Jamie Foxx Showed Diddy How To Party On A Budget


  1. Pal Tomori

    Pal Tomori23 hours ago

    Blacks are very good at entertainment and sports. But they are not really good at anything else.

  2. Rafael artiga

    Rafael artigaDay ago

    Jamie's impressions are hilarious lol u should see his Quentin Tarantino

  3. Vienesko

    Vienesko2 days ago

    Jamie Foxx true hollywood stories

  4. Spicy Yahya

    Spicy Yahya3 days ago

    If I were the guest to follow this dude, I’d just say fuqit and go home.

  5. Balbi Francesca PY

    Balbi Francesca PY3 days ago

    Im just listening to this awesome storyteller. I’ve hear some of his stories before but yet im here grinning like an idiot happy. Jamie is the bomb

  6. NHEFF09

    NHEFF093 days ago

    hes one cool dude

  7. Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams4 days ago

    When that song came out Jay-Z was well known. Jamie lyin. Period 👎🏾

  8. Czar Diezmo

    Czar Diezmo5 days ago

    Ma man Jamie foxx

  9. Monia a

    Monia a6 days ago

    Jamie is a real model of success

  10. Kaila Dennis

    Kaila Dennis6 days ago

    Is there anything Jamie Foxx can't do?

  11. Just Anonymous

    Just Anonymous7 days ago

    the Jay Z impression wtf lol

  12. Zander Egac

    Zander Egac7 days ago

    Go to the 2:08 mark he says puff showed up with black SUV’S and the FBI . He stumbled stumbled in the end realizing what he just said and stupid as fuck he is. Puff has always had FBI PROTECTION they all know it. Killed two legends

  13. Cindy

    Cindy8 days ago

    Awesome stories

  14. mr.realtrap nigga

    mr.realtrap nigga8 days ago

    Black dont crack!

  15. Bill Vo

    Bill Vo9 days ago

    Jamie Foxx's story telling skills are amazinggg

  16. Spikey Smith

    Spikey Smith10 days ago

    Jamie is the best guest of all time 😂😂 he gets me crying of laughter every time

  17. Dan W. Blumreich

    Dan W. Blumreich10 days ago

    This clip starts out with insulting half of American soldiers by saying "no Atheists in fox holes"?

  18. Mikhail Protasov

    Mikhail Protasov13 days ago

    Pretty cool story

  19. bojan bilandzija

    bojan bilandzija13 days ago

    What a lie of a story 😂

  20. Kamil M.

    Kamil M.13 days ago

    That song is one of those songs..... 1 in ten years .... reminds me of so good times man wanna go back home to England

  21. jay Pazare

    jay Pazare14 days ago

    6:16 Stephen Colbert said ni**a And Jamie doesn't know

  22. vinh nguyen

    vinh nguyen15 days ago

    Who is Jamie’s barber? His hairline is wack

  23. mark safronsky

    mark safronsky15 days ago

    Too much talent for one human man...

  24. Yves Younes

    Yves Younes16 days ago

    This story is really getting old...get over it man...it's getting boring

  25. Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn

    Ted dibiasi-JLC-Sinn17 days ago

    jamie foxxes

  26. Nova Love

    Nova Love17 days ago

    Jamie Foxx is one of the best storytellers I swear

  27. Diego Villarreal

    Diego Villarreal17 days ago

    man what a great storyteller this guy

  28. Ghebrehiwet

    Ghebrehiwet17 days ago

    Jamie. New material. Please!

  29. sherwyn santos

    sherwyn santos20 days ago

    Jamie Foxx can eat all the 4 guest Air time bitch! Colbert Stinks!

  30. Ms. Coeli

    Ms. Coeli21 day ago

    Jamie Foxx so talented and down to earth.

  31. Kudoo Hameedh

    Kudoo Hameedh21 day ago

    Whats with the illumanatii based logo in the down rigth coner

  32. mrswhatevernc

    mrswhatevernc21 day ago

    I am a new Jamie fox fan. He is so funny

  33. Jean-Luc SaintFleur

    Jean-Luc SaintFleur22 days ago

    Kanye and Jay-Z came up at the same time???

