Janelle Monáe - PYNK [Official Video]


  1. Candyfishes

    Candyfishes3 hours ago

    So it's a song about vajs and dicks... XD

  2. Belìn

    Belìn4 hours ago

    I wish the music were as fun as the video. Unfortunately, this is far less inspired than "Make me feel".

  3. Emanuele Vitale

    Emanuele Vitale4 hours ago


  4. Hminga Hminga

    Hminga Hminga5 hours ago

    I see butterfly:)

  5. Minh Cover Music

    Minh Cover Music5 hours ago

    It's about vagina 😏

  6. Mandy J

    Mandy J6 hours ago

    Not a musical style I’m used to from Janelle, but I ain’t mad at it. Pussy Power!

  7. john mullens

    john mullens6 hours ago

    this is weird stuff... and yet VERY good! Only just discovered this girl.. defo need to see more! (shes got a bit of Prince-type quality)

  8. SanBlast

    SanBlast6 hours ago

    Why are vagina pants needed? Lol does that mean we can have a rap music video with swinging cock legs

  9. Polina Ashaeva

    Polina Ashaeva7 hours ago


  10. Omphile Sebego

    Omphile Sebego8 hours ago

    On a real note where can I find vagina pants?

  11. GeeQueee

    GeeQueee8 hours ago

    Weird n different, love her tho.

  12. Cody Ashlock

    Cody Ashlock8 hours ago


  13. Maybe Not

    Maybe Not9 hours ago

    Feminist Anthem, babe 😻

  14. Alex Blanchard

    Alex Blanchard10 hours ago

    is that freddy from buzz-feed at 0:32

  15. O Von Rothbart

    O Von Rothbart10 hours ago

    Makes me wish I was born with a vagina 😣😣😣😣😣 why can't I get gender reassignment yet!!!! (M to F)

  16. IamjustSerenity

    IamjustSerenity11 hours ago

    She be bringing hits after hits yessss 👏🏻

  17. Theresa Q

    Theresa Q11 hours ago

    Beautiful queerness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Taharkah X

    Taharkah X12 hours ago

    Waste of talent. What the hell happened?? 👎

  19. Libby

    Libby12 hours ago

    #20gayteen has been good to us 🙏

  20. SMOBRa TAO

    SMOBRa TAO12 hours ago

    Is she a thing with tessa!?!?

  21. Sephora Beauvoir

    Sephora Beauvoir12 hours ago

    Vagina pants?😆

  22. MrDoggy BowWow

    MrDoggy BowWow12 hours ago

    I hate women but songs okay...

  23. John62

    John6212 hours ago

    I love your artistry Miss Monáe.

  24. razi dan

    razi dan13 hours ago

    this girl is so unique never fail to amaze me thank u!

  25. Alien ._.

    Alien ._.13 hours ago

    This is so gay

  26. Kamarriya Jones

    Kamarriya Jones13 hours ago

    She so dope

  27. Steve Montgomery

    Steve Montgomery14 hours ago

    Least we forget, GRIMES did the verses and helped with the harmonies and that’s amazing.

  28. Jenny Jane Pope

    Jenny Jane Pope14 hours ago

    Anti labia surgery too. Pro pus!y in all its many shapes.

  29. Jenny Jane Pope

    Jenny Jane Pope14 hours ago

    This is about female empowerment.. Not black lesbians alien or white ...ALL WOMEN. XOXOXO

  30. Aneesah GIlbert

    Aneesah GIlbert15 hours ago

    Thanks J. This my all summer, drop top jam!!!

  31. Shavonne Hopper

    Shavonne Hopper15 hours ago


  32. Phillipa Louise

    Phillipa Louise15 hours ago

    This isn't an emotional song but like... I wanna cry like it's so good I need a visible reaction

  33. Beth the Best

    Beth the Best16 hours ago

    The fact that she's able to sing a song and create a video that's so obviously about vaginas but make it so tasteful ????? Wonderful ???????????

  34. SallyTheSeahorse

    SallyTheSeahorse16 hours ago

    Her pink trousers look like a vagina.

  35. Millie Evans

    Millie Evans13 hours ago

    SallyTheSeahorse that’s the point lol, the song is about vaginas

  36. socially robyn

    socially robyn16 hours ago


  37. Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson17 hours ago

    nice song and amazing music video! love this!

