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Janelle Monáe - PYNK [Official Music Video]


  1. sai monish

    sai monishDay ago

    Is nobody going to talk about Tessa Thompson

  2. wowzer

    wowzerDay ago


  3. Abby Elizabeth

    Abby ElizabethDay ago

    This sounds like every other pop song on the radio

  4. Sarena Ramirez

    Sarena Ramirez2 days ago

    Love this ♡

  5. W1LL

    W1LL2 days ago

    Bunch a niggas in the chat arguing

  6. Saakje de Vos

    Saakje de Vos2 days ago

    Need me some pants! Love them ♡

  7. Emilie S

    Emilie S2 days ago

    does the girl at 0:32 look like freddie from ladylike to anyone ?? no? just me ok

  8. Pootboot

    Pootboot3 days ago

    Ben Shapiro: How dare women love and enjoy their vaginas!

  9. Jakob Ward

    Jakob Ward3 days ago

    How did this get Nominated

  10. Cosima Hendrix

    Cosima Hendrix5 days ago

    God I need her and Childish Gambino to do stuff together

  11. David Abest

    David Abest3 days ago

    Pls no. Janelle is amazing by herself she doesn't need a gimmicky meme rapper in her music.

  12. RasKiddo

    RasKiddo5 days ago

    Utter shite

  13. Prithika Gunalan

    Prithika Gunalan5 days ago

    I'm actually here for Tessa Thompson ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Stephen Brant

    Stephen Brant5 days ago

    I love Janelle Monet more and more. So talented and smart.

  15. Norbert Chong

    Norbert Chong6 days ago

    Pink like my bellend.

  16. Naruto Gaming

    Naruto Gaming6 days ago

    Nice job on hidden figures

  17. Sara Sara

    Sara Sara6 days ago

    This dummy spelled PINC wrong 😂

  18. Breaking Balance

    Breaking Balance6 days ago


  19. Sam T.

    Sam T.7 days ago

    now do a song about penises.

  20. lisa evers

    lisa evers7 days ago

    Yawn. Too stylized. Too obvious. Wow, they are talking about vaginas. How racy huh? And how politically correct...hooray for female empowermentMeTooGrrrlPowerBlackGirlMagicpowerofthepussyResistBlahblahblah. The song sucks. And mind you, I like janelle her style, and some of her music. But decidedly NOT this.

  21. piñata gutz

    piñata gutz5 days ago

    lisa evers ok?

  22. daphny libby

    daphny libby8 days ago

    i love the soft lesbian aesthetic


    RAYA LUNA8 days ago

    I want to understand her so bad... like as a person .. and would love to meet her

  24. Tai Timms

    Tai Timms8 days ago

    I thought this was just nice :) a nice way to present the reality that we are sexual.

  25. upsettispaghetti eddi

    upsettispaghetti eddi8 days ago

    I'm not surprised this offended a white man

  26. julio castillo

    julio castillo8 days ago

    GRIMES!! 💕

  27. alessia's here

    alessia's here8 days ago

    the girl between her legs looks a lot like tessa thompson wait a minute that it tessa oml

  28. Icarus Ascending

    Icarus AscendingDay ago

    Valkyrie is bi CONFIRMED

  29. ugh Stewart

    ugh Stewart8 days ago

    Pink Cowgirls

  30. Christian Banks

    Christian Banks8 days ago


  31. Miguel Ferreiro

    Miguel Ferreiro9 days ago

    Yo la *@MiryamJaña*

  32. tracylynnw

    tracylynnw10 days ago

    How ‘bout them twat pants

  33. Bambi

    Bambi10 days ago

    Janelle and Tessa are such a great couple

  34. Koalakid 321

    Koalakid 32110 days ago

    ok but like why is this such a bop

  35. diego l

    diego l10 days ago

    Whatever happened to the 'ft. Grimes'???


    HERBERT THOMAS11 days ago


  37. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name11 days ago

    How did I get from Watching memes to thank you next to school shootings to this?

