that affects puberty. I do have a sense of taste but it is probably not as refined as people who can smell. I can not detect subtle flavours but can certainly taste different foods, especially mint for some reason. Sometimes people with anosmia are very sensitive to the texture of food. People with anosmia can still detect certain volatile or aromatic compounds such as bleach or vinegar due to a direct nerve stimulation at the back of the throat which is totally separate from the normal olfactory system.

  114. Blak

    Blak10 months ago

    His superpower is that he's super funny ;)

  115. PIX Promos & More

    PIX Promos & More10 months ago

    Maybe he should've played Dewey Cox.

  116. Cancun771

    Cancun77110 months ago

    The real tragedy: imagine being married to Olivia Wilde and missing out like this.

  117. wicious

    wiciousMonth ago

    +Badidea Bearcub "it"

  118. tornoutlaw

    tornoutlaw4 months ago

    I thought that as soon as I read the title. I can't imagine her smelling bad.

  119. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden8 months ago

    Anyone who can smell has no idea what anosmia is

  120. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden8 months ago

    Yeah you really just don't get it the bad ones are just as good as the good ones it's just about knowing

  121. Tony Vega

    Tony Vega10 months ago

    Not if she's got a vicious case of vaginal herpes

  122. Kino Zomby

    Kino Zomby10 months ago

    Jason looks like a douche with that cap and hair.

  123. Mahmoud Alawneh

    Mahmoud Alawneh10 months ago

    I never smelled anything my whole life either, and that I've lived EXACTLY those same fart experiences.

  124. Susan Holtsclaw

    Susan Holtsclaw4 months ago

    yep, i've never had a sense of smell either

  125. jag28co

    jag28co4 months ago

    +Greg Hayhurst Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  126. jag28co

    jag28co4 months ago

    Look for congenital anosmia in Facebook. We have a page with lots of info.

  127. Badidea Bearcub

    Badidea Bearcub10 months ago

    I have a diminished sense of smell due to my cronic sinusitis, but for me smell is the least useful of the senses for us humans. It's not good enough to track a prey like dogs, or discerning enough to diferentiate people from one another. And is more a frequent cause of social discomfort. The only useful use of it is to notice when something is rotting and we shouldn't eat it, but sadly we are losing that as well, according to recent studies, that show that people are becoming more oblivious to the signs of decomposing food.

  128. Greg Hayhurst

    Greg Hayhurst10 months ago

    Mahmoud Alawneh Same. That’s my life.

  129. CaseyDia22

    CaseyDia2210 months ago

    I don't have a sense of smell either. It's realll fun. But i *DO* have 20/15 vision and great hearing sooo

  130. Kunal Arora

    Kunal Arora10 months ago

    Hooray for Andy!! :)