James Corden Explains His Resting Royal Wedding Face


  1. arpit nayak

    arpit nayak14 days ago

    Doesn't he somehow looks like Kevin Owens?!

  2. PinkFluffyUnicorn302 Smith

    PinkFluffyUnicorn302 Smith15 days ago

    What the HELL how can James be so funny just talking about a sneeze

  3. ömer özgür çelik

    ömer özgür çelik17 days ago

    Thats true . Its on 7. 57 .42 hahahahahahahahahahshsh

  4. Steve Jones

    Steve Jones23 days ago

    Corden on his cocaine again...with pedo royal family

  5. sad lad

    sad lad27 days ago

    James is a terrible, egotistical, and stuck up person irl so I’m like 99% sure that this “ohh hehe I’m so cute and quirky I just had a lil sneezyweezy” is a coverup for his resting asshole face.

  6. help me

    help meMonth ago

    us RBF owners know that situation all too well..

  7. Adam Cortright

    Adam CortrightMonth ago

    The British Monarchy is a backward institution and the expense of a royal wedding is a drain of financial resources on the treasury that could have gone to vital national services. Cordon comes off as rather a clueless and privileged sycophant in this unpleasant video.

  8. Pandas are cool

    Pandas are coolMonth ago

    The facial expression is because it dawned on him he's sick of hearing about these people as much as the rest of the world.

  9. Alice Zaitseva

    Alice ZaitsevaMonth ago

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    ISHA SINGHMonth ago

    Awww I love james. I'm glad he got to go to the wedding

  11. Patrick

    PatrickMonth ago


  12. Joseph Gilchrist

    Joseph GilchristMonth ago

    This man stared in the emoji movie... then was invited to the royal wedding. Smart

  13. Hanna King

    Hanna KingMonth ago

    If u don’t want to sneas close ur nose

  14. audrey burke

    audrey burkeMonth ago

    2:39 finn wolfhard is that you?

  15. Nika Nika

    Nika Nika2 months ago

    James you are an icon

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    Man With a camera - Candid, Pre Wedding Shoot in Udaipur3 months ago

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  17. KJ Lane

    KJ Lane3 months ago

    I heard the sneeze. Some world crisis. I have the same problems. 😂😂

  18. Buttered Lumps

    Buttered Lumps3 months ago

    He's getting fatter.

  19. Evelyn Wills

    Evelyn Wills3 months ago

    I know what that's called "The silent Sneeze"

  20. Polina

    Polina3 months ago

    I dont why but i found that so cute 2:38

  21. Man With a camera - Candid, Pre Wedding Shoot in Udaipur

    Man With a camera - Candid, Pre Wedding Shoot in Udaipur3 months ago

    Amazing graphics

  22. mspolleewogg

    mspolleewogg3 months ago

    Most beautiful, wonderful, inclusive. Millions of people watched, Elton John, George Clooney .... blah blah blah. "think i'll rub it in the low life's faces". #whatever

  23. Miss Judacia

    Miss Judacia3 months ago

    More like constipated slapped arse face

  24. Franklin -

    Franklin -3 months ago

    James corden is so adorable.. no homo

  25. ItsDanny

    ItsDanny3 months ago

    Who else yawn when he was about to sneeze? No just me

  26. rob b

    rob b3 months ago

    god knows how this talent less fat Cunt got an invite !

  27. Tamara Mustapha

    Tamara Mustapha3 months ago

    I thought he was australian

  28. Dunlei 16

    Dunlei 163 months ago

    i feel like in real life he’s pretty shitty. heard a lot of bad encounters with him

  29. Disney Mom

    Disney Mom3 months ago

    "It was love hoe" - Closed Captioning around 20 seconds in. 😂😂😂 Who messed with the CC?

  30. retnavybrat

    retnavybrat2 months ago

    I notice that (i.e., bad captioning) on way too many videos and TV shows. I can understand some screw ups during live events (news, sports, etc...), but there's no excuse for a pre-recorded video to have any captioning errors.

  31. Sheni Gateway Car *Tay

    Sheni Gateway Car *Tay3 months ago

    Yeah web get It...You were at the royal wedding

  32. P Sher

    P Sher3 months ago

    He looking that way because he knows the whole thing was a farce.

