James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank - CONAN on TBS


  1. Morpheas

    MorpheasDay ago


  2. Alfred F. Jones

    Alfred F. Jones2 days ago

    God I really want to text a wrong number and have it end up being James Veitch.

  3. Evelina Swinton

    Evelina Swinton2 days ago

    I hope Andrew finds this one day and has a good laugh at his own expense.

  4. carl-johan källman

    carl-johan källman3 days ago


  5. Elvis Van

    Elvis Van3 days ago

    10PM Dec 9 2018~

  6. Alexander the Greater

    Alexander the Greater4 days ago

    This is what Justin y could've done in his free time

  7. totallynotagrill

    totallynotagrill5 days ago

    Remind me never to eat spaghettios while watching these again

  8. Craziness Galore

    Craziness Galore5 days ago

    StOp TeXtInG mE

  9. MrDahQ

    MrDahQ6 days ago

    ....i wish i could mistext and it would go to james.... would be great

  10. Isac Portillo

    Isac Portillo7 days ago

    He needs a netflix special

  11. Riley Browning

    Riley Browning7 days ago

    James is my hero

  12. Josh_ Nunn

    Josh_ Nunn8 days ago

    James vetich's email chat history must be one heck of a read

  13. Why Tho

    Why Tho9 days ago

    Where is his free toaster this is bonanza!

  14. Jaw Ji

    Jaw Ji9 days ago

    Is this real? I am surprised they did all this by text and not make a phone call for a maintenance issue.

  15. Fluffypaw

    Fluffypaw9 days ago

    He sounds like Harry Potter

  16. Joseph Place

    Joseph Place9 days ago

    everyone's happy now, James gets a funny wrong number, and Andrew gets his towel rail sorted!

  17. MRH 21

    MRH 219 days ago

    Well isn’t this a fun way to teach someone not to be rude

  18. ZhangtheGreat

    ZhangtheGreat9 days ago

    I want James Veitch to design my next home 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Banana b

    Banana b10 days ago

    Honestly this guy is amazing

  20. Lucy Dragneel

    Lucy Dragneel10 days ago

    Gosh I love his dude XDDD

  21. Russell

    Russell11 days ago

    Once had someone call me from Brazil. When I told him he had the wrong number he wanted me to find the correct person because obviously everyone in Canada knows Steve in Calgary. He called me three times insisting I help him.

  22. Charlie's World

    Charlie's World12 days ago

    I'm just here laughing my head off.

  23. Cooper Crosier

    Cooper Crosier13 days ago

    This is my favorite comedian

  24. eend123456789

    eend12345678913 days ago

    thanks for this, i cried my eyes out from laughter xD

  25. Innocent_Bystander

    Innocent_Bystander13 days ago

    Dumbass ... next time someone tells you that you have the wrong number, listen to them...

  26. The Chase Show

    The Chase Show15 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants to see Andrew and the real Phil's actual conversation

  27. Amber96Anime

    Amber96Anime15 days ago

    This was great!! Lmao!!! Hahahaha!!!

  28. Barbus

    Barbus16 days ago

    Give this guy a Netflix special!

  29. Teeny Burrito

    Teeny Burrito16 days ago

    I died on step one 🤣

  30. Debbie Hensley

    Debbie Hensley17 days ago


  31. Adele Therese

    Adele Therese18 days ago

    I fail to see how this could help.

  32. Callum Bradford

    Callum Bradford18 days ago

    Can’t believe I watched a 20 minute video to try and experience anything a sim does

  33. Nancy Molina

    Nancy Molina18 days ago

    Is this for real? Or it’s just a joke???

  34. OldWayArtisans

    OldWayArtisans20 days ago

    It never gets old.

  35. Steve White

    Steve White20 days ago

    This guy is genuinely funny. Does anyone know if he's done a sketch on annoying "this is Microsoft maintenance, we've detected you have a problem with your computer...." calls?

