Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee - Made For Now [Official Video]


  1. Berlin M. De Lion

    Berlin M. De LionHour ago

    mundial Hit

  2. Clelia Melgar

    Clelia MelgarHour ago

    Me encanta!! Perfecta combinacion!!

  3. Yiret ocampo

    Yiret ocampoHour ago

    Waaaaaaaaooooooooo.... El gran líder con la hermana del rey😍😍😍 Valla que... Me quedo sin palabras a esto😌 Solo que... Que gran admiración siento al ver esto .

  4. mystic

    mysticHour ago

    How much does #1 on trending cost?

  5. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceHour ago

    Yep!!!!!!😀This shit has me singing and dancing.👏👏👏👏👍👍 TERRANCE OUT

  6. Randik Florat Coello

    Randik Florat CoelloHour ago

    Fireeeeee 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Fake Yam

    Fake YamHour ago

    I don't like music

  8. Success Recordz

    Success RecordzHour ago

    Hit like for Africa! #Afrobeat✊🏿

  9. onegoldcell

    onegoldcellHour ago

    Loving this song!!!

  10. Ben De la portilla

    Ben De la portillaHour ago

    LOVED IT :) :) :)

  11. Juuleeinn

    JuuleeinnHour ago

    I did not ever expect to see these 2 on a track this is amazing!!!

  12. Danny Beard

    Danny BeardHour ago

    Número 1 en tendencia en República Dominicana

  13. Billy Bob

    Billy BobHour ago

    janet jackson? whos that

  14. sxfia

    sxfiaHour ago

    M E L A N I N

  15. jeon

    jeonHour ago


  16. Soy Chileno Culo Roto y Cabro

    Soy Chileno Culo Roto y CabroHour ago

    Hay partes que janet se parece a michael Jackson

  17. Milss Linares

    Milss LinaresHour ago

    I wasted almost two minutes of my precious time waiting for DY to sing, and he sings for like 30 seconds only☹️ Like just because DY is on the song.

  18. Bogus Bogus

    Bogus BogusHour ago

    Milss Linares it’s her track he is featured artist. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  19. Pragash Naga

    Pragash NagaHour ago

    Omg the end is so nice😍

  20. Nicole Lollipops

    Nicole LollipopsHour ago

    Omg chills Janet is forever 😍😍😍

  21. zaoor saeed

    zaoor saeedHour ago

    Trending #1 in UAE😍😍

  22. Mi Moda Polish Studio

    Mi Moda Polish StudioHour ago

    Omg we EVERYWHERE 😍😍😍😍😍🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣👣👣👣👣👣

  23. Connor Holan

    Connor HolanHour ago

    I wish we could hear more of her vocals tho

  24. Luis Echegaray

    Luis EchegarayHour ago

    kPop is bringing color to the world. Love the music.

  25. Roxana Mejia

    Roxana MejiaHour ago


  26. misita lopez

    misita lopezHour ago


  27. Fabian F-L

    Fabian F-LHour ago

    Best song ever!!!

  28. Garn

    GarnHour ago


  29. Darrin Martin

    Darrin MartinHour ago

    If you're livin' for the moment Don't stop, and celebrate the feelin' Go up, if you're livin' for the moment Don't stop, 'cause I break those ceilings Go up We're made for now Not tomorrow Made for now Look around We're made for now Not tomorrow Made for now (uno) Look around (dos, tres) We're made for now (fuego) Everybody move your body, everybody Everybody move your body, everybody (right now) We're made for now Everybody move your body (right now), everybody (right now) Everybody move your body (right now), everybody If you're livin' for the moment Don't stop, try to celebrate the feelin' Go up, if you're livin' for the moment (the moment, baby) Don't stop, 'cause I break those ceilings Go up Love is in the rhythm now, we're Dancing with a whole new meaning Love is on the way to fill you up We're made for now Not tomorrow Made for now Look around We're made for now Not tomorrow Made for now (uno) Look around (dos, tres) We're made for now (fuego) Everybody move your body (woo), everybody Everybody move your body, everybody (right now) We're made for now Everybody move your body (right now), everybody (right now) Everybody move your body (right now), everybody (right now)

