Jaiden & Boyinaband - Empty (Official Music Video)


  1. Nisasstuff

    Nisasstuff5 minutes ago

    No one says im fat.. but i say it. I’m about 121 ibs. Any advice? Trying to be healthy :(

  2. Super Supreme memes

    Super Supreme memes6 minutes ago

    If you put captions on at the chorus it says Ana... Who's Ana? This is not a hate comment I'm just curios.

  3. Harvey Collins

    Harvey Collins6 minutes ago

    You guys this is happening to her in real life

  4. PandaAnji

    PandaAnji15 minutes ago

    The music, graphics, and overall swag is exquisite. Good job, Jaiden and Dave. 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌

  5. Dilliam 127

    Dilliam 12718 minutes ago

    Cringe xD but in a good way. For the most part

  6. alicia harris

    alicia harris20 minutes ago

    GREAT editing skils

  7. Aria the maid

    Aria the maid21 minute ago

    At a certain age you dont get the correct information on world problems, since this information isnt recieved we do things we cant get out of as easily as we got into. Todays song are meaningless topics that dont mean anything, keep up the Amazing work jaiden.

  8. CringeyFrog24/7

    CringeyFrog24/725 minutes ago

    Should I be concerned

  9. Forest Sheen

    Forest Sheen25 minutes ago

    Tbh, that sandwich looked really good😥

  10. Katy Katy

    Katy Katy40 minutes ago

    10k people dont Have a life

  11. Magma Egna

    Magma Egna43 minutes ago


  12. Pika-Joe

    Pika-Joe50 minutes ago

    its hard to go on youtube and NOT watch this for the 10,000,000th time

  13. a GOAT

    a GOATHour ago

    its so catchy and so beautiful dont worry gurl JUST EAT

  14. PandaGal405

    PandaGal405Hour ago

    There needs to be a love button.

  15. Rrotten

    RrottenHour ago

    this is amazing and i think they should make more music videos together its amazing

  16. Gemations mations

    Gemations mationsHour ago

    Was Jaiden really hearing voices?

  17. JayJay Prey

    JayJay PreyHour ago

    I love this. Dave you should do a song about how bad the mental health in England has become... I'm stuck in my house because my pills don't work and I'm scared if I go outside I'll be killed but I'm not ill somehow even though a voice tells me the world outside will rip me apart because I'm autistic and a freak... But anyways please continue to raise awareness for these things dude you help others understand.

  18. Gemations mations

    Gemations mationsHour ago

    Tell me, I want the number to decrease

  19. meta meme god

    meta meme godHour ago

    This is wonderful. Eating disorders are a taboo, and I hope this will shed some light on the awful dangers. Love you Jaiden.

  20. RandomYT _

    RandomYT _Hour ago

    Geez you guys should do a music channel

  21. LOJIXX

    LOJIXXHour ago

    Jaiden... I'm not just saying this to be nice or to be supportive. I am saying this because I honestly think it's true. You're absolutely beautiful and you shouldn't be ashamed. I have family members that have the same problem. They each have their own way to cope and to deal with it. Some better than others but one thing that I can tell you and that I hope I speak for everyone here. We all support you and no matter what each and every single one of us will stand by you all the way through your fight until the end. You Are Not Alone. ( cliché I know lol but it's true)

  22. ItsAstra !

    ItsAstra !2 hours ago

    Who can remember the whole song cuz i cannnnn ☺

  23. jayce and stuff

    jayce and stuff2 hours ago

    this awesome

  24. rose loves sans

    rose loves sans2 hours ago


  25. Simon Tormod

    Simon Tormod2 hours ago

    I’m so glad you too collaborated on this, you both together made a really great music video with a good message

  26. Cheesy Goats

    Cheesy Goats2 hours ago


  27. BB’s cringey Channel

    BB’s cringey Channel2 hours ago

    is it bad that I keep rewinding dis video ;-;

