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Janelle Monáe - PYNK [Official Video]


  1. jason jones

    jason jones22 hours ago

    not a fan of the subject matter but really love the song....amazing voice plus its nice for a song to empower women and all of thr parts for a change

  2. Brook Heyes

    Brook HeyesDay ago

    Oof this is fabulous, everything is so intelligently written and just wowww

  3. Tara Gilbert

    Tara GilbertDay ago

    She's freaked out I love it , chocolate is my favorite😋

  4. hi his

    hi hisDay ago

    She's flawless

  5. Jael Ajad

    Jael Ajad2 days ago

    The fact that she says "some like that" throughout the song and has a song called "i like that". So basically she's saying some like that (vagina) and then says i like that. Hehe smart Janelle, very smart.

  6. Roland Lazli

    Roland Lazli2 days ago

    This is so artistic

  7. Roland Lazli

    Roland Lazli2 days ago

    This is so artistic

  8. ST0NY

    ST0NY2 days ago

    Grimes should've been in the video.

  9. Joel McFarlane

    Joel McFarlane2 days ago

    My dick 🍑😘❤️

  10. Joel McFarlane

    Joel McFarlane2 days ago

    I love so much 😍😍😍😍

  11. Angel Alberson

    Angel Alberson3 days ago


  12. Jewlz YT

    Jewlz YT3 days ago

    Introducing the black version of POPPY

  13. Freena Morris

    Freena Morris3 days ago

    Fucking love this song

  14. Freena Morris

    Freena Morris3 days ago

    Also Lady Penelope wants her car back

  15. Freena Morris

    Freena Morris3 days ago

    But it's for adults only

  16. William Feitosa

    William Feitosa3 days ago


  17. Naomi King

    Naomi King3 days ago

    Listen to this song about Vaginas, make me appreciate my pink vagina and I Love IT! ❤❤❤ and Janelle Monae 😍😍😍 I just love her even more!

  18. king Todd

    king Todd4 days ago


  19. Kamilah Wilson

    Kamilah Wilson4 days ago

    This is beautiful. Janelle is not of this time, but she is definitely necessary in THESE times!

  20. Jay Biv

    Jay Biv5 days ago

    Please tell me that wasn't her real hair down there!🤢

  21. Nyesha Brooks

    Nyesha Brooks6 days ago

    A woman's scent is made for men. Im not against anyone thats a lesbian. Do you. But I personally don't like vagina. I don't like the way it lool inside and it can smell. Give us a song about Penis then now we talking. What Janelle Monae say OH YEAHHHHHHHH. 😂

  22. Depcom

    Depcom6 days ago

    LMAO! I'll at least commend the makers of this video for all that effort they put into creating this noise pollution.

  23. Scott Ellis

    Scott Ellis6 days ago

    I am calling for Halsey and Janelle to do something together

  24. Oh K

    Oh K6 days ago

    i love this beachhh (jenna marbles voice)

  25. Ignas Paskauskas

    Ignas Paskauskas7 days ago

    I am no masagenistique (sorry if I butchered the word), but I think this feminism in America and other rich countries is useless and these feminists should find new morals and goals rather radical marches against sexist air conditioning. Feminists should refocus on more prominent issues in third-world countries like Israel, Afghanistan... countries where women indeed need help, but are rather shut down not only by their country, but also by these (in my opinion) crazy radical feminists.

  26. Michael Collier

    Michael Collier7 days ago

    I'm starting to fall in love with this song … even though I'm gay.

  27. Evil Val

    Evil Val7 days ago

    Where’s grimes?

  28. PukiFee Neemo

    PukiFee Neemo7 days ago

    Love your vagina. Love your body . Love the walls of new life. 💖🍑🍎🍉

  29. Stari Nights

    Stari Nights7 days ago

    Ok so first off, as a lesbian I feel targeted by these beautiful women and two where can I get the vagina pants. Asking for a friend.