  38. Silver Sweet

    Silver Sweet17 hours ago

    The diner is the same one used in Telephone

  39. Irma Moreno

    Irma Moreno17 hours ago


  40. Parris Harp

    Parris Harp17 hours ago

    No homophobia here...but is this the new "girls coming out the closet" anthem???

  41. Sarah Aly

    Sarah Aly17 hours ago


  42. Mariposaoro Fusion food Channel

    Mariposaoro Fusion food Channel17 hours ago

    The new anthem for all the wannabe feminists and LGBT folks..

  43. Samuel ridge

    Samuel ridge17 hours ago

    Ogden next 😊😌🚺🚼🚺🔡🚸§|…. Juicy Chi Zsigmondyv. K huntnow.co.uk/browse/?keyword=Small+Cars pips I bgfdd

  44. zineb el kouhen

    zineb el kouhen18 hours ago

    i'm a bit perplexed as the vagina'a color is a clear pink which would correspond to a white's vagina. Why this choice?

  45. Ilkan Ali

    Ilkan Ali18 hours ago

    She Sold out! And theres only a few of us left to be able to say what it is .. It’s almost over ..

  46. MrDinoCutie

    MrDinoCutie18 hours ago

    i knew you looked familiar, beautiful voice

  47. KeiaHD

    KeiaHD18 hours ago

    that went gay real fast lol

  48. Especial 2X1

    Especial 2X118 hours ago

    Bullshit. Racist, sexist and feminist.

  49. Especial 2X1

    Especial 2X118 hours ago

    Feminist, sexist and racist, nobody cares..ok.

  50. Himanshu Prajapati

    Himanshu Prajapati18 hours ago

    White Chicks have pink pussy 😂😂😂 Else all blank

  51. Dinossaurinho Da conexão

    Dinossaurinho Da conexão18 hours ago

    Is this Iza "Ginga"? she plagiarized Iza?

  52. Chris RunC

    Chris RunC18 hours ago

    Vag pants. Now I'm ready to die, I've seen it all.

  53. lydia knight

    lydia knight19 hours ago

    The trousers 😂😂🙈

  54. Chris Raiden

    Chris Raiden19 hours ago

    Her Next video will be called "Hard",and She's will be playing with a dildo ...lol 😣

  55. sarathoughtonnothing

    sarathoughtonnothing19 hours ago

    love this!!

  56. Blametheidiot Clintons

    Blametheidiot Clintons19 hours ago

    Man , they are really ugly ! Seek CHRIST YESHUA before it is too late !!!!

  57. Bubble Gum

    Bubble Gum20 hours ago

    So class and unique she was, she's part of the system now

  58. rimye k

    rimye k20 hours ago

    I love it!!

  59. May Castle

    May Castle20 hours ago

    Was that the point? Did they intend for the period pants to be the look? Is it supposed to look like a vigina?

  60. beautyswithinu 88

    beautyswithinu 8820 hours ago

    Yeah Janelle Monae is back yall!

  61. Samantha Baker

    Samantha Baker20 hours ago

    This shit is so weird and yet I keep watching over and over. 🤔

  62. TheRatSquid

    TheRatSquid20 hours ago

    This is pretty sweet.

  63. Thayra M.

    Thayra M.21 hour ago

    I didn't like the saliva at the end but everything else was 👌👌👌💕💕💕

  64. Stoney Latte

    Stoney Latte21 hour ago

    always having fun and jamming i love it

  65. loceancestbleu

    loceancestbleu21 hour ago

    Soooooooooo goood 💕💕💕

  66. Darksun30

    Darksun3022 hours ago

    Umm, yes!