  30. Sallayah6_

    Sallayah6_Hour ago

    Woww issa hit!!!🔥❤

  31. spencer the sellout xbox gt Savage42018

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  32. Sam M

    Sam MHour ago

    After the huge hit of despacito, almost every American singer features a Hispanic singer in their song. Lol

  33. LuvLuv

    LuvLuvHour ago

    Love this type of music

  34. Chris Fields

    Chris FieldsHour ago

    Thought she had been sold to a Arabic Prince. Guess not.

  35. Regina Rugamas

    Regina RugamasHour ago

    Why? wHY?!

  36. Hector Albertorio

    Hector AlbertorioHour ago

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  38. Hector Albertorio

    Hector AlbertorioHour ago

    Great mix of cultures unity is good 👍

  39. Daethaqt3000

    Daethaqt3000Hour ago


  40. susana diaz

    susana diazHour ago

    Janet ♥ love

  41. Elvis Farias

    Elvis FariasHour ago

    Her outfits tho

  42. marlen hc

    marlen hcHour ago


  43. Sola- Alone

    Sola- AloneHour ago

    La rompió Daddy Yankee !!! Genial canción :3

  44. Dani Fra

    Dani FraHour ago

    que agradable la voz de Janet

  45. haleigh

    haleighHour ago

    i bet Michael Jackson would love this video. he is so proud of her.

  46. FOLAMI IFE 71

    FOLAMI IFE 71Hour ago


  47. Ramakan

    RamakanHour ago

    Awesome video!!

  48. Sakitra Branch

    Sakitra BranchHour ago

    I love everything about this video!!! My Janet is back!!!

  49. SongCreator71

    SongCreator71Hour ago

    Colorful & Beautiful🎉💕🎊💚🎉

  50. Sєrαвι Rємвєrт

    Sєrαвι RємвєrтHour ago

    How you gon put 2 people I love so dearly together & make my Friday like this !?! I can’t help but smile. Ugh I love this so much you don’t know.

  51. KM 94

    KM 94Hour ago


  52. Gaurav Singh Azad

    Gaurav Singh AzadHour ago

    Nice song sir

  53. Elegra Jones

    Elegra JonesHour ago

    Love it! JANET does it again.

  54. simplementeanabelle2

    simplementeanabelle2Hour ago

    Prefiero escuchar a su hermana la toya jackson ella si tiene mucho talento la toya jackson y maluma superan a estos dos

  55. Nisha C

    Nisha CHour ago


  56. Yasi Feiz

    Yasi FeizHour ago

    Me hubiera gustado que janet cante en español pero me gusto

  57. Schantieria Thomas

    Schantieria ThomasHour ago

    Real feel good music💜

  58. Carlos Jackson Scruse

    Carlos Jackson ScruseHour ago

    Janet jackson que hermosa 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  59. Mario Fornaris

    Mario FornarisHour ago

    Janet y Daddy que bataso riquisimo

  60. Nikole Onofrw

    Nikole OnofrwHour ago

    daddy yanke el mejorrrr

  61. Canal YouTube

    Canal YouTubeHour ago

    I feel Michael when she breaks into dance. I feel her and his energy dancing as one. Made for us now!

  62. mjj smiles

    mjj smilesHour ago


  63. bknightify

    bknightifyHour ago

    happy for daddy Yankee still here

  64. Glqsss

    GlqsssHour ago

    yasss quEEN

  65. De Toa Baja Pal' Mundo

    De Toa Baja Pal' MundoHour ago

    Yankee about to get another 2B video 🇵🇷

  66. Marolyne DeVries

    Marolyne DeVriesHour ago

    The end of the world is near..