  30. its funnier in enochian

    its funnier in enochian8 days ago


  31. suculentanica

    suculentanica9 days ago

    long live to the female masturbation

  32. undead catz

    undead catz9 days ago


  33. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach10 days ago

    Sexual Degeneracy brings about revolution, look to 1920's-1930's Wiemar republic

  34. Chris Nelson

    Chris Nelson10 days ago


  35. Raymond Flores

    Raymond Flores11 days ago


  36. Val Garrow

    Val Garrow11 days ago


  37. Pira J

    Pira J11 days ago

    i think this music video is about mocking white girls

  38. yrblue

    yrblue11 days ago

    grand woman power


    KAOSDOZE12 days ago

    Great video! U and FKA Twigs should defintely collab :D

  40. Dezzi Sparks

    Dezzi Sparks13 days ago

    I’m here because of the Ebony snap chat story and I am so happy because of that!

  41. Shanda Tragedy

    Shanda Tragedy13 days ago

    lie labia, my wings hated on and rocked with DUH

  42. Mauro Carosio

    Mauro Carosio13 days ago

    We Love You!!!

  43. Monifa Layne

    Monifa Layne13 days ago

    Could it be pink like the inside of pu$$y....this song is turning me slowly ohh fck

  44. Ima Pig

    Ima Pig13 days ago

    Excellent song, the pants in the video is about as silly as the vagina hats. REAL women don't have to announce it with clothing.

  45. Ken Kern

    Ken Kern14 days ago

    i wanna know if that chick really grabs back 😉😆

  46. Lila Frascation

    Lila Frascation15 days ago

    Love seeing black girls rock ❤️💁🏾❤️👩🏾❤️💁🏾👩🏽❤️💪🏾💅🏾❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Naima James-Dales

    Naima James-Dales15 days ago

    Who else is looking in the comments to see if any one mentions the vagina on there legs

  48. Payge Adlawan

    Payge Adlawan15 days ago

    Oh good lord

  49. fuck you google kill yourself google

    fuck you google kill yourself google15 days ago


  50. HXT Sauce Brand Design

    HXT Sauce Brand Design16 days ago

    Deftones swell sample @0:16

  51. Jéssica Souza

    Jéssica Souza16 days ago


  52. Labyrinth Looper

    Labyrinth Looper16 days ago

    Maybe you should all appreciate no matter what colour cause she’s totally showing cuteness of pookie and women need that since so many people things dicks are the best and that they rule sex but pookie power is important and this is so cute

  53. Kimaria Howard-Lewis

    Kimaria Howard-Lewis16 days ago

    Sooo where can I get my pussy power shirt?

  54. HoneyBee Queen

    HoneyBee Queen17 days ago

    Anyone notice the undies that said “I grab back” it was a Donald Dump reference to what he said about women

  55. Rhinojaxx

    Rhinojaxx17 days ago

    02:00 Is that Tessa Thompson?

  56. Breza Grant

    Breza Grant17 days ago

    This gets me hype as HELL who agrees😁

  57. Y

    Y18 days ago


  58. Margarita Plim

    Margarita Plim18 days ago

    This is so beautiful! I love it so much

  59. IAmThatIAm

    IAmThatIAm18 days ago

    Vagina pants. Really.

  60. 눈사람

    눈사람18 days ago

    I love so much monae~~~

  61. Anita Manbadly

    Anita Manbadly20 days ago

    The importance of this song and video really can't be over-stressed, can it?

  62. Keziah Jones

    Keziah Jones21 day ago

    Can’t stop coming back and watching this. It’s so refreshing to see not only female empowerment but black female empowerment. It just seems you don’t see black girls portrayed this way in main media. Not saying there’s anything wrong with how they’re portrayed now it’s just this specific way isn’t that common and as an LGBT+ black girl it’s really nice to see💕💕💕

  63. Herbert Ferreira

    Herbert Ferreira21 day ago

    Grammy is here!

  64. laulau

    laulau21 day ago


  65. chreis2002

    chreis200221 day ago

    Her voice is so diverse .. her new song I like that I had no idea it was miss Monae

  66. Courtney Green

    Courtney Green21 day ago

    That tongue looks nasty with bumps on the side of it

  67. Matthew Poulter

    Matthew Poulter22 days ago

    Please support me in my ideal dream world. #fight for #love #thisisme #emergingtalent

  68. Raj Beats

    Raj Beats22 days ago

    nice work 🔥 i make a lot of material like this if you ever want to stop by my channel :)

  69. Nyadchild

    Nyadchild22 days ago


  70. Nathaniel Jordan

    Nathaniel Jordan23 days ago

    So bad

  71. Kris K-os

    Kris K-os23 days ago

    So Flawless...

