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Janelle Monáe - PYNK [Official Video]


  1. Sophia Padgett

    Sophia Padgett13 hours ago

    Am I the only normal person that realizes she has VAGINA PANTS on!!?!?!! U can’t say that’s not weird that looks like some Capital crap from the Hunger Games. I know it’s supposed to be a representation and I’m not trying to say i’m against that I’m all for it but them are VAGINA PANTS!!!!!! HOW IT NO ONE TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!!?????!?!?!

  2. C Swank

    C SwankHour ago

    Considering the title refers to vagina, it's just another thing...

  3. Arielton Santos

    Arielton Santos14 hours ago

    Essa Janelle canta pak's man❤️

  4. Earllaya Moore

    Earllaya Moore23 hours ago

    Lots and lots of pink if u know what I mean pink is my fav color too #PANSEXUALQUEEN

  5. Brownie lover

    Brownie loverDay ago

    Ummmmm! ......... ill say this! They're in love! Janelle's real girlfriend ( Westworld actress) is featured in this....soooooooo, this looks just like a love letter ,celebrating their sexual conquest with each other! The words suggesting sticking things (parts) in places😨Those pants...HELLO😲 - that dance spoke volumes in 😲🙈👅, Pink ( p****y) kitty! and then the jumpy bootz👋👐👀.... ummmmmm! Can't hide around sexual innuendo!🤔🙈🙉🙊

  6. Marlow Morbid

    Marlow MorbidDay ago

    I think this video has some innuendo.....did you catch the baseball bat hanging between her legs? phallic symbolism 👁🔺

  7. finn !

    finn !Day ago

    when she did this song in concert everyone lost their fucking mind when tessa thompson came on screen

  8. Jade Aliyah

    Jade AliyahDay ago

    U don't see a lot of black lesbians like this 😍 yes black lesbians do exists

  9. Abbey Davis

    Abbey DavisDay ago

    I mean...20GAYTEEN

  10. Artemis

    ArtemisDay ago

    Both Janelle and Tessa are so pretty, it hurts

  11. 2112mary U2

    2112mary U2Day ago

    Hope you win the VMA!

  12. Ioana Teodorescu

    Ioana TeodorescuDay ago

    This is a music video for stoned lesbians

  13. whitney your dude

    whitney your dude2 days ago

    intellectual me: wow what a great video with an amazing social commentary and fantastic message, also we love representation. also me: she could elbow me in the boob and i’d thank her

  14. Shira

    Shira2 days ago

    this video made me a lesbian

  15. Angelo Sabatino Di Nardo Simone

    Angelo Sabatino Di Nardo Simone2 days ago

    Is this video better than Fall In Line?

  16. Go Gina

    Go Gina2 days ago

    I love female empowerment videos so much I am inlove

  17. Josh Valero

    Josh Valero2 days ago

    Congrats on the VMA nominations! You most definitely deserve to win!

  18. mildspringsun

    mildspringsun3 days ago

    why PYNK, not pink, anybody knows?

  19. Omicron Centi

    Omicron Centi4 days ago

    Shit Illuminati pädophil devils..

  20. Maryanne Chanel

    Maryanne Chanel4 days ago

    Pink is my favorite color lol 🎀

  21. Queen Tateyanna

    Queen Tateyanna4 days ago

    Does anyone else notice the gay guy in purple at 1:36-1:38(just wondering)

  22. Rosalind Dickey

    Rosalind Dickey4 days ago

    See I love Janelle she shows that pink means so many things, it's more than a color #pinkmeaning

