Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)


  1. DGawsomeMe

    DGawsomeMe39 seconds ago

    Jaiden, you're so beautiful! I hope you can learn to see that! until then, just remember there are so many people here for you!

  2. Bellinda Amon

    Bellinda AmonMinute ago

    Yas... Me every day. I'm glad you started eating. Btw who's this guy how did you guys collaborate

  3. Butterscotch Lemon

    Butterscotch LemonMinute ago

    No ones talking about how neat her hand writing is?!

  4. Alice B

    Alice B4 minutes ago

    Jaiden animation=Empty Theodd1sout=Life is fun

  5. sᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ.

    sᴀᴠᴀɢᴇ.37 minutes ago

    so glitchy .-.

  6. The sandwich

    The sandwich53 minutes ago

    We're here for you, even if we're all just pixels on a screen. You matter to us and we want you to be happy!

  7. Randa Khanafer

    Randa Khanafer55 minutes ago

    *you can’t fool your body you can only fool your mind*

  8. Casey Winterwood

    Casey WinterwoodHour ago

    jaiden face reveal!

  9. Sophie Bell

    Sophie BellHour ago

    This was made on my birthday

  10. Everything from A 2 Z

    Everything from A 2 ZHour ago

    Jaiden i cried when i heard this song i had problems in my life to but nothing compared to this i really hope that you are ok, but if i made my own song like this it would be called blind because someday's i feel like jabbing my eyes out of my head. lv u Jaiden you are beautiful

  11. gnome child

    gnome childHour ago


  12. LPS Lily

    LPS Lily2 hours ago


  13. Ice Wolf

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  14. 블린 고양이

    블린 고양이2 hours ago

    I love eating

  15. Molly Gillman

    Molly Gillman2 hours ago

    Wow this is so good

  16. SC HangoutsTM

    SC HangoutsTM2 hours ago

    This video blew up tbh.

  17. Don't know Don't care

    Don't know Don't care2 hours ago

    We have a God here! Points to Jaiden.

  18. akabane karma assassin

    akabane karma assassin3 hours ago

    I'll download it it's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo catchy

  19. Braden Menear

    Braden Menear4 hours ago

    Hint hint Jaden does do a face revealing buuuut if you are a fan don't judge by a person's appearance and Jaden you are fine just the way you are

  20. Braden Menear

    Braden Menear4 hours ago

    Don't judge by appearance if you are not a fan still

  21. Braden Menear

    Braden Menear4 hours ago

    Don't hurt your self I mean your mind is flawed

  22. Jason Mauricio

    Jason Mauricio4 hours ago

    is this about emotional problems?

  23. Jason Mauricio

    Jason Mauricio4 hours ago

    never mind its about anorexia

  24. rose blood Hernandez

    rose blood Hernandez4 hours ago

    How are you proud she can die... jadien you need to eat please thats all i want from you you are perfect the way you are people can hate all they want but people can suport you im 10 years old jadien... please just eat the way you want this isnt good for you . From your biggest fan in the world i want to meet you one day to... jadien ingore the haters please please eat

  25. Irrational Fear Of Heights

    Irrational Fear Of Heights34 minutes ago

    I’m her biggest fan 🙄 She’s okay now, I think. I hope she just doesn’t go down that path again. Fingers crossed 🤞

  26. Madison Helgerson

    Madison Helgerson5 hours ago

    I'm so proud of you jaiden!

  27. Power_Gaming

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  28. Lak Kasi

    Lak Kasi6 hours ago

    I ended up crying

  29. Sahil Shetty

    Sahil Shetty6 hours ago

    Guys play this song in 1.75

  30. Andres Monterrey

    Andres Monterrey6 hours ago

    This Is The Best song in my life Sorry

  31. Coco Loco

    Coco Loco6 hours ago

    I loveee itt!!!!!! James:yay Jaiden:no Ur voice is amazingg!!! Put this on spotify I hope ur ok tho! U look so pretty!