  28. Pastel Cinnamon Roll

    Pastel Cinnamon Roll2 hours ago


  29. Ace Dizon

    Ace Dizon2 hours ago

    U just made me more depressed But nice beats

  30. MLG PLAYER noscope12

    MLG PLAYER noscope123 hours ago

    I like this video

  31. Izzy Hall

    Izzy Hall3 hours ago

  32. inkTale Sans

    inkTale Sans3 hours ago


  33. Bon Bon

    Bon Bon3 hours ago

    My mom said I had anorexia because I got cold a lot and my mom could count my ribs.This was because I was really picky and hated most foods like peas,mashed potatoes and more food.I later found food a liked but its not all too healthy.But I'm still cold most of the time.

  34. APgt

    APgt3 hours ago

    This song is so impactful. A few years ago I got really sick. It didn't matter who I went to, they never could explain why I kept getting sick and throwing up even though I rarely did before. I felt hopeless. It didn't matter what I did, what I tried, I couldn't stop that sick feeling. I couldn't escape. I began to believe that if I just didn't eat anything that I wouldn't have to deal with it. Then the symptoms she spoke about kicked in. Constantly my lips were cracked, my mouth was dry, I was weak, dizzy, and didn't want to talk to people. I kept saying I was fine, had to convince myself I could make it - that throwing up every morning was normal and if I did it I could make it. But I lost so much weight. Went to the hospital for tests that never explained anything. Eventually though I developed methods to cope. I still have to use them sometimes to this day. I still have to meditate through sometimes. But, like Jaiden, I decided I didn't want to be that way anymore. I still have relapses that I deal with, more with the feeling sick than anything else. I know how I have to eat to control it better now than I did then. Sometimes I still feel weak and useless but I have learned that I can't let it control me. Listening to this I realized I am not alone. Others struggle with things like it, where they feel terrible and don't know what to do. And she overcame. And one day I will too. Thanks Jaiden, thanks for everything!

  35. thepandashadow ninja

    thepandashadow ninja3 hours ago

    I normally dont like rap i absolutely HATE it but this is absolutely *AMAZING!*

  36. ImATree16

    ImATree163 hours ago

    this is such a good song it shows a very serious metal disability very very well through this powerful song

  37. David Park

    David Park3 hours ago

    not as good as Avicii, but still good ;)

  38. David Park

    David Park3 hours ago

    Jaiden... this is not a hate comment... but please... i beg you... never sing again... nah im just kidding this is the kind of shit i like

  39. StarGamer

    StarGamer2 hours ago

    David Park worst joke ever

  40. D Kohner

    D Kohner3 hours ago

  41. Cherry Maru

    Cherry Maru3 hours ago

    So...Where is the money going to? Is it going to Boyinaband or Jadien? Also, you shouldn't have the iTunes link first then the link to the national eating disorder. Just Sayign

  42. TheFilmerPug

    TheFilmerPug3 hours ago

    i am still a little confused after watching this...

  43. Botawesomeness

    Botawesomeness3 hours ago

    Lots of questions

  44. Dylan Thompson

    Dylan Thompson4 hours ago

    Inside its e e e empty

  45. Stormie Melton

    Stormie Melton4 hours ago

    Lost for words.............. Absolutely amazing we need more music like this that talks about this stuff. Also I loved it because not only was it catchy it was sending a powerful message. Great job jaiden and boyinaband

  46. MolarAttic99615 FOREVER BRUH

    MolarAttic99615 FOREVER BRUH4 hours ago

    Are you OK!!!!!???? Im worried!!!!