  23. ainsley exe

    ainsley exe4 days ago

    wig: *hurled to china at mach 20*

  24. Snapchat

    Snapchat4 days ago

    Sounds like poppy but better cuz it actually has emotion

  25. Dark Dr.

    Dark Dr.4 days ago

    독특하당 오우야에우옹

  26. Niniveh Peralta

    Niniveh Peralta4 days ago

    This video deserves more views

  27. MsJovaJah

    MsJovaJah4 days ago


  28. ххх *

    ххх *4 days ago

    Pink like the inside of your, baby Pink behind all of the doors, crazy Pink like the tongue that goes down, maybe Pink like the paradise found Pink when you're blushing inside, baby Pink is the truth you can't hide, maybe Pink like the folds of your brain, crazy Pink as we all go insane So, here we are in the car Leaving traces of us down the boulevard I wanna fall through the stars Getting lost in the dark is my favorite part Let's count the ways we could make this last forever Sunny, money, keep it funky Touch your top and let it down Ah, yeah Some like that Ah, ah Some like that Ah, yeah Some like that 'Cause boy it's cool if you got blue We got the pink Pink like the lips around your, maybe Pink like the skin that's under, baby Pink where it's deepest inside, crazy Pink beyond forest and thighs Pink like the secrets you hide, maybe Pink like the lid of your eye, baby Pink is where all of it starts, crazy Pink like the halls of your heart So, here we are in the car Leaving traces of us down the boulevard I wanna fall through the stars Getting lost in the dark is my favorite part Let's count the ways we could make this last forever Sunny, money, keep it funky Touch your top and let it down Ah, huh, yeah Some like that Ah, ah Some like that Ooh, yeah Some like that 'Cause boy it's cool if you got blue We got the pink, huh Yeah, some like that Oh, some like that Yeah, some like that 'Cause boy it's cool if you got blue We got the pink Pink like the inside of your, baby (we're all just pink) Pink like the walls and the doors, maybe (deep inside, we're all just pink) Pink like your fingers in my, maybe Pink is the truth you can't hide Pink like your tongue going round, baby Pink like the sun going down, maybe Pink like the holes in your heart, baby Pink is my favorite part

  29. Taibatha House

    Taibatha House5 days ago

    I just noticed 1:15-1:17, love how she includes everyone no matter what. #Pynk

  30. lakindria shoemaker

    lakindria shoemaker6 days ago

    Not gonna lie... this video and song went all the way over my head😂😂😂😂😭 and I've listened to it more than a few times i feel extremely dumb right now like my friend legit hat to break down the pussy pants 😂😂😂😂😂😂 ive always liked her voice and never really paid attenton to what was said pretty clever

  31. crunkson

    crunkson6 days ago

    My fatass thought it was grapefruit at first smh

  32. TANIEL J

    TANIEL J6 days ago

    Is this about vaginas. Smdh

  33. Debra Davitt

    Debra Davitt6 days ago

    Wana pair them pynk trousers!

  34. Princess Unicorn

    Princess Unicorn7 days ago

    Kiss 😘😘😘😘

  35. rigamortis is stupid

    rigamortis is stupid8 days ago

    This is the weirdest black mirror episode ever

  36. Ailsa Herondale

    Ailsa Herondale8 days ago


  37. carmoraissa

    carmoraissa8 days ago

    Vaginas ❤️

  38. carmoraissa

    carmoraissa8 days ago


  39. carmoraissa

    carmoraissa8 days ago


  40. Taehyun bop

    Taehyun bop8 days ago

    AGH I want her to come to London

  41. Cute Tota

    Cute Tota8 days ago


  42. TOS

    TOS9 days ago

    I thought Jhené Aiko was Janelle Monáe Something to do with the Gambino effect

  43. 1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM

    1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM9 days ago

    Before this : i Hate pink After this : get the fuck out i love pink

  44. 1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM

    1993 All I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM9 days ago

    She really took the song lyrics into the video Pink all over the place

  45. Jayden Murray

    Jayden Murray9 days ago

    2:14 all that hair

  46. Unicorn Farts Are Everything

    Unicorn Farts Are Everything9 days ago

    I can't explain how this song makes me feel

  47. Anony Mous

    Anony Mous10 days ago

    I'm getting lesbian "Your Love" vibes.

  48. AaronGaming

    AaronGaming10 days ago

    Ok let’s all admit if a man could give birth all this would never exist. Just accept the way the world is don’t get all salty and start sending hate and death threats too males vic versa over pain and suffering we all have stuff too figure out but don’t blame others just accept who you are and love yourself.