  38. Aindriú Mansfield

    Aindriú Mansfield12 days ago

    Tbh I'm a trans guy and when I first heard this it made me very uncomfortable but I just gave it another listen and honestly I have a completely new view, and I love it

  39. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle12 days ago


  40. Manuel

    Manuel12 days ago

    Welcome in the Future

  41. hamish r

    hamish r12 days ago

    Oh yeah vaggies

  42. Madison M

    Madison M12 days ago

    It's almost like... Not all art... Has to appeal/cater to men...... Wild 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  43. Rieke Angeliqa

    Rieke Angeliqa13 days ago

    yes please

  44. Jessica Rose

    Jessica Rose13 days ago

    I liked it cuz pinks my fave color

  45. Maisydoesart !

    Maisydoesart !14 days ago

    VAGINAの!✌︎('ω'✌︎ )

  46. Make the world Glossier

    Make the world Glossier14 days ago

    Anyone here from ladylike? just me...ok

  47. Hannah Burkhart

    Hannah Burkhart14 days ago


  48. Bran Bran

    Bran Bran14 days ago

    We're the outfits in the thumbnail supposed to look like that or...?

  49. ThatBlackBird WhoAnnoyedPoe

    ThatBlackBird WhoAnnoyedPoe14 days ago

    Finally something worse than the pussy hats!

  50. ThatBlackBird WhoAnnoyedPoe

    ThatBlackBird WhoAnnoyedPoe14 days ago

    This is the dumbest video and song I’ve ever heard. It was in my recommended so I watched it and holy crap is this trash. Sorry but I cannot take this seriously when you’re wearing vagina pants. You wanna empower women? Maybe do it in a way that doesn’t make you look like an absolute joke. Funny how men don’t go around empowering themselves in dick costumes. This is just sad.

  51. Poppin Fresh

    Poppin Fresh14 days ago

  52. Pamela Westphal

    Pamela Westphal15 days ago

    Whos listening to this on international womxns day?!

  53. Icarus Ascending

    Icarus AscendingDay ago

    What the ehcc did you put an x in there for? Are you a Terf? Like, that's used by Terfs. Careful there my dude, this song includes amab trans women...

  54. Michele M

    Michele M15 days ago

    Girls like you don't hang out at the pool. you ripping friends apart because you are chasing athletes at the BAR

  55. Michele M

    Michele M15 days ago

    Yeah, NO. Back in the day it was called a "cheap tirick". you degrade people in general

  56. Tamika Fyffe

    Tamika Fyffe15 days ago


  57. Max Ann

    Max Ann15 days ago

    This video deserves more views

  58. Angeliz Silva

    Angeliz Silva15 days ago

    I love it

  59. Kelsey Cat

    Kelsey Cat15 days ago


  60. Charlene Naude

    Charlene Naude16 days ago

    Who got blue balls after this song? I love my pink EVERYTzhING!!! Yes hunny.

  61. Nelly Jelly

    Nelly Jelly16 days ago

    Lmao I’m a ‘Ben Shapiro supporter’ and I love this song I guess he didn’t understand the art of this video lmao

  62. Isabella

    Isabella16 days ago

    This song means that no all girls have vaginas, this is amazing!

  63. poor boy

    poor boy16 days ago

    This is so fucking stupid and cringy

  64. poor boy

    poor boy14 days ago

    +Poppin Fresh lol wtf what a stupid fucking comment from "poopin fresh" nonetheless

  65. Poppin Fresh

    Poppin Fresh14 days ago

    poor boy is literally your username. I don’t think you have room to talk.

  66. aNd PeGGy

    aNd PeGGy16 days ago

    She’s so pretty

  67. Kitty Meyers

    Kitty Meyers16 days ago

    Love this song

  68. MagicAlien World

    MagicAlien World17 days ago

    This song is actually really good

  69. c ryan

    c ryan17 days ago

    OMG Janelle AND Tessa T in the same video? My two biggest girl crushes. This vid seemed silly at first, but hell yes to it, heard it/saw the vid at a gay night and now I'm hooked. Crowd loved belting the chorus.