  47. Kate Dalton

    Kate Dalton4 hours ago

    I love this music video so much Jaiden, it tells so many people the message you are trying to spread

  48. kris maksimović

    kris maksimović4 hours ago

    she reminds me of a girl verison of funke

  49. sheewolf 365

    sheewolf 3654 hours ago

    This is relatibal for meh. This is an great song and im proud for her getting through that

  50. Jen?

    Jen?4 hours ago

    I don't know how to describe what this song makes me feel... it's just correct. I know all of this. This is how I am right now

  51. Abigail Morano

    Abigail Morano4 hours ago


  52. Jam On Toast

    Jam On Toast5 hours ago

    You're very very strong my brother had this problem and he says that it helps but he hates it. I want him to stop. I'm starting to get very hungry and eat up to half a apple a day. Please don't call me a person who makes the channel love the comment. It would really upset me this is ruining me and my brothers life this started 2 years ago and I'm 15 now I have no one to talk to who understands. You won't like this but I tried killing my self yes at the young age of 15

  53. Shadow Hunter

    Shadow Hunter5 hours ago

    You have a lovely singing voice Jaiden

  54. MintyCrystal

    MintyCrystal5 hours ago

    Anorexia is a very dangerous mental disease and this makes me very happy now.Its a secret that I have it shhh

  55. Guillermo Martinez

    Guillermo Martinez5 hours ago

    Speechless....... All I have is....... Amazing, keep with the great work and thank you for helping others with an eating disorder.

  56. Strajacool

    Strajacool6 hours ago

    I hope jaiden wins with a knockout to the floor.I mean anorexia is a piece of #### and i dies and gets ###### up

  57. Queen Xirdia

    Queen Xirdia6 hours ago

    Jaiden can sing? Then its amazeeee

  58. Ju Hu

    Ju Hu6 hours ago

    Ummm top notch

  59. Duckbefree

    Duckbefree6 hours ago

    I love it 😍 the message and the music it catchy and stuck in my head lol, good job guys

  60. • ОиП- Озвучки и Переводы •

    • ОиП- Озвучки и Переводы •6 hours ago

    До сих пор слушаю . А вы знали что есть рус.субтитры?

  61. Hi Bye

    Hi Bye6 hours ago

    i love the meaning of the song but, *jaiden has fine handwriting*

  62. omigoshitsjames252

    omigoshitsjames2526 hours ago

    Yeah, delete my comment because I had an opinion. If somebody has an opinion about your music, Take the fucking criticism. It's a song. It can be reviewed. I didn't like it. Big whoop. If you can't take criticism, don't be on the internet.

  63. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games2 hours ago

    What was your comment

  64. Sam Bailey

    Sam Bailey6 hours ago

    Sometimes she sounds like Kesha

  65. Cyclonado Thunderclaw

    Cyclonado Thunderclaw6 hours ago

    Oh my goodness. Just - wow. Amazing.

  66. Asmr Doggo

    Asmr Doggo6 hours ago

    Guys how do u fix a friendship i need it 😭

  67. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games2 hours ago

    Fix it together

  68. Hopefully Normal

    Hopefully Normal6 hours ago

    The amount of times I viewed this is becoming unhealthy.

  69. Stewart Meshika

    Stewart Meshika7 hours ago

    I love this

  70. Keytee Chan

    Keytee Chan7 hours ago

    i love this but if ur gonna become a music channel im going to unsub lol

  71. Keytee Chan

    Keytee Chan7 hours ago

    true but still

  72. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games7 hours ago

    She can do both, animated music channel, gorillas jaden style.

  73. DarkWolfLink

    DarkWolfLink7 hours ago

    This was beautiful.....and touching......i...love..it

  74. The Slytherin potato

    The Slytherin potato7 hours ago


  75. Talking Ferret

    Talking Ferret7 hours ago

    Wait, isnt this supposed to be an animation?

  76. Auto Correct

    Auto Correct6 hours ago

    Talking Ferret watch her face reveal video.

  77. LilGamer123 Mk

    LilGamer123 Mk7 hours ago

    I'm glad that you got through it!