  33. AreYouDavid?

    AreYouDavid?3 months ago

    "One of the most beautiful ceremonies i've ever been to" I would hope so James, the tax payers paid millions for it.

  34. xenon127

    xenon1273 months ago

    ‘Forward thinking”. Not really

  35. David B

    David B3 months ago

    royalist propaganda fuck off

  36. Emily Wood

    Emily Wood3 months ago

    You have hay fever

  37. Luca Viggiani

    Luca Viggiani3 months ago

    “Britain’s loss is America’s loss” Stewart Lee.

  38. Simone Brightstein

    Simone Brightstein3 months ago

    you had nothing to say about Megan, James?

  39. Lucas Taeiloa

    Lucas Taeiloa3 months ago

    "It was love hoe"

  40. Winston Kipkurui

    Winston Kipkurui3 months ago

    you just looked like peter the rabbit in the pic

  41. Elton John official

    Elton John official3 months ago

    As Elton John calls it a Thursday

  42. franz beck

    franz beck3 months ago

    You have had many skits or times being photographed with flowers. Such a lame joke to make. Not funny at all. ''Proud to be British''......more like proud to be an expat of an imperialist nation.


    JaY SPRINTZ3 months ago

    well taxs payers money anyone can have a great German wedding

  44. Liv Balmer

    Liv Balmer3 months ago

    How scared did he look when he sneezed 🤣

  45. mai dick fell off

    mai dick fell off3 months ago


  46. Pappy Pappy

    Pappy Pappy3 months ago


  47. Leah Jean

    Leah Jean3 months ago

    SELLOUT..Trannie wedding 😂😂'sickos

  48. Becca Lou

    Becca Lou3 months ago

    I think they should be a Gavin and Stacey reunion and they should be another series but I am proud to be British💯❤️

  49. YouTube Zone

    YouTube Zone3 months ago


  50. sunny Young

    sunny Young3 months ago

    YOU kept this a secret??? I'll be damned. LOL Props to you, Sir.

  51. 5000 Subs With No Videos Challenge

    5000 Subs With No Videos Challenge3 months ago

    Does Jimmy Corden have a tan or am I losing it?

  52. Aegyo Choayo

    Aegyo Choayo3 months ago


  53. Amb Amb

    Amb Amb3 months ago

    Inclusive except that removed homeless people for the parade - other than that super inclusive

  54. Tyler Deed

    Tyler Deed3 months ago

    What's Sam from the Lord Of The Rings doing here?

  55. Lina Duong

    Lina Duong3 months ago

    0:25 is the wallpaper on my phone now 😂

  56. Jenaya Rose

    Jenaya Rose3 months ago

    I honestly really feel for you sneezes are the worst!!

  57. moeeyy

    moeeyy3 months ago

    Only 1700 comments?

  58. Penguin _

    Penguin _3 months ago



    ISHMAM TASNIM3 months ago

    he looks like a cat sneezing cutely !

  60. Jennifer nicole

    Jennifer nicole3 months ago

    Idk why..but I thought he was gay!?? The only time I've seen him, was on karokee show..i didn't know he was married to a woman lol

  61. RoxyRoo Gaming

    RoxyRoo Gaming3 months ago

    Yeah but even if he did sneeze, would it have been heard? I assume he wasn't wearing a mic.

  62. Clouds Sea

    Clouds Sea3 months ago


  63. vivian mamboleo

    vivian mamboleo3 months ago

    i died laughing at 2:38

  64. Sam Spade

    Sam Spade3 months ago

    I give it 5 years max.

  65. cherryonasundae

    cherryonasundae3 months ago

    James no one cares about the ceremony.. we wanna know about the RECEPTION!!

  66. Services Marketing

    Services Marketing3 months ago

    I always sneeze silently, people confuse it for an internal hiccup

  67. Indian arvind singh  Singh

    Indian arvind singh Singh3 months ago

    I am Indian I like video

  68. Anm X

    Anm X3 months ago

    Here’s the thing, when they keep talking of the “inclusive” aspect to the wedding I feel like it takes something away from the actual couple. I just want to ask: “you did this for love right? It’s not some celebrity marriage to make a point?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that at all, but I’d be ticked if I were married and all the guests could talk about was the “inclusivity”, like duh doesn’t the couple themselves make that statement without people making a pc moment out of my wedding!

