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Janelle Monáe - PYNK [Official Video]


  1. Asparagus Tip

    Asparagus Tip51 minute ago

    Baby, it's hot outside.

  2. Beddy Bedford

    Beddy Bedford3 hours ago

    Disgusting 🤮

  3. carat cute

    carat cute5 hours ago

    I don't know if my gay or not but actually because I'm not a born English speaker so I'm here just because I love the sounds, the drop, the beat and the chorus but I do understand some things in this song but I don't care because I love the instrumentals 😂😍😎

  4. Kelli Kocha

    Kelli Kocha6 hours ago

    I thought women were more than their genitalia? I guess not. Feminists are so fucking confusing.

  5. Kelli Kocha

    Kelli Kocha6 hours ago

    This what feminism has become. Women in vagina outfits talking about singing a their vaginas. I don’t see how this is supposed to empower women in any way.

  6. Jennifer P

    Jennifer P7 hours ago

    Aerosmith did it better.

  7. dselkaim

    dselkaim10 hours ago

    2:14 Sex cells or Sex sells? 🤔

  8. msluvlee717

    msluvlee71712 hours ago

    Y’all really listening to Ben Shapiro?!? This song is not anti anyone it’s just celebrating women! Why is us being proud of our vaginas and being women so offensive???

  9. MsRichards

    MsRichards12 hours ago

    I thought they were shrimp in the thumbnail

  10. Jay S

    Jay S12 hours ago

    Wow- Art for the ages! .....NOT.

  11. Kling The Poster

    Kling The Poster16 hours ago

    Why is this in mono on Spotify?

  12. Darryl chambers

    Darryl chambers19 hours ago

    Fuck this man hating bitch!!!!!!!!

  13. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    Darryl chambers do you understand the meaning of the song and video or would you like someone with a higher understanding to explain it to you? genuine question, because this comment shows you don’t understand janelle or her work!

  14. Scent Snob

    Scent Snob19 hours ago

    Gotta have the butts in there, cuz this is just horrid. What passes for music today is pure noise pollution, gad. I coulda wrote and produced this on my 2002 Korg Triton in about 20 seconds.

  15. wesayni

    wesayni19 hours ago

    sounds like a remix of kraftwerk and the portal1 ending song

  16. TheSkara11

    TheSkara1120 hours ago

    I grab back

  17. Charles B

    Charles B20 hours ago


  18. Trap 4 Days

    Trap 4 Days21 hour ago

    Begone thot

  19. ascencion5

    ascencion521 hour ago

    Wait I thought people didn’t want to be labeled their gender by their sexual organs

  20. Dred Moses

    Dred Moses22 hours ago


  21. Tess Burtyk

    Tess Burtyk22 hours ago

    I want to punch her in her pynk xx chromosome.

  22. surpriseme

    surpriseme23 hours ago

    I only clicked the video to try and understand the vagina pants on the dancers....

  23. Jake Nash

    Jake Nash23 hours ago

    Been Shapiro brought me here, anyone else? 😂😂😂 Song is trash tho.

  24. photondance

    photondance23 hours ago

    Those pink puffy pants remind me of something, but I can’t put my finger in it.

  25. Eric Henning

    Eric HenningDay ago

    What in the ever living fuck did I stumble across

  26. Ke'Andre Green

    Ke'Andre GreenDay ago

    This comment section really brings out the variety of mental illnesses gripping modern America 😂

  27. Mason Reynolds

    Mason ReynoldsDay ago

    Probably one of the dumbest songs I've ever heard

  28. Dustin Brinkerhoff

    Dustin BrinkerhoffDay ago

    This is ok, but heaven forbid someone play "baby it's cold outside". This is garbage. Can't believe it's considered art

  29. The Value Gunner

    The Value GunnerDay ago

    I want to pull out my eyes and eat a tuna fish sandwich at the same time.

  30. Funky Crime

    Funky CrimeDay ago

    This song reminds me that we all have pynk bits 👅

  31. Didara Iyoho

    Didara IyohoDay ago


  32. Mac Richardson

    Mac RichardsonDay ago

    I think I just watched a video about singing vaginas. Wtf

  33. Juan Gabriel

    Juan GabrielDay ago

    Ben Shapiro Team please thumbs up!

