James Veitch’s Elaborate Wrong Number Prank - CONAN on TBS


  1. Just a Person

    Just a Person10 hours ago

    91,000th like, But no one cares...

  2. LogicGames

    LogicGamesDay ago

    James Veitch is an international treasure.

  3. Lealani Svoboda

    Lealani SvobodaDay ago

    Love James Veitch!

  4. GamerNation

    GamerNation2 days ago

    Who is this man.

  5. mdkalina kalina

    mdkalina kalina2 days ago

    I just pulled a James Vietch . Someone texted me(it was a wrong number). I messed with him ( his name was Bob). It was funny what I replied . Thanks James. I love your stuff.

  6. Julien Brightside

    Julien Brightside2 days ago

    Laughing so much from this.

  7. Anna Ward

    Anna Ward3 days ago

    LOL. Can I just say; LOL.

  8. Vlad Filen

    Vlad Filen3 days ago

    poor real phil

  9. Hontom

    Hontom6 days ago

    i see a james veitch video and i just rush to it immediately xD

  10. CurryKingWurst

    CurryKingWurstDay ago

    I hope you're subscribed to his youtube channel then. :D

  11. V Star 1300 Adventures

    V Star 1300 Adventures6 days ago

    I've put together some pranks before like labeling up a 6 pack of Pepsi to appear as though it was Whoop Ass, the official drink of the disgruntled, a life size disco bugs bunny that had a sign reading "Sorry Doc, you must be this high to work in PMU." designed taller than the super short guy I worked for, and a fake set of orders for a Puerto Rican kid that stood duty in my section 1 month before he was going to get married (Written as single orders only, no family) to Siberia. None of my very finely crafted pranks come up to this man's professional quality level. He sounds like he would be great fun at a party.

  12. IoEstasCedonta

    IoEstasCedonta7 days ago

    James is basically a live action Bugs Bunny.

  13. Once Bogus

    Once Bogus7 days ago

    tell a joke

  14. Dead INSIDE

    Dead INSIDE7 days ago

    My orchestra teacher showed this.

  15. Richard Carl, Jr

    Richard Carl, Jr7 days ago

    Laughed so hard I can't breathe xD hahaha

  16. Back When Army Of Two First Came Out

    Back When Army Of Two First Came Out8 days ago

    Not true but the guy's very funny

  17. Inga Mari

    Inga Mari8 days ago

    Thank you. I wasn't such a down mood earlier this afternoon, but after listening to two of his skits, laughter has healed me. Laughter is such a great medicine. I had never heard of this gentleman until yesterday. Now I listen to him from 🍚to 🦆🛁to windows and ☀️towelracks and 🔢.

  18. Cameron Bigley

    Cameron Bigley8 days ago

    3:44 "Step one: remove all four walls!" How can James keep a straight face while saying that?

  19. dolores larson

    dolores larson9 days ago

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  20. Din Arviv

    Din Arviv9 days ago

    This guy is great, love the videos with him!

  21. Strange Women

    Strange Women9 days ago

    That gave me a lot of laughs!

  22. Erin Melah

    Erin Melah9 days ago

    To be fair, James did say that it wasn't him. Gotta love him

  23. BoB TheGod

    BoB TheGod9 days ago

    4:34 What a burp! Gawd DAWM!

  24. Alex Everett-last

    Alex Everett-last9 days ago

    If this happened to me, the last thing I'd want is for that person to stop texting me...

  25. John Chalinder

    John Chalinder10 days ago

    Too cute.

  26. HC C

    HC C10 days ago

    Love to have seen the reaction of tenant talking about this plan to the real Phil

  27. Kody Kessler

    Kody Kessler10 days ago

    Cant remember the last time I laughed this hard

  28. YoLilSmolBean

    YoLilSmolBean10 days ago

    "Hi Phil" Me: God damn my demon phannie ass....

  29. TFvortexe

    TFvortexe11 days ago

    imagine being the recipient of these texts, and then seeing this video.

  30. zairmag Maruujin

    zairmag Maruujin12 days ago

    his comedy got old fast

  31. Elias Antonas

    Elias Antonas12 days ago

    JV is a legend.

