James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank - CONAN on TBS


  1. Tineke Williams

    Tineke Williams7 hours ago

    You brighten my life, hahaha!!!!!

  2. Oliver Galan

    Oliver Galan13 hours ago


  3. FiendishCatz

    FiendishCatz13 hours ago

    Yay he's still doing these! I love his talks.

  4. monterrang

    monterrang15 hours ago


  5. Steven Moore

    Steven Moore22 hours ago

    Often you are funny. This time not. Should have just clarified it's the wrong number, and not wasted his time. That's all.

  6. Raz

    Raz8 hours ago

    Oh no a minor inconvenience!

  7. Gongoozler I am

    Gongoozler I am23 hours ago

    It literally makes my day whenever I see new content up with him in it!

  8. Micahel Robson

    Micahel RobsonDay ago

    that was brilliant!

  9. Batman Dude

    Batman DudeDay ago

    His texting jokes are so original

  10. Sininen Blue

    Sininen BlueDay ago

    has anyone noticed that the laugh in the background sounds like a laugh track? i mean its still funny anyway so who cares

  11. GMD_ Bullet

    GMD_ BulletDay ago

    sTop TeXtiNg mE!!1!11

  12. UnderCraft39

    UnderCraft39Day ago


  13. Adam Hunt

    Adam HuntDay ago


  14. Dean Lotter

    Dean LotterDay ago

    I’ve heard him done this bit before

  15. Pat Fitzgerald

    Pat FitzgeraldDay ago

    That was dumb and laboriously unfunny.

  16. J Squad Vlogs

    J Squad VlogsDay ago

    Pat Fitzgerald then why did you watch it

  17. Ali ens

    Ali ensDay ago

    I love this guy! XD

  18. Izzy TheYoutuber

    Izzy TheYoutuber2 days ago

    Oh my god this is halairious

  19. Misty Winter Alva

    Misty Winter Alva2 days ago

    I laughed so hard I woke my son up 😂 I couldn't help myself 😄 this guy is hilarious

  20. Jordan Gaynor`

    Jordan Gaynor`2 days ago

    The problem with this bit is it's just not believable at all. It's obviously a made up story. I know most comedians embellish stories to make them funnier but this isn't believable at all

  21. jerry lim

    jerry lim2 days ago


  22. Monkey Do

    Monkey Do2 days ago

    Can you redesign my house?

  23. Vixey Teh

    Vixey Teh2 days ago

    I just saw the title and thought... how unlucky would you have to be to make that wrong call? XD

  24. Feleicia T

    Feleicia T2 days ago

    ROFLMAO!!!!! Damn, this guy is funny!!!!!!

  25. BTS My Hearteu

    BTS My Hearteu2 days ago

    This has been uploaded before


    PLASMA GAMER2 days ago

    oh my sweet baby jesus, im dying from laughter, and its early dawn where i am

  27. Christian Puddington

    Christian Puddington2 days ago

    James is freaking hilarious. Love his rubber duck video too!

  28. Yang's Right arm

    Yang's Right arm2 days ago

    nice reupload

  29. 14 mtkultra

    14 mtkultra2 days ago

    You shouldn't watch him in public. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Randall Silver

    Randall Silver2 days ago

    This guy is exactly my kind of evil :-D

  31. Bad drivers of St. John's, NL

    Bad drivers of St. John's, NL3 days ago

    if u liked this, look up his TED talks, he does other spam replying and such on there.

  32. TheMythey

    TheMythey3 days ago

    I noticed this little thing he does, when he's waiting for the audience to finish laughing; he'll look off toward the back of the room, eyebrows raised, mouth slightly open, as if this is the first time in his life he's ever encountered a large group of people and he's not sure what to make of it. Very curious, anyone else notice that?

  33. Steller Star Studios

    Steller Star Studios3 days ago

    This is the most hilariously-AMAZING thing I've seen all day - heck, all MONTH! X-D

  34. Mizuki Nazuiboschi

    Mizuki Nazuiboschi3 days ago

    Pure gold :'D

  35. Željko Lončar

    Željko Lončar3 days ago

    Nothing wakes me up on late night MReporter watching more than a dose of Veitch

  36. Doom Ander

    Doom Ander3 days ago

    The guy had it coming, trying to be all 'no, YES you are' with his assertion, bleeding idiot not thinking he had a wrong number and all. Brilliant comedic comeback.