  70. Kenny Abron

    Kenny Abron17 days ago

    she needs a song with Kelly Rowland esperanza Spaulding Faith Evans and Jill Scott

  71. Dolly Dork

    Dolly Dork18 days ago

    I love my pink

  72. Adaline Grace

    Adaline Grace18 days ago

    Who else is here from ladylike! 🤪

  73. Colleen McGavin

    Colleen McGavin18 days ago

    Anyone else come from the LadyLike dress code vid lmao

  74. Hardcore Pasafist

    Hardcore Pasafist18 days ago

    Very gay

  75. Avery Xo

    Avery Xo18 days ago

    What do vaginas have to do with women empowerment?

  76. Tai Timms

    Tai Timms8 days ago

    If you have some non-biological definition of 'woman', then the video doesn't mention women. Its principal subject is clearly people with vaginas, whatever you want to call them.

  77. Honestly, What a fucking mood.

    Honestly, What a fucking mood.16 days ago

    Avery Xo dude.

  78. Avery Xo

    Avery Xo17 days ago

    Panda yeah but not all women have vaginas, shouldn’t there be a different symbol

  79. Panda

    Panda18 days ago

    it's embracing what we have and what media makes us feel ashamed about.

  80. Helen Short

    Helen Short19 days ago

    Am I seeing right? Are those vjs?

  81. Ink Carp

    Ink Carp19 days ago

    Why are people hating this so much?? I don’t see anything wrong with it

  82. Taís Lima

    Taís Lima19 days ago

    i ship them so hard u can just tell they have goooooood loving

  83. Linda De French Fries

    Linda De French Fries19 days ago

    Whoever came up with that VGG pant design..

  84. Tomisin Ajakaiye

    Tomisin Ajakaiye19 days ago

    Such a beautiful video. She deserves more views

  85. Charlynne Faye Magno

    Charlynne Faye Magno19 days ago


  86. Masada Schoolfield

    Masada Schoolfield19 days ago

    I love her so much

  87. vv

    vv19 days ago

    this is really so much better without grimes

  88. Jordan H.

    Jordan H.19 days ago

    I find this video a bit ironic because I’m sure she’s one of those people that will call men sexist for looking at women and finding them attractive but the video has women in sexual poses with their butts in the camera.... who is this appealing too?

  89. Danielle Gualtieri

    Danielle Gualtieri4 days ago

    +Jordan H. Straight woman here. SUPER DUPER into this video. Very appealing. Here with my GAY MALE friend who also finds this super appealing. So can we like think of this as the art form it is?? She's celebrating the beauty of the female body! Powerful and hairy and beautiful. And honestly, she probably made this for herself mostly (not for you) so idk why you gotta hypersexualize and be a hater :(

  90. Jordan H.

    Jordan H.18 days ago

    Panda Also it’s only appealing to men and gay women, everyone is an overstatement.

  91. Jordan H.

    Jordan H.18 days ago

    Panda You completely ignored everything but the question.

  92. Panda

    Panda18 days ago

    she's erm.. pansexual. it's appealing for everyone..

  93. Sydni A Underwood

    Sydni A Underwood19 days ago

    I'm only watching this because of the ladylike video but I'm now obsessed

  94. Tiffany Poels

    Tiffany Poels19 days ago

    Vagina puff pants 😂

  95. Angelique Turk

    Angelique Turk19 days ago

    Kms as a woman I hate this so much Edit: *girl ALSO THANKS FOR THE GAMERS GIRLS BEING TOLD WHAT'S WRONG AND RIGHT

  96. Emily R

    Emily R20 days ago

    I never really realized this was a feminist song, I thought it was just a girl being gay af

  97. JurAxel park

    JurAxel park20 days ago

    Ima dude, and I am scared

  98. Poppin Fresh

    Poppin Fresh14 days ago

    You should be

  99. Panda

    Panda18 days ago

    be scared

  100. Bunny Boop

    Bunny Boop20 days ago

    This video is the most pussy forward on MReporter lol

  101. Khalsa Griffin

    Khalsa Griffin21 day ago

    The music video is awesome but the actual song is very auto tuned.