  78. Jessica Han

    Jessica Han7 hours ago

    this is deep deeper than the game theorys for fnaf

  79. The Burning Infinite

    The Burning Infinite7 hours ago

    So... this is gonna be kind of odd to see here... I’m not saying it’s a bad song by any means, so please don’t take it that way.. but.. paranoia and worry drove me here finally and... while the beat and all is good... it makes me worry for some reason... even if it’s something you’ve gotten past Jaiden... it makes me worry.. I don’t want you to ever be in that state again.. I admit I had trouble listening because of that worry and concern.. it’s a very well made song (certainly better than most modern music)... it just drives up my worries and paranoia for your safety and peace of mind.. I know this was very out of place given all the other comments here (and I’m probably gonna get called some over obsessive fanboy).. but I just thought I’d express my feelings, not just as a fan of yours, but a friendly face (my word I’m not helping my case huh?)

  80. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games7 hours ago

    I bet jaden got through this, she's fine and happy, the music video was probably created thanks to her friend who thought her story would be inspiring as a song, and jaden took it upon herself to go back in order to help others, she's not gonna succumb to it again, trust me.

  81. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games7 hours ago

    I don't get what Jaden went through, I've been fat my entire life and yeah I sometimes despise looking at my self in the mirror but most of the time I look at this big smile on my face, it always added this charm of jolly happiness to who I am, I'll never get ppl who think looks is important but I guess I can try to understand, because it's acceptance you want to be accepted by other ppl, so much so that you start to reject yourself in order to make it happen I guess. Maybe if I was in Jadens shoes I would understand, having many fans pushing for a reveal, it's scary, unless it happened even before. Anyway I can't say that it's nothing, most ppl with this problem I bet don't want to hear the words that it's ok, we still love you, and all that, all you can do to help is try to understand and support them as much as possible (without words) if I had a friend like that I'd probably tell them that I'm planning to lose weight so maybe we can do that together, share their burden heck I need it xD so that would be nice. But hm, yeah sometimes action is a lot more important then words, words can hurt even if their nice words. So for those going through this, I'll start going through a watermelon diet and go jogging once in a while, let's do it together.

  82. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games7 hours ago

    Oh and don't act in a way that would hurt yourself like, don't starve yourself like them or else they will think even more badly about themselves for letting someone they care about do that cuz of them. And no feeling of guilt won't make them stop, it might make it worse like... I don't even want to say what they would do, so don't hurt yourselfs for others, act positive!

  83. Turtanator SB

    Turtanator SB7 hours ago

    This is just flat out amazing. Just. Wow. I think you should start doing more music videos.

  84. _Pan Waffle_

    _Pan Waffle_7 hours ago


  85. NeBz 1

    NeBz 18 hours ago

    Hotel? Trivago

  86. Raziel Valdez

    Raziel Valdez8 hours ago

    I never knew you could sing jaiden impressive really impressive 100/10 really i am impressed great job

  87. Jasmine Waddle

    Jasmine Waddle8 hours ago

    It's so incredibly hard to imagine this gorgeous girl (jaiden) had to go through all of this. Everything about this is incredible

  88. AvocadoProductionz

    AvocadoProductionz8 hours ago

    The 10k people that disliked this video probably hated how the awesomeness roasted their ears. Soz I just can’t stop listening to this xD

  89. Sienna Black

    Sienna Black8 hours ago

    Around 2 weeks later and I’m still watching this on reply😂🤣

  90. Mortem Noctis

    Mortem Noctis8 hours ago

    An amazing song with a great message. Anorexia is a very serious thing and we as a society don’t talk about or shrug it off.... this and all mental health issues need more attention.... great song jaden you are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, not even yourself Edit : After writing this I realize it may not be anorexia but my message still stands.... start the conversation if think someone is struggling say something

  91. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games2 hours ago

    Mortem Noctis well talking can be scary if it comes from the wrong ppl, example being my sister died recently and my mom is very devastated still is, and she tried talking or reaching to friends but they all tell her to be strong and find a way to move on. . . And that hurts a lot, eventually she got too scared to connect with anyone. If you can't find a way to relate with someone then you can hurt them. And there's not a lot of sensitive ppl in this world you know Edit: and she meant that to ppl who have that problem whIch is true they should reach out to ppl, it's not a weakness to do so but there's a reason why they don't, sometimes those bridges between ppl who don't relate to you can't connect, they can't understand and you just fall under that crumbled bridge deeper.

