Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)


  1. Jada Tan

    Jada Tan2 minutes ago

    What's wrong? We could help❤

  2. Nooby slooby bleep

    Nooby slooby bleep9 minutes ago

    Dang I wanna see her eyes

  3. Tw0_k1ng1999 Jimenez

    Tw0_k1ng1999 JimenezHour ago

    I love this song then 6ix9 9nine BEBE

  4. my user is pandakidblue

    my user is pandakidblueHour ago

    Am I the only one watching this in September?

  5. Yasmin Caliskan

    Yasmin CaliskanHour ago

    I can’t think of anything to say.. just Jaiden you’re so strong

  6. Nicole Johnson

    Nicole JohnsonHour ago

    I known how you feel sometimes I don't want to eat anything sweets nothing

  7. Kadie Wolfy

    Kadie WolfyHour ago

    I prayed for u jaiden I hope u feel better

  8. HashbrownThe2nd

    HashbrownThe2ndHour ago


  9. Rukia Kuckiki

    Rukia Kuckiki2 hours ago

    You're so empowering. Thank you. I actually just got over anorexia and bulimia. Your videos have helped me so greatly. To think someone so funny and cool and creative and amazing struggles with this too made me feel less alone and I was able to reach out and get help. I remember I masked how little I ate under "I'm barely 5' and I don't play any sports. I don't expend any energy since I just sit and study multivariable calculus all day. I only need an apple or two and I'll be good." That wasn't pleasant to say the least... Thank you, Jaiden. Thank you.

  10. parriley1

    parriley13 hours ago

    You've gone through so much...to much.

  11. The NyanGamerz

    The NyanGamerz4 hours ago

    woot pretty

  12. Sikai Tagovailoa

    Sikai Tagovailoa4 hours ago

    Yo jaiden your the most beautiful youtubers ever we wouldn’t treat you any different I’m feeling the same way you need to eat You need to be you like you’ve been telling us Just Be you and Eat and don’t over do things remeber always take a break We all Love you we wouldn’t trade the best artist for a thing we love you Adam and James No matter what we Love all of you Just remeber always take a break and always fill up on food but just take a break for anything you need to we’ll understand

  13. yo girl Maria

    yo girl Maria4 hours ago

    OMG you guys are amazing, so much said with one word. Empty💜🧡💛

  14. The rich orphans !

    The rich orphans !4 hours ago

    Im going through this right now and im only in 5th grade. I hate my weight, hate my attitude, wish i was closer with my sis, wish i wasnt depressed and also akward , wish i was a better friend and wish my family was normal, hey jaiden have any advice for me ..? Also *hugs jaiden* we'll all be happy soon :3 i promice you that :)

  15. dragonz king

    dragonz king5 hours ago

    I'm going through a tough time as well but I've just decided to ignore that I need food,water,people around me, I just need to count the numbers until I can stop worrying

  16. NoddyBoul77-Gaming-Roblox -Fortnite

    NoddyBoul77-Gaming-Roblox -Fortnite5 hours ago

    oh I thought jaiden was on toilet I was like 🤮

  17. NoddyBoul77-Gaming-Roblox -Fortnite

    NoddyBoul77-Gaming-Roblox -Fortnite5 hours ago

    Music so good I turned volume max

  18. Janry

    Janry5 hours ago

    What the hecc i have never seen this until now?? why?? anyway... I love you Jaiden stay strong :')

  19. xXBasically MyaXx

    xXBasically MyaXx5 hours ago

    I luv this song sm it’s so catchy❤️❤️❤️

  20. delfino plazza

    delfino plazza5 hours ago

    jaiden you are so good at singing

  21. Aidan Gregory - Humberview SS (2472)

    Aidan Gregory - Humberview SS (2472)6 hours ago


  22. TheRandomPerosnOnTheInternet

    TheRandomPerosnOnTheInternet6 hours ago

    Eat da memes

  23. Krazy Kraken

    Krazy Kraken6 hours ago

    Why whenever people hear depression the first thing they think is "oh that mean they cut themselves"

  24. Lps Moonlight

    Lps Moonlight6 hours ago

    I hate when other youtubers comment on vids and people say " IM A BIG FAN !! " this is seirous not time to talk to your favorate youtuber i am not trying to mean but this needs to stop please understand me and stop this is a kind statement directing towards commenting and , anyother vid i have seen with other youtubers commenting on vids again dont take as a affence

  25. sSaskii9 Ø

    sSaskii9 Ø6 hours ago

    Why isnt this on the radio (who even listens to the radio lol)?