  102. RandomRevival27

    RandomRevival2721 day ago

    Anybody here because of Chantel’s shirt? 🤔

  103. me

    me4 days ago

    just the fact that the video came out and I had no clue what that damn shirt was about... so I googled "vagina song" ...👌🏽

  104. Im Hungry

    Im Hungry18 days ago

    me lol

  105. Emily Palm

    Emily Palm20 days ago

    Oh my god yeah!

  106. Jack H

    Jack H21 day ago

    who's here after ladylike dressing according to California dress code!!

  107. Sophia Willett

    Sophia Willett4 days ago

    lol was about to put that down

  108. hannah stamp

    hannah stamp5 days ago


  109. Zswizzle 123

    Zswizzle 1236 days ago


  110. Pegasoos

    Pegasoos6 days ago

    Who isn’t XD (Joke)

  111. Nicole Lang

    Nicole Lang6 days ago


  112. Rin .!.

    Rin .!.21 day ago

    Here from ladylike 💕

  113. Joshua Lewis

    Joshua Lewis21 day ago

    My wife said too bad she’s a lesbian, I say amen she’s a lesbian. All of my pick up lines in college were comparing women to Monae and I graduated 6 years ago

  114. LuxeFriday

    LuxeFriday21 day ago

    *pynk like the inside of your -----**

  115. SWSimpson

    SWSimpson21 day ago

    Never underestimate the power of the pussy. It can control men to do almost anything, which is why only gay men can be trusted. lol

  116. Alex Sales

    Alex Sales22 days ago

    Janelle is crazy!!!,I love it!!!

  117. Conor McCreery

    Conor McCreery22 days ago

    I dunno, any guy whose got the ill feels based on this song needs to do some thinking. Why WOULDN'T you want to see women being joyful and happy? If the Vaginal imagery off the top makes you uncomfortable? That's cool. Everyone has a line. But that's just personal comfort around representation of sexuality in art. It doesn't change that the song is a) very well crafted (even if it's not your cup of tea it's hard to argue it isn't and b) so positive and kind.

  118. Mint Yg

    Mint Yg22 days ago

    This is fucking crazy and Im all about that thanks

  119. Rhinorawk X

    Rhinorawk X23 days ago

    Singing about vagina is true empowerment, I mean maybe someday we will sing about penises to empower men but not yet.

  120. Poppin Fresh

    Poppin Fresh14 days ago

  121. Chris Nickle

    Chris Nickle24 days ago

    What is “ boy it’s cool if you got blue” mean?

  122. Poppin Fresh

    Poppin Fresh14 days ago

    Chris Nickle uhhhhh

  123. Ian Maier

    Ian Maier24 days ago

    I have no claim to authority on what this song is meant to say or what it could possibly mean to a great number of people, but I will say this. It's a damn good song.

  124. Valerie Peacher

    Valerie Peacher25 days ago

    This is all about vaginas! I think it's disgusting! No dout the sjw will all love it!

  125. Poppin Fresh

    Poppin Fresh14 days ago

    Damn right I do

  126. Emily Palm

    Emily Palm20 days ago

    It’s about the human body, male and female, and how humans are very often sexual creatures 😉 did ya look up lyrics?

  127. Mallory Karlik

    Mallory Karlik25 days ago

    People in the comments triggered over a bisexual woman appreciating vaginas... get a life

  128. rokzane

    rokzane25 days ago

    This video is cool as shit. And I see all the incels are triggered and have their undies all in a bunch. 😂😂😂

  129. creative muffin

    creative muffin25 days ago

    How does this amazing song and video NOT have any comments?!?!?! Love it, truly...

  130. Safina Rohali

    Safina Rohali25 days ago

    yall really slept on this bop 😔😔