  92. Mortem Noctis

    Mortem Noctis2 hours ago

    Raddish Games Raddish Games Raddish Games Raddish Games true.... but like I said and even in the video they said.... just talk about these things or more importantly what they said one the bridge“ I can reach out to someone not like me. If you ask for help it doesn’t make you weak”. and yes I know words, even nice ones, can hurt. But talking doesn’t and that what my comment was mostly about

  93. Raddish Games

    Raddish Games7 hours ago

    Mortem Noctis words don't help she explained it in her reveal video. Sometimes words can cause more harm even if their nice words that's why ppl like Jadens who had that problem close themselves.

  94. Wolf Massacre Gaming

    Wolf Massacre Gaming8 hours ago

    It is stuck in my mind all day who else listens to this almost twice a week :)

  95. Vortex

    Vortex8 hours ago

    Isn't that jacksucksatlife editor

  96. blue lightning lego world

    blue lightning lego world8 hours ago

    All your fans are praying for you you are beautiful as your self we are believing to you that you can survive this your not alone all of your fans are here

  97. Blair AG

    Blair AG8 hours ago


  98. Sauceguy

    Sauceguy8 hours ago

    Oml this song is good

  99. BlurryFlurryface

    BlurryFlurryface8 hours ago

    My favorite part is getting to see her eyes.

  100. Martha Villarreal

    Martha Villarreal8 hours ago


  101. Dara Weatherly

    Dara Weatherly8 hours ago

    I feel so bad for you jaiden. you have food disorder i think?😢😢

  102. Gray Yman

    Gray Yman9 hours ago

    Omg.. If you focus on the the song, there's some deep meaning... I don't like these kind of melodies but with this lyrics.. I actually loved it

  103. Hashtag Man

    Hashtag Man8 hours ago

    I think the meaning was very clear.

  104. MrGvon Gvon

    MrGvon Gvon9 hours ago

    I wanna kill myself

  105. MrGvon Gvon

    MrGvon Gvon9 hours ago

    Me: Sees that Jaiden weighs 120.8 me I weigh 50 pounds above you and im like 10 years unger be grateful. (IM REALLY DUMB I PROBABLY MISSED SPELLED ABOUT OF THINGS).

  106. Hashtag Man

    Hashtag Man8 hours ago

    Dude, this song is about eating disorders, look them up.

  107. Brendan Fallon

    Brendan Fallon9 hours ago

    I love the uglydolls on the couch I have the exact same !

  108. Jayden Lobo

    Jayden Lobo9 hours ago

    I got really emotional but at least you got through it

  109. Jason jafry

    Jason jafry9 hours ago

    that was a really cringe trash song gonna be straight up with you I did not like it and if anyone wants to judge my opinion go fuck yourself

  110. Hashtag Man

    Hashtag Man8 hours ago

    I just did 😏

  111. Mr. YoutubeNerd

    Mr. YoutubeNerd9 hours ago

    Who is that at the end?

  112. Miner 5789

    Miner 57899 hours ago

    Oh. My. Goodness. My. Heart. Jaiden. You. Are. Freaking. AMAZING!!!

  113. Eliza Janiel Rodriguez

    Eliza Janiel Rodriguez9 hours ago

    Omigosh Jaiden I'm so happy and proud of youuuuu as your fan!!!!! Wooooow your voice is amazing, (I love your fingers, haha so slim and long like a lady's, mine is short and bit chubby like me xD) you're amazing and this, and Dave too woooow you guys deserve more views with this 😍😍😍

  114. TheRealJonsyBoy

    TheRealJonsyBoy9 hours ago

    Is this about depression?

  115. Hashtag Man

    Hashtag Man8 hours ago

    No, eating disorders.

  116. Lumine is Mine

    Lumine is Mine9 hours ago

    Who else thinks this should be one on Billboard?