Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)


  1. KhanThe GamerGod

    KhanThe GamerGod24 minutes ago

    2:15 favorite part😥😥😥

  2. Snowii

    Snowii36 minutes ago

    I’m concerned because I started hearing those voices that was in the video even when the video wasn’t playing.

  3. HFC Legend

    HFC LegendHour ago

    she was like im so hungry... OH IMA MAKE A SONG ABOUT TAT

  4. lilac echoo

    lilac echoo2 hours ago

    all the dislikes are from people who don't know what "struggle" is

  5. Mr Dragon

    Mr Dragon2 hours ago


  6. Meowmeow04

    Meowmeow042 hours ago

    Jaiden, you don't know how much of an inspiration you are to so many people. We love you so much!

  7. Colleen Piccolotto

    Colleen Piccolotto2 hours ago

    Jaidens a good singer Btw great song

  8. Conner Brosemann

    Conner Brosemann2 hours ago

    I'm so sorry if you're going through a rough time Jaiden, but don't think about what you like on the outside. Think about what you are on the inside. Just stay strong. We are all here to support you and don't care about what you look like on the outside🙂☺️

  9. Holographic Hello

    Holographic Hello3 hours ago

    Weight isn’t wrong

  10. Chelsea May

    Chelsea May3 hours ago

    I’m kinda starting to go through the whole not eating thing and I don’t want to fall into that. But I really don’t know how to stop. It’s so tempting to just skip on food and drink water or chew on ice.

  11. eggo person

    eggo person2 hours ago

    Dont do it man i dont realy know what ya look like but dude dont go down that way trust me it wont help

  12. UniversalWolf AuquaFox

    UniversalWolf AuquaFox3 hours ago

    How bad did it really get?

  13. Cool Pres

    Cool Pres3 hours ago

    Who ever disliked this video doesn't know you guys you are amazing and if nobody sees that they never seen you guys before and I love you guys!

  14. QmegaX

    QmegaX3 hours ago

    _i got a weight loss ad while watching this_

  15. KhanThe GamerGod

    KhanThe GamerGod33 minutes ago


  16. Dragon Kid

    Dragon Kid3 hours ago

    why people disliked this and jadien keep fighting

  17. Zack #24

    Zack #244 hours ago

    Me: misses 0.000000000001% of this song Also me: well, I guess I have to resart the song now.

  18. Me A Potato

    Me A Potato4 hours ago

    Is this a song about anorexia

  19. seba395 Leopold

    seba395 Leopold5 hours ago

    You are the best

  20. Andy_ Roadie

    Andy_ Roadie5 hours ago

    This song applies to be so much....My family hasn’t noticed my self harming problem or the fact that I barely eat and when I eat a lot I throw up. I like this song a lot because of how jaiden says a lot of the things that I think in my mind

  21. Paladium Grizzly

    Paladium Grizzly5 hours ago

    i understand the problem but just talking abut the song itself it is amazing, Jaiden and Dave did great

  22. ConTron Games

    ConTron Games5 hours ago

    Jaiden is strong and powerful, in so many aspects. This song has such a good message, and the bridge tells so well how you can get help and stop the disorder. I’m so sorry that anyone has to go through this, but this song is so powerful in helping them. Also love the theme in the video of the white bar over Jaiden’s eyes mirroring her original animation and showing her desire to keep her identity private because of the disorder. It’s a minor detail but means so much to the message of the song.

  23. dolphins4life roblox

    dolphins4life roblox5 hours ago

    Im crying rn i cant stop

  24. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku6 hours ago

    Hell yeah, Jaiden! Go kick anorexia's ass! :)

  25. Memes 4 life

    Memes 4 life6 hours ago

    I feel bad for people who have suffered from this

  26. BlockyShapes

    BlockyShapes6 hours ago

    The 15k likes on this are just people who accidentally missed the like button when they tried to click it and clicked the dislike without noticing.