  32. Bo Gylling

    Bo Gylling6 hours ago

    Jaiden Can sing?????

  33. Eduardo dueñas

    Eduardo dueñas6 hours ago

    Hey Jaiden, thats a really hard topic to talk about, and is awsome that u did it. I'll u the same thing a told my best friend when she told me that: "I know that u don't se that u don't se that way, but ur beautiful the way u are, I know I know, lies lies and more lies, but ur really are, an it don't have any thing u been that thin. I don't know the exact feeling that ur having, but believe me I know what is hating the way u look, but there are people that care for u regardlles of what u look, what make made that feeling stop for me was when someone I really care about told me that, now I'm telling u not just to make u feel beatter, but just because even if u don't believe it I care for u and I'll be here don't meatter, ur size, ur weight, ur scars, ur thought, I'll be here for u." I know tha last part is a little bit personal for some strange to say, but I did't want to change a thing, 'cause after a said it she smile, some thing she didn't truely did in a really long time, and that made me happy. What I'm tring to say is, I hope that make u smile to, çause the smaller things ar the biggest in the end, and I think I can say for all the comunity that we are here for u, u can cout on us. PS: hope ur beatter, really do PPS: sorry if there are some inglish errors, not my native language for shure, but I hope u got the message PPPS: love ur content, but if u need to take a break , thats more then fine, think about ur self in first place, we don't want u to feel bad at all PPPPS: (Yeah, thas a lot of pos scripts) hope I didn't got to personal and thank u for all ur content, never let go of ur self, don't meatter what the voices say, internal or not

  34. Pb2kick

    Pb2kick7 hours ago

    This song kinda scared me because of seeing Jaiden suffering ._.

  35. nico the cat

    nico the cat7 hours ago

    wow this the opposite of james' music video

  36. Oooff Lol

    Oooff Lol7 hours ago

    The dislikes are Justin Bieber fans who know that Justin can't make a good song like this. And this is us when we see them *dabs*

  37. Durr Burger

    Durr Burger8 hours ago

    Just remember *Dont stay in school*

  38. my dank memes 69

    my dank memes 699 hours ago

    this song kind of inspires me to maybe get help for my ed

  39. Lava Girl

    Lava Girl10 hours ago

    Any one boyinaband X jaiden WHATS HIS REAL NAME?!?

  40. Luke Almanza

    Luke Almanza6 hours ago


  41. FRG YT

    FRG YT11 hours ago

    0:05 the real reason we came here for

  42. BlueShineKB

    BlueShineKB12 hours ago


  43. Raimboombox

    Raimboombox12 hours ago

    Youre not fat Jaiden

  44. Raimboombox

    Raimboombox12 hours ago

    Youre not fat Jaiden

  45. Chloe Chanhsy

    Chloe Chanhsy13 hours ago

    LIFE IS FUN - James

  46. Tau Yang Lim

    Tau Yang Lim13 hours ago

    Jaiden makes a video about the worst time in her life and James makes a video about life is fun

  47. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer13 hours ago

    James is way happier :D

  48. CerealCutter

    CerealCutter14 hours ago

    why throw sandwich?, Btw this song is amazing. Just edgy (no offense)

  49. Mellow Edits

    Mellow Edits14 hours ago

    I have no hope. I have promises I couldn't keep.I smile.I lie. I'm dying. I'm not recovering. I'm hungry. I'm crying. "I'm okay!" I'm a lie. I can't stop. Please. People lie to me when they tell me I'm pretty. I'm weak no one listens.

  50. Irrational Fear Of Heights

    Irrational Fear Of Heights31 minute ago

    Stop making this about you. Nobody cares that you have one little tiny thing wrong with you and you’re trying to steal the spotlight. Jaiden went through hell and you’re just being rude. Now, shut up.