  34. Christian

    Christian24 days ago


  35. c Lok

    c Lok26 days ago

    Diddy raped Jaime Foxx.

  36. Gin B

    Gin B26 days ago

    Two awesome guys!!!

  37. KenMagus1600

    KenMagus160026 days ago

    It's the same stories but I love it every time!!

  38. porscheoscar

    porscheoscar27 days ago

    DJANGO should have been made as a series of films. Each one with a different famous partner. The first should be Tom Hardy as John Brown the baddest white man that lived 1800 - 1899. You kids who don't know who John Brown was need to get on wikipedia

  39. Richard Michael

    Richard Michael27 days ago

    Jamie is a great story teller

  40. Alfredo Ramos

    Alfredo Ramos27 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-8nLsEKeSjUw.html watch this!

  41. Alfredo Ramos

    Alfredo Ramos27 days ago

    It wasn’t Stephen Colbert! It was computer animated.

  42. The Messenger

    The Messenger27 days ago

    6:30 "uhh dont do dat"

  43. Enriquetta E

    Enriquetta E28 days ago


  44. Emily Price

    Emily Price28 days ago

    I LOVE THIS MAN!!!! Both actually...

  45. JJ SS

    JJ SS28 days ago

    He literally told all these stories on Joe Rogan's podcast lol

  46. Alvin sebo

    Alvin sebo29 days ago

    what you mean when he was famous stop mf hating puffy is still famous

  47. Buddy Jesus

    Buddy Jesus29 days ago

    He looks like in that scene from deadpool, where he's shirtcocking it...he desperately needs to train them spaghetti legs.

  48. Christopher Kelly

    Christopher Kelly29 days ago

    Texas Bred!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. walter jones

    walter jones29 days ago

    How tf is he old

  50. Jo Jo

    Jo JoMonth ago

    This guy was amazing in the Collateral

  51. MMA's Most Wanted

    MMA's Most WantedMonth ago

    That's so cool! Jaime is multitalented and HILARIOUS.

  52. Bic Ball 'v Fyyurrhei

    Bic Ball 'v FyyurrheiMonth ago

    Cut! cut! cut! that black! for his sins! not his skin color. This is Bitchtown!

  53. megazine

    megazineMonth ago

    This was awesome

  54. The Sufi M.D

    The Sufi M.DMonth ago

    Still waiting for someone to comment on his dress choice. Too distracting.

  55. I ben

    I benMonth ago

    Diddy fucks the shit out of Jamie Foxx everyday. #FAGASSNIGGAZ

  56. Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguy

    Redneck Rebel aka raregoodguyMonth ago

    Snoop Dogg pool party!

  57. n v

    n vMonth ago

    he has to be high

  58. Sampson Davinci

    Sampson DavinciMonth ago

    7:25 hilarious "oh she's a gold digger " . That face 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. Yo La

    Yo LaMonth ago

    He is so talented!

  60. Brandon Phillips

    Brandon PhillipsMonth ago

    1 cool motherfucker

  61. Official JOY

    Official JOYMonth ago

    “Left to go do a bad movie 🎥 for 8 weeks, came back n our song was #1.” “You have to barge into people’s studio session.” -Jamie

  62. Joku Sekou

    Joku SekouMonth ago


  63. Shawn

    ShawnMonth ago

    Him and Diddy were defo banging if the rumours are true

  64. Tiano Xavier

    Tiano XavierMonth ago

    jamie foxx a legend bruh

  65. ahmed almusabi

    ahmed almusabiMonth ago

    the jay z impression was spot on

  66. Sluipmoordenaars Groningen

    Sluipmoordenaars GroningenMonth ago


  67. Fit n Fab

    Fit n FabMonth ago

    Why, the one great story teller! I wanted more🍒😁

  68. Sean Dring

    Sean DringMonth ago

    Weird. I don't remember going to that party.