  27. StillOffIntoTheNight Gacha

    StillOffIntoTheNight Gacha7 hours ago

    This is my new favorite song! I'm not kidding.. I'm being honest

  28. Colene Jackson

    Colene Jackson7 hours ago

    I am very young ten years old turning eleven actually...when I was in third grade I gained weight and I started to get called fat and ugly so I stopped eating and I ended up becoming anorexia my mom noticed and I soon got help you shouldn't be embarrassed about what you look like or how much you weigh.

  29. Legendary Bubble

    Legendary Bubble7 hours ago

    I dunno if its a sin to say I like the song, but my favorite part is that you and Boy made everything sound like its being played into a void with walls very far away, causing a muffled echoing sound, giving accent to the title: Empty fokin great effects

  30. Club Brownie

    Club Brownie7 hours ago

    Don’t worry I have this too and I’m super thin

  31. Joshua Hartley

    Joshua Hartley7 hours ago

    1:58 y tho

  32. fortnite lol

    fortnite lol7 hours ago

    Who ever disliked this.... i will find u and *Kill* u lol

  33. The Dark Potato

    The Dark Potato8 hours ago

    Australian 69... just playing

  34. Your Boi Illinois

    Your Boi Illinois8 hours ago

    Ay you want to know what’s bad?? Your mom and dad dying in the same WEEK! Now you can go all along with your “ Ohh I’m so ugly” “ooh I’m pretty hungry, but I don’t want to eat” for dramatic effect all you WANT but you will never be as sad as some of us and your lucky for that!😡

  35. The Cat Boss

    The Cat Boss9 hours ago

    Don’t listen to the guy that say ur song sucks all the People that comment are on ur team plz oh plz don’t listen this girl in a comment was thinking that maybe just maybe if u see this vid uh never mind I don’t want to tell but ok fine she think u might have problems agen do u live with friends so they help I calm down if it starts happening and if u watch the vid u need I don’t no some one there so u don’t go bad and not eating

  36. The stupid Potatoes

    The stupid Potatoes9 hours ago

    Officially my favourite song

  37. The Cat Boss

    The Cat Boss9 hours ago

    Jaiden u found a way to fix this serious problem right I hope u did and if the voice comes back don’t listen u are perfect just the way u are I am 8

  38. Talilulu Brown

    Talilulu Brown9 hours ago

    i love this song so much. I used it for a music task at school, I had to analyse the song and describe the different parts of it. Also this song really spoke to me, I don't have any problems that this song is about, but it sent me a message and I really want to share it somehow. Thank you for such a beautiful song which taught me a lesson

  39. Natalia Sandu

    Natalia Sandu10 hours ago

    Jaiden i thought you only did animations..but WOW

  40. noyrb11

    noyrb1110 hours ago


  41. Toadbro'sNL

    Toadbro'sNL10 hours ago

    * salutes with tears in his eyes *

  42. XxGachaCatxX

    XxGachaCatxX10 hours ago

    0:06 aris so cute :3

  43. Lily WeirdFam

    Lily WeirdFam10 hours ago

    I know this is sad but... I WANT TO BE IN THAT THE BED IT LOOKS SO COZY😊

  44. Lily WeirdFam

    Lily WeirdFam10 hours ago

    I don’t even know what to say

  45. Yandere Senpai

    Yandere Senpai11 hours ago

    Why does this have dislikes...?

  46. Neelima Goturi

    Neelima Goturi11 hours ago

    Omg jaiden can sing


    OLIVIA LI11 hours ago

    She has such a nice voice

  48. Vxb Es

    Vxb Es12 hours ago

    This sounds like me..

  49. Abeer Omar

    Abeer Omar12 hours ago

    This is so awsome and has a deep meaning 😭😭😭

  50. Thomas Fisher

    Thomas Fisher12 hours ago


  51. Sahara Moon

    Sahara Moon12 hours ago

    I have anxiety, Im worried it may do something bad to me, What should I do?

