Jamie Foxx Showed Diddy How To Party On A Budget


  1. Gabe the Babe

    Gabe the Babe12 hours ago

    incredible story

  2. Supreme

    Supreme20 hours ago

    *i wanna hear this guy tell stories all day long.*

  3. 2ndrwkng

    2ndrwkngDay ago

    damn jamie is the definition of fresh

  4. Jonathan Bolger

    Jonathan BolgerDay ago

    Is it just me or is he the coolest mf alive?



    Jamie Foxx tells the best stories. Because he can impersonate everyone you really feel like you were there. I love it!

  6. Daniel Stephanos

    Daniel Stephanos2 days ago

    He does keep telling this story

  7. King Asants

    King Asants2 days ago

    That shirt tho.. where can I get it

  8. G Warner

    G Warner2 days ago

    Jamie Foxx knows how to party on just $30. He just needs poppers and lube lol

  9. eligah8

    eligah82 days ago

    Did u heard Steven hit dat note?! Don't sleep on him...lol. Jamie is da Man!

  10. Isaac Williams

    Isaac Williams2 days ago

    Love this mf story's!!!🔥👑🦁

  11. Isaia Jimenez

    Isaia Jimenez3 days ago

    Wow lmao now that was a story bruh

  12. Life YahFavortieRappersFavortiteRapper

    Life YahFavortieRappersFavortiteRapper3 days ago

    he tells this story every interview...but wth is he talking about Jay Z was a superstar already!! Rokafella was the shit by then!!

  13. nadhira belmoussa

    nadhira belmoussa3 days ago

    The best of telling stories

  14. Jen Sta. Ana

    Jen Sta. Ana3 days ago

    OMG this is the best!!!

  15. dilanka

    dilanka4 days ago


  16. Victor Kreed

    Victor Kreed4 days ago

    I had never heard this story before today (7/18/18 Wed.), I never watch this show, but you know what new subscriber.

  17. Dr.Junior

    Dr.Junior4 days ago

    No one notice the awesome high pitch from Stephen at 6:30??!

  18. Bear

    Bear5 days ago

    They need to make a movie on this party.

  19. ataricombat

    ataricombat6 days ago

    Looking real classy there bud. What is this guy? Like 50? And he’s dressed like a teenager in the ghetto? Grow up dude. Oh and stop being a racist while you’re at it.

  20. Alex Justask

    Alex Justask6 days ago

    dude still telling this story lloll

  21. Tolendi Kaken

    Tolendi Kaken6 days ago

    what bad movie Foxx is referring to?

  22. Mike Williams

    Mike Williams6 days ago

    Love that shirt!

  23. Turntablez

    Turntablez7 days ago


  24. Taheem Wells

    Taheem Wells7 days ago

    Stop lying Jamie. Lol. So at this party, nobody knew who Jay-Z was, and he discovered Kanye and Pharrell there as well as if all 3 came up at the same time. Smh. Then in the kitchen there was an older guy with slick hair and that turned out to be Quincy Jones right?

  25. Eddie Martinez

    Eddie Martinez7 days ago

    Niggas legs look like noodles 😂

  26. Eddie Martinez

    Eddie Martinez7 days ago

    Bruh those pants too dam tight lmfao fruit cake

  27. John Luu

    John Luu8 days ago

    man i never knew foxx such a funny man!

  28. Will Kummer

    Will Kummer8 days ago

    Rogan did it first

  29. Derek Jensen

    Derek Jensen8 days ago

    dankest of danks

  30. K Deloris

    K Deloris9 days ago

    I will throw you a party for 400 dollars that will rival your million dollar party🤣🤣🤣

  31. Mr No Weapon

    Mr No Weapon9 days ago


  32. MrSmid888

    MrSmid8889 days ago

    The BEST stories ever man.✌🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  33. Lotus Sutra

    Lotus Sutra9 days ago

    Nice shirt homage to Japan's cool culture -- nice lesson about being in right place at right time.

  34. Iman Serah

    Iman Serah10 days ago


  35. Lilith

    Lilith10 days ago

    Watching Jamie always makes my day better. What a great guy

  36. друг

    друг10 days ago


  37. SA'medi Gaston

    SA'medi Gaston10 days ago

    Bust in foxies studio like busta ... Lol

  38. S McLean

    S McLean10 days ago

    This time line doesn’t make sense. Who didn’t know Jay Z 8 weeks before Slow Jamz???

  39. Mini Panini

    Mini Panini10 days ago

    kanye back in the days was good...what the hell happened to him,really? poopy di scoop?