  26. I'm still a Tree ._.

    I'm still a Tree ._.6 hours ago

    ITS SO SAD YOU DID THAT ITS NOT HEATHLY I hope you are better now

  27. Anders Rorstad

    Anders Rorstad6 hours ago

    Soooooo dark (James song is awesome yours is \_(👦🏼)_|

  28. Niky9965

    Niky99656 hours ago

    thank you

  29. Katie Calabrese

    Katie Calabrese6 hours ago

    You are an amazing person Jaiden. BTW you have an amazing singing voice. :)

  30. Ben Bonnough

    Ben Bonnough6 hours ago

    Jadin I heard about over eating and under eating but never saw a case like yours

  31. Galaxy_X

    Galaxy_X6 hours ago

    God...I have really bad depression and anxiety. Be strong and brutally destroy the issues. In time, you will overcome these things. I- we believe in you, Jaiden.

  32. Snuggle Grapes

    Snuggle Grapes6 hours ago


  33. Funneh Fan

    Funneh Fan7 hours ago

    Pls don’t...I love u :c

  34. erica edits

    erica edits7 hours ago

    i love this song so much- at the time im going through a rough time. i have depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder at the moment. i have thoughts of killing myself everyday. but this song really helps me on bad days. love you jaiden

  35. Funneh Fan

    Funneh Fan7 hours ago

    Whoever dislikes....GO TO HELL

  36. Nanbaka JOSTAR

    Nanbaka JOSTAR7 hours ago

    that how i feel it hurt .

  37. visioned owl

    visioned owl7 hours ago

    I was once like this I lost almost 30 pounds in 1 month then I gained about 70 pounds

  38. PixelPomegranate

    PixelPomegranate7 hours ago

    I love u Jaiden ur so inspirational to me ❤️

  39. o-o; clever name goes here

    o-o; clever name goes here7 hours ago

    *just because your colorblind doesn't mean you can see the colors* ...shit...

  40. Lynea Telengech

    Lynea Telengech7 hours ago

    Don't worry we love you Jaiden💓💓💓

  41. Toonix

    Toonix8 hours ago

    Jaiden, you have truly a beautiful fanbase. The fact that your subs are still trying to comfort you even years after this stuff happened just sends chills down my spine, and in a good way. I'm proud to be a part of this community :)

  42. Kiera Newman

    Kiera Newman8 hours ago

    This I listen over and over to and I remember bc I went through this in middle school.. I am now in track bc that is WAY better then starving

  43. qaaxz

    qaaxz8 hours ago

    Omggggggg u r pathetic dude.

  44. Alana Hernandez

    Alana Hernandez8 hours ago

    I love you as a MReporterr and to see you go throu this makes me sad. But to know you are geting throu this makes me stronger and happier than I have been in a very long time. P.S. sorry for the misspeles I'm only 10 in 5th grade

  45. Nick Dennis

    Nick Dennis9 hours ago

    Dear jaiden i know things get hard and rough you are strong.... But i came here to say something a bit different. Me and u (i hope ) are thankful for the people that say you are perfect the way you are its hart warming. But we also have to remember that nobody's perfect we all have flaws and most of us hate them. But we must except them and how they are is just the way we will forever stay. We are all different and dose not make us perfect it makes us all unique. So you are the way you are and its ok if you want to change if you dont like the way you look are feel. We all love you and we will except the way you are and nobody has the right to tell you your ugly cause like you said you cant fool your body you can only fool your mind.....jaiden god bless (sorry if you dont agree its just a opinion of mine but pls no hate thank you❤❤)

  46. Nancy Hernandez

    Nancy Hernandez9 hours ago

    your colorblin?