  69. Liam Triffett

    Liam Triffett3 months ago

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  70. Fortnite Times - chizzy

    Fortnite Times - chizzy3 months ago

    1:34 *"i want a drink now... Wait maybe.. Nah i wont* Or did he do it to emphasise the cup for nespresso?

  71. Хороший Друг

    Хороший Друг3 months ago


  72. Andrea Diamond

    Andrea Diamond3 months ago

    England shined for the world. This American loved it ❤️

  73. Baraka Obama

    Baraka Obama3 months ago

    As I saw his face live while watching the wedding, I was thinking “ah yeah there gonna be a whole big discussion about his grumpy face, and he’s going to mention it in his show”

  74. Tempest Butler

    Tempest Butler3 months ago

    Sis r

  75. Xedokai

    Xedokai3 months ago

    Why is this trending? This is garbage "content". Talk about a bunch of brain-dead mongoloids.

  76. Lucy 3

    Lucy 33 months ago

    Check out Tommy Robinson latest news.

  77. George Paul

    George Paul3 months ago

    2nd trending in Australia

  78. Ethel Cabanlit

    Ethel Cabanlit3 months ago

    Y r u so adorable, James!

  79. Enoch Antwi

    Enoch Antwi3 months ago

    What watch is he wearing

  80. Mick Harrison

    Mick Harrison3 months ago

    Howd you get an invite

  81. George Frost

    George Frost3 months ago

    You should have Frank Lampard as a guest on the show!

  82. jo williams

    jo williams3 months ago

    One of the VERY best things about the wedding...James Corden and his wife...definitely...

  83. Alexei Romanov

    Alexei Romanov3 months ago

    The Blackest Royal Wedding there is, yes ma’am. Not even the royal family of Swaziland 🇸🇿 could pull something this black off.👰🏽🎩💒🇬🇧🇺 WOW! This was NOT a class royal wedding. It was more like a low budget ghetto gospel hood weeding...

  84. Sugar Life

    Sugar Life3 months ago

    I would have watched if Beyoncé was part of the guests but naaah hahaha lol. I believe it was fabulous but not so mich for me to even follow it. Congrats on them. Come over to Tetiaroa The Brando hotel (French Polynesia).

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  86. Amazon Nechama

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  87. Wolf Slayer

    Wolf Slayer3 months ago

    I don't get it? how can a Pansy be allergic to flowers?

  88. Morgan

    Morgan3 months ago

    Ig: morgan.a.c

  89. MrMagooo

    MrMagooo3 months ago

    This guy could be good looking if he lost 30lbs. Come on man, your on TV for fucks sake.

  90. TheMeciar Family

    TheMeciar Family3 months ago

    Silent award goes to...!

  91. Eileen Alderman

    Eileen Alderman3 months ago

    People who work with him says he’s not nice

  92. L Bee

    L Bee3 months ago

    This man had freakishly small hands. I cannot stop staring at them.

  93. Squicx

    Squicx3 months ago

    I thought to myself he was thinking: "I WANNA PIE. A ROYAL PIE WITH A PIE INSIDE OF A PIE INSIDE OF A PIE." *INTENSE FACE*

  94. Achat

    Achat3 months ago

    What was this pretentious, professional brown noser doing at this royal wedding.....he must of done some serious arse licking to be invited.....it all started when he brown nosed Beckham a few years ago.....and now look where his crawling has got him....

  95. Joseph Gilchrist

    Joseph Gilchrist3 months ago

    Let's not forget that this man stared in the emoji movie

  96. jeb bryant

    jeb bryant3 months ago

    I think he just shit himself at the wedding and did this to cover it up I mean the fat fuck probably eats so much that he can’t control his own bowel movements

  97. Its Time!!!

    Its Time!!!3 months ago

    Can’t stand this clown , funny as the runs ..

  98. S McGregor

    S McGregor3 months ago

    the text of his words is hilarious

  99. I love My lord

    I love My lord3 months ago

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  100. Ava Warkentin

    Ava Warkentin3 months ago

    I walked into the living room and saw your face and said “Well James looks happy” and walked out

  101. Angelique Tomlin

    Angelique Tomlin3 months ago

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