  51. WolfyWitdaHoodie

    WolfyWitdaHoodie14 hours ago


  52. Kealo

    Kealo15 hours ago

    I don't really like the music... but it's damn well filmed!

  53. Spyro776 Gaming

    Spyro776 Gaming15 hours ago

    Jaiden: I’m empty James: WII R YUNNGG LAIF IS FUUUUNNNN

  54. Drake benz

    Drake benz15 hours ago

    It's silence E A M T Y. . I know it's wrong but it's so hard to stop it alone

  55. yoboi anthony

    yoboi anthony15 hours ago

    Life is fun got make the most of it make the most of it

  56. Emeofhearts

    Emeofhearts15 hours ago

    Jaiden- Asking for help from others helps Billie Eilish- if I ask for help it only makes me more aware of it

  57. Toffee Coffee

    Toffee Coffee16 hours ago

    This video spoke to me more than it should have, and it helps me a lot

  58. Katgirl

    Katgirl16 hours ago

    this is beautiful.

  59. Bhavee Rathod

    Bhavee Rathod16 hours ago

    I keep thinking these long personal stories in the comments are going to do the ‘read more’ trick on me. No one is trustworthy these days.

  60. Kim Chiu

    Kim Chiu16 hours ago

    Jaiden, this makes me understand what's happening that you can't tell but I'm glad you told us all about it in a way😌this made me feel nice to hear your feelings. And the other video you made made me feel bad but I still understand thank you you are strong.😁

  61. Ahshia Andersob

    Ahshia Andersob16 hours ago

    Your are a good youtuber

  62. Titi Uaroon

    Titi Uaroon17 hours ago

    WAIT! This was made on my eighth birthday. Can I have 8 likes that's all.

  63. Katie Bramlet

    Katie Bramlet17 hours ago

    I love the part when you say that you can’t fool your mind not ur body because that is 100% true and I am so srry that you had to go though this I didn’t notice you seems so happy in ur vids

  64. 215_chubchubtub - gaming & toys

    215_chubchubtub - gaming & toys18 hours ago

    Are you asian?

  65. Ahshia Andersob

    Ahshia Andersob18 hours ago

    It's a nice song

  66. 215_chubchubtub - gaming & toys

    215_chubchubtub - gaming & toys18 hours ago

    Wow cool

  67. Finn Lawson

    Finn Lawson18 hours ago

    Just know this... All of us (your subscribers) are here to help This is my second time watching this. It's a really good song

  68. Lame Drawings

    Lame Drawings18 hours ago

    I did this from anxiety and bullying.i haven’t ate in about 2 or 1 week.

  69. De Sister Show

    De Sister Show18 hours ago


  70. Madison Harman

    Madison Harman18 hours ago

    So ur not they only one Im sorry you went through this and you are beautiful and strong. I love your videos!

  71. Madison Harman

    Madison Harman18 hours ago

    Im sorry jaiden. My friend is going through this too and I can't help her but I try...

  72. exsertic gamer

    exsertic gamer19 hours ago

    Jaiden enjoy life while you can cuz if you dont youll have a poor life

  73. Sophia Paz

    Sophia Paz19 hours ago

    I Have the same disorder you inspired me jaiden thx im okay thx im your biggest fan i ❤️ u

  74. Melia Cogan

    Melia Cogan19 hours ago

    Blood is red This song is blue The voice says I’ll help you

  75. FoxyGamer 123

    FoxyGamer 12320 hours ago

    Wow Jaiden.. NICE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Black Nebula

    Black Nebula20 hours ago

    When did this happen

  77. honeybeehiveworld

    honeybeehiveworld20 hours ago

    never seen something so relatable to millions of others

  78. Christopher Aldous

    Christopher Aldous20 hours ago

    Jaiden: inside it’s empty James : LiFe Is FuN

  79. cookie sunrise

    cookie sunrise21 hour ago

    Oh good I think I have it I normally eat like one pice of bread or a banana and just can't get thin I think I'm fat ! Well I guess I should tell someone but my parents don't listen c.c well then I guess ... I'm dead ;-;

