James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank - CONAN on TBS


  1. _therealme_

    _therealme_Hour ago

    i want to do this one day xD

  2. Quicktime Events

    Quicktime EventsHour ago

    "Step One: Remove All Four Walls" Dead. INSTANTLY dead.

  3. petercc1000

    petercc1000Hour ago

    hes incredible

  4. pacman

    pacman4 hours ago

    I love this guy

  5. Shilpa Sainia

    Shilpa Sainia8 hours ago

    This is the most funniest stand up comedy 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  6. A Floyd

    A Floyd2 days ago


  7. OhMyMagix

    OhMyMagix2 days ago

    Trolls at their finest.

  8. MockingBirdGotU

    MockingBirdGotU2 days ago

    this never gets old . . . (hits replay button again)

  9. Carl Jilks

    Carl Jilks2 days ago

    Who is this clown?

  10. Darc Devel

    Darc Devel2 days ago

    This is one I think is genuinely fake. Because this would be a really mean prank to do to someone. Not only that, texting isn't like email that takes place over days or weeks. James wouldn't have time to draw up all those elaborate animations. Finally, the reactions are more than just a little dense.

  11. Jodie Kavanagh

    Jodie Kavanagh3 days ago

    I teach a high school Civil Engineering class. I can't wait to use this video as an introduction to a lesson on Heat Loss and Gain in residential buildings. :)

  12. Simon Maguire

    Simon Maguire4 days ago

    Next time some one tells you that they are not the person you want take their word for it.

  13. Simon Maguire

    Simon Maguire4 days ago

    Why is this guy not on TV, with a load of DVDs out?

  14. Chris M

    Chris M5 days ago

    Holy freak, can you please speak faster?

  15. YoLilSmolBean

    YoLilSmolBean5 days ago

    "Hi Phil" Me:God damn it Dan...

  16. semper lacrimare

    semper lacrimare5 days ago

    That looks like jackets apartment

  17. John Paterson

    John Paterson6 days ago

    I laughed so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Just fantastic James! Assuming such things are real; I have tried to pull such things on cold telephone callers, but I am vastly less witty in my poor attempts than you. Keep up the good work for all of us.

  18. BartelDoo

    BartelDoo6 days ago

    This a fake story that he created.

  19. IAË

    IAË6 days ago

    what a mad lad

  20. mashroob

    mashroob7 days ago

    That boy has a belly now.

  21. Nighthawk

    Nighthawk7 days ago

    modern Woody Allen.

  22. Qeen spiri

    Qeen spiri7 days ago

    i just found out about james where has he been all my life hes funny as hell

  23. Charles Smith

    Charles Smith7 days ago

    Shouldn’t James get a life?

  24. H. R.

    H. R.7 days ago

    Charles Smith he multi-tasks

  25. Jack Rickman

    Jack Rickman7 days ago

    Solomon your email intrigues me...

  26. chipmunk Luke Skywalker

    chipmunk Luke Skywalker9 days ago

    is this real or no?

  27. J da high roller

    J da high roller9 days ago

    just a good lol

  28. Martin Sponge

    Martin Sponge9 days ago

    ‘This is unacceptable. If you do this on Wednesday my lawyer will be in touch.’ Me: ‘Well, how about Thursday?’

  29. stefan goatmoon

    stefan goatmoon10 days ago

    The first video i saw from him was with the african gold scam and i seen some of his videos more than i can count on my hands. I really love him 😂😂😂

  30. Mikkel Scott - Guttural Slug/Septic Congestion

    Mikkel Scott - Guttural Slug/Septic Congestion10 days ago

    I wouldn't call making 3 gifs very elaborate lol

  31. Libby Kautz

    Libby Kautz10 days ago

    I clicked on this video at 2 in the morning and spent the next 4 minutes desperately trying to suppress my laughs so to not wake up my sisters. I even had to pause it twice to calm down. Totally worth it.

  32. Team Ponnie

    Team Ponnie10 days ago

    The sound effect omg I died

  33. Dino Spumoni

    Dino Spumoni10 days ago

    Did the dude actually make animated videos with audio and send it to the guy? Or did he add the audio just for his comedy performance? He says they were GIFs but GIFs can't have sound.