  32. FrozenRoxas

    FrozenRoxas14 days ago

    I'm laughing out loud, I love him so much

  33. Rod Amo

    Rod Amo14 days ago

    dont believe any of this

  34. AnimalGem14

    AnimalGem1416 days ago

    Omg, the god of comedy!

  35. Viator

    Viator16 days ago

    why do people laugh when he hasnt even said anything yet

  36. Frank Donner

    Frank Donner16 days ago


  37. 0MindSwept0

    0MindSwept017 days ago

    I like the other performance of this one better

  38. Tooth Paste

    Tooth Paste17 days ago

    Conan always looks like he just cried.

  39. I_Am_Elijah

    I_Am_Elijah17 days ago

    Damn didn’t know Bubbles had a son...

  40. Satoshi

    Satoshi17 days ago

    I love this guy.

  41. Bücherdrache

    Bücherdrache17 days ago

    I love James Veitch's (Veitches?) humour. I wish I lived in GB and could go to one of his shows.


    OLBICHL18 days ago

    A loss for this world... we would've had an aspiring landlord with this fella :D no wall flat with bedroom and expanded bathroom+ refrigeration dome and tower of ice inkl. I won't complain about heat all year long and I can even store my food longer than usual... definitely a win-win situation

  43. Harper Tucker

    Harper Tucker18 days ago

    "Oh, go on! Did he?" "yes" greatest human interaction ever

  44. WonderingAboutThat

    WonderingAboutThat18 days ago

    I absolutely love that guy!

  45. One Virus Found

    One Virus Found19 days ago

    Where can I get his number?

  46. Gorem

    Gorem19 days ago

    This is Classic!

  47. thedirty530

    thedirty53019 days ago

    Smart ass of the decade award!!!

  48. Born Again Atheist

    Born Again Atheist19 days ago

    Seems like a general rip off of Joe Lycetts routine.

  49. Starlet Prince Caydency

    Starlet Prince Caydency19 days ago

    James has to be one of the most adorable comedians I've ever seen. When he shows something up that he did, you can tell how proud of it he is because he'll get that giddy childlike look on his face and that sparkle in his eyes, and I love it so much. He's wonderful.

  50. James Cn

    James Cn19 days ago

    Hilarious !!! Well done..

  51. Marvin Me

    Marvin Me20 days ago

    He is too genius! What a legend already

  52. Computer Tech

    Computer Tech20 days ago

    His fault for not realizing lmao

  53. The Omniversalist

    The Omniversalist20 days ago

    I can't breath I never laughed so much so hard

  54. Images By Raphael

    Images By Raphael20 days ago

    I love how he doesn't maliciously start the prank - his victims always ask for it first, either by being rude or being scammers.

  55. Funny Looking

    Funny Looking20 days ago

    What was so funny

  56. Justin van Zuilekom

    Justin van Zuilekom20 days ago

    This is so autistic, I love it. (I have autism myself, so don't complain about me joking about autism.

  57. bradley morgan

    bradley morgan20 days ago

    This guy is a real ass..

  58. ExtraCrispyMEME

    ExtraCrispyMEME20 days ago

    If you look close enough to the thumbnail THe LINES ON the picture kinda looked like a swastika

  59. Blake Edwards

    Blake Edwards21 day ago

    I call bullshit, this never happened.

  60. Ruby Gee

    Ruby Gee21 day ago

    This man is my favorite man.

  61. Harry Ayres

    Harry Ayres21 day ago

    Oh James, that magnificent bastard.

  62. stokey99

    stokey9921 day ago

    lies aren't funny

  63. Jesse Stripling

    Jesse Stripling21 day ago

    Holy hell I laughed harder at that than I have anything in years. Well done sir.

  64. loki destroya

    loki destroya21 day ago

    comedy gold.

  65. Ron

    Ron21 day ago

    James Veitch, the one that made powerpoint presentations actually fun to watch :)

  66. johnny llooddte

    johnny llooddte21 day ago


  67. Felix Lawrence

    Felix Lawrence21 day ago

    excuse exciting lie room myself motivate join slice bathroom entrance.