  34. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    omg i didn’t know ppl actually listened to him i just thought he was a joke and everyone was in on it but him !! i didn’t know ppl actually valued what he said !! this is so wild :)

  35. Jake Nash

    Jake Nash23 hours ago

    What up fammmm. Feminist rekt

  36. Fallynn Fornear

    Fallynn FornearDay ago

    I'm offended by this video.

  37. niefbd

    niefbdDay ago

    This video is taking women backward, not empowering to women at all. It is full of hypocrisy. The women in the video are dressed in what I would call "labia-pants" (very mature) and the lyrics are clearly referencing female genitalia and using double-entendres regarding female genitalia. This song and this video are reducing women to their genitalia; but it is also cis-normative in that I thought the movement is supposed to say that having a vagina does not necessarily make you female and that people other than females can have vaginas. Which is it? You can't have both. Also, I thought if you talk incessantly about women's genitalia, you are a sexist, but clearly this song/video is doing just that. Which is it? Is it sexist or is it empowering? You can't have both. This song/video is full of contradictions and is not empowering to women; rather, it is taking women backwards and is making it seem OK to objectify and demean women and classify them by their anatomy. Nobody should be objectified because of the shape of their skin! It's not empowering when men do it, and it is not empowering when women do it. It is, at best, sophomoric. Personally, I think it is more empowering to appreciate women for their brains, for their contributions, for their actions, for their character, etc., rather than their genitalia. Wow, and many of these same people have problems with "Baby It's Cold Outside" yet this gets a Grammy nod?!? Geez.

  38. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    i also think it’s important to make a distinction between objectifying someone and commanding one’s own sexuality. the women in the video are not depicted as an object of sex, but embracing their sexuality and loving themselves for it! it’s not saying if you are a women you are a merely worth your vagina. it’s saying to embrace your vagina and ~sexuality~ when often times, women’s genitals and ~sexuality~ are looked at as simply an object for men to gain and lust after.

  39. Jill M.

    Jill M.19 hours ago

    niefbd Some of the women didn't have the pink pants to represent trans women.

  40. Jack Sunderland

    Jack SunderlandDay ago

    Someone actually paid to make this music video. Let that sink in.

  41. Physical Cliff

    Physical CliffDay ago

    I threw up a little in my mouth.

  42. Shaun Kiss

    Shaun KissDay ago

    Sounds nice but them vagina pants are not going to withstand the test of time... even today



    I should make a video with cum all over me.



    The song isnt that bad, but the imagery here is such a turnoff that I had to...turn it off. You might get a few extra clicks for this, but its short-sided marketing. But dont worry, those big exec's got plenty of morons willing to do stupid shit like this to make their next video....$$$

  45. 4Winds OfChange

    4Winds OfChangeDay ago

    Only people who aren't subjugated to "normal" ways of thinking can appreciate this. If you don't then please stay in your own lane, I'll be over here gettin turnt the fuck up 😂😂🙄

  46. S B

    S BDay ago

    No talent hack. I'd love to see what would be said if someone did a dick video the exact same way. I'm embarrassed for you.

  47. Charles Ridgway

    Charles RidgwayDay ago

    Shitty song and a shitty video :) great job

  48. PaulTurbo

    PaulTurboDay ago

    Now do Browyn.

  49. Zach Oswaldo

    Zach OswaldoDay ago

    Um some women don’t have vaginas, soooooo this is totally wrong and should be banned every where.

  50. Zach Oswaldo

    Zach Oswaldo17 hours ago

    Jill M. Ohhhh thanks.

  51. Jill M.

    Jill M.19 hours ago

    Zach Oswaldo Two women in the formation didn't have pink pants to represent trans women

  52. Nick Basquez

    Nick BasquezDay ago

    Fucking Garbage!

  53. Your only White Subscriber

    Your only White SubscriberDay ago

    So much “woke” in this video. Can’t handle it. Omg. The trans BULLSHIT, the big bush, the grab back Such an inspiration.