  67. Daphneamy360

    Daphneamy36023 hours ago

    Ok ok

  68. Reesey Buchanan

    Reesey Buchanan23 hours ago


  69. Nicole Sheila

    Nicole Sheila23 hours ago

    ugh that car

  70. 8bitsound11

    8bitsound1123 hours ago

    Эти штаны какие то танцующие вагины

  71. Patrick C

    Patrick C23 hours ago

    It’s a feminist anthem for sure, but it’s also a love song

  72. Mike Rumsey

    Mike Rumsey23 hours ago

    There's not a single white girl in this... what the hell? isn't woman empowerment all races? :thinking:

  73. Kat C.

    Kat C.23 hours ago

    Janelle Monae - Have me dying laughing here at work. This song makes me ready for Spring. I am going shopping for some new PINK! 💓💕💓

  74. Flying Ninja

    Flying NinjaDay ago

    Omg that’s the same motel from Ari’s Into You

  75. prismatism

    prismatismDay ago

    so subtle. I love it LOL and is this the same diner where Gaga and Beyonce decimated all the patrons?

  76. Mister Natural

    Mister NaturalDay ago

    Pynk, like the tip of my finger. Dissslike

  77. lavernkid

    lavernkidDay ago

    Janelle, that was amazing. Keep up the brilliant work. Also, I love Tessa Thompson. ;)

  78. mainzy00

    mainzy00Day ago

    Amazed at the losers debating sexuality, empowerment etc... 'mansplaining' being dropped a lot in here. Silly punk ass bitches galore. Just enjoy the track and try not to take yourself as serious, no one else does.

  79. Austriker101

    Austriker101Day ago

    I love sexual celebration songs, so empowering for someone shy like me haha

  80. Martina Bagge Stjernström

    Martina Bagge StjernströmDay ago

    Like this? Check out the original, Pink by Aerosmith! 💕💕💕

  81. Ranya Ranya

    Ranya RanyaDay ago

    Do you’ve Instagram’s Tessa please ?🤗

  82. Greg Anderson

    Greg AndersonDay ago

    Anyone else hearing GLaDOS in the verses?

  83. Rowace

    RowaceDay ago

    Me (seeing the thumbnail): Did they not notice those pants look like bleeding vaginas? Video: ... We totally did.

  84. Yoshi Dinono

    Yoshi DinonoDay ago


  85. ExtremeAnalDischarge

    ExtremeAnalDischargeDay ago

    I feel bad for the dancers who didn't get vagina pants.

  86. Daniel Lee

    Daniel LeeDay ago

    Over 115K likes but lets go ahead and focus on the dislikes...

  87. William James

    William JamesDay ago

    Solange ???

  88. Doha_ Lovely

    Doha_ LovelyDay ago


  89. huemanatee

    huemanateeDay ago

    very yonic

  90. rottenrylee

    rottenryleeDay ago

    Into it

  91. ii_mpressive af

    ii_mpressive afDay ago

    OMG is this about ***ina?!

  92. Chelsea McAvoy

    Chelsea McAvoyDay ago


  93. Kentrell Braxton

    Kentrell BraxtonDay ago

    This song is dope, but I also feel like talking bout getting her vagina ate yall.... Pink + those things look like vagina + pink tongue = pussy ate 👅

  94. MaleOrderBride

    MaleOrderBrideDay ago

    Just when i thought Janelle was a different artist...smh...she now has to resort to "Tits and Ass" to sell music videos. Shame! Her talent alone should be enough! Can we please get a female singer/songwriter who doesnt end up in a leotard?!

  95. Prinsesa

    PrinsesaDay ago

    Pink is my new favorite color now. 😍😂 i love this song!

  96. Terri Haygood

    Terri HaygoodDay ago

    pussy is power

  97. Anne Russell

    Anne RussellDay ago

    While I miss some of Janelle's weirder earlier stuff, these songs make it seem like she's a lot happier, so yay for her. Also how many of the views are from queer and/or black girls rewatching this about 30 times and melting every time

  98. Ginger Reaves

    Ginger ReavesDay ago

    OMG, I hope Ms. Monae reads these... I love this, love your music, your vibe, thank you for making being a woman cool! I am encouraged that the world IS evolving, YOU are proof. Keep it up, and don't let them shut you up! Beautiful music... Love is love is love is Love.

  99. Spankie Valentine TV

    Spankie Valentine TVDay ago


  100. KaylaMills2018

    KaylaMills2018Day ago

    This is the most dissensitizing, gross shit I've ever seen. If you like this, you're fucked

  101. gamerboy32

    gamerboy32Day ago

    This was kinda messed up i saw images but made 10p times worse