  37. A Channel That Deserves No Subs

    A Channel That Deserves No Subs3 days ago


  38. Nova Anicas

    Nova Anicas3 days ago

    Step 1: in tears 3:42

  39. christdragon

    christdragon3 days ago

    James Veitch is the greatest comedian of this decade. I've seen his TED talk and all the other videos and I highly recommend them to everyone. Thanks.

  40. Azar K.

    Azar K.3 days ago

    Classic James.

  41. Gutsy Ghost

    Gutsy Ghost3 days ago

    The second the animation for the first step appeared I spat my drink out everywhere

  42. GavinOnDisplay

    GavinOnDisplay3 days ago

    He needs a new story, I want more I saw this a while back

  43. amyisaway

    amyisaway3 days ago

    the more of james veitch i watch, the more i fall just a liiiittle bit in love with his humour

  44. Starfish on Toast

    Starfish on Toast3 days ago


  45. Josh Mayes

    Josh Mayes3 days ago

    He's gonna get into some serious trouble one day 😂😂😂

  46. Here's Negan

    Here's Negan3 days ago

    My best friend is related to James, it’s alright I didn’t believe her at first either

  47. Rose

    Rose3 days ago

    this the wix man!!

  48. jan harald

    jan harald3 days ago

    lol, this is amazing

  49. Tassilo Labuzinski

    Tassilo Labuzinski3 days ago

    Such a commitment to casual cruelty 😂

  50. Elligor

    Elligor3 days ago

    He reminds me so much of David Tennant.

  51. Jaime Morales

    Jaime Morales4 days ago

    set confusion for portray classical painter discuss reject slam financial African-American watch

  52. Megan

    Megan4 days ago

    It's hilarious when it's not your actual Agent doing it. I complained about a serious mould problem in our bathroom and followed up with the suggestion that a ventilation fan be installed since there was no sizeable windows to create air flow. Realestates answer: open the door. (face palm!)

  53. Kyurae Minasaki

    Kyurae Minasaki4 days ago

    He's the greatest troll there is.

  54. BabySnake

    BabySnake4 days ago

    This literally just made my day better xD guy is just amazing at what he does

  55. James Bowers

    James Bowers4 days ago

    This guy is so good at trolling it makes me want him to troll me one day.

  56. IntertemporalWarfare

    IntertemporalWarfare4 days ago

    "Step One: Remove all four walls." And there's me. On the floor. Dying of laughter.

  57. Lucas Glenn

    Lucas Glenn4 days ago

    this is old

  58. 💎Mr.Antimatter

    💎Mr.Antimatter4 days ago


  59. Fire Nation Files

    Fire Nation Files4 days ago

    "Expand the bathroom" 😂

  60. Foul Lily

    Foul Lily4 days ago

    ah i love that man, very funny xD

  61. Gigie K.

    Gigie K.4 days ago


  62. []HĒŁŁ [] KNĪGHT []

    []HĒŁŁ [] KNĪGHT []4 days ago

    Harry potter and the phone number from Dumbledore

  63. Atomic Limelight

    Atomic Limelight4 days ago

    man's a damn legend xD

  64. Bri 1701

    Bri 17014 days ago

    Pretty sure that was meant for my dad, he lived in that house and his name is Phil

  65. Bri 1701

    Bri 17014 days ago

    Nm it was Dover court not place

  66. Mandy Jacobson

    Mandy Jacobson4 days ago

    Are these real or does he make them up?

  67. Anaghaa Bhalla

    Anaghaa Bhalla4 days ago

    Just sitting here, rewatching Veitch’s amazing comedy skits

  68. JMW514

    JMW5144 days ago

    I wish I’d get into something interesting like that. All I get is PlayStation messages from robots that want me to sign up for live cam websites

  69. John

    John4 days ago

    THIS IS old but gold

  70. Guinea Gamers

    Guinea Gamers4 days ago

    Step 1: Remove all four walls I died laughing

  71. Haley A

    Haley A4 days ago

    This guy is hilarious!

  72. Andy Rogers

    Andy Rogers4 days ago

    Justin y you are here comment on this comment

  73. sasha8585096

    sasha85850964 days ago

    James veitch you are pure evil:p