  47. ada colon

    ada colon10 hours ago

    Right now I'm crying Jaden if you need help we are here for you no matter what we will stick together cuz we are the ares

  48. Wolfie Chu

    Wolfie Chu10 hours ago

    Don't ever make fun of Jaiden *EVER* *TRIGGERED*

  49. Dalia Maldonado

    Dalia Maldonado10 hours ago

    I love this song, but you do you, don’t starve because it’s not worth it, stay strong, you won’t get worse than you think

  50. Vera M Ambeva

    Vera M Ambeva10 hours ago

    I wonder what somethingelseyt’s song is gonna be


    THE GAMING CREEPER10 hours ago

    I hope you will do ok Jaiden. Always remember you are blessed and loved. I love you videos and animations. Please do well. You and the squad are amazing at animating and drawing. Please do well. I love you guys.

  52. P & D

    P & D11 hours ago

    A ARI!!!!

  53. 4125tech

    4125tech11 hours ago

    The hardest part of being a personal trainer is showing girls that they're more than their body. Being healthy and in shape is more important than most people will ever realize but suffering for an appearance is evil. It's poison in your veins. I hope that, with time, what you see in the mirror will be what your loved ones see when they look at you.

  54. bruno kappa

    bruno kappa11 hours ago

    Kinda edgy but very good...

  55. Hsterts Hertz

    Hsterts Hertz11 hours ago

    Her voice has a nice growl to it, I absolutely love it.


    BRUH BRUH12 hours ago

    Wtf?is Jaiden drunk?

  57. Arianabutera Fantastic

    Arianabutera Fantastic12 hours ago

    If you love jaiden like this comment

  58. Cowardly Coward

    Cowardly Coward12 hours ago


  59. Earth and the Wolves

    Earth and the Wolves12 hours ago

    OMG HER RAPPING so awesome!!

  60. Wolf King

    Wolf King12 hours ago

    Jaiden... this is so bad! (Not the song the song is AMAZING) What your going through is horrid and I tried it telling my goljs in not hungry... they made me eat they knew I was hungry and DONT DO THIS! EAT GO TO AN ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!! Please Jaiden! Just know in here for you!

  61. Xx_Michael_xX

    Xx_Michael_xX12 hours ago

    I had anorexia and the only way I can explain its just a feeling of fear of getting fat and feeling ugly. Now I guess I got a little better. I mean I eat almost as much as I ate before but sometimes I have moments when I just want to go back to being a stick. Its really hard for me to go on with my daily life with this and the fact that I am in high school makes it worse.

  62. rager

    rager12 hours ago

    very sad compared to james's video

  63. reyna de la cruz

    reyna de la cruz13 hours ago

    4:07 jaidens face

  64. ADWing

    ADWing13 hours ago

    True strength is not to do it alone but to admit that you can't do it alone.

  65. canyounot 27

    canyounot 2713 hours ago

    Everytime I starve myself I play this song

  66. Amazing Animation

    Amazing Animation14 hours ago

    Me and my friend (maybeweareareabittooobsessedwithjaidentobenormal) sang this at a school talent show and frikin won

  67. Spizzie

    Spizzie14 hours ago

    Dave, have you ever noticed that you sound *R E A L L Y* similar to Dexter Manning,?

  68. Matt Shilling

    Matt Shilling14 hours ago

    is nobody gonna talk about that hot midriff? damn, you got a deep navel.

  69. JGFallways16K

    JGFallways16K14 hours ago

    wow. this REALLY is accurate

  70. Kimberly White

    Kimberly White14 hours ago

    ...Uhh I Didn't Think That Jaiden Would Do A Song Like This =P

  71. Eva Brewer

    Eva Brewer14 hours ago


  72. rebecca dino

    rebecca dino15 hours ago


  73. sparkles Nsmiles

    sparkles Nsmiles15 hours ago

    The amount of times I've watched this... Is unhealthy.

  74. Fire Dudd

    Fire Dudd16 hours ago

    YAY ARI!!!