  49. Venecia Lewis

    Venecia Lewis10 days ago


  50. karen nichols

    karen nichols11 days ago

    Pick Your New KIng....I'm ON to you...busted

  51. karen nichols

    karen nichols11 days ago

    Where can a girl get those vajayjay trousers

  52. karen nichols

    karen nichols11 days ago

    I am craving a DONUT right about NOW

  53. karen nichols

    karen nichols11 days ago

    Can't watch with my mom in the room

  54. karen nichols

    karen nichols11 days ago

    My vagina is a STARGATE

  55. Sanele Ndaba

    Sanele Ndaba11 days ago

    1:59 Alla that melanin #Faaaaaya!

  56. Viking Song

    Viking Song11 days ago

    I liked this...wasn't expecting to, but I did.

  57. emily truscott

    emily truscott11 days ago

    okay I'm sorry, I'm just having a major gay mental breakdown and don't know what to do with these feelings. plz help

  58. Dustin Clark

    Dustin Clark12 days ago

    Woah this extra sucks. Too sugary

  59. sk

    sk12 days ago


  60. Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson12 days ago

    the chilis Purple Stain is way better

  61. God Sejeong is my Heda

    God Sejeong is my Heda13 days ago

    YO I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS WOMAN!! I was reading a comment in Holland's new video saying they wished for a collaboration between LGBT icons Hayley Kiyoko, Troye Sivan, Holland, and THIS WOMAN. I knew everyone else so I came to check this out and WOW I love this MV and song so much! It's rly unique in a good way. And she's from Hidden Figures the engineer! I thought she was just an actress! Mindblown

  62. Daf

    Daf13 days ago

    the chorus is really weak compared to the rest of the song, the lyrics and the video

  63. Dionne Y. Jenkins

    Dionne Y. Jenkins13 days ago

    Uhhh....I think Jonalle (?) just came out. There was a lot of subliminal messages in there 😉😎🤗🤔

  64. Odonata

    Odonata13 days ago

    She went there! Again and again. XOXOXOXXXOOOOOOOO

  65. dahlia aiden

    dahlia aiden13 days ago

    I saw the definitely not wrong about it.

  66. hobbitta

    hobbitta13 days ago

    Janelle Monáe and Tessa Thompson is what the doctor prescribed to me

  67. Cristina Velázquez

    Cristina Velázquez13 days ago

    This is so pretty to watch, I love it

  68. MsLisalisa24

    MsLisalisa2413 days ago

    I pray that everyone in the video accepts Christ and His love if they do believe In Him I pray it’s a stronger relationship. Love Janelle love Tessa but together as a couple no. God loves us to much to continue loving knowingly in sin. We do have a choice and I pray they pick the right one

  69. Rianne Smith

    Rianne Smith4 days ago

    Girl, shut the fuck up. No one cares about what you think is sin. It's a sin to be a fucking miserable hater, go jump off a bridge and join god and leave us the hell alone.

  70. Elexis Nicole

    Elexis Nicole13 days ago

    my vagina isn't pink it's dark .. so

  71. Elexis Nicole

    Elexis NicoleDay ago

    Rianne Smith i didn't say the inside was dark but thanks for your comment when nobody asked for it

  72. Rianne Smith

    Rianne Smith4 days ago

    That's your vulva sis, you can't physically see inside your vagina without something to keep it open. I'm a nurse practitioner and from the lightest to the darkest women, the vagina is pink though vulva's vary.

  73. SabrinaChang628

    SabrinaChang62813 days ago

    I like the “feeling myself” dance

  74. Chelsea Liberte

    Chelsea Liberte13 days ago

    Does anyone know who the girl in 1:05 and 2:03 is? Her face is so familiar but I can't remember heR NAME UGH

  75. Ebony R.

    Ebony R.13 days ago

    Tessa Thompson

  76. Elle

    Elle13 days ago

    lil bit of a Aerosmith cover/homage/rip ??! :-p Still love it.

  77. Brenda Transou

    Brenda Transou14 days ago

    Pause At 4:08

  78. Wren Rae-Lyn

    Wren Rae-Lyn14 days ago


  79. Bernard Soul

    Bernard Soul14 days ago

    Remember we're all pink on the inside.