  68. Grater Flaw

    Grater Flaw21 day ago

    Dave Gorman rip off?

  69. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.22 days ago

    This guys funny lol

  70. dirtyfred1

    dirtyfred122 days ago

    This was hilarious. I always enjoy his humor.

  71. Aaron Miller-Schumacher

    Aaron Miller-Schumacher22 days ago

    More please!!

  72. Joe M

    Joe M22 days ago

    Step 1; remove all 4 walls. Lol this guys awesome :)

  73. Thuran

    Thuran23 days ago

    How goes this guy always manage to make me litterarily cry with laughter?

  74. Jennifer DePanicis

    Jennifer DePanicis23 days ago

    This guy is to much

  75. Duncan Cunningham

    Duncan Cunningham23 days ago

    Fake but funny

  76. NightStar Strike

    NightStar Strike24 days ago

    I have the same flannel as james... wow... i think he is wearing a girls flannel lmao

  77. Evelene Maye

    Evelene Maye24 days ago

    so james is trying to promote conan now?

  78. Pikachu!

    Pikachu!26 days ago

    You never fail to make me laugh, this is hilarious!

  79. Jeremy Lovelace

    Jeremy Lovelace26 days ago

    Where can I subscribe to this guy. He probably doesn't even have his own channel.. :/

  80. rowan orre

    rowan orre25 days ago

    Jeremy Lovelace - James Veitch does have his own channel (the most popular videos are "Siri vs Alexa" and "Veitch does Waze", but you probably also want to watch the Scamalot Mashable videos, and the Ted talks (3).Hope this is useful.

  81. Peter Gambier

    Peter Gambier26 days ago

    James certainly has an original style of humour and gives the Brits a good name for a change. Thanks to Mythic Tyrant I will look up his duck skit seeing as I'm the owner of 4 ducks and a turkey.

  82. Sarah Greer

    Sarah Greer26 days ago

    His voice is very like Daniel Radcliffe's

  83. Carole Ann

    Carole Ann27 days ago

    Who else thought of the teacher in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? :)

  84. Bridget

    Bridget28 days ago

    I just found him but I love this guy

  85. Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town

    Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town28 days ago

    I once received a wrong number text from a dog parlor that's hundreds of kilometers away from where I live, that read "Hello, this is a reminder that your dog's trimming time is on xx.xx at 2pm! -Parlor's name" and I just answered it with "hi I think you got the wrong number mate -cat owner from Joensuu". Got a reply "thank you telling us 😂"

  86. Gwen Robinson

    Gwen Robinson28 days ago

    Always brilliant!

  87. KIYA ART

    KIYA ART28 days ago


  88. Ian Taggart

    Ian Taggart28 days ago


  89. Prod. Hxrford

    Prod. Hxrford28 days ago

    2:38 is that a crow in the audience

  90. Prod. Hxrford

    Prod. Hxrford28 days ago

    He's funny but it's so blatantly fake/exaggerated

  91. Lilly DoesArtStuff

    Lilly DoesArtStuff28 days ago

    James I would die for you

  92. Nathaniel Gordon

    Nathaniel Gordon28 days ago

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  93. Rock and Roll

    Rock and Roll28 days ago

    James is hilarious. “Hi Phil” LOL

  94. BigWill4Christ

    BigWill4Christ29 days ago

    I really like james' brand of comedy

  95. Leah Lehmann

    Leah Lehmann29 days ago

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  96. _merpitscassandra_

    _merpitscassandra_29 days ago

    😂 this is great

  97. _merpitscassandra_

    _merpitscassandra_29 days ago


  98. Pokepod z

    Pokepod z29 days ago


  99. e s

    e s29 days ago

    The best thing I’ve ever seen lmao😂

  100. De Derpy Derp

    De Derpy Derp29 days ago


  101. Tobot W

    Tobot WMonth ago

    Arrow goes in hole.

  102. Peek the Ankylosaurus

    Peek the AnkylosaurusMonth ago

    I’ve seen this skit so many times but it’s one of the funniest acts I’ve ever seen I can’t stop laughing each time 😂😂