  75. Kirxas

    Kirxas16 hours ago

    A death metal version wold be great

  76. thefallssorcererofbeto !

    thefallssorcererofbeto !16 hours ago

    Ok. How times has everyone watched this? I have become obsessed with this video and lost of how many times I watched. Thanks Jaiden and Boyinaband for this in a way that I could understand my sibling's food disorder.

  77. Jamie is Awesome

    Jamie is Awesome16 hours ago

    Don't worry I'm like you because I nearly ever eat too

  78. Roku

    Roku17 hours ago

    i realize that neither of you are pros at this but this was honestly not very impressive, both the execution and the lyrics were lacking :/

  79. KingAce4Life

    KingAce4Life17 hours ago

    i only left a like cuz i like your channle.

  80. lps Purple Galaxy

    lps Purple Galaxy17 hours ago

    This is sad....

  81. The Debs

    The Debs18 hours ago

    This an amazing song guys!

  82. operator

    operator18 hours ago

    * sigh * another reason to hate 21st century. I mean is this music??? It's just editing.

  83. Karis Luk

    Karis Luk38 minutes ago

    Exactly, I was talking to operator

  84. LPS puppy Paws

    LPS puppy Paws39 minutes ago

    Karis Luk it has a meaning though..

  85. Karis Luk

    Karis LukHour ago

    Its not about the music, its about the lyrics. I've heard worse, songs with no meaning and literally horrible.

  86. LPS puppy Paws

    LPS puppy Paws13 hours ago

    operator what do you hate about it? This song is serious, it’s about an eating disorder.

  87. Apicfail1000

    Apicfail100018 hours ago

    James' song is better lol

  88. Yazoi_Shokukage San

    Yazoi_Shokukage San19 hours ago

    Вау, это очень круто 😊👍✨

  89. Lou Hallig

    Lou Hallig19 hours ago

    Why censor your beautiful eyes while its revealed on boyinaband's collab with you?

  90. Our little adventures

    Our little adventures20 hours ago


  91. Curesenta VanHooven

    Curesenta VanHooven20 hours ago

    I know that this is a real thing and that people are going through anorexia and other eating disorders but the edge level on this video is off the roof.

  92. Zen Animations

    Zen Animations20 hours ago

    How am i missing this

  93. Lps Alex

    Lps Alex20 hours ago

    Im downloadin this!!

  94. Wolfie Playz

    Wolfie Playz21 hour ago

    Don't worry jadien your not alone :3 I'm going through this too once I go on the dinner table I get off I badly eat anything but it will get better I promise ^-^

  95. ThunderGAMING YT

    ThunderGAMING YT21 hour ago

    Like the video don’t like this comment Jaiden went through something hard. I just started going to high school I’m trying to be like Saskei all girls liked him I think I got the same thing where’s this going???

  96. Entity21 j

    Entity21 j22 hours ago

    I can help you Always says that But does not help

  97. al ravijn Balingit

    al ravijn Balingit22 hours ago

    who da fuk dislike this VIDEO?

  98. Kishantinee Anandan

    Kishantinee Anandan23 hours ago

    Your are perfect by the way you are .... please love yourself appreciate yourself start eating please you are making me to worry about you condition..... Remember we all love you

  99. Marnie Muscat

    Marnie MuscatDay ago

    i am addicted to this song

  100. • Sadd •

    • Sadd •Day ago

    Jaiden... YOUR BEAUTIFULLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!



    What camera are you guys using.


    THE GAMING CREEPER21 hour ago

    Thanks for the like.

  103. LPS Squishes!!

    LPS Squishes!!Day ago

    I’m going through this and I am only in the fifth grade I feel like that’s why my friends don’t like me because I look different or maybe I weight more then them😭😥😥

  104. Cara Frisk

    Cara FriskDay ago

    I am not the only one who does that

  105. Ali Mac675

    Ali Mac675Day ago

    Jaden I'm going through this too I hope you know your not alone

  106. Ali Mac675

    Ali Mac675Day ago

    Well everyday I can't find anything my body hungers and It ges worse everyday