  80. Ehawee

    Ehawee14 days ago

    Celebrate that Yoni! ;)

  81. Toilet Paper

    Toilet Paper14 days ago

    the only good part is YEEEAH


    SOGGY SOCKS15 days ago

    Lol this song in male version lmao just imagine

  83. nsc francs

    nsc francs15 days ago


  84. Hardtechnoboy

    Hardtechnoboy15 days ago

    Learn from this Queen Latifah, Oprah, Gayle, Kelly Clarkson.

  85. kristinfiniti

    kristinfiniti15 days ago

    Thank you so much ladies what a beautiful and healing piece of work! 💗

  86. Wilquer

    Wilquer15 days ago

    O clip é fantástico mas a música não combinou com ele

  87. paula xxx

    paula xxx15 days ago

    Didn't like the song but LOVE the video

  88. Cosmo Dookie

    Cosmo Dookie15 days ago

    Illuminati Music.. You can fool some people sometimes, but you cant fool all the people all the time! FUCK ILLUMINATI MUSIC!

  89. Cosmo Dookie

    Cosmo Dookie15 days ago

    PS: How long until she will die because of suicide or plan crashes?

  90. Diamond D

    Diamond D15 days ago

    She’s special She makes me want to be a black lesbian so bad. No I’m not black but janelle has that power.

  91. CJ Moore

    CJ Moore16 days ago

    I like how some of the dancers in the line of women didn't have the vagina pants. I might be looking at it the wrong way but I see it as showing trans women. Idk I thought that was cool.

  92. carmoraissa

    carmoraissa8 days ago


  93. mrs crowley

    mrs crowley16 days ago

    that's pussy babe !

  94. paige montgomery

    paige montgomery16 days ago

    this video goes in so many directions im not sure where to begin or what the hell i just watched

  95. MiladyVerity

    MiladyVerity16 days ago

    Song is fine, the messages is fine, not that crazy about the mediocre singing though.

  96. Coco P

    Coco P17 days ago

    Always original.. nice

  97. Bed Hed

    Bed Hed17 days ago

    Why is she so gorgeous? But then every woman is this video is gorgeous. This sounds like nothing else & is totally addictive. She's eons ahead!

  98. MapsterCat

    MapsterCat17 days ago

    love this new best song

  99. Kiara -KiKi

    Kiara -KiKi17 days ago

    We got tha pink

  100. Mariami

    Mariami17 days ago


  101. shadoom

    shadoom17 days ago

    😨 *Moooooooom!*

  102. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance17 days ago

    What a waste. What happened to girl who portrayed such light and positive music and videos that even children could watch. What is these so called entertainers start out in the light and then gradually go to the dark. That's what happens when you sell your soul and your body. Congratulations Mr. Man, you got another one. Pathetic.👎👎

  103. Varda Artists Residency

    Varda Artists Residency17 days ago

    so Prue Stent!

  104. Austin Bradley

    Austin Bradley17 days ago


  105. Kip Allen

    Kip Allen17 days ago

    "Pink Is Her Favirite Part"..Promoting Skadden💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦some young girl getting Her Nina Simone on right

  106. Jake22love Jake22love

    Jake22love Jake22love18 days ago

    It's official,this bitch a dyke. Won't be buying any of this bitch music again.

  107. carmoraissa

    carmoraissa8 days ago

    go fuck yourself and leave her alone (3)

  108. Jake22love Jake22love

    Jake22love Jake22love8 days ago

    Fuck you and that dyke

  109. carmoraissa

    carmoraissa8 days ago

    go fuck yourself and leave her alone (2)

  110. Jake22love Jake22love

    Jake22love Jake22love8 days ago

    No,go get this dyke fucked by some black dick. All black dykes are white supremacy supporters. My daughter told me she was a dyke and I put that nasty bitch on the street at the age of 13. I don't give a fuck what happens to her.

  111. carmoraissa

    carmoraissa8 days ago

    go fuck yourself and leave her alone

  112. Alice Wintour

    Alice Wintour18 days ago

    Oh my 💗💜💙