  40. Delilah Hodges

    Delilah Hodges11 days ago

    I love Jamie Fox, funny self crossing them Grover slim legs 😂 lol.

  41. bighaircrew

    bighaircrew11 days ago

    I love this story. Legendary!! Saw Kanye freestyle at the Bluenote jazz club, NYC, with Mos Def and Lupe Fiasco, a surprise show - Freestyle is his superpower.

  42. Kevin Carrillo

    Kevin Carrillo11 days ago

    This is the only day he remembers

  43. viddy228

    viddy22811 days ago

    Fox seems a little fruity..Maybe it's just me..But his movements are suspect..

  44. CorrectVision3

    CorrectVision37 days ago

    viddy228 in some way as a boy or man you exhibit feminine ways even though you may not realize it. After all you had a mother who taught you to say “thank you” and she taught you empathy which we learn primarily from our moms. And most kids and adults cry for their moms when they are hurt or in danger or need to be consoled.

  45. CorrectVision3

    CorrectVision37 days ago

    We all are born of a woman by the seed of a man, so whether emotionally or physically we emulate some aspect of feminine and masculine behavior and characteristics of both sexes. And who we are raised by and our relationship or lack of with one or the other sex or parent plays a role on how we act and our mannerisms. But does not necessarily determine our attraction to one or the other sex, or whether we are gay or not. There are more masculine or feminine lesbians and gay men and more feminine or masculine straight men and straight women.

  46. 187nellybelly

    187nellybelly12 days ago

    i think that's the best anecdote in the world

  47. Avenger

    Avenger12 days ago

    Fox is the best story teller better than Seinfeld better than anyone That is talent

  48. Bobbie Daniel

    Bobbie Daniel12 days ago

    Jay Z impression is everything lol

  49. Sam Carrick

    Sam Carrick12 days ago

    Sorry but he is definitely on cocaine here.

  50. Michael Reed

    Michael Reed12 days ago

    You would think by John Batiste's piano interludes that he lied about knowing how to play the piano on his resume.

  51. Buppy Doe Ross

    Buppy Doe Ross12 days ago

    We know all of Jamie Fox's stories and we still love to here them.

  52. scyllaandcharybdis

    scyllaandcharybdis12 days ago

    I love Jamie Foxx but man, but is he wearing!

  53. Zhiming L

    Zhiming L12 days ago

    Jamie is funny af... lmfao

  54. Ani Vai

    Ani Vai12 days ago

    Somebody get the broom for all the names his dropped in this video

  55. Alex

    Alex13 days ago

    Cadi B. Feat Colbrt would fkg raise (dislocate) eyebrows everywhere but i want to hear it.

  56. Summer Air

    Summer Air13 days ago

    Danm Jamie..#BlackMen /#Yummy

  57. Rob Rey

    Rob Rey13 days ago

    Somebody know where can i get those jeans????? or the brand?

  58. BL Smooth

    BL Smooth13 days ago

    When would nobody know who Jay z was at a party that Kanye was coming up at? Especially with him and Diddy both being from N.Y.. I would like to verify this time line.

  59. Todd Jones

    Todd Jones15 days ago

    bet that not all they showed each other...sissy

  60. Top Ten

    Top Ten15 days ago

    Puff didn't know Jay Z and Kanye was there? The time line is not adding up.

  61. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa15 days ago

    I love tham damn song!


    YASEMİN KINASARI15 days ago

    Omg he is such an innocent little kid 😂 He is so cute 😍

  63. Dwayne B

    Dwayne B15 days ago

    People definitely knews who Jay-z was by the time kanye came out......after reasonable doubt (june '96) EVERYBODY knew who jay z was and Jay's 7yrs older than kanye. Great story tho.

  64. CorrectVision3

    CorrectVision37 days ago

    Dwayne B Back then the coasts, east and west, did Not fuck with each other as much. It was a much smaller world with there being no internet and all.

  65. xspringrose

    xspringrose16 days ago

    Ever since he got with Katie Holmes a few years ago he's been acting weird

  66. Jason Rohr

    Jason Rohr16 days ago

    He's the man!