  52. Anne Kuntz

    Anne Kuntz14 hours ago

    i have this

  53. Countdrakeula 22

    Countdrakeula 2214 hours ago

    Man this made me cry and I never cry

  54. Ani Noa

    Ani Noa14 hours ago

    This song is so frickin' awesome and heartfelt, it means alot to multiple people, this is why I like both of your channels. You should be proud to even accept the challenge of making a song that only gives you painful and regretful memories. *Thank you Jaiden for being so brave to make this song with Boyinaband and talk about the costs of such a terrible way of pain. Your inspirational to MANY people around the world. Keep doing what your doing, make sure to continue pushing away that negative* I speak from personal experience of an eating disorder that I'm in right now. I struggle from ARFID, no one should go through a painful experience for a fragile body of a person. *Support the people that are in pain like this. If anyone else struggles from Anorexia, mind you, I'm really sorry for you going through it. Push away that negative voice as hard as you can.* *Love ya Jaiden*

  55. SMOKEY 001301

    SMOKEY 00130114 hours ago

    Dam jaiden

  56. cameron francis

    cameron francis15 hours ago

    good job telling us you story

  57. Dzan Brkic

    Dzan Brkic15 hours ago

    Jaiden being social awkward person she did a song congrats 🎉

  58. Gemnaid 99

    Gemnaid 9916 hours ago

    And I have anorexia

  59. NightFlame1036 Gaming

    NightFlame1036 Gaming18 hours ago

    Jaiden you have a beautiful singing voice. It's amazing!

  60. Heidi Bustos

    Heidi Bustos18 hours ago

    Just show your face

  61. My name Dad's name

    My name Dad's name18 hours ago

    i always feel like it's wrong to eat. I relate to this so much but i can't stop.

  62. Opal Crusader

    Opal Crusader18 hours ago

    The dislikes are people that have never experienced anything like this

  63. Cryingchild

    Cryingchild19 hours ago

    Who all actually met jaiden before ? Btw I have before this song

  64. Blitzi

    Blitzi19 hours ago

    This song has the best instrumental to ever exist!.

  65. Kiki Le singe

    Kiki Le singe19 hours ago

    Jaiden… From what I saw you are beautiful. You dont need to do thos and i love your song so much

  66. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana19 hours ago

    What did the sandwich do to you?!

  67. Adrian P

    Adrian P20 hours ago

    anorexia ? yeeeah

  68. Alexander

    Alexander22 hours ago

    One time when I was ill and had to stay home from school, I forgot to eat for half the day. Oops!

  69. BeatBear

    BeatBear22 hours ago

    And I'm just sitting here secretly eating chocolate at night.

  70. Ines Ines

    Ines Ines22 hours ago

    She was a strong women but now she is stronger and she now what she want

  71. Mirasu Kelly

    Mirasu KellyDay ago

    OH MY GOD!!! That was amazing!!!

  72. Tara Fighter

    Tara FighterDay ago


  73. M J W

    M J WDay ago

    Just u wait for the hate comments

  74. andres augusto Perez

    andres augusto PerezDay ago

    I came for the music, stays for the stories. Thanks to Dave for show bring me to this channel.

  75. Tyler Harman

    Tyler HarmanDay ago

    This song is absolutely beautiful!! I’m battling anorexia right now and, this song and, Jaiden’s story has been an inspiration. I’ve recently reached out for help. That has helped. It is such a hard fight. But, I am winning slowly but, surely. I will overcome this. :)

  76. C.J. Midgley

    C.J. MidgleyDay ago

    How many guys watching this are struggling with anorexia and/or bulimia?

  77. Hillhouse Productions

    Hillhouse ProductionsDay ago

    Everyone who gives this a dislike needs to reevaluate their entire life.