  54. Alen Zuzic

    Alen ZuzicDay ago

    That is some retarded ass shit

  55. Alen Zuzic

    Alen Zuzic2 hours ago

    +lauren x i understand it, still retarded as fuck

  56. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    Alen Zuzic as my parents always say: just because you are not able to understand it, does not mean it doesn’t make sense

  57. Joe Marcus

    Joe MarcusDay ago

    God have mercy on our souls.

  58. Create

    CreateDay ago

    The most ridiculous video ever. As a woman... I feel that we have gotten to the lowest point mentally in our Society... shame.

  59. Sarah Jewel

    Sarah JewelDay ago

    Why is this the best innuendo video ever?????

  60. JoAnn Desrochers

    JoAnn DesrochersDay ago

    Anyone who likes this is emotionally and mentally warped. This is not the way it is supposed to be. Like women have the power because they have a pinkie? Seriously? If you had a brain you would know that it is about using your mind. Intelligence and wisdom is the power. I don't see any of that in this video. You can if you want but you are part of the demise. with your set of morals there is no hope for humanity. Your comments are ridiculous. Foolish women.

  61. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    JoAnn Desrochers aw babe clearly u didn’t use ur brain as u missed the point of the vid :( i can clarify the meaning for you if you want though!

  62. Devin Drysdale

    Devin DrysdaleDay ago

    Hahahahaha......"art" 💩🤮

  63. not a very original username

    not a very original usernameDay ago

    2:01 satisfying

  64. DrProfWalrus

    DrProfWalrusDay ago

    Is this the "vacation from white people" I've been hearing all the fuss about?

  65. First Last

    First LastDay ago

    Wow... What absolute garbage this is.

  66. Ellery R

    Ellery RDay ago

    I'm here because of Ben Shapiro and this didn't disappoint. This is empowerment "ladies?" It's so embarrassing.

  67. pri2x0x

    pri2x0xDay ago

    Did you listen to the whole album (which covers a broad range of topics) or just come to this one song that is explicit about feminine sexuality? friggin idiot..

  68. Shredder1952

    Shredder1952Day ago

    She has a very strong voice.

  69. TP PT

    TP PTDay ago


  70. Nyarlathotep

    NyarlathotepDay ago


  71. Dylon Ispithotfire

    Dylon IspithotfireDay ago


  72. Yokoshima

    YokoshimaDay ago

    She doesn't sound very black, which I was surprised by.

  73. Matt Mayuiers

    Matt MayuiersDay ago

    So if men made a video completely about dicks it wouldn’t make you slightly uneasy? Double standard that wouldn’t be played out well on the other side

  74. Simeon Brewster

    Simeon BrewsterDay ago

    Meanwhile, "Baby it's cold outside" is too inappropriate to be played on the radio...

  75. bon4347

    bon4347Day ago

    She is literally wearing vagina pants.... what. the. fuck. This is the most absurd video I’ve ever seen.

  76. TX Kevin

    TX KevinDay ago Long gone are the days where people had integrity and class. I am going to go listen to some old Bing Crosby just to wash this filth out of my ears.

  77. TX Kevin

    TX Kevin9 minutes ago

    +lauren x not really. It appears I do have some that I need to assure understand stuff like class, dignity and self respect. Seems to be in short supply these days.

  78. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    oh kevin don’t u have some kids that need to get off ur lawn

  79. TX Kevin

    TX Kevin17 hours ago

    +Jill M. just trash...

  80. Jill M.

    Jill M.19 hours ago

    TX Kevin *sees vagina pants* #triggered

  81. westy40

    westy40Day ago

    Feminists and leftists = we must not reduce women to their genitalia. A woman's essence is more than just her vagina. #smh

  82. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    westy40 dude there’s a difference between defining yourself as a vagina, letting others objectify your vagina, and embracing the fact that you have a vagina. learn that difference before you start making comments abt the vid

  83. westy40

    westy40Day ago

    +pri2x0x I guess you completely didn't understand the comment. If women want to be valued for more than just their might not want to dress up as vaginas. It's absurd and idiotic. Same goes for any video of man dressed up as a giant penis. Anyone who feels "empowered" talking about their anatomy has their priorities misplaced.

  84. pri2x0x

    pri2x0xDay ago

    Are you not understanding the logic of your own statement? A woman's sexuality is not negated just because you are valuing multiple aspects of her.