  34. Gustafsson Eric

    Gustafsson Eric11 days ago

    I love when James vietch reads the 4chan green texts. He's hilarious!

  35. Max McCann

    Max McCann11 days ago

    This man deserved to be the Next Doctor

  36. eric fuller

    eric fuller11 days ago

    no idea why this came up but laughed so hard in tears at work. glad working alone today

  37. Roberto Mizhquiri

    Roberto Mizhquiri12 days ago

    I needed that laugh . Thanks James

  38. Alaunt2009

    Alaunt200914 days ago

    This never fails to make me laugh!

  39. Josiah Ward

    Josiah Ward14 days ago

    Lol fake

  40. The Doctor

    The Doctor14 days ago

    I was laughing like that one weird hyena in Lion King.

  41. Blue Pearl Diver

    Blue Pearl Diver17 days ago

    Chaotic good

  42. Oh honey, ThanksLIVING!

    Oh honey, ThanksLIVING!17 days ago

    Solomon, your email intrigues me

  43. Grace Skerp

    Grace Skerp17 days ago

    It's comforting for all of us that he uses his powers for good and not evil..... well, so far.

  44. Mike

    Mike17 days ago

    *SOY + Unemployment*

  45. Christian Scheppegrell

    Christian Scheppegrell18 days ago

    God this guy is not funny

  46. Valentin Ionaş

    Valentin Ionaş19 days ago

    Solomon, your email intrigues me.

  47. matszz

    matszz19 days ago

    Actually you are, that guy deserves worse.

  48. Kratsminsch Skunk

    Kratsminsch Skunk20 days ago

    I had someone text me, one very sad morning (for me). I told them I was not the person they thought I was, and they thought I was joking. I finally gave them some MReporter search terms of videos I had just put up. My 9 year old skunk, Gherkin the Mighty was dying. The video cleared things up, and we parted on very polite terms.

  49. Ananya Kundu

    Ananya Kundu20 days ago

    By far the best prank I've ever seen!!!!😂

  50. E Z

    E Z20 days ago

    Is he still doing these spam thins? I love them but i think ive seem them all. Hope to see more.

  51. Julious Lucas

    Julious Lucas20 days ago

    I would love to see a no wall, iced everywhere house

  52. Chase Benfield

    Chase Benfield20 days ago

    My like is not affiliated with Colon.

  53. vyrodox

    vyrodox21 day ago

    Tom Holland is that you

  54. Lephantis hazard

    Lephantis hazard21 day ago


  55. Kate RH

    Kate RH22 days ago

    So you've just stolen the video???

  56. Bantha Fodder

    Bantha Fodder22 days ago

    But did he booby trap the stalemate button?

  57. HamatouMing

    HamatouMing23 days ago

    Yes, because a wall of ice is the only way to combat towel rail heat

  58. Jainen Kaufmann

    Jainen Kaufmann23 days ago

    I find it funny how the people who text/email him must hate him and yet we all love him

  59. Christian H

    Christian H23 days ago

    Oh good I found the block button. No more having to see these videos in my recommended

  60. Christian H

    Christian H23 days ago

    I really don’t like his comedy and these dumb video keep popping up in recommended even though I hit the “not interested* button

  61. Nathan Barnett

    Nathan Barnett24 days ago

    Mildly humorous, but he’s just stealing Dave Gorman’s act from 1998.

  62. maudale

    maudale25 days ago

    HAaha so funny, although I'm sure he would've been frantically calling and asking why "phil" wasn't picking up

  63. Dr. Spectre

    Dr. Spectre26 days ago

    James is one of the VERY few comedians that can make me literally LOL. Typical British humor at its best. Intelligent, no cursing, no sex jokes, just intelligent comedy.

  64. Rushork

    Rushork2 days ago

    This isn't real British humor, it's toned down for the American viewers.

  65. Philip Miller

    Philip Miller26 days ago

    Um, hi first message...