  69. J R

    J RMonth ago

    His impressions tho. Dude is so talented.

  70. Francisco Garay

    Francisco GarayMonth ago

    His impressions are so dead on man!

  71. Francisco Garay

    Francisco GarayMonth ago

    This is the funniest shit. But its true.

  72. Victa Nguyen

    Victa NguyenMonth ago

    col bear

  73. Alessandro Donadeo

    Alessandro DonadeoMonth ago

    Tarantino had just the Best Jamie Foxx ever, in DJANGO unchained. Wonderful.

  74. Cecilia Solana

    Cecilia SolanaMonth ago


  75. Maniac Bob

    Maniac BobMonth ago

    Omg, i live jamie's interviews, he always has the best stories.

  76. Goten

    GotenMonth ago

    a krrrrrrrr im dying omg

  77. Daniel Sawyers

    Daniel SawyersMonth ago

    Hmmm that story, are you telling me that when he recorded slow jams jay-z wasn’t known??? From my memory jay was on the blueprint 2.1 and Uber hot. He said he shot one movie and came back and the song was number 2, so when did jay come up? One summer. I think he’s mixing up his stories.

  78. Blue Eyes

    Blue EyesMonth ago

    What is Jamie Foxx wearing???

  79. Merry Christmas

    Merry ChristmasMonth ago

    I don't really like this guy but this interview was good

  80. preston akidiva

    preston akidivaMonth ago

    Wow, the best story teller

  81. Franco Vproductions

    Franco VproductionsMonth ago

    Fox is so talented.......

  82. John Hendy

    John HendyMonth ago

    So delightful to listen to. What an awesome personality.

  83. Jenny

    JennyMonth ago

    This is the compact mop that we've been looking for! Would definitely recommend. www.amazon.com/gp/mpc/A2MJ8I2T90JH5N

  84. gorillagirlgorilla

    gorillagirlgorillaMonth ago

    jamie fox is the kinda guy who has pure energy.

  85. CRXXLA

    CRXXLAMonth ago

    This is a thing!

  86. Lester G

    Lester GMonth ago

    wait.. so kanye comes after shattering his jaw which was 2002... and yet jay z was not well known yet?! I call BS on that. thats the same time as the blue print 2 and his NAS beef

  87. Kirubeal Wondimu

    Kirubeal WondimuMonth ago

    At 7:33 he was so smooth with it lmao, I thought he was gunna walk up and leave. Would have been the best interview exit ever!

  88. Kirubeal Wondimu

    Kirubeal WondimuMonth ago

    Damn, Jamie Fox funny af!! Lmao

  89. wakeupgreece

    wakeupgreeceMonth ago

    Cool dude

  90. Joshua Achampong

    Joshua AchampongMonth ago

    this guy is good at stories

  91. Cindy Bolanos

    Cindy BolanosMonth ago


  92. t

    tMonth ago

    Real people keeping fake people in their place.

  93. shawarmapapa

    shawarmapapaMonth ago

    Jamie really rocks that man weave!

  94. Matthias Horne

    Matthias HorneMonth ago

    Jamie has the coolest stories

  95. alexandtherest

    alexandtherestMonth ago

    Seems like he's mashing up different stories together into one party. Historically doesn't match up. How did they make record part of kanye's song and the neptunes and jay z was still coming up?

  96. Juventus2013

    Juventus2013Month ago

    Jay z part lol

  97. Brade Bronson

    Brade BronsonMonth ago

    Not buying Jamie's story. I believe everyone he says was there but Slow Jamz came out in 2004. Jay Z already put like 10 albums out by then and he was already Huge in the 90's. Probably bigger than Diddy. For Jamie to say Jay Z's unknown in the early 2000's and by himself at a party. Just don't add up to me. Jamie's still dope tho.

  98. Yaser Masood

    Yaser MasoodMonth ago

    Lol, he has told this story like a quadrillion times!

  99. Rex Hargrove

    Rex HargroveMonth ago

    Best stories in the business