  36. Moonwalking Panda

    Moonwalking Panda20 days ago

    This reads like it could be a Monty Python sketch and by god it is beautiful.

  37. NachOooZ Macho

    NachOooZ Macho21 day ago

    Phil’s watching this right now...

  38. Aeredhael Redfalen

    Aeredhael Redfalen21 day ago

    I once got a call from a number I didn't know. It was a deep voiced man who informed me he had my engine ready and he asked where I wanted it. I paused for a minute, and then said "well, I guess you can just drop it off in the front yard..." to which he said: "no problem, I'm on my way!" No idea who got their engine delivered to their front yard, but the guy was certainly eager to drop it off!

  39. All Will Be Well

    All Will Be Well21 day ago

    He reminds me of John Oliver. Love both of them.

  40. Zixal

    Zixal21 day ago

    The legend we all can aspire to be

  41. MarsBar756

    MarsBar75622 days ago

    Who burped at 4:34

  42. George Standring

    George Standring22 days ago


  43. Kevin Knight

    Kevin Knight22 days ago

    is it faith that every comic faces a funny incident to tell.

  44. Ronald Brown

    Ronald Brown23 days ago

    Scary your floor plan is on ebay

  45. popshopgirly

    popshopgirly23 days ago

    I'm in tears! 😂

  46. ElyGrandgeorge

    ElyGrandgeorge23 days ago

    I rarely laughed so hard

  47. Sinress Fyodie

    Sinress Fyodie24 days ago

    This man is a legend, this is better than stand up comedy AND it is family friendly

  48. Mr DerpyHead

    Mr DerpyHead25 days ago

    2:38 Is that a seagull?

  49. DeeDah

    DeeDah26 days ago

    I hope he never stops making these. I'm 68 and hope to still be seeing these when I croak.

  50. Sarah Thompson

    Sarah Thompson26 days ago

    I hope you visit Hadleigh in Suffolk very soon. We need cheering up, James!

  51. Auxodium

    Auxodium26 days ago

    IM expecting a lameass WIX ad from him...

  52. Raymond Harris

    Raymond Harris27 days ago

    LOL!!! This dude is very funny. 😂😂😂

  53. 2000 Subscriber No Videos

    2000 Subscriber No Videos28 days ago


  54. snoookie456

    snoookie45628 days ago

    Wow man, I was eating, had to pause at step 1, I couldn't breathe, but I overestimated myself, played it again and at step 2 I choked on my food...

  55. red_eyes 88

    red_eyes 8828 days ago

    Out of interest, did the landlord agree to the towel rail thing?? STAHP TEXTING ME ...yes

  56. IJ March

    IJ March29 days ago


  57. A Person

    A PersonMonth ago

    Don't you love it when people correct you as to your own identity.

  58. Lanny Boy

    Lanny BoyMonth ago

    Actually you are. According to the leasing agreement, you’re responsible for looking after the 11 Dover Place from a maintenance perspective.

  59. Gnar Gnar Bo Bo

    Gnar Gnar Bo BoMonth ago

    Jeez,Britts...done it again!As quality as Monty Python for the digital age...smashing

  60. Em Em

    Em EmMonth ago

    The ultimate troll

  61. Hedgehog Lover

    Hedgehog LoverMonth ago

    I fookin love dis

  62. dave DD

    dave DDMonth ago

    great show, as always

  63. Dario Ramirez-Pico

    Dario Ramirez-PicoMonth ago

    “WOW. THAT is very useful.” 😂

  64. REALwoombath

    REALwoombathMonth ago

    Even though it's fake his delivery and creativity makes it gold.

  65. Joshua Doll

    Joshua DollMonth ago

    Even after hearing this story dozens of times I still manage to laugh at it

  66. Blackbeard CW eSports

    Blackbeard CW eSportsMonth ago

    I have not laughed that hard and uncontrollably in a long time. Lmao hahahahaha

  67. AFMountaineer2000

    AFMountaineer2000Month ago

    This is why you should never hassle a comic, they will eventually get paid for wasting your time

  68. katiexxpaige

    katiexxpaigeMonth ago

    If I ever became widowed I would never settle for another man other than James.