  66. EuiJin Ban

    EuiJin Ban26 days ago


  67. Callum Nightingale

    Callum Nightingale27 days ago

    This is amazing 😂

  68. Esteban Grijalva

    Esteban Grijalva27 days ago

    When ur bored and you start trolling people

  69. Marjorie Schreurs

    Marjorie Schreurs27 days ago

    James you have no idea of the damage you have done... Me and my partner are living together. She saw your duck video and now... I am finding rubber duckies everywhere...

  70. Feyman Richard

    Feyman Richard27 days ago

    This guy is awesome..😂😂

  71. Phil Roggenbuck

    Phil Roggenbuck27 days ago

    The email was for me.

  72. Michael lin

    Michael lin26 days ago


  73. Diego Ignacio

    Diego Ignacio27 days ago

    2:38 a lady is dying in the crowd

  74. Johnsfilms

    Johnsfilms28 days ago

    I wonder what happened to the real Phil?

  75. John Iuga

    John Iuga28 days ago

    Just one look at the thumbnail and I could tell he was English 😂

  76. Bismuth Crystal

    Bismuth Crystal29 days ago

    James Veitch is retroactively my inspiration for messing with people who have the wrong number and are rude.

  77. soth1 sol

    soth1 sol29 days ago

    want to become a comedian? learn powerpoint. awesome.

  78. Decaticon

    DecaticonMonth ago

    james veitch always has the best presentations

  79. Deserted Pikachugirl

    Deserted PikachugirlMonth ago

    I feel sorry for the guy 😂

  80. Ms. Green

    Ms. GreenMonth ago

    He's so funnny!!

  81. Steve Bergen

    Steve BergenMonth ago

    And I don't even care if some things could be a bit a ajusted. It is funny what he does :D

  82. Insanity Virus

    Insanity VirusMonth ago

    James Veitch is officially amazing and on my top 5 favorite comedians list

  83. Paul Torchia

    Paul TorchiaMonth ago

    I almost want to prank text this guy just to see how he would respond.

  84. Anita Olumide

    Anita OlumideMonth ago

    I love him

  85. Rick Rogers

    Rick RogersMonth ago

    I'm not really into comedy so I have never heard of this guy. However his slightly twisted view of what is funny, and lack of vulgarity, is great and I'm on a binge.

  86. Cody Call

    Cody CallMonth ago


  87. ben byas

    ben byasMonth ago

    ha ha this was great. James is the best

  88. Xp_generic

    Xp_genericMonth ago

    During the 4 step plan I lost it. It’s 12 in the morning and I’m trying NOT to wake up my family

  89. FlameCat Gaming

    FlameCat GamingMonth ago

    literally spit out my cereal, theres corn flakes all over my screen now

  90. Lluvia

    LluviaMonth ago

    Phil: Thats a lot of DAMAGE!

  91. 10,000 subs with  no vids

    10,000 subs with no vidsMonth ago

    i'm cryingggg 😂😂😂

  92. zyzix

    zyzixMonth ago

    "THATS THE WRONG NUMBER!" *crowd goes wild*

  93. David Duran

    David DuranMonth ago

    Oh MReporter, why do you keep me up so late when I have to be up so early.

  94. StaxxxCmd

    StaxxxCmdMonth ago

    Biggest troll ever

  95. Tom Carrick

    Tom CarrickMonth ago


  96. H C

    H CMonth ago


  97. Jackson

    JacksonMonth ago

    Where's he going to put the hummus?

  98. Elias Andersson

    Elias AnderssonMonth ago

    Laughed to death! ;D

  99. Richard Mills

    Richard MillsMonth ago

    A little cruel perhaps, but delivered with great wit

  100. Skyler Horner

    Skyler HornerMonth ago

    I died at step 1 😂💀

  101. Indi Heaton

    Indi HeatonMonth ago

    What I really hope is that he is actually a fan of James

  102. Mr. Lemons

    Mr. LemonsMonth ago

    James Vietch

  103. Truth Only Cheshire

    Truth Only CheshireMonth ago

    The next Woody Allen !!!!!! Think about that a bit ......