  80. Cailyn Lopez

    Cailyn Lopez21 hour ago

    Omg this is so true tho😢

  81. Water Llama

    Water Llama21 hour ago

    Hold up nevermind

  82. Water Llama

    Water Llama21 hour ago

    3:48 face reveal

  83. Marie DoesRandomStuff

    Marie DoesRandomStuff21 hour ago

    The 14K dislikes are the bad things in the life

  84. Eric Lin

    Eric Lin22 hours ago

    E-e-e-e-empty r u sure there isn’t a hacker? LOL 😝

  85. Eric Lin

    Eric Lin22 hours ago

    I saw boyinabands video about this I liked the part where ARI was the body guard!

  86. Vic Shit

    Vic Shit22 hours ago

    I was always bullied about being fat but in mds my ULTIMATE crush called me fat that’s when I hit the breaking point I relate

  87. Diana Jaile

    Diana Jaile22 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing this. in the face reveal video i commented that i was over what i had personally gone through but watching this video i saw that i was just telling myself i was back to normal even though i wasnt. Thanks again.

  88. AndRay Stuff N' Stuff

    AndRay Stuff N' Stuff23 hours ago

    James: sees video James: Dave! I HAVE AN IDEA

  89. Abyss Lurker

    Abyss Lurker23 hours ago

    People keep disliking but they don’t understand what she goes through it was a tough point of her but always people don’t know how much she’s gone through

  90. goldena queena

    goldena queenaDay ago

    really nice im happy your back one time my friend did this so i really like this song cause it helped her

  91. Thenonkiller

    ThenonkillerDay ago

    Jaiden: Inside it’s em-em-em-empty and I know it’s wrong but it’s just so hard to stop it alone you can fool your mind but you can’t fool your body...Jaiden: the hunger or some hdbdhdbfudbdibsvd skip to the part where jaiden says the hunger feels good or somethin, Me: jaiden I have the same hunger problems u have. ;( Edit: please don’t like

  92. gacha love gacha heart

    gacha love gacha heartDay ago

    This is a good deep sad song James video : LIFE IS FUN!

  93. kajol ka

    kajol kaDay ago

    So sad, so true? I can't understand, i love me, and i love to be the bad person that i am.

  94. Crystal :

    Crystal :Day ago

    I feel like it's not fair that life is fun got 40 mil views when this only got 10. Life is fun is just pure annoying and ridiculous.

  95. omegareapermike g

    omegareapermike gDay ago

    im glad you got over your issues jaiden i have too and just recently so i hope you get better and better

  96. Fratele Meu

    Fratele MeuDay ago

    ur gay

  97. Odd 2s Out

    Odd 2s OutDay ago

    its good not to show ur face cuz people have technology that can scan your eyes and find everything about you

  98. Nathan[iel] Conners

    Nathan[iel] ConnersDay ago

    Anorexia LEVIOSA (just coping with my own Ed and no I won't make fun of an cancer patient and I'm not making fun of Ed's idc)

  99. Toy Funtime

    Toy FuntimeDay ago

    Call the fire man. Cause that's the real fire

  100. Edgar Mescher

    Edgar MescherDay ago

    This dark!😱

  101. Baleigh Nielsen

    Baleigh NielsenDay ago

    Jaiden:empty James:LIFE IS FUN!

  102. Chris Plummer

    Chris PlummerDay ago

    I have some problems like this But I never open up for some reason

  103. Joseph Sheppard

    Joseph SheppardDay ago

    I went through hunger for 5 months when I was kidnapped it’s actually pretty accurate😓🥺

  104. Unstopable Ultra557

    Unstopable Ultra557Day ago

    This is what I don't understand, why you no like but dislike?


    WONG CHI WENGDay ago

    This song is about her problem in real life.