Jamie Foxx Showed Diddy How To Party On A Budget


  1. potlovingchef14

    potlovingchef14Day ago

    'They didn't know was jay z same party as kanye dont make sense that jay was on biggies album if puff was doin white parties thats after big died badboy records Kanye was producer for jay z on blueprint' jaw bussed so after crash 2002 ?? I think Alot of the stories are probably mix or remembered weird

  2. Mira Salim

    Mira Salim2 days ago

    5:30 he told it better on Ellen

  3. RICKY510

    RICKY5102 days ago

    This made me like Jamie fox even more

  4. Laura Nope

    Laura Nope4 days ago

    Bring back the Neptunes!!!

  5. sochyvonn nora

    sochyvonn nora4 days ago

    Damn...what a guy

  6. Ignacio Sanchez

    Ignacio Sanchez5 days ago

    Heard same big story with Joe Rogan

  7. Maka Matipano

    Maka Matipano6 days ago


  8. Manchester Is Blue

    Manchester Is Blue6 days ago

    holy shit is that real

  9. Good Girl Chronicles

    Good Girl Chronicles7 days ago

    I wanna party with Jamie Fox

  10. 5000 subscribers with no videos

    5000 subscribers with no videos10 days ago

    Jamie’s impressions are on point

  11. Llama

    Llama10 days ago

    that shirt is sick as fuck

  12. BrownieKuma72

    BrownieKuma7212 days ago

    His impressions are spot on!

  13. Bridget Anderson

    Bridget Anderson12 days ago

    I need a book from this guy lol.

  14. lahoevo3gsr

    lahoevo3gsr13 days ago

    if this was on the jimmy fallon show an jamie was singing gold digger at the end the roots would have played the track on the spot for him.

  15. Rick Dick

    Rick Dick15 days ago

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  16. Armando Castillo

    Armando Castillo17 days ago

    Who did his hairline?


    ORION QUEST19 days ago

    Its all about who u know,not how much money u have to throw a Dope Party!

  18. Ashley

    Ashley20 days ago

    I met him in NY. He’s so down to earth 👏🏾

  19. mike

    mike21 day ago

    Stephen is obviously very uncomfortable.

  20. Shawn M.

    Shawn M.22 days ago

    There are actually plenty of Atheists in the fox hole... ffrf.org/outreach/atheists-in-foxholes

  21. ganymedeIV4

    ganymedeIV413 days ago

    It's just a saying from the second world war; I dig the memorial and it's nice to see all service people honored aionion, for their personal sacrifices.

  22. Danny Perez

    Danny Perez24 days ago

    If Kanye was at this party how the fuck did no one know who Jay Z was, this is early 2000 or sum Jay z was already huge shit dont add up

  23. Ajay Pasricha

    Ajay Pasricha25 days ago

    Jamie is 50....holy shit

  24. David Molano

    David Molano25 days ago

    Oh my God. For a person like me, who doesn´t domain english, it's hard to understand this conversation...

  25. TheAubis

    TheAubis28 days ago

    I could just listen to Fox all day telling stories

  26. Derrick Chennault

    Derrick Chennault29 days ago

    Cool story. Great person.

  27. Lmao At Essau 黑 神

    Lmao At Essau 黑 神29 days ago


  28. José Explosion

    José Explosion29 days ago

    Bruh has been killin it since bitd

  29. Daniel Huerta

    Daniel HuertaMonth ago

    That jay z voice 😂😂😂😬😆

  30. Lorita Kusiwaa

    Lorita KusiwaaMonth ago

    He’s so stupid 😂😂😂 I love him

  31. DriftAddicted

    DriftAddictedMonth ago

    6:29 is it just me or does steven sound really good!?

  32. Ethan C

    Ethan CMonth ago

    I want to watch Jamie Foxx tell stories forever XD

  33. Brendan Kaminsky

    Brendan KaminskyMonth ago

    He still tells this story??