  69. savagecub

    savagecubMonth ago

    Maybe try some contact lenses ?

  70. Insufferable Brick

    Insufferable BrickMonth ago

    Hi Phil Swift here for Flex Seal

  71. Lara Obermaier

    Lara ObermaierMonth ago

    good guy :)

  72. TeaOfTheKiwiBird

    TeaOfTheKiwiBirdMonth ago

    This man should be president.....

  73. Syamsul Arifin

    Syamsul ArifinMonth ago

    :D crazy guy LOL

  74. Amelia EverythingBabyNames

    Amelia EverythingBabyNamesMonth ago

    I'm CRYING.

  75. Stealth Attack

    Stealth AttackMonth ago

    awesome 😀

  76. Girl law Ofthewild

    Girl law OfthewildMonth ago

    “Actually I’m not” Other person* “actually you are”

  77. Lauren Schuessler

    Lauren SchuesslerMonth ago

    How long does it take to type "Wrong number"?

  78. Joy Davis

    Joy DavisMonth ago


  79. E Smith

    E SmithMonth ago

    Thank you for you Email, Your Case Number Is [#000001]

  80. L TR

    L TRMonth ago

    Many years ago when I moved and got a new phone number, it only took a couple of days to realize that I had been given the former number to the mayor's office after the city had changed over to a unique prefix. I had a BLAST with that. And may have been partly responsible for them losing an election...

  81. Kim Johnson

    Kim JohnsonMonth ago

    I LOVE him. Definitely going to do this if someone accidentally texts me hehe

  82. Andrew Slawson

    Andrew SlawsonMonth ago

    My name is Andrew

  83. Ian Taggart

    Ian TaggartMonth ago

    I wonder how Andrew reacted when he saw this vid.

  84. Ian Taggart

    Ian TaggartMonth ago

    Andrew should have known it was a joke. What sort of professional landlord is simple minded enough to say "builder" rather than "handyman"?

  85. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezMonth ago

    Sorry was this supposed to be funny I must have missed it or I have should have been there

  86. PavarottiAardvark

    PavarottiAardvarkMonth ago

    I preferred this guy when he was annoying internet scammers, not some poor guy who was renting a flat.

  87. Eddie R

    Eddie RMonth ago

    This dude is a national treasure

  88. UFC pay-per-view Fights

    UFC pay-per-view FightsMonth ago

    same content on other channel and in other place, somewhere in australia

  89. Thinker  Haist

    Thinker HaistMonth ago

    Isn't this dude from the Ted Talks?

  90. KittyBalls

    KittyBallsMonth ago

    This guy is hilarious

  91. Charlie Hopkins

    Charlie HopkinsMonth ago

    aaaaand another stolen joke

  92. ZackYT

    ZackYTMonth ago

    sooo did phil get sued??

  93. Edward Wang

    Edward WangMonth ago


  94. Gypsi Minion

    Gypsi MinionMonth ago

    I love this guys LAUGHING so hard I'm choking. I have a good imagination so I'm watching this man's face in my head. Thanks for the laugh.

  95. Chris Porter

    Chris PorterMonth ago

    Genius problem solver

  96. Jim Hayes

    Jim HayesMonth ago


  97. Marcus Farrell

    Marcus FarrellMonth ago

    The apartment plan is all bedrooms and bathrooms. There is also no apparent door to enter/exist from

  98. I H-Ainsworth

    I H-AinsworthMonth ago

    This guy really isn't funny

  99. starlessartemis

    starlessartemisMonth ago

    This is brilliant!

  100. Kingofmobzell1010 Graves

    Kingofmobzell1010 GravesMonth ago

    He’s mater of trolling.