  78. 2DS1D3

    2DS1D3Day ago

    Oof this hits hard and hurts

  79. Smooth Cookie

    Smooth CookieDay ago

    4:32 wow most songs are 3 something not all lot of them do that

  80. Cupcake2006

    Cupcake2006Day ago

    I might as well take away the dislike button

  81. Jordyn Salas

    Jordyn SalasDay ago

    Jaiden rapping is actually goals and shes soooooo good at it

  82. Always Gamer 102

    Always Gamer 102Day ago

    I love you Jaiden and I'm glad you've overcome this!

  83. Joker Roads

    Joker RoadsDay ago

    Wow i really wish i saw this back in highschool bc now my body is fucked up

  84. Patience Marsh

    Patience MarshDay ago

    I hope you get better I'm one of your biggest fans and I hate that you feel this way

  85. Patience Marsh

    Patience MarshDay ago

    This is actually the song of one of your videos

  86. Emma Schultz

    Emma SchultzDay ago

    Odd ones out: I'm happy 😊 Boyinaband: depression Jaiden animations: anorexia

  87. Itz_Ayyy :P

    Itz_Ayyy :PDay ago

    We shouldn't be empty, we shouldn't be weak! We should be strong! Be full of happiness! It doesn't matter how u look this song shows that!

  88. Cobalt Calico

    Cobalt CalicoDay ago

    Jaiden youre my hero 😍

  89. Preciouslil'Piggy

    Preciouslil'PiggyDay ago

    I really liked this song. It brought a lot of power and meaning and I actually choked up listening to it because of the meaning behind it. I'm very glad that you got better Jaiden, I used to be very insecure about my body but I always ate the pain away, luckily, I got out of it after years of self-therapy and surrounding myself with good people instead of literally eating myself to death.

  90. DragonGuy GTO

    DragonGuy GTODay ago

    I feel that this relates not only to people with Anorexia and Bulimia but with also people with depression and people who cut themselves. As I have depression (I haven't got a doctor's diagnosis but I will never tell anyone in this realm about what happened unless I truly trust them) this hits me like a truck. Thankfully I haven't cut myself but I've been thinking about it recently...

  91. KhanThe GamerGod

    KhanThe GamerGod32 minutes ago

    Pretty much same

  92. Baby Potato

    Baby PotatoDay ago

    I love how she made it sound like deathcore in some parts but not as loud


    ᏉᎥᏉᎥ ᏰᎥᏒᎴᎥᏋDay ago

    "I can reach out... To someone not like me... If you ask for help to doesn't make you weak" Dem lyrics hit me real hard... 😢

  94. KhanThe GamerGod

    KhanThe GamerGod29 minutes ago

    That also makes sense for people with depression

  95. Cody Draws

    Cody DrawsDay ago

    I’m you have anorexia like me you know how this feels like the song said it’s became regular to ignore being hungry you think you have control but you don’t it’s hard I’m still suffering I went from 120 to 80 pounds if you have it to u know how this feels bye

  96. LittleGirl

    LittleGirlDay ago

    Omg I was doing some school stuff and started criyng holy dammmm

  97. Woomy! OwO

    Woomy! OwODay ago

    OH MY GOD This is awesome! Nice job guys!

  98. Josh Morris yt

    Josh Morris ytDay ago

    Inside it's empty

  99. FDID

    FDIDDay ago

    15k full fatties disliked this video

  100. Øddly Çass

    Øddly ÇassDay ago

    This is me

  101. (STUDENT)Abigail Quiroz

    (STUDENT)Abigail QuirozDay ago

    wow just wow......

  102. Alex - Greninja

    Alex - GreninjaDay ago

    Why the f*ck would people dislike this, this song is very good emotional and helpful, those people must not have any heart

  103. abdelalim bessekri

    abdelalim bessekriDay ago

    Good job ... Sometimes expressing emotions is the only way to relief ourselves ... making a music of it is like joking of it ... its good... because now its back away in the past if you think of it ...

  104. Kawaii Seal

    Kawaii SealDay ago

    The real question here is.... WHY TF ARE THERE DISLIKES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am confusion