  34. nabila huda

    nabila hudaMonth ago

    Everytime he tells this story theres a new facts I'd know

  35. Gail Brown

    Gail BrownMonth ago

    Dang, when did Mike Tyson become so hilarious 🧐

  36. TheMandingome

    TheMandingomeMonth ago


  37. Lenard Racaza

    Lenard RacazaMonth ago

    6:30 was that colbair with the high pitch singing ? O.O

  38. jonathan gibson

    jonathan gibsonMonth ago

    the 50th time I heard this story they need to update his mk ultra memory

  39. Michael Steindl

    Michael SteindlMonth ago

    JF is soooo cool

  40. Martin Garcia

    Martin GarciaMonth ago

    Jamie Fox is a Story Teller! :D

  41. John Smith

    John SmithMonth ago

    Jamie batty boy 😍 Gay fuck

  42. Horror City

    Horror CityMonth ago

    This is one talented dude creativity is on 1000 big ups

  43. Ann Kay

    Ann KayMonth ago

    saw Jamie Foxx perform in person years ago...dude is super talented....a legend!

  44. Wochenend Kid

    Wochenend KidMonth ago

    Forever grateful for having stumbled over this video

  45. 252laylow

    252laylowMonth ago

    Jamie out here still telling the same stories lmao


    TECHSQUAD.COMMonth ago

    Clive Davis. Good family.


    WAYY JONESMonth ago

    Love this video, stories like this show you that if you move the right way you can get to where u wanna go.

  48. Selena Bryant

    Selena BryantMonth ago

    So Jamie didn't think to get Popeyes

  49. GroundedForLifeBBOYS

    GroundedForLifeBBOYSMonth ago

    what a talented storyteller! super entertaining.

  50. david goldberg

    david goldbergMonth ago

    damn... his 208 $ party had the fuckin royal family of hiphop there, nice job :D

  51. jason twist

    jason twistMonth ago

    His Kanye sounds like his Terrence Howard Impression

  52. Christopher Robin Garrish

    Christopher Robin GarrishMonth ago

    See Kimmel's interview with Kayne for full effect: mreporter.net/v/video-PmZjaYdS3fA.html

  53. frankunderxx

    frankunderxxMonth ago

    bruh jeans are exxxxxxtra tight

  54. Tony Hinderman

    Tony HindermanMonth ago


  55. V Tara

    V TaraMonth ago

    Love this man !!!!

  56. Erson Velasco

    Erson VelascoMonth ago

    That party he threw for $200 resulted to billions of bucks... Jamie as the entrepreneur...😁

  57. Krystine A

    Krystine AMonth ago

    This story cool and all but Jay been poppin since the 90s soooo.....how you gon say no one knows him??? 🤔



    Jamie would hang out with me, and I'm an the best ATHEIST of all atheists!!!!!!

  59. Tatsu 123

    Tatsu 123Month ago

    This party story is such bullshit. Times all over the place... puff didn’t know who jay was? Pharrell? Kanye at the same party? Fuck this shit

  60. TenThumbs Productions

    TenThumbs ProductionsMonth ago

    Timelines a little messed up, when Kanye’s jaw was busted Jay-Z was 8 years plus in the game and a multi platinum selling artist.

  61. Kevlar 92

    Kevlar 92Month ago

    I would be pissed if this fuckstick kept telling stories about me

  62. Elizabeth Stevenson

    Elizabeth StevensonMonth ago

    I love a great story told by a great story teller.

  63. Bayanda Jele

    Bayanda JeleMonth ago

    Jamie done met Jay Z for the first time a hundred times 😂😂

  64. Khalifa Vlogs

    Khalifa VlogsMonth ago

    "We are at $200 and killing it right now!!!"😂😂😂😂 then the hay z part!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. Arthur Sprong

    Arthur SprongMonth ago

    Jamie's impersonation of Jay-Z has a bit of a Kermit-F vibe in there

  66. Ms

    MsMonth ago

    Fun person fun story but I don’t think he’s as good as impressions as he thinks he is lol

  67. nybsbfan18

    nybsbfan18Month ago

    Does he have a picture of the party?

  68. Floriane Leclair

    Floriane LeclairMonth ago

    What's with the shitty atheist joke at the beginning ? Everyone has they're own beliefs that was not acceptable... Atheists respect your beliefs respect theirs.

