James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank - CONAN on TBS


  1. James Johnson

    James Johnson9 hours ago

    Animated gifs don't make sound.

  2. TheLoneKnight

    TheLoneKnight4 hours ago

    Then it was added into the software running into the presentation.

  3. Lainie Picklesimer

    Lainie PicklesimerDay ago

    The number of likes is how many times I’ve watched this. 👇🏻

  4. Fandom Freak

    Fandom FreakDay ago

    The “remove all four walls” part killed me

  5. Brink Emily

    Brink EmilyDay ago

    Why don't you have more videos? You're histerrically entertaining. I was actually looking for new Conan O Brien videos to watch and found you. Why haven't I seen more of you? I mean not like that... but you know You need to be more popular, get more of yourself out there. There I go again. You know what I mean, right James?

  6. BornToRunBarefoot

    BornToRunBarefoot3 days ago


  7. kirby march barcena

    kirby march barcena7 days ago

    He can never be an architect

  8. maher39

    maher397 days ago


  9. Kyle Stubbs

    Kyle Stubbs8 days ago

    Andrew insisted that the guy he was talking to was Phil. That, I think, gives James full justification for this.

  10. Felicia Smith

    Felicia Smith9 days ago

    I did have this problem before. My phone number was one digit off from the Welfare number and boy did I get the longest most complicated messages!

  11. Felicia Smith

    Felicia Smith9 days ago

    You have to be funny to make PowerPoint funny 😆 👏🏾!! Usually when the lights go down and a screen comes up your brains start to shut down.

  12. Devastating Joke

    Devastating Joke11 days ago

    Don't text the wrong Phil(James) Veitch

  13. Jennifer Smart

    Jennifer Smart13 days ago


  14. Yam Tastic

    Yam Tastic13 days ago

    Rip the guy at 11 Dover place

  15. Raging Fury

    Raging Fury13 days ago

    2:24 anyone notice there's two doors leading to the bathroom? O__O

  16. Kevin Leugan

    Kevin Leugan13 days ago

    I am in tears

  17. Mister Voldemort

    Mister Voldemort16 days ago

    living legend here

  18. Delta Force Aquilae

    Delta Force Aquilae17 days ago

    One man's wrong number is James Veitch's comedy treasure.

  19. Fat Couch Potato

    Fat Couch Potato17 days ago

    He needs a free toaster.

  20. Cringe Gaming 64

    Cringe Gaming 6418 days ago


  21. Meap12 aj

    Meap12 aj19 days ago

    How does he always get into such weird situations

  22. Meap12 aj

    Meap12 aj17 days ago

    jack cohen fair enough

  23. jack cohen

    jack cohen18 days ago

    No more than anyone usual.The difference is that he takes advantage of the situations that a regular person would just dismiss as stupid.

  24. Kloé Yang

    Kloé Yang19 days ago

    Well the moral of this is never tell someone that they are someone after they tell you that they are not that person

  25. XHAD

    XHAD19 days ago

    How do you not have CC?

  26. Tracks

    Tracks20 days ago

    *but I’m Phil.*

  27. narutoroxanne22

    narutoroxanne2223 days ago

    Profanity warning much?!

  28. Richard Helliwell

    Richard Helliwell24 days ago

    He used this on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown a few weeks ago. Very funny!

  29. Becki Rodak

    Becki Rodak24 days ago

    This guy is halarious

  30. Jack of Knives

    Jack of Knives25 days ago

    Next time he might be inclined to double check that the number he texted matches the one on whatever he's getting it off. Then he won't have to have a four step plan

  31. Quinn

    Quinn25 days ago

    He is the epitome of chaotic neutral

  32. Speed Drawing

    Speed Drawing25 days ago

    I just died laughing


    TALPAH FELICIAH26 days ago

    I need subtitles, Phil

  34. Ben Kendall

    Ben Kendall27 days ago

    I’m trying to watch this in middle of night and not laugh... i failed 😂😂😂 love this guy

  35. Young Venus

    Young Venus27 days ago

    I can't breath

  36. Moogie B

    Moogie B28 days ago

    He. Is. Hilarious. !!!

  37. SinnerD2010

    SinnerD201028 days ago

    My mood thanks you very much, real gut buster there

  38. First name Last Name

    First name Last Name28 days ago


  39. Zach Shafer

    Zach Shafer29 days ago

    He just read aloud something that was simply a text post. They seem to be grasping at straws to keep us watching cable.

  40. Harry Taylor

    Harry Taylor29 days ago


  41. John W.  Karr III

    John W. Karr III29 days ago

    is this guy related to the other veitch who does the spongemonkeys?

  42. Harry Taylor

    Harry Taylor29 days ago


  43. Bill Heuber

    Bill Heuber29 days ago

    Oh my God that was absolutely hilarious!! Great job my friend!!

  44. MrBlurby

    MrBlurby29 days ago

    What a beast

  45. Cole Pappadakis

    Cole Pappadakis29 days ago

    Hey, it’s the rubber duck guy

  46. Diamond Rocks 22

    Diamond Rocks 2229 days ago

    Why is this available in my country but the ducks aren’t

  47. Randi Behrends

    Randi Behrends29 days ago

    Thanks lots for the video.

  48. marsbeads

    marsbeads29 days ago

    I love this guy! I don’t laugh out loud with most comedians.

  49. Commenter Satoshi

    Commenter Satoshi29 days ago

    I love James.

  50. Victoria Orlova

    Victoria OrlovaMonth ago

    This is genious

  51. madperson876

    madperson876Month ago

    He is MAD! 😂 I love him though!