  67. Cosmic Tofu

    Cosmic TofuHour ago

    I love how deep and unique the lyrics were... Oh wait

  68. Zaph

    ZaphHour ago

    Where’s Despacito 2

  69. IndigoMoon7

    IndigoMoon7Hour ago

    She is so beautiful! I love this video. Very colorful with a deep message. I had the honor of seeing her in concert and it's an experience I'll cherish for the rest of my life. I know wherever Michael is, he is proud of his baby sister. ❤

  70. Deyanira D.

    Deyanira D.Hour ago

    Love it!! ❤

  71. ajackson911

    ajackson911Hour ago

    Am I the only one who breaks into a full slow motion smile when she smiles lol???

  72. Jason Trayner

    Jason TraynerHour ago

    Wow this is really good. Congratulations 🎶

  73. Verona Gomez

    Verona GomezHour ago

    Finally she came out with an awesome song and video thank god she left her husband now she can breathe and be herself janet is back

  74. Kirpemo Ovando

    Kirpemo OvandoHour ago

    Volvemos a los viejos tiempos. :'-) like si crees que volvio el Daddy Yanke de antes.

  75. Stephany Lewis

    Stephany LewisHour ago

    Giving me Velvet Rope days...so good!

  76. godsofire localcd

    godsofire localcdHour ago

    Janet Jackson back her you know what . How you love that!

  77. Enrique C.

    Enrique C.Hour ago

    Masterpiece ❤️

  78. Eskay Tee

    Eskay TeeHour ago

    Bow down, Bey....JJ is back.

  79. ORoxy 5575

    ORoxy 5575Hour ago

    Janet looks great! Love this!

  80. Seveux

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  81. Ian Ayala

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  82. Alfred Brown

    Alfred BrownHour ago

    Janet what took so long great song

  83. Angel Vargas

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  84. LDRS Studios

    LDRS StudiosHour ago

    This isn't Despactio. Disliked

  85. Vickie Herbert

    Vickie HerbertHour ago

    I love it Janet Jackson

  86. sf everything

    sf everythingHour ago

    Ms jackson still fine

  87. Jessica Fortier

    Jessica FortierHour ago

    Go Janet! Can't stop watching video

  88. Jorge Emilk Caminero

    Jorge Emilk CamineroHour ago

    #DaddyYankee The best!

  89. John mondesir

    John mondesirHour ago

    Beautiful video but Some y'all Latino proudly mix out and kept the culture smh now y'all proud of African Blood smh but Salute to Afro Latino who stood up and respect their kinship

  90. John mondesir

    John mondesirHour ago

    Beautiful video but Some y'all Latino proudly mix out and kept the culture smh now y'all proud of African Blood smh but Salute to Afro Latino who stood up and respect their kinship

  91. Peterson Remolien

    Peterson RemolienHour ago

    We all one. From the mother land, afro west Indies. Respect, love nd peace. Jah bless

  92. chepo chepos

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  93. Lincoln Osiris

    Lincoln OsirisHour ago

    Garbage . Literally just repeats itself over and over . No actual lyrics . Will be hot for 3 months then no one will ever speak of it again . Sorry if you get triggered by this comment , but its true .. For the most part mainstream music has been dead and has lacked substance since around the early 2000's Id say . These millennial retards will lap anything up you give them nowadays though . All I heard was fart noises the entire time.

  94. Keiana Vernon

    Keiana VernonHour ago

    Janet is such a Icon 😘😘😘😘

  95. Alberto Suarez

    Alberto SuarezHour ago

    I love her so much.

  96. TMT Lamonte

    TMT LamonteHour ago

    Look at me react

  97. Elizabeth Gaillard

    Elizabeth GaillardHour ago

    Un millón de felicitaciones muy bella la canción !!

  98. TMT Lamonte

    TMT LamonteHour ago

    Watch my reaction to this

  99. Random Panthers

    Random PanthersHour ago

    I just made a 100 subscriber special video!

  100. Pame Jackson

    Pame JacksonHour ago

    Que decepción

  101. Tyy

    TyyHour ago

    So much beauty in one video 😍