  69. Aslan Almaniyazov

    Aslan AlmaniyazovMonth ago

    Oh my god. What's the guy, so cool, so talented and open person. I wish I had only 20 percent of his charm.

  70. Aziz Moses

    Aziz MosesMonth ago

    I thought this was an old video id seen before, then i saw it was made in 2018

  71. David Tacbear

    David TacbearMonth ago

    What “bad movie” was he talking about?

  72. giselle joseph

    giselle josephMonth ago

    Yes jamie so funny

  73. Salman J

    Salman JMonth ago

    jamie knows all the black celebs

  74. nikki23000

    nikki23000Month ago

    I can’t wait until he gets back to doing stand up! He keeps saying it’s coming I’m ready

  75. nikki23000

    nikki23000Month ago

    His Kanye impression 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  76. nikki23000

    nikki23000Month ago

    I swearrrrr Jamie tells the BEST stories!!! 👏👏👏🤣💪

  77. MMObeast

    MMObeastMonth ago

    am i the only one who doesnt understands shit when back people talk ? ( not a racist )

  78. Toral Toral

    Toral ToralMonth ago

    MMObeast you are troll!.. looking for reaction. You need to put down the herion Needle. Perhaps, finish high school, and learn how to speak English properly. I bet Black men are in your mind 24/7.. And lust over thier big penises, and thier success. Jamie can buy you and all your trash family. ADIOS

  79. Tehui1974

    Tehui1974Month ago

    Does anyone else feel like eating KFC after hearing this story?

  80. pmc820

    pmc820Month ago

    The timelines don’t Don’t match up here, no one knew who Jay Z was? But kanye was recording slow jamz???

  81. Vinny Berry

    Vinny BerryMonth ago

    Jamie “Name Drop King” Foxx. 🙄

  82. Tyler durden

    Tyler durdenMonth ago

    id let this homie fuck me. this jamie fox fool aint going nothing on me when it comes to putting it down in bed

  83. Stanley Patrick

    Stanley PatrickMonth ago

    That Kanye "Goldigger" story is the best story on the planet. Love this dude!

  84. breyon thomas

    breyon thomasMonth ago


  85. Mdumiseni Ndebele

    Mdumiseni NdebeleMonth ago

    lol the Jay-Z voice 😂😂😂😂



    His outfits looks so good, I think it's Gucci.

  87. Fuck YouTube

    Fuck YouTubeMonth ago

    sounds like my grandpa telling stories

  88. lovell brooks

    lovell brooksMonth ago

    Awesome story teller! luv Jamie!

  89. John Gotti

    John GottiMonth ago

    he's shifting like christ brown , fags on the way

  90. thebussem

    thebussemMonth ago


  91. Gabe the Babe

    Gabe the BabeMonth ago

    incredible story

  92. 2ndrwkng

    2ndrwkngMonth ago

    damn jamie is the definition of fresh

  93. Jonathan Bolger

    Jonathan BolgerMonth ago

    Is it just me or is he the coolest mf alive?



    Jamie Foxx tells the best stories. Because he can impersonate everyone you really feel like you were there. I love it!

  95. Daniel Stephanos

    Daniel Stephanos2 months ago

    He does keep telling this story

  96. King Asants

    King Asants2 months ago

    That shirt tho.. where can I get it

  97. G Warner

    G Warner2 months ago

    Jamie Foxx knows how to party on just $30. He just needs poppers and lube lol

  98. eligah8

    eligah82 months ago

    Did u heard Steven hit dat note?! Don't sleep on him...lol. Jamie is da Man!

  99. Isaac Williams

    Isaac Williams2 months ago

    Love this mf story's!!!🔥👑🦁

  100. Isaia Jimenez

    Isaia Jimenez2 months ago

    Wow lmao now that was a story bruh

  101. Life YahFavortieRappersFavortiteRapper

    Life YahFavortieRappersFavortiteRapper2 months ago

    he tells this story every interview...but wth is he talking about Jay Z was a superstar already!! Rokafella was the shit by then!!

  102. nadhira belmoussa

    nadhira belmoussa2 months ago

    The best of telling stories