  52. Ida M

    Ida MMonth ago

    I love this guy

  53. RomanowRomanow Aleksiej

    RomanowRomanow AleksiejMonth ago

    you are not only not Phil, you are also not high....

  54. Guepardo Guepárdez

    Guepardo GuepárdezMonth ago

    GIFs don't have sound.

  55. Thundor Fox

    Thundor FoxMonth ago

    With this amazing 4 step plan he'll be able to buy enough hummus to last a lifetime

  56. Priscilla Horswell

    Priscilla HorswellMonth ago

    Best comedian 🤣

  57. John W

    John WMonth ago

    Very funny and quite clever...thanks.

  58. Captain Nemo!

    Captain Nemo!Month ago

    8 out of 10 cats?

  59. Flykope

    FlykopeMonth ago

    Yes, but what about the toaster?

  60. Joan Waymont

    Joan WaymontMonth ago

    This made me laugh so so much, I was crying 🤣

  61. Ethan Wilkes

    Ethan WilkesMonth ago


  62. Gardelitozz

    GardelitozzMonth ago


  63. Subscribe to pewdiepie Or ill shank your nan

    Subscribe to pewdiepie Or ill shank your nanMonth ago

    Once i got a message from a random number asking how the baby was and i replied i thought you had it

  64. ijamesweb

    ijameswebMonth ago

    2:47 I'm choking laughing at this

  65. Nicolas Gleason-Boure

    Nicolas Gleason-BoureMonth ago

    KitKat The business is on. I am trying to raise the balance for the gummy bear so he can submit all the needed fizzy cola bottle jelly beans to the crème egg for the peanut butter M&Ms process to start. Send £1500.00 via a giant gummy lizard

  66. monkeyboyol10 pon

    monkeyboyol10 ponMonth ago

    A true genius

  67. GWsilver

    GWsilverMonth ago

    I love James, but he looks like that dude from Tinker Bell

  68. Ex Tyger

    Ex TygerMonth ago

    Very "Game on, bitch!"

  69. Neurofied Yamato

    Neurofied YamatoMonth ago

    The fact he misunderstood him when James denied that he was his landlord made this hilarious. If he just messed with him for no reason I would think it was a bit harsh. But I mean the guy had it coming when he said "actually you are."

  70. Jane Random

    Jane RandomMonth ago

    "I fail to see how that would help." You gotta hand it to that Andrew guy. He argues with class.

  71. NefariousPorpoise

    NefariousPorpoiseMonth ago

    Is this what passes as stand-up comedy these days?

  72. awesomelego24 awesomelego24

    awesomelego24 awesomelego24Month ago

    I have tears, this is so funny! James is great

  73. Troy Costa

    Troy CostaMonth ago

    this guy is a comedy genius 😂

  74. FoxyFan505

    FoxyFan505Month ago

    I cried of laughter

  75. Groovy Satan

    Groovy SatanMonth ago

    One time some kid texted me by accident at 9am on weekend, "Hey dude can we use your halfpipe?" So I said, "Sure bro! Come on over! Bring everyone!" He never responded. I was hoping for an angry text back. :(

  76. Consumers perspective

    Consumers perspectiveMonth ago

    I like this dude

  77. Anime Fanime

    Anime FanimeMonth ago

    This is the greatest man alive

  78. Avery Robson

    Avery RobsonMonth ago

    This is hilarious I need more of this guy

  79. Jack Dog

    Jack DogMonth ago

    Get this guy on Taskmaster

  80. Dave Blundell

    Dave BlundellMonth ago


  81. Cristopher

    CristopherMonth ago

    .gif files do not have sound

  82. secret yawn

    secret yawnMonth ago

    I want to smack this soyboy

  83. Cuckoo brain

    Cuckoo brainMonth ago

    Every time he opens his mouth its like Christmas.

  84. RosesofWillows

    RosesofWillowsMonth ago

    "And I thought 'oooooh!' "

  85. Bofnar Bøland

    Bofnar BølandMonth ago

    Who else is planning to get only one tattoo in their life, and it being of the name James Veitch

  86. Brenda Killon

    Brenda KillonMonth ago

    I literally died Especially at step one and step two... Those arrows though

  87. Isaiah Pero

    Isaiah PeroMonth ago

    I am literally crying right now in between my shouts of laughter!!! 😂🤣 😂🤣

  88. trisa Avul Pakir

    trisa Avul PakirMonth ago

    Superwog vs james veitch

  89. Anything But

    Anything ButMonth ago

    the thing is guys...i-i got more

  90. ScorpiScam] 90

    ScorpiScam] 90Month ago


  91. Summer Yin

    Summer YinMonth ago

    Hummus for you, hummus for you-

  92. Animeer

    AnimeerMonth ago


  93. YlvaJade

    YlvaJadeMonth ago

    JAMES OMG 😂😂😂😂

  94. Kristinapedia

    KristinapediaMonth ago

    Are these emails real? Because I’ve never been so lucky with scammers.

  95. B_Adamson

    B_AdamsonMonth ago

    3:43 I’m dying 😂😂😂

  96. Arthur Pewtey

    Arthur PewteyMonth ago


  97. John Clubb

    John ClubbMonth ago

    i love this guy

  98. Benjamin Rojoy

    Benjamin RojoyMonth ago

    You really gotta be careful sending any sort of message to this guy!! 😂😂

  99. David S.

    David S.Month ago

    How do you add sound to a gif?

  100. Luna Daniels

    Luna DanielsMonth ago

    I hope his stories are real. They're too good not to be

  101. naju332

    naju332Month ago

    I LOVE THIS DUDe first comedy that makes me laugh

  102. Nuno Soares

    Nuno SoaresMonth ago




    I said _oooooohhhh_