  85. Ocean Babin

    Ocean BabinDay ago

    Talentless hack.

  86. Uncle Bollox

    Uncle BolloxDay ago

    Better cover up your pynky stinky minkies ladies it’s cold outside

  87. Nis4NERD

    Nis4NERDDay ago

    I had to check out this video because well VAGINA PANTS! but really this actually got nominated??? What the actual F@#$ !!! This is a shitty song and a horrible video

  88. JohnC

    JohnCDay ago

    Weep for the culture.

  89. ElVaquero19

    ElVaquero19Day ago

    How is this disgusting shit on MReporter? What if a kid clicked on this? Just gross

  90. Spencer Hulen

    Spencer Hulen2 days ago

    This is retarted

  91. Scarlet123

    Scarlet1232 days ago

    these negative comments show how narrow minded some people are to the range of music out there. not everything grammy nominated will be your kind of music taste.

  92. Emin Jupiter

    Emin Jupiter2 days ago

    Are you here because it is on the Grammy nomination for "best music video"

  93. Jonathan Albarran

    Jonathan Albarran2 days ago

    This is quite literally the dumbest musical piece I have ever heard/seen.

  94. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    Jonathan Albarran “just because you are not able to understand it, does not mean it doesn’t make sense”

  95. Larry Wolf

    Larry Wolf2 days ago

    When I was a kid, I used to think the future was going to be so fucking cool... Oh my god I was so very wrong.

  96. Emily Hutchins

    Emily Hutchins2 days ago

    This is horrificly obscene.

  97. Emeri Washington

    Emeri Washington2 days ago

    The hell😒😑😬🤔🤔🧐

  98. Bill Denton

    Bill Denton2 days ago

    I don't know how this advances our culture...very sad. So much for romance, so much for the innocence of young girls, so much for personal dignity. THIS got nominated for a grammy?? This is why viewership of all awards shows is falling like a stone, rational people are disgusted by the vulgar, pornification of our society and popular entertainment. I love how progressives mewl about the "rape culture", such hypocrisy... HOW does "entertainment" like THIS mitigate the problem? People, there will be a day of reckoning. Our forefathers wrote of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" not the pursuit of "pleasure". There's nothing happy about this obscene video. It's creepy and pathetic. Janelle Monae, a woman of considerable talent, should know better than to be part of this debris.

  99. Scarlet123

    Scarlet1232 days ago

    your comment is so twisted. it is self-expression which is art. this is a celebration of someone's truth. I feel sorry for you that you think this work of art is advancing the 'pornification of our society'. grow up.

  100. Elisha Long

    Elisha Long2 days ago

    Can somebody please enlighten me on how this video turned into a black vs. white issue on comments? A p vs. d discussion I get but not race. Who cares what race the artist is. Stop defining people by their skin color. Secondly how does this do anything for the women's "fill in the blank" movement? It's just Justin Timberlakes d in a box but now it's just pynk box. I am open to a discussion so you can save the hate rhetoric for somebody else

  101. Ian Cater

    Ian Cater2 days ago

    Wow a video that supposed to represent feminism but in reality it’s just a lesbian porn video lol 😂 I wish people would stop lying and tell the truth for what it is.

  102. Facepalm Migraine

    Facepalm Migraine2 days ago

    Feminist think-vomit set to music a 5th grader with a Fisher Price toy keyboard could think up... Looks Grammy-worthy to me👍

  103. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe2 days ago

    Insanely stupid vid.

  104. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    here’s something my parents used to tell me: just because you don’t understand something, does not mean it doesn’t make sense

  105. Bill Denton

    Bill Denton2 days ago

    I used to think Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" was the worst video ever made, capable of permanently tanking your IQ if you watched it to completion. Ladies and Gentlemen we have a new leader!!!

  106. Glue Near

    Glue Near2 days ago

    i showed you my junk pls respond

  107. Dinarius70

    Dinarius702 days ago

    OMG what utter drivel....

  108. sic burn

    sic burn2 days ago

    But it's not a good song... not even a little bit. Perhaps bias from the gay community, go figure.