  67. king kappa

    king kappa17 days ago

    Is it just me or is Jamie Fox's legs freaky skinny? I almost thought his legs are CGI

  68. cory taylor

    cory taylor17 days ago

    atheist racism in the house yo big ups pfff whack yo

  69. Christop Chandle

    Christop Chandle18 days ago

    It be hard believing this story cus he say Nobody knew who jay was......and nobody knew who kanye was, jay been poppon since his 3rd album, kanye didnt make beats for him until the 5th

  70. Jack Gonsalves

    Jack Gonsalves18 days ago

    Jamie been a little awkward lately. In interviews. Also... theres no way jay z was "unknown" at the same time that neptunes and kanye were "unknown"

  71. J4m4l P0w3ll

    J4m4l P0w3ll18 days ago

    3:33-3:34 pause and caption this

  72. Asher Steinberg

    Asher Steinberg18 days ago

    this story makes no sense, he says he recorded Slow Jamz at the same party that Jay-Z attended at a time when Jay-Z was still unknown. Jay-Z was a superstar years before Slow Jamz was recorded


    MMOVING COINS18 days ago

    Ive never heard this story before Jamie Foxx. You should tell it again.

  74. animesh kunwar

    animesh kunwar18 days ago

    Jamie Foxx is the best thing show guest

  75. Eric Jones

    Eric Jones19 days ago

    Tis story is bs the time lines don't match

  76. christaner

    christaner19 days ago

    Jamie got wheel chair legs. Lol you my boy tho "chris.taner so said" www.christaner.com

  77. thandiwe myaka

    thandiwe myaka19 days ago

    can't stand him for some reason

  78. Ohm Shaanthi Ohm

    Ohm Shaanthi Ohm19 days ago

    Does this guy ever age?

  79. CrazyAbe101

    CrazyAbe10119 days ago

    Why is this so hard to watch? ... :( it’s just not genuine at all

  80. Sarah Moka

    Sarah Moka20 days ago

    No shade but maybe Jamie Foxx should have organized Tanacon

  81. Manuel Ferreira

    Manuel Ferreira20 days ago

    Sick of this bullshit

  82. Manuel Ferreira

    Manuel Ferreira20 days ago

    Ya no thanks

  83. Bravo Anane

    Bravo Anane21 day ago

    Always entertaining stories but the timeline makes no sense whatsoever lol That Kanye song came out in 2004 or so. Neptunes and Jay-Z were hella famous already. He said the song came out 8 weeks after it was recorded.

  84. Justin Montero

    Justin Montero21 day ago

    Y’all enjoying this big ass lie? None of the shit he says correlates at all

  85. max lex

    max lex21 day ago

    Dat's nice.

  86. Silkk121382

    Silkk12138221 day ago

    ...what was the "bad movie" that he did for eight weeks? FYI...I simply do not feel like don't my homework at the moment.

  87. Kyla Monique

    Kyla Monique21 day ago

    Hanging out with Jaimie Foxx seems so fun man

  88. malek eh

    malek eh22 days ago

    HE’S LITERALLY THE BEST STORY TELLER EVER! Looool I legit forgot it was an actual interview Lool

  89. CJ official

    CJ official22 days ago

    that was so funny

  90. Lika Sn

    Lika Sn22 days ago

    Love Jamie’s attire & fit

  91. Johnny Dutch

    Johnny Dutch22 days ago

    I`ve heard this fukin story on 5 different talk shows now.

  92. adrian francis

    adrian francis22 days ago

    lmao bro jamie fox is the real hustler bruh he dont care and thats how he made it

  93. Charlie G

    Charlie G23 days ago

    He made jay z sound like Pee Wee Herman

  94. .

    .23 days ago

    Why does he keep saying that nobody knew Jay Z in this story? He was already a few times platinum at this point.

  95. Mademoiselle Glo

    Mademoiselle Glo24 days ago

    lol his studios' stories are incredible ! Love him!

  96. kevin conway

    kevin conway24 days ago

    The time frame is not adding up, Kanye first cd came out in 2003, by that time Jay Z was on album 8, how was Jay in a party party and no one knew him Reasonable Doubt was 1996.

  97. Toni Backus

    Toni Backus24 days ago

    I love his stories!!!

  98. killerskittles

    killerskittles25 days ago

    Switch almost any guest out for Colbert.........easily boost the ratings lol

  99. JP

    JP25 days ago

    He told this one better with Joe Rogan

  100. Mark Crane

    Mark Crane25 days ago

    What was the eight week bad movie?

  101. Stephon Mills

    Stephon Mills25 days ago

    This is a routine he told the same story with the same Laugh and the same facial features... it’s not genuine it’s manufactured he’s a great actor..

  102. marcus flipp

    marcus flipp25 days ago

    man. this is life

  103. Three throne Productions

    Three throne Productions25 days ago

    I love creative folks.