  72. Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson24 days ago

    she is so pretty

  73. Lauren Victoria

    Lauren Victoria24 days ago


  74. retroradical

    retroradical24 days ago

    I love her so much!

  75. Patricia the booke

    Patricia the booke26 days ago

    Janelle Monae has changed my perception of who Iam as a woman if color I'm proud of my African features. I no longer feel insecure when I see someone who is caucasian.

  76. Romina Rice

    Romina Rice26 days ago

    FKA Twigs

  77. worldfilledwithmore

    worldfilledwithmore26 days ago

    If this weren’t Janelle Monaé, and this video was about 30 years older, I would be mourning the sad fact that this video has reasonably deniable gay subtext. But since this is a Janelle Monaé video, I’m absolutely beaming at how gay this is.

  78. Campbell Reid

    Campbell Reid27 days ago

    is she talking about her vaj?

  79. THE ØNE

    THE ØNE25 days ago

    "Her" Idk but she talks about vaginas

  80. MR Delete

    MR Delete27 days ago

    Reminds me of that old Aphex Twin video. Window licker.

  81. hanne sørensen

    hanne sørensen27 days ago


  82. charlyce cherry

    charlyce cherry27 days ago

    I LOVE IT 😍😍😎🍑🐱🏵

  83. Astrade Ranoco

    Astrade Ranoco27 days ago

    I fell so lust

  84. Adorian Burdette

    Adorian Burdette27 days ago

    I absolutely love this woman and her perspective on things😍😘💪

  85. /christine/

    /christine/27 days ago

    the girl at 1:05 is so pretty

  86. XxJessica CharlesxX

    XxJessica CharlesxX28 days ago

    She's a whole mood omg😍❤


    INFO BUBBLE28 days ago

    Shows just exactly how low women have descended in terms of morals and dignity and intelligence This video demonstrates stupidity at its current highest level The woman is its vagina , constantly looking for shallow love All who think this is art or anything but social programming are stupid and brainwashed

  88. ChickenNoodle Soup

    ChickenNoodle Soup28 days ago

    What is this? Artistry

  89. Dark Star

    Dark Star29 days ago

    Where can I buy some vagina pants tell me...please

  90. Lacy Salgat

    Lacy SalgatMonth ago

    This would be deep, but I'm 16, sooo...

  91. Olaitan Kehinde Habibat

    Olaitan Kehinde HabibatMonth ago

    My God.... Janelle is so talented ... Am glad she is recognised in award shows.... her music are so raw.... and she is not afraid to express herself.

  92. kitt44

    kitt44Month ago

    Quero uma boneca dessa mulher!!!

  93. lelys

    lelysMonth ago

    Love how some of the guys that are butthurt by this song/video always have something to say about it. Let us girls be and let us appreciate our bodies for once. Just goes to show misogyny is still definitely around. I hope we get more vids like this to 1. Not only appreciate our wonderful bodies but 2. To piss off all the sexist people out there

  94. The Tallest Chick Here

    The Tallest Chick HereMonth ago

    Sooo Tessa’s a clit then? *you guys I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t*

  95. Erin Crowley

    Erin CrowleyMonth ago

    What really would have topped this off? All these wonderful ladies proudly displaying a pink triangle.

  96. Frances Moore

    Frances MooreMonth ago

    this reads like an all lesbian sleepover and im living for it

  97. Fire Ball

    Fire BallMonth ago


  98. Sol S

    Sol SMonth ago


  99. Fawxxx

    FawxxxMonth ago

    I want me some Vag pants

  100. Kristina Honeycutt

    Kristina HoneycuttMonth ago

    Ok, we need someone who represents those who are not or are under represented! Look at it any way you want but that ceiling is BUSTED!

  101. Kristina Honeycutt

    Kristina HoneycuttMonth ago

    Janelle for president! Let's have a black woman president and crush all the prejudices! Finally, always and forever! From thru and to! Michelle Obama!? Who, who??

  102. Anna Lafayette

    Anna LafayetteMonth ago

    Bunch of nasty lezbos!

  103. hollyken3

    hollyken3Month ago