  109. Josef Berns

    Josef Berns2 days ago

    Okay this is epic. Ben Shapiro sent me

  110. Gaijilla himself

    Gaijilla himself3 hours ago


  111. CESCCVIpr3109

    CESCCVIpr31092 days ago

    This music video and Dirty Computer are nominated for Grammy's! FINALLY Janelle Monáe is getting the recognition that she deserves.

  112. Robert Brownlee

    Robert Brownlee2 days ago


  113. Bark Levin

    Bark Levin2 days ago

    WOW! Is no one going to call out this aggregious case of LABIAL-APPROPRIATION!? Bigoted Cowards!

  114. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    Bark Levin ur not funny

  115. Bob Star

    Bob Star2 days ago

    we empower women by objectifying their bodies but if u objectify women your sexist. Also men can also have vaginas so it’s empowering to men and women. Nice job feminists. You are all retarded pieces of shit. Graphic description of vaginas is ok but baby it’s cold outside is evil. Fuck you all.

  116. lauren x

    lauren x8 hours ago

    Bob Star couple of tips for u: calling someone r*****ed does not enhance ur point, in fact, it makes u look like a dumbass; second, there is a difference between objectifying someone and defining them as a vagina and embracing ur own vagina and free will to be sensual on ur own command; third, this vid does take in to account transpeople - the ppl in the vid not wearing vagina pants? yea, they’re representing ppl who identify as women even if they are not biologically. hope this helped!

  117. sen

    sen2 days ago

    Man, there are a lot of idiots in the world.

  118. one two

    one two2 days ago

    No diversity in this video. Racist

  119. Julie Gal

    Julie Gal2 days ago

    So stupid. Can’t make this shit up

  120. anime superpony

    anime superpony2 days ago


  121. Cameron Hjeltness

    Cameron Hjeltness2 days ago

    This video is going to be so fucking cringe in 15 years... The equivalent of how we look at 80's jazzercize videos today wtf 😂😂😂

  122. Valanceer

    Valanceer2 days ago

    This is... Pure Trash

  123. Ella M

    Ella M2 days ago

    This music video is fucking idiotic

  124. Mark Maxfield

    Mark Maxfield2 days ago

    This is litterally the worst thing I've ever seen

  125. Gaijilla himself

    Gaijilla himself3 hours ago

    +Ellery R Not all women. Ben Shapiro's wife is a doctor

  126. Love 1

    Love 116 hours ago

    +Ellery R You're an idiot!!!

  127. Christopher Dews

    Christopher DewsDay ago

    Your not woke enough bro. You need to get off that red pill.

  128. Ellery R

    Ellery RDay ago

    It's embarrassing. This is what women have been boiled down to. No class, no dignity; we're all about our body parts now.

  129. Rachel W

    Rachel W2 days ago

    Am I missing something? Is singing and dressing like vaginas supposed to make me think you are an empowered women that preaches feminism? It ain't working. You just look like a crazy person.

  130. lauren x

    lauren x7 hours ago

    Rachel W ok but how are vagina pants indecent? what janelle is doing is taking charge of her own sexuality! rather than simply being an object of sex for me to attain, she’s like hey - i’m a woman with a vagina and i love being a woman and i love being able to express myself. ya dig?

  131. Rachel W

    Rachel W7 hours ago

    ​+lauren x I wasn't aware that saying vagina pants were indecent and tacky means women should be ashamed of their vaginas. I didn't know what it means to be ashamed of your vagina. That's a pretty stupid comment.

  132. lauren x

    lauren x7 hours ago

    Rachel W so women should be ashamed of their vaginas? what are you on about lol?

  133. Rachel W

    Rachel WDay ago

    ​+pri2x0x First of all, I never gave you my definition of feminism. Second of all, I think you are the one that should lighten up and grasp that I can have an opinion. I don't need your approval to think that glamorization of female genitalia is tacky and a desperate ploy for attention that women are masking as a form of "feminism."

  134. pri2x0x

    pri2x0xDay ago

    +Rachel W Yikes, did I not just say not to take it seriously, because "this chick" (try her name next time, its Janelle Monae) would tell you to loosen up a bit. Should women be appropriately ashamed instead? I don't get it, not everyone has to conform to your narrow definition of feminism or whatever repressed issues you have.